Midweek Open Thread 10 July 2019

So , Ladies Gentlemen and confused .. Thursday marks the sentencing of a journalist after a politically motivated trial in Britain . The BBC will cover it and fight for ‘press freedom ‘ right? Or maybe it’s the kind of ‘press freedom ‘ of which they do not approve . The British State will also want to send a signal to less courageous folk about the cost of challenging what it has allowed to happen – and which is continuing to happen to children in bits of Britain politicians and journalists seldom think of yet alone visit .

I would never recommend a BBC programme – but Wednesday night sees the broadcast of a report on anti semitism in the Labour Party ….

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  1. digg says:

    The BBC doing an explainer on the justifiable TR Sentence..

    What other famous cases have there been?

    In 2011, the Sun and the Daily Mail were found guilty of contempt for pictures they published during a murder trial. They had shown the defendant holding a gun, which risked prejudicing the jury.

    The following year, the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror were found guilty of contempt, following serial killer Levi Bellfield’s ( formerly known as Yusuf Rahim… ) conviction for the murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

    Their articles were part of an “avalanche” of bad character information about Bellfield, the hearing was told.

    The Daily Mirror article detailed his violent treatment and sexual abuse of former partners, including Jo Collings.

    However, the jury still had to consider its verdict on an attempted abduction charge relating to another victim.
    The coverage was considered prejudicial and the jury had to be discharged, denying the victim and her family the chance of justice.

    Bellfield was already in jail for the murders of Amelie Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy.

    I don’t recall anyone going to Jail, do you?

    Oh, that’s right, they were Journalists…

    Absolute [email protected]%%DS!


  2. tapwatertory says:

    My thoughts for the week;
    The bbc telling me that universal credit pushes hard working families towards ruin whilst at the same telling me that universal credit give £1500 loans to new claiments who are the ‘victims’ of criminals.

    Let’s not take responsibility for our actions eh? Let’s blame those evil, racist, far right bigots.

    The welfare state is there to help people not to fund a lifestyle.


  3. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting into twitter? On 2 different devices I am getting an error screen:

    “Something is technically wrong.
    Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”


    • StewGreen says:

      Yep, Twitter is broken here
      has TR overloaded it ?
      \\ Is twitter down due to the social media summit?
      They wouldn’t want anybody showing and explaining in real time how Twitter
      messes with conservative tweeters to the president and the team. Suspicious. //


      • StewGreen says:

        \\ Twitter crashes worldwide, users report
        The website downdetector.com reported that over 10,000 reports have been recorded for people experiencing trouble with Twitter…
        in 2 hours · 1 shares//


        • Lucy Pevensey says:

          IT’S THE RUSSIANS!!!! 😉


        • pertelote says:

          a Twatter search for “Tommy Robinson” gives me:
          “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request.”

          Is that because Twitter have banned that (TR) page or due to the same technical malfunction (!?) that Stew Green’s post above relates to? I do get the “Something is technically wrong” message on a “Katie Hopkins” search?

          p.s. is “something is technically wrong” as they put it the same as “there is a technical fault”..or is it like ..er… the Old Bailey verdict re incitement last week? If the former then very poor use of English imo!


        • G.W.F. says:


    • StewGreen says:

      Twitter is back here
      but on latest I get “No results for #FreeTommy”

      I can’t send a tweet


      • StewGreen says:

        Tweets now working
        Much on the #FreeTommy hashtag are hatey libtribe sneering


  4. john in cheshire says:

    My opinion for what it’s worth:
    People are either Bees or wasps.
    Tommy Robinson is a bee
    The far-left bbc collective and its like are wasps.
    And I hate wasps; they are Satan’s insects.


    • oldcrone says:

      “And I hate wasps; they are Satan’s insects.”

      Oh come on John, they are just scrubbing a living like the rest of us.


  5. vesnadog says:


    BBC News: Amber Rudd to back no-deal leave. Boris will be pleased, as are 17 and one half million around our nation.


  6. Terminal Moraine says:

    With total lack of self-awareness, The Guardian laments “How online surveillance is killing private conversations.”

    “But the death of frank speaking is, speaking frankly, a disaster. A state, a business, even a household, cannot operate without private conversations.”

    Only three weeks ago they were licking their lips because they got the chance to publish a private conversation between a couple in a south London household. A conversation only made available because of spying neighbours recording through the wall.

    The Guardian championing privacy and whinging about “how hard it is to keep any communication confidential”. You’ve got to laugh at the sheer hypocrisy.


    • Scroblene says:

      Excellent observation, Terminal.

      I did several clicks on the article, and when they got onto Blair, I decided that enough was enough!

      The Guardian does descend even further into the mire of ‘bollocks’ doesn’t it! Why cannot the bearded bloke rabbiting away on this ‘subject’, do his piece without endless boring links to more endless boring links? Can’t he write a simple column in plain English?

      I suppose such lazy ‘journos’ get their rocks off by showing they reeeeeally understand how to obfuscate, annoy and eventually get ignored. The Guardian is the best (worst) place for the ‘written’ words, the BBC just spouts it all the time with rather stupid regularity!


      • AsISeeIt says:

        I seem to recall that the rule is : when a leak supports their approved narratives the media run with the story & applaud the whistleblower – but when the leak damages their approved narratives they obfuscate the story and witch-hunt the whistleblower.


        • Not Gwent says:

          Has the leaker been found yet? They cost a man his job. They should pay.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        Scroblene, you’re right — that article must break the world record for external links. It does seem to be a peculiarly Guardianista habit eh?

        Maybe it’s the old adage ‘If in doubt, constantly reference other people…’


  7. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Daily Mail
    The real angel of the north: The abuse of young girls by Rochdale sex gangs is one of the great scandals of our time. In a shattering new book, the policewoman who revealed the truth breaks her silence – and shames the superiors who betrayed her…

    “By spring 2004, we had an initial list of almost 207 Asian men who we believed had been abusing at least 26 children. And we knew this was the tip of the iceberg.”



    • pertelote says:

      thank you Lucy for posting this link. I have just read it..truly shocking per se .. but now (sadly) I am not shocked at all.
      At the end it says:
      “As I pondered over this, a senior officer turned to me. ‘Maggie, let’s be honest about this. What are these kids ever going to contribute to society?’ he said. ‘In my opinion, they should have just been drowned at birth.’
      For once in my life, I was rendered utterly speechless. What was going on? As I’ll be revealing tomorrow, I was soon to find out . . .”
      Now this was (I believe) in yesterday’s Mail (By MAGGIE OLIVER FOR THE DAILY MAIL. PUBLISHED: 22:04, 10 July 2019 | UPDATED: 23:26, 10 July 201910 07 19).

      I wanted to read what Maggie Oliver would be “revealing ” today…so I have just searched the Mail online and cannot find today’s second part?. Am I missing something (well yes I am ..the 2nd part!) so if anyone has a link to part 2 I’d be grateful if they could post it on here please.

      Edit..it just dawned on me (doh!) that this was maybe in today’s (11th July) paper edition?.. and thus part 2 will be in Friday’s newspaper??? ( I don’t buy “papers” anymore).


      • Philip_2 says:

        I get all my news from Newspapers and very little if any from the BBC. To make sense of anything its good to have a good argument set out by a trusted journalist. The Daily Mail online has a different editor and ‘sensational’ news slant than the printed edition. So you should occasionally buy a paper, even if its for the cat bowl, newspapers are a ‘time capsule’ of our time.


    • digg says:

      Lets hope that this brave woman is just the first step in pulling this whole stinking house of cards that is the “Liberal” Elite down.

      It’s now long overdue.

      People are getting angry over the lies an cover ups.


  8. TrickCyclist says:

    Tonight’s EastEnders: Episode ends with Bobby Beale unwrapping a copy of the Koran. Apparently the character, recently returned from Youth Detention for killing his sister Lucy, will convert to Islam and find peace from his dark past.
    So, Bobby Beale kills sister > Returns from Kiddie Stir > Converts to Islam.
    Are they sure they’re telling this story in the right order?

    From the link below:
    Zohra Khaku, Director of the Muslim Youth Helpline commented on the storyline: ‘The Muslim Youth Helpline have been providing feedback on Bobby’s storyline with the BBC EastEnders team. In a time where young British Muslims see their faith overwhelmingly represented in a negative way, it is heartening to see Islam portrayed as a positive influence in Bobby’s life.’



    • Dystopian says:

      Hilarious! The BBC really do live in Bubbleworld. Well they’ve got to be ” ‘avin’ a bubble” with that one.


  9. pertelote says:

    TrickCyclist..is this for real?…Jesus Christ!


    • TrickCyclist says:

      The entertainment sites I’ve looked at seem to confirm it.
      As for “real” – well, there is the Star Wars Galaxy, the Quentin Tarantino-verse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and then there is the EastEnders-verse (where white gangstas stab an Asian kid, hunky young blokes get the hots for middle-aged chubster women, and everyone joyfully joins in with a Pride carnival).
      I leave it to you to decide which of these is the least “real.”


  10. Up2snuff says:


    Don’t think the BBC thought too carefully about this headline. More FakeNews.

    (Bluebottle) “Eccles, what does a neck high leak mean on an aircraft carrier shippy on deck on sea aircraft carrier-type leaky?”

    (Eccles) “Oohhhhh! I think it means we’ve sunk, ‘bottle.”

    (Bluebottle) “Eeeeeuuughhhh! I do not like that! My little ears will get wet.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Twitter is saying TR has been sent to HMP Belmarshistan – Home of failed suicide bombers and the other dregs of Islam . A question about protecting him is to be tabled on Monday … let’s hope he lasts that long .


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        Ah I see Twitter is back up then


      • john in cheshire says:

        I hope the judges, the police and the prison lackeys involved in this travesty of justice have made the necessary arrangements for their safety.

        I won’t be doing anything against these rats other than to pray they accept Jesus as their lord and saviour.

        But I wouldn’t lift a finger to help them in a time of trouble.

        That goes for all the rats in the HoP and the MSM.


      • theisland says:

        Belmarsh – Category A – High Security
        for Those whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or national security. Offences that may result in consideration for Category A or Restricted Status include:
        (Attempted) Murder, Manslaughter, Wounding with intent, Rape, Kidnapping, Indecent assault, Robbery or conspiracy to rob (with firearms), Firearms offences, Importing or supplying Class A controlled drugs, Possessing or supplying explosives, Offences connected with terrorism and Offences under the Official Secrets Act

        What was his ‘crime’ again?

        Avi at least reported 5 hours ago that he was in isolation – so safe for now (?).


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        Disgraceful and predictable.
        If anything happens to Robinson self defence demands action against our enemies.
        It is long past time to just ignore laws intended to destroy the West.


  11. Lucy Pevensey says:


  12. theisland says:


    • john in cheshire says:

      Lord Pearson is one of the few human beings in the HoP.

      Likewise Gerard Batten is a human being. I shan’t be renewing my UKIP membership after the way their top rats have treated him.

      I think Anne Marie Waters and For Britain beckons.


  13. StewGreen says:

    BBC1 10:35pm : Too Gay for God?
    The Rev Jide Macaulay is an openly gay member of the Church of England who wants to marry his boyfriend and continue serving as a deacon.
    This is forbidden by the C of E.
    His own father, a hugely influential clergyman in Nigeria who advises the country’s government on homosexuality (it’s punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment), thinks a spell in jail would make his son straight.

    In an often sad film Jide Macaulay questions why the church that he loves cannot accept him as a married, gay clergyman.
    He meets Andrew Foreshew-Cain, the first gay Church of England vicar to marry his partner, and a sympathetic bishop whose understanding of his unhappiness reduces Macaulay to tears.

    Documentary exploring the place of the LGBTQ community within the Christian faith, and the Church of England in particular,


  14. Philip_2 says:

    Also in today’s news…. The Navy’s new £3 bn aircraft carrier has a leak it is reported in the news. Not such a big thing actually but its news on SKY and some papers. But its still on ‘sea-trials’ and the reported ‘leak’ is what ‘sea-trials’ are all about in reality. To ‘fix things’.. When fixed as it will be the propeller shaft (stern glands on propeller shafts have a habit of leaking and are usually easily fixed). This carrier will have a life of about 25 years at sea. I bring this to your attention as it reflects on another gross ‘carrier of airwaves’ that costs a lot more than this huge aircraft carrier! The BBC which cost £3.8 bn per year (year-on-year) to stand up sideways. If we multiply the annual cost of the BBC over 25 years we get a bill of £95b . To put that in perspective , the UK’s net receipt for this year for business rates are around £36bn so the true cost of the BBC is around 10% of the entire UK tax revenue of business rates for example. That is a lot of money that disappears into the BBC coffers without much ‘export’ of goods that anybody would want to buy. The BBC earns very little on its BBC branded ‘exports’ (BBC Worldwide Limited) which is full of tax leaks and offshore tax loopholes and Private contracts for celebs etc. any tax due is dissipated before it ever reaches the UK treasury in hundreds of fully ‘private’ BBC limited companies. And the BBC cannot be ‘fixed ‘unlike this Aircraft carrier which can. That the BBC ‘ship’ is constantly at war against the English ‘infidels’ who complain it faces the wrong direction and is redundant, increasingly hostile to the UK. It’s been moored in a suburb of Brussels for at least the past 20 years, even before it moved to Salford Quay where it will probably never move again.

    But we do need an New aircraft carrier (and its the ONLY one we currently have) but I am damn sure we don’t need the BBC at all – (BBC TV tax license nets £3.8bn per year tax free) more than the Aircraft carrier cost to build! The cost of the BBC is staggering when put in proportion to our UK Defence budget. Its time that changed.



    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      A while back I had a trip to Portsmouth for the ferry. I’d never been to Portsmouth before.

      I know we don’t have many warships nowadays but was a bit surprised to see an awful lot of them parked up around the naval base. Some of the new Type 45 destroyers plus the older frigates (which do look out of date to my eyes).

      Of course they all need maintenance but it occurred to me we’d struggle to put together any kind of ‘task force’ if another Falklands crisis happened.

      I heard on the radio today that one of ours got into a contretemps with the Iranians, so at least we’ve got one out at sea! I just hope the yanks are out there in force in case it kicks off properly.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      One of Britain’s great naval heroes was Admiral Sir John Leake. He fought in many actions including the war of the quadruple alliance and was instrumental in saving Gibraltar from the Spaniards.
      To my knowledge he never got a ship named after him for some reason.
      Perhaps after 400 years it is time to acknowledge this great man by renaming the aircraft carrier in his name.


  15. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Who has the ability to download this video and keep it? I think it should be kept on hard drives and other devices by many people in case the worst happens. We can’t trust Youtube/Google/Twitter to keep it up.


  16. Lucy Pevensey says:


  17. BRISSLES says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but there is a new Controller of Radio 4 – Mohit Bakaya . No, me neither.


    • Banania says:

      Have no fear! I knew the Bakayas in Cheshire. One of them was Lord Lieutenant of the County.


  18. pertelote says:

    I like but don’t totally trust Farage based on what I have witnessed over the last three (long) years. But if he were to make “some kind of deal” or arrangement with the right people (yes I know..but this is that filthy game aka “politics”) that appealed to and galvanised “Leave” Tory voters; “Leave” Labour voters; “Leave” Lib-Dems..Greens..Plaid and particularly (ex) UKIP voters (given Batten’s current position) AND supporters of the brilliant AMW..then ???

    IMO – the traditional party divides (Cons/Lab./LibDem etc) & loyalties are now irrelevant. Any GE from now on in will.. (depending on what happens in late October under the current Govt.) ..be fought on Remain v Leave basis. The country is polarised..more than ever in my (long) lifetime.


    • Banania says:

      “More polarised”: and to hear some Remainers talk you would think that is all the fault of tiresome Leavers, whereas the topic is by its very nature divisive. It is only “polarising” us now because at last we have been able to do something about it, after decades of no effective representation in national politics. There in no “reaching across the House”, etc.; either we get out or stay in.


  19. StewGreen says:

    10pm BBC4 repeat of the History of Spain series
    ..yeh there were Greeks. Roman’s and Visigoths in Spain
    .. but the Muslims invented everything

    (..yes I accept that someone came up with the idea of glazing the inside of storage jars to make them resusable)
    ..but then the next moments he’s telling us how viscous they were
    : sending people a basket of heads or feeding people to lions
    ..but best of all the sultan was gay ..had both harem of girls and boys

    Apparently blonde women were the prize slaves , bought in from slave markets in nothern France and human trafficking
    Cordoba fell apart in 1030
    and Granada in 1056 or something
    .. but not before the Muslim guru invented flamenco


    • JimS says:

      Unless someone can show that their god revealed the great discovery to them their religion isn’t really of any matter.

      If someone lives on a rain-soaked, tree covered island it has got to be a lot harder to ‘observe the heavens’ than someone living on a dry desert plain that stretches to the horizon. The former person might worship trees whereas the later might worship the Moon.


    • Banania says:

      Let us hope for a repeat of history before it gets much worse.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Is an equal world or an Orwellian world ?


  21. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Something I came across a while back in an on-line discussion:

    “Defining Terrorism Down
    By Jonathan F. Keiler
    March 30, 2015

    The left has made a business of defining deviant behavior down, as famously noted by Daniel P. Moynihan decades ago. This generally serves its purposes by normalizing antisocial behavior that despised Western societies have carefully defined and limited over centuries of state-building. This has the result of rendering traditional categories of miscreant behavior as essentially meaningless, and opening up all sorts of antisocial actions to the left’s favorite moral distillation, i.e., everything’s relative.

    Terrorism is no different. When it comes to terrorism, the left tends to define it in tendentious ways that protect favored actors, which is why most mainstream media refer to terrorists variously as militants, gunmen, or fighters, and their acts those of resistance and desperation or workplace violence.
    … …”

    Does this remind you of anyone?


  22. StewGreen says:

    #TwitterDown when Trump starts #SocialMediaSummit Address to bash big-tech


  23. JamesG says:

    Get ready for a general election. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be one within a few months, because there are plenty of Tory MPs who are going to refuse to support Boris Johnson once he becomes prime minister. I’m thinking of people like Alan Duncan and Dominic Grieve. The government only has a majority of 3 seats with the Democratic Unionists so it wouldn’t take many malcontents to bring down the government.


    • Beltane says:

      Here’s a tip James. Try not thinking about pernicious people ( edited by fedup2 ) like Alan Duncan and Dominic Grieve.
      There. See, it’s easy. Now try for a bit longer and, before you know it, the pair of them will disappear altogether, quite possibly up their own.


    • Demon says:

      I posted the other day that the Labour elite are already confirming there will be an election in September. This can only be done in alliance and agreement with the “Consrvative” Euronutters like Duncan etc. to make Johnson’s government lose a vote of confidence. Johnson neds to make it clear that any Conservative MP that either votes against the Government or attains will have removed themselves from the Party and will not be allowed to stand as a Tory in the election. Any local party organisation that goes against this directive and still selects their traitor as candidate will aldo be kicked out from the main party.


      • tarien says:

        Should such a thing come about Demon, our parliamentary democracy will have died. I have written to my MP (whose constituents gave a majority vote to LEAVE the EU,) to say that they had better support Boris Johnson should be become Prime Minister and support a NO BREXIT DEAL if that is to be the only way forward for Britain to leave the EU otherwise they would have to consider their present position as an MP fragile to say the least-probably a no confidence vote will ensue. Trust every one else will do the same-the behaviour of the House of Commons is quite disgraceful, they all should be ashamed of the traiterous attitude shown against the public who put them into that very important role.


  24. Wink1 says:

    I have just made a complaint on the bbc website about their news item on TR. They ‘clipped ‘ his life stream obviously to show him In the worst possible light. In doing so they completely changed the content of what TR was saying with regard to harassing the grooming gang members. He aimed it at the media but ‘clipped’ it sounds like it’s aimed at his followers. I know it won’t get me anywhere but it might help my blood pressure a little !


  25. Lucy Pevensey says:

    This from Avi Yemeni

    A2084CG – Stephen Yaxley Lennon*
    HMP Belmarsh
    Western Way
    SE28 0EB

    Or you can email him via the link below, by quoting his prison number and name above.


    • tarien says:

      Why should any prisoner have an email address? or be allowed to use a computer whilst serving their sentance? Is it something to do with their Human Rights or some other similar futile acceptance that they are human-but not human in the crime they may have committed. Bonkers.


  26. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Just gone midnight GMT. Twitter down again.


  27. JamesG says:

    “Growing numbers of people in England are struggling to get hold of their GP, a survey suggests.”


    Well I’m sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the population of the country has increased by almost 10 million since the year 2000, while the number of GPs is going down because the government couldn’t be bothered to arrange for more to be trained, despite the fact that so many bright students are desperate to go to medical school.


    • JimS says:

      It’s probably got nothing to do with the GP of old running their own practice all the hours available until they were seventy plus, while the modern GP is married to a hospital consultant, who makes so much money that they can’t afford to work overtime, in a group practice, so only need to turn up three half-days per week and then retires at 35, to breed dogs and children, either.


      • Doublethinker says:

        An old now retired GP I know well told me that the main reason that there was a shortage of his former colleagues was that more than half of new medic graduates in the past ten years were women . These women mostly only worked part time due to having children so leaving a shortage. I also know another GP , currently in practise but nearing retirement, who admits his pay is very high , so high that he has worked part time for the past decade. But, as he says, is he supposed to give it back to the government? He admits that many GPs earn enough to be able to live well whilst working part time. Add these two effects together and it’s no wonder that there is a shortage as the output from medical schools assumes that they will all work full time. Basically the tax payer is paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to produce a doctor who will only work 50 or60% of the hours that were expected because they are paid too much! A perverse example of supply and demand.


        • JamesArthur says:

          you are right. One of my friends who is in his 40’s said when the new contract came out years ago when he was in his 30’s that he was dropping to part time because he can now earn as much as he did FT before and he would do a few locums if he wanted extra money…The female issue is also true – I do not know a single female GP who works full time and I know quite few through work
          It is about time the medical world recognised that the old GP model is past its sell by date.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Double – the medical mafia also actively limit the number of medical students in order to keep the market tight . They’ve always been allowed to do it because they sit on an emotional pedestal in a similar way to the way ‘auntie “ BBC has hid behind the image for decades .


        • G says:

          “A perverse example of supply and demand.” And overall mismanagement in Government, lets not forget that Elephant.


    • BRISSLES says:

      ………..the population of the country has increased by almost 10 million since the year 2000, ………

      Not forgetting the Islamic population has INCREASED in this country by ONE MILLION between 2011 and 2017. Words fail me when I think that there could be another TWO MILLION to those already here by the year 2030.


    • Banania says:

      Not to mention all the GPs who are escaping to Australia, etc.. for better working conditions and sunshine. Never mind, let’s carry on trying to lure doctors from other countries who are more desperatelyi short of them than we are.


  28. Jeff says:

    When I first saw that Tommy had been sent to Belmarsh I thought it must be a wind up.
    As everybody knows this is usually where we send the most notorious Islamist lunatics. Those that have conspired to cause mass carnage, multiple murders and general mayhem.
    You wouldn’t send a harmless political dissident to a high security nick…particularly someone who is at odds with most of its murderous inmates.
    At the very most (and I don’t think he should be doing time at all) he should be in an open prison. That, at least, would show some compassion.
    By putting him in Guantanamo by Greenwich they are clearly sending the rest of us a message. They’re also making certain he’ll have to be kept in solitary for his entire sentence. Once again he’ll be forced to exist on sardines and sweat his time out in a concrete box. It’s vindictive and it’s vile.

    As a child I remember hearing these horror stories from Soviet Russia and East Germany and thinking thank God that I lived in merry old England. We didn’t treat our dissidents in that way. By and large we could say what we liked and do what we wanted. We were a free people.
    As Mary Hopkins used to sing…
    Those were the days my friend.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sadly you are right . If you really want your blood pressure raised read the attack piece on the BBC website which gets as personal as it gets . I suppose it is John Sweeney s attempt at revenge .

      David Gauke is the minister responsible for the Prison Service

      Michael Spurr Is the Head of the prison service as executive level.


    • tarien says:

      This is way beyond disgraceful. This is doing the Judiciary no favours nor this country, but we the people do have and must make our feelings known to our supposed conduits to Parliament our MP’s, to tackle firtly the nonsence of sending this man TR to prison at all, and into a prison which apparently is dangerous-good heavens, how does a prison become dangerous? Of course with the advisors to the Judiciarysuch actions would never come about-afterall we must not upset these poor people who most likely have committed terrible crimes against humanity, to be treated unhumainly as they would have their vitims, Oh No we can’t do that far too nasty.


    • JimS says:

      i am sure that if TR had been a Jihadi Mrs. Blair et al would be falling over themselves to play ECHR Articles 2 and 3 fun-and-games at our expense.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    You can play a game with toady . It’s “ does the BBC like this person / organisation ?”

    With some bbc staff – such as meeschhal ‘useless’ Hussain it’s easy enough – but some are a bit more nuanced – but only a bit .
    Example today
    Meeshall talking to the manager of the English Cricket Team

    It was clear . BBC doesn’t like white men’s cricket . Definitely doesn’t like English Cricket . Q “although the final is free to air on Sunday – why should people bother with England in the cricket final when there is the Wimbledon tennis final ?”

    See – nice easy evidence . Play it yourself – it’s a good way of anger management

    Certain subjects can’t be included in the game because it’s too obvious – eg President Trump – Obama – the terrorist Mandela – TR – Nigel Farage – actually there is a very long obvious bias list .


    • JamesArthur says:

      BBC.. it’s all netball today and probably for next week…and cricket is now just cricket and not men’s cricket as they so like to say about women’s cricket…there was absolutely no news on Breakfast..just cricket, tennis and Netball and a bit about storm Barry..
      I am constantly amazed at how often they can knock POTUS and Boris…is there a single item where they don’t?


    • Deborah says:

      Don forget Fedup the part of the game about who is in the studio. Favoured people/ organisations are there with the volume turned up slightly. For others they are in the radio car made to sound a bit fuzzy and if they say something the BBC doesn’t like the connection can be dropped altogether.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Deborah ,
        Yes I’d forgotten the ‘ we ve got a bad line ‘ technique used when someone makes a strong point the BBC want to kill . I decided to stop using the term ‘beeboid ‘ – it makes them sound human .

        And of the subject of killing – another in Croydon Thursday night accompanied by multiple stabbings . London really is running at one a day .


    • Banania says:

      There is another game I play, the name of which I won’t say, because it is in forbidden language, but it consists of clicking through the main TV channels and seeing how many of them have a visible minority ethnic person on the screen at that moment. How high can you score? Fun for all the family.


  30. Fedup2 says:

    My TV exposure to the BBC is extremely limited and definitely not during the day . However the radio news is including netball in its order ..

    As for POTUS – the BBC will be desperate to do anything to stop his second term because I /it can see a time when he just says to UK – ‘you’ve got to do something about the trashy outfit … “

    The BBC is building the frustrate Brexit coalition again . This version is led by the traitor chancellor aided and abetted by Grieve , the speaker and presumably the other usual traitors like druggy Rory and old man Ken Clarke – who all seem happy for the Postal Voter Party under Comrade Corbyn to gain power and remain .


  31. JamesArthur says:

    Oh poor press.. R4 some journalist complaining that they are treated badly – and guess what – POTUS is to blame. Why don’t these people look at themselves and how they present information? And summer of women’s sport with netball.. a whole 10 days….and apparently netball is a women’s sport – no mention of getting men involved..funny that?
    Jesus..the narrative is unrelenting


  32. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has raged about social media and ‘fake news’ [ie any news the BBC doesn’t want you to know about] for several years now, coincidentally coinciding with the election of a President they hate and the unfortunate result of the Brexit referendum….which they blame on social media.

    Odd you might think then that they seem to have totally ignored Trump holding a ‘social media summit’ in which he investigates the role social media giants play in silencing right-wing or conservative voices. Of course the BBC has studiously ignored the steady flow of reports that prove Twitter, Google and Facebook are actively silencing these voices and are running a campaign targeting Trump with the intention to stop him getting re-elected. The BBC of course doesn’t want to do anything to upset the apple-cart and stop this biased world-view undermining democracy and they certainly don’t want you to know that these social media giants are in fact left-wing activists rather than the enablers of the ‘Far-Right’ that the BBC portrays them as….not forgetting of course that there is another motive for the BBC…they want to maintain as much control over the news agenda as possible and by whipping up fears about social media and the Nazis keyboard warriors they hope, and are successful in doing so, to lure in politicians to take action to control these organisations…but on the BBC’s terms in a way that silences ‘populists’ but allows the left-wing propaganda to be propagated to its fullest extent….Trump taking action to make these organisations more democratic and to allow freedom of expression is not what the BBC has in mind at all…the complete opposite in fact.

    The BBC is quite happy to dangerously censor the truth [echoes of Rochdale and Rotherham all over again] as Rod Liddle points out…the BBC getting into bed with the Islamists extremists of the MCB…

    ‘Luckily, the MCB is winning the argument with some ease. The BBC Ten O’Clock News led a bulletin on the investigation into Masood’s rampage at Westminster Bridge, and during the course of seven minutes of reportage, the words ‘Muslim’, ‘Islam’ and ‘jihadi’ were entirely absent. We were not told the motive for the attack, nor anything about Masood’s background. As a news report, then, it lacked a little of what we might call journalistic curiosity — but at least it managed to avoid falling foul of the charge of Islamophobia and thus hate speech.’



  33. StewGreen says:

    Nick Ferrari I gather is trying to spin the TR case

    “Hes not a journalist,
    I’ve even got an expert on the show to say he’s not a journalist”

    A few minutes later
    As a journalist, he had a duty to follow the laws and the rules”.

    Nick then said we don’t tell lies
    AFAIK Nick previously said TR refused to appear on my show
    when in fact TR had called in and had the phone put down on him


    • StewGreen says:


    • theisland says:

      Definition of ‘journalist’ – indeed who is to say? Certainly not the bBC et al.
      Of course all the usual suspects have an inflated view of themselves and their importance.

      Given that the English language is flexible and ever changing, I have recently been consulting my 1907 (Chambers) dictionary out of interest.

      Journalist – one who writes for or conducts a journal or newspaper.
      Journal – a diurnal or daily register or diary; a book containing an account of each day’s transactions; a newspaper published daily or otherwise; a magazine; the transactions of any society.

      So TR is just as much a ‘journalist’ as any of them.

      The big question (not considered by any definition) is who is telling the truth, or at least genuinely attempting to, and who is wilfully lying.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Stew — TR not being a journalist sounds like an example of the ‘no true Scotsman’ fallacy.

      The BBC of course know what makes a true Scotsman… it’s someone who keeps asking for money. Or as Amol put it yesterday in The new threats to journalism, restoring trust in reporting can only happen “if there is reliable financing for high-quality and independent journalism”.

      (see also: the Guardian)


      • Helen Richardson says:

        TR not a journalist?

        OK, in that case let’s take a critical look at all those effectively unemployed, talentless, drunks and druggies who call themselves ‘writers’ and ‘poets’.

        We all know who they are, don’t we? And we all know why they are above criticism.

        The MSM are losing control, and they’re rattled.


        • Terminal Moraine says:

          Helen I think my message got lost in translation. TR is doing journalism but the MSM will throw up all the spurious reasons why — despite this — he does not fit the category of ‘journalist’.

          What are the necessary and sufficient conditions of being a journalist… official accreditation?… commitment to revealing truth? … owning a working biro?

          Whatever they may be, Tommy and anyone else ‘off-message’ won’t ever be it. That’s the no true Scotsman trick (or shifting the goalposts by another name)…


      • JamesArthur says:

        Terminal – why does journalism have to be reliably funded to tell the truth and be independent or high quality. All of these things are achievable without reliable funding – more so with todays technology than ever before.

        In fact one could argue that with funding comes pressure to bend the truth to the funders view – anyway the BBC has more reliable funding than most and its journalism is still biased and often of poor quality..


        • Terminal Moraine says:

          James, I agree, see my reply above. (I should remember in future that irony doesn’t always travel well over the internet..)


    • NameNotNumber says:

      With regard to Robinson this morning, Ferrari was arrogant, contemptuous and dismissive of those attempting to express why they supported Tommy. Smug self-satisfaction is not a quality you would expect from the calibre of ‘journalist’ he avows himself to be.

      ‘Just because you’re innocent doesn’t mean we’re going to let you get away with it.’
      Judge Dame Victoria Kafka


  34. Doobster78 says:

    Watching the sports news earlier with Mike Bushell, he was in Liverpool for the Netball.

    There was a warm up game in process behind him. I checked, but i couldn’t for the life of me see any MALE players …. 100% female.

    Where is the outrage about “equality” from the BBC and the left ?

    Any sport that historically has been male dominated (for good reason) has now been infiltrated with women due to constant equality agenda pushing and pressure …but yet again, in the world of the BBC and the left, sexism, racism and equality, over ever work one way !!!


    • JimS says:

      Ah but how many were what we might call ‘lad-ees’, the new super-minority for whom all must obey?


  35. StewGreen says:

    The people against TR .. are they for Justice ?
    … Or are they just acting TRIBALLY ?

    They argued that TR’s standing outside came close to collapsing a trial.

    So what do they want done ?
    The key question is how do they want it play out next time ?
    Should the judge/police watch a guy film for 90 mins then arrest him ?
    If the anti-TR people really believed what they said they’d not be so furious against TR , but angry at the police/judge for not acting quickly.

    The anti-TR are not angry at the perceived crime, they are just angry at the man.

    If your wife said to you “don’t let anyone park on the flower bed”
    and you then saw someone come up your drive and ask you if he was OK parking here, and you did nothing, but just watched him park on the flower bed
    And only after he had been there 90 minutes you arrested him
    Do you think your wife would be angry with you or him ?


    • StewGreen says:

      There are masses of people on Twitter putting out hate/anger/sneers against TR
      Whatever they say , they are showing that they actually don’t care that much about that trial.
      If they did they would be furious about the judge/police waiting 90 minutes before arresting TR.

      Their tweets today are more about them being tribal,
      .. probably partly due to political games
      like they are so desperate to promote Corbyn & STOP-Brexit they are desperate not to give any ground to non-lib-tribe
      Their tribalism is lib-supremacism
      .. Libtribe, Libtribe uber alles.

      As ever taking a very COMPLEX fullcolour situation and putting it away in a box marked in SIMPLE black and white terms “It’s all very simple, he’s stupid, he broke the law”
      .. is very appealing to them


    • Despairada says:

      Just a little aside irrelevant to the main discussions today.
      “don’t let anyone park on the flower bed”
      I don’t think it’s an offence, either civil or criminal for anyone to park on private property which is not their property. A member of the police once told me that anyone could park on his drive and there would be nothing he could do about it, and if he parked so as to prevent the intruder getting onto the highway then he, the policeman that is, would be committing a criminal offence.
      This sort of thing has been made worse by the ‘Protection of freedoms Act’ (for which you have Nick Clegg to thank). The latter was meant to make wheel clamping illegal on private land and has caused a major problem for car parks associated with blocks of flats.
      Although parking so as to prevent access to the highway is a criminal offence, you will probably find that if you send for the police in such a situation, they will probably not be interested.
      If you have info contrary to this i’m happy to be wrong.


  36. G says:

    All here will no doubt be aware of the threats of Judicial Review if Boris goes for a Prorogation of Parliament to get the ‘No Deal’ through. The Walking Dead Aka – John Major – is the most recent to threaten JR.
    Personally, I have an interest in Public/Constitutional Law having elected the subject of Advanced Public Law for my Hons. Law Degree some years ago. So I have a good understanding of the legal arguments and case law.
    The first point to understand is that for our particular form of ‘Democracy’ to work, there has to be a division of power and those divisions, normally, do not infringe other areas of power. In that I am really referring to the Judiciary & the Executive particularly.
    So, being aware of the opinion of the QC Lord Pannick, (leading Counsel in Miller) I was particularly interested to read the UK Constitutional Law Assn.’s view on the likelihood of a JR succeeding if Boris goes for a Prorogation.
    Personally, I do not, even in these, ‘strained’ times, think that the Judiciary will risk trespassing on others’ powers (and particularly the Executive) and to summarise, that’s what the author of this article equally concludes. However, these ‘strained’ times and judicial bias (where none should exist) for Remain, could lead eventually to a shattering of the fundamental concept of the Separation of Powers. Most people with any sense observe the obvious growing bias of the police and judiciary in a range of areas, particularly if islam is involved. So, who knows………


    • Fedup2 says:

      Having moved an armchair into my barrack room – I’m trying to figure out the process between prerogation and vote of confidence …
      As in – if boris tried to shut the shop – would the traitors be able to launch a vote of confidence in concert with the Postal Vote Party and stop it be getting to a General Election ? Which I suppose is yassir corbyns’ Plan ….?

      If you know – good – but I’m too lazy to go away and research it at the moment .


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Indeed. Checks and balances?


  37. StewGreen says:

    Sheffield Green MEP has had a Road to Damascas Moment
    … He’s found the EU to be corrupt & says
    “We have to be ready to burn down the house if necessary”
    …. so he sold his voters a false dream of the EU


    • StewGreen says:

      Guess who is the British Young politician of the year award ?
      Jul 11
      Meet the five honorees of the 2019 #OYW Politician of the Year Award. They are young politicians who are engaging youth and bringing impactful change to their countries and beyond.
      Yep it was him


  38. pugnazious says:

    The BBC is fascinated by Muslim and Black Majid Majid…it can’t get enough of him…keen to tell us his views on the EU…

    And keen to tell us he was kicked out of the EU on his first day as an MEP….the BBC only interested because he’s black and Muslim..

    ‘New MEP Magid Magid ‘asked to leave’ European Parliament building’

    Not so interested when reality strikes home for Majid as Guido notes…Majid telling us we need to burn the place down to reform it….naturally he fills the piece with demands his blackness be appreciated…he is wonderful and adds to our culture basically because he is black, and then, of course, complains that his blackness gets him noticed….


    ‘In my first two weeks as a member of the European Parliament, I’ve stumbled into a baffling realization.

    Next to nobody in Brussels has any clue what the European Union truly stands for — beyond a flag and an anthem — and more crucially, where it is heading. And that includes the EU leaders and senior officials soullessly waddling through the corridors of power.

    When I arrived in the EU capital, I expected to find it brimming with activity and potential answers to these questions.

    Instead, I felt duped: Making a tangible impact on constituents’ lives is apparently not what being an MEP is all about.

    MEPs live in a bubble — one where we celebrate politicians who bailed out bankers, blamed migrants and imposed crippling levels of austerity.
    In Brussels, the go-to answer to a failed system is superficial; try a fresh coat of paint on crumbling walls. We have to be ready to burn down the house if necessary, to rebuild it in such a way that every citizen from Mansfield to Milan truly feels part of and represented by the EU.’

    When the BBC does get around to reporting this, if ever, wonder which bits they will emphasise and which bits get edited out.


  39. andyjsnape says:

    ex beeb blue peter presenter..


  40. Fedup2 says:

    Clever – they don’t say ‘ex BBC presenter ‘ ….. or ‘journalist ‘

    The propaganda department working well….


    • Fedup2 says:

      If you live in London these days – the way you find out that there has been another murder / stabbing / shooting – is through the traffic reports – where these crimes are described as ‘police incident ‘

      In my judgement shootings are worse than murders because the main roads tend to be closed for substantial numbers of hours and the traffic is just ‘cooked ‘

      There has been another ‘police incident ‘ in the East End this morning …. after 1 dead and 2 serious last night . Very vibrant .

      The bbc is reporting that the current police commissioner has had a portrait painting done to celebrate ‘100 years of wimmin in the police force ‘ or similar . I hope she paid for it out of her wages …

      How about ‘top cop poses whilst London bleeds ‘?


  41. Doobster78 says:

    Comedy gold again from Lammy ….

    “We must do everything we can to protect our democracy”

    Indeed we must David . No deal it is then.


    • vesnadog says:


      “David Lammy”

      Its the Israeli flags that usually makes his blood boil.

      Ah, I see one in the photo.

      I wonder what “his” kind of people have done for the world? More than the Jew and the Christian?

      I doubt it very much as he is a member of an anti-Semitic political party and we know how much communism is bad news for the safety and well being of a nation.

      History check David.


  42. G says:

    “……… but it is not possible to divide Huawei into threatening and non-threatening components.” As the UK Government do in league with GCHQ. A pattern of behaviour exists with the Chinese modus operandi designed only to prevail and steal and manipulate.
    Our Government cannot any longer, be trusted to protect the citizen so letting Huawei into our everyday lives massively increases risk.


  43. Dover Sentry says:

    Re TR:

    If a muslim had been outside court tracking a gang of white paedos who has systematically raped young muslim girls on an industrial scale, what would the reaction of the media and establishment have been?

    He would not have been imprisoned, that’s for sure.


  44. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has yet another long, long tract warning us about Hitler reborn…


    The one sentence that sums it all up is this….

    ‘”The danger of Generation Identity lies in its potential to normalise an ideology which has ethnic separatism at its core,”‘

    It is also the one sentence that exposes the hypocrisy of the BBC…for the most separatist, most divisive, most apartheid, most regressive and most violent ideology is Islam…and yet the BBC condemns anyone who criticises Islam as a Far-Right racist and itself fervently promotes this malign ideology…even now a story is being cooked up on Eastenders where a white boy converts to Islam to cope with life….

    ‘EASTENDERS has been praised by the Muslim Youth Helpline charity as it’s revealed that Bobby Beale will convert to Islam to help cope with his killer past.

    The troubled teen, now played by Clay Milner Russell, has just returned to Albert Square after serving time in a detention centre for killing his sister Lucy in 2014.
    In tonight’s episode of the BBC One soap, viewers saw Bobby meet his friend Imran, who he got to know while at a Young Offender’s Institute, and the character gifted Bobby a Quran.

    It has now been revealed that the coming weeks will see Bobby explore Islam – and that the faith will have a positive impact on him.

    Islam will help the murderer find peace with past events, and Bobby will also be supported and encouraged by his loved ones.’

    Interestng to see that the Muslim Youth Helpline charity says…‘Muslim Youth Helpline has stated that it does not propagate any religious or political beliefs’…..the Eastenders’ story-line is intensely political and intended to propagate Islam…it is not in any way neutral.

    Maybe we can have a ‘Hitler Youth Helpline’ story-line on Eastenders where a Muslim converts to Generation Identity and Christianity in order to cope with life in a better, more humane, progressive, liberal and more rational way.


    • Despairada says:

      Re last paragraph, we know that will never happen. Even DC.s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ (which used to be good before it changed from DC to PC) has picked up a muslim crew member. WTF.


  45. Cassandra says:

    The BBC continues to promote Islam by having Bobby Beale from Eastenders embrace Islam…



  46. fakenewswatcher says:

    Jeremy Hunt impresses me greatly with his perception.
    He has suddenly discovered, at leader election time, that our armed forces have been allowed to greatly deteriorate over time.
    And so come the election time promises.
    It would take decades to restore the harm done by successive governments, on the defence front. Anyway, John Major would find it couldn’t be done, and have a judicial review to block any restoration, no doubt. Ms May may even try for a last-minute scrapping of a few more ships, as part of her ‘legacy’, she is so anxious about (since the EU/von der Leyen will be there for us, we don’t really need our own).
    I, on the other hand, think we shall have to continue relying on the incompetent, dysfunctional, and badly-organized Mr Trump to help us out, should trouble come…
    For one thing, it seems his aircraft carriers (and he has the many) are actually seaworthy.


  47. pugnazious says:

    This doesn’t bode well….pure madness…and of course it’s ‘human rights’…maybe you are offended by having to walk past a mosque everyday, a symbol of a violent oppressive ideology, and need some recompense…maybe the Mosque should be removed…or part converted into a bar so that everyone can be happy and multicultural….

    ‘A senior Northern Ireland civil servant was paid £10,000 in compensation because he was offended at having to walk past portraits of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, it has emerged.

    His complaints led to the portraits being removed at his request, and replaced by a picture of the Queen meeting Martin McGuinness, the former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland and ex-IRA leader.

    Lee Hegarty, who is currently in charge of the Northern Irish Parades Commission, claimed that under human rights laws it was unfair to him to have to work in a place where he was offended by such portraits.’

    Be afraid, very afraid….Nelson’s Column…Churchill…anything that smacks of colonialism or white oppression, or harks back to slavery….offensive, remove it and pay compensation….maybe ‘whiteness’ is offensive and Blacks and Asians just can’t stand seeing us….of course the BBC and Labour are busy trying to ‘brown’ Britain in order to get rid of that hideous whiteness[not a joke] so that’s a problem that will be solved soon enough.


  48. StewGreen says:

    from Mark Hodgson’s news-watching
    The Bishop has a new paper up at GWP Foundation

    “Volvo CEO laments Sweden’s high crime rate, says company might move its HQ abroad”

    “Ursula von der Leyen’s risky numbers game
    German defense minister needs help from leaders to be confirmed as Commission chief by Parliament.”

    News from “green” Germany:
    “The coal mine that ate Hambacher forest”

    Jul 12, 2019 at 7:42 AM | Unregistered CommenterMark Hodgson
    “India air pollution: Will Gujarat’s ‘cap and trade’ programme work?”


    • pugnazious says:

      From ‘Intelligence Fusion’….bombings, shootings, stabbings, drugs, sex attacks…welcome to the new Sweden….


      ‘Statistics and information correct as of 14th April 2019.

      Sweden witnessed a steep increase in gun violence in recent years with the majority of incidents related to organised crime or gang warfare and concentrated in less affluent neighbourhoods with a high immigrant population. The city with the highest prevalence of shootings historically was Malmö, although in 2018 and 2019 our statistics highlight a marked increase in shootings in Stockholm and the surrounding suburbs.
      Gothenburg, however, has shown a significant reduction in shooting incidents in 2019. According to Intelligence Fusion’s records the city saw 31 reported shootings in 2018 compared to only one incident in the locality by mid-April 2019.

      This may be illustrative of the pro-active police approach of combining community engagement in areas with historically high concentrations of gang related activity and violence, such as Biskopsgården, along with increased patrolling and surveillance. Widespread camera surveillance initially placed in the neighbourhood in December 2016 has seen long term positive results. Active policing coupled with effective community engagement and muscular police leadership has led to an increased effectiveness in the Gothenburg area with incidents of other criminality reduced.

      Police Chief, Erik Nord, has also led actions against organised crime in the region working with local businesses to try to prevent acts of intimidation or extortion. This has also worked to reduce shootings in the locality. Ironically, a spike in stabbings within the city in 2019, may illustrate the effectiveness of police in reducing gun violence and compelling criminals to use knives although it is unclear if these incidents were gang related.
      Malmö has witnessed a reduction in shooting incidents with five reported incidents so far in 2019 compared with 48 shootings in 2018.

      A decrease in sex attacks has also occurred, which on the surface may indicate a success to the “Sluta Skjut” or “Stop Shooting” scheme introduced in late 2018. However, Intelligence Fusion has witnessed a growing trend of more powerful IED devices being used in the city as part of an ongoing gang war centred around local businesses such as taxi services and restaurants typically centred in the Rosengård locality.
      In 2018, we recorded 38 incidents related to explosive devices being detonated in the city although the majority were firecrackers or sound bombs such as Cobra 8 devices designed to deter and intimidate rather than cause large scale destruction. The concerning trend for 2019, is that although devices are fewer in number they appear to have increased in lethality.
      The Stockholm area has by far witnessed the majority of shooting incidents within Sweden in 2019 with a total of 16 incidents reported to date. In 2018, 64 shootings were reported.

      It appears that unlike Gothenburg, conflict between organised gangs in the Stockholm area has not yet been successfully tackled by police. Indeed, citizens in Sätra have already expressed a concern that local security has deteriorated in recent months. Swedish criminal gangs expert Gunnar Appelgren has stated that recent killings in Sätra could be the beginning of a new wave of shootings and escalation of violence.

      The Stockholm Public Transport Security and Safety Budget has nearly doubled since 2014. One of the reasons cited for the increase is the need for private security due to a lack of effective police presence to maintain passenger safety.

      With the onset of the summer months, Sweden is likely to see an increase in general criminality within the main cities as the improved weather gives greater freedom of movement to criminal groups. Outside of organised crime, it’s expected that potential arson attacks on vehicles and sex attacks in public areas such as at music festivals will increase as was witnessed in 2018.

      Since 2016 when Intelligence Fusion began monitoring the threats in Sweden we have identified a significant number of criminal trends and patterns as well as new security developments.’

      Lol…Informed BBC journo…’a grenade attack…that’s very unusual’….Police officer…’no, it’s the norm now’.

      The usual BBC myth-busting….as with the above exchange the BBC ignores the evidence despite actually quoting the facts…no-go zones are a myth…and yet ambulance crew says yes, there are such zones….but it’s still whipping up racial tensions by exposing these facts according to the BBC….

      Note Farage is quoted and told he is wrong about young, male immigrants….hold on…Canada has banned single male Muslims from coming to the country….must be a reason for that?

      Canada to turn away single men as part of Syrian refugee resettlement plan

      Canada will accept only whole families, lone women or children in its mass resettlement of Syrian refugees while unaccompanied men – considered a security risk – will be turned away…..the Paris attacks that killed 130, claimed by the Islamic State group, stirred fears in both Europe and North America that jihadis could seek to blend in with refugee masses in order to strike later’ …hang on…isn’t that what people have been saying all along…terrorists will infiltrate in amongst the refugees….bowl of skittles…remember that and the scorn?




  49. Despairada says:

    TR in Belmarsh!

    It’s hardly believable that they should send him to a category A prison. It works against their argument that this trial has been fair. Rather, it supports the view that the purpose of this charade is as a warning to the rest of us who might be wondering what we can do to support the push back against islamisation.

    It also seems intended to feed into the anti TR mob the idea that he’s a bad man. ‘They only send the baddest people to Belmarsh’ will be the chorus.


  50. StewGreen says:

    Re the PJW video about Facebook
    He posted it on July 10th
    by July 11th Facebook quietly retracted

    I can’t spot where someone posted the original video here