Midweek Open Thread 10 July 2019

So , Ladies Gentlemen and confused .. Thursday marks the sentencing of a journalist after a politically motivated trial in Britain . The BBC will cover it and fight for ‘press freedom ‘ right? Or maybe it’s the kind of ‘press freedom ‘ of which they do not approve . The British State will also want to send a signal to less courageous folk about the cost of challenging what it has allowed to happen – and which is continuing to happen to children in bits of Britain politicians and journalists seldom think of yet alone visit .

I would never recommend a BBC programme – but Wednesday night sees the broadcast of a report on anti semitism in the Labour Party ….

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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I bet Kim Darroch never knew he had such a huge following of lefty remainers who are falling over each other in trying to tell us all how great a job he was doing.
    How he selflessly gave all those years in service to his country (although I’m sure the six figure salary, huge pension, massive perks and generally lording it around with lots of flunkies waiting on him hand and foot at all the parties and banquets he selflessly attended for us)
    Yes, what a great man.
    All the sacrifices he has made for the lumpen.

    I wonder if they would all be praising him were he a leaver.
    I doubt it.


  2. Beltane says:

    He may be a Bercow clone, if rather better groomed, but don’t the BBC just love spiteful, pompous little ‘Sir’ Alan Duncan – a more absurd knight of the realm must be difficult to conceive.
    This diminutive clown has piled into Boris at every opportunity of late, nibbling away like a rat at his feet, and with the entirely well merited resignation of our man in Washington, he’s now in his element.
    Along with the other once knightly absurdity, John Major, with his latest blather about unconstitutional behavior – how he has the temerity to mention that with his record of ‘achievement’ is totally beyond belief – we are left with one question: What on earth have we as a nation done to deserve such spurious, traitorous, self-promoting scumbags?


    • Beltane says:

      Anyone see the little treasure on the 6 o’clock news? Tight lipped bravura performance on a ‘Thcweam and thcweam and thtamp my foot, Borith wath nathty to me’ bathis. Sorry, basis.
      Hard luck Galahad, no BAFTA. Try the Guardian, they’ll love you.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Sir John Major ‘Once nightly’?

      Edwina told us he was a much more manly man than that!

      Sokay I’ve not eaten breakfast yet.


    • tarien says:

      You might well ask your question Beltane, what have we done to deserve all this you put? Sheer bloody evilness that has slowly crept over us these past 45 yrs aided and abetted in belonging to the Socialist European Union now about on its last feet, allowing communistic elements to enter our politics and the duplicity of our traiterous politicians stretching far beyond our imaginations supported by the power of money, lent to the UK at low rates, to be lent out at extorionate rates to the gullable public eventually pushing the cost of living way beyond the once common demoninator that gave us all the price of bread and cheese-now we have starvation in our own country because of it-indig white folk sleeping rough, some starving to death and goodness knows what else-yes we (society) is in a terrible mess, maybe just maybe a light is there to help us if we are able to leave the EU and start paddling our canoes to a better shape. BUT immigration from outside Europe must be halted forthwith otherwise we will sink under the rule of Islam.


  3. Beltane says:

    Much is predictably being made of HE Sir Darroch’s superb record of diplomatic achievement while in Washington, during which he met President Trump several times and ‘always found him charming’ – which just goes to show that he does actually understand the job description when it suits.
    Less time is spent covering the period from 2007-2011 he spent in Brussels as the chief UK Representative, four years enjoying the EU gravy and no doubt laying the foundations of his firmly remainer stance. Another failing from Tereesa – unless of course he was doing just what she wanted at the time.


  4. andyjsnape says:

    bbc current motto
    “Nation shall speak peace unto Nation”

    how about a new motto?
    “Speculation, and biased news”

    i’m sure people have other ideas?


  5. JamesArthur says:

    Why does the Blatantly Bigoted Company always have to bring ethnicity, gayness, Islam and refugees into everything. I just do not understand it – it is one of the reasons my listening is being curtailed…Why can’t Zoe just have read a good book like the rest of us..?


  6. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC is reporting that Katie Hopkins has been nominated to be the new British ambassador to the USA ….

    Ok … not quite true ..yet … or David Vance ….. maybe we could have a ‘people’s vote ‘ on who it should be .

    Pity Bernard Manning is not still about – he’d be a shoe in…

    … and Quentin Letts has predicted ‘Lord Darroch’….


  7. pugnazious says:

    Ha….GDP is growing again…because of a recovery in car production…the BBC tells us.

    Not a single mention of Brexit…..the destroyer of the car industry according to the BBC….car sales dip and omg….it’s Brexit wot dun it!

    Always amusing to see how the BBC interprets something…or doesn’t interpret something.


    • Cane Corso says:

      BBC News webpage comment: “The economy grew 0.3% from the month before, after declining 0.4% in April, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS)….
      But economists say that June’s growth figures will have to be strong to avoid contraction in the second quarter.”
      We economists are known for our lack of maths ability, but 0.1% is hardly strong.


  8. pugnazious says:

    The BBC rewriting history to suit its agenda….


    ‘Climategate’: When sceptics tricked the public

    ‘It’s almost 10 years since hackers stole thousands of emails and other documents from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit.

    The scandal, known as “Climategate”, rocked the scientific world.

    Sceptics picked up on a small number of emails that seemed to suggest scientists had been deliberately manipulating data to exaggerate evidence of climate change.

    It wasn’t true,’

    Yes, yes it was true.


    • StewGreen says:

      Sickening deception from Newsnight’s KayleenDevlin
      Example of her”green” credentials
      … her in May 2018 taking 2 flights within 4 days
      and complaining about them.
      \\wizzair Because your flight was delayed we missed our last bus connection to Slovenia.
      It’s late in Bratislava, we don’t have phone charge, and the next bus isn’t until the morning. We’ve called your customer services and they say they can’t do anything. Can’t refund us//

      Hi again @wizzair This time, your flight is delayed (again) and we were charged €30 each for checking in at the airport b/c your website kept crashing when we tried to check in online.
      Do you have any more unpleasant surprises up your sleeve for us?”


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Today its far more serious. In America, NOAA adjusted the temperature data to eliminate the Pause/Hiatus/Peak. Piers Corbyns Weatheraction website shows some of the adjustments. Others are shown below.



      Meanwhile the best description of the “Hoax” is on the Mensa Forum.

      Svante Arrhenius produced the most damaging and expensive mistake in the history of science. His carbon-dioxide Global warming formula DOES NOT WORK on planets with carbon-dioxide atmospheres. However, the Ideal Gas Law DOES WORK for the carbon dioxide atmosphere of Venus.

      The adjustments are justified by NOAA on the basis that those Computer Models based on the EXPENSIVE MISTAKE are more reliable than raw data. Therefore the loonies have taken over the Administration, so no one in Astronomy can now trust the official temperature records for the Earth.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Radio4 with a new BAME Mohit Bakaya controller could be better
    .. cos he may be less inclined to Virtue Signal than the white managers.


  10. Lucy Pevensey says:


  11. Lucy Pevensey says:


  12. StewGreen says:

    \\ A missing student was murdered by a “dishonest and manipulative man” who went to the same church as her, a court heard.//
    OK so it’s nothing to do with a BLACK cult church
    that covers things up
    … You would tell us if that were the case.



  13. StewGreen says:

    UK/Canadian gov promote Free Speech ???
    Global Conference for Media Freedom: London 2019
    10 and 11 July


    • Dystopian says:

      Sponsored by “Luminate”
      Is that code for Illuminati aka Soros & Co.?


    • vlad says:

      Free speech, so long as it’s the right sort of speech.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh I was reading the Times
      I had not realised that Ezra was in London, I just assumed he was in Canada.
      so stupid me was tweeting him about the London conference.


      • Rich says:

        I see he’s a couple of weeks younger than me, but for some reason I assumed from looking at him that he was winding down a career rather than merely hitting his stride.

        I suppose they’d have longer paper rounds in Canada than over here wouldn’t they?


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Popcorn time alarm

    Guido is reporting that Isabel oakshotte – (excellent Brexiter journo ) who broke the story about the ex ambo to the USA in the Mail – is to sue The hideous Crace of The Guardian because he said the only way she got the leak was by sleeping with someone ( words to that effect ) which ~ `The Guardian published .

    Crazy Times .

    The Guardian has until Friday PM to apologise and pay up – which of course they must do unless they want to be bankrupted through losing a clear defamation – as well as of course – hurtful sexism – from The Guardian ……


  15. fakenewswatcher says:

    Evan Davis on R4 news at 5, obviously delighted to hammer away at Boris, assisted by Cur Alan Duncan.
    Some very creative manipulation here, as Hunt turns out to be Mr Wonderful, and Boris the baddie.
    How very, very predictable.
    Don’t know why I bother to listen….
    (Of course, beeb think they can get at Trump and Boris at one and the same time. Two birds with one stone. You can sense the glee. A foretaste of things to come?)


    • JamesArthur says:

      You can’t fail to hear how much slime there is at the BBC today. I have been reducing my listening for my mental health 🙂
      5pm news – Boris is bad, poor diplomat he is a lovely self deprecating chap wonderful sense of humour (cue another numpty in HoL) – Trump is bad Boris is bad again.
      The narrative is just tedious now. I hope Boris wins by a land slide – gets Brexit and does a trade deal with USA including chickens – the BBC will go into melt down


  16. LastChanceSaloon says:

    “Daniel Hannan: For Brexit to work, power must be stripped from the quangocrats – and returned to people we elect”

    Yes Dan, but we were promised a “Bonfire of the QANGOs” by one David Cameron nearly a decade ago, not happened yet.
    Not happened yet because there is a more urgent task, clear all the Lefty “Conservatives” out of the party PERMANENTLY, because these are the people who are blocking all genuine Conservative activities.

    You might have a look on BBBC yourself Dan.
    The good people here have made many suggestions for curing the current malaise, because the QANGOs are far from the only problem.

    #1 Because it is the most important, Islam is incompatible with European values. Muslims need to be returned, willingly or unwillingly, to the home of their ancestors. PDQ.
    #2 The public sector has never been fit for purpose and needs root and branch pruning.
    Proscribe Comon Purpose as an enemy organisation, sack everybody associated with it.
    #3 It is no use privatising the public sector without a new attitude to the private sector. I favour a 10% Carrot, 90% stick, approach.
    3.1 Stop tax avoidance by big business, the only reason this has not been done is because politicians are
    taking bribes.
    3.2 Crooked businessmen and bankers need to spend decades in jail.
    #4 Re-introduce compulsory National Service RFN, we need the largest military possible, stop aid to pay for this.

    There is much more Dan, but this is todays homework.

    Why are consecutive spaces ignored? I find it impossible to format my posts as I would like.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Ugandan lesbian farce
    2009 comes to UK overstays
    Then claims asylum on the grounds that as a lesbian she will be beheaded in Uganda
    2013 HO rejects that onbthe grounds there’s no proper evidence she is a lesbian, as when they raided her flat she was was in bed with a man
    they detained her for a month and deported her.
    Now a judge says she must be brought back, as she wasn’t given enough time.
    FFS 6 years later !
    The Ugandan anti gay laws only came in in 2014

    Shouldn’t we
    #1 say no you can’t claim asylum after overstaying, cos you overstaying means you broke the law.
    #2 Not allow ourselves to blackmailed by fear of harm.
    We simply cut aid to Uganda if they don’t properly protect their citizens that we deport.



  18. G.W.F. says:

    Conference on media freedom.
    Some members of the media -RT and Sputnik – not allowed.
    According to the Foreign Office its because they spread inaccurate information

    I look forward to the Moslems and Trots speaking for the BBC


    • Dystopian says:

      “According to the Foreign Office its because they spread inaccurate information”

      Erm hello? BBC! Foreign Office not too clever eh.


    • vlad says:

      RT are a highly biased extension of the Kremlin, yet often speak more truth than the world’s most trusted. (When it suits Putin of course.)


  19. pertelote says:

    >GWF – “I look forward to the Moslems and Trots speaking for the BBC”

    look forward?..started at least a decade ago.

    p.s. I switched my irony filter off a week or so ago so maybe I have missed something in your post. I come in peace btw …well most mornings 😉


  20. taffman says:

    I understand that Mrs Disaster Chamberlain is going to appoint the next ambassador to the USA before she leaves ?
    If so, expect him to have ‘Remainer’ tendencies. Nowt on Al Beeb yet but perhaps they will catch up when their researcher reads this post ?


    • Beltane says:

      Seems a natural for HE Sir Vincent Cable, a man steeped in diplomacy, especially as regards his CV.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        Transatlantic Cable?! Cable & Witless? For any hate-speech monitors reading this, I am not (repeat NOT) suggesting Sir Vince be set to rest on the floor of the Atlantic in a pair of concrete wellies or any such …


  21. Beltane says:

    Panorama tonight at 9 covers the knotty little problem of anti-Semitism within the Labour party with an hour’s worth of intrepid, in-depth and brutally honest reporting.
    Anyone prepared to lay odds on a certain religio-ethnic group not getting a mention? Or influencing decisions and policy based on potential voter numbers? Or supporting the avowed intention of eradicating the state of Israel? Anyone? Hello?


    • Dover Sentry says:

      I think that the BBC are ditching their favourite Party by stabbing them in the back with Panorama and getting into bed with the Lib Dems. (No photos please!).

      Blair was always regarded as preferable by the BBC.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Beltane – I’m watching the programme as I write . You judged right in relation to the real motivation .

      Upto 45 minutes in – Islam / Muslim is not a word which has been used . And the motivation for anti-Semitism within their Party has been ‘ sketched ‘ under anti capitalism / pro Palestine .

      45 minutes in the programme turns to shabby shami – baroness of legal aid


  22. Dystopian says:

    Not BBC but same swamp. ITV News understands that Sir Kim watched the debate….

    It’s all Boris’s fault that Sir Kim has resigned.
    Always someone else’s fault than the person who did the deed.


  23. G.W.F. says:

    Merkel shakes again.
    The remark I liked in the BBC report was this
    ‘Video footage shows Mrs Merkel trembling, shaking back and forth alongside Finland’s prime minister during a ceremony in Berlin on Wednesday.
    After the incident, Mrs Merkel said she was “very well” and there was “no need to worry”.

    Phew. I was starting to worry



    • Dystopian says:

      Maybe she has a robot double as a stand in for events she can’t be bothered with and the wiring had a short circuit.
      Some say Theresa May has a human double that stands in for the Maybot on occasion, but I don’t believe that it’s too far fetched.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      We are all very worried.
      Perhaps they should stop playing the German anthem, cos that’s when it happens.
      I think she’s going to give the phrase ‘clinging on to power’ great significance.
      Meanwhile, she’s managed to wangle a nice job for her buddy, Ursula v d Leyen at the EU. She is best known in Germany for being vague and achieving little. Only her key agenda is clear: 50% female staff at the Commission.
      Who knows, she may eventually end up back in Germany as successor to her current boss…


    • pertelote says:

      ….maybe we could find out whassup man?..she could be an interviewee on a new series of Parkinson..(s?)


  24. Doobster78 says:

    Deary me !!! How desperate ???


    • Beltane says:

      Another problem for certain members of the Labour party. If they support a ‘judicial review’ will some see it as pro-Jewish?


  25. G.W.F. says:

    Meanwhile, back at the conference on media freedom Ezra Levant asks a question about Tommy Robinson.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The idea of a media freedom conference in the UK might be akin to Remainers saying they agree with the outcome of a fair democratic referendum

      The UK is long past Press Freedom – except for approved types of Freedom of course . No journalistic interest in this kind of website of course —which for a biased MSM might be for the best .

      Thoughts are with TR tonight – a political prisoner in Britain in 2019 – however the State dresses it up .


    • StewGreen says:

      ‘No not we’re not avoiding the question’
      “So to get back on your question about Tommy Robinson: Putting aside Tommy Robinson…and talking in general”
      The UN guy said he didn’t know about Tommy
      A commenter disagreed
      \\ .. they all know about Tommy, they’re not free to talk.//

      The UN guy did reasonably say thst these internet companies were over censoring
      and we’d be appall if governments did what they do.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m trying to work out why the BBC would do a hatchet job on Labour – it’s best friend -over anti Semitism in the Labour Party .
      Maybe it was made before Labour came out as Remain . Or maybe the real target is the red Tory party not liking Islam very much in a forthcoming programme .

      As has been discussed here earlier the real issue is about getting Muslim votes by being hostile to Jews and Israel .
      Nothing will come of this . But the idea that Labour sent the chair of Labour Friends of Israel – one Andrew Gwynne? – as its mouthpiece was quite funny – only because you could see how rehearsed his answers were and how ambitious this creature must be to climb the hierarchy of the Labour Party .

      Those who got any easy time ?

      Shami – Lammy – the muslims


      • MarkyMark says:

        Corbyn is not a good leader. New blood … lammy or Abbott.


        • pertelote says:

          two intellectuals from Lie-bour..
          now who’d a thunk it!i


          • Rich says:

            I think that Labour chasing the Muslim vote will be of no benefit to them in the long run anyway as it’s only a matter of time before a proper Muslim party is formed, similar to Denk in Holland which was formed after a split from the Dutch Labour Party, and every Muslim in Britain votes for it, at least once, as directed.

            Imagine London and swathes of the North being represented solely by MPs from an openly Islamist, pro-Palestine, pro-Erdogan, pro-Iran, pro-Sharia, anti-Jewish party that aren’t Labour. Their media/ propaganda wing is already up and running isn’t it?


      • Beltane says:

        To answer your question Fedup – which is more than Panorama managed in an hour of issue-skirting – the hatchet job is obviously Part 1.
        Part 2, on islamaphobia within the Tory party, will provide a balanced and entirely subjective view of the benefits gained from exposure to the world’s most peaceful and beneficial socio-religious movement.
        The programme will be a few days before the PM vote result and contain repeated references to ‘letter boxes’, ‘positive integration’ and ‘unfair bias based on prejudice’.
        Unlike Labour/anti-Semitism – which asked no embarrassing questions on the ‘why’ theme, the matter being best left unsaid – Part 2 will clearly show that the whole Conservative edifice is endemically racist and that one of Boris’ first moves on assuming the premiership will be the re-introduction of slavery. And fox hunting, of course.
        PS Sorry Feds, should have read your second para – but it shows we have the same premonition!


  26. pertelote says:

    MM..oh no..I pay my licence fee!..please not another “repeat”? !!:




    • taffman says:

      While we are on “Repeats”.
      I have Just received my repeat license fee threat, “under investigation”.
      Save yourself some money.


  27. taffman says:

    Are London stabbings becoming so frequent that they don’t get reported by Al Beeb anymore ?
    Another one today.


  28. taffman says:

    “Sir Kim Darroch: UK ambassador to US resigns in Trump leaks row”
    Some Tories blame Boris, but was it his fault or the leaker? Or was the ‘leak’ released under orders from a higher authority ?
    An order issued to deliberately sour relations between the UK and the USA.


    • Fedup2 says:

      With a bit of luck war will be declared between the Labour Party and the BBC . It won’t come to much because the NUJ is an extension of the Labour Party – thus BBC journos will be reminded of their ‘ responsibilities ‘ and the issue buried by further attacks on just about anything or anyone else .


  29. taffman says:

    \\Next PM Question Time special on BBC ‘unlikely to go ahead’//
    I wonder why ?


  30. vlad says:

    The enrichment never ends. The beeb haven’t found time to post this yet, bless…

    Police warn women to be vigilant after two females are raped in linked attacks in east London.




    • Fedup2 says:

      Plaistow and Walthamstow – linked to each other by the 69 and 97 bus . This third worlder won’t have a legal car so he ll turn up on the bus CCTV records – but plod will know this . Right ?


  31. vlad says:

    And while on the subject of diverse enrichment, this asset to the nation enriched herself to the tune of £165,000 benefits fraud.




  32. pertelote says:

    jeez..das’ma Auntie Ami!..I cannae believe it!! so I can’t.


  33. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    What qualifies as memorable?

    I ask only because BBC Radio 4’s brief news at 19:00 (before The Archers) decided that the elimination from the Wimbledon tournament of the mixed doubles pairing of Andy Murray and Serena Williams, after a “memorable run”, was newsworthy.

    For those who don’t follow Radio 4, this news is very brief, unlike the longer prog’s at 18:00 or ‘PM’ from 17:00. Why this story is more “memorable” than New Zealand’s excellent win over highly-rated India in the cricket 50-over World Cup semi-final, is beyond me! Also, as Murray & Serena (or ‘Murena’ as they have been nauseatingly called on the BBC Sport website) only got to the last 16, in what sense was it even a “run”? If 8 pairs contest the quarter-finals, how can reaching the last 16 really be a “run”, as the numbers remaining in must roughly follow the pattern 64> 32> 16> 8> 4> 2> Winners? How many pairs were involved? I imagine somewhere between 64 and 128, with some pairs perhaps getting a Round 1 bye.

    Is the interest in the scratch pairing of Murray & S Williams because it fits in with the BBC/Marxist agenda of promoting Black people (e.g. Serena, Coco Gauff, Venus W, et al) and subtly hinting at racial mixing with a Black/White partnership?

    Fantasy for a women’s doubles pairing for 2020: Heather Watson (British interest, plus mixed race, but maybe a bit too hideously White) and Megan Rapinoe (gay, anti-Trump, obsessed with enforced gender equal pay, LGBTQI activist, foul-mouthed, “role model”, etc).


  34. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “Who can defeat American Women’s football?”


    Comments… rather predictable. And funny.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Red on red.


  36. Guest Who says:

    Ooof. Norm has a man crush.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Panorama have been told to use this as a template.


  38. Guest Who says:

    Nick clearly thought these words might see him immortalised on a wall.

    Sadly for Nick, #CCBGB


    • Dystopian says:

      Speaking of words “immortalised on a wall”

      Old Bailey “Defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer”.
      Maybe Nick Robinson ( real name Nicholas Yaxley-Lennon) might tweet that one in support of Tommy Robinson?


    • digg says:

      Sir Kim Darroch made his decision to resign after realising that he was up the creek without a paddle but decided to try to take down Boris to become a martyr and make more cronies of the same ilk.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “Get thrown to the wolves”

      A bit melodratic? How’s the hunt for the leaker coming along?


  39. Guest Who says:

    Probably meant well, but some at the BBC may wish she had rephrased that.


  40. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Ambassador Kim Ill-Gone

    Ooops! BBC give the game away. Purpose of the leaks? Anti-Brexit and Anti-Boris. Period.


  41. Peter Grimes says:

    Only tangentially linked to Al Beeb because he used to work for them and understands how they work, but Rod Liddle’s piece in today’s Speccie is, as so often, alone worth the subscription.
    Rod is jokingly seeking to have the use of ‘football’ in reporting of hooligan behaviour declared a hate crime, in much the same way as the MCB seeks to have ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ removed from reporting of Islamist atrocities. He concludes –

    “To link Masood with Islam, to say he is a Muslim, is — by the MCB’s definition — Islamophobic and thus a hate crime. To not do so, meanwhile, is to my mind an outright denial of reality. But we are accustoming ourselves to denying reality on an almost daily basis these days, so I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised.”

    Well worth a read.


  42. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – Ambassador Kim Ill-Gone

    The BBC on R4 start spreading disinformation á là mode Skripal. Did anyone else notice between 6.30 and 7.30a.m. how e-mails have suddenly become ‘cables’ and ‘memos’?


  43. digg says:

    BBC Morning news reports that according to the CBI, Companies are on target to have 33% of Women in senior roles but say that some think this is a “box ticking” exercise and not enough.

    Nothing of course to do with experience, competence etc. just gender balance.

    Lets imagine the same theory applied to NHS surgeons who I imagine currently have larger male profile..

    Just promote nurses, catering staff and cleaners to become heart surgeons overnight and call them consultants until there is a 50/50 gender spit and overnight we will then have the utopia of happy diversity, what could go wrong?.


  44. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – Mishal interrupts Michael.

    Michael Howard is brought in to comment on John Major’s plan to go to law to halt Brexit. Mishal is rather quicker to interrupt than she was when talking to Major yesterday. Mishal doesn’t like Michael Howard’s reply about a No-Deal Brexit! Another BBC give-away.

    BBC; you are so transparent as to be becoming invisible


  45. Cassandra says:

    Vlad, I think this post from the US recognises the contribution diversity makes to to society and how we all benefit from it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC uses it in one of their ‘trailers’ to promote multiculturalism.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Tom Watson calmly explaining that as deputy leader of the Labour Party he knows nothing about how anti semitism in the Labour Party are dealt with

      Even worse -he didn’t see the submission by the Labour Party to the Equalities Commission .

      I’m surprised Baroness Shabi didn’t get a walk on part as she is usually the ‘ go to ‘ for the BBC .
      I suspect she , and creatures like her , will keep her head down for as long as possible .

      The causes of this labour attitude is still ignored . The BBC won’t link it to Islam .

      Anything which causes people to doubt voting for Labour is only a good thing


    • G says:

      I can’t find the entrance to this wonderful utopian place where devilsden lives so, please may I be given directions. Don’t tell me: ‘Cannabis or cocaine will be the key’.


  46. Doobster78 says:

    Had Radio 1 on in the car earlier. ( i know, how trendy).

    They had a jokey feature where a robot hoover predicts the winner of todays cricket between England and Australia. Greg James announces that there are 2 former “legends” of the game on the phone to share the moment.

    Who could they be ? Ian Botham, Alan Lamb, Mark Waugh, Alec Stewart, Dominic Cork, Adam Gilchrist ????? So many legends to choose from ……. so, who do the BBC get on as the “legends” ???

    Michael Vaughan (fine) and ….i kid you not….Ellyse Perry ( think) from the Womens game !!!! Yeah, a real legend !!!

    The PC agenda is pathetic and relentless.


  47. Beltane says:

    Good to see that London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has thrown his weight behind the condemnation of anti-Semitism within the Labour party.
    He also believes that irony is an over-rated ‘western’ concept.
    It should be noted that none of the newspaper reviews on BBC text pages mention the Panorama programme – which is odd since it ended at 10pm, well within normal Fleet St. deadlines. Still, maybe not so important, after all.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Beltane – I thought he’d be busy with the latest stabbing murder in London on Wednesday – the ‘rate ‘ seems to be up to one every day
      I was trying to keep count for academic reasons but I’ve lost the number – I think total murders in the greatest capital in the world is 75 .


    • G says:

      “London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has thrown his weight behind the condemnation of anti-Semitism within the Labour party.” I wonder how his co-cultists will feel about that in his local mosque. Did I ever tell you that when I lived/worked in Saudi, I purchased a Bartholomew’s Atlas from a local book store. The cellophane outer wrapper was opened on every copy on the shelf. When I got it home I realised that each package had been opened and in every copy, a black marker pen had been used to erase any reference to Israel. Including the index in the back. The hatred is endemic.


    • Will Jones says:

      Mayor Khans co cultists will be the first to understand Taqqiya when they hear it, unlike say the BBC.


  48. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #4 – Prime Interview Slot

    Slimmed-down Tom Watson fills the space for a long interview on anti-Semtism in the Labour Party. I’m surprised that at the end JustRemainIn Webb doesn’t ask about Ambassador Kim Ill-Gone and Boris Johnson.

    You know, extract maximum mileage from it …. go green and everything.


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