Start the Week Open Thread 8 July 2019

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  1. digg says:

    R4 Chap probing into the Trump Ambassador thing managed to find an American Woman diplomat who managed to get about 10 snide digs at Trump and Brexit in 2 minutes including a dig at his demeaning of women like May. You could almost hear the interviewer chap sniggering

    But then he has a spat with the next American Woman on who strongly attacked the words used by the Ambassador and questioned the professionalism. She had to cut in a sharply few times to stop the host from talking over her and putting words in her mouth. Quite obviously leaving him stunned.

    Nearly losing his voice in the process, you could hear the NewsSpeak fury spilling out when the BBC host totally lost his composure.

    I am rolling about.

    Might be dodgy under the new “Impartial” guidelines though.

    After the show.. It will be – “Who the hell asked the 2nd woman on?”


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Nothing to do with the BBC or bias
    But the story of the day has to be the Swiss airforce display team who got lost and did a display above an outdoor yodelling contest by mistake …….


  3. StewGreen says:

    BBC radio Lincs what important news do you have for us ?
    – “12 year old Charlotte has been putting thankyou notes on pure electric cars all over the country”

    ..sounds like a PR job to me

    – “Attenborough has protested against world leaders like Trump who don’t do nough for climate”

    ITV local news begins Live from The Great Yorkshire Show
    – “In a changing climate”
    – “Members of the Windrush generation for the very first time”
    (Why ?? they’ve been free to come for 40 years)

    #1 A recent report from the CCC has said that half of farmers have been hit by an extreme weather event.
    .. quotes Wainfleet flood..(caused by a dodgy bank)

    First voice Clara Goldsmith from the Climate Coalition
    Then Richard Bramlt farmer ..”we need more ORGANIC matter”
    Dr Katie Field ..dyed scarlet hair

    Live Yorks Show to guest “So what events have you witnessed ?
    next ..Minette Batters the CCmad head of the NFU
    That was first 6 mins of the prog

    6:07pm Windrush item started
    6:10pm rest of the news

    June 27th Preview item


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh look the little Charlotte EV PR campaign have created a Facebook page
      EV Thank You
      ….EvThnkyou Twitter account
      I note the Twitter account dates from 15th November 2018 and before then used the account @EV_TQs
      So the campaign is NOT new it’s NOT news
      I note the Twitter account dates from 15th November 2018 and before then used the account @EV_TQs
      So the campaign is NOT new it’s NOT news
      ah that account was only founded on Nov 12
      before then was a blog

      My guess is that Charlotte’s Mum/Dad work in PR and are using her
      \\ ‪Charlotte talking on BBC Radio Nottingham can be found on the below link at 2:21 mins into the show //‬


      • StewGreen says:

        Charlottes blog was dated June 28, 2018
        and her stunt was not new then
        .. so it’s not news

        I note the Twitter account dates from 15th November 2018 and before then used the account @EV_TQs
        So the campaign is NOT new it’s NOT news
        ah that account was only founded on Nov 12
        before then was a blog
        That post is dated June 28, 2018

        \\ Charlotte Smith (11) has been placing laminated cards on electric cars for their owners to find, thanking them for using an environmentally friendly car. Charlotte has already placed 300 cards on cars across Birmingham!

        She originally came up with the idea because she kept getting a bad cough and asked her dad what was making her cough all the time. They did some research together and discovered that emissions from cars can cause all kinds of lung conditions. Apparently, your lungs can protect themselves from anything the width of a single piece of hair, however the particles that are released from car emissions are 10 times smaller than a strand of hair!
        (why didn’t they go to the doctors ?)
        … Along with the help of her father, who works for Jaguar Land Rover,
        they decided to make a little thank you note to give to electric car drivers. //


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        It was the fumes coming off the lamination machine (melting plastic is toxic) which gave her the cough. 🙂


        • BRISSLES says:

          God almighty, are kids today getting more ‘precious’ or what ? Jeez when I was 12 I was in ankle socks and playing in the park with my mates ! So that would have been in 1959/60 , and going girly eyed at Rowdy Yates on Rawhide and crying at Buddy Holly dying.

          What we didn’t do was take to the streets in protest at the Great London Smog that killed hundreds with chest diseases, or stormed Parliament when the Icelanders started shooting at our fishing boats !


          • JimS says:

            Maybe you remember being let out of school early because the buses had stopped running as the smog was too thick!

            Or when every household had an open fire.


            • BRISSLES says:

              Um, I still have an open fire.


              • JimS says:

                But think of the children!

                Off topic but dustbin men would walk to the rear of the property, take the lid off the dustbin and then empty heavy ashes into a small bath-like container that they would carry on their leather-clad backs all the way back to their lorry, where they would heave it to head-height in order to empty out the contents.
                Now a recycling executive will not touch any bin more than three foot from the front of the property and will most likely use a machine to empty out the bagged waste that a three-year old could carry with one hand.

                Those ashes were the end product of the work of thousands of men digging coal out of the ground, moved by trains employing thousands and delivered to the door by horse and cart.

                All those jobs gone, replaced by a yellow plastic pipe and a black plastic bin bag. Yet somehow we don’t have enough people to work in the UK (browsing the internet and expressing ‘fury’ on Twitter).


          • Helen Richardson says:

            I can see many of these preachy, sanctimonious little goody two-shoes being left on the shelf in favour of more sensible women from E Europe.

            Who’d want to spend the rest of his life with a humourless little prig?


    • StewGreen says:

      For completeness here is An early promo tweet of hers from Nov 2018


  4. StewGreen says:

    NEWS: David Attenborough: We ‘cannot be too radical’ in tackling climate change

    I’ll term it Radical-Narrative bias
    whereby news media will always try to run with the most radical narrative they can find.


  5. tapwatertory says:

    Every now and then a story appears on the bbc webshite that isn’t the usual sjw bollocks.

    But you have to be quick.

    The article doesn’t say the journalist’s name.

    Probably taken outside for ‘re education’

    If they acknowledge that there’s a problem with muslims trying to leave the area what about anyone who isn’t muslim?

    Will they touch it?

    Doubt it.


    • JamesG says:

      I was thinking the same thing — this is actually a good article on the BBC website for a change. But of course they’re careful not to actually say anything negative even though the whole point of the article is that there must be something wrong with these countries.


      • tapwatertory says:

        How I long for proper journalism.

        The last time I saw it was when the Telegraph broke the expences scandal.

        The bbc are getting more like the politburo every day.


  6. StewGreen says:

    BBC1 now ..a few weeks ago I mentioned a load of foreigners sentenced for fraud against Lincolnshire Hospitals new Mental Health construction
    .. They had simply sent out letters saying “We are Constain Construction contractors and we have changed our bank account to”

    I thin it was a £14m fraud or something


    • tapwatertory says:

      I might be mistaken, but I’m sure a spokesman from the nhs once said there’s no point chasing £75 million from health tourists.

      It was about for or five years ago.

      Look after the pennies and the ‘we know the rest’.


      • tapwatertory says:

        “The independent Full Fact site estimates that the cost of deliberate health tourism to the NHS is only around £300m a year.6 Such use—by people ineligible for free treatment who visit the UK to receive it—accounts for around 0.3% of the total NHS budget”.

        This a quote from the BMJ website. “health tourism to the nhs is only around £300m a year and it only accounts for 0.3% of nhs of the total nhs budget”

        A lot of onlys, how many yoof centres and ping pong tables would that fund.


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          Obviously very difficult for the BMJ, much less ordinary people, to imagine what “only” £300 million a year looks like. So let’s consider it in different, more tangible units. According to, the average staff nurse in the UK earns about £25,000. Dividing that into £300m gives 12,000. In other words, “health tourism to the NHS is only around 12,000 nurses a year”. Not the sort of headline you might see on the BMJ website or the BBC anytime soon.


          • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

            Why not get a private company in and pay them something like 30% of all monies received (from this £300 million)

            £90 million a year for having somebody in each hospital or health centre should be profitable.

            The other £210 million going to the NHS, about 8,000+ nurses.


            • tapwatertory says:

              How dare you use the ‘P’ word.

              What do you want an efficient nhs?

              I much prefer the money pit that some people call a national treasure.


    • Banania says:

      Was the matter given to the patients to deal with?


  7. JamesG says:

    Why do tennis commentators on BBC TV always have to sound so smug? I’m a big fan of tennis but it really gets on my nerves having to listen to their self-satisfied commentary.


    • Siempre Recht says:

      They are truly awful. It’s one of the only good things about Amazon Prime, the ability to watch the non-major tennis events, just with the crowd / player noise – nothing else. Also, have you noticed the PC-coverage? This morning, Alicia Keys (who the f*ck?), who is a white girl, with a ultra middle-class upbringing (along with tanned skin), went 100% racist, basically saying it’s okay to only support black people at tennis! Imagine if it happened the other way around. Also, there was big, fat Marion Bartoli, saying that if there are questions (difficult ones) aimed at us (women), that it was tantamount to “bullying”! Utter tripe! Sorry Johanna Konta, gets used to these type of questions.


  8. Celtic_Mist says:

    ITV debate couldn’t be worse than the BBC’s


    • Fedup2 says:

      BoJo has adopted a shouty style to avoid promising anything because he needs wiggle room . It looks like the UK is going to be getting its own President Trump impersonator


      • tapwatertory says:

        Gotta be better than the Merkel impersonater we’ve just had.


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        Let’s hope he impersonates a booming economy & some immigration controls.


      • Celtic_Mist says:


        I forced myself to watch the BBC News at Ten and it was clear from the way it was edited that the BBC favours Hunt and (still) hates Trump.
        Imho, Farage would do a better job than either of them in getting us out by the 31st because he would have more ceditability with the EU to follow through with his arguments.
        I beleive that there will have to be another election before we can move on.


  9. Terminal Moraine says:

    On the home page: “The kids emptied our bank account playing Fifa'”

    Dad wasn’t happy, the kids spent £550 buying player packs online for the family Nintendo. They were building up a team and hoped to get their favourite player — Messi. The BBC picture editors naturally doing what they do best again.

    Please tell me there’s no Euros, I need four years off before I can face any more ladyballs



  10. Dystopian says:

    I don’t suppose the BBC will be reporting this;

    Refugees taking holidays in the countries they allegedly fled for fear of their lives. This absolutely takes the pee!
    I realise this is Germany, but I’ve no doubt it will be happening here also.


  11. pertelote says:

    ‘Don’t patronise me’ – Konta hits back at journalist about kick you when you’re down..

    but it was an Express journo so say ..not a Beeboid.


    • Sluff says:

      These post match interviews are so often banal ego-boosts, so I thought it fair to ask in terms, ‘you were 4-1 up and you only won 4 more games and were hammered in the second set. What the hell happened ?’
      Mind you, I might have given Konta some slack and left it to the following day


      • Siempre Recht says:

        Said this before, but what was worse, is that Bartoli said that this was “bullying”. Excuse me, it was a simple, direct question that the males have to answer all the bloody time.


  12. Sluff says:

    The social justice warriors at the BBC are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.
    ‘University applications dictated by train fares’

    Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.


    • StewGreen says:

      Trains ..what are those ?
      Are yes those things that too inconvenient to get to from most places in the UK.

      I’ve never used non-metropolitan UK train for ten years

      The biggest travel inconvenience is where you live in the first place.


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      Sluff, Students don’t need to go open days because the important information is online.


      • StewGreen says:

        So much in the UK is about selling people FakeDream
        examples of these are dreamHome, dream holiday and university courses
        So the more you see with your own eyes the better.
        ..I went to Coventry Poly and graduated
        but it was a con
        They spent most of the money on the open day.

        If you want to learn about a job, you learn so much from actually doing it, compared being at uni.


  13. StewGreen says:

    More #SocialistJustice
    ..making war on some ones business and jobs just cos they helped a Tory


  14. Lucy Pevensey says:


  15. Celtic_Mist says:

    Not the BBC but nevertheless –


  16. taffman says:

    Catching up on yesterday’s Brexit debate, I am of the humble opinion that Jeremy Hunt is a Remainer . He is carrying Mrs May’s torch.


  17. Guest Who says:

    Much being made of the likes of NSA, GCHQ’s ability to check your inside leg measurement.

    The next cadre of bbc business reporters of faith heading out soon?


  18. Celtic_Mist says:

    The beboids have lost the plot and are suffering from acute ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ probably caused by watching too much left liberal anti Trump feeds from CNN etc.

    In this example though, of what is clearly an attempt to smear Trump, the BBC appears to be out on it’s own because it hasn’t become a CNN ‘story’ yet as far as I can make out from a quick look at its web site.
    Speaking to BBC News Washington Correspondent Nick Bryant about Donald Trump’s row with Sir Kim and the American President’s latest insulting tweets against the British Ambassador, Simon McCoy said he could not help but wonder whether the US leader was attempting to cover up a bigger story in America with the British spat. He asked: “Now you can call me cynical but is there something going on over there that President Trump doesn’t want us to be talking about?”

    Mr Bryant confirmed the BBC News host’s suspicions and replied: “I wouldn’t call you cynical at all.

    “I think that’s a pretty interesting insight. Because there is a big story in America right now that Donald Trump really doesn’t want us to be talking about.

    “It concerns a man called Jeffrey Epstein who was charged in New York with sex trafficking.

    “Why doesn’t Donald Trump want us to talk about that?


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