Start The Week Open Thread 1 July 2019- including BBC ‘star’ pay

Half way through 2019 and our fight to end the Far Left Biased BBC is looking up . The coming PM has described it as the “Brexit Bashing Corporation “ and there are signs that sooner or later it will be put back in its’ box .

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  1. theisland says:

    Roy Larner – “f*** you, I’m Millwall” – put on terror watch list



    • maxincony says:


      Biasedbbc find their new hero…

      “Roy Larner, 49, was arrested for breaching a restraint order granted to his 80-year-old mum Phyllis following his conviction for damaging a TV set at her home in Peckham.”

      “’Lion of London Bridge’ found with half a pound of drugs in police raid on his caravan.”

      “He told a Muslim member of staff: ‘All Muslims are the same – scum,’ before making a gun gesture with a rolled up newspaper… video shows Roy Larner with two dogs on leads and protestors chanting can be heard in the background. He seems to be on the pavement and he says, ‘F***ing foreign c***s.’”

      “He then leans towards the black photographer and spits at him…”

      “The defendant then walks away to St Georges Road and turns back, shouting, ‘People like you stink, foreign c***s, f*** off’.”


      • Up2snuff says:

        Aah, there you are again, maxi.

        Where is my apology from you, please?


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        Is this the Maxi?
        Who has never, to my knowledge, condemned racist mass paedophile gang rapes of white female children by Muslims on this website.
        I conclude that Maxi approves of these rapes, maybe has taken part in these rapes.
        Foxtrot Oscar.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Hi Maxi,

        So great to hear from you as always.

        As a thought experiment, just ask yourself a question:

        If you are in a pub, and a gang of knife wielding jihadis smash their way in, intent on slaughtering you, who would you rather have at your side:

        a) Roy the Millwall fan


        b) a politically correct soy boy?

        Feel free to think about it before you answer.


  2. G.W.F. says:

    This report should appear on BBC news, but it will serve as an example of bias by omission.

    Man Who Bravely Fought Off Islamic Terrorists is Put on an Terror Watchlist by UK Government

    I am sure that Home Secretary, Javid Savid, peace be upon him, is doing all he can to prevent far right radicalism



  3. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “I’d like people to understand that I’m a girl.”

    This 11-year-old is a prize-winning roller-skater. She is transgender and fighting to compete among girls.


    Some may be surprised how many likes this got on Facebook.

    Or, not.


  4. G.W.F. says:

    Yes folks, its school diversity week, starting today.

    What is School Diversity Week?
    A week in which schools and colleges across the UK celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in education.
    This year schools and colleges representing 1.2 million pupils have signed up to take part.

    Vielfalt macht frei


    • maxincony says:


      Vielfalt macht frei



      • Up2snuff says:

        Oi maxi, where’s my apology?


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Interesting to read further about the Nazis in the SA, otherwise known as Brownshirts or Stormtroopers. They were the paramilitary bully boys of the streets. Hitler invited the very effective leader Ernst Rohm back from Bolivia to help him get the Nazis into power in Germany. Rohm was a homosexual and friend of Hitler despite his sexuality and it didn’t trouble Adolf that the SA had a high percentage of gay men. So long as it was useful! Only when Rohm had built up a strong movement with the capability of overthrowing the Hitlerian faction did Adolf have a change of heart and decided to send in the SS to liquidate the leadership in the notorious Night of the Long Knives. After that Hitler allowed the persecution of homosexuals. They were suspect and Hitler would have no rivals or potential dissenters.
        Tell the whole truth Maxi!
        The PC narrative has decided that gay people are victims beyond reproach (‘cept Milo) and to hell with the reality.
        That the Nazi’s turned on their one time gay allies shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Nazis were totalitarians (”control freaks in modern parlance) and the obsession of such people is to stay in control.
        They will turn on anyone who has the potential to threaten them, real or imagined. The totalitarian heirs to the Nazis are the followers of the Politically Correct ideology. Their desire to shut down dissent and enforce consent is just as strong. I suggest all people realize this because the future might see the PC tyrants switch sides on the issue to abandon their support for Gaydom if it came to a choice between Islam and homosexuals.


      • G.W.F. says:


        We learned not to persecute gays many years ago. We even tolerate and accept fisters like you. What is your point?
        Puzzled why you think Nazi atrocities were hilarious. Bit of a pervert are you?


    • vesnadog says:


      “A week in which schools and colleges across the UK celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in education.”

      Correct me if I’m mistaken – but I don’t even think those same schools celebrate “Poppy Day?”

      I only use day and not week.

      Stop me mid sentence but isn’t there some kind of brain washing going on here or am I not fitting into todays spirit of togetherness of peace and love [man].


      • The General says:

        My 7 stone dog thinks she is a cat. Rejoice, rejoice, lets have a week long celebration.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I’m of an age where I simply cannot understand what has happened over the last decade (or the last 5 years), where children, yes CHILDREN, have the mental capacity to even realise they are in the wrong body !

      I realise its a long and complicated issue, but discussing this with various people of my generation and those that followed us, we can never remember anything like this. We were simply children at school, with never an inkling of our contemporaries being anything other than what we were – boys and girls ! We were even innocent enough to believe that just by kissing someone you could get pregnant !!! and when we eventually knew the mechanics of the sex act, we just went ugh ! Yes, as we grew older, then a realisation of some that they were homosexual or lesbian was ever thus, but wishing to be a different gender was never on the agenda !

      Someone in my group thought there was ‘something in the water’, and another said is was a ‘fad’, with another saying it could be a symptom of ‘mass hysteria’, whatever the answer, its clear that we haven’t just reached a point where the numbers have increased significantly year on year for gender change, without a reason – whether its ‘something in the water’ or not.


      • vesnadog says:


        “I’m of an age where I simply cannot understand what has happened over the last decade (or the last 5 years), where children, yes CHILDREN, have the mental capacity to even realise they are in the wrong body ! ”

        Todays enlightened children have no say in what time they go to bed yet their parents have no say in what sex their child is?.

        Delusions of a tiny part of todays sick society that’s ruling the majority of us who know that somewhere down the road some pretty mixed up kids are going to be filling those NEWLY built mental hospitals made specially to cope with the onslaught of mad kids.

        And for those BBC/CH 4 programme makers which promotes the lie of Trans-Kids – STOP IT!


  5. Roland Deschain says:

    Compare and contrast Mr Jon Sopel.
    (A) BBC cameramen gets jostled at Trump Rally

    (B) Journalist attacked by Antifa thugs taken to hospital with brain bleed

    This, incidentally, is said journalist.


    • Guest Who says:

      You gotta Larf.

      Does the utter tool do all his ‘journalism’, selectively, via his filtered twitter feed?


  6. vlad says:

    By the same token shouldn’t the beeb condemn Stormzy’s disgusting foul-mouthed attack on the government and Boris?
    Instead of which they worship the talentless hate-monger and race-baiter.

    Incidentally, this is how the magnificent Bojo responds, with disdainful humour: “Boris Johnson has laughed off Stormzy’s “f*** Boris” chant on the Glastonbury main stage and put forward the rapper actually said “Back Boris”.”


  7. theisland says:

    Bercow fails to select the Grieve/Beckett wrecking amendment. What’s he up to?



    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Perhaps the little prick really, really wants his peerage when he stops defiling the office of Speaker?


  8. Thoughtful says:



  9. Cassandra says:

    6.55pm: trailers on BBC 1 for some Asian comedian with a gammy eye on his hilarious travels and then Nadiya the GBB winner who for some reason has had her headbag amputated and now has her own cookery show, which she presents in colourful Zsa Zsa Gabor turbans. The main show about fiddling the NHS comes on presented by a black woman.
    Now what is this about people of colour being under represented in the British media?
    It’s just ironic the man who started this debate, Lenny Henry, well that neither his former wife or his past and current girlfriends have been from the BAME community; they have all been white.
    Oh well, do as I say and not as I do, eh Lenny?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Cassandra, speaking of turbans, that reminds me of another forthcoming anniversary that the BBC may well choose to forget: Camila Batmanghelidjh and a certain charity with a certain Director on the Board.


  10. StewGreen says:

    8pm BBC1 is about a NHS fraudster who stole £1 million worth of surgical equipment
    Twitter doesn’t tell me his name
    but I note our local paper reported in November on another group stole £16m sixteen million
    A group of people who shoud have “enriched” Britain”
    Operation Tarlac a long legal process started in 2011


  11. Cassandra says:

    Alan Yentob and Batwoman!
    U2S, do not read if you are on blood pressure tablets!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Cassie, no problem but no need to read, I knew about the Botney resignation and the vast pension.

      5th August is a Monday this year and will be the Fifth Anniversary, BBC please note, of the closure.


  12. StewGreen says:

    The same local paper (which is run by an Asian guy)
    has another important story today
    “Extremist right wing on the rise in Lincolnshire, police warn
    .. Local referrals in Lincolnshire of extreme right wing behaviour include young people sat in their bedroom
    “tapping away ” and being drawn towards a particular idea
    graffitiing, etching something onto a table, or posting online.
    (The founder of the paper was born in Romania)


  13. Fedup2 says:

    For consumers of popcorn the sight of Jeremy Hunt desperately pretending to be pro brexit because of his focus groups is priceless .
    I often wonder why these fools don’t see how ridiculous they look . Do they really think those who will be voting for the next PM will be impressed by dumb lies ?

    As for future financial plans – deal with social care for the elderly now – but leave everything else until after we leave the ReichEU when the impact – good or bad – will be felt .

    Why is it so complicated ?

    I’m guessing mr Hunt will be the favoured red Tory on the BBC programmes since Bojo has expressed his displeasure about the state broadcaster ….


  14. Terminal Moraine says:

    Lies, damned lies and the Guardian.

    Heavy criticism from Nadine El-Enany for denying the right to free speech on campus (free speech in the Guardian’s inimitable way of course meaning Muslim rights). It’s all Prevent’s fault — she quotes the Office for Students report which contains the shocking stat that 53 events or speaker requests were rejected, which is “shutting down free thinking in Britain’s universities” and creating a “culture of fear” amongst students.

    Well a quick look at the figures shows 59,574 were actually approved, so Prevent rejections amounted to just 0.0009% of the total. But you won’t find that stat in the Guardian as it would get in the way of a good whinge. Here’s some other stats you won’t find:

    — EU counter-terror figures from 2017 show up to 25,000 Islamist extremists who could pose a threat are in the UK.
    — Out of around 400 jihadists who have returned to the UK from Syria and Iraq, only 40 have been prosecuted. Most have been placed in rehabilitation schemes instead.

    Meanwhile, for the nth month running, according to MI5 the current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE.


    • G says:

      “……..only 40 have been prosecuted. Most have been placed in rehabilitation schemes instead.” We should take a leaf from the Chinese book……..but the quesion then will be, rehab at vast expense or simply ship them back?


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        G, I can’t see the latter being much of a possibility. Rehab will most likely be a Raheem Sterling shirt, a Netflix subscription and a year’s free KFC. That’s what British culture is.

        How much of a visionary do you have to be to realise at some point you’ll catch up to the can you kicked down the road…?


  15. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC went ape about alleged Russian interference in another country’s election process, which proved to be non-existent.

    The BBC have been very, very quiet about Peterborough.


  16. Mackers says:

    Steve Hilton’s show ‘next revolution’ has been recently discussing George Orwell’s 1984 in comparison to what’s happening nowadays.It would be good for the Liberal/socialist BBC and the rest of the media to watch and learn. When one point of view becomes dominant and inhibits free speech to their capitalist opponents by not having a fair and balanced media. What could be considered more destructive is the weakness of the centre/right sliding to the centre/left opinion that agrees with them on this issue. We need the conservative party to deselect the liberals within the party. Brexit farce has rid the party of a few horrors(Soubrey and co) but there still remains many more liberals and worse still globalists with their foolish secret society beliefs. You would have thought that these intelligent people, but sadly too proud would realise the bible has prophesised the result. My advice to them is there’s still time to repent just like Bob Dylan did.


  17. taffman says:

    “Many patients waiting to be assessed at Wales’ biggest hospital were left in chairs for up to 20 hours, some without proper food or drink.”
    Scrap the bureaucratic Welsh Assembly and spend the money saved on our Hospitals .


  18. digg says:

    This is a very quick opening shot. Re the odd silence / blackout on certain events in the media and in particular the BBC. I have been very busy closely following a long paper trail and I think it looks likely that a lot of the pressure to non-report comes from outside the actual media. I am about to leave for a couple of days but will be back with the links / pressure groups / etc. between the organisations I have looked at and the press that I have found. It might explain a lot.

    Meanwhile one player to take a peek at …

    Originally created following the phone hacking scandal but boy has it moved on from there!


  19. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Racing Post take on tomorrow’s England women’s game – “Lucy Bronze is one of the best defenders in world football”
    No she is not 🤩


  20. Fedup2 says:

    BBC2 providing an excellent guide for any freak/terrorist who might be thinking about using drones as weapons . The only thing it didn’t do is recommend the best value for money drone and the catalogue number for Argos . Despair


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, LOL x 5. No, make that 10.



      • Fedup2 says:

        Thank you – on a more serious note I posted something yesterday morning about being fedup with editing out unnecessary language and that I might just switch to deleting the whole post – as well as suggesting if I have to carry on cleaning up people’ vents I d give up the admin and someone else can have a go .,……

        Toady watch
        A feature about BBC Wimmin now getting lots of money ( from the over 75s )
        A feature about coco the black tennis player
        A long feature about wimmin s football .
        A feature about men topping themselves ( I made that one up )

        Next up – why aren’t there more wimmin s issues on the BBC ?


  21. Thoughtful says:

    Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled

    Postal voting is ‘wide open to fraud’ and should be scrapped in its current form. Judge Richard Mawrey, who sits in judgment on election fraud cases, previously said ballot-rigging was now a ‘probability’ in some parts of Britain due to the extension of postal voting.


  22. Mackers says:

    Nothing to do with the bbc, i wanted to share some info. with you that i know is true and will benefit you. If you google health and wellbeing seminar with dr joel wallach at the christ christian centre.


  23. pugnazious says:

    Bit of cosmic resonance….just read Brendan O’Neill’s piece on Wet and Windy’s Glasto performance…

    ‘Look, I like Stormzy. I’ve been listening to his new single on a loop for the past week. He’s a talented guy. But the fawning over his Glastonbury performance has been bizarre.

    Everyone from Glasto’s mostly white middle-class attendees to Jeremy Corbyn and his online army has been hailing it as a high point of musical rebellion and a historic two-finger salute to the evil Tory government. Get a grip — it was nothing of the kind.’

    ….then turned on 5 Live to hear ‘Wasn’t he wonderful…Grime is really going mainstream…and so political…it’s great…wonderful….it’s like everyone is waking up’

    That of course from a very well paid middle-class white woman on the BBC who wouldn’t know one end of an inner city bus ticket from another or what the inside of a MacDonald’s looks like let alone slip on da Beats getting grimy.

    And grime’s not new, it’s not just hit the big-time…..

    ‘Alright, yes we get it, 2015 was the year grime conquered the globe/the charts/ your da’s limited awareness of popular culture. ‘

    And as Glasto itself reminds us….Wet and Windy is a long-time act there…’rapturously-received’ no less…

    ‘This will be Stormzy’s third Glastonbury appearance, following rapturously-received performances in the Sonic tent (2016) and on the Other Stage in 2017.’

    The BBC is well behind the times and Wet and Windy was pumping it out loud and clear for years.

    Maybe they missed the Brits 2018…

    ‘Brits unleash a political Stormzy’


  24. vlad says:

    One thing emerges from the London Bridge terror inquest: friends and relatives of the murderers knew more and could have done more to stop them or report them.
    Surprise surprise.


    • Kaiser says:

      that one will slip by quietly in the mist

      but can you imagine the holy hell the calls for prosecutions, sackings and retribution if the words “friends and relatives” were swapped for “security services”


  25. taffman says:

    Troll alert!
    He’s working nights again.


  26. andyjsnape says:

    apparently the person was black – how irrelevant! does it matter if the person is white/black etc? then i saw the good old beeb was referring to USA! lets face it if its a mugging/stabbing/robbery in the UK they would not and don’t mention colour anymore!

    terrible reporting, when will the beeb ever be held accountable


  27. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Glastonbury: Teenage fan Alex’s rap with Dave ‘too good to be true’ “”

    “”Fifteen-year-old Alex became an internet sensation after performing on stage with rapper Dave at Glastonbury.””

    “”The rapper was performing on The Other Stage on Sunday afternoon when he asked the teenager to join him on stage.””

    “”The pair performed the rapper’s track with AJ Tracey, Thiago Silva – named in honour of the Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain football player.””

    Cultural Appropriation? A white, suburban and very middle-class male named Alex (aged 15) gets up on stage from the audience and makes a fool of himself for ever.

    I hope he’s proud when he’s 42 and his kids laugh at him.

    There were no black males there. Funny that 😉


  28. JimS says:

    Jeremy Vine on Monday was running Project Fear No-Deal again, (give it up BBC, we had the debate, we voted, you lost).

    The man from the NHS said some things that really needed challenging. How come after 70 years plus we can no longer train enough staff? Back in the 1950s we exported nurses! With no country in Europe producing enough babies to sustain their populations why should we expect to be able to poach their doctors and nurses? Are we paying over the odds? Why would European drug producers suddenly stop selling to us? Who is going to stop the imports and why? Ditto where are European hospitals going to get their UK drugs from if not from us? Can you imagine the fuss on the continent if patients are ‘dying’? They have newspapers, TV, patients, voters and politicians too!

    Then a real gem – they have forty NHS managers in Brussels!! What for? I worked on a large US-UK programme, we had one ‘man in Washington’ and one on the West coast. That was as much to do with time differences as anything else. There might be some wisdom in having an NHS ‘shell’ company on the continent, a name plate, a legal formality with a staff of one, but forty! Doesn’t the NHS have telephones, faxes or the internet? Why Brussels? What’s wrong with Calais? ‘Our man’ could come home nights and weekends on a bike!

    Oh I forgot, the NHS, like the BBC, is a jewel in Labour’s crown and is beyond reproach.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “the NHS, like the BBC, is a jewel in Labour’s crown and is beyond reproach”

      These are certainly national treasures if not holy cows.

      The untouchables.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Some one called ‘sir peter why’s my cot ‘ a former ambassador to the USA uttering such casual insults about president trump that my ears couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing .

    Tourette’s Robinson was doing the interviewing and hugely enjoyed it . Sir peter must be looking for a job with the BBC .


  30. Dystopian says:

    Dead man drops from aircraft into London garden narrowly missing a man who was sun bathing.
    Edit: (Well this is what they said on Talk Radio news but the bbc version says he “had been” sunbathing.)

    Notice the word “stowaway” is in inverted commas.
    Is this an implication that he might not be such when clearly he “stowed” himself “away” on an aircraft?
    According to the bbc he is only a “suspected” stowaway.


    • theisland says:

      An ‘airborne migrant’ surely?


      • Dystopian says:

        The guy arrived frozen and shattered. I knew I should have donated £3 for a blanket.


        • Beltane says:

          Perhaps, Dysto, the BBC are trying to suggest a particularly diligent member of the landing gear maintenance staff, a victim of his own enthusiasm?


  31. tarien says:

    Should a 15 year old be allowed to play in the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament? Good enough or not why can’t it be that they wait until they have reached 18- the earliest age to be called a professional-surely at such an early stage they will still be in the middle of their schooling-will this policy allow under adult age young people into any of the sports, and be abel to earn stronomical sums of money-such as we are hearing is being paid to women footballers by way of sponserships in the USA- of course they ruin everything in respect to sport. BBC et al are all over Woman’s football, but let them not forget that there is a world Cricket match going on. All gone mad.


  32. Up2snuff says:

    Tuesday TOADY Summery 😉

    ‘Beeb biggin’ up bashin’ da oldies, innit.’ (Sorry, but the British Broadcasting Corporation via my wireless and this new fangled Internet thing, have left me locked for a moment in Glastonbury Grime mode.) The BBC campaign for legalisation of euthanasia continues.

    A gentle, quiet, well-spoken gentleman from Hong Kong with immaculate English provides a clear lesson for The Brexit Party and UKIP should mass demonstrations become necessary in the UK on 1 November 2019.

    Predictive text or poor elocution? I suspect the former. The DUP’s spokesperson for Brexit is named as Sally Wilson during the news. (Sammy Wilson is DUP spokesperson.)

    Trouble is brewing in the business world. The greenwashing apparent in the business segment 6.00a.m. to 6.25a.m. was blatant. This greenwashing was continued by PY Gerbeau (welcome back – a favourite Frenchman, love the accent) who is oblivious that boats are one of the most environmentally unfriendly, most CO2 emitting, forms of travel. All that dirty marine diesel and in the water, too! Quelle shocke! Horreur! Never mind. The new theme park for the Thames Estuary is ‘back on’, having been shelved for a while. PY is keen that visitors (never mind the CO2 expended for the park’s construction) ride boats and not in cars to enjoy the greenwashed sights.

    There is trouble brewing in the financial sector of the business. One of Neil Woodford’s funds has been ‘re-closed’ and will not open today as expected. Peer to peer lending is also in trouble.

    Jeremy Corbyn is in trouble, too, and a poorly spoken, loud, north-east England Labour MP is brought on to make vague excuses for him, the vagueness of which Jeremy would himself be proud. It was noticeable that Rick Nobinson did not really hector or interrupt her. I wish he would treat Conservative MPs, especially the Brexiteer ones, like that.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I can barely listen to it any more . I feel like one of those rubber neckers who want to see carnage at a road crash .
      Once you realise that the whole editorial is biased toward a particular extreme line the whole output of the BBC becomes tainted – corrupted . And people still pay for it


  33. deegee says:

    Is Jeremy Corbyn anti-Semitic? Your vote in Facebook poll. Currently running 66-34 against.


  34. Cassandra says:

    “All flights from Wakanda have now been halted while the Law of Gravity is being investigated to see if it is disproportionately and unfairly used to target young black men.”


    • Dystopian says:

      Sorry I inadvertently pressed “report” instead of reply!

      Maybe the guy was looking for a mansion in London thinking he would be dropping in on Lineker or Lilly.


  35. Up2snuff says:

    Any updates on the Tweets from those people trapped in the Glastonbury car parks or in traffic on the local minor roads ?

    Are they still there?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe they should be ‘volunteered ‘ to clear up the site before being let out … I saw a tiny bit of kylie not singing and noticed that there was great lack of ‘diversity ‘ in the crown – and it want exactly ‘young’ …. and The Cure ? Really ?


    • Old Goat says:

      Indeed, they are. having come to the conclusion that it is better to stay put, and go begging locally, than having to put themselves through a similar ordeal, next year.


  36. JamesArthur says:

    I am still glutton for punishment when I work from home. I drop into R4 to see if there is anything interesting and today must be wimmins day
    I literally have not heard a male being interviewed and few we have a discussion on Lesbians being made invisible in the LGBTQSWEXT…it’s all about who is being marginalised – black lesbians seem to be winning..and it seems to be the fault of men ( not sure how) ..turning it off now..
    Does anyone really still listen to this dross and think Wow this is really interesting?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I barely look at the schedule any more – same with 4x – anything of interest to blokes must be buried or just gone now .
      Wimmin do the listings now -probably black homosexual ones …


      • G says:

        Glad I ‘chucked’ viewing September 2017. From what’s said, the broadcast airwaves are now brimming with wimmin, blacks, asians and that odd crop (which I cannot fathom) of, simply, ‘inbetweeners’ which I use collectively for homosexuals, lesbians and the other multiplicities.


    • tarien says:

      Agree 100% James, even my wife has commented on the number of women being involved in seemingly every aspect of Radio/TV and all following subject matter that excludes us hetro males-they fail to appreciate that the audiance is sick and tired of the moanings and groanings of this small MARGINALISED group-oh how awful life is in the normal lane!


  37. pugnazious says:

    Boris and Hammond are on a spending spree, or at least are making promises of er, investments. The BBC is outraged at the profligacy.

    The dapper and quietly flamboyant Norman Smith demands to know…

    ‘It does all raise the question – where on earth is the cash for all these pledges going to come from? Have Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt discovered the proverbial “magic money tree”?’

    Are they just ‘buying success’? Such free spending, the BBC tells us, will only exacerbate pressure on public spending with higher borrowing or cuts elsewhere goshdarnit! So responsible of the BBC to argue this.

    Have I just woken up in an alternate universe? Here’s politicians splashing cash on public services and investing in the future and the BBC is railing against them demanding to know where the money will come from.

    This is the BBC that has spent the last 10 years raging against ‘austerity’ and demanding the government implement ‘Plan B’…ie massive spending on infrastructure…not to mention that not a day, an hour or possibly a minute goes by when the BBC isn’t demanding more money for public services…more for education, more for the police, more for the NHS, more for social care, more for councils, more for roads, more for…….etc etc etc ad infinitum…and the funny thing is at no time does the BBC ever ask where the money will come from for all this largesse….only now when the hated Boris and slightly less hated Hunt are suggesting some moderate spending plans do the BBC start to ask questions.

    Or do they? May just pee’d £1 trillion away on climate change and £26 billion on education for her ‘legacy’ and not a fact I didn’t hear the BBC even mention these massive, massive spending commitments [and charges on you and me]…..very, very odd isn’t it?

    Of course Boris and Hunt’s plans aren’t just about Brexit though I’m sure the BBC will try and claim that is the case…most of this is spending that would be normal government costs Brexit or no Brexit should a government be so minded to spend in this way.

    Let’s not forget that May and Hammond[the Remoaner who is now chuntering about these spending plans] said that austerity was over and it was spend, spend, spend…

    ”Austerity is over,’ says Philip Hammond as £12 billion windfall sees spending increase

    ‘Theresa May: People need to know austerity is over’
    ‘Theresa May has predicted “better days ahead” after Brexit, with UK debt continuing to fall and support public services will go up. ‘

    The BBC once again spinning the news to suit its own message…Brexit is terrible and damagingly expensive….let’s all stay in the EU.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      £24bn spending commitments comfortably comes from the £39bn we don’t pay the EU.

      It was on the bus remember………..


  38. theisland says:

    Why is our defence not a central issue being asked about?

    Boris himself didn’t do much, if anything, to stop Alan Duncan’s shenanigans during his time as Foreign Sec. (@VeteransBritain seem to think he was kept in the dark).

    Is extricating ourself from the EU tie-in defence projects going to be dealt with in TBP ‘manifesto’?


  39. Dystopian says:

    Mike Graham discussing the BBC’s spending over on Talk Radio. Should anyone wish to comment the phone number is: 0344 4991000


  40. taffman says:

    Wakey! wakey! Al Beeb.
    The Brexit Party MEPs turn their backs during the EU anthem !


  41. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC released its ‘ “ top 10 entertainment earners “ .

    Terrible. Steve Wright only gets half a million a year . Why not more ? The ex football bloke who sells crisps hasn’t had a pay rise _ only £1.75 million .
    The BBC should innovate – eg – get Jeremy Kyle to do the footy . VAR and DNA – what better ?


  42. Up2snuff says:

    I do wish the BBC would not keep going on about Lucy Bronze.

    Bronze is third place, as I discovered yesterday. It is the winningnest of the semi-final [Trump voice} losers. It may be said to be the Happy Medal but [Trump voice again} Silver is SO LOSERS!

    The Beeb and the rest of the MSM might just be jinxing our wimmins footie team by constantly talking about Bronze.


  43. Fedup2 says:

    BBC pay – announced by Lord Hall – of which Wiki says –

    Between 2010 and 2011, Hall’s salary increased from £165,000 to £205,000, making him the highest-paid Chief Executive of all UK charities. His emoluments for management of the Royal Opera House exceeded £390,000 per annum in the years ending 29 August 2010 and 2011 respectively.

    No further comment….


    • andyjsnape says:

      who else can they tax now the pensioners will have to pay next year, they need to pay these top salaries to retain this “talent” and the yearly increase


  44. tarien says:

    How old should a player be to enter a professional tournament or at what age is it permitted? As things stand a 15 year old is playing Tennis at Wimbledon and yesterday beat Venus Williams-good for her I hear everyone cheer, but really is it good that a young person still in the throws of her/his education be able to play in a Pro Tournament? Of course this young person like all others will have gone through a selection process to be playing at Wimbledon-did she go through the junior section? Did she win it? Irrespective I don’t agree that anyone under the age of 18 should be allowed to compete in a professional arena-my son was a very talented Rugby player but at fifteen his body had not yet fully developed and he would not have been able until at least 18 to enter the professional game. Mind you the soccer promoters if he had played soccer and spotted him as future player would have no doubt pushed to have got him into a pro team SAP-ok maybe not. Money of course is at the bottom of it all-pity nonetheless. That is where most of our licence fee goes-paying vast amounts for TV rights & mainly just one sport seemingly as well a paying vast amounts to people like Lineker and for what?


    • Sluff says:

      Can’t help noticing that if said 15 year old were on a boat across the Med or English Channel they would be classed as a ‘vulnerable child’ by the very same impartial state news organisation singing the praises of the said tennis player.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I heard John Macinrow talking about out coco … she is the offspring of 2 professional athletes and effectively has been ‘bred’ for sports glory – even got sent to some tennis school in France for a year – and also did the Junior Circuit .

      I have no interest in tennis or Wimbledon but thought it right to put this up. I’m sure that – due to the nature of the game – tennis people don’t know much about anything other than tennis … but I have no evidence for this assertion …and don’t care too much if I’m wrong …


      • tarien says:

        Well there you go Fedup2- bred for glory and the financial rewards it brings-yes shallow I agree and almost meaningless unless much of what is earned is donated to causes that might improve the lives of others.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      14 & 15-year-olds have been playing in Wimbledon ladies singles as long as I can remember. Tracey Austin, Andrea Jeager spring to mind. And how old was Boris Becker when he won?


      • tarien says:

        Actually I think Boris was 17 years old Roland, but yes I agree young players have been around a long time, but nonetheless does it really help them unless you measure the pounds earned-let us take away the money entirely and then lets see who or how many will strive to gain the titles.


  45. Sluff says:

    The vibe I get this morning from the tone of the relevant BBC article is…
    ….Just as Trump is responsible for the welfare of the children of foreign parents (man and daughter drown in Rio Grande) so the UK government is responsible for the health and safety of foreign stowaways in aircraft undercarriages…..

    Part of my argument that the Far Left want to continually load up market economies with a never-ending list of expensive ‘responsibilities’ so that eventually said market economies will fail.
    Thus it will be proved that there must be a better way. Socialism.
    And the BBC cheers the loudest.

    Venezuelans of course might well wish to disagree…….


    • G says:

      Cultural Marxism strives first and foremost to destroy the idea of a ‘family’. Their first priority. LGBTXYZ is symptomatic of this along with so-called ‘Marriage’ for same sexes. Following, will be the destruction of a competent (or in the UK’s case, a half-baked) Government. Overloading will certainly do the trick with distractions and imposing, “expensive responsibilities”. Problem is, there is insufficent brain amongst the current crop of the political elite to understand this, let alone resist.
      Bring on The Brexit Party I say. I’m just about to send them another donation. Join me.


  46. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Over on Breitbart, Ann Widdecombe is saying that The Brexit Party could win the next GE.

    While I believe TBP could win she is forgetting that our voting system is now so very corrupt that steps will be taken to make sure TBP does not win.

    As in Peterborough, Tower Hamlets and Thanet South, there will be unusual delays, boxes missing, shifty characters known for voting fraud, huge postal block votes and other third world practices all happening.
    I don’t know if TPTB can arrange it that nobody will blow the whistle but they are getting away with it by having all those involved in decisions on their (liblabcon) side (such as the electoral commission ((that bunch of diehard remainers))who are supposed to ensure clean elections)

    Then TBP has the complete UK media against it which will both ignore and no platform it apart from anything unpleasant which will be headline news.

    The only people supporting TBP will be the electorate.

    I’m UKIP but will lend my vote to TBP to get Brexit. I just hope the scale of a BP vote is too large for our bent system to cope with.


    • G says:

      “….and other third world practices all happening.” As is said, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’!
      Still wedded to the, now outdated, concept of honesty and integrity in following the law, the UK British have not yet grasped the new reality where dishonest foreigners calling themselves, ‘British’ call the tune and impose their standards.


  47. vlad says:

    Sad to see the Dalai Lama has been brought to heel by the pc thought police after his (refreshingly) off-message bbc interview.

    His office have issued a depressingly grovelling apology for his statements on women and migrants.

    No doubt henceforth he will only utter ‘acceptable’ platitudes and perhaps one day al beeb will find it in their hearts to forgive him and to rehabilitate him.

    Posted by Dalai Lama on Tuesday, July 2, 2019


    • G says:

      Loads of ‘Re-training’ camps needed around the UK. I’m surprised the Muslim Council have not demanded them……..yet……


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        I’d take that with a pinch of salt, his PR team will want to smooth things over but that’s just his persona on the global stage.

        One of the Dalai Lama’s responsibilities is giving empowerments and teachings on the Kalachakra tantra. He’s been doing it for 60+ years. This cycle of Buddhist teaching and practice does not speak favourably of particular invading ‘barbarian’ forces, who just happen to bear a striking resemblance to Muslims. So more than meets the eye for sure.


  48. JimS says:

    Jeremy Vine “The UK, where we have very cold skies”.

    Typical world-wide temperatures at 40,000 feet are -40° C to -57° C.

    Hint: Don’t stowaway on airliners.

    P.S. J A-B babbling away, give them free tickets? Perhaps she could go back to Uganda, after all it is a republic. “They have no choice”. What? Evading airport security etc. Please send her back!


    • Fedup2 says:

      It doesn’t seem to be being treated with much seriousness – only fortune allowed the body to land in a garden and not cause physical damage apart from the innocent paving stone …

      Once plod has identified the dead illegal there will be the normal sob story including a campaign to bring the entire extended family over for a state paid funeral . The airline must be made to pick up the tab for such a serious security breach and perhaps banned from the UK until it proves it is safe ….


      • JimS says:

        Beats me what Yasmin Alibhai-Brown had to do with the story at all. She alleges that ‘these people’ have ‘no choice’ but to stowaway. Next she is saying that Africa is resource-rich and we should help them develop it. Isn’t what she calls exploitation when it suits he?

        I think she and Lammy she replace Stacey Dooley and travel around Africa telling the Africans what a terrible place the UK is.

        “We need a futile gesture at this stage of the immigration war, take a shufti, don’t come back!”


    • vlad says:

      Someone stick her in a wheel bay please and dump her somewhere, anywhere so long as it’s far away.


  49. pugnazious says:

    Guido doesn’t listen to Barnett enough….

    ‘Guido likes Emma Barnett’s pugnacious neo-Paxonian interviewing style. She seems to dish it out to all sides and manages to keep her personal politics off broadcast.’

    No….she doesn’t keep her own views off the air and her interviews are pure schlock designed to get sensationalist soundbites for the news bulletins with allegedly ‘gotcha’ quotes….but more often than not Barnett isn’t quoting the person but quoting her own interpretation of what they said…and it’s usually nothing like what they said.

    Guido paradoxically brings us this from her…Barnett endorsing the Remain Times’ hardline anti-Tory pro-EU Rachel Sylvester…


    I see the full Sylvester comment says there is no popular mandate for no-deal [crashing out as she calls it]…hmmmm…the BBC tell us that is the most popular option…..