Weekend Open Thread 29 June 2019

The MSM campaign to ‘ get Boris ‘ trundles on . As a result I bet both candidates see MSM involvement – such as hustings – a mistake . This shows how the MSM has put its own personal view above the needs of the public .

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  1. BRISSLES says:

    Thankfully I didn’t see the serious competition to Sinatra, the artist known as Stormzy, but it clearly wont be long before he joins his fellow race moaners June Sarpong and Afua Hirsch on the Pledge.

    God those two last night really raised my blood pressure, when they bang on about feminism and racist actions of us whites. If I could push a boat out to sea with all those that affect my health, then these 2 would be the first I’d manhandle to get on the boat.


    • StewGreen says:

      Did you watch this week’s Pledge ?
      .. ‘MP leads invader out of the room’ was something those 2 race-baitere are appalled about
      yet they show no sympathy with knife crime or groom/rape gang victims.


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      Ive stopped watching or listening to the BBC.(in fact the TV to be honest)
      Like you, I switch it on then almost immediately switch it off.If my relatives (now past on) could see the likes of Hirsch/Alibabaa on the TV today I dont know what they would think…..

      If I was to write how I feel on here in would constitute more than a ‘hate’ crime………


  2. StewGreen says:

    Twitter pushing at me the narrative that Morrisy is a wrong un and should be unpersoned


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      They wouldn’t let Morrissey anywhere near Glastonbury with his ‘wrong’ views on this country and all things lefty!
      Shame, as he was the best songwriter by far of his generation 🎶 👍 🎵


  3. Up2snuff says:

    a late TOADY Watch #4

    The 7a.m. News informed me of the trade deal that has taken twenty years to negotiate between the EU and Mercosur (a similar but four nation body) and this was presented as a success. EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom claimed it as such: ” It will save corporations €4billion.”

    Well, that’s wonderful. Twenty years negotiations (how much did that cost in CO2 and €?) to save £3.63bn divided between all the corporations within the EU. I don’t know whether those corporations will see any of that money as EU corporations don’t pay tariffs, the customer does. Will customers in the EU see any of that money? I very much doubt it. The EU, like any form of government, needs taxpayer money for its programmes and is said to be hungry for money at present.

    Cynical? Moi?

    I could not possibly comment.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Waterstones/Times book charts
    Non-Fiction Paperback Books
    #1 How To Be Right by James O’Brien
    was £8.99 now reduced to £6.99
    #2 No One Is Too Small to Make A Difference
    by Greta Thunberg reduced to £2.99

    #8 This Is Not A Drill by Extinction Rebellion
    £7.99 reduced to £6.99
    #9 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson
    £9.99 reduced to £7.99

    Strange how books pushing libmob agenda are so cheap and discounted


  5. Up2snuff says:

    Listened to the repeat of Any Questions and am two-thirds of the way through Anita Talking Constantly. Complete Boris bashing session; both programmes with only one bit of light relief, a caller saying he likes and admires Vladimir Putin. I can only guess at what the neurons in Anita’s brain were doing at that point . . . …


  6. StewGreen says:

    Oxfam’s Independent investigators have found sexual exploitation are still pervasive in its staff in camps in Ethiopia and Zambia where the refugees are from Sudan/Congo.
    Other charities also operate at those 2 camps.
    ..via The Times


  7. Doobster78 says:

    Steffi is a far left activist, nicely put in her place by someone who has that rare commodity these days. Common sense !!!!!!



  8. Fedup2 says:

    Radio One ? You hipster you .


  9. StewGreen says:

    Somewhere a boy raped 2 girls at school
    pending prosecution he was moved to another school
    where in Feb 2018 he groomed a 13 year old , and in Spring raped her
    .. a few days after that his conviction for the 2 prior rapes came through
    WTF What excuse is there for leaving a boy awaiting trial for rape unsupervised in school?

    The MP involved is Hull MP Emma Hardy so that suggests the area


  10. pugnazious says:

    Craig at Is the BBC biased? writes…

    ’14 January 1989 was one of the darkest days of recent British history. It saw book-burning on the streets of Yorkshire as a result of a murderous religious edict from Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini against a British-Indian author. That edict (fatwa) resulted in the author being targeted for assassination, going into hiding and receiving round-the-clock police protection. People associated with publishing the book were attacked and even killed. People died in riots around the world. And latent extremism within the UK’s Muslim population became overt, with consequences that have echoed down the subsequent decades.

    Astonishingly, last night’s BBC One News at Ten reported the anniversary without mentioning the fatwa or the deaths that followed it.

    And, even more astonishingly, Will Gompertz’s piece proved to be nothing less than a celebration of the event, marking the wonderful moment when British Muslims got their voice.’

    Rang a bell when I read that…of course it is the typical BBC narrative to downplay or twist history to present a positive image of dark events and those the BBC wants to promote….in February we had the BBC’s Mobeen Azhar write a piece on Rushdie and of course we learn that ‘radicalisation’ of Muslims is all the fault of us, British society and the West….white liberals daring to criticise [lol…do they really?] Islam and our foreign policy are what turned peace loving, tolerant, diversity loving Muslims into jew-hating, women-hating, gay-hating, Western society hating head choppers. Rushdie gets the blame as the catalyst….extraordinary attempt to claim Islam was peace loving and tolerant before Rushdie.

    ‘”It all started with the publication of the Satanic Verses and how people pushed me away. That’s why I always say I am one of Rushdie’s children. I was radicalised by white liberals.”‘

    Yasmin Alibhai-Brown ‘came out’ as a Muslim after Salman Rushdie…interesting that isn’t it? Muslims seek to kill Rushide and anyone associated with him and the book and Brown thinks…yeah…I’m with that gang…the same atttitude that lead to ever more ‘devout’ Muslims appearing in the UK after 9/11…now why would Muslims do that unless they were ‘celebrating’ 9/11 and Muslim ‘success’ in attacking The West?…

    ‘Yasmin describes what followed as “a moment of awakening”. “I came out as a Muslim. I said: ‘I’m a Muslim. My mother’s Muslim. My family’s Muslim. The white liberals I worked with were shocked. They’d never seen me that way. It was inconvenient for them.”‘

    Not really ‘inconvenient’ for them…more likely they were shocked to see Brown coming out in support, and as a member of, what looks decidedly like a murderous death cult. Go figure.


    • Up2snuff says:

      pug, seem to recall the Beeb recently doing a turgid R4 15 minute a day over 2 week series on Rushdie & the Fatwah after TWatO, the slot that used to have half-hour comedy, panel quizzes and comedy panel shows in it.

      The decline of BBC R4 under Gwynneth Williams, now departed. Hope her successor has more sense and ability.


  11. RobRoy says:

    I spent a lot of time in the car and listen to R4 & R5 when I can stomach it. It’s not just the bias that annoys me, but the quality. In their drive for inclusion and diversity, the standard has noticeably dropped over the last 5 years. Here’s just 3 examples in from the last two days.

    1) R4 Newsreader (female can’t remember who) pronounces Erdogan with a hard ‘g’ when it’s more like a ‘w’. You’d think with his prominence in the last few years she’d have known how to say it.

    2) R4 Front Row (female, sounded like a BAME) when talking about the new Apollo XI film says ‘Bazz’ Aldrin. I thought it might just be her accent, but later in the item she does say ‘Buzz’. You can just imagine the face palm by her producer :0)

    3) R5 Live – ‘and now over to Headingley for an update on Afghan v Pakistan’. So a young BAME reporter (who actually had a good, radio voice) informs us that the Afghans have just lost two quick wickets, then fails to mention the most important part, THE BLOODY SCORE! The guy in the studio didn’t notice so we’re none the wiser.

    Incidentally, there’s some footage of Afghan fans with no tickets forcing their way into Headingley and attacking a Pakistani fan. As we say in England, this is just not cricket. And the BBC keep banging on about the unique atmosphere we get at these sort of games – for once they’re right about that one.

    Here’s the footage

    The comments speak volumes about the sort of disputes we’ve imported into this country – unbelievable!


    • pugnazious says:

      Curry mate….curry….you’re forgetting the massive cultural boon that transformed Britain….where would we be without curry….and corner shops.


    • Up2snuff says:

      RR, a few years ago I made the mistake of listening to the British GP on R5Live. Hamilton was at a critical place in the F1 Championship table. Think I came late to the race broadcast and it was in the closing stages. I really wanted to know the race placings.

      The commentators were jabbering constantly about Hamilton and where he was on the circuit (and some problems someone who was out had had with their car) as he was catching someone in front. They completely overlooked the need to regularly provide the listener with the race placings. For several laps I was none the wiser until the race was over.

      Henry Blofeld would have been appalled.

      He worked on the key radio principles: set the scene for the listener. Regularly give the essential facts, eg. who is batting, who is bowling and the score. Then, add further ‘colour’ and information for the listener, wherever they are.


  12. StewGreen says:

    The Urdu language newspaper in our local library has English stories in at the back


  13. StewGreen says:

    Birmingham a school’s teachers fear for safety
    so strike


    • G says:

      “All part and parcel”, of the decline we all see and which will break out into open hostility in the not too distant future. This current disharmony between dedicated and growing factions of lunatics, will trigger the next civil war.


    • vlad says:

      It’s been festering for years. Thanks libtards, thanks lefties, thanks ‘progressives’, thanks beeb, and thanks pc cowards afraid to speak out about what was happening in anarchic schools and who the worst offenders were.


      • vesnadog says:


        “Thanks libtards, thanks lefties, thanks ‘progressives’, thanks beeb”

        Some suggest that the newer generation of teachers only enter todays education system is to have sex with the pupils. Seems a lot of it about. Anyway, those female teachers mostly, are reinstated at some other all girl school. Well, its only child abuse. Everybody is watching porn on the web. Its a new standard of morality you oldies are too hateful and expect too much from todays adult teachers. Get in the swing.


        • G.W.F. says:

          The teachers have their point of view, the mobs have theirs. Its just a matter of opinion, we can’t say who is right. Snigger


  14. Richard Pinder says:

    Probable results of the Putney debates between the Labour Party, the LibDems and Justine Greening, Member of Parliament for Putney.

    Ten point proposal:

    (1) Form a Government of National Unity
    (2) Appoint Yvette Copper as Prime Minister
    (3) Appoint Ed Davey as Deputy Prime Minister
    (4) Appoint Hillary Benn as Leader of the Commons, Hillary Benn to spit on his fathers grave and put an EU flag on it
    (5) Appointment of Justine Greening as Foreign Secretary and Philip Hammond as Chancellor of the Exchequer
    (6) Arrange a second Referendum with the Electoral Commission fixing the result with the use of Postal Votes
    (7) Introduce a Populism Act to abolish General Elections and By-Elections
    (8) Purge Parliament of the opponents of the Government of National Unity
    (9) Abolish the British Army and order the Met to arrest all the solders in Aldershot, then invite a European Union Army into Britain to protect Parliament from the people
    (10) Repeal the Long Parliament Acts to restore the supremacy of the Speaker over the Queen so as to prevent the Queen from dissolving Parliament


    • Fedup2 says:

      You left out the bit about forbidding criticism of the state , closure of websites which aren’t approved and licensed by the department of Truth …..


      • Up2snuff says:

        … the BBC having been appointed as The Department of Truth and all other broadcasting companies in the UK abolished.


  15. smoogie7 says:

    Johnson is lashing out at the BBC. The smears are going to get really bad now!



  16. Fedup2 says:

    I just hope Mr Johnson puts it on his ‘to do ‘ list . He knows that there is nothing he can say which will make his treatment at the hands of the BBC any worse than it already is .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, the Humblebee’s last Any Questions? was more like Any Brickbats? as far as Bojo is concerned.


  17. Celtic_Mist says:

    Those two fascist states were socialist states –
    .. the nationalism of 1930s’ Germany and Italy was an authoritarian nationalism. Nationalism meant the national government had complete control of society that totally controlled their economies through economic regulations and other means. The means of production might have been owned by companies, but those companies had effectively been converted into government organizations. The difference between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was purely cosmetic



    • Celtic_Mist says:

      That should read..
      ..the nationalism of 1930s’ Germany and Italy was an authoritarian nationalism. Nationalism meant the national government had complete control of society. Those two fascist states were socialist states that totally controlled their economies through economic regulations and other means. The means of production might have been owned by companies, but those companies had effectively been converted into government organizations. The difference between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was purely cosmetic./


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Adolph Hitler said “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system”

      Winston Churchill said “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”


      • Piku says:

        Wrong. That quote isn’t attributable to Hitler. It was written by Gregor Strasser who Hitler had assassinated. Hitler wasn’t a socialist.


  18. Celtic_Mist says:

    The beboids must have written this with clenched teeth 🙂


    • Richard Pinder says:

      We are Libertarians or Classical Liberals. The BBC is full of Liberal Fascists or perverted Liberals. The BBC is a bit like Hitler, who was a perverted Socialist.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Well, it is not Stormzy I guess.


    • vesnadog says:

      Without his make-up on he looks like a boy.

      Therefore, he is a boy.

      Get rid of his make-up mom then you will notice it. If you want too that is.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Not to mention staggering levels of gaffe and incompetence.

    Which the BBC, bless them, has this time steered clear of.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The great thing about that character is that he will be able to drink himself to death after returning on his huge EU pension .


  21. TrueToo says:

    Just watched the women’s quarter final between Italy and the Netherlands. Not too bad. They played with a lot of spirit but made unforced errors that are almost nonexistent in the men’s game at international level. Also, finishing was poor, with shots going wide and shots with no oomph.

    The had a ‘cooling break’ for a few minutes to drink water once each half because the temp was about 33 degrees.

    Fouls were not as vicious and professional as in the men’s game.

    Funniest moment game when defenders were lining up to try to block a free kick near goal. I watched in astonishment as two or three of them put their hands down defending their crotches, obviously having seen the men do it. Someone must have said something because suddenly their hands were up over their breasts.

    I guess it’s fair to say that the women’s game will really have taken off when they automatically defend their breast during free kicks.


    • Jeff says:

      Look, I know I’m dragging the conversation down to my neanderthal level.
      You’ll accuse me of being a misogynistic dinosaur, but…
      I don’t really like women’s football, so I only have one question.
      At the end of the game…
      Did they swap shirts?


      • TrueToo says:


        No shirt-swopping, and nobody flung her shirt into the crowd at the end. But a player lifted her shirt up a bit during the water break and she was wearing some kind of support under it. Must have been hot as hell.


      • JimS says:

        When the BBC did comedy.


  22. Old Goat says:

    Vis-a-vis the “record” temperature in France, yesterday, I bet you any money you like, the BBC won’t be reporting this…


  23. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Apparently Greta The Great had a song dedicated to her at Glastonbury. Most people on her will remember the saying “children should be seen and not heard!”
    Not anymore, thrust them front and centre and hang on their every utterance to further political and social causes!
    Truly pathetic ❄️ ❄️ ❄️


  24. Foscari says:

    Every act at Glastonbury is the main feature on page 1 of
    the BBC internet site? Somebody please explain.


  25. scribblingscribe says:

    The BBC on why its ok to be a Marxist …


    Oddly no mention of the 100 million people murdered by Marxism, of the millions who starved to death and ate their children as soon as they died of malnutrition.

    Everything presented by a young lady who hasn’t troubled herself to read about Marxism, as then she would know that Marxists changed their minds on what Marxism means. It is no longer a battle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, but between those with power and those without power.

    So all those millions died for a theory that was poppycock, yet is still mindlessly presented by the BBC,


    • Up2snuff says:

      Good post, scribbling. Marxism (and its sisters, Communism, Fascism, Nazism) is rarely called out by the BBC but they love to point the finger at the so-called ‘Far Right’ in Britain. Another TOADY Watch that I forgot to do this morning when they commented on the conclusion of the London Bridge attack Inquest.


  26. pugnazious says:

    David ‘Shoot the Boer’ Lammy is at it again…

    Why does the BBC et al have nothing to say about this racist arse? is it coz he’s black? Likely most of the workers are black…but don’t let the facts spoil a good bit of racist posturing!

    Oh yeah..hang on what’s this….lol….The Black Saviour has come for his photo opp…..


    • tapwatertory says:

      What qualifies as a hungar strike?

      He’s looking tip top to me after a week without food.


      • tapwatertory says:

        Looking at that picture maybe Mr Lammy could do a four week hunger strike for all those victims who are stabbing each other on the streets of London.

        Then I wouldn’t need a wide screen telly to see his race baiting mug.

        Apparently he went to Harvard, token clown.


    • Beltane says:

      She’s certainly an amazing woman. At deaths door with terminal cancer only a few months ago and now bravely enduring a lengthy-ish hunger strike.
      Maybe the medical facilities in Iran aren’t quite as primitive as the BBC would have us believe – or we’ve been treated to a bit of exaggeration from our noble edifice.


  27. G.W.F. says:

    Please help administrator – come to the rescue. I’ve made an error and should not have posted extra Gaunt tweets. All I wanted to post was the remark comparing Stormzsy with Morissey. . Please can you remove surplus. Sorry.


  28. vlad says:

    For once I agree with Lame-y.

    Shut down lefty Oxfam and stop all aid to Africa, which does no good at all.


  29. pugnazious says:

    The BBC would like to arrange your relationships for you….at present your preferences, in respect of a life partner [or one night stand whatever], are determined by a variety of cultural and social factors [probably drink] meaning that you do not know what you really like….you only like what you are ‘trained’ to like by society….and that is racist. You may like Swedish blondes but that is because you just haven’t been suitably familiarised with the under-rated beauty of a Black African lady. Once you come to see the merits of going ‘black’ you just won’t go back as you realise that you have been failed by society which hasn’t equiped you to properly value and appreciate the beauty of other races…and maybe sexes. Surely it is homophobic to think that you only like women…or red heads…or rich people…or clever people…or fat people..or people with glasses…or people who like dogs…..or people who drive Porsches…

    Clearly you cannot be trusted to make your own judgement and choice….the BBC will arrange for you to marry someone…maybe female, maybe not, maybe stupid, maybe not, maybe nice, witty and caring, maybe not. You must get past social and cultural stereotyping, the shallowness of looks, intelligence, personality and ability to live a successful and stable life and rear a family….no….that’s prejudice and bigotry….that fat little gay man who likes kicking dogs and sings Kylie Minogue songs all day long is the one we’ve selected for you….have a happy life now!

    Does modern dating encourage racial prejudice?

    ‘Journalist Moya Lothian-McLean looks at how modern dating can perpetuate racial prejudice, by encouraging preferred ‘types’.’

    Having a look at her Twitter feed it seems she has pumped out a load of worthy rubbish for the BBC in this piece….and doesn’t mean a word of it….anyway here’s something she has retweeted…nice no?



  30. tapwatertory says:


    Stabbing alert!

    This time it’s a pregnant woman.

    I blame everything apart from the scumbag who did it.

    Unless he/she is white, then I’ll milk it on my £1,000,000,000 webshite until I realise that I am to blame for everyone else’s misfortune in life.


  31. Up2snuff says:

    Front Page Watch

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-48808605 Am looking at the newspaper front pages late today. Not BBC, of course, but interesting info as to how they might think.

    1. Theresa May did herself no favours in that photo-op with Putin. She was praised by Beeboids on TOADY. Think Trump approaches folk with whom there is an ongoing conflict rather differently. May’s approach left her looking stupidly limp and gormless.

    2. Wish the MSM would leave the Duke & Duchess of Sussex alone to get on with their lives.

    3. The i has Janet Street Porter on ‘Why I hate Glastonbury’, maybe the Beeb could learn a thing or two, and same again for JustRemainIn Webb who has the nerve to write about democracy. I think the Democrats the front page trails are for in his article are in the USA where they are just as undemocratic as the LimpNonDems here in the UK.

    4. The newspapers love the hot weather although they will find it hard to reconcile NetZero in future with barbecues and travel to the best Blue Flag beaches (the i); travel to European lakes and rivers (Guardian); great last minute holidays (Times) barbecues – again (Express) and cottage breaks. (Sun) Staycations will be the thing to achieve NetZero.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      I see Greta The Great had a song at Glastonbury dedicated to her!
      I remember a time when “children were seen and not heard.”
      Now they’re pushed front and centre to further political causes!
      Absolutely pathetic ❄ ❄️ ❄️


  32. taffman says:

    Oily the UK’s Hard EU negotiator has gone ?
    Al Beeb covered it yet ?


  33. G.W.F. says:


    BBC explains Marxism but omits his attack on religion. Just like today;s Marxists who support Islam.
    Was Marx Islamophobic?



    • Oldspeaker says:

      A brief overview of marx and religion can be found here,

      Along with some insight regarding his economic genius,

      “Also prefiguring the man was a trait that Marx developed early in his youth and never relinquished: a shameless sponging on friends and relatives. Already in early 1837, Heinrich Marx, castigating his son Karl’s wanton spending of the money of others, wrote to him that “on one point … you have wisely found fit to observe an aristocratic silence; I am referring to the paltry matter of money.” Indeed, Marx took money from any source available: his father, mother, and throughout his adult life, his long-suffering friend and abject disciple, Friedrich Engels, all of whom fueled Marx’s capacity for spending money like water.”

      “An insatiable spender of other people’s money, Marx continually complained about a shortage of financial means. ”

      marxists eh? I’d sooner trust Groucho with the purse strings.
      I recall reading that km had a very dark spiritual side too.


  34. JamesG says:

    The BBC and Sky seem to be obsessed with telling us about a rapper at Glastonbury and his political opinions. Well, sorry, I’m not interested. Stop reporting this nonsense.


  35. BRISSLES says:

    The BBC and Sky seem to be obsessed with telling us about wimmins football and how well they are doing. Well, sorry, I’m not interested. Stop reporting this nonsense.

    (if its so bloody popular, how come most of the stadium seats are empty ??)


    • JamesG says:

      To be fair, I can understand why football fans wouldn’t want to risk travelling around France in searing temperatures with all the problems that country is having at the moment with the Yellow Shirt protests, etc.


  36. Dover Sentry says:

    Has anybody heard of ‘The Brexit Party’ on the BBC recently?


  37. taffman says:

    “Justice Secretary David Gauke defeats no-confidence vote”
    Are there any of his constituents reading this website prepared to comment ?


  38. StewGreen says:

    6:30pm Radio @Mobeen_Azhar was on
    “i went back to my hometown after I heard about this shooting, and I was surprised to find about these new gangs and drugs..nothing was happening before ”
    .. The whole discussion went on and they never mentioned grooming gangs once
    .. all those years he claimed nothing was happening ..grooming gangs were going on in Huddersfield
    In his video intro he does mention that people think “we are terrorists or groomers”
    ..so why not deal with this issue ?


    • theisland says:

      Newspaper articles written about the Oily creature and ‘news’ of his lucrative offers are offensive.
      All I want to see is a short paragraph stating he is in custody awaiting trial for treason.
      Him and the many, many others who have conspired and colluded with barbarians and hostile foreign powers.


  39. Richard Pinder says:

    Boris Johnson calls the BBC the “Brexit Bashing Corporation” he says that “The BBC has been at the forefront of the assault on Brexit for some time. They no longer make a pretence of being independent and balanced, in my opinion” he says.

    Boris also says that his cabinet will not have any Remainers in it, saying it would be a “drag on progress”. But Change UK leader, Anna Soubry, says Jacob Rees-Mogg is actually running the country. The newspapers say that Theresa May looks furious and scowls. Support for Change UK is collapsing due to the lack of Entryism from other political parties, with most Remainers entering the LibDems. Luckily the Labour Party is not suffering from any Entryism at all.

    Remainers are threatening to leave the Tory party if Boris wins (how sad), complaining about deplorable Brexiteers in the party, those who want to leave the EU, Populists, Entryism of people who came back to the Tories from UKIP instead of joining the Brexit Party and members who respect referendum results.

    The political party suffering the most from Entryism is the Brexit Party. The level of Entryism since the beginning of the year has been 100%. Coming mostly from UKIP, Labour and the Tory Party.


  40. JimS says:

    Not BBC but Channel 4, but where they dig a cess pit the BBC follows.

    Channel 4 News has Matt Frei looking like a headmaster with an untypical black family lined up before his desk. Turns out that dad, mum and brat are unrelated but are all there to tell us how they have been liberated by the Hero of effing Glastonbury.

    Frei simpers along and tells them how he could talk to them for hours. I guess he wet his pants and rushed back to his media pals, “Yo man! I is aktly bin dun an talk wit dem niggas!”. Then for some unknown reason we had to be concerned that nearly black people in South America were painting themselves blacker. Do we care? TV obviously does as 98% of adverts are black but curiously not brown.


  41. Celtic_Mist says:

    Just when things couldn’t get much worse, here’s a plausible scenario from the Guardian –

    Boris Johnson ‘might never enter No 10’ if MPs withdraw support



    • Kaiser says:

      you can hear farage laughing loudly as the tories find ever more ingenious ways to destroy themselves


  42. Kaiser says:

    not on the bbc


    • vlad says:

      A minor thing in itself, but a straw in the wind of assertiveness and interference in our way of life. Much more to come.


  43. Ed Hitter says:

    Left-wing ‘re-education camp’ is accused of training pro Corbyn, anti capitalist pundits to flood the BBC’s airwaves, reports Mail Online. So, it’s just as we suspected. But, as Liz Truss points out in the article, why does the BBC go along with it? Think we all know the answer to that……


    • Not Gwent says:

      From the linked article

      “If they ditched these hateful idealogues, they might be able to produce better quality, balanced shows.’ ”

      It is a fantasy to expect any news organisation to produce balance because we all perceive a different balance point. Far better to have a subscription based system and ‘user chooser’ so far as funding is concerned. I know it’s not the eighties any more though let the market decide.


  44. Not Gwent says:

    News front page.

    “The European Commission has warned Madrid it faces sanctions if it fails to meet air quality standards.”

    The newly elected Madrid government gets kickback for carrying out an election promise.

    Naturally our State Broadcaster stands shoulder to shoulder with those protesting against a democraticly taken decision.

    Democracy only works with the consent of the losers.


  45. Foscari says:

    India play England at Edgbaston in the Cricket World Cup today.
    I mention India first because really this will be a “home” fixture
    for them with up to 80% of those in the ground supporting India.
    England will be booed as they enter the field of play.
    As it happens the Indian community is far more integrated into
    Britain and its western democracy then many other ethnic
    communities. And I have no truck with “the how may generations
    do you have to live in the UK before you consider yourself to be
    British?” The Indians have every right to support India!
    As for the BBC which considers the Ladies football World Cup a much
    more important sporting event, they will be as scrupulously neutral
    as ever. Allison Mitchell , Ebony Rainford Brent and the rest of
    the cricket presenters and pundits will make sure that they are not
    seen to be supporting India. The BBC of today would of had a
    special correspondent in Berlin between 1939-1945 giving us
    the German point of view.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I am told that the India supporters will be supporting England to win in order to get the Pakistanis out … but I’m not of the cricket religion …


      • Cassandra says:

        It was great to see yesterday how so many immigrants have adapted to the British way of life. They have only just arrived from Pakistan and Afghanistan, but already they are behaving like soccer hooligans.



        • BRISSLES says:

          Something that is ever a mystery to me. If migrants have integrated into the British way of life, how come the 2nd and 3rd generations still speak with the accents that can hardly be described as ‘British’ – well, not as I know spoken English to be.

          Most young black men speak with a lack of diction and have trouble pronouncing “th”, and many of the young with Indian/Pakistani heritage still speak like the welsh missionaries that were sent out to ‘educate’ the masses in foreign lands in the 19th century. Ok its a generalisation, but it cannot only be a home influence that dictates the way they speak. My late parents spoke ‘broad Yorkshire’, but I was born and raised in the south, yet I don’t speak with a Yorkshire accent.


          • christoff says:

            Hi Brissles,
            I never understand why their names remain “Asian” (#not China,Japan,Russian,Korean).
            I had an Italian girlfriend 30ish years ago. I occasionally wonder what would’ve happened if I’d followed her back to Turin.
            Here’s what :
            Our children may have been called Peter and Sandra(though probably not). Their children would be called Peitro and Allesandra.
            These children would speak perfect Italian with no British accent. They would support all Italian teams – even cricket if they have one.
            Their children would be called Lorenzo and Angelo.
            They probably wouldn’t speak English unless they chose to at school.
            They may show a slight interest in where their old granddad came from but probably not.
            The idea of them supporting England against Italy at ANYTHING is ridiculous.
            So I would love to ask an “Indian” in today’s cricket crowd : Are you English? If so why are you bedecked in India’s flag ? I am genuinely interested.
            Why are folk described as Asian when they are English ?
            My pretend grandchildren wouldn’t be described as English.

            I must be a racist gammon.
            Keep up the great postings.
            Same to all you regulars.
            Great site.
            (Soz if off topic)


  46. StewGreen says:

    Ash Sarkar klaxon ..doing a long item on Radio4 now about how the PM contest is down to 2 white men, who went to public school


    • StewGreen says:

      Then they started pushing a myth that “women’s football was banned for 50 years”
      .. Don’t be daft the prisons were not full of lady footballers.

      “banned” is a powerful boo word, if you don’t give context then people assume it’s universal.
      AFAIK during WW1 mens football was suspended and the FA invited ladies teams to play at FA grounds.
      Then after the war in 1921 the FA went back to mens teams and actively decided not to support ladies football by stopping their teams from using FA grounds, stopping male FA officials working at the matches etc..
      The ladies teams then went to play at rugby grounds. It is true that in 1969. the FA once again started to support ladies football. (That’s 48 years)
      But the women’s teams already existed … every so often on local radio they have a women on who played in team after WW2
      “Leicester City Ladies F.C. was formed in 1966 as Leicester Ladies F.C”

      The BBC article grudgingly talks about teams playing in 1937


  47. NISA says:

    Young, mega-rich – and demanding to pay more tax
    I read on through this article for as much I could bear looking for a statement that these folk had eased their agonies by volunteering additional payment to the US taxman but there was no indication of them having the nous to do so, nor of the BBC proposing such a solution. Virtue signalling is obviously more rewarding than actually parting with $$.