Start the Week Open Thread 24 June 2019

Three Years and 1 day since the majority voted to leave the EU . The BBC fights every minute to resist what must happen and it’s  129 days until the 31st October when we are due to leave – again . If it was possible – the BBC will dream up more ways of undermining our democracy – and expect people to pay the TV licence and watch them do it .

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  1. Thoughtful says:

    Unbelievably the cowardly incompetent Tories have found themselves too scared to deselect expenses cheat and convicted criminal Chris Davies MP despite the fact that a by election has been called because over 10000 of his constituents have signed a recall petition.

    This party surely has lost its way when its idiotic spineless MPs rally behind the awful Sadiq Khan when he is attacked by President Trump, suspends an MP because he did the right thing in evicting a woman protestor, and refuses to allow a local party to deselect Dominic Grieve, proving that they have no respect for democracy and members wishes either!

    It’s just another example of the elites doing what ever they please and sticking two fingers up at the electorate who by and large are far too stupid to do anything about it.

    It should be a safe seat with an 8000 vote majority, but the Fib Dems are the second place party and they held the seat from 1997-2015.

    If the Brexit party stand in this seat which does not have Pakistani Muslim vote riggers in its constituency then depending on the strength of feeling against Davies the Fib Dems have a good chance of winning it, and the dim witted Tories will not learn any lessons at all from it and carry on as normal.


    • StewGreen says:

      He didn’t steal money or anything
      AFAIK he could have put the photo expenses through normally but chose to split the bill between two by creating a false invoice which is illegal


      • pertelote says:

        I just hope he hasn’t chosen (in effect) to split the “leave” vote in B&R! Limpdums will be in if so. As someone said eralier in this case a vote for the Cons is going to be quite possibly a vote for the LIb Dems. Vote Brexit party (I assume they will stand?..anyone?)


    • JosF says:

      The self serving smug elites will still be doing that right up to the time when enough of “WE THE PEOPLE” have had enough comply with Magna Carta section 61 and put Tanks on the streets of Westminster and are setting Madame Guilotine up in Parliament Square. !!!


  2. pertelote says:

    re Thomas Grenville Penn and Eve Leigh..just seen this on twatter:
    thnx –

    oh deary me! – as one comment put it “pretentious shite” – personally I think that’s being too kind!
    (“How to Win Against History” is proud to be supported by the Stage One Bursary Scheme for New Producers and Arts Council England)


  3. pugnazious says:

    Operation Butcher Boris is in full swing…motto….Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

    Jon Pienaar, on tonight with what will no doubt be a good old hatchet job on Boris, said ‘This is the dirtiest and most dishonest leadership contest I’ve ever seen’….of course he only said that because Boris is way out in front…so the Pienaar finger of blame is pointing directly at Boris and his mastery of the dark arts…lol. Clearly Pienaar has never seen any other leadership contests…Corbyn’s for instance…..if that wasn’t dirty and dishonest I don’t know what was when bricks were being thrown through candidates’ windows and massive amounts of abuse and intimidation was directed at everyone by the Corbynistas.

    Then we had the usual anti-Boris barrage….It’s a curious thing isn’t it? They say Boris must answer questions so that we know what his policies are…and yet all the BBC wants to talk about is his love live…democracy is under threat because Boris spilt some wine on the sofa and his missus gave him a rocket.

    So…First off we were told that Boris wasn’t fit to be Prime Minister, he’s not trustworthy nor steady, not raising a question but stated as fact, and then interviewing Hunt and it was nearly all Boris …and when we eventually got onto Hunt’s Brexit policy? Something was missing.

    So…Hunt’s policy is to get Brexit through…however if there’s no deal agreed but Parliament block no-deal he won’t hold a general election instead he will negotiate with the EU on the Deal.

    Now maybe you’ve spotted the flaw in that plan….a flaw the BBC has loudly and repeatedly aired everytime a Brexiteer says they want to renegotiate….that flaw being ‘The EU says it will not renegotiate the Deal’

    I waited for Justin Webb to mention this to Hunt…but not a word…in fact Webb agreed with him, he could renegotiate, the only problem was the timetable…it couldn’t be done before next year could it? Webb asked.

    Odd…a central theme of BBC narrative about Brexit suddenly forgotten. Any chance they are trying to make us believe Hunt has the solution?

    Then we’ve got the Oct 31 deadline and Boris’ promise to get us out by then, by hook or by crook. The BBC and Remainer Press are working hard to claim he can’t be trusted, he’ll betray Brexit and he doesn’t mean it, he’s saying one thing to Brexiteers and another to the wets….as yet no evidence of that of course….just as we had no evidence of the ‘dark arts’ being employed by Boris to make sure Forest Gump was dumped from the race…but that didn’t stop the BBC claiming Boris is the new Machiavelli.

    Boris, we are told, has refused to say publicly that we will definitely leave on Oct. 31. He has never ever said it…he definitely didn’t say it in the BBC debate/omni-shambles…or did he?

    ‘We must come out on the 31st of October because otherwise I’m afraid we will face a catastrophic loss of confidence in politics, we’ve already kicked the can down the road twice and I think the British people are getting thoroughly fed-up…unless we get out on Oct 31st we will all start to pay a really really serious price…politicians must get this thing done in the interests of democracy.’

    Sounds pretty clear there what his intentions are.

    He is in the Telegraph today…but you won’t hear his words on the BBC even as they mention his article…Barnett was still telling us he’d not made any promise to get us out…hmmm…

    ‘It is absolutely vital we keep our eyes on the prize….four months away from the date which by law we must leave the EU, and this time we’re not going to bottle it.
    We are going to come out of the EU on October 31.
    We can, we must, we will.
    When we come out of the EU, on October 31 – as we must and we will…..
    So when we come out on October 31……
    We can win this argument big time – but first we must leave on October 31.’

    Not sure how many times he has to say he will take us out on October 31 but the BBC just ignores it and carries on with its lies about him not saying a word.

    And what about Gatt 24? Emma Barnett insists stridently that ‘It’s not true, simply not true’ what Boris said about Gatt 24 and the ability to use it for tariff free trade. Except of course it is true. Barnett quotes Carney…but Carney is a Remainer and is being economical with the truth when he says we need a full deal before we can use Gatt 24. As I understand it Gatt 24 is an interim measure designed to facilitate free trade whilst in the process of reaching a final agreement…you have to have an agreement to work on a final deal, a plan and a schedule, but not a full agreement in the bag….that is the whole point of Gatt 24….to tide you over until you get that final deal. And of course you need the nod from the EU to go down that path….but regardless of the EU’s willingness to do that that does not mean Gatt 24 is legally unworkable as the BBC is claiming. It is legally possible.

    However Barnett insists ‘You need a deal before you get Gatt 24…does this mean Boris doesn’t understand this key aspect of his own policy?’ No, what it means is Barnett doesn’t understand or is lying.

    Another day same old crap from the BBC.

    They talk about Facebook and Russia interfering in our democracy to its detriment…how about an inquiry into the BBC’s corrosive and corrupting influence on our democracy…and the Americans’?


    • G says:

      “Odd…a central theme of BBC narrative about Brexit suddenly forgotten. Any chance they are trying to make us believe Hunt has the solution?”
      “Us”? We the, ‘loyal’ (?) Conservative Party members who wil be called upon to make the final decision shorty. I will not shirk from my one-and-only membership obligation along with many thousands of my fellow Aaron Banks inspired ‘members’……………


  4. pertelote says:

    for anyone who wants to read more.

    From the latter link:
    “But suppose that the UK and the EU agree in principle that they intend to negotiate and conclude an FTA, but want in the meantime to have a standstill under which zero tariffs are charged on goods imported and exported between them? Can this be done without violating the MFN principle in GATT?
    The answer is that it can. The UK and the EU can enter into a temporary FTA, intended to last only until the full FTA is negotiated and concluded. A temporary FTA dealing only with tariffs can be extremely simple. Dr Lorand Bartels, an expert in trade law at Cambridge University, has produced a one-page draft of such an agreement.”

    link to Bartels –


  5. Dystopian says:

    Not on the BBC….because they don’t want you to know.
    On Talk Radio now they are talking about how Pakistani women are being used as imported wombs. Brought here to have children and then divorced and sent back, allowed no contact with the children.
    Apparently, According to this Pakistani woman, her husband just wanted kids to get benefits and not have to work.
    But the BBC would rather talk about how white men argue with their partners.


  6. pugnazious says:

    The Six-Letter Word Scaring Business. It’s Not Brexit.

    ‘The Labour Party leader’s socialist manifesto has the City of London more concerned than Theresa May’s Brexit deal.’

    Remarkable isn’t it? Tobias Ellwood says he will bring down the government if it moves towards a no-deal…. he will do it only in the interests of the country of course.

    So he’ll bring down the government and probably usher in a Corbyn government…which most businesses, including the CBI, say will be more economically harmful than Brexit and Corbyn will be a PM whom previous heads of MI5 and MI6 say will be a danger to the national interest.

    The BBC strangely fails to mention this problem…of course they don’t see Corbyn as a problem so they’re not going to make too much of an issue about it.

    Maybe the BBC should quote his own words back to Tobias when he’s pontificating grandly about the national interest and excusing his betrayal…

    ‘I personally decided to remain, as I thought it was in the best interests of the country. However, the referendum gave everybody the opportunity to an equal vote, and the referendum result cannot be rejected. The result gave a clear message that the public didn’t feel the EU worked, and there were certain policy areas people were concerned about.

    In light of this, we cannot ignore the leave vote and the mandate given by the millions who voted leave.

    We must now look to forging a new relationship, where we continue to co-operate with the EU to take the country forward. The Prime Minister has stated that the government is committed to building a country that works for everyone, which is why we must honour the outcome of the referendum, whilst also being mindful of those who voted to remain. ‘


    • Richard Pinder says:

      But who is going to vote Labour? Just got the local council magazine. The Labour party is missing from the East Riding of Yorkshire list of councillors. BBC Look North didn’t inform me about this. Even Goole is no longer Labour. Labour have gone from second party to zero. Labour in working class areas of the north have disappeared, just as they did in Scotland. The Yorkshire nationalists have more Councillors than Labour in East Yorkshire. Labour are gone even though we couldn’t vote for the Brexit Party.


  7. pugnazious says:

    Astounding…when Soubry or any number of MP’s who declare themselves victims of the twitter mob sound off the BBC is there with tales of intimidation, death and rape threats and lives now curtailed and adorned with security guards….democracy is under threat and isn’t it any wonder nobody wants to be an MP now when they face such violence and er…so much intense and critical scrutiny from the media?

    Of course when a fanatical remainer moves into a house directly opposite from where Rees-Mogg lives with his family…nothing is said…nor about the actual violence and intimidation JRM and family has suffered.

    Now we have a Remainer recording what is going on in Boris’ home and using the police for their own political ends and the BBC defends them…and fails to mention that Boris and his partner have had to move out due to threats…and as for violence against politicians? Why aren’t these people in court for what is blatantly a threat outside the Boris home?…



    • StewGreen says:

      Does the woman on the right remind you of the woman who screams Nazi at people.


    • G.W.F. says:

      The woman on the right in the large picture is Jane Nicols, partner of Mr Ian Bone ( leader of Class War) They live in her London property, mortgage paid, worth £330,000. He is a self styled non working anarchist who was a member of the Free Wales Army (crackpots with a far right ideology and links to the IRA) several years ago where he used the name Ieuan ap Asgwrn. Class War always turn up against EDL or Tommy Robinson demonstrations and this might explain that despite the occasional arrest, charges are never brought. Anarchist servants of the state.

      Further details here in the Mail link.



  8. AndyDozefeet says:

    Another case of the “journalists” at the bbbc choosing their words very carefully to convey their desired impression:
    Headline “Johnson no-show scuppers TV debate”.
    Facts of the (non) story are that Sky has invited Johnson and Hunt onto a show which it had planned to televise tomorrow. Hunt accepted, Johnson didn’t. Therefore there was never a debate to “scupper”.
    The use of the phrase “no-show” is intended to fool the casual reader into assuming that Johnson had accepted the invitation and has since decided not to turn up – i.e. that he is a man who goes back on his word and/or is unreliable.
    Johnson never accepted the invitation, a fact which one can decipher towards the end of the report itself (if you are reasonably intelligent and haven’t lost interest by then) but the headline and first few paragraphs of the report (especially when read next to the adjacent headline which says “Don’t be a coward, Hunt tells Johnson”) are deliberately constructed to create the impression of cowardice and unreliability.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “Johnson no-show scuppers TV debate”

      I read this as Hunt stood up on live TV, like a jilted bride, because Johnson was a “no-show”. This is deceitful.

      Long may Johnson continue to rub the media up the wrong way.


    • Navets says:

      It was all so predictable, I just knew the headline would turn out to be a wilful misrepresentation of the truth. As the BBBC well knows, a proportion of people will just scan headlines to get an overview of the news.
      The BBBC playing the numbers game to disseminate out and out lies.


  9. Sluff says:

    I see our world class saintly NHS has only gone and done it again….
    Hundreds more cases in Shropshire baby deaths review.

    No doubt we can expect accountability and disciplinaries..

    Only joking. It’s the public sector.


    • Fedup2 says:

      And it was reported that one of Nye Bevans descendants died because the NHS screwed up his cancer diagnosis . I suppose the cretins in that outfit didn’t know who Bevan was .

      He wouldn’t have liked me because I’d break up and privatise as many bits of the NHS as possible – I’ve got this silly idea about only being allowed to use the full version if people have paid into it for a decent amount of time ……


  10. fakenewswatcher says:

    R4 News at 5pm, Evan Davis asks J McDonnell whether Labour would support Rory Stewart as interim PM, if Boris can’t get Brexit through parliament, and falls; Mc Donnell laughs.
    Could Corbyn have a go? Tsk, tsk. The would-be Chancellor is not Diane Abbott; he knows enough about numbers not to fall for that one.
    Evan suggests to Politics Prof from UCL that Theresa may not resign, if Tories can’t settle on a new leader, due to sabotage by Ken Clarke and Tobias Ellwood.
    McDonnell ends up laughing out loud at some of the weirder suggestions. The Prof manages not to have a chuckle at Evan’s antics, which can’t have been easy.
    Theresa or Rory?
    Nowt funny about it.


  11. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news : Sport in schools with diversity angle
    “I can speak their language”


    • StewGreen says:

      actually I just mixed 2 items
      #1 item 1 was Tennis Federations : BAME outreach programme with Sab Bham “I can speak their language”

      #2 item was Asian reporter with GP Amir Khan
      outdoor activity where some kids were white as well


  12. StewGreen says:

    Both local news : air every voice they can find, wishing John Prescott a recovery from stroke.
    It’s been a living obituary all day


  13. JamesArthur says:

    R4 – Climate change /Disaster/Armageddon/… so now they have a new model and new term appropriation – it is just another bloody model..and it all depends on what they put in as to what they get out..BBC get somebody who understands science to talk about it – not a bloody numbnut!!
    I am with POTUS on this one – see if they can predict 5 years or 10 years ahead first…not 50 or 100…then we will see how good their models are..

    I predict it will be hot sometime over the next year at some place in the world probably hotter than it was there last year..


    • Not Gwent says:

      (Reading XR in the Islington local) it will all be over by 2025 – we miss their zero target. That’s less than six years and we can have our gas guzzlers back. If only.

      Once the Citizens Assemblies get power they’ll never let go of us.


    • Swelter says:

      James A .. Just have a look at the predictions made in Gores Fright fest of 10 years ago An Inconvenient Truth that will give you an indication of the accuracy of the eco fascists pronouncements .


  14. pugnazious says:


    The BBC is very concerned about Facebook…because it claims, falsely, that Facebook stole Brexit, but is not at all concerned about Google and all the other huge internet social media tech companies that manipulate searches to povide results that give positive information about certain subjects and suppresses other unconvenient truths. Breitbart highlights Google’s sinister activities frequently…such as this video…

    And it’s true…enter ‘man can’ on Google and it will bring up, so BBC, positive results about gender fluidity and all that as well as negative anti-men ones…


    men can

    men cancer
    men canvas shoes
    men can have periods
    men can get pregnant
    men can have babies
    men can’t multitask
    men candles
    men can have babies now
    men can think about nothing


  15. StewGreen says:

    War situation report by looking at the TV guide
    The Axis Powers of BBC Guardian Sky etc
    continue various battles
    #1 The War on Tories
    8:30pm Panorama

    #2 The War on Plastics
    9pm BBC1 with Hugh Toff and Anita Bame
    Tues 9am Radio4 General Al Khalili picks up the battle

    #3 Shame of empire & Windrush Supremacy
    9pm BBC 2
    also 9pm ITV Beecham House

    #4 LGBT Supremacy
    7:15 Radio Front Row : 50 years of queer books


    • StewGreen says:

      10pm Channel 5
      Moped Gangs on the Rampage

      7pm Channel 5 Portillo
      7:30pm BBC4 Portillo


    • StewGreen says:

      oh BBC2 11:15pm Being Blacker doco about a Windrush boy

      Tues 10pm PRIDE Live at the Apollo
      Tues 9:30am R4 Beeboid Emma Freud interviews beeboid Emily Maitlis about women in journalism.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thanks for the heads up about the Emma chats to Emily on the taxpayers dime . I’ve set my alarm clock this truly memorable 30 minutes of radio nirvana .

        Nice for two production companies to talk to each other for the standard BBC fee….


  16. Fedup2 says:

    I was thinking of renaming this site as the ‘biased boris’ website – tomorrow marks 5 days of bojo leading the news with a private argument .
    Some weird sickness has infected the metro MSM .


  17. vesnadog says:

    BBC – Remembrance Sun [day].

    BBC – Pride [Month].

    When exactly did we the UK lose the plot?


  18. DickMart says:

    The BBC campaign against Boris today has been relentless, systematic and shameless. They should change their name to ABBC – Anti-Boris Broadcasting Corporation.

    I just hope that if/when he becomes PM he will reflect on what the BBC have done, and rather than funking the issue as his Tory predecessors have done, finally bring this truly monstrous organisation into line.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Yep. Boris derangement syndrome in full swing today.


      • Guest Who says:

        Was AL not subject to a ‘bbc special’ from Beeboid Stuart Hughes?


    • JosF says:

      At the end of the day Be it Boris Johnson, President DJ Trump, Brexit or whatever the only fitting name for the BBC is the Ministry Of Truth, Memory holes, victory coffee and all.


  19. theisland says:


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Panorama watch
    I just wasted 30 minutes of my life . I should have known – pinaah… heavy voice but a light weight . Why not great journos like the mateless or the coonsberg or the hundreds of thousands of NUJ paid up -metro snowflakes on the BBC payroll .?

    Instead it just spent a muddled 30 minutes challenging the attention span and leading into Day 5 of “bad boris “ .


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Fedup – As you say, very, very predictable. Very, very dull. David Vance in the archives described him in 2012, in a nutshell. Still, I made the same mistake, thinking there just might be a new light cast…Nope. Nazanin, Boris making a fool of himself etc etc
      Ex Guardian and Independent correspondent possibly offers clues as to attitude to Tories?


  21. vlad says:

    Ah, the Religion of Peaceful beating of women strikes again. And gain, and again and again. 53 times to be precise.

    “Muhammad Javed jailed for wife’s killing.
    The court heard she sustained at least 46 separate impacts from the machete and seven blows from the hammer.”

    Tucked away under Regions by the world’s most trusted.


  22. Celtic_Mist says:

    Even the biologist Jerry Coyne has wised up –
    Sadly, many deny this, imposing their worldview onto nature

    (Similar could be said for the Climate Change activists supported by BBC)


    • StewGreen says:

      @Celtic I mentioned Alice Roberts on Friday getting in a Tizz over it and having to leave Twitter

      see June 21, 2019 at 4:49 pm
      Oh Alice Roberts is a victim


      • Celtic_Mist says:

        Coyne’s Wiki entry –
        Coyne considers himself to be a “traditional Liberal” and has a long history of activism. He was arrested, when he was in college, for delivering a letter to the South African embassy against Apartheid.[9] He also protested regularly against the Vietnam war. Coyne does not approve of the way some contemporary Liberals are “trying to shut people up.”[9] He believes in free speech for all and does not like seeing universities cancel speakers, such as Steve Bannon, because of protests. “I can’t think of a single person I would urge the University to disinvite. Not a single person-not a white racist, not an anti-immigration person. Free speech has to defend the most odious people.”[9]

        Coyne believes in social justice but feels that identity politics have turned into identity tactics. He believes in the 1960s movements for black civil rights and women’s rights, since they represent victimhood that “… was not something to be proud of, but something to be fought against. Now it’s something to be proud of, I think, because it enables you to get attention and to be able to say others in the hierarchy can’t speak, that they don’t have opinions worth considering.”
        One could almost get to like him lol


        • Celtic_Mist says:

          What really bugs some people in academia is jealousy because in spite of all their ‘knowledge’, when they they look around they see ‘lesser’ people better off than them.


          • Scroblene says:

            Yup, and it’s mostly because normal people who have to work for a living, hardly ever take any notice of so-called academics, because they usually shout unintelligible stuff/fiction, which is a language hi-jacked by the bbbclbgt lot and the ‘globule-worming’ wavy-long-hair bunch!

            The sort of Uni types, dragged into the studios of the untrusted beebettes apart from being card-carrying lefties, just cannot string two words together, without that effected repetition of the same word, or even worse, still trying to achieve street-cred by saying ‘you know’ every few seconds.



  23. StewGreen says:

    Someone comments on that BBC HYS on Wind Power £100m grant
    He is commenting on the Getty image
    Yet the webpage contains only a PA image

    So I check the html to see if it is sending a different image to the BBCnews app
    I do find coding mentioning the Getty image
    it is marked “Share this with Pinterest”
    that is quite a degree of PR thinking , that they create content which has special images for Pinterest


    • StewGreen says:

      I then check the BBCnews Pinterst page
      BBC staff have chosen content for boards
      & then chosen a special 5 as Featured Boards
      One is normal Royal family
      … but the other 4 reflect the 2019 BBC motto
      “We are ashamed that white males exist,
      especially those that are not in a minority group”

      Someone could do a PhD into how PC bias evolves
      Equality should mean that non-BAME make uo 87% of BBC content
      but as everyone rushes to signal that they are not excluding minorities
      those minorities end up way over represented


  24. Fedup2 says:

    I wonder if all these nonsense ‘shades of sexuality stuff ‘ is an off shoot of low interest rates and the kind of silliness which turns up when the economy is ticking along without mention of interest rates which are ‘galloping ‘ or unemployment rates which are always ‘increasing ‘. [ getting out that tedious ^Madness ^number one disc about unemployment ]

    It’s the same kind of insanity which leads to supposedly grown up politicians sparing time to listen approvingly to a screwed up 16 year old ‘climate warrior’…
    If we are spared – someone sane will look back on this time and go WtF were they thinking? – if that’s allowed …


  25. vlad says:

    “Is the BBC worth £154.50 a year? Vote in our poll”

    A wonderful opportunity to tell the beeb just what you think of it, with one click of the button here:


    • JimS says:

      Didn’t we pay for all the good stuff forty years ago? I bet that is what the soon to be taxed 75+ will be thinking?

      (The under 35s, the ones that TV is now made for, will be thinking, “Duh? Wots TV? “)


  26. Fedup2 says:

    The vote was 96% ‘no ‘ when I voted but I’m sure when they add up the postal votes the BBC will be excellent value for money and in fact the licence tax should be doubled … so that the ‘quality talent ‘ can be paid a higher fair rate ….. as well as selling crisps …


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Same here.

      96% voted that the BBC is not worth the Telly Tax !!

      If that’s not a public indictment , I don’t know what is.

      Will anything happen? No, of course.


    • vlad says:

      As satisfying as those percentages are, I’m now wondering if the poll is just clickbait.


  27. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Someome the other day put a rather amusing video on of that harridan on sky news extolling the virtues of Rory Stewart with some classical music behind it.
    I’ve scrolled back but cant find it – can anyone help?


  28. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Is it OK to tell someone to ‘man up’?””

    “”Michael Conroy – whose organisation Men At Work helps boys and young men deal with issues around masculinity and feminism – said the use of the phrase was “disappointing”.””

    “Today, tomorrow and the day after, I’ll be talking to young men about how phrases like ‘man up’ are harmful and asking them what they think about it,” he said.””

    “”But the potential future prime minister has given it a green light and that’s really, really counter-productive.””

    “”Dr Anna Notaro, senior lecturer in media theory at the University of Dundee and UCU Scotland equality officer, said the comment was “deeply disheartening”.””

    No wonder BBC listening and viewing figures are in free fall.

    The BBC just don’t get it, do they?

    And what is a ‘Senior Lecturer in Media Theory’? Just a gravy train rider?


    • JosF says:

      Would it be nice to hope that the BBC will imitate another expensive, ineffeicient, underperforming, overmaned, Financially inept, unloved provider of poor quality products that nobody wanted that was finally allowed to fail was broken up and the few good bits sold off……………British Layland


  29. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has been economical with the truth all day attacking Boris for not doing interviews….up until a very short while ago its headline was ‘Johnson scuppers debate’….but all the while the BBC has known that Boris had agreed to do an interview with Kuenssberg….which the BBC is now headlining with. [Full transcript] [BBC analysis…lol]

    Same old stuff of course…most of the ‘offensive’ Boris quotes taken out of context and lacking their intent and meaning…such as ‘grinning piccaninnies’ and the obvious letterbox jibe…not mentioned he was actually defending Muslim women and that others, Muslims, had said worse things about burkas and veils….Warsi, Khan included.

    It’s all cheap nonsense from Kuenssberg who ridiculously accuses Boris of having plans ‘full of ifs and buts’….well yeah….Brexit depends as much upon the EU’s response as our own corrupt parliament’s, and the BBC frequently reminds us of this as a criticism of any plan Brexiteers might have…now apparently such ‘ifs and buts’ are completely unexpected and should not be part of any successful PM’s plans!

    Naturally Kuessberg brought up Nazanin Zagahri-Ratcliffe and said

    ‘Most importantly, when it came to the British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe you put her in danger by being careless with the facts. Your words were used in evidence against her in an Iranian court. I think you’ve sometimes been careless with facts, careless with the truth.’

    Very, very disengenuous…NZR worked for the BBC world service trust in project zigzag …training journalists in Iran…..‘What was truly astonishing about the whole thing is that we
     finished up recruiting nearly a hundred Iranians directly from Iran, almost all in 
    their mid to late twenties.’

    She is in jail because she worked for the BBC which has abandoned her and is trying to blame Boris. The work Project Zigzag did directly influenced the protests in 2009 and the BBC uses anti-jamming technology and encryption software to communicate with ‘journalists’ inside Iran and evade Iranian security….anywhere else might consider those ‘journalists’ are actually ‘agents’ or ‘spys’ [consider the response if the Russians did that here]…the BBC boast of this success.

    The Power of TV News:   An Insider’s Perspective on the Launch of BBC  Persian TV in the Year of the Iranian Uprising

     What’s emerging is a clear and coherent picture of  influence far greater than might have been predicted.

     “I went to bed in one country and woke up in another”
    The memorable words of (UK) Channel 4 news reporter, Lindsey
     Hillsum. Hundreds of thousands were out on the streets in Tehran and
     cities across Iran, disputing the “stolen election.” Joe Klein, reporting 
    the Iranian election in Tehran for Time magazine and CNN, describes it like this: 
    “Anarchy, total chaos, and everyone watching the BBC.”  ‘


  30. JosF says:

    So the great snoozefest that is Glastonbury is upon us. So anybody reckon that the Ministry Of Truth will give jeremy the garden gnome corbyn a free fifteen munite political broadcast for the garden gnome corbyn and the labour party like the Ministry of truth did for the garden gnome corbyn the last time the garden gnome corbyn was at glastonbury ????


    • JimS says:

      Glastonbury – as white as the driven Jon Snow. Oh the irony!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Jos, I’d like to know the CO2 footprint of Glastonbury.

      Those power hungry lasers and lights for a rock band on main stage. The mega-multi-watt amplification on any of the stages but especially, again, on main-stage. The bands, their entourages and roadies and ‘technicians’, especially the headlining bands or musicians, perhaps resident in the US or Switzerland or Spain, flying in to Heathrow w/helicopter transfer to Glasto, the food suppliers and their generators and refrigerators running permanently, the diesel trucks coming in to empty the toilets (eewe!) then clearing up the whole mess afterward. Then there are the broadcasters, no names, no pack drill, but they need transport and power. What does it all add up to in CO2 terms? How many trees need to be planted and how many fizzy drinks made to offset it?

      I think we should be told.


  31. JimS says:

    Titania Mcgrath, (Andrew Doyle), makes some good points about what comedy should be about, i.e. making even your ‘opponents’ laugh. That explains why Jo Brand et al have never been funny.

    (“So What Your Saying” interviews are the sort of thing that the BBC should be doing.)


  32. taffman says:

    “Boris Johnson has admitted he would need EU co-operation to avoid a hard Irish border or crippling tariffs on trade in the event of no deal.”
    Time for all true Tory voters to switch to UkIP or The Brexit Party .


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Whatever happened to Unilateralism. In Britain it seems to have been completely replaced by incompetence. I remember Merkel was initially irritated by Theresa May asking her what she would give Britain. Merkel expecting a British Prime Minister like Churchill to tell Germany what Britain was going to do. The EU then turned this initial irritation to its advantage with that awful withdrawal agreement. Unilateralism is where Britain tells the EU that it will unilaterally impose a NO tariff stand still after 31st October for a set period after withdrawal. Only imposing tariffs in response to the EU imposing tariffs, taking advantage of Britain’s trade deficit with the EU. At the moment everyone assumes that the EU will be the unpredictable Bull in a China shop, forcing Britain to impose tariffs on German cars. If this is true then what the fuck are we doing in the EU in the first place, a country wanting to pay £39 Billion to an anti-democratic organisation, to preserve a trade deficit with an unpredictable Bull in the China shop. Please don’t say you need an IQ of 164 to understand how stupid that seems, but I did read in the Mensa magazine that the opinion is that Members of Parliament are less intelligent than the average voter. They seem to have been selected on the basis of following the deteriorating mental efficiency and moral judgement of someone suffering from Groupthink.


  33. Halifax says:

    Jeremy Hunt says he will spend more on defence if elected.
    Never missing an opportunity to push their agenda the BBC attach a picture of two women soldiers…..drip…..drip….drip


    • theisland says:

      More money for the EU defence project then.


  34. Dystopian says:

    Please share and raise awareness of the debate;

    You’re receiving this email because you signed this petition: “Public inquiry into the bias in the BBC”.

    Dear Dystopian ,

    You recently signed the petition “Public inquiry into the bias in the BBC”:

    The Petitions Committee wants to know what you think about impartiality and the BBC.

    The House of Commons Facebook page is hosting an online discussion, to get people’s views on the issue before it’s debated in the House of Commons on 15 July.

    The discussion is live now and will run until 12 noon on Thursday 27 June. Join the discussion and tell us about your experiences and views.

    Please comment on the thread here:

    We won’t be able to reply to any direct messages.

    Find out about how to get involved in your UK Parliament:

    The Petitions team
    UK Government and Parliament


    • Scroblene says:

      Why only on Facebook?

      I don’t use the stuff, so immediately I’m being forgotten.

      Of course, the least-trusted broadcaster in the universe could just get their own page up on their own site, but even the turkeys in W1A would realise that suicide like that just may not be a good thing…


      • theisland says:

        “Why only on Facebook?
        I don’t use the stuff, so immediately I’m being forgotten.”

        Exactly!! Why on earth should that be I wonder?
        A pointless exercise designed to perpetuate a false narrative (very HR!!)

        People excluded
        People banned
        Another stitch-up
        More navel-gazing


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think most of the MPs will be on their holidays when the ‘debate ‘ is held . I think I signed the petition but regret it . Those petitions give the traitors in Parliament the belief that they are legitimate when they are not .

      Plenty of MPs who regularly get appearance fees for turning up on BBC programmes will queue up to lie by saying how it is attacked from both sides so must be ok . The revolting speaker will chime in by saying how much he enjoys some ‘popular ‘ bbc programme with lots of ethnics or queers in it …. blah blah ….

      ‘attacks on the BBC are an attack on democracy ‘
      Nasty right wingers attacking the pride of Britain – the BBC and the NHS – ghastly .

      Let me know if I’m wrong .


    • Not Gwent says:

      “We won’t be able to reply to any direct messages.”

      Oh bless.


    • Frustrated says:

      Great, thanks Dystopian – I wanted to share that, too.

      Pity we can’t just place a direct link to „“ – Plenty of information / comments / reasons / opinions here! … And it would show others who think the same but haven’t yet discovered the site that they are not alone!

      The BBC has become a (very bad, leftist) joke (it’s exactly the same here in Germany with the national broadcaster). It seems the only way to find out what is REALLY going on is to make the effort to read other „alternative“ sources and NOT take at face value what the state media are putting out :o(

      So thanks very much to everyone at BiasedBBC – I check here regularly to see what the „real“ opinion amongst the people is!

      I’m amazed (or rather horrified!) by some of the (aggressive) replies to the comments being made on this Facebook survey why the BBC OBVIOUSLY is impartial … particularly the anti-Brexit lies.

      „They“ really do live in a little bubble … but then they probably would say the same of „us“?


    • chancygardner says:

      Well I added my two-penneth but I wonder what good will come of it. The posts seem to mirror many similar political facebook posts. Go to any of the Brexit Party notifications, for example, and the comments section is full of the usual abusive lefty/remainy/berks who counter any positive post with negativity and inevitably start their comments with ‘so you…sarky sarky sarky blah blah etc.’ crapola.

      This one is no different so you’re not missing much. Moreover, anyone seriously trying to pick out the genuine concerns people have about the bbc would have their work cut out wading through that lot.


  35. Dover Sentry says:

    May wants fervently to stay in the EU. She has always been a Remainer.

    She did not negotiate with the EU.

    She conspired with the EU in secret to destroy Brexit.

    She and the EU created the fraudulent ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ which keeps us in the EU and costs us £39 billion.

    Unusually, she is staying on as a MP.

    Being in a safe Remainer constituency, she will continue to attack Brexit and try to bring down the government.

    She is the worst PM ever and is actively poisonous towards Brexit.

    Her anti-Democratic actions need to be investigated.

    Could the BBC start the investigative ball rolling? It is in the national interest, when all is said and done.

    However… The BBC is anti-Brexit and of course will never do this.

    (Don’t forget to keep paying your £154 per year to the BBC or face imprisonment. This also applies to those over 75 now. How many Licence Fees could be paid from Gary Lineker’s £2m salary? ).


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dover – maybe May wants to take up the Ted Heath of sitting in the Commons brooding for 40 years until the grim reaper stopped him claiming his expenses .


    • Dystopian says:

      I’ve said from day one that the whole thing is smoke and mirrors and a damage limitation exercise. The Conservatives never expected a leave vote thus never intended to implement such.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Great Fun
    This is the headline in a column by the Polly Toynbee who still gets to write columns of dross for The Guardian ;

    ‘Britain is now a remain nation. We can halt this rush to Brexit‘

    So she finally admits that Britain was a ‘leave ‘ nation. [ not admitted before ]

    And it demonstrates that as we age our memory fails . Poor Polly has forgotten who got 29 seats in the EU elections and the support with The Brexit Party .

    I suppose Polly speaks for the well off liberals who live in nice places where there isn’t normally police tape or a police helicopter orbiting at 4 in the morning . Or walk around their area and don’t hear English being spoken – unless one is talking to themselves of course .

    Boris Day 5….


    • Cassandra says:

      In 1995 Fed, Toynbee criticised Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Condon’s comments that 80% of mugging cases were committed by black people, stating that it was “an over-simplification that is seriously misleading”.

      I wonder if she wrote that in her villa in Tuscany?


      • G says:

        Yeah right! Black is really white and white is really black innit? We all have it round the wrong way.


  37. andyjsnape says:

    the good old beeb does a report on “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! bailiff entered house unlawfully”

    Wonder when the beeb will do a “news” report on tv licensing enforcement!


  38. Doobster78 says:

    BBC Radio 1 headlines 7.30am.

    Boris defends Brexit plans

    Hunt promises another £15 billion for our armed forces.

    So, Boris negative, Hunt positive. BBC Boris bashing continues unabated . Any chance they get, they take it. Pathetic.


    • Dystopian says:

      Everyone attacking Boris asking how he will finance his tax cut.
      No one asking JH where the 15billion is coming from or asking TM how she expects we will pay for zero carbon…


  39. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC put an Irish journalist from a leading irish newspaper who said that if the Irish border issue wasn’t addressed properly then the Peace Process would be ended.
    Does that mean the Republic is to declare war on the UK ? Or that any mad Irish Republic terrorists will be legitimate in any killing or bombing they do ?

    It sounds like one of those Soros driven Project Fear Jobs which is regularly trotted out.

    The BBC repeated the journalists ‘ comment in its news . I doubt if the DUP will be impressed .

    Sad people forget so quickly and that many in Northern Ireland would only know of stories about what happened as opposed to direct experience of it .


  40. Ed Hitter says:

    Further to my post yesterday, when I noted that the BBC had totally blanked news about the Brexit Party’s call for a formal investigation into Peterborough electoral fraud, I see that belatedly there is some very brief coverage…..hidden away on the Cambridgeshire local news page.
    This important story, highlighting postal vote rigging that undermines democracy, will no doubt disappear very soon, so here’s the link…


  41. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1

    Nowt to do w/BBC but is Amber Rudd turning into Anna Soubry?

    Her voice was grating-most painful of the penetraity earbold for all of her interview after the 7.30am news update. Ouch! Off-switch for some relief.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Me too – Up2 – ms Rudd – majority 650 – sounds like she has been on too many self assertion courses. Before the off switch came a mad mental image of her wrestling with Lady Nugee – her kind of opposite number .

      Lady Nugee obviously when on a course on how to breath and talk and sound less screechy .

      Both these girls are about to lose their jobs for different reasons .


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, I prefer not to think of Lady Nugee, at all, these days. Either wrestling or just sitting in a chair at the BBC or sitting/standing in the House. That is all a burden far too far.


    • G says:

      I must congratulate you on your ‘Stanley Unwin’…..


  42. Not Gwent says:

    Pedantic me.

    State Broadcaster Breakfast said Boris was campaining to be PM. The thrust of the news item being that he was avoiding scrutiny and wasn’t this terrible?

    The actual post being sought is Leader of the Conservative party. Parliament chooses PM.

    A small fact; though if they get this wrong at 0800 what else is being bent to fit a narrative ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Top spot there, NG: full marks for observation.

      Pedanticism: Null points!


  43. JamesArthur says:

    It really is Anti Boris MSM – not just BBC who are leading the way but sad to say even ITV…he can’t win – if he acts like people execute him to they call him a buffoon and if he quietens down and most circumspect he is hiding..and not ‘the Boris of old’
    I really don’t care how many kids he has and the neighbours and activists at the house are the ones who need a good slapping..that won’t happen because they are all good Labour Guardian readers
    Now R4 Michel talking to Laura ..oh what a team…anti Boris again..


  44. digg says:

    An article I came across from May in the Observer but still leading the pack on google for some reason I can’t understand! The Observer incidentally is a department within the Guardian and thus bezzie mates with the BBC chatteratie. But relevant again with the recent petition to parliament (which was brushed off like bird poo on your shoulder)

    On the BBC Bias Issue

    Leads with….

    “Our national broadcaster has been defeated by Brexit; confounded either by the explosion of a rightwing populist politics it doesn’t know how to cover, or by growing millennial intolerance of views they abhor being given a platform, or possibly by both.”

    Immediately sectioning the bias into “rightwing populists” (V BAD) v “millennial” (V GOOD)

    So how do they follow up? Yes! by asking around some well-placed commentators and the 5 folk they found who are well-placed (V GOOD)..

    “Here, the Observer asks five well-placed commentators whether something really is rotten inside the Beeb – and if so, how to put it right again.”

    “Gina Miller: ‘Experts are being devalued. It’s hampering the debate’ – Investment manager; founder of (Hates BREXIT)”

    “Ayesha Hazarika: ‘Its worldview is quite metropolitan, quite white’ – Comedian, broadcaster and political commentator. (Hates the usual whities and almost certainly BREXIT)

    Ash Sarkar: ‘It needs to recognise that it has been outplayed’ – Senior editor at leftwing website Novara Media. (Leftwing GOOD and hates BREXIT)

    Craig Oliver: ‘The problem is that the BBC seems to have lost its confidence’ – Former editor of BBC News. (BBC GOOD and hates BREXIT)

    Nick Lowles: ‘We have to be critical friends and say there are some things they are doing well, and some they are not’ – Chief executive of anti-racism and anti-extremism movement HOPE not hate. (Hardly needs any comment).

    So, they thought the best way to find out what the problem is is to ask 5 people who already agree and push their own (and thus the BBC’s) agenda.

    This is the clearest possible signal of just how self-serving this whole bunch are and does more to underline the main reasons for the backlash the BBC is getting now because they share exactly the same “We know best” mindset.

    The conclusion seems to be that the problem does not lie with the BBC it lies with all those horrid people who disagree with it’s heavily biased political stance!


    • Not Gwent says:

      “all those horrid people who disagree with it”

      Who nevertheless have to fund it. And how are horrid views to be represented? Of course the horrid could always be ignored or countered with ‘educated’ opinion; though fair play dictates that they shouldn’t be compelled by law to pay for a newspaper (of the air) that brands them horrid.


    • gb123 says:

      Interesting unintended Freudian slip by the Observer referring to the BBC as “our national broadcaster”. It certainly does not represent the population as a whole and is certainly not my national broadcaster. It shows how the media assumes everyone agrees with their world view.


  45. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2

    The life of this report is under threat! Wot? The BBC are going to try to do away with Snuffy?


    It is the title that is under threat. The BBC might as well change the name of the TOADY Programme to The Bojo Prog. Or The Johnson Show. The Boris Blunder Show. The Al’s Avoidances & Evasions Programme. It is wall-to-wall Boris Bashing this morning on TOADY.


  46. Sluff says:

    Southern Water has been fined £126m by OFWAT for wastewater spills.
    In other words, the state has some comeback on private companies who fail to deliver, through the regulatory mechanism and financial penalties.
    Now let us compare this with nationalised industries like the BBC or NHS.
    Failure is embarrassing to the state, so it is swept under the carpet, there is no accountability, heads never roll, any fines just come out of the taxpayer or licence fee payers pocket, and there is a marked reluctance to downsize when the world changes (over 75s licence, multiplatform TV).


  47. Ed Hitter says:

    BBC Countryfile gets it in the neck over its anti Brexit bias….


  48. JamesArthur says:

    So Wimmins hour
    MEPs..who do they talk to? A Liberal….’who did very well in the elections’ and a Green..
    And now an Advert for the benefits of the EU…radio going off…


  49. G says:

    The UN and their plan to ban any and all criticism of islam:
    The UN and this effort? We in the UK are far more discerning and stoic to fall for that, aren’t we? Not only that, we have always an option to opt out. Don’t we? Think again: this is how the UN Migration Compact works. By stealth and eventually, hey presto! We’re in! No debate ‘cos the voter no longer has a (worthwhile/valid) view. The voter? UK definition – one who the elite have cause to scrape of the soles of their shoes if they are unfortunate to step in it.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Just leave and stop paying, like the EU.
      Just another Anti-Western, Anti-White, propaganda and waste, gravy train.
      We could balance the UK budget merely by stopping payments to those who hate us.
      Foxtrot Oscar UN.
      Anything international is our enemy.