Weekend Open Thread 22 June 2019

Apparently the Far Left Failing BBC is to ‘improve vetting ‘ of those that choose to put on their biased programmes . So we can expect even less white men. There will be even more vibrancy featuring preferred religions , sexual preference and approved political views .

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  1. Annunaki says:



  2. Annunaki says:

    Oh, you did miss it BBC, funny that, are your staff on performance realated pay ? if they miss a story that the rest of the world media pick up ?


  3. NISA says:

    The BBC anxious to keep the Boris domestic rumbling on tell us that Liam Fox (Hunt’s man) thinks that Boris should explain. What should Boris say that we don’t already know? How do you explain a row with your partner? It probably results from many causes & many irritations will be aired. Are we really entitled to hear so much of their private life?


  4. pertelote says:

    Trying to make sense of the Mail’s graphic of the house.


    So Penn and Leigh live in the top flat?..the one in the roof-space with the two dormer windows in their photo? Boris was in the flat below with Carrie. Has it been reported who lives in the flat below B&C?
    The Mail’s graphic says “recording made on this landing” – i.e. nearby to the entrance to B&C’s flat”. From what I have read TP says he made the recording inside his own flat. – “‘I was inside my own flat hearing shouting, screaming and banging so I pressed record.” (as quoted in the Mail.)
    ‘The screaming maxed out the volume of the microphone on my phone through two doors, which is why we became concerned.’

    So how do the Mail get to say the recording was made on the landing?? ..because if it really was that, to me at least, paints a slightly different picture.


    • Annunaki says:

      As one does, hear shouting and press record….? on what device ? and why was it just to hand ready ? I would run out of tape within hours around here if that was the case and I stongly suspect, living in the middle of London, our millionaire socialist recorders would too, unless of course they have been waiting for weeks with the record button handy, ready for some dolphins in distress, beached whales or some IRA or muzzie terrorists being harrassed by the police


      • smoogie7 says:

        They are really getting on my nerves with this now. It is a stitch up plain and simple and as usual the BBC are pandering towards the left


  5. StewGreen says:

    What the #DirtyDirtySmearMerchants media look like


  6. pertelote says:

    I think this 2018 piece by Eve Leigh provides some additional background to this Boris Johnson business:



  7. smoogie7 says:

    Boris Johnson ‘should give explanation’ for home row says the BBC.

    He already has, now move on from it!


  8. pertelote says:


    Maajid Nawaz Pulls Apart Argument For Recording Boris Johnson Row


  9. Doobster78 says:

    BBC news channel now. Rolling news bottom of screen, first headline ……

    Boris Johnson’s “frightened” neighbour rang the police about a loud row because he feared for the couples safety.

    FRIGHTENED ????????? FRIGHTENED ?????? I know this guy is a liberal lefty soft get, but frightened …..give me a break !!!! But as expected, the BBC lap this agenda ridden rubbish up !!!!

    Bias … What bias ????????


    • smoogie7 says:

      The BBC should be frightened of Boris as this should be a big push to sort out the mess that is the BBC


    • Annunaki says:

      The left really do get frightened do they not:



      • Annunaki says:



        • Annunaki says:

          All those precious frightened people…..



          • Annunaki says:



            • Annunaki says:

              And interesting, how ugly and hateful they all are, the truth is there in the pictures, all from no doubt comfortable upbringings, travelling to London midweek, nothing to do with lack of nutrition or lack of priviledge or opportunity, as any check on the fat pig Prigent and its relatively comfortable upbringing would reveal, (certainly not lack of big macs and bacon sandwiches there…) just their true nature shining though maybe, I couldn’t possibly comment, or maybe I will later who cares about the truth anymore, our national broadcaster does not, so why should I…

              Stick the vicious bitch in a muslim ghetto in a short skirt, if they cater for that waistline, maybe Millets, and I bet even they wouldn’t
              Imam would probably direct her to the nearest kebab shop with a two for one offer running


  10. smoogie7 says:

    Sorry I have to say this but Tom Penn is a c*nt and I hope that he loses his job during a hard Brexit.

    Really nasty piece of work causing all these issues for Johnson.


  11. Guest Who says:


    Well, Piers has gone up in my estimation and Rob has long run out of ‘we are so balanced you would not believe it’ stock.

    So yay Piers.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Whilst on the subject of Piers Morgan…


  12. vlad says:

    Bojo’s lead evaporates, thanks to a nasty action by highly political, Tory hating, Brexit hating neighbours, who dress it up as ‘concern’ for his partner. The beeb lap it up uncritically, of course.
    (In fact it seems SHE was the borderline violent and hysterical one, but never let the facts get in the way of a good Tory / Brexit bashing, eh beeb?)



    • smoogie7 says:

      This has really wound me up!

      I am actually a member of the party, I signed up in January as I sensed trouble and now that six months have passed I can actually vote.

      I shall vote Johnson and will be thinking of the left wingers while I do so.

      I hate them and the BBC have to be stopped


      • Deborah says:

        I too have a vote and have to think carefully how to use it. However the hate fest for Boris increases the likelihood that I will vote for him. If he is who the BBC and the far left fear, then he is the man for me.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I was not aware that Carrie Symonds was one of John Worboys’ victims. Which possibly explains why Boris does not want to add fuel to the fire by speaking about the row publicly. She very likely has some lasting effects.



    • StewGreen says:

      @Vlad “Bojo’s lead evaporates”
      you are just repeating libmob wishful thinking
      .. There is no point in posting Indy stories
      I just assume they are propaganda anyway.


    • Navets says:


      The Bash-Boris Hatefest continues unabated with the one-sided stretching out of the “Housegate” affair, the one-sided reporting of Liam Fox criticizing Boris’s Brexit plan on the basis of contentious assumptions. Best of all, this little beauty, quoting professor of politics, Tim Bale, “analysing” who exactly will be choosing our next Prime Minister. For what the article contains, it may as well have been written by one of the superior liberal beeboids with the vision of the anointed.


      As if we didn’t already know, it is the Conservative Party membership who will decide but, shock horror, there are only 160,000 of them, far fewer than the number of Labour members, and they are, compared with all other parties, unrepresentatively old, white, well off, male and support the death penalty and Brexit.

      it then regurgitates the socialist dogma about the redistribution of income saying only 15% believe the government should redistribute income from the better off to the worst off. Presumably, this would be achieved by increasing tax rates for the wealthy. This notion of the redistribution of income by a government amounts to economic illiteracy and presupposes that economics is a nil-sum exercise. Were that true, we would still be in the Stone Age. This presupposition goes hand in hand with one of the many failures of socialism being the failure to recognise how wealth is created and goes some way to explaining why socialist governments run economies so abysmally.

      All in all, an example of BBC bias by proxy.


  13. StewGreen says:

    R4 Desert Island Discs
    guest : Emily Eavis, festival organiser
    yep one of libmob world of course


    • Doobster78 says:

      And here is how all those lefty eco warriors , who preach about plastic etc etc relentlessly, leave the place each and every year. No hypocrite quite like a lefty hypocrite !!!!


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Do you ever wonder what the news lead would have been if a certain event didn’t dominate it ? What would the discussion be without bojo ?

    We need to put this into perspective . People are desperate to carry through of `a50 and are making the assumption that Boris is more likely to do it that the other one .

    We forget that these are Tories – traitors who have failed democracy for Three Years . Now heading for Four Years .

    All this attention thrown at Alex Boris – I only care if it compromises our exit . He and his girl friend cab beat each other up every night so long as we leave without selling out .

    The MSM now have a domestic UK Trump to go after in the same way as the democrat msm go after Mr Trump . May will be promoted to saint status pretty soon .

    Meanwhile The Brexit Party is being excluded and ignored . Their new MEPs are publishing videos of their first appearance at Brussels and all the allowances and expenses they get as members of the mafia ….

    These videos are being ignored by the MSM which is no surprise .


    • theisland says:

      John Longworth has written for The Conservative Woman

      I pledge that, as chairman of Leave Means Leave and newly elected MEP for the Brexit Party, I will, without fear or favour, call out the delivery of Brexit. That is me.

      Then there is the leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, and the chairman of the Brexit Party and vice chairman of Leave Means Leave, Richard Tice.

      Finally we must look to Steve Baker MP, the spokesman of the ERG group in Parliament.

      I would commend these four to be the judge of Brexit delivered or otherwise.

      Beware Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, beware Parliament and beware the media. No longer can the establishment create their own version of the truth.

      However, I’m waiting for their ‘manifesto’ to see how strong they are on borders/immigration, defence/security and justice.


    • Annunaki says:

      Do you ever wonder what the news lead would have been if a certain event didn’t dominate it ? What would the discussion be without bojo ?

      44 pakis arrested for child rape ? and NO doubt racially aggravated crimes as were the many other paki child rape gangs around the country and are continuing today stll ignored,

      nope BBC have buried that one


      they can find a white jewish film producr who pinched someones bum HEADLINE

      After pointing this out to them and getting a teenager GCSE D grade equivalent patronising response, I do consider sometimes popping over there and shoving their tax payer funded lattes up there smug self satisfied arses on behalf of the thousands of ruined lifes of the HUNDREDS of victims considered worthless by the bbc while they wring their hands over a syrian kid in a fight in a primary school


  15. digg says:

    So the Boris Dog Whistlers are having some flack and in response come up with…

    “I would ask that you leave private citizens alone and focus instead on those who have chosen to run for power within the public eye”

    If they are unable to see the duplicity in this statement there is something badly wrong with them…


    • Annunaki says:

      Not a private citizen anymore you desperately rushed to the left wing press about a domestic matter in a clumsy and blatant attempt to smear a political candidate, battery acid anyone ? we can all do satire


  16. tapwatertory says:

    I’ve just watched the first half of the England v Cameroon game.
    “Women’s world cup’
    I do this so you don’t have to.

    England have scored two goals, both controversial, but valid all the same.

    Now there’s a little disagreement on the pitch, the Cameroon team won’t play, but then they do.

    Half time.

    Incident in the players tunnel, Cameroon players call FIFA racists.

    Ready with the pop corn.


    • Annunaki says:

      Must be the time of the month, if there exists one male in the recreation park or car boot field where it is taking place its his bloody fault, he just doesn’t bloody listen, so selfish and all I do is hoover and look after the kids all day…sorry run up and down the left wing trying to get a cross in, and then the bloody ref turns up expecting his dinner on the table and the kids are screaming, while I’m trying to do a one two with the centre forward, whatever


    • Halifax says:

      England only had one BME player. Racist ??


  17. werter5075 says:

    Novara Media Hag, Ash Sarkar Claims Defending Boris Johnson Is Normalising Domestic Violence


    • Navets says:


      “50% of Londoners would put the finger up to Boris”.

      No bias there, then.


  18. tapwatertory says:

    Oh dear,

    That’s as good as England v Cameroon got.

    So I’d like to thank everyone who pays the BBC for that top class world beating sports entertainment.

    And if I have to listen to another numb nut (guardian reader, bbc watcher) telling me that humans originated in Africa and we’re Africans.

    I say this ‘Africa had a head start and it’s still a shit hole’


  19. tapwatertory says:

    The game of ‘football’ i’ve just suffered was shocking.

    Every bad trait Black African’s have was there to be seen.

    The bbc had two people of black African heritage on the panel.

    They never once condemned the actions of the Cameroonian team.

    We’ve been here before.


  20. theisland says:



  21. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”England progressed to the quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup with a 3-0 victory over an enraged Cameroon side who protested after two VAR decisions went against them.””


    My lawn growing is far, far more interesting.

    BBC. Nobody, not even women, are interested. You backed Remain and Lost. You backed Clinton and Lost. Not a good track record, is it??

    For real equality, why don’t the women play the men’s England side ? I’d pay to watch that!!! 😉


    • tapwatertory says:

      I’d already mown the lawn, washed the car (living the dream) and the missus was at work.

      So it was either hard drugs or the women’s world cup.

      I choose the later.


      The women who reported BJ, is that a women? Is it really a female? All I can say that love is blind.

      Mr Tom Penn taking one for the team.


      • Annunaki says:

        Hard drugs every time, so I dont have to worry about the England teams husbands washing piling up


  22. Cassandra says:

    Irony Alert!
    Just been reading that the chap who rang up The Guardian first to give it the Boris story and then the police second is now asking for HIS privacy to be respected and for him and his wife to be left alone.



    • Roland Deschain says:

      I’m afraid the snowflake has made himself fair game.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    Cassandra – perhaps he should ring up Josephine Brand for advice on where to hide …. along with chooka , sad Soubry , mad Rory and the traitor grieve – all of whole seem to be out of fashion as BBC mouthpieces ….


    • Annunaki says:

      And do not forget the national health’s finest Corbyn supporter parasite now in hiding:



      • Annunaki says:

        Perhaps Darwin could have explained why they are all fat and ugy nasty vicious bullies with disposable incomes, maybe not, the Brand woman amazes me, for years she has attacked men, maybe because they pay her no attention whatsoever, its one thing to be clinically obese but to also have a face like a witchdoctor’s rattle must be a burden on match.com, a Phd in adobe photoshop could not make that presentable

        The Labour Party’s very own Bernard Manning, without the charm or subtlety


  24. StewGreen says:

    #1 Ongoing item about anaerobic digesters
    (something Dale Vince pushes
    so called “green gas” cos its not fossil fuel
    Unintended consequences … cropland gets eaten up
    ..so more food imports)

    #2 Tom Heap’s Doom
    ‘countryside doesn’t get enough arts funding ‘

    ..(why should it ?
    .. almost all arts funding goes to London)
    If all other leisure activity is self funding why shouldn’t arts be ?
    There are plenty of jobs for artists in loads of fields already like advertising, packaging etc.

    Tom started talking about libraries ..that is not the arts
    Sounds like Tom is pushing narrative “Tory Cuts”
    well Tories are just another socialist party bribing people with their own money


    • StewGreen says:

      Next up ” this year’s Farming Hero”
      ..The foster parent farmers won
      (presenter started crying)

      … I guess they will give it to a urban farm in Brixton next year

      Next a plug for photo competition that they’ll bang on for 10 weeks about
      then they’ll spend 30 weeks plugging their calendars

      Brexit and farming ..Sussex
      “80% of beef goes to EU”
      farm with 200 beef cattle
      .. that seems small farm to me
      ..yep “organic” middle class couple
      “It is optimistic bordering on mad to think world markets will help.. EU tariffs protect us”


  25. StewGreen says:

    News Channel now
    Clementi is giving evidence to the Lord’s committee
    Lord Hall now
    arguing about whether “Three Girls” would or would not be made
    Date stamp says June 18


  26. Heyho says:

    Never to be broadcast on the far left state broadcaster:

    Hundreds of women brought from Pakistan to Britain to provide men with families risk never seeing their children again after being sent home and abandoned, The Sunday Times reveals today.

    The brides come to the UK in arranged marriages and raise children before their husbands or in-laws tire of them or decide they are no longer of use. The men often trick the women into returning to Pakistan for a holiday or to see a sick relative. They are then abruptly divorced and discarded like “used commodities” thousands of miles from their children, who grow up being told their mother is dead, mentally ill or chose to desert them.

    The Home Office routinely blocks mothers who try to re-enter the country. Most came to the country on a spousal visa, which their husbands can cancel simply by notifying immigration authorities that the marriage has broken down.

    There are at least 1,000 cases of Pakistani wives being abandoned since 2002, according to research collated from law firms and charities contacted by this newspaper. Within that figure, it is thought 250 are mothers who were separated from their children in Britain.

    MPs said yesterday that Britain must help mothers caught up in a tragic situation. One British-Pakistani MP described it as “the most vile form of misogyny to abandon women once they have been used for their reproductive capacity”.


    There is a full report/investigation but maybe see that soon on Panorama hahaha!


  27. Heyho says:

    ST exert from Rod Liddle:

    Tory leadership race: the TV debate debacle makes me wonder which will die first — the BBC or the Tories

    Late afternoon in central London. In an open-plan meeting room on the fifth floor of New Broadcasting House, Roz, Jemima, Satnam, Jamie, Oli and Pixie have gathered to thrash out the format for their forthcoming Tory leadership debate special, to be presented by Emily Maitlis. There is stewed coffee, bottled water and biscuits, the kind of biscuits you only ever get in corporate meetings.

    “Well, OK, I suppose we’d better start on that ludicrous Brexit business,” says Roz, who has a notebook, and everyone shakes their heads in exasperation. “But what else shall we ask them about? I mean, what is the issue that really matters to the public, that dominates their thoughts day and night?”

    There is a silence that lasts all of a nanosecond.
    Liddle’s Got Issues: Peterborough voter fraud allegations

    “Islamophobia!” they all shout as one — even Jemima, who was busy stuffing a kind of organic Hobnob into her mouth and thus sprays crumbs over Satnam and Oli. “Definitely,” agrees Roz. “They are all Islamophobic bastards. Probably even that Javid bloke. And Johnson, as we know, is a racist scumbag. We’ll nail him on this. Pixie — find me an imam. Anyone will do.”

    The result was the BBC’s latest debacle, an ill-shepherded jabber-fest of inanity and irrelevance, of inarticulacy and obfuscation. None of the candidates commended himself. Jeremy Hunt was vapid to the point of transparency. Rory Stewart looked bored out of his wits — which we, the viewers, were, in fairness. Sajid Javid, an enigma wrapped in a riddle encased in an entirely spherical head, is said to be clever and charming in private — but he has never said anything in public of any consequence about anything, ever. Poor Michael Gove scented defeat in the wind and, unwisely, attempted ebullience.

    And Boris, our next prime minister: a bear sedated by Quaaludes. He was trying to be on good behaviour, but was utterly unable to explain how he would get us out of the EU by October 31, even now seemingly devoid of a workable plan, given the intransigence of the EU and our charming friends in Ireland.

    The real questions for Boris should have been about how we could possibly trust him on anything, let alone Brexit, given his manifest evasions and lies raked up from the night-soil tray. They should have poked at his sense of entitlement and explored his swift changes of position (on Theresa May’s Chequers deal, for example). Immigration might have been a decent follow-up, seeing as it usually ranks as the second or third issue during elections. Not for the BBC. It thinks we all agree immigration is fab, and that Islamophobia is what is gripping people from Thurso to Totnes.

    That its pet imam was outed for not seeming to like Jewish people very much and being a bit gamey on subjects such as rape was hardly a surprise. A sensible, moderate imam would not be worked up by the chimera of Islamophobia. But now the Tories, on account of this reactionary Gloucestershire cleric, may boycott BBC programmes. Well, not a huge loss, is it? To the BBC or to us.

    For all its manifest problems, the BBC used to do the big stuff, such as this kind of debate, fairly well. Somehow, over the past 15 years, it has lost its feel for the country. It no longer has a clue about what makes middle England tick. None of that is the fault of Maitlis, who, frankly, was handed a pig’s bladder on a stick of a programme.

    The Conservative Party was once ruthlessly, deviously competent. It seems to have lost even that. I wonder which of these two benighted and increasingly irrelevant institutions will last longer.

    And Boris? Ah, vote Boris to keep out Magic Grandpa and his dullard Hamas groupies — well, sure, I see that, even if it is a choice no electorate should be confronted with. General election in September or October, I suspect, or maybe a second referendum. Truth is, I don’t know. And neither does Boris.



    • Up2snuff says:

      “Rod Liddle asks: Tory leadership race: the TV debate debacle makes me wonder which will die first — the BBC or the Tories”

      I noticed that there was a strange emphasis in the News on Radio4 at 7a.m. and again at 8a.m.. The Newsreader pointedly refered to Tom Penn the neighbour recording the Johnson/Symonds ‘row’ as a Remain voter. I wonder if someone at Ofcom has had a quiet and very firm word with Lord Hall after the Tuesday debate and its Wednesday aftermath?

      The phrase ‘On best behaviour’ comes to mind.


      • Heyho says:


        Can’t see the leopard changing it’s spots for anything, such is their arrogance, typified by many Champagne socialists. They are always right even when wrong and will do anything to change views.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Heyho, it was the way they said it. It was so pointed. Makes me wonder whether they’ve had a slap.

          Mid/long-term think you are probably right, no real change.


        • Fedup2 says:

          The twiterati are having great fun digging into Bo jo s neighbours – who own the Camberwell arms – apparently . Website down . Review site blocked . I wonder if they’ll extend the search to the snitch’ families and friend. Always a price to be paid

          Maybe quite a price to pay for ringing The Guardian .

          Apparently these people deleted their twitter accounts which might suggest that they are about to go onto the BBC and represent ordinary voters on QT or some other rigged biased so called BBC current affairs tripe ….


          • Scroblene says:

            Nice one Fed!


            Rated by the Guardian (apparently a small newspaper which understands these things)!

            Not sure I like the pic of the burnt rabbit though, I prefer the live version…


          • Dave S says:

            Us deplorables reckon they did it for the money and as one lad said if his neighbours listened to his wall on a Saturday night they would have the cops on speed dial .


  28. StewGreen says:

    10pm BBC4 repeat
    “People’s History of LGBTQ Britain”
    @stephenkamos and @SusanCalman explore their stories.


  29. StewGreen says:

    R4 Last word
    who is the most important death this week ?
    Philomena Lynott,
    Why ? at home in Ireland she danced with a black man
    and then got pregnant by him
    Apparently the nuns were outraged.
    She ends up having two other children removed
    So she took her child Philip to Manchester
    where she ran a hotel frequented by rock stars and footballers
    The son became a famous rock musician.


    • JimS says:

      I think Philomena Lynott did her dancing in Birmingham as her partner was a (Empire) Windrush man.


  30. Annunaki says:

    Don’t Believe a Word


  31. Cassandra says:

    Just seen a trailer for the latest BBC drama, ‘Dark Money’.


  32. Scroblene says:

    I never understand why the bbbc drag in old tarts like Vicky Price, Abbott and co, and expect a reasonable discussion based on hard, commercial facts.

    Of course, the tv tax they get pays for everything, so they’ll just let any uninteresting fact get splurged out unchallenged, and the weakest ‘listeners’ just hear it and ‘believe’, which is so sad.

    We gave up Countryfile a few years ago, as it was just a silly reflection on badgers, climate ‘change’ and other sod-melts, designed to bore the knickers off the most un-demanding normal person with the will to try and enjoy a Sunday evening.

    As Nick Ferrari mentioned, Emil Maters is just a small pawn in the bbbc managers’ attempts to introduce their bile to anyone who’ll bother to listen, and sadly that even applies to a once loved Sunday treat.

    As the bbbc also fecked up ‘The Archers’ as well, (after making ‘Eastenders’ the worst prog ever), there isn’t much left for them to sacrifice on their altar for ‘diversity, equality, loads of TV tax from pensioners, and stupid unfunny fat girls spreading their silly pub-jokes around like bird-poo’.

    Radio5 dead is just as bad, with the boring Rhod Sharpe, wittering away with his mates on the deplorable Huffpo, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and the NYT, all of which have gabbling nonentities, squealing the sort of rubbish you can only get from any minor village rag.

    Luckily, we just don’t take any notice of the crap they churn out, and most of our reasonably-minded friends agree; the bbbc is just not fit for purpose and should be destined for the tip as soon as possible.


  33. Annunaki says:

    Who could resist Abbot and her mathematical insights that put Newton to shame, it should be a requirement in GCSE maths: whatever Abbot says, minus three divide by five and you will be a damned site closer to the answer, unless you go to the same private school she sends her kids to when any answer you give will be a pass, but if you are a Jew forget it you will still be wrong



    • tapwatertory says:

      Looking at that mug the question should be,

      “could you maintain an erection”


  34. tapwatertory says:


    As I sit here enjoying my single malt with a single cube of ice

    That’s the budget the bbc play with.

    £3,600,000,000 for what?

    It’s a bad dream, it’s beyond parody.

    £3,600,000,000, and no accountability, gis a job.


    • Scroblene says:

      “gis a job”

      ‘Yosser’ was desperate to work in that prog wasn’t he, Tap.

      I remember it so well, as he approached a building site, overcoat flapping, with his small son close behind. He just yearned for work.

      Can’t see the same nowadays, and that was filmed by a serious Labour man, who quite rightly exposed the problem we have with politicians.


      • tapwatertory says:

        The economy hasn’t been this good for the last ten years, there’s alot of work out there. But wages are down, too much cheap labour.

        I was earning more 10 years ago than I do now.

        Thank you Mr Blair

        Thank you Mr Brown

        Party of the workers my arse



  35. Scroblene says:

    KFC+MACCYD= BBBC expert.

    Algebra at its best here..;0)


  36. JimS says:

    Whoever came up with the ‘Boris Bus’ is a genius.

    Three years on and Roger Bolton is still bleating on Feedback about ‘that’ number.

    Just think, the vast majority of the population never saw the bus and couldn’t guess the NHS budget or the national economy within three orders of magnitude (I couldn’t either!) yet this has been the only argument that the ‘remainers’ have come up all this time.

    A Trumpian triumph!

    P.S. What on earth is Annika Stranded about? The most incompetent, over-promoted police officer in the Western world babbles on about her non-ability to solve crime.

    The real mystery is how this rubbish ever got commissioned in the first place.


  37. Roland Deschain says:

    Turned on to the BBC 10 o’clock news but it seems the previous programme is running late for some reason. So I get to watch two women rutting in bed instead. At least it vindicates my decision never to watch BBC drama.


    • Deborah says:

      We turned over to ITV to find that was just as bad at the ‘Get Boris’ campaign. Neither mentioning the unpleasantness in the street where Bojo’s girl lives. The Daily Mail reports that the unsavoury character who was obnoxious in front of Jacob Rees Mogg’s children is apparently making the street a no go area.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        This is getting completely out of hand and yet the authorities continue to allow the left to do without sanction things that would get any one here arrested. Do they think this will end well? My patience is running out and I can’t be the only one.


        • Doobster78 says:

          Same here Roland. Sick to the back teeth of it now. Imagine that was Tommy Robinson supporters stickering Dianne Abbot’s front door !!!! Someone would be serving 6 months now … the far left and MSM would have seen to that.


    • Annunaki says:

      Roland, was that the Cameroon England ?

      it might have been worth watching after all

      did they do a chocolate sandwich ?

      I’ll get my coat..


  38. taffman says:

    Readers and posters
    Notice that there is nowt on Al Beeb or the MSM about The Brexit Party?
    The Libtards have marginalised them in the hope that they will fade away and we will forget them, but in reality they are ‘whistling in the dark’.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Just Rob being Rob.


  40. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Brexit: ‘Dozen’ Tories could back no confidence vote, says Ellwood””


    The top three BBC headlines are anti-Brexit.

    The Brexit that’s never mentioned is ‘The Brexit Party’.

    The BBC are terrified of :-

    1. No Deal, i.e. Leave.

    2. The Brexit Party.

    3. Boris.


  41. dazzer says:


    'They think if we don't have a deal we'll collapse…We've fought two world wars and we came out on top, because of the spirit and determination of the British people.'Can we just give Geoffrey Boycott the keys to Number 10, please? 👏@piersmorgan | @susannareid100 #GMB pic.twitter.com/u2QeFLjhqC— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) June 24, 2019



  42. dazzer says:

    The site is behaving strangely. My tweet is just plain text and can’t edit as hangs on spinning circle.

    Could somebody post this Tweet https://twitter.com/GMB/status/1143049538833457152?


    • StewGreen says:

      Dazzer see page 2 of the next thread your GMB tweet had problems cos they went back and deleted it