623 Responses to Midweek Open Thread 19 June 2019

  1. G says:

    Does this entail having people in a ‘Control Tower’ or does it now have its own momentum? Maybe, as a jajor contibutor to to the ‘diversity is great’ culture, our “Worlds Most Trusted” could explain.


  2. StewGreen says:

    A Greenpiece harpie gets chucked out of a private event, 44 arrests for organised sexual assaults on children – guess which gets more BBC airtime / play….

    In BBC-land who are the bad men ?
    and who are the victims ?


  3. Heyho says:

    Don’t know if anyone follows Allison Pearson on twitter.

    She’s the source for some good stories you will never find on the Marxist Far left broadcaster pages or newscasts


  4. taffman says:

    “MP Chris Davies unseated after petition triggers by-election”
    Could this be an ‘open door’ for the first Brexit Party MP?


  5. Celtic_Mist says:

    I’m not convinced Boris wasn’t speaking the truth –

    “Accounts vary as to the reason for her arrest. Amnesty International suggested a link to the 2014 imprisonment of several Iranian technology news website employees. Zaghari-Ratcliffe has worked for the BBC World Service Trust (now called BBC Media Action),[8] an international charity that which provided training courses to Iranian citizen journalists and bloggers,[9] In 2014 a group of graduates was sentenced by Iran to up to 11 years in jail for their participation in the courses.[10][11]”



  6. Up2snuff says:

    I was about to ask, is it just me, or is there something slightly peculiar and eerie, about the audience applause on Any Questions tonight? It seemed to me that maybe, just maybe, the BBC were trying to redeem themselves after Tuesday night’s Leadership Candidate debate.

    However, the current question about the new PM to be, whether anything changes with the same Parliament, has revealed that indeed, once again, the audience has been stacked – accidentally or otherwise – by the BBC. It has flushed out the heavy stacking of the audience on one side of the political divide and also on one side of the Brexit divide. Jonathan has now tried to claim the audience was self-selecting. Again.

    Oh well, at least Jonathan pronounced ‘Windham’ (Wymondham) correctly, as the locals mostly used to for centuries. I think I heard from a Norfolk resident a while back that some locals are starting to use every syllable in some or all of the multi-syllable Norfolk place names and also use literal pronunciation for other names, Happisburgh, for example.


  7. Absolute Shower says:

    Presumably then, Mark Rylance won’t be going to look at the pictures in the annual BP Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery, or ever sit for a student who one day might want to exhibit his portrait there.


  8. Doobster78 says:

    Here we go. The MSM are going into Boris overdrive already. They really are scum.


    • taffman says:

      Whoever the next Tory Prime Minister is, The Brexit Party will be watching and be expecting us to leave the EU on Halloween or it will be the end of the Tory Party .


      • smoogie7 says:

        The Brexit Party have done well so far. It has been a big push for the Tories and without them we might still have Theresa May sticking around putting out more votes for her amended deal. The Brexit Party have got things moving somewhat but lets see what happens next.

        If Johnson is smart then he would team up with Farage and if not, we will end up with a remain coalition made up of Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP of all people.

        The ball is in Johnson’s court and it his turn to score. Hopefully no more own goals this time


    • smoogie7 says:

      Reading up on this police and Boris incident. A neighbor called ‘Fatimah’ reported it and sent a recording to the Guardian.

      Funny how quickly this has all gone really!

      Well rest assured, Fatimah, Johnson might not be your neighbor for much longer once he gets into Downing Street.

      Odd story though, I think that we are now officially hitting operation smear!


  9. theleftwilleatitself says:

    I am sure that many on here have realised also, that the media are no longer just reporting the news, they are also now trying to create it 👍


  10. StewGreen says:

    Gab about the UK “lefty hurty-feeling police”


  11. pugnazious says:

    The BBC wheeled in Lord Sumption, ex-Supreme Court Judge who decided we must allow Parliament to over-rule the Brexit referendum, to deliver the Reith Lectures….ostensibly about the power of judges but was merely a vehicle to trash Brexit, trash the referendum and to support the idea that Parliament should be able to disregard public opinion and do as it likes…because MP’s are an ‘educated aristocracy’ whilst we mere, and lesser, mortals, are uneducated plebs.

    This of course begs the question just how biased was the Supreme Court decision when so many of the judges were of a similar mind to Lord Sumption? Doesn’t Sumption’s clear and blatant bias raise questions about the validity of the ruling?

    He compounded his bias with an article in The Spectator…you get his drift from this…..

    ‘Faced with what many regard as an act of economic vandalism by a bare majority of the electorate, she did her loyal best to limit the damage.
    She made her pitch to the grim fanatics behind her, with whom no agreement on damage limitation was ever possible. Their guide was faith, not reason; compromise was treason and the EU was the Antichrist. Naturally, they responded by devouring her, and destroying their own party in the process.’

    Doing some more digging I unearthed a samizdat film clip of material that didn’t reach the public from the lectures…even the BBC thought he went too far as he gave vent to his opinions on The Boris…..


    • Fedup2 says:

      Listening to sumption s shocking biased talks on the BBC showed that the whole system is infected with snowflakes just looking for approval of their kind .


  12. StewGreen says:

    Deleted HYS watch

    2970. Cappy Foo – Foo 21/06/2019 20:15:03
    quoting 2958 G Dog
    \\ The EU’s own website confirms that the next three countries to be admitted are, in order:- Albania, Herzegovina , Macedonia
    Turkey could take longer.

    Now, I’m one expert but..I’m not convinced that the above can afford to rub 2 pennies together.. Let alone pay an EU entry fee.//

    So more nett beneficiaries..
    Glad we won’t be funding them!

    2925. Cappy Foo – Foo 21/06/2019 19:44:24
    So Boris Johnson’s accuser has been left in debt and lost his job.
    Abdullah bin Mohammad Abulbul Patel from Bristol (yeah right..) has lost his job.
    The daft ugly Welsh mare that Mr Field apprehended lost her job.
    The bearded nutter who threw the milkshake lost his job.

    Are we able to refuse to pay benefits to these utter cabbages?

    Let’s hope so

    Time to look after our own


  13. lordelpus says:

    Obviously pure chance that Boris’s neighbour sent tape of incident to the Guardian!The most anti Tory /Boris papers there are.


    • smoogie7 says:

      I would like to hear or see what is on this tape. By all means if there has been an incident the police should investigate it regardless of who it is but no charges have been made. No sign of any disturbance so once again innocent until proven guilty


      • Roland Deschain says:

        It doesn’t sound too good but it’s waaaaay too convenient for my bullshit meter.


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      Just for fun I recorded both the BBC and ITV late news.

      ITV mentioned that Jihadi Jack (not John) suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder.

      BBC quibbled what Trump tweeted and what he told the press. Then instead of the press video we got Sopel..

      ITV put up the tweet about leftie neighbours and the Guardian. BBC said they didn’t have the tape and then proceeded to read a transcript of it.

      BBC spun some rubbish about fossil fuels (3% coal) being behind wind and solar without mentioning nuclear.

      BBC edited the Greenpeace scandal to get the bit about Boris and anger management. Also BBC referred to PM statement and then cut to Hunt.

      Memory fails on the rest of it 🙁


  14. lordelpus says:

    Desperate stuff from MSM,expect headline next week”Boris parks car on yellow line”


  15. Dave S says:

    Now I do not trust Boris and that I suspect is true for many of us. It is a sign of the fear now pervading the progressive elites and their hangers on that he is seen as such a threat to the status quo .
    They ,for the first time, are thinking that they are losing. That the tide of events is working against them and that is why they are so desperate. Boris is going to have to choose. With us or against us. No further talk of unifying the progressives and the rest. They have been the revolutionaries and attacked the basis of our culture and our society. That there would be no counter attack runs contrary to human history. Brexit is a part of it but there is much more.
    In reality Boris is the last best chance they have of saving their face.
    But being thick they will not get it and try to bring him down .


    • taffman says:

      Ask yourself the question , are the Tory MPs acting out a charade with their leadership contest in order to ‘kick the can down the road’ yet again ? Do you really trust Johnson or Hunt ?
      I am of the opinion that The Brexit Party will stamp out the Tory Remainer Party. We are in a ridiculous situation where our Parliament, paid for us, is not fulfilling the wishes of the British people and we are three years on since the referendum! Al Beeb will now step up their anti-Brexit Party smear campaign . The more the flak the closer the target. If the Tory Remainers and Al Beeb mess up this time, it will be the end of both.


  16. Spiderman says:

    How long did it take for The ‘Boris’ tape to get from the neighbour to the Guardian?