623 Responses to Midweek Open Thread 19 June 2019

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Strange how Operation Milkshake and the jo brand monster has gone out the the BBC editorial line . .

    The mouthpiece for the protester – I won’t name the group – was so sweet –
    Wimmin protesters are nicer
    We re from a nice group and had nice group badges
    We were going to make a nice speech .

    I fear Mr Field will be the victim of a revenge attack – they’ll probably hit frank field instead ….

    Meanwhile —- the Emir of Londonistan has announced that 22 September will be s ‘Londonistan car free day ‘.

    As a ‘peaceful protest ‘ perhaps car drivers should all leave their engines running for a couple of hours…


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Nick Ferrari on LBC is taken aback that most callers support Mark Field. Fact is people are sick of climate protesters and their ilk being treated with kid gloves and allowed to disrupt at will seemingly without consequence.

      All these disruptive protesters need to be removed in the same way. Show them there are consequences and they may think twice.


  2. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3

    I am not a historian. However, the BBC are doing their best to turn me into one.

    I listened to the item from Scapa Flow about the centenary of the scuttling of the German fleet during the Armistice. I had an uncomfortable feeling that what I was being told by the BBC (notwithstanding Mastermind ‘The Humph’ Chairman presenting) might not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Now, where is maxi? He will like this.

    Wikipedia has its faults and limitations and needs to be used with caution but just this header from it, following a quick G**gle search, appears at odds with what was said on the programme.

    Wiki: “The scuttling of the German fleet took place at the Royal Navy’s base at Scapa Flow, in Scotland, after the First World War. The High Seas Fleet was interned there under the terms of the Armistice whilst negotiations took place over the fate of the ships.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Perhaps the Germans should receive compensation for losing the warships ? Relatives of those affected can get a payout from the British government . Time for Lammy to get on the case .


      • digg says:

        Perhaps they are thinking about the 32,000 civilians killed by German Bombers and the 87,000 injured who might counterclaim.


  3. digg says:

    What a strange coincidence! The BBC pushing the story re the Climate Change protestors gatecrashing Mansion House (with oddly very clear filming of the incident) and wow! They happen have a reporter in the Shetlands going on about how Climate Change is affecting the region, fishing etc. being repeated right after the above story

    News? Collusion? or Propaganda?


  4. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3

    The BBC on R4 and Sarah Sands’ edited TOADY are in full attack mode.

    Remind me, how long did the BBC & TOADY attack Priti Patel?

    Remind me, how long did the BBC & TOADY attack Damien Green?

    Remind me, how long did the BBC & TOADY attack Boris Johnson over that Nanzanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe remark?

    This thing with Mark Field MP could run and run.

    Think this listener may decide to run.

    Away from the BBC and Radio4.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Off switch came and went a long time ago . No further BBC for me today – I’m flying back from very hot foreign climes but I think the grass in my bit of the Islamic republic may still be green ….


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, I see I made a boo boo with my TOADY Watch numbering today.

        I wonder if maxi will spot it?


        • Fedup2 says:

          Maxi – he’s the 2am troll isn’t he ? His hearts not in it any more – he ll also have bad Wi-fi at stone henge for the solstice with all the other godless snowflakes …


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It strikes me this is the sort of curve ball that could turn the Tory leadership race. I could see Boris throwing Field to the wolves, thinking it’ll get him Brownie points with the chattering classes. If Hunt stood by him it would play very well with the Tory members who are the ones with the vote.

      This is one of the areas where media and public sentiment are well out of line.


      • Up2snuff says:

        RD, I think in some ways Hunt is a better candidate. Successful at Health, despite colossal opposition, smoother and much more active than Boris at Foreign. I think I’m glad Gove is out of the way. I think he might have been a worse flip-flop politician than Bojo. He’s certainly in awe of Greta and would have done anything had she crooked her finger when he was PM.

        Fed, I like listening (usually) to Desert Island Discs so no off-switch for me yet. Unless it turns out to be boring, of course ….


        • Up2snuff says:

          Nitin Sawney, Fed, on DID and a good one it was, too. Interesting choice of music and Nitin is not a tedious drone to listen to.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Well, so much for that theory.

        Conservative leadership contender Jeremy Hunt, who, as Foreign Secretary, is Mr Field’s boss, said: “Mark has issued a full and unreserved apology. He recognised that what happened was an over-reaction.
        “In his interest and in the interest of the lady involved we need a proper [Cabinet Office] inquiry and that’s what going to happen.”


        What a useless wimp. The interest of the lady involved, indeed! 🙄

        It’s no wonder these protesters feel free to engage in ever increasing levels of disruption whenever they don’t get their way. We are ruled by a bunch of lily-livered weak politicians who take fright at the slightest whiff of criticism from left wing snowflakes instead of enforcing order.


  5. taffman says:

    Looks like Al Beeb are first off the mark in reporting this one ………………………
    “West Yorkshire child sex abuse inquiry police arrest 44”


  6. taffman says:

    Lack of Hospitals, doctors, nurses etc etc etc ………
    And the Welsh Assembly ? “Almost £1bn a year should be set aside by Welsh Government to tackle climate change, a top adviser has urged.”
    About time the white elephant was abolished, it only got established by the skin of its teeth in a referendum.


    • gb123 says:

      In standard non common purpose mathematics (sums), the effect of multiplying something by zero is zero. That is the effect Wales would have on the global climate due to the Welsh Assembly stopping all industrial activity in Wales. On the other hand,they could give about £330 to every person living in Wales to do with as they wish. They would make far better use of the money.


    • Not Gwent says:

      There aught to be another referendum (re the Cardiff parliament that mushroomed out of the Welsh Assembly) because the electorate didn’t know what they were voting for.

      It was certainly not for Green taxes. Brexit Party won the last National poll polling five times as much the Greens tally.


  7. Doobster78 says:

    The BBC and the Lefties loved the line the other day from the dodgy imam ……..

    “words have consequences”

    But the BBC and the Lefties seem to have never heard the expression …

    “actions have consequences”

    As they all seem to think these Protesters can get away with blue murder, no comeback. Very very selective is the Far Left.


  8. StewGreen says:

    If team Tommy Robinson tried to raid a legitimate Muslim community meeting
    (which they wouldn’t actually do of course)
    storming towards the stage
    ..and someone grabbed him, and a Muslim woman manhandled him out
    do you think anyone would be calling for her prosecution ??

    In this age of terrorism we NEED people who are not pussies
    and do step up to intervene !
    so 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 Mark Field

    TalkRadio : XR guy Tony “The protest was Greenpeace”
    Then to her saying there could have been violence he said
    “no one should have been worried cos all XR protests have been non-violent”
    ..em you just said the protest was not XR


    • Not Gwent says:

      “all XR protests have been non-violent”

      Presumably not counting broken windows and otherwise damaged buildings?


    • StewGreen says:

      Mark Field made an immediate improvement to our #Environment

      which more than that multinational group of PR tricksters Greenpeace ever do.


  9. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #4

    Have been reminded by the BBC w-s Home Page about yet another defect on the programme this morning. Mark Carney was allowed to come out with some complete bunkum without any challenge from JustRemainIn Webb, if I recall correctly, as Presenter.

    Carney claimed that many small businesses were not prepared for a No Deal Brexit. See here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48710999

    There could be many explanations for that but the BBC did not think to ask questions. They just accept it as truth. Why? I can only assume it suits their agenda of Bashing Brexit and, especially, Bashing No-Deal Brexit.

    They must know that among 250,000 small businesses that do or did export to the EU, some would:
    – have become dormant, or,
    – no longer export to the EU, or,
    – no longer export, or,
    – changed focus and ‘product’, or,
    – if sole proprietor business, proprietor is sick or has died, or,
    – business has closed for other reasons.

    This cannot really be explained away as ‘lack of time’ or ‘error’ or ‘incompetence’ by the BBC, TOADY and its team. It was plain bias, pure propaganda against Brexit by an incompetent and politicised Governor of the Bank of England, appointed by personal wish of George Osborne, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer in David Cameron’s Cabinet.

    Bias. From the BBC. Anti-Brexit Bias. From the BBC. BBC bias.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Correction, just in case maxi is paying attention, apparently I was unfair to The Humph. It was he who interviewed Mark Carney in a negligent fashion.


  10. Up2snuff says:

    You just have to laugh but it is not the BBC this time. If you look at the newspaper front pages here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-48713959 the i newspaper has at the foot of the front page an advert.

    It is for a production – Venice Preserved – at Stratford upon Avon. It has a photo that shows a man holding a woman by the neck. What is more, the woman bears a striking resemblance to a well-known BBC Presenter, much in the news this week.

    Teee heeeee!


  11. theisland says:

    … the scandal is being Rotherhamed. That is my word, a nonce word, for turning a blind eye to serious criminal activity because the people involved are Muslim and we don’t want to upset them.

    How can we get half decent representatives in parliament/government when we have to fight both FPTP and widespread electoral fraud, which the relevant bodies are too corrupt (i.e. complicit) or cowardly to do anything about?


  12. Stevie m says:

    The love being offended brigade are out in force this morning. Funny the outrage doesn’t reach out to the children of Rochdale and many other towns in our once great Britain. Selective outrage hey Jess


  13. Doobster78 says:

    Well put Marianne …… you have to put these things in context of today’s society / political climate.

    Years gone by, may well have been seen as “over the top” but in today’s world ….you never know the real intention of these far left nutters. And quite right also, THAT WOMAN SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE.



  14. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Forgive me if I mentioned this before, but

    1. I voted for Scotland to remain in the UK.
    2. I voted Conservative in the last GE.
    3. I voted to leave the EU.
    4. I would have voted for Donald Trump if I had been American.

    These are all winning positions.

    Yet the media has tried to de-legitimize every one of these.

    There is virtually no representation for these majority positions. Can’t some broadcast authority see the gap (gaping chasm) in the market?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Yes. And they want to make damn sure it remains there.


    • StewGreen says:

      Our ruling masters the Metro-liberals will have you down are a serial #wrongthinker


    • G says:

      If the current mob of the MSM caught wind of that they would close the ranks of the MSM cartel (including our, “Most Trusted”) and collectively kill off the upstart immediately. Look what Silicon Valley are currently achieving in the strangulation of any free/right wing speech.


  15. vlad says:

    The beeb will milk the Mark Field incident for all it’s worth. Conservatives on talk shows will be invited (ordered) to repudiate his action, and anything less than total condemnation will be met with: “so you’re in favour of violence against women are you? And where do you stand on Nazi death camps and the extermination of Jews?”


  16. StewGreen says:

    On Twitter tweets that support Field get twice as many likes as those against him
    but as we know public votes don’t count
    only the votes of metro-liberals count.

    There is normal pre-permitted protest
    .. not likely to cause any harm apart from antifa

    Ambush-protests are a different thing
    despite claims of non violence
    #1 a bystander doesn’t know it’s a zero threat
    #2 It causes a cost and increased restrictions to our lives
    cos the next time the police will close the street outside.

    and if you area stranger & you put yourself in-my-space even if you are not touching me
    that is a form of assault in my book.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “we know public votes don’t count
      only the votes of metro-liberals”

      The penny is starting to drop. Is the three year foot dragging after the referendum is but a symptom?

      That said as an electorate I think we need to think about who we put our trust in and lend our vote to come election time. It’s no good voting leave in 2016 only to to elect a remain parliament in 2017.


  17. English Lass says:

    I like others here have little respect for the BBC reporting, and in the last few days they really have excelled themselves. Perhaps the ‘shocking’ handling of the red dressed protestor would fall into place rather well if the BBC would deign to report even a little of the brutality the French authorities are carrying out on the yellow vest protesters including women, or the appalling brutality being carried out on South African white farmers.


  18. StewGreen says:

    Owen Jones petition #ShoutingBurnTheWitch
    I wonder if it will backfire on him
    when a lefty touches a protester to defend him/herself


    • Fedup2 says:

      As I smugly predicted earlier Frank Field MP is coming under twitter attack for dealing with a protester . Unfortunately many metro snowflakes wouldn’t know one ‘ Field ‘ from another 😎


      • chancygardner says:

        Mr Field should throw the whole enquiry into dissarray by announcing, “I never had sexual relations with that woman!”


        • Not Gwent says:

          “I never had sexual relations with that woman!”

          And should Clinton H ever wonder why she didn’t win when this ghost stood in plain view at every rally?


  19. Doobster78 says:

    Tasty language … i know … BUT …… i think Ron speaks for us all who are not Far far Far Far Far Far left like the BBC, Owen Jones, Jess Phillips etc. ….

    Will the protester be done for Trespass …. any sort of slapped wrist ????

    So basically, the message is …. if you are a WOMAN you can protest and do absolutely anything you like, anywhere you like and no comeback. Interesting.



    • Not Gwent says:

      The left have their scalp.


    • StewGreen says:


    • Dystopian says:

      Absolutely diabolical. Anyone notice how the shouty stampy feet brigade are getting their own way in this country.
      It’s high time the rest of us with an ounce of common sense started stamping…
      stamping out this utter nonsense.
      Something drastic needs to happen in this country we need a reset.


  20. pertelote says:

    from the BBC website – “Ms Barker had travelled from her home in Wales to take part in Thursday’s protest”….by bicycle presumably!


  21. JimS says:

    Just out of interest, is there anyone who after hearing the clips of Winkleman and Cox babbling away on the Radio 2 adverts thinks, “Oh! I really must tune in to that!”?

    My feelings:
    1) You are lucky BBC that you aren’t funded by advertising.
    2) We really do need a female-free channel.


  22. thirstypak says:

    Short(ish) memories at the beeb?
    #sackwitchell now for sitting on a lesbian in 1988?


  23. Dystopian says:


    “If Boris Johnson is serious about restoring British greatness when he becomes prime minister, one of the first problems he will have to address is that of an overprotected, arrogant state broadcaster hell-bent on undermining Britain and British values at every turn.”



    • G says:

      If he wants the support of the public, immediately halt any further immigration!


  24. G says:

    Tuned into TWATO a few moments ago. Headlines: ‘A Foreign Office Minister has been suspended’. I’ve worked out that if the headline news items warrant further attention to any item, I will do so by listening on a few moments longer. Otherwise, immediate ‘Off’ button.
    As regards this suspended Minister, he should be awarded some sort of honour as a hero. Had the protester been intent on following her, favourite (so-called and unsacked [’suspended’?]) comedian’s suggestion of discharging battery acid at a deplorable who the protester disagreed with, perhaps the event would have taken a far different turn. That’s the trouble with these zombie protesters: you never know what they will brainlessly do next. Fact is, they don’t either.
    Being historically the kind of person that immediately dives in to help a fellow human being in distress, things now having taken a more dangerous turn I would now not hesitate to, to, to, …….walk away and not involve myself!


  25. vlad says:

    DT: “Tory leadership candidates threaten to boycott future BBC debates after ‘biased’ hustings.”

    Express: “Tory leadership candidates are threatening to boycott future BBC debates after the broadcaster’s “biased” mismanagement of Tuesday night’s hustings.”

    At last, they’re waking up and speaking out.

    Just do a Trump: don’t give them any interviews. It only encourages them.



  26. StewGreen says:

    Vine show has an extensive interview with victim of Child Sexual abuse
    horrific ..but only him being abused by men
    rather than something wider like grooming/raping gangs
    His book “A Small Boy Smiling”


  27. The General says:

    BBC now in full Tory attack mode .

    If Boris were to become PM and on 2nd November completed a deal in which the EU gave US £39 billion rather than the other way round, and in addition negotiated a free trade deal, the BBC and Labour Party would still be whining and no doubt complain ” But he said he would guarantee we left on 31st October !!!!”


  28. StewGreen says:

    Vine caller at 12:57pm ended his call by saying
    “I personally thing she should be hospital with a broken nose”

    Isis now know that they can infiltrate a room by pretending to be eco-protesters


  29. StewGreen says:

    BBC news actually used a loaded headline
    “MP Mark Field accused of assaulting Greenpeace activist”

    There are so many headlines they could have chosen. Why choose one which suggests the activist did nothing wrong and the MP was in the wrong?


    • Not Gwent says:

      “MP Mark Field accused of assaulting Greenpeace activist”

      A bit of a card or what? Storms a peaceful Green meet and drags a woman out? Was that what this headline was about?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      You are quite right. The use of the word “accused” normally means that someone has been charged by the police. It was only when you listened further that you were told Mr Field had been “accused” by the left wing rentamob “Greenpeace”.

      Like the dodgy imam at the debate, this happens too often to be a coincidence. The BBC is infested top to bottom with left wingers. If Prime Minister Johnson does nothing about it, his career will end in failure just like every single Conservative PM since Churchill retired in 1955.


  30. StewGreen says:

    Harra “For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, Britain is obtaining more power from zero-carbon sources than fossil fuels.
    ..NOPE probably not cos POWER/ENERGY is not just ELECTRICITY
    ..and Harra is only talking about electricity.
    see the title “Clean electricity overtaking fossil fuels in Britain

    He also only reaches the result he wants by regarding biofuels as “clean” energy… and by assuming the 6% of electricity that is imported is zero carbon
    There’s much, much, more wrong with the article. Read for yourselves – if you can bear it.


  31. StewGreen says:

    Protester ‘We are like the suffragettes”
    …Doh suffragettes DID use violence
    ..It was suffragists who didn’t


  32. StewGreen says:

    2:15pm BBC Radio4 scoring trans points
    They’ve got their own arts reporter Mark Lawson to write this play about a male tennis player in mid-ranks , changing gender to next season play in the women’s competition


    • StewGreen says:

      A female character says she HATES “Caitlyn_Jenner ” (ex Bruce) cos she’s a Republican.
      … of course the BBC would never allow a character to say she HATES “Caitlyn_Jenner ” (ex Bruce) cos she’s a Trans.


  33. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #1

    A week is a long time in politics (it is said) and an equally long time in BBC broadcasting, it would appear.

    Mark Mardell was chief sneerleader on an item about the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. Funny, no mention whatsoever about Carbon Net Zero by 2050. You cannot rip out old infrastructure and replace it with new if you are going to be ‘Green’ and Carbon Net Zero by 2150, let alone in the middle of this century.

    Jim O’Neill (an economist – hah!), a contributor to the programme, was equally forgetful of Carbon Net Zero by 2050. Poor Theresa May, your legacy blown in just one week. A bit like Brexit, no?

    What a difference one week makes!

    I wonder, will that same amnesia apply to Mark Field MP?


  34. StewGreen says:

    News or PR ?
    Cumbria coal mine: a well-paid job that’s bad for the planet
    Cumbria is reopening a coal mine. The mine will create at least 500 well-paid jobs, but there is a large environmental impact. Would you take a job at the mine?

    Kenny, 21, from Cumbria is facing this decision. He meets James, also 21, an environmental activist, to debate their conflicting opinions.

    UK climate emergency: What does it mean for how we live?

    The article does make some faint effort to point out the difficulties of reducing CO2 emissions,
    but (probably inevitably) is generally an upbeat and unrealistic piece of advertising for “greenery”.

    [How do they think they will make the steel for wind turbines without using coal?].


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, I gather the UK’s steel mills are mostly no longer using coal but are forced to use expensive electricity and pay an EU carbon use penalty by buying Carbon Credits. This was the problem for the company in your neck of the woods recently.


      • StewGreen says:

        Steel has coal as an ingredient
        .. only if you use 100% scrap can you avoid using coal

        Your electrity pointvis true
        You cant run an electric arc furnace bon solar and wind power
        you need proper reliable electricity not their intermittent-electricity


        • Up2snuff says:

          Stew, “Steel has coal as an ingredient” if my memory serves me well, that depends on what sort of steel that you are producing.

          Are you refering to carbon steel? The carbon component may need boosting with ‘coal components’.


  35. Up2snuff says:

    While our beloved BBC are going on about matters ‘Green’ it may be salutory to remind them that there is going to be no more of this – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/yzBnCj9lBNxZXnh6nKmjMx/49-stunning-photos-from-glastonbury – if we are to reach Carbon Net Zero by 2050.

    I’m not just talking about the event but also the BBC coverage, including stills photography, and the BBC web-site even, if we are to reach Carbon Net Zero by 2050.

    When will the proverbial penny drop, I wonder?


  36. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #2

    Mark Mardell is convinced that Boris Johnson does not understand tariffs. Bit rich this, coming from a broadcaster who not only deliberately does not understand the application of tariffs* but also drags onto the airwaves any old anti-Brexit drone like Hezza or Fairbairn or Cable (an economist – hah!) to get them to shill against Brexit.

    *Until they suddenly did understand tariffs, when President Trump imposed them on China. 😉


  37. Dover Sentry says:

    If Thatcher was closing coal mines today, would she have the support of the eco-Left?


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Eco-Left? Oh you must be referring to that weird bunch of folks who go around carrying signs reading SAVE THE LOCUST or SAVE THE APHID. A very strange breed indeed. However, I suppose when you’ve got the support of Greenpeace you can be as weird as you like and still rely on the support of that mob of racketeers that pose as our National Broadcaster. May the mob soon be privatised.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Lefty, I have recently heard various folk claiming extinction for different parts of the biosphere, including the human part, via BBC R4 and the BBC web-site. I was only on the patio for half-an-hour or so and I am happy to report that insect life, in particular, is currently appearing extremely robust in my part of the world.


        • Lefty Wright says:

          I’m sure that my Great Grandchildren will still be bewailing the ravages of the dreaded aphid. Yes, I can spray black fly with insecticide and the blighters appear to die but sooner or later they reappear. Mother Nature will just not take NO for an answer. Perhaps we should listen to her advice.


  38. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC’s website splash, and therefore by definition what it regards as the most important story anywhere in the world today, is about Mark Field MP being suspended as a minister after shoving a woman protester out of a private gathering.
    Meanwhile, in the real world, detectives investigating historical child sex grooming have arrested 44 people.
    But how does the BBC rate this shocking, proper news?
    Does it stick it on the main home page? Nah, apparently not important enough.
    On the U.K. news page, then? No, obviously not vital enough.
    Must be on the England news page. No. Oh dear. We are getting down to the fillers and titbits now.
    So where does this item appear? There it is, on the Leeds & West Yorkshire news page under the “regions” tab.
    So, there we have it. A guy grabs a protester and so he gets plastered all over the front page ( any bets they will ensure this runs and runs a la “letterboxgate”).
    But rape gangs who target young girls on an industrial scale are deemed to be only of interest to local folk up in Yorkshire.
    What an utter disgrace yet again from this left wing propaganda unit masquerading as a state broadcaster.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Goat –
        Mr Field needs to be awarded a medal. (Oh yes, and the bbc disbanded).
        If anyone should be sacked, it is the ‘security’ set-up that was supposedly in place to stop intruders from invading the event, but wasn’t. Any number of ‘activists’ (as the bbc would call them) could have walked in, wearing nothing but bomb-laden vests, and blown the whole place to shreds. Gross negligence. Or deliberately facilitated/encouraged entry?
        All of them need to be investigated. Everyone involved with ‘security’ needs to be dealt with.
        But we are not hearing anything about who that was!
        Or are we?


        • fakenewswatcher says:

          Oh yes, and I would also like to know who, in the ‘Conservative’ hierarchy ordered Mark Field to be suspended. That would be of great interest. Could it have been TM personally? Or SJ?
          They should be sacked for aiding and abetting trespass (criminal offence?) and potentially, much worse. In a country where someone could easily burst in and start shooting, stabbing or, as suggested by a bbc ‘star’, throwing acid at Hammond- as cabinet minister, the mere idea that the ONLY person who took security action be suspended is INSANE.
          That knee-jerk response tells us a great deal about the nutty bigwigs still on loose in the ‘Conservative’ party. So, who was it? (Freedom of information…?)


        • Lefty Wright says:

          Do I detect a slight eau de rat? The old snout is twitching a bit.


          • Up2snuff says:

            fnw & Lefty, think it may have been Jeremy Hunt. Was that implied by David Davies or someone else on AQs tonight?


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Old Goat
        Katie for PM?
        I agree sir but even if she were to stand as a candidate for PM can you really envisage Katie overcoming the hate machine that would be mobilised against her by the entire (ANTI) British mass media?


    • Guest Who says:

      A tweet which complements this well.

      The BBC are trying to milk a dead parrot.

      Unpleasant and pointless.


  39. pugnazious says:

    BBC going over the top on Mark Field. As far as I can see he handled the situation perfectly OK…he stopped her and pushed her out….no massive violence that the BBC is suggesting occured, she wasn’t ‘slammed’ up against the pillar just pushed slightly…quite right to do it….and why does the BBC not mention in its little discussions that the Chancellor was at the dinner? Maybe second most important politician in UK and just anybody can get to him?

    Remember this…..this is genuinely disgusting….and Labour are shocked and appalled by Field’s actions?….

    Or how about this…watch when they wrestle him out of the room yanking him by his arms…Labour again….


  40. StewGreen says:

    4pm BBC Lincs news
    who’s voice do they air ?
    Green Party head Jonathan Bartlett
    saying “Mark Field is clearly a witch and should be burnt”
    ..well prosecuted

    doh cos when you invade my private party won’t leave and I manhandle you out
    it is you who is the victim /sarc


  41. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Years ago I worked on a secure MoD site, we were given a number of in house training courses, most instantly forgettable, but I do remember one on self defence.

    As I recall we were told to try to grab the attacker’s arm (to stop them using a weapon, or punching you) and then go for their head/throat with the other hand, and try to tip them off balance so you can subdue them. I’ve noticed it’s often what the police do, and exactly what Mark Field did in the video, except I think he must be left handed, because I would have tried to hold her right arm with my left hand and gone for her throat/shoulder with my right hand.

    We had a woman trainer and she specifically said you SHOULDN’T go easy on women, because they could use it against you.

    If it had been me, I would have followed through with a hard kick to the shin, or knee in the belly/solar plexus (groin with a man) and got her on the floor, where I could have twisted her arm back and restrained her until the police arrived.

    It’s all textbook self defence and restraint really, and she was an aggressive, unauthorised intruder in a meeting involving cabinet members during a period of heightened alert over terror attacks… if it had been the US she would have been shot by an armed guard, or at least tasered (and peed herself).


  42. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    About this Mark Field thing. He’s apologised – big mistake, and he’s been suspended anyway because of course the Tories instantly give in to MSM/activist screeching.

    Well who cares about the Tories, spineless bunch that they are. What I’d like to know is how the Brexit Party would have handled the situation?

    I voted UKIP last time although sadly they appear to be going extinct. I’d like to see the Brexit Party unequivocally and officially condemn these eco nutters. I might warm to them a bit more – but at the moment TBP are still a bit wishy-washy for my liking.

    No Retreat, No Surrender should be the default position when dealing with these scumbags.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It wasn’t very good news management by CCHQ . The ‘ apology ‘ game is a bit of a modern phenomena. It was deployed far to early on this one .
      So the early apology was discounted and the MSM is still after blood . The failed PM – as might be expected – failed to support one of her decent junior ministers .

      We can expect to see Mr Field to be pictured covered in a banana shake cum acid drink any time soon in this ridiculous nervous breakdown that is the bubble in the run up to the next PM .


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      imay- “…appear to be going extinct”.
      The MSM (frequent liars) have been trying very hard to put that message about.
      Should we believe them?


  43. StewGreen says:

    Oh Alice Roberts is a victim
    She posted in favour of saying there aren’t two clear sexes in humans

    She threw toys from her pram


    • StewGreen says:

      Reply to her
      Most people with intersex conditions are still clearly male or female. Only a tiny minority cannot be identified at birth, but they identify as m or f as they mature.
      Intersex people should not be used as political footballs by those who want to deconstruct the m/f binary

      People take issue with her saing your gender comes from a feeling
      she said
      \\ How I feel in myself has no bearing on what someone feels.
      If someone who looks like a man and has XY chromosomes tells me he feels female – I cannot tell her she is ‘wrong’.
      Would you?//

      The reply
      …… Feelings don’t change facts


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Well whatever – as long as the normal heterosexuals reproduce and the others give themselves up to Darwin then so much the better .
    When I was trying to remember that meiosis was the sexy one and mitosis wasn’t sexy – there wasn’t mention of shades of grey on the reproduction front . Richard Pinder will probably tear me a new one but I did get an A level in an ‘ology ‘.
    Which , strangely – I have not used to this day …

    God , having a very strange sense of humour – designed it and I’m sure has got a good laugh out of mating shenanigans ever since ….


    • Richard Pinder says:

      After a bit of research from what I remember. The XX/XY sex-determination system is found in humans. Human sex is determined by the presence or absence of a Y chromosome with a functional SRY gene. Fisher’s principle explains why the sex ratio of most species is 50% male gender and 50% female gender. Homosexuality occurs when something goes wrong with this system. Causes could be mutations of the SRY gene or the Y Chromosome producing hormones effecting the brain of these victims. Or in the case of London, the cause could be drinking Thames Water with traces of sex hormones in it, that then enter the brains of victims who take drugs or alcohol, which helps the hormones break through the blood-brain barrier, turning them into sexually confused loony left-wing BBC types. Any imagined third or more gender being caused by the ideological bias within the brains of these sad sexually confused sods. There being no evolutionary reason for a third, fourth or infinite number of genders.


  45. pugnazious says:

    Remember James Goddard….arrested and charged with harassment and public order offences for walking alongside Soubry asking her questions even though she was surrounded by police officers at the time? Why did the BBC present Goddard as a far-right thug for this ‘interview’ with Soubry when it is all too equivocal about climate change protestors? Why are the Greenpeace protestors not being arrested and charged?

    ‘Mr Goddard is accused of shouting and chanting at Ms Soubry as she was being interviewed by broadcasters; pursuing her along the street, loudly and repeatedly demanding she answer questions, and filming her continuously on a phone.

    Addressing the court, he said: “It’s not illegal to heckle an MP. All of this is wrong.”

    The charges have been brought under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, and the Public Order Act 1986.


    • G says:

      Take a look at that Act. As I recall, it needs three recorded events of that, ‘harrasment’.


  46. pugnazious says:

    Interesting isn’t it that the police/media refuse to mention the race/religion of the attackers on the bus in London….and yet here’s an appeal for information about an attack on two women yesterday….

    ‘Police are investigating two separate attacks on women that took place in South Norwood Country Park, South London at around 15:00hrs on Thursday, 20 June.

    Both women are believed to have been walking dogs when they were grabbed from behind by a lone black male, who took their mobile phones.

    One of the women was sexually assaulted.’

    Spot the difference? You would have to speculate that the bus attackers were Asian and Muslim and the police/media are censoring the news in order to manage public perceptions and responses.

    I could be wrong of course…the attackers are out on bail, the last case update being June 8, but will we ever hear anymore of this? The boys arrested for an arson attack on a Muslim school in London which was blamed on the EDL by the BBC were also kept anonymous…again you have to suspect that the ‘arson’ was in fact set by boys from the school itself in order to get the EDL more bad headlines…..we never heard about any charges or courtcases…..all quietly suppressed in order to smooth community relations?


  47. G says:

    The ‘Stealth War’. Around you and me right now. We follow the US right with only a small time lapse. Right? Check this out:
    The US Universities NOW –

    It’s happening in the UK as the Global Marxist movement gains footholds everywhere within society much less, universities.
    The Western World has very little time left within which to vanquish this horror.
    Boris? within the scheme of these overarching things? Dream on.


  48. NISA says:

    Mark Rylance resigns from RSC over BP sponsorship

    “I do not wish to be associated with BP any more than I would with an arms dealer, a tobacco salesman or anyone who wilfully destroys the lives of others alive and unborn. Nor, I believe, would William Shakespeare,” he added

    Are the “unborn” generations yet to come or babies in the womb? If the latter, those of liberal bent will be conflicted, especially in the USA



    • Zelazek says:

      Mark Rylance has a rather idealistic view of the Bard. We know that Old Shakerags wasn’t averse to a bit of grain-hoarding (an illegal activity that you could argue “wilfully destroyed the lives of others”) and tax evasion. So in my view the hard-nosed businessman Shakespeare – who does not seem to resemble the character that modern luvvies like Rylance imagine him to be – would have jumped at the chance of some sponsorship from BP.