718 Responses to Midweek Open Thread 12 June 2019

  1. Guest Who says:


    Ian Katz working his market rate magic again.

    Where next; the NYT? Then Katty could drop by.


  2. Despairada says:

    Re The Jo Brand nasty comment, was that ‘Heresy’ (Radio 4) presented by Victoria Coren-Mitchell?
    I caught the beginning of that and my first thought was that it was like The News Quiz which I was relieved had ended it’s current run recently. Just another prog where well known lefties including some comedians are given an easy prompt to ‘bash the right’.

    Years ago, The News Quiz was more of a genuine quiz programme. Obscure clues were given to items in the news that the panellists would have to be very well read and attentive to have remembered. If one side couldn’t answer it was passed to the other side.

    These days it seems to have morphed into a ‘funny’ version of Any Questions (The radio version of Question Time) which it precedes on Fridays and Saturdays. The clues are not in any way difficult, and function only as a lead in to allowing the panellists to do the weary round of Trump bashing or whatever according to what is most likely to raise an anti ‘right’ laugh that week. If the studio laughter is not canned I don’t know where they get the audience, so ready are they to emit belly laughs.

    Anyway, thinking that ‘Heresy’ was similar, I turned it off so I didn’t hear Jo Brand’s comment but I’m not surprised that she went too far. When these Z list panellist celebrities are trying to be funny about topical matters they do tend to get carried away. They believe that the ‘right’ are so vile, no right thinking person cares what is thrown at them, either verbally or actually.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Please come back Annunaki, I loved your passionate and colourful rants 😁


      • Annunaki says:

        Busy working on my Toccata and Fugue, I’ll be Bach 🙂


        • Scroblene says:

          I Offenbach, but he is Debussy…

          (Said Scrobs, clutching painfully at a feeble reply using part of a very funny joke from when the BBC did humour, not hatred. Might have been Frank Muir – now he really was an incredibly funny man)!


        • theleftwilleatitself says:

          Just like Arnie 👍


      • Despairada says:

        Sorry to be boring y’all.


    • Fedup2 says:

      In the current climate if Josephine brand said as is reported she might need to buy a bit of personal protection . A silly thing to say because if someone throws a milk shake at her there will e fear that it has strong acid in it.

      As an aside – I have used some of the under the counter legal acid to clear my sink .it was so powerful it burnt through the copper outlet pipe . Best avoided.


      • Deborah says:

        I was advised to use soda crystals to keep my basin pipes clean. Don’t, they dissolve the plastic and the first you know about it is gushing soapy water on the bathroom floor.

        Sorry it isn’t BBC bias but more useful than anything you may learn on the BBC.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I’d used soda crystals , plungers , special powder , bleach – then it came to ‘one stop’ – the acid of choice for those wanting to inflict such harm . It burns aluminium and destroys metal pipes .


          • Despairada says:

            Are you talking about ‘spirits of salts’? I find it’s the only thing that tackles limescale deposits in the lavatory bowl. Hope I’m not destroying the sewer!


    • Scronker says:

      Is is not ironic that in the old days when the News Quiz was funny Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s father (Alan) was on the panel?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – he had wit – she has —-smug entitlement – gained from daddy .


    • Banania says:

      Bring back Barry Took! It has never been the same since.


  3. Despairada says:

    I don’t think it helps the cause of this blog, rightly focusing on bbc bias, to insult people because of their appearance.

    Take Sadiq Khan. I don’t like him because he is a left wing islamist sympathiser and a poster boy for islam and is otherwise a useless mayor of London who makes policies without thinking about the consequences on ordinary folks lives. However, he can’t help being short so no one should insult him for that, not even the POTUS. I am vertically challenged myself and often wonder if my life would have been easier had I been 6 inches taller.

    Similarly Jo Brand and Diane Abbott. No one can help it if they aren’t attractive, pretty, beautiful, whatever. Diane Abbott was quite pretty when she was younger but time has caught up with her, as it probably has with at least some of us commenting here. It has nothing to do with my shuddering at the thought of her being the Actual Home Secretary.


    • StewGreen says:

      Yep I agree, Attacking some one via ad hom smears is free speech
      but it reflects badly on the person doing it .

      eg That Sadiq height comment yesterday


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Yes some comments were 🎶 a bit close to home and a bit near the bone 🎶


    • BRISSLES says:

      “However, he can’t help being short so no one should insult him for that, not even the POTUS”…….

      Quite agree, BUT it works both ways. What right does Sadiq Khan have in giving permission for a balloon to fly over London depicting the POTUS as a baby in a nappy ?? The ultimate in insults I would have thought.

      As for not being attractive etc. Self esteem should prompt you to make the best of yourself when in the public eye. Both Brand & Abbott would benefit from losing a few stone each, a decent hairstyle (or wig in Abbot’s case) , and getting a few tips from the resident studio make up artist, would improve the pair of them no end.

      Personally I went ‘off’ Brand early in her career, when her humour comprised of licking (fake) vomit from her food stained top.


      • Banania says:

        Basically Sadiq is a horrible person, and that is all that needs to be said.


      • Despairada says:

        Agree Brissles. But there’s a lot of appearance-ism in BTL comments generally, especially against women. Theresa May is dismissed as a ‘hag’ etc. Theresa May, again whatever you have against her, is smart, well groomed etc. Apart from being fat, Diane Abbot does make an effort with grooming.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Not the BBC, but #CCBGB

    The bbc did have Airmiles Ed, and, again….

    Looking like something Treez, minions, Lucas, Ed and the MSM think is wonderful is proving a tougher sell outside the bubble.

    Rory needs to buy a hot air balloon.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Manchester : woman opens plane emergency exit, mistaking it for the toilet, in an attempt to reach the bathroom while the plane was on ground.
    PIA flight 702 was due to fly to Islamabad suffered a delay of seven hours.

    So who would do that ?
    Some one senile or someone illiterate ?
    .. doesn’t happen much in the UK does it.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – as so,done who regularly sits in the exit seat – it is not easy to open the door accidentally – I think it takes three manoeuvres —- arranged marriage gone wrong ?


  6. Guest Who says:

    The Ecologist magazine on Facebook:

    “Gore. Blair. Obama. Miliband. And now May. Why is spouting hot air about climate change the last refuge of failed, compromised politicians?”

    Yet the bbc worships them. Odd.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Diversity ?
    The two black women in the news
    : Sharon White moving from Ofcom to John Lewis
    and Sonita Alleyne first black female Cambridge college head
    They were in the same Economics class at school
    and their teacher got them both into his old Cambridge college.
    HTF is two black Londoners getting top jobs diversity ?


  8. popeye says:

    Incredible. BBC webpage seems to be putting blame of drop in Comic Relief donations on Stacey Dooley, and that man Lammy taking the high ground DESPITE his comments widely recognised as costing them £8 million. Mustn’t blame the BAMEs when a convenient whitey is around, must we?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I would imagine that white people contribute the bulk of donations to Comic Relief (we are, after all, 85% of the population, whatever DFS might think).

      The white majority will no doubt have seen a black politician telling a well-meaning white woman that she is insulting blacks by trying to improve their wretched lives, that she is indeed a “white saviour”.

      I assume that a very large number of white people decided they did not want to be accused of being “white saviours” by a racist black politician, and accordingly kept their hands in their pockets.

      In the circumstances, I am surprised Comic Relief made as much money as it did. I am sure next year the BAME community will be more than happy to make up any shortfall, starting with Mr David Lammy MP.


  9. taffman says:

    “Brexit Party ‘at high risk’ of accepting illegal donations”
    “at high risk”?
    More propaganda . Al Beeb are very worried about The Brexit Party possibly because The Brexit Party could dismantle the biased broadcaster ?


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      t – I await the following headline.
      “BBC investigation reveals extensive electoral fraud, benefitting The Labour Party. Labour party leaders knew of the fraud, performed by Muslims, and decided to remain silent.”


      • G says:

        “……and decided to remain silent.” Under cover of their diversionary anti-semitism issues.


  10. Fedup2 says:

    309 / 298 vote in favour of HMG to still be in control of Parliament – except of course for the traitor speaker .

    It was close but at least none of the lawmakers voting this time was wearing a tag . I really can’t believe politics has descended that low …. but I suppose it’s the cost of diversity .

    I ll look for a list of red tories who joined Corbyn in the lobby for that one . I wonder when the traitor speaker will let them have another vote to get the ‘right remain vote ‘ next time ….


    • Dover Sentry says:

      I suspect that what we are seeing is The Brexit Party effect.

      Thanks to Farage for ‘making’ Parliament see sense and not remove ‘No Deal’.

      How will the BBC report thia? With long faces, perhaps 😉


    • Up2snuff says:

      A little miracle that, Fed. We will still need more miracles to free us from the shackles of the EU.


  11. G says:

    ‘Fraid not BBC again……..Sorry…..But just an observation following my previous contribution above.
    Awaiting all day for package delivery by……..Parcelforce following text yesterday evening advising delivery today. Now established that the Parcelforce depot is now on “unofficial” strike and delivery will be…….anyone’s guess.
    All brings back not-so-fond-memories of the 60’s/70’s. But then, if you were in business in those days, not only the likes of the dinosaur ‘Parcelforce’ would be on strike, probably the factory making the goods to be delivered was also. Those damn Marxists. All at it again but this time,
    Climate Change;
    Political Correctness, etc. etc.
    Wot changes? More, “Red’s under the bed”?


  12. pugnazious says:

    The BBC thinks encouraging people to do this is just a joke….


    ‘The BBC has defended Jo Brand against claims she incited violence through comments made during a radio show.

    The comedian, a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Heresy on Tuesday, joked about throwing battery acid at “unpleasant characters” rather than milkshakes.

    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who was hit by a milkshake last month, said “the police need to act”.

    The BBC said the jokes made on Heresy are “deliberately provocative as the title implies”.

    It added they were are “not intended to be taken seriously.” ‘

    The BBC even deliberately misinterprets Brand’s words claiming she was criticising the milkshake throwers…yeah…she was…saying they were not vicious enough…

    ‘The comic then went on to immediately make clear she was joking and criticised the milkshake stunts.

    “That’s just me. I’m not going to do it,” she said. “It’s purely a fantasy, but I think milkshakes are pathetic, I honestly do, sorry.”

    Her follow-up comments were edited out of widely-shared clips on social media. ‘

    The BBC either has no idea what she was really saying or is lying.

    As for people editing out the supposed get out clause…no…I saw it on Guido first and it was published in full as it is in the Sun and elsewhere….the BBC is trying desperately to downplay this….

    ‘“Certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore, and they’re very, very easy to hate, and I’m kind of thinking, why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?

    That’s just me, sorry, I’m not gonna do it, it’s purely a fantasy, but I think milk shakes are pathetic, I honestly do. Sorry.”’

    There was a time when the BBC was very concerned about the level of acid attacks but apparently if you’re in favor of Brexit this form of attack is perfectly fine…the BBC that gets very upset when Brexiteers use the words ”betrayal’ or ‘surrender’ or ‘traitor’ claiming these are ‘the language of war’ and yet throwing acid in a political opponent’s face is just a joke?

    The BBC had a similar attitude of course when it was suggested BNP members be shot and when it was suggested Jewish settlers [undocumented migrants no?] be shot in the back of the neck…all just a joke for the BBC.

    Brand should be prosecuted and sacked.


    • Dave S says:

      Non crime hate incident. What is that I wonder? The police are walking a dangerous line here. Sadly the intellectual capacity of the modern police force leaves much to be desired.
      Now is that insulting or offensive or what?
      Solzhenitsen says somewhere that the USSR worked on the basis that the dawn door kick in kept all dissidents in line . Few around to see it and fewer around who would say anything.


  13. vesnadog says:

    BBC News sometime today:

    The UK government is to give the INDIAN Government 10s of £ millions to help India with its climate change.

    Are we being ruled by madness or what?.


  14. upandatem says:

    Comedians cease to be funny when they take themselves seriously; examples would be Jo Brand and Lenny Henry. (Some would argue that they have never been funny.) They’re almost always left-wing, championing the rights of the so-called down-trodden and voiceless minorities, whilst living in comparative opulence – often funded by the BBC. Their delusional, political rantings are, usually, much funnier than their jokes.


  15. vesnadog says:

    I realise not BBC but BBC viewers/listeners should also read this so that anyone on here who has or knows someone whose child/adult has Down’s syndrome can be forearmed:



  16. Jeff says:

    The Jo Brand “joke” has already been mentioned.
    I think , pretty much, almost anything is ripe for piss taking, but this? Spraying someone’s face with acid…FFS you’d have to be sick or a psychopath to find this funny in any way at all.
    And don’t forget how sensitive Jo was when Carol Thatcher made a “joke” observation about a tennis player, comparing him to a Golly. She was furious!
    She made an immediate complaint and Thatcher was never seen on the programme, or indeed the BBC again.
    Time for a similar action methinks…


    • vlad says:

      Rule of thumb on al beeb: a leftie can say anything about a rightie, but a rightie can say nothing about a leftie, or a ‘minoritie’.


      • Oaknash says:

        True Vlad.
        I think in some ways the relaxed attitude of the BBC and mealy mouthed justification of Jo Brands “joke” signify s that the left (and I include much of the establishment and the BBC for sure in this description) have now crossed the Rubicon, in as far as they have now moved on from just misrepresenting facts and generating fake news and now appear to be developing a loose strategy, where it is now OK to move beyond the censoring or verbally abusing their political opponents. I think a nod and a wink has now been given out that you can now physically attack or intimidate anyone who does not share their world view. And as we saw with the old guy “milkshaked” at that demo or TR – plod now just looks on …………….

        Morons like Brand have not been slow to pick up on this and I think we now need to brace ourselves for an increased level off violence, and it is probably only a matter of time before Jo Brands “wish” comes true.

        When this happens, we need to remember though that it is not only the fault of the “worlds most trusted broadcaster” it is also Members of Parliament who have either sat on their hands, or actively encouraged (whilst claiming the opposite is true) the demonisation of large percentage of the electorate who only wanted their country back.


  17. G.W.F. says:

    Good discussion on how BBC bias operates


    • G.W.F. says:

      This interview polarises what the BBC think is best for us – hence the bias – with what people with access to the internet understand. This was my view until a few months ago when I became increasingly aware of a large section of yoonie educated middle class people who share the BBC views despite contempt for the biased broadcaster. The BBC has support from many who share its values but not the way they are presented by the BBC.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Right at the end, what irritates, in a nutshell: “…the arrogance of the cultural elite”.
      At the start, it sounds as if the bbc has good intentions, but are merely “misguided”, rather than malign.
      But an institution that thinks it knows best, regardless, is -at best- arrogant.
      Mainly one-sided.
      “An arrogant elite” and “democracy” don’t fit well together in the same picture.
      Afloat on an income enforced-with menace- by the threat of prison.
      A whiff of fascism there, somewhere..?
      Yet they seem to get away with it…


  18. Guest Who says:

    Interesting way of putting things.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Perhaps I should repeat my prediction. Sajid Javid (peace be upon him) is to be the next Conservative Party Leader and likely the PM after winning the General Election. He will attract the moslem vote as Disraeli attracted working class angels in marble.


      • Up2snuff says:

        GWF, I hope not. Javid is a Thatcherite through and through. He believes fervently in tax cuts for high earners and tax increases for everyone else as well as the now disproven ‘trickle down’ theory.


      • tarien says:

        I sincerely hope for the sake of this nation GWF that, this individual is not voted leader of the Conservative party-he is a full on supporter of the Teachings of Islam whatever else he is, and may come across to some in a differing light, Javid is a Chameleon make no mistake.
        Our country as one put it, has lost all sense of belief in itself and, because of this, has lost the will to defend itself, allowing it to be taken over by settlers and their descendants full of a sense of injury and entitlement to power. We are in a serious situation as numbers of Muslims in our land is now doubling each decade. Half of them are under 25. If you think about it for only a few seconds and do a bit of basic arithmetic, this is terrifying. Within ten years Birmingham, Slough, Luton, Blackburn and Bradford will have Muslim majorities observing sharia law. Futhermore our intellectuals, politicians and most journalists do not comprehend that their daily manipulation of language, their routine decoupling of words from reality, their increasing imprecision in the use of words, will end in this catastrophe. With information censored and distorted by government and media alike, the wishes and fears of the indigenous people shamefully disregarded, the role of history, culture and tradition dangerously neglected, a major problem exists for any judgement, any meaningful debate, about the renewed mortal threat posed by a resurgent Islam using wombs as weapons.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Very much agree with your thoughts Tarien. As mentioned before, his brother is now a high ranking officer in the Met Police, the BBC has a Muslim in charge of religious affairs ( Fatima Salarias who is a commissioning editor), new political editor at the BBC, Faisal Islam. As the latest generation gets older and into the job market, the list of Muslims in top jobs and high ranking positions will continue to increase. Its all a numbers game unless something is done.

          Despite all the protestations in the world at the time of a suspected conspiracy, a very wealthy Islamic playboy almost became the step father of the heir to the throne.


        • Despairada says:

          It’s worse than not minding the encroachment of islam in the land. I get the impression from the BBC (and the media in general) that we are all supposed to be thrilled about it: A muslim mayor of London? what a goal for diversity; a muslim home secretary: ditto hurrah; a muslim wins Bake off: a triumph for the hijabis. Dear Nadiya was then promoted like no cake baker ever before, columns in newspapers, TV shows, Nadiya’s new take on the pork pie, Nadiya’s festive food at Christmas, then the hijrah show that was derailed because they didn’t want to be obliged to do the same for pilgrims of other faiths (meaning they didn’t want to do anything to do with Christianity).

          Why must the muslim attribute feature so saliently? Do we know the religion of other politicians, public figures, entertainers and even workmates? I worked with a jewish guy for years before the fact that he was a jew came up in the conversation.

          As for Sajid Javid. He’s probably a nice guy and not too bad a politician but I remember him saying in an interview a while ago that Christianity was the only religion practised in their household because his wife is Christian. That was before he chose to use the koran for his swearing in as Home Sec. Then in a more recent interview he said that they did both Eid and Christmas in their house. Can it be that he is trying to be more muslim to attract the muzz vote, and at the same time playing it down so as not to put off non muslims. If he did become PM there would be unparalleled triumphal rejoicing at the beeb.


  19. Jane-ite says:

    BBC1 Six O’Clock News – usually avoided like a wanted man evades police checks, but after the parliamentary vote this afternoon I couldn’t help but wonder what the BBC version of reality would be. Utterly unbelievable, was what it was. Not reporting. Not news. Not remotely in touch with what most of the country is really thinking.

    First off, no mention of Labour’s defeat on the HoC on ‘No Deal’ Brexit, nor the ten Tory hardcore Remainers who have yet again shown themselves to be anti-Government. Imagine the crowing if Labour’s motion had passed! And this silence after all the build-up they have given to the possibility. Nope, nothing, just glum-faced women in red with a slightly panicked air.

    Top story: Boris’s leadership bid. Laura K made her move in the press conference by listing her subjective summary of all his most egregious faults, making this into a lengthy statement before actually asking her question. Boris slapped her down with some panache, calling her dronings a minestrone in which the odd crouton floated.

    Kuenssberg then stated that Boris was questioned about his past comments about women in burkas “to some jeers”. She made out that the jeers were for Boris, but it seemed clear to me and husband that the jeers were for the reporter who thought it crucial to dredge that up. Is the BBC political correspondent really unable to tell the difference? Because if she can’t, that raises serious questions about her ability to do the job.

    Truly terrible so-called reporting. Opinion masquerading as fact. Bias by omission. Stress on all the BBC trigger words. Skewed interpretation of what we could all hear for ourselves. No wonder more and more people are refusing to pay a licence fee. Then on to Sajid Javid who was damned with faint praise compared to the undermining meted out to Boris, and Zero-Carbon-Climate-Emergency-Crisis virtue signalling that, if implemented, would destroy all industry in the country (BBC thinks this is a good thing, naturally).

    Couldn’t stomach any more. Off.


    • Deborah says:

      Thank you Jane-ite for your summary of tonight’s news. What I had heard earlier, and to be honest I hadn’t heard much because the way the BBC reported Labour’s cunning little plan, I had assumed its passing was inevitable. I couldn’t face seeing the glee on Laura and whoever’s faces as they reported a no deal blocked. My first thought was I will see the 10pm news to see their glum looks, because I can still hardly believe what you write. Just ignore what the BBC had been bigging up all day? That’s our National Broadcaster for you.


      • Jane-ite says:

        Cheers, Deborah. It will be interesting to see if the Ten O’Clock News team has come to terms with what just happened to the latest BBC-favoured anti-Brexit plan. Perhaps they were still so shaken with disbelief and rage at six that they just couldn’t manage the, er, news management.

        I forgot to mention the other classic. The rioting in Hong Kong was mentioned in the headlines. Ironic, given that the BBC can hardly bring itself to mention Gilets Jaunes in France (and sporadically, in Belgium and Holland) so much closer to us. Especially as there are some similar issues with democracy and independence…

        On the plus side, the overwhelming obviousness of the bias has a strong whiff of desperation about it!


  20. vlad says:

    Conservatives, LISTEN!

    Jo Brand merely SPOKE what the beeb THINK!

    And you STILL pay the telly tax??!!


  21. theleftwilleatitself says:

    I love it when I see our state broadcaster with an online article that says “everything you need to know about……”
    No, al beeb it’s everything YOU want us to know about…..
    Ffs, we aren’t all children 👶


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s what they want people to know.

      As with everything bbc, such stories are when you head off to discover what they have ‘interpreted’ and/or edited out.


  22. Guest Who says:


    It is one thing to be consistently wrong in reporting/analysis, but quite another to set out to try and mess everything up to try and feel better about an ideological faith that is faltering. Yet the MSM manages it, and the BBC is funded by compulsion in doing so.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Rog is of course quite excited by the 2050 target.


    Maybe he thought Greta and Emma and Ed were going to be there anyway?


    • Beltane says:

      Another example of Rog’s poor grasp of reality. If the highly unlikely goal were to be achieved….he’ll be out of a job.
      Suggestions, please, for what could replace the gifted Mr. Harrabin’s lifestyle choice?


  24. Beeb Brother says:

    The Beeb are in a state of perpetual orgasm over the Comic Relief ‘white saviour’ brouhaha, whining about ‘harmful stereotypes.’

    Call me a Nazi, but I think the epidemic of black on black violence is somewhat more harmful. Alas there is no article about that on their website. As you lie dying on a cold street you must feel so much better knowing the noble BBC did all it could to protect you from harmful stereotypes.


  25. LastChanceSaloon says:

    “Brexit may expose Britons to cancer-causing chemicals as EU pesticide regs rolled back, experts warn”
    “The University of Sussex’s UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) has warned that critical environmental and human health protections may now be in danger”

    “The huge volume of new laws and regulations will have to be drawn up quickly with next to no oversight, warns UKTPO fellow Emily Lydgate.”

    Everybody left of Lenin, including the Guardian, features this prominently.

    “Not just a technical exercise: a look at new UK pesticides regulation”
    “Chloe Anthony, Ffion Thomas and Emily Lydgate”
    “In this blog, we take a closer look at the legislation”

    So this is from a blog, not an article in Nature.
    “Recent blog posts include”
    “Fifty ways to leave your lover”
    “Trump and Mexico, why the UK should care”
    “Indicative Votes and the economics behind the options”

    This sounds like the product of first class, expert, scientific minds.

    Here the three “expert” ladies are, well two anyway.
    “Biography. Emily Lydgate is a specialist in international trade law, agricultural and renewable energy policy.”

    “Ffion Thomas, a Masters student from the Centre for Alternative Technology”

    Chloe Anthony.
    I could not discover her educational background.

    Carcinogens cause cancer. Who would have believed it.
    We need to avoid carcinogens. Here are your Nobel Prizes for Medicine girls.
    “new laws and regulations will have to be drawn up quickly”
    So we will blame Brexit, because that’s what Remainiacs do.

    Whereas the truth is that any issues with producing laws quickly is 100% the responsiblity of those who have promoted Remain, and spent the last three years trying to overturn the referendum result.


  26. Dystopian says:

    Not the BBC but equally patronising.
    Why does the narrator on ITV’s Heathrow programme (airing now) feel the need to talk down to us in that stupid way that Mrs Merton speaks? She is talking like the narrator on Gogglebox as if we are all 3 years old or as thick as pig excrement.


  27. Beeb Brother says:

    RE: Jo Brand.

    Carl Benjamin had an excruciating appearance on the VD programme recently. Apologies if you have already discussed it. VD employed the Newmanian technique of talking over him and ignoring everything he said. It was a finger-wagging lecture on how one must never even joke about certain subjects; he’d made an obvious joke about how he wouldn’t even rape Jess Phillips.

    So how can Jo Brand joke about political violence? Jo Cox was murdered a few years ago. If you can’t joke about rape then you certainly can’t joke about extreme violence.

    The Police investigated Carl Benjamin. I doubt Brand will suffer a similar fate though her crime is worse. (Benjamin clearly had no actual intention of assaulting Philips whereas we know how violent leftists have been recently.)

    It is just like Animal Farm: all animals are equal, but some (pigs/liberal elite) are more equal than others.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Yep, and Victoria Derbyshire is Napoleon 😀


    • StewGreen says:

      My take is that BBC PR know they are in deep doodoo over it,
      so are trying every trick they can get out of it.


  28. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Somebody at the bbc is in for it.
    I’ve just seen the QT panel for tomorrow and the leavers are in double figures. (Well, in binary they are..10)
    There’s two of them!
    How on Earth has that happened.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      I wonder if to qualify as a lefty tw*t on the box you must grow a beard? Or at least a pathetic goatee, a la Lineker 😴


  29. Fedup2 says:

    People like dominic grieve talk about ‘honour ‘ and ‘belief ‘. This is what he said in the debate today

    If the only way of stopping that Prime Minister [implementing a no-deal Brexit] would be to bring down that Prime Minister’s government… I will not hesitate to do that… Even if it means my resigning the whip and leaving the Party…”

    The BBC loves him – no attack on his loyalty , getting elected on a fraudulent manifesto , conniving with the speaker and just about anyone to frustrate a democratic vote .

    He didn’t even have the courage to do a ‘chukka’ and walk into political extinction .


  30. Kaiser says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Someone in his office must have said – what can we get him to say so that the Jews think he likes them?’ A “ I know – there was that Ann frank kid who the Germans killed in that war on the TV “ – he can do a ‘our thoughts are with job ‘ on that one .


    • TrueToo says:


      The BBC does the same as standard practice. It is sympathetic to the victims of the Holocaust. And it thinks that is a camouflage for it’s loathing of Israel.

      The BBC would like us to think it has no hostility towards Jews, but only opposes Israeli policy. Many Israelis are not fooled by this.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      He is just a filthy piss stained tramp.


  31. Guest Who says:

    BBC News, still doing comedy:

    “Being a trans person in the UK at the moment is like being a second class citizen.”

    The NSPCC has cut ties with Munroe Bergdorf, after she revealed she was Childline’s “first LGBT+ campaigner”.



  32. StewGreen says:

    ITV now the Boston Lincs Police Comedy
    .. The Boston white mother has just discovered that when her daughter disappeared 10 years ago her head was cut off ( comedy ?)
    The fat white female detective asks who the boyfriend was
    Mother ‘Marek, but you never went after him did you
    … them Polish lads are at the lager at 9 in the morning’
    (Get it Boston ? is a UKIP Brexit area so all the British must be racists)
    Fatty must be in libmob cos she answers back sternly “These guys work hard a night so our breakfast is their night time”

    Next moment Fatty is speaking perfect Polish ‘We’ve had pickers on our farm since I were a kid’

    Now at the charity dinner a heavy accented businessman has just made a huge donation to the local hospice.


    • JimS says:

      I guess that made more sense in the original Polish?


      • StewGreen says:

        JimS I would shout racist at you
        but the very first thing I see on Twitter is a guy tweeting
        ‘ Look in the credits I am credited as Location Assistant’
        ….. his name Is Jake Craske


    • StewGreen says:

      * Spoiler *
      .. were the Polish dope growing guys the bad ones ?
      …. No cos they didn’t kill the daughter
      Some one slept with her Polish boyfriend
      so she jumped off a wind turbine tower
      .. and the blades sliced off her head
      … The bad woman who had slept with the boyfriend
      was her own mother
      see StupidWhiteBrit is the bad one


      • StewGreen says:

        The media are obsessed about diversity
        but they didn’t even think about having a character speak in a local accent.
        Isn’t that like filming in black parts of London and everyone having a white accent ?

        The plot and tropes were all very contrived
        You can certainly tell it’s TVland people and not local people.


    • Dystopian says:

      Was that seriously meant to be comedy? Really?
      I thought it was meant to be serious and found it rather cheesy with poor special effects. The filming “on top of the wind turbine” was like something out of the old “land that time forgot” movies. But then it was Lincolnshire so rather apt.


  33. theleftwilleatitself says:

    The Grenfell ‘grieve-a-thon’ starts on Friday. I hope everybody is ready for this lefty nonsense. I played Rage Against The Machine-Killing in the Name out of my window last year 👍


  34. Guest Who says:

    Gav back in his safe place.


  35. Fiter says:

    Last week the BBC were praising the older generation for saving the country and Europe from the Nazis
    This week they take away the free licence fee for over 75s, the very people they were praising
    I hate the BBC


  36. Guest Who says:

    Jez Bowen will be conflicted. Jane Hill too. Orla…


    • Kaiser says:



    • Deborah says:

      I think the first push resulted in some overacting, the fall back and squeal was “look what these awful police are doing”. I don’t think she expected the follow up.


    • Oaknash says:

      Poor baby!


      • Dystopian says:

        Exactly. Total lack of discipline from the parents has led to a generation with no respect for authority.


  37. honestus says:

    should start a new website called not the biased BBC as this seems to attract more posts. In similar vein – revisit to peterborough by-election and in particular the briefing note, which still carries the rank stench of dishonesty and diversion. Last comment, honest.
    Briefing note compared postal votes from 2017 GE @ 11,930 (returned) to 2019 by-election where 9,898 (returned). similar figures and similar valid return rates, moving on swiftly.
    In fact turnout in 2017 was 47,884 (66%) which means postal votes contributed 24%.
    In 2019, turnout was much lower at 33,998 (48%) with postal votes now amounting to 29.1%, nearly a third of votes cast. A significant increase on a method of voting known to be open to manipulation by certain groups within the electorate, some who have form, and we cannot lawfully be told who most benefited from this particular vote method. how convenient. Stinks!


    • Dystopian says:

      “should start a new website called not the biased BBC as this seems to attract more posts”

      That’s because the disease of political bias is now rife throughout the whole of the MSM and not just the bbc.
      I still find other (non BBC) posts relevant because it demonstrates how the masses are being brainwashed by the “BBC effect”.


  38. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Well said filter


  39. Tabs says:

    Not bias but BBC science inaccuracy…

    BBC1 News at Ten talking about the UKs zero net carbon by 2050. A presenter was showing a newly built efficient house, “this house has no central heating”, and then immediately shows us the (air source heat pump) heating system.


    • Guest Who says:

      They are this close to running the windmill-powered car again.


    • The Sage says:

      If last June’s 30C temperatures were a clear and unequivocal example of global warming, what do this June’s 13C temperatures signify?


  40. Guest Who says:

    Good news of a sort.

    But vague on other detail until you read down.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      I was going to add some data to the BBC report, however, I have recently changed my IP.
      The new one is concerned about my well-being.
      ROP and BNI are verboten, due to …

      “Vodafone age-restricted content controls”
      “To protect younger customers, we’ve restricted access to adult content on mobile devices.
      It’s easy to remove the content control bar, you’ll just need a credit card to verify your age.
      Please note: no payment will be taken.”
      “If you don’t have a credit card, just take a copy of your photo ID (like a passport or driving licence) to your
      nearest store and one of our advisers will be happy to help.”

      [Then we will pass your details to GCHQ.]

      Stormfront, page up in a nanosecond.
      But you must not be allowed to learn the truth about Muslims.


  41. Beeb Brother says:

    Nothing about Brand’s comments in their websites. They managed several days of coverage when Boris Johnson made ‘offensive’ comments about burqas. Anyone might think they are biased?


    • Dystopian says:

      Disappointing to hear JHB on Talk Radio defending Jo Brand’s “right” to make “jokes”. Apparently she is a “comedian” that’s what she does. The whole point of the show apparently, is to say things that will shock. Well that’s okay then. Can we now claim back the “right” to joke about anything? The “right” that has been taken away from us by the vicious left? How about a rerun of Freddie Starr sketches. Maybe a bit of proper comedy from the golden oldies who did actual funny jokes. Let’s have Jim Davidson back on tv with some “Chalky” sketches. After all we have the “right” to make jokes even if others don’t find them funny, right?


  42. Celtic_Mist says:

    Wonderful – the whole kit and caboodle requires overhaul

    /If you’ve already complained to the BBC

    Ofcom will not normally write back to you with the outcome of its considerations.

    However, please be assured that we will assess your complaint to see if it raises substantive issues under the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines that require further consideration by Ofcom…/


  43. Cassandra says:

    Noam Chomsky might have been talking about the BBC, when he said:

    “For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.”


    It’s worth remembering that the BBC sacked Danny Baker foe “a joke”.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.”

      When this happens we can see who the powerful are. Jo the acid joker even popped up on BBC4 the other night. Yet because of the woman’s target the Brand is not tarnished.

      There was I thinking I lived in a country where justice was applied without fear nor favour.


    • Dystopian says:

      “The BBC said Brands comments were not intended to be taken seriously “.
      I’m sure the Charlie Ebdo cartoons were not intended to be taken seriously either, BBC.

      Should someone now go and shoot Jo Brand eh BBC? (JOKE!)


      • honestus says:

        Brand has appeared on behalf of the Labour Party defending its record and decrying the hated tories. This makes her a practising activist. Similar to many left wing activists, reverting to ‘comedian’ only when foot meets mouth.


  44. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1

    No Deal Brexit. Back in March the UK was prepared, more or less, to leave the EU on 29 March without a deal. In April, same thing for the 12th of the month.

    Suddenly, in mid-June, we have claims that “EEEeeeek! We are not READY for a No Deal Brexit. HeeeEEELPPP! We need six to eight months to arrange supplies of food and pharmaceuticals and stuff.”

    Have we really consumed six to eight months-worth of those supplies since 12 April? Really? Now that is not what BBC’s Business News said earlier this week and last week.

    Funny that.

    Anti-Brexit and Anti-No Deal Brexit propaganda on the BBC? What propaganda?


    • Banania says:

      If we are not ready, whose fault it that? The decision to leave was taken three years ago. The people who have spent that time trying to reverse the decision are to blame.


      • taffman says:

        They have been happy to wreck our economy in order to prevent our independence . Treason anyone ?
        Someone should be brought to account .
        Time for The Brexit Party to show its teeth .


  45. Deborah says:

    Toady, Thursday morning. It is only 7.10 and I have heard about the dinosaurs who appears is going to be sold iand we were told his expected price in Euros with no explanation of who is selling him or why the price is in Euros.

    I have heard there is a report saying how hopeless Baroness Scotland is at the Commonwealth Office. To be fair they did say she was Labour but no mention of her extravagances including a portrait and if memory serves me right vast amounts spent on her private quarters. But we were told several times it was a leaked report.

    But then after the 7am news we were told that the Cabinet were informed it would take x months to do this before Brexit and y to do the other. Each was months not years, my thought was that the better get on with them
    But the 7.10 am interview is with Oliver Letwin. I switched off before he ever came on.


    • Up2snuff says:

      TOADY Watch #2

      Debbie, it was worth a listen. Sir Oliver Wetwipe was a little gloomy. Think he realises that Brexit is getting nearer and the anti-Brexit Mob in Parliament lost a big, important battle yesterday.

      The Beeboids are twin-teaming on Bashing No-Deal Brexit today. Mishal is now having a go at Michael somebody, sorry, too much rattling from the keyboard to catch the surname when mumbled by Mishal at interview end. He is a businessman who has given money – shock, horror! – to the Conservative Party and Conservative MPs for their election campaigns. That sort of thing? Mishal does so not approve, phew, no!

      Mishal really doesn’t like that. It shows, Mishal, you know. You are so obvious.


      • Demon says:

        It’s amazing how no-one in the media has asked Corbyn what he meant by his threat “Wait until September and the smile will be wiped off your face!”

        It’s being played down – he should have to answer for that and explain what bit of skullduggery he intends to inflict on democracy.


  46. Tabs says:

    UK one of ‘least family friendly’ countries in Europe

    A typical anti British article…
    The UK is one of the worst places in Europe for paid parental leave and affordable quality childcare, the UN’s children’s charity has said.

    The BBC have used 2 photos to illustrate UK families.
    1. A Chinese girl with parents blurred in the background
    2. an Indian father with a black daughter.


  47. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Brexit: Care providers say number of EU workers falling””

    “”Jane Stewart from Peach Nursing said she currently employed just one British carer out of 44.””

    “”But the Department for Health and Social Care said the numbers of EU nationals working in the sector had risen since the 2016 Brexit referendum.””


    See that? The BBC got their anti-Brexit headline in before the facts emerged further down.

    Biased Pensioner-Mugging anti-Brexit BBC.


    • Kaiser says:

      Care providers

      its not like any of the staff have any formal qualifications, they will happily “train” on the job anyone can start (on minimum wage) and if (when) you get the certificates you will then be on minimum wage, and if your the senior experienced carer , you will get an uplift to minimum wage.

      If your working in a care home for dubious dangerous possibly violent older men, you get the bonus of minimum wage, or you could shift to nights you get the added extra of minimum wage

      want to complain , no problem , f-off, plenty more eastern europeans who would love the job as it entitles them to housing benefits and working tax credits

      The bill to the council for each semi-secure care place ??

      4K per week supposedly for 1 to 1 care but in reality nearer 1 to 4

      its a racket , the taxpayer pays , british workers lucky to get a job, eastern europeans doing lots of it, subsidised by the tax payer some more


  48. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3

    Ebola. Dame Sally Davies would be proud of the BBC toadies. They, I think, are helping to spread misinformation about the disease with help from WHO. Apparently it is all down to people playing with bats. Going into caves and climbing trees to kiss bats. The WHO spokesman isn’t refering to the Cricket World Cup, either.

    Come on, WHO. Name the real problem. Chimpanzees. Monkeys. Bush meat! Bush meat smuggling. Corruption. Hunger. More corruption. People trafficking and smuggling.


  49. Not Gwent says:

    Interesting that State Broadcaster is to run a programme featuring attacks on emergency services including liquid poured onto one DC’s face after being knocked off her bike (TV tonight).

    No doubt Jo will be glued; it’s her Brand of humour.