Start the Week 13 May 2019

The Far Left Failing Biased Remainer BBC is gearing up to be the official opposition to the Brexit Party . Ofcom will look away from the breaches of Election Law the BBC will be committing . Drain the Swamp .

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  1. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Am I first? Surely not!


    • RobRoy says:

      I think you are – and there was me waiting in the wings.


    • StewGreen says:

      – Sunday from 2:30pm Page 3
      Page 2 was Saturday from 4:40pm to Sunday Lunchtime


      • StewGreen says:

        @RobRoy a note about your comment below
        Harra’s article comments are always rigged as if he phones his activist mates up just before he posts, so they can pile in on the comments.
        What the do is systematically downvote sensible comments
        But strangely this time it did not happen
        only 25 of his mates turned up to do the downvoting
        Thus sceptics kept control, there being 75 of them in the discussion
        Comments opened at 3pm Friday and closed 10pm Saturday cos moderators don’t work Sundays

        But why is the bBC producing discussion articles for just 100 people, making just 145 comments ?
        Mail articles used to get 8,000 comments sometime , 100 out of 60 million people is nothing


        • RobRoy says:

          Stew, I think we can see this when sometimes the comments are opened up when they add the item, or at other times it can be hours before the HYS is available. So I guess this is also due to when the wreck brigade have finished supping their mocha lattes in Neros and can be asked to log on.

          I often post on HYS, usually with an actual fact/ stat with a reference – and still these bozos ‘dislike’ it.


    • Scroblene says:

      I wanna be first! I’m entitled to be first, an’ I’ll vote for Joe Corribin every time so I’ll get a free mobile, Ipad, dinners at KFC, a free travel pass, a free house an’ stuff…

      I’m entitled to be first, an’ I wanna be first an’ I’m tellin’ everybody that I am first!

      It’s not fair…


  2. RobRoy says:

    Don’t you just love some of the HYS comments on the BBC website. Take this daft story – Europe ‘takes too much of Earth resources’ at

    Among the comments are:-

    “What would really help solve this problem is some kids skiving off school teaming up with a bunch of workshy crusties to block all the roads and superglue themselves to trains and buses to raise awareness, annoy everyone and stop them getting to work and back home in a timely fashion. Then maybe a stupid English actress could fly in from L.A to tell us not to use planes so often. That would work.”

    “And southeast asia releases the most CO2, dumps the most waste into the ocean, burns the most coal and has the largest population. But it’s all somehow the west that’s not pulling their weight.”

    And this, my favourite, that get right to the point

    “Europe may or may not be overusing the earth’ resources, but the UK undoubtedly leads the world in its excess of virtue signalling, media savvy, green activists who, while technically illiterate, abuse statistics of dubious value to prey upon the inherent British angst that we must have sinned in the past and so must now atone – for everything!”

    It’s encouraging that most of the top rated comments are usually Pro-Brexit, Climate Change skeptic and BBC critics – I wonder if the Beeb are ever going to get the message.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Parliaments sin was to rule other nations undemocratically. First America rebelled because Parliament would not let them have representation. Then Parliament gave Canada devolution rather than representation. Parliament continued to refuse representation or democratic federation of the Empire. So it all ended when the Labour party won in 1945, introducing a policy of Brexit type national sovereignty for those colonies that wanted independence.

      Parliaments sin is now to resist national sovereignty and independence for Britain, as well as democracy for the House of Lords, which is the only totally undemocratic legislative body in the western world. The Yellow vests would chop off the heads of Lords with a Guillotine if the French still had a House of Lords.

      So its not our fault. IT’S PARLIAMENTS FAULT. Those bastards in Parliament sinned in the past and so must now atone for everything.



      • Fedup2 says:

        I totally agree – and as I’ve said before – I think the current building is part of the problem . It encourages little monsters like Bercow to become inflated monsters . The false traditions turn the thing into a game where voters are disregarded by MPs who rapidly lose touch, know far better and become traitors .

        I say this because in a previous life I went into that building quite a lot . You can feel the corruption wrapped up with nonsense traditions
        Drain the swamp. Vote brexit


      • john in cheshire says:

        And as someone said recently, England is the only country in Europe that doesn’t have a national parliament.

        What on earth is the matter with us?


      • jip says:

        Labour may have been for sovereignty in the past, but can’t-count-Abbot demonstrates how utterly pathetic Labour are yet again, How can such a profoundly inept person be shadow home secretary?… even if she were a lollipop lady the number of children being run over would go through the roof as she failed to count how many children were on the road:

        Such ineptitude should be front page news on the BBC, but the racist BBC think such minorities are unable to be held to the same standards as everyone else.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I have just read an article in a local newspaper about an Orwellian Climate Change organisation called “Hope for the Future”. Apparently the article shows pupils being indoctrinated by a climate change propaganda programme. It shows the local Tory MP visiting the school. The MP says that the pupils “have been working hard to produce Climate Change campaigns” The Tory MP was attending the Schools climate change campaign day. It means that politicians are being lobbied by school children who have been indoctrinated by an organisation supported by Members of Parliament, and funded indirectly by the government through a huge network of other charities. The scam also includes lovely soft nice phrases like “better the world for all living thinks” ”bringing to life what children are learning” and “protecting the environment”. I am now waiting for further news of what can be done. It looks like a threat of legal action against the schools headmaster could be possible, forcing them to back off from the indoctrination campaign. The parents must feel powerless as the local MP, school and media are not going to help them contact us. We will see what Weatheraction and the GWPF are doing about this.


    • TrueToo says:

      Rob Roy,

      The BBC has a long history of pretending to be interested in the voice of the people. And when (as so often happens) that voice powerfully contradicts the BBC’s narrow, lefty outlook, the BBC goes into incredible angst – or it used to.

      Here’s Peter Horrocks, who was so high up in the BBC he was practically in PeeCee heaven, writing in The Editors blog on the value of citizen journalism. It’s a transcript of a speech he made after his angst over highly-recommended comments to HYS after the murder of Benazir Bhutto:

      “That’s the way politics works with The Religion of Peace”. 828

      “Religion of Peace strikes again.” 717

      “Is this another example of the wonderful tolerance for which, or so we are constantly being told, Islam is famous?
      Its time the rest of the world stopped making excuses for this barbaric, dark ages way of life and completely condemned the casual brutality continually perpetrated by so many of the religion’s supporters.” 565

      Here’s Horrocks’ initial reaction:

      Ten days ago, just hours after the death of Benazir Bhutto, we considered turning off the comment recommendation facility on that story on the BBC News website. It was only a fleeting suggestion but that we could consider, however briefly, freezing this important part of BBC News’ service tells you something about the power and the potential danger of the new intensity of the interaction between the contributing public, journalists and audiences. And it raises the question of how much attention and resource news organisations should devote to this rapidly burgeoning aspect of our journalism.

      The transcript is really long, but quite informative and revealing of the BBC mindset re the voice of the people. It’s also astonishingly honest coming from a BBC top dog. Ever since Horrocks’ speech (and probably for some time beforehand) the BBC has been agonising over how inclusive it should be of the public voice. It did in fact turn the ‘Recommend Comments’ facility off for a long time on HYS. Also, the format used to be much more generous than now, allowing lengthy comments.

      No doubt if the majority of HYS comments followed the BBC line, there would be no anguished cry from the likes of Peter Horrocks about how to deal with the phenomenon of the public voice.

      Horrocks also said this:

      And of course in the end we didn’t cut off that Have Your Say forum. The BBC has made a commitment to listening to the views of its audience. And I have no doubt how any attempt to down-play or disregard their comments would have been seen – as censorship and a conspiracy by the BBC to prevent their strongly held views.

      Too right, Mr. Horrocks – and of course it bloody well would have been exactly that.


  3. vlad says:

    My concern is they will, eventually, get the message. Then they will trim their sails slightly, just enough, and without any soul-searching continue blithely on as though they hadn’t been wrong about everything for decades and helped ruin this nation. A bit like Soviet-supporting Marxists last century who never recanted, never apologised, but just carried on in their jobs as Sociology lecturers, Labour politicians… or bbc news editors.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Radio4 debate show
    Topic : Is the mainstream media a force for good in society?

    Who do they pick as the debaters ?
    ……. Real world or their libmob bubbled world ?
    Yeh right,
    ..We got a Times Deputy editor ..female of course
    vs a communist Richard Seymour
    … who wants full socialism of everything including the press
    ..and whose main worry is how the media treats Corbyn

    .. Yeh all the customers at the market tell me
    .. that is the their main worry about UK media today
    .. NOT, NOT, and NOT


  5. Nibor says:

    Imagine a general election where the government is outvoted and the opposition should take its place — but cannot for three years .
    And then it’s in doubt .
    Because people who voted for the democratly elected party might or could have changed their minds , according to university lecturers , a left wing newspaper, a strangely financed broadcaster , some shouty people and other assorted Gramscians .
    Because they think it’s a mistake to honour what the people voted for , a people’s vote . They want à People’s Vote .
    The People’s Vote will be final , the government will honour it unless the people vote not as the People’s Vote but as the people vote .
    If the people vote about an international treaty and for independence it can easily be proved that the people voted wrongly because the people voted slightly differently for a town council in areas where there were local elections.
    Therefore it is right to ignore a people’s vote unless it’s a People’s Vote .
    ( I might wrong about this ; it might be THE people’s vote not A people’s vote )


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I remember a time when all the nations called “Peoples Democratic Republic” were ruled by communist dictators. So “Peoples Vote” sounds like communist hypocrisy to me. It means the people who want a peoples vote do not respect democracy, so would not respect the result unless the people voted against democracy. Otherwise they would call for a “Confirmatory vote” and if that didn’t go their way then they would call for a “Peoples Plebiscite“ and so forth, on and on, just like the “Theresa Mays Deal” votes.


  6. smoogie7 says:

    Well I have taken a break from politics as it was too much of a headache and I blanked out the BBC altogether. Only yesterday I heard them advertising for the Labour Party through on the radio at work about ‘pay rises for 16 year olds’ or what ever desperate bribe Corbyn has come up with. I went to their website and low behold, pro Labour bias everywhere!

    Anyway I got a letter from them asking to inspect as I do not have a license. Shall I play nice or just waste their time?


  7. jip says:

    This BBC-Farage interview is so pathetic, questions about the upcoming EU elections included:

    “Are you going to apologize for the “turning point poster”
    “The 2016 referendum gave no mandate for a no deal Brexit”
    “The government has been trying to leave the EU”
    “You are talking about betrayal by the government which is divisive”
    “Lots of your fellow citizens will lose their jobs (if we leave the EU)”
    “So you still feel uncomfortable with foreign languages”
    “Do you still want to privatize the NHS”
    “Do you still think that HIV infected foreigners should not be able to use the NHS”
    “do you still admire Putin”

    And finally Andrew Marr at the end of the interview tells you to look at the BBC (propaganda) website for more information about the EU election.

    The BBC is filled with filth, lies and propaganda.


    • taffman says:

      Now let’s see how good Ofcom are with Al Beeb’s conduct and bias?


    • Beltane says:

      On the host page for this site there’s some hackle raising garbage from the indy100 on the Marr/Farage farrago, packed with the sensitive and well constructed opinions from a selection of high-IQ readers. A joy to browse.
      A recurrent theme is the frequency of NF’s appearances on the BBC but by comparison another frequently featured character – with far less justification, given his past record – does not get a mention. He’s a bombastic liar, a bully, and one of the most truly unprincipled and despicable men on the political scene: Alistair Campbell.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Thanks for that Jip.. never have I seen Marr being such an idiot – Nigel F was right – he wasn’t even trying to discuss the issues but simply denigate Nigel F.

      At the end he swings around and the scowl on his face says it all..
      the funny thing is on R4 today Sue Lawley said Nigel Farage was shown to have lost his argument with Marr by his responses – (so no bias there eh Sue) another beauty – she must have been watching a different programme to me.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Sir Alan Duncan MPVerified account @AlanDuncanMP
    MP for Rutland and Melton. Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    Got ratioed : 3 times more people Replied to his tweet than Liked it

    In his previous tweet he praised a referendum


    • Dave S says:

      Duncan is like Marr and the rest. They have not got a clue what is about to happen. Keep it that way and let then twitter on inconsequentially. It is always true that the incumbent orthodoxy never sees it coming. This lot are so dumb they would not get it if you shouted it down their ear pieces.
      Personally I want to see both Tory and labour vanish from the face of the earth in this EU election. Then see them squirm .


  9. Richard Pinder says:

    The Brexiteers are divided between the Brexit Party on 34% and UKIP on 4%. But the Remainers are divided five ways between Labour on 21%, LibDems on 12%, Tories on 11%, Greens on 8% and Change UK on 3%.
    So UKIP are unlikely to get any MEP’s. At the moment a ten MEP list would go. Brexit, Labour, Brexit, LibDem, Brexit, Tory, Labour, Brexit, Green, Labour. But if UKIP voters voted Brexit Party, then a list of ten would go. Brexit, Labour, Brexit, Brexit, LibDem, Tory, Labour, Brexit, Green, Brexit. Giving half the seats to the Brexit Party.


    • Demon says:

      Richard, as you no doubt realised what you’re saying is Brexit has 38% and Remain 55%. It makes it look as if Brexit is haemorrhaging support. The truth is many leavers will have been fooled by the one-sided lying propaganda that claims Conservatives and Labour are planning to deliver Brexit as the illiberal undemocratics keep blurting.

      Also some leavers remain loyal to their party despite letting them down on Brexit. I remain worried but the Brexit Party can at least deliver a bloody nose to the two main parties, and if May remains clinging on to power it will be a Coup-de-Grace for the Conservatives.


  10. vlad says:

    The religion that keeps on giving. What can we do?

    I know, let’s invite some more over here.



  11. chancygardner says:

    Slipped under the main title about a requirement of a confirmatory vote urrrr confirmed by Sir Keir we have another ‘Meanwhile back at the ranch report…’

    *Campaigning for the European elections continues – with votes to elect 73 UK MEPs due to be cast on 23 May – and Mr Watson will warn voters not to turn to the “nasty nationalism of the Farage Brexit Party”.
    This is repeated in case we didn’t let it sink in first time.

    Reminds me of the trial of Captain Blackadder (after he had shot and eaten a pigeon unbeknownst to him as Speckled Jim, General Melchett’s only childhood friend) overseen by General Melchett himself, who refers hysterically to the accused at the start of the trial as the ‘Flanders Pigeon Murderer!!


  12. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1

    Oh dear! President Trump, just like the BBC, doesn’t ‘understand’ how tariffs work.

    This puts the BBC in a difficult position. They have deliberately misrepresented the effects of tariffs and enabled ‘Remainers’ to do so as well in relation to Brexit. They are now forced to either disagree with President Trump and to present the correct effect of tariffs or to continue their little charade but side with Trump.

    What a dilemma!


  13. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2

    ‘Car crash’ Marr needs to watch out: he has competition from Caroline Hawley. She was on at 6.12am approx to talk about Julian Assange. Well, she talked. And ‘Ummmhd’. And ‘Errrrd’. And hesitated. And stumbled. She did not really know her stuff.

    She did it a lot.

    Just a bad day at work? Maybe. A one-off? Possibly. Probably. Not very good value for £3.5bn and equal pay with the BBC men.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The article on the Traitor Marr interview in the daily mail online has had 10400 comments – which is probably more than the number of people who watched the dross .

      I don’t know what these comments say as life is too short but it show the interest in Reich EU elections . Naturally the mail commissioned the traitor Oborne to do an assassination piece on mr Farage .


    • vesnadog says:


      “Caroline Hawley”

      We must remember that because those obnoxious creatures at the BBC are actually wannabe actors ( islington entertainment bubble) every one of the blighters needs ample time to rehearse their long winded answers.


  14. Annunaki says:

    What to do when your country needs you :


    • vesnadog says:


      I can see that those brave girls heeded the advice given to them and not used the faithful British Sten-gun that always seemed to jam at the most vital time.


    • G says:

      I fear that time is approaching rapidly to the point when everybody has to stand up and be counted (perhaps in more ways than is superficially thought at the present).


  15. Annunaki says:

    What to do when your country needs you 2, run away and scrounge a council house:


  16. Guest Who says:

    BibbyCee morning emole with a few added OBSERVATIONS.

    Brexit: Any cross-party deal ‘will need public vote’


    The government and the Labour Party are today re-starting talks aimed at ending the deadlock over Brexit. But shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer is warning [OH, SO IT’S ANOTHER WARNING FROM A BLOKE THEN] that any arrangement they come up with must be put to the public in a confirmatory referendum [GOOD TRY, AUNTY]. Otherwise, he tells the Guardian [OH, MY SIDES] between 120 and 150 Labour MPs are likely to refuse to back it.

    Not, of course, that the two sides have reached any deal yet. Sir Keir’s also saying that Prime Minister Theresa May must budge on her “red lines” if this is to happen. MPs have rejected Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement with the EU three times, forcing her to hold talks with Labour, in the hope of creating a cross-party consensus.

    With 10 days to go before the European Parliament elections, how are the polls looking? [BAD FOR THE NARRATIVE, HENCE….] And here’s all you need to know about how the elections work.” [ANYONE USING WHAT THE BBC DECIDES YOU NEED TO KNOW DESRVES ALL THEY GET]


    • Guest Who says:

      BBB Source who says.


      • Guest Who says:

        The Today Programme

        Good morning. Today: Labour has warned the PM that nearly 2/3 of its MPs will reject any Brexit deal that doesn’t promise a referendum. Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson (0810). We are in a food waste epidemic, says to a government adviser (0730). Does AI need regulating? (0750).


        See how it works yet?


        • Guest Who says:



          • gb123 says:

            “we are in a food waste epidemic”. We sure are. Every mouthful swallowed by the politicians and media on their jollies around the world. With a total output of lies and bovine excrement.


            • Guest Who says:

              Apparently Bercow is off on a self-promo tour of the States paid for by us.

              No doubt Greta will be there to see him off. Or going with, as he is headed that way anyway.


              • Fedup2 says:

                Pity the punter in 1st class who has to sit next to him going across the Atlantic .

                Although I suspect he might hire the whole aircraft on the tax payers ‘ dime to take his ‘ friends ‘ with him .
                With a bit of luck he ll do a Clegg and stay there boring the yanks to death with “ when I was the speaker “ stories .

                Drain it


            • john in cheshire says:

              The HoP is populated with useless eaters. We could improve our country’s health and reduce waste if we stop feeding them.


          • Guest Who says:

            Et encore in fois.

            “We are a remain and reform party.”

            “Labour deputy leader Tom Watson says “remain is not on the ballot paper” in the EU elections but “narrow populism” and “nationalism” is, so voters should “look at the wider context of the political world we’re in”.


        • Guest Who says:

          And, repeat… this time with added Tom.

          “The way out of the Brexit deadlock is a public vote on Theresa May’s deal says Labour’s Tom Watson.”


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        ‘Confirmatory Poll’


  17. Annunaki says:



  18. Fedup2 says:

    Has anyone seen any more on the church burning and murders in Africa yesterday ? I guessed the bbc would non event this as its only Christians ….
    There is a piece about a female journo getting topped in afgee though . She ll get the full jo Cox .


  19. Annunaki says:



  20. Annunaki says:



  21. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3

    Am I missing something? Maybe. Are the Parliamentary Conservative Party and Labour Party MPs missing something? Maybe. Is the BBC missing something? Maybe.

    The EU have said that the deal available to the UK a.k.a. known as the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) or Treeza’s Deal or the Chequers Agreement is the only deal available to the UK. It cannot be changed. It cannot be modified. It cannot be altered.

    So why are a bunch of people from the Conservative and Labour Parties talking about changing or modifying or altering the WA? As far as the EU are concerned it cannot be done. It will not be done. Is anyone in the UK paying attention?


    Care to comment?




    • Fedup2 says:

      I think the ReichEU uses weasel words like ‘cannot be changed in substance’ – so the backstop duration and enforceability might be twitchable – as well,as the size of the bribe being paid ( ie revised upward ) .

      Up2 – with a bit of luck the talks will break down and bekky wrong daily mp won’t have to make the tea for the grown ups any more …


    • David R says:

      It cannot and will not be altered. It will be ignored by the Commission (fourth Reich) where it suits them, just like every other unchangeble rule they want to get round routinely is.


  22. Fedup2 says:


    Wow – it’s full on right on today

    Throw cash at domestic ‘abuse ‘
    Cut wasting food
    Wimmin win the Bafta s
    Don’t mention the ReichEU MEP elections

    The off switch beckons ….

    Meanwhile the traitorPM sits in her bunker sending out orders to destroy the country and and stop the Russians – sorry – brexit Party as it approaches … I’ve watched ‘downfall’….

    Boris is himler doing dirt deals with the allies
    Rory Stewart is goebells
    Gove is Bormann
    The number 10 cat is ‘blondi’


  23. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #4

    The programme has mentioned in News headlines and in one short item that the boss of Tesco has called for a tax on online retailers to fund a 20% cut in Business Rates to save High Street (and, I assume, Tesco Extra) shops. That is really smart!

    The Tesco boss should have engaged his brain before opening his mouth.

    More tax taken from hard-pressed consumers who shop on-line because 1. prices are more competitive and often cheaper, and 2. it is definitely cheaper than using expensive (and CO2 producing) transport to travel to the High Street where you may have to pay even more to park a car or walk to bus or train carrying heavy bags is likely to make consumers:
    1. Shop even less, including at Tesco stores,
    2. Shop more, or,
    3. Don’t know?

    Think carefully, Dave Lewis. Tax those little grey cells a bit more. OK? Now answer …..

    BBC. Same question to you. What do you mean, you didn’t think of that!

    I wonder why?


    • Fedup2 says:

      No – we’ve got to save the high streets – where would the feral kids go to stab each other if there’s no high streets —- ? Online ?


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, I’m sure they will adapt – just like the rest of the natural world would.

        I’m amazed at how little is understood about a retail economy and taxation and inflation by the people who are completely insulated from it such as the BBC including all its people and the CEO of a major retailer.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Up2 I used to be a Tesco shareholder – at one stage that company had five private jets – five . No wonder it went down the toilet ….


    • Guest Who says:

      Certainly taxing folk with a more evolved business model for the modern consumer would appeal to the BBC.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I stopped using Tesco over two years ago because they hate Christians and love muslims.


  24. Dystopian says:

    Nigel Farage on Talk Radio now.
    Let’s see how the interview contrasts with the disgusting biased BBC Andrew Marr interview in which no relevant questions were asked.


  25. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #5 (Is this a record?)

    At 8.10 am JustRemainIn Webb appears a little embarrassed to admit that Sarah Smith, his co-presenter today, is the daughter of a deceased Labour Party leader.

    BBC’s political independence? BBC’s political neutrality?

    (Norfolk accent) Yeah, right!


    • Guest Who says:

      Bbc political neutrality? Old 3% Gav’s back. And sticking with his mantra.


      How long before Newsnight gets him in to do a ‘report’ on Brexit like they did with renowned impartial observer Nick Clegg?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’d switched off by then

      I think a big weakness of beeboids is their back story – some people might not have realised ms Smith is the daughter of a dead lefty – in the same way that the likes of montague is really ‘ lady Brooke’ ….,
      It’s tedious doing background on these characters but they are the enemy so it’s necessary .


  26. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #6 – a record!

    Tom Watson talking about Christian Socialism and Jereny Corbyn being a little closer to a post-Marxist model of economics and politics.

    Laugh out loud – huge guffaw – moment. (Apologies to the neighbours but it really was very funny.) Brilliant wriggle, Mr Watson, thanks, no doubt, to your weight loss. You couldn’t have done that two or three years ago, could you?


  27. Jeff says:

    A nice cosy chat on the Beeb sofa this morning with that lying old reptile, Alistair Campbell, chatting to Sophie and Dan. Now, okay, they’re a couple of lightweights, but my old gran could have done a better job.
    Old wrinkles was there, ostensibly, to talk about a programme he’s made about depression. Let’s be frank he’s got quite a lot to be depressed about.
    Of course the discussion turned to Brexit. As we all know Alistair’s against it. I noticed that there was none of the overt hostility that Nigel experienced (and gave back tenfold!) during his grilling on the Marr show.
    Campbell came out with a real corker that deserved to be hit for six, but dumb and dumber just sat there smiling.
    He said that the million people who marched through London to ask for another referendum shouldn’t be ignored. Blimey, he’s got a brass neck! Don’t you think one of them (paid up journalists, after all) might have reminded him that prior to the Iraq war two million people marched through London attempting to change the government’s mind? They were ignored. And it was Ali’s “dodgy dossier” that was the final nail in the coffin.
    Blair’s war cost untold lives and billions of pounds.
    Add now his spin doctor suffers with depression.
    Oh dear…


    • Fedup2 says:

      He does a public service for brexiters reminding us of the need to win – as does Adonis Soubry Chooka and the other troughers ..


      • vesnadog says:


        On his doing us a public service.

        Urgent reminder that Britain’s enemies will not give an inch nor should we who love this nation for whom many citizens died for.


  28. Thoughtful says:

    I’m sure the Greens will be cock a hoop at all this, but keep your vehicles topped up because if the Iranians do what they did last time fuel will become scarce and expensive very quickly.

    The UK has very little resiliance now as the brainless incompetents in government have allowed gas and oil storage facilities to become so run down there are only a couple of weeks supply.


  29. vlad says:

    This is what happens to a heroic truth-speaker on Islam.


    • Fedup2 says:

      This site needs a bit of intrigue – so I will say that very recently I made a formal complaint to the BBC about a programme . I have received acknowledgement that my complaint is being ‘ investigated ‘ .

      I won’t say more as I know the complaints and other bbc department watch sites like ours to see what their enemy is upto . Big defensive corrupt organisations do such things . They might even have some kid full time on the job at £30k pa for all we know .

      I will tell you of the outcome in due course. I’m not expecting the world to change though


  30. Not Gwent says:

    The intro to this thread was perfectly observed. I have long held the view that State Broadcaster was a campaigning organisation. Campbell on Breakfast implied that Labour and Conservative had waved the white flag. He implied that someone had to ‘stand up to Farage’ as the latter ‘didn’t represent the face of modern Britain’. What not like ‘Granny stabber in the back’ Brown?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thank non – the fact that a – never- elected – remainer Blair mouthpiece continues to receive the oxygen of publicity – despite his mental issues – indicates the nature of the BBC and whom it favours .
      Bit like the way they roll out the mad squirrel murderer ‘heseltine ‘ who hadn’t held elected office since ..when ?


  31. Old Goat says:

    In case it hasn’t been mentioned before, former UKIP member Moraymint is standing as a general election candidate for the Brexit Party – good for him:


  32. Annunaki says:



  33. Annunaki says:

    Something for the perpetually offended and their twitter storms


  34. john in cheshire says:

    Has the far-left bbc collective reported on this? It’s a posting of an article written by Peter Hitchens about a murder that is straight out of a horror film and the useless police response to his questions about it:


  35. Annunaki says:

    Speakers corner invaded, as if they did not have enough places to go to. blatant provocation



  36. Annunaki says:

    Old Bailey tomorrow, TR on trial again, all bring a milkshake with them for the BBC journalists, harmless fun if you stuff it in their faces is it not ?


  37. JamesArthur says:

    I have to admit I am watching less and less of the BBC for many reasons besides the blatant bias. This morning on Breakfast summed it up
    No news
    just menopause, menstruation issue in India, sex strikes by “me too”, fat shaming, and of course BAFTA, the BBC promoting its own, and poor sad depressive A Campbell, will somebody tell him we don’t care about him or his depression and then everyone talking about Manchester city win like it was really important..
    I appreciate it is called Breakfast and not News but FFS could we have something that adds a bit of News in it….or a bit of intelligent discussion…


    • gaxvil says:

      Now we do have virtue signalling across many subjects but we now have, ‘depression signalling’ whereby celebs (I USE THE WORD LOOSELY) are telling us how depressed they’ve been.
      That really depresses me.


  38. StewGreen says:

    New day : the country’s occupation for the metro-liberal zombie army continues
    and the psycholigical warfare against us continues
    – 7am TalkRadio JHB show : Paul Johnson IFS lefty thinktank is telling us that Farage lost the Marr interview bigtime
    hit snooze
    – 9am Radio STW is about distributing the wealth from Rich to Poor
    top economist Saint Billy Bragg is on to promote his new book


    • theisland says:

      “Paul Johnson IFS lefty thinktank is telling us that Farage lost the Marr interview bigtime”

      I just looked up Paul Johnson’s ‘message.’

      Our goal at the Institute for Fiscal Studies is to promote effective economic and social policies by understanding better their impact on individuals, families, businesses and the government’s finances. Our findings are based on rigorous analysis, detailed empirical evidence and in-depth institutional knowledge. We seek to communicate them effectively, to a wide range of audiences, thereby maximising their impact on policy both directly and by informing public debate.

      At the risk of stating the obvious this is just the type of drivel-speak/HR-speak we constantly get from the ‘establishment’. The individual words have dictionary definitions but the statement is meaningless.

      How can someone who thinks that NF lost the Marr [non] interview be capable of rigorous analysis?


      • Fedup2 says:

        IFS funding is over 10% ReichEU BRibery – so corrupt and irrelevant which is a shame as the IFS, of which I was once a member , is a redundant remainer EU vehicle …


  39. StewGreen says:

    Swedish prosecutors reopen inquiry into a rape allegation made against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange

    Current #1 most read BBCnews story
    “Danny Baker: Standing ovation at first show since Twitter storm”
    …BBC story is not worth reading
    Danny did a show in Nottingham, and his fans gave him a standing ovation
    ..and BBC found one fan that was disturbed by the tweet and some that thought twice about turning up

    Who the heck (black)broadcaster Scarlette Douglas ?
    and why does the story have a video
    \\BBC “right” to sack Danny Baker over tweet says broadcaster Scarlette Douglas//


  40. gaxvil says:

    Apparently a GE voting intention poll puts Remain parties on 52%.

    On a second referendum no one seems to address what might happen come the day after, if Leave should win yet again – would we simply repeat the last three years?


  41. JamesArthur says:

    Oh Shite
    Just switched back to R4 and guess what – Ramadan, fasting and how it impacts – and who do they ask for advice -IMAMS..FFS can we not have a single day without throwing Islam at us…..I am truly sick of it now. …BBC stop it…


  42. gaxvil says:

    The Liberal slogan, ‘B******* to Brexit’ becomes shortened to
    the ‘B*******’ slogan or more acceptably the ‘Liberal’ slogan
    which then becomes shortened to, ‘Liberal’.
    From which we get, ‘Liberal = bollocks’.


  43. StewGreen says:

    News : Filming of the ITV Jeremy Kyle show’s been suspended after a participant died a week after his appearance.
    The episode won’t be shown
    In 2007, a judge called the programme “a human form of bear baiting”
    after a guest assaulted another man during a row on the ITV show’s set

    There was another death previously
    Mark Sinclair a veteran with PTSD who’d become a drug addict got clean ..and was reunited with his grown up daughter in a show at the end of 2018
    That show ended with a postnote
    “Mark and Cerys spent quality time with each other after the show, but tragically Mark passed away three months after meeting Cerys.//


  44. Vonbedda says:

    anyone waiting for the GE with anticipation to vote all the SCUM out!

    well I mean vote better people in


  45. vlad says:

    Much of the msm depicting Farage’s interview as a disaster for him, including, sadly, the DM: “Farage tv meltdown”.

    I suppose being a (ghastly) populist they all have to outbid each other in their denunciation of him, but to me he landed some well aimed blows on Marr / the beeb, managed to get his message over despite Marr’s pathetic gotcha questioning, and clearly won the contest.


    • Vonbedda says:

      They say he got destroyed and then attach the clip of Farage destroying marr – you cant make this up!

      MSM truly believe we see no evil and hear no evil, however, WE SEE IT ALL !


      • cromwell says:

        I watched sky this morning.Really just to hear any response to Nigel Farage’s appearances over the weekend and I wasnt dissapointed. Dear me everyone was gunning for him.The papers, cartoons and guests, nobody had one good word for him.He must be really getting to them.It was a hate fest. Hes going to have to watch his back as they are looking for the slightest thing which to hurl at him.Talk about the MSM bubble. I detest everyone of them, all I can say is that he must be on the right track if he has the hatred of them all.


    • Jeff says:

      We all know what The Daily Mail stands for; vote Tory!
      The other week they ran a rather pathetic editorial almost begging their readers to vote Conservative. They held up Comrade Corbyn as the bogey man. “If you don’t vote Tory this is who you will get…”
      The Brexit Party has really upset the nice comfortable apple cart.
      The establishment, both left and right (heads and tails) are in meltdown.
      And the Mail nowadays is utter dross…


  46. Thoughtful says:

    More on the ‘sabotage’ of the 4 oil tankers.

    These days it appears we are becoming more & more like the old Soviet Union, where people had to learn to read between the lines of what was being reported to get to the truth.

    “There were no injuries reported but the two tankers suffered significant damage to their structures”

    Stop and think about this for a second. Significant structural damage to something the size of an oil tanker? What could possibly cause that? The only rational answer is explosives and it would have to be outside the ships hull.

    A small limpet mine perhaps? Maybe the press or the UAE where this happened do not want to provoke alarm, but if these were mines of some sort, then it is a serious escalation in the situation between Iran and the West.


  47. Thoughtful says:

    More BBC immorality – the fact she wasn’t even bothered about posting this until it was pointed out about the illegality shows the corporation is corrupt to its very core.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I assume she’s been given the Danny Baker treatment by now . Wait thought – some might say so many beeboids see the taking of illegal narcotics as perfectly acceptable — I could care less except – one rule for one – no rules for others .

      Maybe there should be mandatory drugs tests for those receiving public funds ……it’s only right and fair ….


      • Thoughtful says:

        They sacked Angus Deayton for it, and Richard Bacon, and there was plenty of hoo hah about BBC favourite Will Self using it on the Tory campaign bus, and all despite all of this every one of them is now appearing again on TV and radio.


        • Jeff says:

          “…Will Self using it on the Tory campaign bus…” Eh?
          Why would an old left wing dinosaur like Self be on the Tory campaign bus?
          Have I missed his (late) mid life conversion?


  48. StewGreen says:

    Hurty Feelings police
    The @WeAreFairCop campaign against the College of Policing
    HarryTheOwl said “How do I say that I believe Transwomen are not women without it hurting someones feelings”
    PC Wilson “but why would you want to say that ? cos that is hurting peoples feelings”
    Harry “Cos I have article 10 rights according to the EU Human Rights Act to express my opinion”
    PC Wilson “So if that’s how you feel, sue us !”

    “A PC. An Inspector. An Assistant Chief Constable. Each warning me not to engage in lawful political debate.
    This is coercion.This is illegal.
    This is in clear breach of our Article 10 ECHR rights.
    .. the police are doing this because they are instructed to do so by their governing body.
    The College of Policing’s Guidelines are illegal and I cannot look away.”

    With Rob Jessel, @ManFRIDAY_ and a whole bunch of others, we’ve set up WeAreFairCop We’ve launched a Crown Justice campaign
    “There is a massive difference between a bunch of racist thugs murdering a black kid at a bus stop
    police not doing much about it
    .. and the police contacting me cos I said that Transwomen are not women
    ..No you cannot keep politicising and weaponising the police” .. audio from minute 19 of JHB segment



  49. Terminal Moraine says:

    Emma Barnett on R5 on the Marr/Farage interview and responding with incredulity at suggestions of bias or comments by some calling the BBC ‘the enemy of the people’. Arrogance oozing out… acting like a sniffy head girl trying to pretend she doesn’t hate the spotty girl at the back of the class and actually treats all her subordinates equally.

    Then on to women who face discrimination at work because they’re too attractive. Followed by a piece on maternity wear models… other women complaining they can’t relate because they wear prosthetics on the shoot rather than actually being pregnant.

    And now another BBC favourite, a man talking about his mental breakdown (must have an entire rolodex of them)…

    Bubble? Wot bubble?


  50. StewGreen says:

    Dr John Constable in on Talk Radio now talking bout how solar subsidies hit the poor
    £8.6bn/year green energy subsidies currently
    inc £1.3bn for solar

    subsidy costs will be £10bn/yr in the 2020s before they start to fall.

    Get your GreenDream mates to draw a graph of Green subsidies


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