Weekend Open Thread 27 April 2019

We can get bogged down in individual incidents of BBC Bias – but trying to identify the main areas

pro Muslim – anti Judeo Christian

pro homosexuality – anti heterosexuality

pro remain – anti democracy

Pro multiculturalism – anti Britain

pro green .

Pro Scots/Irish /Welsh  nationalism – but not English

Pro London – wheres the rest of the UK?

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  1. Alex Feltham says:

    Why did the French Prosecutors’ Office ‘rule out’ arson less than two hours after the Notre Dame fire started?

    Why did the BBC and the rest of the MSM accept such a ridiculous statement at face value?

    Apparently, the French govt will pay any price to maintain multicultural pieties: https://bit.ly/2DAo5bg


    • vlad says:

      Exactly so Alex. That blog in full:

      Why Rule Out the Most Likely explanation?
      The Notre Dame fire started at 6:20pm on April 15th.
      Within 2 hours, even as the cathedral was engulfed in flame, French prosecutors ‘ruled out’ arson.

      On the face of it, that was a really odd thing to do.

      The obvious motive is that they wanted to deflect suspicion from Muslims.

      But the problem with this explanation is that the declaration from the prosecutor’s office just over an hour into the fire does the opposite. This is because at that point the cause of the fire was so obviously unknowable that ruling out arson could only attract attention to it as the cause and to Muslims as the likely perpetrators.

      So why make such a weird statement while Notre Dame was burning?

      The only other possibility is that ‘We are ruling out arson’ means ‘We will not investigate arson and we are not interested in finding a particular group responsible.’

      This has two purposes.

      To reassure the ‘Muslim community’ that they are safe from censure and so keep those community tensions off the boil.

      But more importantly, it is a warning to the state’s own investigators, and anyone tempted to be a rogue journalist, not to find anything incriminating against Muslims.

      Now I am not saying that the burning of Notre Dame was done by jihadis. I don’t know, and I know of no evidence that it was.

      But there sure are a lot of circumstantial indications:

      There have been a lot of attacks on French churches recently including arson and the evidence often points toward Muslims as the culprits.

      ISIS has called specifically for Notre Dame to be destroyed.

      A woman was jailed for 8 years just two weeks ago for being part of such a plot.

      The precautions taken against fire at Notre Dame were so stringent that an accident seems very unlikely.

      All workmen had left an hour before the fire started.

      It happened in Holy Week.

      It happened at the most suspicious time just after closing.

      The balance of probabilities therefore points clearly to arson.

      The French prosecutor’s statement could only be designed to warn people off from investigating the most likely cause.

      The financial cost of the fire at Notre Dame is estimated at a billion euro.

      The cost to France’s heritage and sense of identity is infinitely greater.

      The cost to people’s trust in their authorities of making such obviously false declarations is also profound.

      Isn’t it amazing that despite such vast costs the French state is determined to turn a blind eye.

      It seems that there is no cost too high to protect multicultural pieties.


      • Thoughtful says:

        “The precautions taken against fire at Notre Dame were so stringent that an accident seems very unlikely”

        This is blatantly untrue as it is impossible to prevent French workers smoking in non smoking areas:


        “After picking up seven cigarette butts at the fire scene, detectives quizzed roof workers for the construction company whose workers admitted to having violated strict no-smoking rules. “


        • thirdoption says:

          If you’d bothered to actually read the article you’d have seen the quote:-

          “In no way did a poorly extinguished cigarette butt start the fire. Anyone who has tried to start a chimney fire knows that not a lot happens when you put a butt on an oak log.”


          • Annunaki says:

            So you do not start a fire with an oak log, any boy scout can tell you that, plentry of dust around


      • vlad says:

        The main point of the above blog is not whether it was arson or not, but the indecent and absurd haste with which the authorities ruled arson while the fire was still blazing.
        Especially given the ‘circumstantial indications’ to the contrary.
        The purpose being as “a warning to the state’s own investigators, and anyone tempted to be a rogue journalist, not to find anything incriminating against Muslims”.
        They were pre-empting the findings and warning researchers to toe the party line while the true causes were still blatantly unknowable. It was a political decision.


    • vesnadog says:


      “Apparently, the French govt will pay any price to maintain multicultural pieties”

      Someone in France must think that they “ain’t going away anytime soon”

      “they” – we know automatically who – “they” are! I hope?


  2. G says:

    “Police State Britain: Man Charged for Bad Taste Grenfell Tower Joke, Faces 6 Months Jail”
    ‘That man’ has now been charged for burning a model of Grenfell Tower on a bonfire. Importantly, for the so-called ‘law’, it was filmed and sent over the mobile network.


    • martianonlooker says:

      Count Dankula (Mark Meechan) of nazi pug fame was also a victim of our stasi society. Strange that those that spit on British soldiers receive a diversity tick and those that burn poppies also receive a diversity tick. How Britain has changed.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Does one sense a ‘comedy special’ looming?



    • vesnadog says:


      The elderly gent in the photo of your link gives one the impression that he has never had children therefore he should be down on his knees – during this young saints sermon – in adoration of the young globe trotter.

      Parents aren’t there; they will be in the nearest hotel repeating her speech to her “word for word” through the wonderful help of dads wi-fi ear plugs.


  4. Guest Who says:

    There are moments when the coven make things tricky for each other.


    Where’s Andrew? On hols? Hopefully… a short cycle ride away.


  5. StewGreen says:

    1:30pm now prog about Women in Tech
    started with nastiness to men
    “The industry used to be dominated by women, before men pushed them out”
    … Whoah that is a sexist statement itself . It says there was a lot of women in early computers and male-kind conspired to exclude female-kind …don’t think that is true

    “We should all be worried about the current male dominance in tech
    .. cos what these people design can harm people who are not like them”
    … again designers might design for themselves, but not all malekind.
    .. There were zero male voices in the prog

    Don’t females dominate nursing in a similar way ?


    • Annunaki says:

      I hve witnessed at least 4 cases of outright blatant continual workpace bullying in my time, intended to get the victim to leave, each time by a group of women, they start in the playground and are 10 times worse than men


      • cromwell says:

        Annunaki .. I listened to that program.what a biased lot of women. They had it all didn’t they. What a catty, racist load of women. I’m sure the producers of these programs get depressed listening to this crap or the qualifications to make these sort of program is you must be mentally unstable. I agree with you about women ganging up against someone in the workplace. I have seen it so many times in my working life some of them not happy unless they are picking on some poor soul. My best times were working in a mixed environment with equal number of men it seems to calm at atmosphere.



        • Annunaki says:

          Yes, organising little gang (I choose that word precisely) for drinks outside of work with some excluded, than all whispering together next day, seen it many times myself, nasty remarks and when challenged its oh for goodness sake “lets move on” etc, etc, have seen an 18 year old girl literally in tears from this before who had to leave in the end, absolutely disgusting behaviour and never challenged by management who were aware.

          But of course these people have a natural instinct for who has authority in the workplace and will flatter them and butter them up then start denigrating their chosen victim in front of them, starting with little remarks to test the water….seen it so many times just like the playground that drives some children to suicide


    • JimS says:

      Was that in the days that Ada Lovelace came up with a sequence for a ‘computer’ that hadn’t been built. Or was it when the WRNS at Bletchley Park plugged up the sequences as directed by the male cryptographers?

      I don’t understand how women are just like men and can do any job that a man can do, yet somehow, having been through the same schools and universities as men, they then think in different ways, if only the workplace is adapted to suit them. All of which implies that women are different!

      The good designer, programmer or engineer works to the brief anyway, what they produce should satisfy the customer. Not having working legs is not a prerequisite for designing a wheel chair.

      Many, many years ago the wife of a car design engineer was asked to take part in tests designed to find out how much effort a driver could apply to a brake pedal in an emergency stop. This ‘weak’ woman came top of the list. It was thought at the time that this was because of her earlier career as a ballet dancer. This tale illustrates that good designers have always considered other people and that the ‘customer’ doesn’t always behave the way that the male and female designers think they do.


    • Banania says:

      Mary Ann Sieghart: I liked the references in Private Eye to her daughters, Intelligencia and Brainella.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    Thank god for emails from Australia. I cant read French, but I was sent translations of leaks by some of the fifty odd investigators of the Notre Dame fire. Arson was ruled out less than two hours into the fire by Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz, but Investigators have already questioned 15 construction workers who were working on the Notre Dame scaffolding. French laws against discrimination mean that it would be illegal to ban Muslims from working on the restoration of Notre Dame. So Muslim workers are thought to have been under investigation. Investigators noted that the statement about an electrical fault as the possible cause was broadcast before investigators were allowed in to investigate the fire. The workers stopped at 6:00 PM, the fire started at 6:20 PM, near scaffolding. No electricity was allowed near the roof, because it was made of wood and as a matter of security, every inflammable thing was banned too. Restoration work hadn’t started on the roof. The scaffolding was still being put in place. Everything was done to avoid any source of heat near the wood of the roof. No electrical plug, no welding was allowed. The head of the company that was building the scaffoldings “Europe Echafaudage“, Julien Le Bras, said “All safety procedures on the Notre-Dame de Paris site have been respected”. Investigators indicate that to have a fire on the roof of Notre-Dame, someone had to bring something there, and lit it up, the fire started at least in two different places near the “valley”, where the nave and the transept of the cathedral meet, white smoke indicating that an accelerant had been soaked into the wood. Investigators are testing the ash to get the name of the particular accelerant that was applied to the roof and spire structures.


  7. Fedup2 says:

    I’m sure all our thoughts and prayers are with the production staff on the Marr – ed show . I don’t watch it but I’m sure it was a huge loss to being able to objectively informing viewers of the pros and cons of each issue .

    Let’s hope it becomes a regular occurance.


  8. vlad says:

    Video: “My hijab is a sign of freedom not oppression”
    More bbc propaganda/ victimhood peddling. Yawn.


    • Annunaki says:

      RE above:
      Have not heard so much [email protected] in at least the last 40 minutes since looking at the BBC news website, if the silly bitch would like to become more informed please see below:

      Less than 3 weeks after Islamic Regime gained power in Iran, it started attacking women rights by enforcing Hijab and other reactionary Islamic Laws on Women. Women movement reacted and on March 8th, 1979, more than 35 thousands of them came into Tehran’s Street and protest against the Islamic Regime. This documentary film is made by a French film crew and is in french originally which was translated to English by a member of Iran Solidarity – Vancouver.


      • Annunaki says:

        Some informed comments below the above video: (I have tried to censor as much of the porfanity as I could find from our friend below)

        Mohamad Affendy abdul rahim

        9 years ago
        @markofthebeastxx speak for Iranians ?zionist speak for your ownselves dont pretend to be muslims!!Your deleted propagandas are known worldwide!!Demonise iraq,later attack iraq,demonise afganistan,later attack afganistan,dermonise lebanon,later attack Lebanon,demonise ethophia,later attack Ethophia.NOW DEMONISING IRAN?why not attack Iran?YES because you dont have the deleted guts to do so!!faggots!!

        Mohamad Affendy abdul rahim
        9 years ago
        @markofthebeastxx Koran:your leader is Allah Rasullullah and those vested in power. Any issue that is vague or confusing ,ask your leaders!!definitely it is not YOU!!So you deleted zionist posing as persians are not as wise as you think you are!!Demonising [email protected]!!!Why?Iraq and Afgan not Enough for you!!?GO walk naked who care!!DONT meddle with the Muslims {this bit is deleted – fedup2}

        Mohamad Affendy abdul rahim
        9 years ago
        @markofthebeastxx Wake up !Its oblgatory for women to wear hijab in Islam! Khomeini may mean nothing to you!thats your business and shortcoming.,cause your opinion is not important!Youre not mujtahid and have no authority in Islamic jurispudence.Montezeri words carry no weight!Hes a traitor just like YOU! Religion and politics is one whether you like it or not!!You

        Mohamad Affendy abdul rahim
        9 years ago
        @markofthebeastxx Khomeini:Anybody who tries to separate religion from politics authomatically becomes the “enemy” of Islam!………So,enemy of Islam! what have You to do with the rights of Muslims if you are our enemy?Get lost!!

        Mohamad Affendy abdul rahim
        9 years ago
        @markofthebeastxx tO WEAR OR NOT TO WEAR VEIL IS NOT FOR MAN OR WOMEN TO DECIDE.iTS God’s Law!!! .



        • Annunaki says:

          In that case I will not waste anyone’s precious time, see you all


          • Fedup2 says:

            No need to be like that – I’m just trying to be a moderate moderator ….. but PUTTING PROFANITIES IN CAPITALS and gonna make it


            • Annunaki says:

              I cut and pasted directly from the youtube comments upon the 1979 hijab demonstation in Iran, by a member of the rop which included the capital letters, not my artifice, but took care to censor the profanities, if anyone objects, maybe they should be talking to youtube who seem happy to allow this to remain on their site for 9 years, yet ban TR for so called hate speech, I posted this because IMHO it seems important, to me at least, to demonstrate the real mindset of those who like to portray themselves as victims of intolerance who, in reality, as can be plainly seen, are the most viciously intolerant individuals within our society.

              I have never ever heard anything from TR that even comes close the the vicious racist, sexist and abusive language used by the commentator from the muslim community yet it is allowed to stand there in plain site on youtube as anyone can see, thus I used it as evidence of double standards.


          • Jeff says:

            For gawd’s sake don’t go off in a big strop.
            We all enjoy reading your posts but, FU2 has to make sure this site doesn’t get reported and occasionally has to give us a shot across the boughs…or is it bows?
            It’s happened to me.


            • Up2snuff says:

              Agree. In the present climate, we need to tiptoe around public media very carefully with eyes on several responsibilities, including to ourselves. A twenty-something posting carelessly on here might be a very different individual by the time they are a thirty-something and a decade after that may decide to put something back into the life of community or country and stand for public office or take on some public task. They then find past tweets, Facebook/Instagram & B-BBC posts are splashed all around the media and a promising career is curtailed.

              Also, needlessly stirring up hatred and division is really unnecessary on here.

              We have the BBC doing that more than enough for the whole nation.



              • Annunaki says:

                As above please take note, the hatred is quoted and the intended division is plain to see, not from myself


  9. vlad says:

    Not yet on our most funded (and slowest) al beeb: Heathrow FIRE: Major blaze in West Drayton – just north of Heathrow Airport.

    Another Gauloise no doubt.



  10. StewGreen says:

    “He called us smear merchants, so lets smear him as a pedo”
    … a graphic that someone put on a Facebook comment which someone has now deleted

    In another new thread someone has just leaked a tweet discussion, between the sun and the Mail


    • StewGreen says:

      That’s from Carl Benjamin’s Facebook page
      ..Apparently the Sun/Mail got hold of a discussion in which he said gay sex with young boys is OK.
      What do you reckon..was that real , or a photoshop job ??
      ..He’s suing
      ..It’s all over his Facebook page
      … It’s well worth a look


  11. Guest Who says:

    Rog meets a regulator he doesn’t like.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Mark Thompson at the top still? If so, where did he used to oversee?

    How the BBC now reacts will be… probably unsurprising.


  13. vlad says:

    Hours after the West Drayton / Heathrow fire and explosions broke out, still nothing on al beeb.
    Perhaps they’re waiting for absolute confirmation it wasn’t the wrong sort of arson.


  14. vlad says:

    Part of the reason some people are sceptical about anything the French government says about Notre Dame is their shameful cover-up of the full horror of the Bataclan nightclub massacre in Paris in 2015.

    If you’re eating, stop reading now.

    “A leading investigator told a government committee that policemen on the scene of the attacks last November vomited after seeing the victims in a mutilated state. Some victims had been castrated with their testicles put in their mouths, they claimed, while others had had their eyes gouged out. Some victims were allegedly decapitated.”

    The government did everything in their power to hush up those facts, to this day.

    And by the way, the above account is from the Metro, hardly one of your ‘Far-Right’ islamophobic publications.

    P.S. The official excuse was that bombs and bullets could have punctured eyes. But genitalia ending up in victims’ mouths would require some very sophisticated weaponry indeed, beyond even the brilliant islamic scientists al beeb keep telling us about.



    • Richard Pinder says:

      Thankfully the Lavoisier Group in Australia seems to have people with email links to the French investigators, and then translate it into English.


    • oldcrone says:

      This is a video of a French discussion (with English sub text) which I found very interesting regarding the Notre Dame fire. The man being asked for his opinions was the main architect of Notre Dame between 2000 – 2013


      • vlad says:

        Yep, lots of mysterious, inexplicable aspects to this story.

        To sum up, the previous chief architect in charge of ND is utterly baffled as to a) how it could have caught fire, despite the extreme precautions taken during its refurbishment, and b) how the fire could have spread so fast.
        Naturally he weighs his words carefully – perhaps not wanting to meet with a nasty accident or be ‘disappeared’ by the French State.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Gav again showing how the bbc is the perfect training ground for a career where people can choose who they vote for.



  16. Guest Who says:

    BBC Radio 4

    By 1979, we knew nearly everything we understand today about climate change – including how to stop it.


    Was that when ‘we’ were going to freeze, or fry?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      That’s because the BBC has censored all scientific developments since 1979.


  17. Guest Who says:

    He has a team. And they are the only ones allowed to get in faces.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest ,
      I’m sure if Mr Sweeney took some more taxpayers money to bribe people with Kia Royales – he’d get a name for the face .

      At least no one has given out Mr Sweeneys ‘ home address yet should there be more TR doorstepping ….


    • G.W.F. says:

      Message to John Sweeney. You have disobeyed orders. Tommy Robinson is….



    • StewGreen says:

      I had a thought
      then opened the tweet and the first reply says the same
      “They don’t like it up ’em Capt Mainwaring”


  18. Fedup2 says:

    I didn’t realise the BBC tribute to one of there own is on YouTube -‘ jimmy Saville – as it happened 2011..’.. pricelessly awful …. guys and gals ….


  19. LastChanceSaloon says:


    2019 European elections: Tories aim not to have to fight campaign

    Brandon Lewis has refused to say when the Tories’ European election campaign will launch, saying his priority is not to have to fight them at all.

    “I think we should be doing everything we can to respect that 2016 referendum, if and when we are at the point where we are definitely fighting those EU elections then we will take some decisions about that.”

    Still lying, still trying to agree on the non Brexit non “Withdrawl Agreement”.

    Come on Conservative Activists. Purge the lefty Globalists who have infiltrated the organisation. Ruthlessly and now.

    The only reason the UK needs UKIP, needs a Brexit Party, is because the Tories contain several hundred traitors who would be better in The Labour Party and best in the ground.


  20. theisland says:

    David Vance talks to Jack Buckby (new book)


    I just dipped in halfway at random where Jack claims a Westminster ‘insider’ told him that behind the scenes TM has said it doesn’t matter what’s in the deal because the people don’t know what it means anyway.

    Hearsay, but sounds about right, and no surprise.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Spanish Election result coming through – looking like the peoples’ party – VOX – is going to do really well . I’m guessing the BBC will ignore the result or dismiss it using their corrupt term ‘ populist’ which I personally will not use – because it is snowflake language.

      It the vote is very good for VOX then Berlin will require the EU to get the vote done again …. like here .,


  21. vlad says:

    More than 7 hours ago the Standard headlined a massive fire in West Drayton, near Heathrow.

    Still not a word on al beeb website.

    This is either extraordinary incompetence on their part, or they know something they don’t want us to.

    Patrick Grafton-Green 7 hrs ago



    • Fedup2 says:

      Press reports that the Tories are preparing for a 1000 council seat wipe out this week .

      I wonder how a political party prepares for oblivion ?
      I know councillors are not responsible for the corruption of parliament but if they wear that blue Rosette they become guilty by association .

      The saddest thing is that even a wipe out won’t affect the disconnected traitors in parliament .
      They’ll be saying “ we thought it would be worse “.


      • vesnadog says:


        “I wonder how a political party prepares for oblivion ?”

        Its going to be interesting reading the headlines about how TM/Cabinet get round to choosing which of their many Tory buildings/properties etc they will have to sell in order to balance tory books/pensions/compensation to their thousands of full and part time employees after the biggest annihilation of both party and property in the history of the conservative party.

        Serves um right.

        Can’t wait.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I’m guessing the large corporations wanting to keep us in with a customs union will pay the tories if there is an agreement that the sell out will go through some how – with or without the soon to be ex PM.

          We are , of course , too thick to understand this because we didn’t know what we were voting for . Politicians – remainers – have made Brexit all about trade . But brexit is more than that . It’s about freedom – freedom to choose ….


    • RobRoy says:

      Vlad, just checked and still nothing on the BBC website about the fire. Not on front news page or even the regional. As you say… extraordinary, bizarre even.

      Aussie news channels are reporting it ffs, but still not our multi-billion pound beeb.


  22. TrueToo says:

    John Sweeney reckons the Panorama against Tommy Robinson is ongoing? How nice. I can’t wait to see how the finished version could possibly Trump the comprehensive trashing of Sweeney and the BBC by Tommy Robinson’s brilliant sting, now known across the planet as Panodrama.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The BBC news featured a frankly confusing report about the outcome of the Spanish Election . The term ‘ far Right’ was thrown around as a negative in a way only the Far Left BBC can achieve .

      Monday morning might see someone with more wits that the hapless Katya Adler ( British ?).
      But apparently Spain is ‘ polarised ‘.



  23. lordelpus says:

    Corbyn at it again trying for the youth vote,now promising action on climate change.Can just see the next Labour manifesto,promise 2nd.referendum,scrap tuition fees,lower voting age to 16,and act on climate change.When will people realise this man is a con man who will promise anything to anyone.If dogs and cats could vote Corbyn would promise to abolish fleas!


  24. Roland Deschain says:

    Apparently the party Vox has done well in the Spanish elections. It is, apparently, “far right”. What qualifies, I’m not sure, but the accusations levelled so far by the News at Ten are that it is “against multiculturalism and immigration”.

    Is that really all it takes these days? Because a hell of a lot of us now must be far right, but still our leaders can’t figure out why.


    • Fedup2 says:

      NEW THREAD .


    • Thoughtful says:

      What qualifies, I’m not sure

      After the BBC described Tommy Robinson as far right I submitted a written complaint asking them how this was so, and I of course received a written response which was as you might expect ridiculous, but never the less is the definition used now by the entire MSM.

      It would appear that some far left academic at a university in Switzerland wrote a paper about far right groups in Europe, and ONE of the things which they exhibited was an opposition to Islamic immigration and the Islamisation of Europe. From this the BBC extrapolated in a massive failure of logic that anyone who shares this sentiment is automatically ‘far right’ thus lumping around 80 – 90% of the British people into the ‘far right’ camp. Bascially being ‘far right’ is to be normal to these idiots.