Weekend Open Thread 20 April 2019

I was going to call it the Easter Open Thread but this site is primarily about bearing witness to the bias of the Far Left BBC as opposed to specific religions [or none ]. Any way – there is a new line of attack for us . The BBC has whole heartedly swallowed all the human- activity-changing- climate stuff . You may agree or not .

But the point is – if the BBC wants to cut its ‘carbon fingerprint ‘ – is it doing it ? How many beeboids are sent to stand in front of events to talk at the camera when they’d do the same job sitting in a studio ? How much carbon is used and taxpayers’ cash spent ?

‘Does this evil organisation practice what it now preaches ? Perhaps every programme should have its carbon footprint published – the number of air miles and car miles – and programme cost -for starters .

Happy Easter .

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  1. Eddy Booth says:

    You have to have sunk real low for Biased CNN to out report you


    • theisland says:

      Sorry Eddy – I reported your comment by mistake.


      • Eddy Booth says:

        Thats ok: I’m a serial reporter


        • Fedup2 says:

          Don’t worry I sit here in my Biased BBC control bunker receiving ‘reported comments ‘ – if only you could imagine what happens to them….😎


  2. Eddy Booth says:

    ‘’Amir Khan beaten by Terence Crawford after low blow’’


    Err no
    He was virtually beaten before the low blow
    he was knoched down in round 1, and getting a consummate boxing lesson over the other 5 rounds,


    How do you get Bruce lee style, parallel lines marks from a boxing match?


  3. Annunaki says:

    How to stop the BBC endlessley whittering on about muslims ? get them to attack some Christians the BBC silence on their favourite minority is stunning


  4. vlad says:

    CNN 18 seems to be some sort of CNN / Indian hybrid.

    7 hours ago they were already putting out the names of 2 of the Sri Lankan bombers: Zahran Hashim and Abu Mohammed.

    Forgive my ignorance, but are those Buddhist names?

    Of course it might be some rogue news network, but the CNN part of their name would seem to give them credibility?


  5. Dover Sentry says:

    Rogue lone-wolf Norwegians? A familiar terrorist trend known only to BBC journalists.


  6. pugnazious says:

    Not just Catholics of course…all Christians….abortion, gays, women…all issues the BBC thinks Christianity is on the wrong side of…if you want to practice any such ‘prejudices’ freely and without condemnation then convert to Islam…the BBC has no problem with their views on the same issues…even though they kill gays and oppress women even more than Christianity is supposed to do.

    ‘Ignorance and anti-Catholic bias at the BBC: a former employee writes’

    ‘It is a hazard of having worked as a journalist in BBC News for 30 years – in my case in the newsroom of the BBC World Service – that one can never watch or listen to a news bulletin without thinking of how the headline should have been written and how much better the story could have been told.

    But it really was a remarkable feat for BBC 1’s News at Ten last night to get through the entire programme, without a single mention of any of these words: Christian; Christianity; Catholic; worship; worshippers; sacred; Mass; Holy Week. It was as if it hadn’t occurred to any of them that the awful fire which had been engulfing Notre Dame Cathedral for several hours by the time they came on air, was anything deeper or more meaningful – to billions, at least, of Christians worldwide (particularly Catholics) – than the tragic destruction of a particularly well visited tourist attraction.

    Lucy Williamson, in Paris, did make one reference to Parisians praying for the Cathedral. There was also much interest in Kevin Connolly’s report later about Notre Dame’s historic significance – references to its having witnessed the coronation of Napoleon and the celebration of the liberation of Paris in 1944 – and so on. But where was the talk of its sacred spaces, made holy by the prayers of Catholic worshippers over hundreds of years? Where the footage of the great Masses celebrated there? Where the clips of the choir raising their voices in hymns of praise? Or the shots of the crowds gathered outside as the fire blazed, singing hymns and praying that the Cathedral might be saved?

    Why, in short, did the BBC’s flagship news programme, when it had time to prepare its coverage properly, fail to acknowledge Notre Dame’s importance as France’s most profound expression of the Christian civilisation on which an entire continent was founded?

    The rot at the BBC, in respect of the way in which it reports stories which have to do with the Christian faith, set in, I think, many years ago. It matters because it has now reached the stage where even the slaughter and persecution of Christians worldwide, from Nigeria to China, goes woefully under-reported. Domestic outlets are much worse offenders than the World Service, but even the latter cannot be wholly exonerated.

    How has this come to be? Much of it stems from ignorance. As a Catholic, I was amazed, at Bush House, at how newsroom colleagues, brought up and educated in the UK, with a knowledge of the global geopolitical scene which far surpassed my own, could be so ignorant about Christianity. I remember one Good Friday on the newsdesk discovering that only one of half a dozen bright, well educated BBC journalists I was working with that day, knew what event it commemorated. Even now, as I write, the seasoned BBC journalist, Hugh Schofield, is telling the World at One that the Notre Dame calamity happened in Easter week. No, Hugh. We are not in EASTER week. We are in HOLY Week. We must go through the Last Supper, the betrayal of Christ and His crucifixion before we, at last, next week, come to the joy of the resurrection and the celebration of Easter.

    But there’s more to it than ignorance. They do not wish to know. A world view which accepts without question the ‘enlightened’ liberal view on matters such as abortion and euthanasia long since, took hold at the BBC, to the extent where, even at the World Service – that last bastion of neutrality – the normal, scrupulous checks on whether we were ‘editorialising’ the story were cast aside when these matters were our subject. Abortion is a right. Fact. Forget those in parts of the world in which we broadcast where it is not regarded as such.

    The unfolding of the vile scandal of sex abuse in the Catholic Church has merely served to confirm the BBC’s already well established prejudice against Catholicism. Sex abuse has become the only Catholic issue considered worth reporting.

    When Pope Benedict visited London in 2010, an edict was issued from the morning editorial conference at Bush House, that the Pope’s remarks on child abuse, made on his journey here, were to remain at the top of the story “for a reasonable number of hours”, apparently regardless of anything that might subsequently happen, or that he might say on other topics on arrival. It was an astonishing departure from our normal editorial practice of judging a story as it developed and on its merits. Shortly after the edict was issued, I was asked if I would mind moving from my position as lead writer for the day to the Africa desk, about which I knew nothing. I was replaced by someone who knew nothing of the Pope. Such a thing had never happened to me before and never happened again. I was told later, at second-hand, that it was felt that it might be better to have someone who wasn’t a Catholic write the Pope story.

    The Notre Dame fire, happening at the start of Holy Week, is especially poignant to Christians because the sight of the flames devouring the Cathedral looks to them like a symbol of the destruction, fuelled by lack of understanding, of all they believe in. When the arduous re-construction begins, a huge amount of thought will need to be given to the purpose which the Cathedral is there to serve. A great many people will be involved in this exercise. Perhaps, after the pain and suffering of this saddest of weeks Parisians will start to witness a new beginning on a level deeper than we can, as yet, imagine. Our Lady of France, pray for us!’


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nice post . Watching the BBC 6pm news – 8 minutes in – no mention or discussion of the cause of these explosions ?

      Gas leak? Building works ? Civil war aftermath ? Buddhists ?

      This was the most bias by omission shameful piece I’ve seen ..in the last hour . No mention of ISIS , AQ, Islamic terrorism at all … now the weather ….

      Actually they distracted from the mass slaughter of over 200 catholics by reporting an exit poll from Ukraine – news value bordering on the obscene …

      I’ve described the BBC as Evil —- I wondered when I wrote that whether I was going over the top . I’m not . The devil is hiding within the State Broadcaster and you can witness the result today- Easter Sunday

      I’m sure if there were to be mass death in Mecca again during one of those Muslim gatherings we’d never hear the end of it . And of course it would be caused by Brexit


      • Deborah says:

        Caroline Hawley said on the BBC 1 news this evening that there had been trouble simmering in Sri Lanka for the last 10 years “between Buddhists, Christians and Muslims” leaving the subconscious to take in the primary trouble being between the Buddhists and Christians.


      • vlad says:

        The 6pm news was a masterpiece of misinformation. Buddhists, Hindus, Tamils, Sinhalese – all presented as possible suspects, but not the blindingly probable ones. Names thrown around, all designed to muddy the waters. The presenter speculated it could be to do with the approaching 10th anniversary of the end of the civil war. (I thought they weren’t supposed to speculate, or is it only speculation in a certain direction they avoid?) More chaff, rejected as highly unlikely by the expert interviewee.
        Meanwhile the internet is awash with the names of Zahran Hashim and Abu Mohammed, and some shadowy islamist terror group.


        • vlad says:

          National Thowheeth Jama’ath


          • Fedup2 says:

            Yes – I see from the New York Times site that the Islamic terrorist group you have named was described as a threat 10 days ago by local police .

            I don’t thing this NTJ will be named any time soon by the biased state broadcaster. It must be desperate to find a nice fatal London stabbing to take peoples attention away from a religious war on civilian believers …


            • vlad says:

              Also reported by AFP and The Telegraph – hardly conspiracy peddling social media. But completely unreported by al beeb, who seem strangely uncurious about the whole thing, and unwilling to put some of the world’s finest investigative reporters on the case.
              It could have been an accident, well 8 accidents simultaneously, maybe an electrical fault or a computer glitch, or 8 exploding fridges, who knows?


              But documents seen by AFP show that Sri Lanka’s police chief Pujuth Jayasundara issued an intelligence alert to top officers 10 days ago, warning that suicide bombers planned to hit “prominent churches”.
              “A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama’ath) is planning to carry out suicide attacks targeting prominent churches as well as the Indian high commission in Colombo,” the alert said.
              The NTJ is a radical Muslim group in Sri Lanka that was linked last year to the vandalism of Buddhist statues.


              AFP: https://www.afp.com/en/news/3954/easter-blasts-sri-lanka-hotels-and-churches-kill-least-207-doc-1ft48d10


    • Banania says:

      …the purpose which the Cathedral is there to serve.” Let us hope it will be the same purpose as before, the mother church of the diocese. President McCrone (the American pronunciation suits him) says it will be rebuilt in keeping with the character of modern France, which fills me with dread. During the Revolution it was converted into a Temple of Reason; is that what he has in mind?


  7. Eddy Booth says:

    ”Romanian hospitals in crisis as emigration takes its toll
    Thousands of doctors and nurses have left Romania in past decade, leading to dire staff shortages”


    Nothing in BBC?
    Guess too close for comfort as they are happy to poach poorer countries medical staff all in the name of EU love.


  8. theisland says:

    I wrote in the Sunday Telegraph on 14th April, “Mrs May is using her powers to frustrate Parliament – legally beyond the pale.”

    I warned Donald Tusk before the European Council that there was likely to be a challenge in the UK Courts. This is now underway, in the name of Barry Legg, former Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, following discussions with QCs and former judges. It attacks the statutory instrument for extension of time as ultra vires and void. By implication, we would have left the EU on 12th April.


    • Banania says:

      She is frustrating Parliament and Parliament is frustrating – indeed thwarting – us.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the way the BBC /NHS celebrate the way it is staffed by the League of Nations – particularly the third world .

    But there is no mention on the effect on the country’s from where these people come . Is it a kind of left wing colonialism ? They just seem not to care . Useful if the people they import to be medics could speak English though – or – indeed to be truly qualified ….

    The main reason Britain doesn’t train enough medics is the ‘closed shop’ effect in the selection of medical students .


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      It can indeed be argued that it is a kind of left wing colonialism. Some of today’s middle class feel somehow ‘cheated’ that they were born a generation too late to lord it over exotic people in far off lands. Colonial service could attract the brightest and most dedicated – the ICS (Indian Civil Service) springs to mind. But often it attracted the sort who weren’t quite good enough to make it in Britain, whilst the backwaters of Empire offered an alternative, along with servants, sunshine and an agreeable lifestyle. Mass immigration means they can now enjoy hypocritical, patronising, smug superiority over foreigners from the comfort of the Home Counties, whilst being insulated from the problems that it brings to ordinary people. Most be a doctoral thesis in this, somewhere…


  10. Fedup2 says:

    The second state broadcaster – C4 News – spent a happy 10 minutes talking about this mass slaughter of Christians – again without mentioning any likely reason or cause .

    But I bet you that if there are so called ‘hate crime ‘ incidents with Muslims as victims ( the favoured State narrative ) then we ll be hearing about it morning noon and night

    C4 likes Buddhists as the main suspects and sees the local muzzies as victims . Again no mention of ISIS or AQ by the tame expert they dredged up .

    The same approach is used that was used for Notre Dame – avoid saying that muzzies did it ….


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, condolences to you and your fellow Catholics, especially those in Sri Lanka. This bias by omission must in the minds of the BBC and Commies/LeftMob & Libbies count as preventing revenge attacks on a particular religious group that they feel (fervently believe even) are ‘more sinned against than sinning’ themselves.

      They are oblivious to history. Oblivious to research such as that undertaken by Open Doors. Oblivious to what actually went on when ‘the West’ failed to intervene in the Balkans after the late intervention eventually took place. Same in Afghanistan and in Gulf 2. Rinse & repeat after Gulf 2 in Iraq and again in Syria.

      They think they are balancing an injustice & preventing further trouble for that ideology. They will exacerbate further tragedy, perhaps greater, by following this path.


  11. pugnazious says:

    I haven’t watched Attenborough’s climate change alarmist programme but looking at some reviews of it one thing seems to be missing, despite indepth critiques of the programme. No-one mentions that he said anything about population. Did he? Odd if he didn’t as he has been raising the issue of over-population for a long time now….it even came up in a Newsnight interview…


    But that was ‘uncontrolled’, an interview when he could say what he liked…his programme on the other hand would have been carefully scripted and the narrative’s limits marked out as to what is acceptable and what is not.

    Did his claim that ‘Slowing population growth is key to saving the planet ‘ make it into the programme?

    If not why not?

    This is his most important point…it is over-population that is driving climate change….thus it must be controlled and limited.

    Why would a BBC that thinks mass, uncontrolled immigration, and thus a limitless population, is a good thing seek to censor any talk about population in such a major programme?

    The BBC shaping the news to suit its message?

    From The Spectator…

    ‘What David Attenborough’s climate change show didn’t tell you’

    Given the reception that awaited Richard Madeley when he ventured last week that David Attenborough is “not a saint, just a broadcaster” – something which is evidently true, though I haven’t formally checked with the Vatican – one delves into this subject with some intrepidness. Nevertheless, great documentary-maker though he may be, Attenborough cannot be allowed to get away with the propaganda element of his latest piece, his documentary Climate Change: the Facts which went out on Thursday evening.

    [With] Attenborough resorting to footage of houses being demolished by winds and lorries being blown off bridges to show the supposed climate change we are already experiencing….It is little wonder that terrified kids are skipping school to protest against climate change. Never mind climate change denial, a worse problem is the constant exaggeration of the subject. I had thought David Attenborough would be above resorting to the subtle propaganda which others have been propagating, linking every adverse weather event to climate change. But apparently not.

    Any coincidence that this programme and the BBC’s massive coverage of climate issues came at exactly the same time as the ‘extinction rebellion’? The BBC seemed more than helpful in promoting the ER’s message. Pure coincidence I’m sure…still wouldn’t mind seeing all messages going between the ER and the BBC over the last 6 months.

    Odd that the BBC shows no alarm at the thought that capitalism, industry and work, not to mention science, medicine, education, art, society, culture, welfare, are to be abolished and a return to the dark ages with a life grubbing an existence in hedgerows and in the fields is what the hairshirt climate loonies prescribe for us….not realising such an existence would mean a massive dying off of population through war, disease and hunger.

    BBC reporters really are some of the dumbest people around for all their cleverness.


  12. pugnazious says:

    As an Irish journalist lies dead, murdered by the IRA, the IRA are free to march in Dublin, partnered as they are with the Irish government and the EU in the Brexit negotiations…providing the force that Varadkar, the EU and the BBC have promised us will be used if the UK dares to continue with Brexit….maybe should be called the Irish Remainer’s Army.

    Not as if the IRA are new, they haven’t been disinterred by Brexit, they have always been there carrying on as normal…..Brexit has nothing to do with their murderous intent but they are happy to have the legitimisation that the BBC et al confers on them and the excuse it gives them to carry out attacks.

    And the marches are clearly not ‘peaceful’ as men dressed in combats parade every year untouched by the police and security services….


  13. Up2snuff says:

    pug, if this “This is his most important point…it is over-population that is driving climate change….thus it must be controlled and limited.” is Attenborough’s claim then he is obviously wrong. How did climate change occur in the past when the population was tiny or even miniscule by today’s standards?

    He would be correct to say ‘population growth is the cause of global warming itself’ as that would be scientifically correct. However that would not meet with favour from the IPCC who downplay that fact or even deny it entirely.

    The fault lines are starting to become more evident but people are so fervent, they are determined to keep going against the evidence.

    (Oops! Another strange thing has happened on this site. This post was in reply to your 7.17pm post and was underneath it until I added another line in Edit. Eeeeeek!)


    • pugnazious says:

      U2S…Argh but you see there was no global warming before…you obviously don’t get your news from the BBC…not heard of the Hockey Schtick? Medieval and Roman warm periods never happened, and if they did they weren’t global, and if they were global we’re just not going to report it! However that hockey schtick coincides exactly with population growth….so the BBC can’t have it both ways claiming climate change is man-made and then refusing to report that if that is so then the most likely cause is man’s behaviour in the third world over the last 70 years…massive deforestation, land use and abuse and the constant burning of wood/dung fires.


  14. tomo says:

    Hyde Park after the XR dope smokers https://twitter.com/heyyou1967/status/1119845423416528896


  15. Foscari says:

    Listen everybody everything going to be allright in Sri Lanka
    the BBC tells us.” There is a great community spirit” Usman Ali
    reports from Colombo. Do you think the bombs may of just
    been an electrical fault , just like Notre Dame in Paris?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bbc radio 4 news 2200 Sunday . An ethnic beeboid is reporting on the mass murder of Christians – but she is in Delhi – they don’t seem to have anyone there yet . Maybe they’ve got conscious of their carbon footprint all of a sudden .

      I think the bombings took place before 0600 London time Sunday morning . I did a quick check of how long it takes to fly from London to Colombo and it is about 13 hours .

      Maybe I’m too harsh and by the morning the BBC will be showing destroyed Christian symbols and churches caused by bombs designed to fragment human bodies as well as maximise injury .

      The Westminster Hour ignored this slaughter and went into bubble mode wasting air over Brexit Sellouts .

      I’m guessing that when the traitor parties see what the potential out come of the ReichEU elections are they’ll
      Swallow the sell out to avoid political oblivion – which is to come one way or another .

      Off switch on the awful smug Westminster Hour – journos and politicians all friends together …


    • vlad says:

      “There is a great community spirit” – phew, so that’s alright then, let’s have another round of Kumbaya.

      Meanwhile, away from Planet Beeb and back in the real world, there seems to be a large amount of detailed info about the attacks circulating, including from no less a source than the PM of Sri Lanka himself, from New Delhi, and from Sri Lanka’s police chief, pointing to an Islamic terror attack.
      A lot of people seem to be in the know, but we’re not hearing about it from western news sources.

      Journalistic caution or cover-up?



      • vlad says:

        “According to top intelligence sources, Zahran Hasim of National Thowheed Jama’ath of Sri Lanka and his associates had hatched a plan to carry out an Istishhad (suicide attack) in the island country. They had also conducted a dry run and deployed an explosives-laden motorcycle at Palmunai near Kattankudy on April 16 as a part of their plan.

        Sources further said that they had planned to carry out an attack on or before April 22. They had reportedly selected eight places, a church and a hotel, where Indians came in large numbers. New Delhi had shared the information with Colombo on April 4.
        Acting on the information, Sri Lanka’s police chief Pujuth Jayasundara had sounded a nationwide alert 10 days before the Sunday’s attack. “A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama’ath) is planning to carry out suicide attacks targeting prominent churches as well as the Indian High Commission in Colombo,” said the alert…”


  16. Foscari says:

    I have just been watching the 10PM news on the BBC. At the
    end of the report from Colombo I believe that the reporter was
    giving out some very important news about whom the perpetrators
    might of been. However it sounded to me that the BBC were
    scrambling what he was saying so that we couldn’t understand.
    Did anybody else get the jist of what he was saying?


  17. Ed Hitter says:

    So, here we are, after a full day of coverage of the Sri Lanka terror attacks – and still the BBC is not referring to the leak about recent police warnings of an Islamist threat there.
    Most other news outlets are not so squeamish. They are reporting it in detail. CNN quoted from the leaked document.
    The BBC is an utter disgrace.


    • Halifax says:

      Its going under the carpet like the Manchester stabbings on NYD or the countless atrocities committed by their favourite religion….they have editorial strategies it’s plain as daylight just look at Brexit and coverage of the hippy holiday camp…..note: when they interview hippys breaking the law not only do they dress like them you can clearly see them nodding in agreement …..


  18. taffman says:

    They Headline – “Record Easter temperatures in three nations of the UK”
    But further on they contradict themselves with ……………….
    “But on Holy Saturday in 1949, temperatures reached 29.4C (85F) in Camden Square, London.”
    Wish they would make their minds up .


  19. RobRoy says:

    I watched the paper review this morning on the BBC. They talked about May’s piece on Christian persecution around the world and amazingly, two supposed journalists said they couldn’t understand why she would have made such a claim prior to the attacks in Sri Lanka.

    FFS, these are supposed to be journalists and yet they appear to know nothing about all the attacks over the last 12 months in Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan etc. What is the total? Something around 3,000 now? Or possibly more?


  20. StewGreen says:

    Mark Hodgson says
    \\ Are Wales and Scotland fundamentally different when it comes to tourism, or does the BBC just uncritically publish any old rubbish?
    3 April 2019 – Brexit: Welsh resorts to ‘benefit” from EU exit uncertainty
    “Holidaymakers look set to embrace staycations in Wales this year as Brexit sparks nervousness about European holidays, tourism chiefs say.
    The Easter holidays were due to be the first break after Britain left the European Union, before the government delayed the initial 29 March deadline.
    Tourism bosses say the weak pound and uncertainty could add to the 10 million annual overnight trips to Wales.
    The Wales Tourism Alliance is positive there will be a “Brexit bounce”.”

    20 April 2019 – Brexit and the economy: the cost of kicking cans by Douglas Fraser Business/economy editor, Scotland”
    “Whatever else happened with Brexit, a weakened pound and the widespread message that Scotland remains open to Europe – whatever England’s up to – should have kept tourism from the continent at a healthy high level.
    But it’s not looking that way.
    Economic uncertainty – not just in Britain but around it – has seen a falling away in numbers, at least at the start of the year. It’s obviously not the most important time of year for the industry, but it is increasingly a year-round line of work.
    That finding was according to one of the surveys out in the past week, which was giving us an dashboard of updates on the strange economic goings-on in pre-Brexit Britain.” //


    • taffman says:

      Ah, the benefits of Brexit. Al Beeb don’t like it you know. The economy is doing well.
      Over three years on since all the project fear and we are still not out of the EU . Mrs Chamberlain is taking the proverbial p… out of us.


  21. tapwatertory says:

    “The nation has seen some sporadic violence since. In March 2018 a state of emergency was declared after members of the majority Buddhist Sinhala community attacked mosques and Muslim-owned properties.”

    That statement above has been at the bottom of their website reports about the Sri Lankan terrorist attacks all day.

    They say Sri Lankan people were killed in a church.

    I say Christians were killed in a church.

    As for the BBC not doing comedy, watch the womans football show. FFS


    Vote UKIP


  22. vlad says:

    The Indian Express, Times of India and various other news sources (RT, Times of Israel) give details of the suspected individuals (Mohamed Azzam Mohamed) and jihadist organisation thought to be behind the Sri Lankan attacks (Thawheed-Jamat).

    Al beeb: Zilch. Nada. No idea. Let’s hope another big news story comes along quick to knock Sri Lanka off the front page.




    • Fedup2 says:

      Perhaps this slaughter is one of the clearest pieces of evidence that the BBC is anti Christian and pro Muslim – as a matter of policy .
      The victims are a long way away and so can be forgotten quickly . I wonder is the BBC will be the same when the first churches in the UK are bombed by the next Islamic terrorist group trying to get the last Christian churches out of – say – tower hamlets or Luton or some other Sharia controlled part of Britainistan …


  23. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BiasedBBC are targeting children with Climate propaganda.

    Terrorising children with propaganda is a low but typical tactic of the Left

    The BBC reports –

    “Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish activist, has told the Extinction Rebellion protest in London that humanity is at a crossroads in the fight against climate change.

    “We must decide which path we want to take,” she said to cheering crowds.

    The teenager, who inspired school children around the world to strike against climate change, is also due to meet senior British politicians this week.

    She has already met Pope Francis and addressed the European Parliament.”

    Does anyone really believe that she is doing all this by herself?