Midweek Open Thread 17 April 2019

Over to you .

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  1. StewGreen says:

    #Skripal #ducks #novichok #Salisbury
    Steve McIntyre says this is big news
    ” CIA provided the President with fake photos” ?
    suggest official documents
    Surely its Russian disinfo isn’t it ?


  2. Guest Who says:

    This is going to be a tricky one chez W1A.


  3. Dover Sentry says:

    Indeed. Islam has no interest in Climate Change.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Doubtless Fran And Lord Tone have a well crafted response handy.


  5. chancygardner says:

    And the winner of the BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year 2019, with 38 votes is…


  6. StewGreen says:

    David Vance tweets


    • gaxvil says:

      Derrrr ……. Yes we know. Maybe it’s hot news to the bbc ?
      He often talked about closing down Mueller.
      He even said it in front of many, many people, on TV and on video.
      Dear me bbc, Sopel not been on the case ?
      Trump has been very forgiving toward Clinton, Comey, the dossier etc..
      He wants to move on and there are many out there who should pray
      he retains that mindset.

      PS: Grass is green.


  7. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    This Trump/Russia business.

    Do I understand it right.

    Now that the ‘democrats’ cannot prove any collusion or connection with the Russians and the last election they are now saying he cannot prove that he DID NOT have anything to do with them.
    That’s plain crazy.

    You could say The Queen, Gareth Southgate and Paul McCartney also cannot prove that they DID NOT have anything to do with the American election.

    The Donald is winning every way against these ‘democrats’ and their MSM pets like the bbc.


    Why is over population never mentioned in all this global warming/cooling (whichever it is this week)
    One person in their lifetime consumes or uses huge amounts of resources and foodstuffs.
    About 50,000 litres of fuel for a few cars. Maybe 500 chickens.
    How much plastic/cleaning stuff/water/heating and thousands of other resources does one person use in a lifetime.
    Then, the offspring using it all again and more.

    Over Population is the greatest danger to life on Earth but, as with most things the pc MSM and looney left protest about, they ignore the elephants and virtue signal about the latest fashionable cause.
    By the way, I bet it stinks where they are protesting. I wonder if they all have bio degradable doggy poo bags with them or are they leaving it for someone else to clean up after them.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “Over Population is the greatest danger”

      One of the protesters this week was complaining that the UK was one of the most food dependent countries. It would appear prudent to adapt policy to nudge population to a slightly downward trajectory?

      Yet though they spoke like they’d been rehearsing for years this point was never addressed. Class 1 hypocrisy imv. There’s more than one way to reduce food dependency. That’s glaringly obvious.


      • vesnadog says:


        ““Over Population is the greatest danger”

        Says Planned Parenthood.com.

        Can you imagine the numbers of infants in a single year are lawfully murdered in and out of mothers womb would have survived if certain doctors/finance companies/anti-life groups-BBC didn’t put “life” before “costs” and “inconvieneancies”


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          Good job that Planned Parenthood is the largest supplier of abortons in the USA, then. Annual revenues of $1.3 billion, including $530 million in government funding. And it’s a tax free corporation. Reduce the population and earn some serious money: win-win for liberals.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Emmanuel -What you say about overpopulation is very true. So why is this, the No1 issue, not an issue for the protestors?
      Subconsciously, the ‘climate protestors’ have registered that it’s taking place largely in Africa and Asia/ Middle East.
      Were Europe the source of overpopulation, you may well be hearing quite a bit about it.
      But, like this, it may raise uncomfortable issues / connotations of ‘racism’ or ‘colonialism’, if comments about either of those two continents are made.
      I’m even wondering if the profusion of African and Asian faces we are seeing in our stories and advertisements, is not an early surrender notice to the relatively ‘poor young billions’ waiting out there?
      We, the ‘rich, old, millions’ await your arrival, since we are incapable of replacing our own dying, with Europeans.
      Could it be that all these border elimination issues, all the ‘sanctuary cities’ and the ‘welcoming’ of refugees overlies the dynamics of population growth?
      So, instead of celebrating our own communities, we’re going to celebrate ‘diversity’, and act very sharply against anyone who dissents from this line? We could call them ‘far right’, for example, and marginalize and demonize them. Bring witchhunts back to Europe. Turn on our own…
      For many Europeans, raising a family these days sounds too much like hard work, so we’ll get a dog instead? I merely pose the question. I may be wrong? It may be governments who are at fault. After all, the Hungarians have decided that they are going to replace their own people with their own people…
      So it can’t be too difficult.


    • gaxvil says:

      Indeed. That’s why it’s called a Witch hunt.
      Float = witch.
      Sink = witch.


  8. StewGreen says:

    What do you reckon Piers Morgan ?


    • Guest Who says:

      Seems the real problem is….


      • StewGreen says:

        Context : the article is OLD from July 2018
        + Raymond Snoddy is a well known Remainiac
        The article is very often tweeted by Remainiac robot army

        “hardline” is a boo-word label, an ad hom that is used to poison the wells and render someone as toxic
        …. It shouldn’t be used in a Radio Times article like that if it wants to have any claim to be impartial.


        • Not Gwent says:

          I agree the emotive language is loaded yet at the end of the day the majority voted ‘leave’. This was a while ago now.

          Quite how the majority can truthfully be labelled ‘hardline’ by professional journalists is open to question. How do they keep a straight face?


          • StewGreen says:

            Journos have such metrolib groupthink that no other journo dared to call out that Radio Times appalling propaganda
            It was left to Daily Mail commenters
            Click on the “show best” button


      • Up2snuff says:

        This, apparently,
        has gone around the world.

        All you see on two Google pages that I spot audited is the same text and details of Producer, Editor and Senior Producer. I could not actually get the video to play, so I have no idea what the young lady was actually subjected to, what her testimony is. What may be a distortion of truth is now available on umpteen Internet News sites globally.

        That may be the case for millions of others, an unwatchable video but they have received the message via the title and ‘the sub-text’.


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          Seems to be a non-story. The lady felt that her neighbours were no longer quite so friendly, plus wanted to pursue a singing career in Poland. No particular incident. Comes back to the UK every couple of months so her daughter can see her father. Thinks she’ll come back herself for good eventually.
          Note to BBC: she did not move back to Poland after Brexit. Brexit hasn’t taken place yet. You probably mean the referendum. Get some new work experience people in.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Attenb*llocks cartoon from Josh


    • john in cheshire says:

      Boaty McBoatface Attenborough’s face seems to have collapsed. Is this a sign that he’s facing extinction? Is he going to rebel against it?


    • vesnadog says:


      “Hysteria TV that really is worse than you thought.”

      “And there’s [still] no snow in Africa” B. Geldof.

      And “there are no rains in Africa”

      However, Africa has more water than most continents on earth.

      Over to you Bob?


  10. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Mueller report: Eight things we only just learned””

    “”Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation paints a decidedly mixed picture of President Donald Trump’s conduct, that provides ample AMMUNITION for either side of the political divide.””


    Ammunition and Evidence are not the same thing.

    Why allow facts to get in the way of the BBC’s Bias and Distortion?


  11. Roland Deschain says:

    Feel free to pile in, folks.


    • Helen Richardson says:

      A ‘call to arms’ ??

      Sounds like an incitement to violence to me.

      Far more than talk of “putting the fear of God into MPs”, at least.


    • StewGreen says:

      Climate Doom prediction record


    • vesnadog says:


      Re the background in Attenborough’s lies.

      He’s nothing but the chief spokesperson for the NIMBY fanatics.

      This guy is only saying what his grand children tell him; and the kids are only repeating what their village school master brain washes them with, and the head masters are simply repeating what their scientist friends tell them in the pub; and they are only repeating what they hear from Attenborough on the Pub TV.


  12. G says:

    “…….moves to cancel illegal immigrants’ public housing access”.
    US Government. Bravo!, but don’t stop there.


    • StewGreen says:

      Roland see my list on previous page of this thread
      from around 11am


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Sorry, missed that! Must have been added since I was there.

        I’ll add this from Delingpole:

        Even by the BBC’s abysmal standards, this programme was a disgrace: an insult to the intelligence, a betrayal of the Reithian principles on which the BBC was founded, and a shameless piece of propaganda on behalf of the watermelons who would destroy our civilisation.

        As for Sir David Attenborough, it’s time this whispery voiced, gorilla hugging, walrus scaring Malthusian was recognised for what he is: not as a national treasure but as a national embarrassment long, long past his sell-by date.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Since 92 year old beeboid David Attenborough has ‘a call to arms ‘ I was worried in case he is paying higher level income tax on all those fees from the BBC

          I needed not to worry – a quick check shows ‘David Attenborough ( productions ) limited has existed since before 1991 so he can be ‘tax efficient ‘
          In awarding himself dividends ….


  13. gaxvil says:

    On the UK pollution / climate thing.
    A few people on the media and phone-ins of late, have dared mention immigration into our overcrowded island as being relevant.
    They have been shut down immediately.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Any genuine or principled or at least sentient environmentalist / Green politician would be totally opposed to immigration. The carbon footprint of people in the developing world is a lot less than in the West; when you transfer people from there to here they have a far higher environmental impact – far better for the planet if they remain in their original country. There is also the question of diet. On the BBC website is a ‘Climate change food calculator’ to calculate the carbon footprint of diet (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46459714). This reveals that Western staples such as potatoes, bread and oatmeal have a far lower environmental impact than rice, with potatoes producing less than 1/6th the amount of greenhouse gases relative to rice. There is currently a BBC-supported UN initiative to discourage the consumption of meat in the West, promote vegetarianism, the eating of insects and so on. When can we see articles and programmes on the BBC urging people in the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia to stop eating rice and switch to eating more bread and potatoes instead? As around three billion people live in that part of the world it would make a huge difference.


  14. Fedup2 says:



  15. chancygardner says:

    In truth, I’m now visiting the BBC less and less. I cannot remember when I last tuned in to a radio or TV channel, I mostly visit the website to get sports results and, in those brief terrifying moments, I sometimes unfortunately skim-read some vomit-inducing headlines such as ‘I wanted my sexuality to…’ or ‘Love Island made me …’ or, Is it ok to take a selfie when..’ or ‘LGBT community..’ or ‘Wrong to treat women as…’ and so on. To be honest, I’ve started using this site as a buffer and am letting others stand on the front line. It’s much easier that way although a bit cowardly, I admit. I think I’m suffering from bbctle fatigue.


    • taffman says:

      Are you still funding it ?
      Al Beeb robs from the poor to give to the rich.
      Why arn’t you posting on the weekend thread ?