Start the Week Open Thread April 15 2019

Over to You – it’s Holy Week for Christians so the BBC will be making a special effort to come up with anti Christian ‘stories ‘ as there are some religions of which they approve and others not so much . The Godless can go on in their own happy way …

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  1. pugnazious says:

    Another change of liberal bleeding heart…..though clearly she doesn’t have one…those poor immigrants….

    Cher in 2017…

    Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them‼️I’m Ready 2 Do This & 🙏🏻Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME‼️SANCTUARY

    — Cher (@cher) September 5, 2017

    2019….as Trump suggests ‘sanctuary cities’ take all the immigrants…


    • taffman says:

      Me second ?

      Only joking 😀


    • RobRoy says:

      And boy is she getting a ‘good kicking’ on Twitter :0)


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Trump is a bloody genius. He’s trolled the left so perfectly they’re now doing his work for him.

      As Scott Adams puts it:

      One of my favourite replies in there:


    • Doublethinker says:

      The first thing that the great and the good of LA and the ordinary folks , indeed the whole of California, must do is to rebel against the fruit cakes who named them sanctuary cities and a sanctuary state. If they allow such an illegal status to remain in place they can hardly complain when the rest of the US , which certainly doesn’t want illegals, sends them more of the people that their political leaders say they will welcome with open arms. Cher and her luvvies should start a campaign to revoke the sanctuary status and depose those loonies who imposed it.
      Over all DT is playing the immigration issue brilliantly and calling out the dumb Dems in ways they never thought possible. By the way how long before the BBC tries to smear Tiger Woods for his long standing friendship, which he refuses to repudiate, with the President.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      God bless Cher. She has managed to encompass left wing idiocy in just a couple of tweets.

      As a leftist, of course she supports open borders…in the abstract. But she also has just enough self-awareness to realise that LA has its own problems, and just cannot take any more immigrants. So they will just have to go somewhere else. Maybe a state full of deplorables who voted for Trump, that should do it.

      This is how leftism always goes. Leftists love leftism in the abstract, but the problems it always brings are somebody else’s problem to deal with. Certainly not Cher’s. Goodness me no.


      • Rick Bradford says:

        Radical PC Leftism always eats itself, because it is a fundamental contradiction.

        Watch Martina Navratilova, an icon of female sporting achievement, and of lesbianism, no less, get thrown under the bus because she opposes the new orthodoxy that blokes who have decided they want to be women are allowed to invade female sports under the ‘transgender’ label.

        Why, as one Brazilian female volleyball star noted, should she be available for random testing at any time of any day to ensure she is not ingesting testosterone, when people who have been flooded with testosterone for 30 years are being invited to walk into her sport if they buy a pair of breasts and put on some lippy?

        I think this will be one of the big issues going forward; women’s sport has made unbelievable strides in the past 50 years, and that is all being threatened by the ‘transgender’ invasion.

        The PC Left is in a bind on this one, because of the fundamental contradictions of the Victim/Oppressor narrative.

        I hope it turns out badly for them.


  2. BRISSLES says:

    Wheeeeeeee! runner-up !!!


  3. BRISSLES says:

    If its already been mentioned – apologies.
    But I had to chuckle when the subject of immigration was discussed on that laughable programme the Pledge. Out of the 5 around the table the 3 who were most animated in the discussion were all of colour – June Sarpong, Trevor Phillips, and Maajid Nawaz. The others on the panel Michelle Dewberry and Nick Ferrari barely uttered a word – well actually they couldn’t get a word in.

    I thought, this is rich, they are discussing immigration, and its their parents who arrived here who were the cause of it all ! Didn’t refer to that though did they, oh no.


  4. G says:

    Wow! I’m ahead of myself! ‘Start the Week Open Thread’? Sorry, but I need to refer to the news on BBC Radio 4 at 2200 hrs Sunday 14th April. Should l go back to the Weekend Thread and report there for consistency?
    Anyway, less of that.
    Has anybody been listening to the programme I refer to above?
    It took me about 15 minutes to realise that it’s an all women panel and as you would expect, the girls on the ‘panel’ get ‘chattery’ as women do when men are not present. You can detect it in their voices: sentences close with last words becoming more of a flattened superiority growl. That’s my description. Turned off when I made the realisation that it was more of a WI get together rather than something worth listening to. Half expected to hear a debate on nappies or the benefits of a particular washing powder.
    It was first TV broadcasts I ditched in 2017 and I’ve run down my exposure to Radio 4 incrementally (without intention to do so) but I’m reaching the conclusion that I should dispense with BBC radio all together as well.


    • Deborah says:

      I listened to Woman’s Hour briefly I think on Thursday. They had a couple of women including one of colour discussing some BBC programme that I can only be pleased not to have come across. Teabag? Fleabag? Something like that. However they were all delighted to see women of all shapes, sizes and colours having sex in the programme including casual sex. Apparently it made them feel better about themselves.

      Substitute the word ‘men’ for ‘women’ and I don’t think it would have been at all acceptable on the BBC.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Did anyone say it was far fetched because

        ( spoiler alert coming )

        It showed an adult woman having consensual sex with a Roman Catholic priest ? If you want a show to get commissioned by the BBC find something easy to undermind . But no sex with imams though ….


    • Fedup2 says:

      I put the new thread up either as late as I can before I go noo noo or as early as I can when I wake up – or when trying to not interfere with ‘ exchanges ‘

      Anyway – re your Westminster Hour . I’m sorry you were subjected to it . I’m getting really good at prejudicial accessment and has which off even before they had started the headlines – which I just heard that an American male golfer had won an American golf tournament in America . It didn’t mention how President Trump congratulated the golfer via Twitter …..


    • Up2snuff says:

      G “It was first TV broadcasts I ditched in 2017 and I’ve run down my exposure to Radio 4 incrementally (without intention to do so) but I’m reaching the conclusion that I should dispense with BBC radio all together as well.”

      Am thinking of doing the same. Mostly in protest at their treatment of Brexit and Brexiteers.

      Suggestion to site owners & techies: how about a side-bar on here where alternatives to BBC Radio are listed, especially for news?


  5. StewGreen says:

    Channel 4 Trailer “We think British schools are too segregated so we are going to whites and Muslims to swap”
    starts Tuesday


  6. StewGreen says:

    Todays Agenda pushing from Radio4
    “Another reason to feel slightly inferior to the Swedes. The city where you have to sort your rubbish into seven different bags”


  7. Thatcherrevolutionary says:
    • Jagman84 says:

      Even many of the 5* reviews are scathing of the BBC. Maybe some forgot to set it to 1* before posting.


    • gaxvil says:

      I pity those poor folks who live or work in London. Having been hit with the new pollution charge on top of the congestion charge this week they’ll have to suffer yoga classes and super glued climate protesters holding trees on the capitals road and bridges.

      Q: ‘What about those just trying to get to work ?’
      A: ‘Oh, I think they understand – they’re behind us.’


    • Kaiser says:

      goose … gander


  8. gaxvil says:

    Try the Birmingham area schools where they have 98% Muslims with a couple of Polish, Romanian and Latvians thrown in.
    Not so much, segregation – more like eradication.


  9. Nibor says:

    I’ll do it again .

    £1000 to any Beeboid or remainer that can prove the BBC have broadcast a Brexit supporting programme . Television or radio .

    Don’t worry any Beeboids surfing in . The money I can give is due to the fact I never buy a television licence .


  10. tomo says:

    More dishonest shite from the BBC

    What you need to know – oil drilling is evil and “causes earthquakes” – unless you read the piece – cnuts.


  11. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    I am pleased to report some good news. It’s even on the BBC site but I don’t think that they can be very happy about it. (Which I suppose is good news in itself)
    But there has been a general election in Finland. It was a tight result for the top three parties, but the Finns Party has come second only one seat behind the Social Democrats. (Labour equivalent) and one seat behind them are the Tory equivalent.
    A great result for a populist party!
    Yes, I know they came second last time but in the meantime, that is since 2016, they had a dreadful split and languished in the polls below 10% for around three years and till a short while ago looked like they would be lucky to manage fifth place.
    But they stuck with it, didn’t they?
    So there is a lesson there, oh ye of little faith, ye that cry out (endlessly) “Woe unto us, Ukip is done for” that the political scene is, and always will be, a turbulent one and those who wish to make an impact should be robust enough to survive reversals in fortune.
    Yes, the Finns do have a proportional system but the principle remains the same.
    Anyway the EU won’t be happy with the result any more than the BBC, but those of us who like to keep an eye on the international situation will say “Rejoice!”


    • The WestWyvern says:

      World Service at 06.12 did a report and interviewed a Finnish CEO regarding the result. In setting the scene the BeeBoid explained that the winning center left party won by 0.2% but in his words ‘ a wins a win’ if only they’d apply the same approach over brexit…I
      The CEO was asked if the result was affirmation of centre left over populist party policies….. Errr no, says the CEO!


      • Doublethinker says:

        They stick with the rules when it suits them and break them when it doesn’t. It’s called liberal democracy.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I listened to a report on this on BBC Radio Scotland around 6:45 this morning. Despite coming second they were still labelled with the boo-word(s) “far-right”. And the impartial commentator brought on to enlighten us was quick to point out that 80% didn’t vote for them. Not so quick to point out that the same applies to the Socialists but the Finns will likely get socialism anyway.


  12. Halifax says:

    Here is a little gem from the anti Christian BBC.
    Under 4 things you can expect this week at number 4, (after Indonesian (muslim) elections and an Attenborough programme that climate change is going to kill us all by October the 4th) is this snippet about Easter. Can you spot the inference that some reading may not be Christian? Oh and they got the bit in about the moon, bit of commonality there….

    4) Easter weekend

    More than 2.2 billion Christians across the world will mark Easter this weekend.

    The most important festival in the Christian calendar will begin with Good Friday ceremonies to mark Christ’s crucifixion.

    It is the latest Easter date since the year 2011, when it fell on 24 April – the date coincides with the first full moon after the spring equinox.

    (One side note: you may need to check if you are expected to be at work next Monday…)


    • dazzer says:

      It really is quite some achievement that there are 2.6 billions followers of Christianity – a religion that doesn’t KILL you if you leave, or in milder cases ostrosise you. Islam claims 1.6 billion but I wonder how many that would be if that religion had the enlightened approach of Christianity.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Halifax, Shalom!

      The Easter date coincides with that of Passover.

      There’s an important reason for that. 🙂 Did they mention that? No? I thought not.


  13. Halifax says:

    Aren’t those bags arranged as the rainbow flag… it obvious or have I been at 04:50 astute ?


  14. LastChanceSaloon says:
    Beware those who, like Ukip’s leader, excuse lies and rape threats as ‘satire’
    Matthew d’Ancona
    2015-05-05 The Times
    Labour ‘conspiracy let in 3.6m to create multicultural Britain’
    By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor
    6:30AM GMT 22 Feb 2011
    One Million Child Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.?
    A national disaster sweeps Britain.
    February 8, 2015
    Arnold Ahlert
    British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on “Industrial Scale”
    by Soeren Kern
    March 17, 2015 at 5:00am
    Every 4.8 Seconds a White Woman or Girl Is Raped by Muslims
    (This link is incomplete, having been blocked by Vodafone which they also do with ROP)

    Beware those who, like the far left Guardianists, excuse mass real rape, by those they imported for votes.
    Mass rapes, which they then concealed, whilst demonising Griffin and Robinson who exposed the truth.
    Guardianist propagandists who then seek to make political capital out of allegations of rape threats.
    Disgusting even by the standards of the mass murdering Marxists.


  15. Annunaki says:

    Shamima Begum is on legal aid despite being stripped of UK citizenship: Fury as jihadi bride’s legal fees are paid by taxpayers

    It seems [email protected] lawyers are almost as busy as their child rapists, and all holding a British passport working for the good of their country


  16. Guest Who says:

    Bet BBC North America will be all over this one.


  17. Beeb Brother says:

    Around 3am on Five Live Through The Night: a lengthy whinge about how podcasters are not diverse enough. A young lady has made it her ‘quest’ to make them more diverse. Wouldn’t stopping the horrific violence be a more noble calling? I can’t imagine the dying words of a stabbed boy being: “If only the History Today producer had been mixed race . . .”

    I can maybe accept that it’s important to have equal representation on screen as everyone needs to know they can maybe make it if they try. But on a podcast you obviously can’t see anyone. Maybe some of the stuff I listen to is narrated by Asian men; I have no idea and I do not care. No right-minded person wants to know the skin colour of a podcaster.

    We then hear clips of a promoted podcast – possibly of the girl who wants to ethnically cleanse white men from podcasting – and it is painful: literally refugees meeting CEOs and talking about empowerment. I had to switch off the radio and go back to sleep. It is a miracle I did not choke on my own vomit.

    There will always be programmes you enjoy and those you don’t; but to regularly produce material so infuriating you’re forced to switch off in disgust really is quite an achievement. What a beauty.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Nice BBC hit piece using one degree of separation patsy.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I love one comment – she was actually spoken to by the police for admitting she slapped her boyfriend over a computer cable – pot kettle black…indeed. As somebody said , if it had been “man slaps girlfriend” where would his political career be? Just another example of one rule for women and another for me in this world of equality


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        “The relationship had come under enormous strain in preceding months and regrettably, it escalated and in the heat of the moment I slapped him because I felt threatened.

        We both recognise it wasn’t our finest hour and were, both at the time and continue to be, grateful that the police mediated, and calmed things down.”

        That’s going to be my defence if I get arrested for a machete attack… “my victim and I both recognise it wasn’t our finest hour”…


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      She is as much to politics as she is to aesthetics.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile at W1A…


  20. Guest Who says:

    Just a reminder, he was a senior editor at the bbc for many years.

    O’Brien, Esler….


  21. Annunaki says:

    Britain’s deportation disgrace: One’s a convicted paedophile, the other a gangster. Both should have left the UK years ago – but they still here laughing in the face of the law, writes SUE REID

    Like I said, our diverse lawyers all working for the good of their country….

    “Day after day in our immigration courts, foreigners who have made their home in the UK, then abused our welcome by committing criminal acts, even serial rape and murder, game the overwhelmed system with the help of well-paid lawyers to wriggle out of being deported — sometimes for years, sometimes for ever because the system seems to forget them.

    The problem is huge. In England and Wales, one prisoner in nine is now a foreign national. Many are from Africa and Asia, “


  22. Fedup2 says:

    I switched on The week in Westminster , heard who was on it ,switched off and went to sleep.I wonder if this MP has any idea that by denying the Democratic vote she is of the faction “inciting violence ” – a bit like the Court Jester – (sir) David Lammy .

    Avoiding Toady Monday but glancing over the BBC news website . A Detective in the Met Police – working with Cambridge University – has come up with research that where people are knifed in London there will be more knifing .

    The type of victim and stabber didn’t get much of a mention nor anything that can be done with such a “revelation”.

    It reminded me of those surveys which shows that where there are cars there are car accidents ….

    its almost funny but then we must realise that the taxpayer funded such dumb research . I bet the detective makes a living on the results of his stupid work.


  23. Annunaki says:

    Funny is it not, the BBC with its oft faux outrage at injustice has missed this national scandal:

    One Sri Lankan man challenging deportation in January was told by the judge that he could remain because he faced political persecution in his home country, even though he has been a persistent offender.

    Between March 2003 and August 2017, he accrued 41 convictions for 53 offences including drink-driving, driving a vehicle while uninsured, being drunk and disorderly, theft, using threatening, abusive or insulting words, causing harassment, committing battery and destroying property.


    • Thoughtful says:

      We need to being in democratic accountability for our judges. The law does not belong to them, nor their disreputable profession, and if they fail to administer it in a proper way they should be judged by the people who they sit in judgement over. That might bring a return to common sense in these matters.


      • JamesArthur says:

        Common sense , Thoughtful?
        That seems to be something not taught in school or even recognised in left leaning organisations


  24. Annunaki says:

    And another one, with his well paid, no doubt diverse lawyers defending the indefensible:

    Abdul Rauf, 50, goes about his daily business here as though he hasn’t a care in the world. The married father-of-five lives in a three-bedroom house with a small garden on a respectable street and drives his Toyota car to the nearby mosque, shops for groceries and pays visits to his friends.

    He is often dressed in pale green Islamic robes and the traditional taqiyah head-covering of a devout Muslim (he used to be a preacher). There is nothing to mark him out as a convicted criminal who is unwelcome in Britain.

    Yet Rauf was a member of a gang, some of whose members committed the most hideous crime imaginable: multiple rape and sexual abuse of underage girls.

    He himself was convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child. He was put on the sex offenders’ register and jailed for six years at his 2012 trial, during which he wept in the dock, claiming one of his victims ‘looked maybe 30’ and saying he made a mistake.

    Rauf was part of a nine-strong sex-grooming gang convicted for targeting 47 girls as young as 13 between 2005 and 2008, in what the trial judge said were ‘callous, vicious and violent’ attacks motivated by ‘lust and greed’.

    The sordid and cruel details of their depravity make it almost impossible to believe they are still in the UK.

    They plied the girl victims with drugs and alcohol and passed them around for sex. The youngsters were assaulted and raped by as many as five men, one after the other, often multiple times a week.

    One member of the gang, Adil Khan, started having sex with one victim just a few weeks after the birth of his son. She was persuaded, at first, to think the then 42-year-old taxi driver was her boyfriend. She became pregnant by him, but had an abortion.

    In his case to stay, Khan argued that he wanted to be reunited with his seven-year-old son and social workers were preventing him seeing the boy, who was upset at being parted from his father.

    As a ringleader of the Rochdale gang, Abdul Aziz ferried girls from Rochdale to orgies as far away as Leeds and Bradford, and was paid for introducing them to other men.

    After the trial, three of the gang with dual British and Pakistani nationalities — Rauf, Khan and Aziz — were stripped of their British citizenship as a prelude to deportation to Pakistan. Yet the Mail can reveal that nearly six years after their imprisonment, these sexual predators are still living in the same region where they abused the girls. Rauf even has a house very near where some of the attacks took place


  25. Annunaki says:

    Rauf was once a part-time preacher at a nearby mosque, the Bilal Masjid, but was sacked for bad timekeeping before the trial. However, he is still a regular worshipper and travels by car to pray at Islamic services in and around Rochdale. Although Rauf is listed on public records as still living with his wife at the house with a small garden, she — following the shame of her husband’s conviction — is rarely seen going out these days.

    Meanwhile, an appeal by him, Khan and Aziz against being stripped of their British citizenship in August last year was rejected. They argued unsuccessfully that their family life would be harmed if they were thrown out of Britain.

    But they have still not left the country and Rauf this week showed no signs of preparing to do so.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Christopher Hitchin Commemoration

    A BBC anniversary programme which struck me as an echo of the Jimmy Saville Celebration programme I remember half watching . When is it being repeated on Gold?

    If ever a programme was made for bubble dwellers that was it . Its a shame that Hitchins wasted his talents on wasting air by saying unorthodox things and making money on the back of it .
    Mind you I suppose he d only been another Traitor politician in that bubble – maybe a kind of upmarket Gove .

    The BBC obviously loves him now that he is dead and can’t do them any harm …..


    • Annunaki says:

      His talent is there for all to see so not really wasted thanks to the new fangled interweb thing


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ive seen a lot of his stuff on Youtube but I think his degree of self love overcame any value he added to peoples’ lives and certainly wasn’t worthy of an hour documentary – but I suppose it was cheap and the Bubble got all dewy eyed ….

        meanwhile in the Real World…..


  27. Guest Who says:

    This changes everything…


    • Fedup2 says:

      We should be very grateful to Alistair Campbell of all people to provide tangible evidence of a Beeboid breaking cover and wanting to limit free speech – particularly the Farage line about the need to “put the fear of God into MPs”

      it also shows the mentality of Beeboids viewing their own “suffering” as badges of ‘honour’ and no doubt “respect” from their beeboid peers when they brag about the ‘dangers’ they have experienced no the Taxpayers costs.

      Presumably the BBC will find something in the Code of Practice allowing Patrick Howse to express clear biased views –
      a bit like sopel working for fag manufacturers .


    • Thoughtful says:

      Just another ill educated middle class left wing loon who lashes out when someone takes his toys away.
      Anyone who disagrees with him is either a ‘Fascist’ or a ‘Nazi’ yet he can’t see the real ‘Fascist’ is himself, because he has convinced himself that Fascism has nothing to do with socialism despite it being inextricably linked.

      The murder of Jo Cox which he inevitably has to drag up had nothing to do with a ‘Nazi’ and there are extremely tenuous links to any kind of ‘far right’ extremism, yet this is what the Fascist left wants to believe so it’s true.


    • Kaiser says:

      reading some of the lunatic comments on there

      “Put the fear of god”

      is now hate speech, remarkable, truly remarkable


    • theisland says:

      This just looks like a clumsily manufactured ‘set up’ letter not to be taken at face value.

      It conveniently mentions all the ‘relevant’ points. Its intention is to protect the Brussels Broadcasting arm by pretending to criticize it.

      All part of the ongoing ‘campaign’.


  28. Annunaki says:

    This should be required viewing for ALL BBC EMPLOYEES :


    • Thoughtful says:

      Why should it be required viewing?

      There are far better talks given by D’Souza, but like anyone who attacks the Left D’Souza has been imprisoned, and his work heavily criticised. His book ‘The Big Lie’ should be required reading for everyone, let alone on the left, as it explains that almost all the bad things in history were originated on the left of politics.


      • Annunaki says:

        Why ? Because our license fee is paying their mortgages whilst they require the rest of us to feel guilty for living in our own country and having our own religion and culture


      • Kaiser says:

        It is a great example of leftist hypocrisy


  29. Ian Rushlow says:

    Keystone Kops make breakthrough in fight against knife crime… A murder detective with the Metropolitan Police (‘We do Facebook and Twitter”) has developed a cunning method for predicting ‘fatal stabbing areas’ in London. Apparently, further stabbings are more likely to occur in areas where there have previously been stabbings. Naturally, there is no explanation or coherent theory as to why this might be. However, we can safely assume that: it is nothing to do with the demographics in some of those areas, involving feral youths of predictable ethnic backgrounds; nothing to do with gangs; nothing to do with music that glorifies violence, aggression and alienation on racist radio stations such as BBC 1 Xtra.


  30. Annunaki says:

    No [email protected] Sherlock, Dr Watson may possibly add: absent fathers, lack of male role model, lack of moral centre, refusal to seek paid employment, and criminal behaviour including casual posession of weapons in country of origin


  31. Grumbler says:

    Are journalists really so thick that they can’t question that someone with a drone can see what the drone sees? I despair.
    Apparently the Gatwick drone disruption was an inside job.
    “A Gatwick chief told BBC Panorama the drone’s pilot “seemed to be able to see what was happening on the runway”.”


    • Up2snuff says:

      G, thing was the drone was flown intermittently. Only after the Airport started its re-open procedures did the drone fly again. It wasn’t what was visible to the drone operator when in the air. They either had a great pair of binoculars or were ‘recce-ing’ the field activity via RT hacking or were a staff member, perhaps in the Control Tower or with experience of working there.


  32. Annunaki says:

    Are journalists really so thick



    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Those who can, do;
      Those who can’t, teach;
      Those who can’t teach, teach gym;
      Those who can’t teach gym, become a journalist.
      (with apologies to George Bernard Shaw and Woody Allen)


  33. Guest Who says:

    When in doubt (and to be safe), the bbc asks a question…

    The Today Programme

    Is the Labour anti-Semitism row being used to discredit Jeremy Corbyn?

    “The rise of anti-Semitism in Labour came with the election of Jeremy Corbyn,” claims Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman. She wants it resolved but doesn’t say he should resign.


    • Not Gwent says:

      “anti-Semitism row being used to discredit Jeremy Corbyn”

      It might have something to do with a video apparently showing Corbyn’s indifference to the matter.


      • Annunaki says:

        It is indeed informing that left wing blatant racism is given a different nameby them when they wish to practice their intolerance, i.e antisemitism when it is, in fact, plain racism, which is the main point of attack of the left to anyone who calls them out, so let us not play their game in hiding their racism, call it what it is, in fact : racism they are racist.

        It is also informng that there was another regime that displayed the same intolerance to this particular race, go figure as they say and that regime did not fare well once it started putting their wishes into practice, history does seem to repeat, maybe Corbyn will end up in a bunker under Whitehall,


  34. Grumbler says:

    Re the detective who can predict stabbings. The use of algorithms and computer models has been used for a long time. I worked with a Home office murder detective who was very good at finding bodies using lots of different variables,, not moving the body too far from the car, dragging it downhill etc.


  35. Annunaki says:

    Millenium laziness (or stupidity) taken to the extreme: lets find an algorithm on a computer, others might say we already have this technology: lets use our brain, of course this may be discriminatory for those who are just plain stupid or thick and we are no longer allowed for stupid people to not have the same opportunities, a call to any customer service operators may possibly confirm that, for example 3 mobile services, but I could not possibly comment, fkcu I already have…..I should have used an algorithm


    • Not Gwent says:

      “a call to any customer service operators”

      Welcome to the script


    • JamesArthur says:

      I am so fed up with idiot tv reporters/journalists/presenters talking about algorithms…it is the word of the moment. When will they get it into their thick skulls – it is just a set of rules to follow when addressing a problem – and some of them are shite…just because they are programmed into a computer just makes them quicker at producing shite..

      Re: knife crime – the plots of where the crimes have taken place are pretty concentrated – so why not focus on them to start with?


  36. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1

    Oh dear! Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary, lets slip in an interview with The Humph (R4 8.10 on) that a No Deal Brexit would be advantageous to Britain in its trade with Japan creating an instant new trade deal.

    Is Hunt correct about that? The Humph did not check or challenge. I wonder why?

    The Humph did not check or challenge over the possibility that the Cooper/Letwin Bill does not do what it says in ruling out a No Deal Brexit. I wonder why?

    There was no mention that saving £39bn Brexit ransom money AND having an instant & favourable trade deal with Japan would be good for the UK. I wonder ….


    • G says:

      Hunt is a liar. I heard him repeat the mantra, “the people just want us to get on with leaving (the EU)”. On Treason May’s ‘deal’. Blatantly forgetting that the, “people” have a better idea of the salient points of the WA than him.
      Yes, they want out but not in the manner in which liar Hunt recommends.


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, was quite impressed with Hunt at Health. But I agree, he seemed somewhat ‘economical’ when toeing the Theresa May line on the WA – although maybe I should use the standard misspell referring to that – ‘towing the Theresa May line’. I might add ‘Hunt is tied in to it as Cabinet Policy’. Well, just over half the Cabinet Policy.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Before Brexit was cancelled there was a radio interview with the Japanese ambassador who basically said – ‘ yep -ready to go on a trade deal just say when ‘ why would he fib ?

      All of those little things are washed away by Evette s audition to be next labour leader -the first Girl if you don’t include HRH Becket …


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, thanks for the reminder. Think I may have heard that interview but had forgotten.


  37. Annunaki says:

    RE N G Pink Floyd said it more tunefully


  38. gaxvil says:

    So did Lammy have an affair with Corbyn – that would be the usual path for a black, race bating thicko ?

    Anyone who does not tow the Lefty line is dubbed, racist, Nazi, Islamophobe, homophobe, xenophobe, blah, blah etc..
    All we seem to have, in response is to call them Marxists. We really must do better. Enough already.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      gaxvil – Good idea, I think they rather like the term being used to describe them anyway – think of it as a compliment.
      We should make up a little list here. Anyone with any suggestions?
      Lammy was clearly being a racist recently, although it was disguised. Maybe we should begin with that?
      They won’t like it up them, but it may start a debate on what the term actually means…


      • gaxvil says:

        How about the term, Lammy chop. So that kind of talk designed to stifle comment and discussion would be doing a, Lammy Chop ?


        • Roland Deschain says:

          For those of a certain vintage, that would be Sharia Lewis and Lammy Chop.


  39. Sluff says:

    An idea for you. Bear with me.
    The BBC are reporting that the Scottish government are to create a ‘Right to Food’.
    I’ve been toying with the following logic sequence for a while.

    Food must be a basic right. So it must be wrong for people to eat on the basis of wealth. Therefore we should nationalise all the supermarkets. A lot of money could be saved as there would be the same products in all stores and minimise duplication and competition. All the food would be provided free of charge, you might say free at the point of delivery. In essence it would be needs-based. Families would need more food, single people less. All the food would be paid for out of general taxation. Employees would be protected, as state employees they would get a good level of pay and generous salary related pension schemes. These would be unfunded and paid for out of future taxation of succeeding generations. What could be more fair?
    Complaints would be frowned on, as such complaints would imply criticism of the whole system, so would entail a complex process.
    The single entity providing this fair and nirvana-like idealistic service would need a name, and my proposal is to call it the NFS, National Food Service.
    Any resemblance to any other service you could think of is entirely co-incidental.


    • thirstypak says:

      Mmm ….. Soylent Green….lovely


    • rthornton says:

      “as there would be the same products in all stores”

      Sorry, have to correct you on that. There would be no products in the stores, only massive shortages within 6 months. This would not be due to incompetence, you understand, only “lack of funding”.

      A thought though. Perhaps the supply of knives and drugs should be nationalised. That should solve one problem at least.


      • Sluff says:

        I stand corrected. As there would be no price mechanism to control supply and demand, there may need to be queues and waiting lists for certain products. Naturally, a large department would be created centrally to ensure people in different towns and regions did not suffer differentially from such shortages. This might be mitigated by large annual above-inflation payments to rectify under-funding, which many employees and left wing politicians would support.

        Alternatively of course, a bigger private sector component in the NHS could have a lot going for it……..


  40. G says:

    “Post Modernists”; “Cultural Marxism” – Apart from ‘Globalism’ and, of course islam, these are the other debilitating influences of our time. In fact, for the ordinary folk, these two probably represent the most obvious symptoms of how our World is rapidly being corrupted by evil. If the descriptions, “Post Modernists” and, “Cultural Marxism” confuse, I recommend Jordan Petersons video where all is explained, very, very thoroughly.

    The massive international conspiracy is set out clearly.


  41. Annunaki says:

    The Scottish government may be well served to look at all their thousands of square miles of land owned by “nobility” for fishing and hunting, and think again about rights for food

    A study into who owns Scotland’s land and the impact that has on the people who live there is to be carried out by the new Scottish Land Commission (SLC).

    It has been estimated that fewer than 500 people own half of all privately-owned land in Scotland.

    That is one of the highest concentrations of land ownership in Europe.

    Analysis by land reform campaigner and now Green MSP Andy Wightman has estimated that half of the privately-owned land is in the hands of 432 people.


    • G says:

      “A study into who owns Scotland’s land and the impact that has on the people who live there is to be carried out by the new Scottish Land Commission (SLC).”
      The SLC could study the way South Africa tackled this issue and maybe adopt some techniques………….


      • Annunaki says:

        its a lot of bloody land I drive for 8 hours to get to where I want to in Scotland all through “private” land


        • Annunaki says:

          Maybe all those who were enslaved and slaughtered by the vikings and Edward the first should be campaigning for reparation ? …….thought not


          • gaxvil says:

            Not forgetting the Romans, Saxons and Arabs and of course the Africans who enslaved their own (different tribe though).


            • fakenewswatcher says:

              gax -Whites by the Barbary pirates?


              • gaxvil says:

                Oh yes indeed. And while we’re on what about the efnik clensin of my Scottish ancestors ?


                • Annunaki says:

                  Precisley, and all we hear about is poxy arab immigrant whinges, who were and are, responsible for much of the slave trade as we all know and are still doing it with teenage schoolgirls, you can create a country and strive for a fairer and more equal society, but cannot change the mindset of your immigrants something for the home office to consider maybe

                  Those who present themselves as weak and oppressed just watch when they get a UK passport demonstrating outside schools and attacking Christians in Hyde Park


  42. Guest Who says:

    “A spokeswoman for The Royal Parks said Extinction Rebellion had not asked for permission to begin the protest in the park and that camping is not allowed.

    Police said their operational response to camping “would be dependent on what if any other issues might be ongoing at the time”.”

    Good to see Sadiq, Amber, Cressida, etc again running their dual track policies on lawliness.

    What do these rebels have to do to get enough arrested for Joey d’Urso on twitter all day? Again.


    • Annunaki says:

      Possibly tell a secret, then you will have police outside your house for years waiting to arrest you


  43. Up2snuff says:

    Heat the Wok (aka Start the Week) with Andrew Marr and try and cause a burn on Margaret Thatcher? Maybe.

    Marr conflates 1982/83 with 1979, Falklands War/Brighton bombing with rubbish piling up in streets.

    Dodgy BBC and/or Marr memory? Could be. Or could instead be the usual BBC propaganda of course.


  44. StewGreen says:

    Re : Climate Change – The Facts.
    Saint Attenborough Will Reveal All on April 18th
    and Deniers Shall Repent.

    Posted on 14 Apr 19 by JAIME JESSOP


  45. StewGreen says:

    JRM on @LBC now
    .. “Oh the biggest threat is Tommy Robinson”

    What ? Do Deepstate have dodgy photos of Farage , and Rees Mogg and told them their job is to smear TR otherwise the photos will get released ?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Stew: you sure it’s JRM, not Anna Soubry?


    • gaxvil says:

      He’s obliged to say that. Anyway it knocks off UKIP from forthcoming elections. Very easy to spot the GROWING movement to label UKIP as a kind of BNP V.2.0.


    • StewGreen says:

      JRM Jacob Rees Mogg
      using the Misrepresent/Smear/Label/Dismiss #PRTrick
      against Tommy Robinson & UKIP
      Ferrari : “Are the EU elections going to be good for anyone ?”
      JRM replied
      but potentially & more worryingly TR
      ..Nigel is a respectable individual
      I’m much more concerned about TR & the move to the FAR-RIGHT*
      . genuine rather than Lammyesque”

      *The context is that someone had just called David Lammy a “black racist” for shouting Nazi at people,
      so JRM says you can’t call Lammy an extremist cos mostly he’s OK, but TR … he ..he is “genuine” Far-Right #BadMan

      Link to tweet with video starting at correct time


  46. StewGreen says:

    Podcast from months back
    \\ Piers Corbyn is a socialist and has a complete disdain for the ‘fools’ that are ER:
    \\ To any #ExtinctionRebellion (#XR) followers we advise you to quit that FakeProtest Tool** of ExxonMobil-BigOil, 5G-oligarchs and WallStreet Super Corporations pushing climate lies, FuelPoverty + SocialCleansing. Stop being a tool.
    He’s also said ER are anti-democratic & work to enable super corporations and UN-EU DIKTATS to plunder us and destroy our rights and living standards.
    Here he is speaking on them a few months ago //


  47. Doobster78 says:

    Knife crime out of control ..but lets the get the Virtue Signalling tally up !!! What a waste of Police resources. Quite pathetic.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      I’m worried now about old photos I uploaded – of myself begging on the street for pennies, then tossing an effergy of a bloke called Guy on a fire..


  48. theisland says:

    Brexit Central email today:

    “… since the last extension of the Article 50 period, the Government has changed the way to extend the ‘exit date’ in law from requiring a vote in the House of Commons to a way which does not require a vote (using a Statutory Instrument subject to the negative procedure, to use the technical term). At the risk of losing readers to arcane parliamentary procedure, the only way for Brexiteers to stop the change now is to “pray” against it. A prayer is a parliamentary procedure which, if passed, would put the latest Brexit extension to a vote in the House of Commons. 41 eurosceptic Tories have tabled a prayer, and therefore are currently “praying” against the change in the law, but it is unlikely that the Government will grant them time to hold a vote. The last time a change in the law was annulled in this way in the House of Commons was 1979.”

    Here is the “prayer”


    • Up2snuff says:

      Er, I thought the Supreme Court Ruling in re Miller & others (2017) specifically ruled out the use of a SI in relation to Brexit?


  49. gaxvil says:

    And how many Officers will be Policing the pollution protesters this week. Priorities lads, priorities !


    • Northern Dreamer says:

      Apparently we have 10,000 officers on standby for No Deal unrest….. might as well send them in to deal with the climate change yobs.