Midweek Open Thread 10 April 2019

The Far Left Pro Remain BBC continues it’s bias and we must record it

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  1. gaxvil says:

    4.5 Billion could have gone a little way to fixing the pot holes round here !
    See a Mrs. Clinton wants Assange extradited – She hates Trump.
    Corbyn does not want him extradited – He hates Trump.
    Assange is accused of sex offences including rape but suddenly that doesn’t matter unlike the Trump cases and other none lefties.
    Hypocrisy is one thing but blatant, highly transparent hypocrisy ?


  2. taffman says:

    Al Beeb ………..\\It is time to get Brexit “off the table” so that Britain can focus on other issues, the chancellor has said.//
    What Conservatives voted for this to happen?
    Its a a betrayal of the greatest democracy in the world.
    Vote UKIP next time .


  3. Zelazek says:

    Listening to Any Questions, thunderous applause for Nicky Morgan castigating Gerard Batten for calling Islam a death cult. The programme is supposed to be coming from Stamford in Lincolnshire but it might be Cloud Cuckoo Land. Batten seems like the only person there who has actually looked at the Koran and is not wilfully ignorant.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Nothing wrong with being a death cult, Christianity is a death cult, the central message being the resurection and life after death. Batten has the theology wrong Islam is a Murder cult, killing anyone who doesn’t accept its delusion, and even killing some of those who do as well!


  4. Thoughtful says:


    Yet another BBC luvvie drama queen turns out to be a Labour party candidate for election, this time with some rather nasty overtones. The BBC and the Labour party appear to have a revolving door !


  5. Dover Sentry says:

    Brexit Party’s New Video:


    • Thoughtful says:

      A single issue party can never change politics for good. Farage has made the same mistake he made with Brexit, failing to see a future beyond the Brexit, and failing to name successors. The virtue signalling today has been rather tiresome to be honest, I didn’t think he would stoop to that.
      So for me it’s business as usual with a single issue on top.

      Oh and how did he manage to balance that characature on top of his head while he recorded that? Wonder how many out takes there were when it fell off.


    • Oaknash says:

      Thanks Rear Admiral Rog – But I already have a “home” It is the only party that has consistently stood against the EU in this country and despite being saddled with a couple of “numpty” leaders by its original personality leader it is now going strong.

      PS It is also unafraid to talk about certain more unsavoury aspects of a certain religion which no-one else wants to talk about. Sorry I forgot honesty is so “boring” these days.

      By the way Nige where were you these last two years?


      • Wink1 says:

        I agree with you both, Thoughtful and Oaknash, Nigel walked away from UKIP when he was needed the most. He then criticised from the sidelines and it took a decent man like Gerrard Baten to try and restore the credibility of the party.


  6. BRISSLES says:

    To be fair to Nige he achieved what he set out to do, – to start the wheels in motion to get us out of Europe. It was down to the rest of us to follow through, which is what that lot in Westminster was supposed to do. Not having a seat in Parliament – the Tories saw to that – he could hardly be expected to make overtures every week to check up on things during negotiations. Sorry, but I’m not prepared to shoot the guy in the back who at least had the guts to start the ball rolling, and which got Cameron afeared in the first place.


    • Oaknash says:

      Sorry Brissles – but whilst accepting he did some good stuff – he walked away when he was most needed, and in all likelihood will now split the Brexit vote. The MSM are only giving him exposure for that one reason.

      Do you now think UKIP should pack up and go away – because “the Nige” is back. Something or someone has to give – who do you think it should be?


  7. Dover Sentry says:

    In my view, the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and the BBC are the enemy.

    UKIP and the Brexit Party are not.


    • Oaknash says:

      I agree but unless they start co-operating all is lost. This will not happen whilst one side is slinging insults at the supporters of the other party.
      Besides I rather take exception at being described as a tattooed yob, when I consider I was fighting just the same battle as Nigel was.


      • Dystopian says:

        Did anyone hear Farage on Talk Radio this morning. When the presenter asked about splitting the UKIP vote, and mentioned Gerard Batten’s success he said that they had “a different kind of people” representing the Brexit party and something on the lines of “look at the type of people who go to UKIP rallies with Tommy Robinson and how it all turns to ‘yobbery’”
        I’m afraid, in my honest opinion, that Nigel is just on an ego trip and wanting to secure his return to the European Parliament to get back into the limelight.


  8. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC/Left are about to explode with indignation:-

    BBC Online News:

    “”Trump considering releasing migrant detainees in sanctuary cities””

    “”President Donald Trump has acknowledged planning to free immigration detainees in Democratic urban strongholds as a political retaliation ploy.””

    “”The Republican president tweeted that his antagonists should be “very happy” about the idea given their “open borders, open arms policy”. “”

    “”He said he was targeting so-called sanctuary cities, which have policies to aid undocumented immigrants.””

    “”Trump Tweeted, ….The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!””



  9. StewGreen says:

    Scruton : I forgot to post that Scruton had already answered back


  10. StewGreen says:

    4:46pm R4Feedback made the ridiculous assertion that BBC doesn’t o enough Global Warming activism
    Well I have a long list just from today
    Look at this Look North item from the is weeks series on activists
    ..they’ve already done a vegan activist and environmental activist this week
    Today was the anti-fracking anti-Fossil Fuel activist
    At the end we learn that she’s just been arrested and bailed with a court appearance in July


    • StewGreen says:

      Then someone else posted video directly contradicting her story that she is a VICTIM
      ..and seemed to show that she was a very angry sweary person throwing stuff off the back of a moving vehicle and once hit an officers head with her scissors


    • taffman says:

      Propaganda, blatant propaganda. Simples.
      Most of our nation is aware of it.
      My usual weekly message to Al Beeb and Mrs Chamberlain…………………“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”


  11. StewGreen says:

    FFS I am sick of you BBC metroLiberals spitting your pseudo-green agendas in my face all the time.
    Most progs unlistenable
    I have a thing called switch-on bingo, cos whenever I switch-on BBC radio/TV they are often spitting agenda in my face and half the time it’s a GreenDream point
    These are today’s “wins”

    – 7:30am Radio Humberside news ..quick promo in the news for the Hull kids Global Warming protest, repeated every half hour news until 2pm
    – 7:34am Prog item with Climate Kid Kirsty
    – by 2pm the news items had the LookNorth TV clip with Climate kid Louisa

    – 8am Radio Lincolnshire news ..quick promo in the news for the Lincs kids Global Warming protest in Horncastle with Climate kid Holly (Only 12 years left) and Mum Hazel (pulling the strings ? Dad denied this )
    repeated every half hourly throughout morning news
    -8:25am-8:29am Live reporter Richard Madden at the site of Horncastle kids climate protest interview with Climate Kid Holly and Mum/Dad

    – 9:30am RadioHumberside presenter Burnsy got carpark boss to do a spiel about how great Electric Cars are

    – 2:22pm RadioHumberside tweeted “Fighting plastic pollution with community action” story

    – LookNorth TV
    6:35pm Hull Kids Global Warming demo item with very staged photo .. (and one rude sign)
    6:36pm-6:40pm Anti fossil fuel activist
    The report ended by saying she had been arrested and bailed at the anti-fracking camp and will appear in court in July (unless the court system decides to forget like they do sometimes with activists)
    This week they have had Vegan, and environmentalist activists on already

    -7pm trailer for Climate Change the Facts

    – 7:50pm Radio Humberside tweeted the AntiFracking Activist story

    – 8pm BBC Radio Lincolnshire the Hosts talking about them doing a Plastic Free week this week


  12. StewGreen says:

    And there’s other stuff
    eg On April 1st and 3rd R4 Prog Youth Climate Strikers
    My Name Is…
    \\ 17-year-old Londoner Noga Levy-Rapoport records her role in organising the UK wide school strikes and charts the impact of the growing global campaign for action on climate change. //

    This Thursday – Radio 4 Open Country was obviously a PR advert for the heavily SUBSIDISED Eden Project’s new Morecombe base idea

    For certain progs like Countryfile, The Radio4 Adam Rutherford show, The R2 Jeremy Vine Show and Costing the Earth these pet issues often come up get a one sided airing.
    Over on local radio/TV presenters battle to signal how green they are etc. ..lots of nti-plastic campaigns
    ..trying electric vehicles etc.


  13. taffman says:

    “Georgetown students approve slavery reparations fund”
    “Georgetown University students in Washington DC have voted in favour of a reparations fund to repay descendants of slaves sold by the school in 1838.”

    Interesting , how about the students funding it themselves and using that money to repatriate those said descendants back to their roots or country of origin ?
    How many would take up that offer?


  14. StewGreen says:

    It took me 14 tweets to show that just on FRIDAY
    it was easy for me to come across rather a lot of Climate Activism on BBC
    It’s with pics of the BBC Climate kids staged photo
    .. and a kids sweary sign
    full 14 tweets with photos


  15. Richard Pinder says:

    Astronomers, Mensa Members and Richard Pinder, versus, Children, Naked Environmental Activists and David Attenborough.

    Ten years ago Astronomers knew that the key to whether Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming or not, would be found if a formula worked for the Greenhouse effect on both Venus and Mars. An attempt using the assumed radiant heat absorption greenhouse effect on Mars of 3 Kelvin, transferred to Venus, failed, and the scientist concerned gave up on Venus. Then we had a German scientist who found out why, with the paper (Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics, Gerhard Gerlich, 2009).

    Then the paper (Unified Theory of Climate, Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller, 2011) provided the formula that works for both Venus and Mars, proving that the atmospheric mass/gravity/pressure Greenhouse effect of James Clark Maxwell, found in 1888, is correct. Gravity pulling molecules downward producing the heat gradient. Therefore the climate sensitivity of CO2 is proven to be zero. As Donald Trump says “it’s a Hoax”


    I win, David Attenborough loses.


  16. JamesG says:

    Carl Benjamin’s video launching his election campaign:


  17. rthornton says:

    Not BBC, but SKY (same disease):

    I don’t normally have anything good to say about Adam Boulton but, in his political show this morning, he was merciless towards some sanctimonious 21 year old p***k representing the environmental protesters. I wish it had gone on a little longer.

    He was, of course, just doing his job. I wish he would do it more often.

    I’m sure someone will put it on YouTube. Worth a watch.


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