Long Weekend Open Thread 22 March 2019

We are about to witness a week of hysteria shovelled out by The Far Left BBC . It will be an ideal time to record the bias right here….

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  1. Dystopian says:

    I noticed this on a.n.other BBC bias forum. Interesting. Does anyone on here agree?

    [Monkey Brains22 March 2019 at 11:53
    I think this 12th April date is of dubious legality. This is what Article 50 states:

    “unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period”

    May asked for the extension to June. At what point did she agree to 12th April? It appeared from reports that the European Council inserted the 12 April date combined with the late May date. So it was NOT in agreement with what the UK requested.

    So this was a unilateral declaration by the European Council and so invalid under EU law (Article 50).

    Moreover, Article 50 makes clear the decision to withdraw has to be undertaken in line with the leaving state’s “constitutional requirements”. The leaving date of 29th March is effectively written into law, the only way the UK could reach agreement with the European Council is if that date sanctioned by statute was amended to allow for an extension to April or May.

    The Act concerned was v. straighforward:

    “The Prime Minister may notify, under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU.”

    The power to extend the date relates to 50(3)not 50(2) so I can’t see how May can on her own authority extend the date. So, the date remains 29 March. I’m not a lawyer so may well be wrong but it does seem “arguable” as my learned friends say.]


    • theisland says:


      I agree this looks exceedingly dodgy (but then we know we are being shafted).

      I’m waiting for Lawyers for Britain to help us out.

      At present 29 March is still the legal date.

      From brexitcentral.com email today:

      Mr. Kwarteng also told the Commons that the Government would, of course, be seeking to change the ‘exit day’ in UK law via a Statutory Instrument to be voted on in Parliament. But there have been reports of No 10’s Director of Communications Robbie Gibb briefing journalists from the Sunday papers that the Government was not planning on changing the UK legislation at all, and that apparently this would not be necessary as EU law takes precedence over UK law [see below].

      If the UK did not change exit day in UK law there is a wide range of opinion as to what would happen and it seems highly negligent to assume it will all be fine. For example, this House of Commons briefing paper suggests that the UK would still remain in the EU but be in breach of our treaty obligations as the European Communities Act 1972 would still be repealed on 29th March. It also suggests that a large number of our financial contributions to Brussels would become illegal under our own law.



    • Up2snuff says:

      Cannot say Dyst, that I have looked long and hard at the actual words recently. I looked at A.50 in 2016 and it seemed appropriately blunt and straightforward.

      Hopefully, some good ‘Leave’ lawyers are looking at that right now.

      We may also need a Gina Miller-style application to the High Court to rescue Brexit. Alternatively, personal pleas to our most noble Majesty to come to the aid of her people might be another avenue to follow.

      Or both?


  2. Fedup2 says:

    I think you’ll find the legislation to amend the leave law will be voted through early this week. As for the date of the extension -that was horse trading .. and could not be beyond May 20? Ish because of the elections

    The earlier cut off is to prevent UK getting involved in elections in which it won’t be involved if “out”..


  3. Guest Who says:

    Laura best watch out as Joey is clearly after her tweeting crown.


  4. Ed Hitter says:

    The BBC website seems to be missing the pro-Brexit motorway go-slow protests. Many other news outlets have it. Funny that.


  5. Guest Who says:



    • popeye says:

      From her twitter feed above
      “Damian Allegra @False_plausible
      Replying to @carolecadwalla @GeorgeMonbiot @BBCPolitics
      the sad truth is there are very smart intelligent people in the UK…but your average member of the electorate doesn’t even have the ability to communicate in their own language…let alone have a basic understanding of the issues.”

      And there we have it! We plebs should NOT be given the right to vote and upset the Guardian readers who alone have the intellect to rule our country


    • Up2snuff says:

      GW, has Monbiot gone a bit ‘David Icke’ ?


  6. Doobster78 says:

    Another stabbing !!! No doubt another talented , little cherub who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time !! If only a bloody youth club was open hey !!

    Still scratching my head here trying to find some sort of link between all these young lads ………….nope still struggling !!!



  7. Up2snuff says:

    I note ‘the other’ Petition (which got the briefest of mentions on the TOADY Programme this a.m.) was almost static recently.

    It has now added 80,000 or more signatures in the last twenty-four hours!


    C’mon Tim!


  8. rthornton says:

    I came across this letter the other day. I thought it might be of interest (there is a distant BBC connection):

    Letter to Deidre Brock, MP

    My wife and I are your constituents in Edinburgh North and Leith.
    It is clear that the EU will not amend the PM’s deal. So the Commons must reject it at once, then choose between no deal and the People’s Vote. You must not let yourselves be distracted into debating a host of conflicting delusions. And your votes should be free votes, to overcome splits in the major parties.
    I am 84, and grew up in the War. The EU was born of the search for peace, and helped us bring peace to Ireland. The Armistice centenary is a reminder of that. The 2016 vote was on the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. We must not let English nationalists take us back a hundred years.

    David Gracie

    Yes, the name might be familiar. I understand he lived for many years on Mull, a place some distance from many of the problems facing the rest of the UK. All too typical.

    Two members of my family died in the Battle of the Somme so I find his crude attempt to co-opt this dark memory and imply that “English Nationalists” (!) might take us back particularly objectionable.

    Now he’s promoting the recent petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. Strange how one can argue that a petition should override an official referendum.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, ex-bbc editor but frequent guest shares…


    • Thoughtful says:

      Time we shipped people like this Sweden or other Socialist paradises, and took their decent right of centre types in return. I reckon it would take about 6 months for a state full of lefties to go the same way Venezuala has and become a pariah nation no one wants to visit or have as a neighbour.


    • JamesArthur says:

      The more I see and hear of him – he really is a self important F..Kwit.
      Why exactly is he given airspace?


  10. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Sir David Attenborough is to present an “urgent” new documentary about climate change for BBC One.””

    “”He said it COULD lead to the collapse of civilisations and the extinction of “much of the natural world”.””

    “”It will also feature interviews with climatologists and meteorologists to explore the science behind recent extreme weather conditions, including the California wildfires in November 2018.””


    Will the BBC allow an opposing view? Of course not. It’s their written policy not to challenge Climate Change.

    And also a plug for their documentary and their crusade.


    • Old Goat says:

      The more of this sh*t they produce, the more sceptical reasonable people become. They are playing on the minds of the poor, brainwashed, and uneducated kiddies, now, and the desperation is as clear as daylight.

      Attenborough used to be a capable presenter of wildlife documentaries. He has now become just another shill for the ecoloonies. I don’t watch anything of his, any more, because I want to throw something heavy at his smug, pious face.


      • vesnadog says:


        “They are playing on the minds of the poor, brainwashed, and uneducated kiddies”

        I’m not too sure about this bit.

        I think its the middle to upper class teens who are falling for this nonsense. I think the less educated youngsters aren’t aren’t even bothered about climate change (too busy trying to get a job, or qualifications to better themselves). Posh Parents are the ones pushing all this nonsense and they make sure their children listen.

        Its the mother earth thing that scares these people. Listening to some of them you would think that they talk to her before going to bed nights and worse – she answers?


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Attenborough has a reasonable knowledge of natural history, and used to be a good narrator of wildlife documentaries. That’s as far as his expertise goes.

        His knowledge of climate science is no better than that of any layman, and a lot less than that of a layman who has taken the trouble to research the subject. The only thing that makes people listen to him is his reputation, nothing more.


    • Thoughtful says:

      And will the hypocritical Mr Attenborough be flying first class again ?


      • vesnadog says:



        I like it (not really) how he always seems to relish describing wild life in Africa especially the “killing scenes” especially close ups of Lions ripping the flesh off poor wildabeest calfs, and eating on the flesh of poor calfs even before poor animal is dead.

        Then he tells the viewers – its absolutely horrendous, there is too much animal cruelty in the world and school children must be told this and seek their parents to donate to animal charities.

        I would donate my money to UK animal charities, especially to the Cat and Dog charities especially the P.D.F.V.S.A. charities.


  11. theisland says:

    In case there was any doubt …


    • honestus says:

      Unfortunately what the lady says above is certainly true. We believe that we have some form of input via the ballot box and the democratic process but we do not. The EU are dictating terms in a manner which disenfranchised the electorate and created the Leave tranche in the first place.
      But, it appears we cannot change the outcome.
      I have never seen such a huge disconnect between our people and our elected representatives AND between large sections of our society – divisions driven relentlessly with unadulterated partisanship by most of the media and much of the tabloid. The BBC’s bias is particularly difficult to stomach as its charter is constantly rode roughshod over.
      This suppression of the referendum vote and the marginalisation of the people who voted the ‘wrong’ way will never end well and I wonder what the remain exponents think will happen to the now frustrated and angry 17.4m? Will we fade into subservience to the greater god EU? Will the wilful anti democrat whose votes are clearly worth more than ours seize the opportunity for more EU, more socialism, more state control.
      The future, without any real say in it looks bleak and I cannot in all conscience see acceptance of this arrogation.


  12. gaxvil says:

    Germany still hoping Brexit will never happen and afraid the Brexit virus will spread across the Channel and infect Europe to crumble their Empire.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      True. But I don’t think we should see a German Empire, even though they dominate economically.
      Mrs Merkel is not Germany. She merely likes to think she is.
      Rather, we need to see an elitist mindset, in which the opinions of the ‘ordinary’ citizen are manipulated by the MSM, which are in its service.
      Across the ‘Western world’, any attempts by the aforesaid ordinairies to assert themselves, becomes ‘far right’. For historical reasons, this elitist stunt is easiest to pull off in Germany. ‘Far right’ is a term that shouldn’t puzzle us, as it is meant to conjure up the Hitlers, and even Francos, of the past. Salvini is a candidate. So is Orban.
      The elitists like to run under the ‘Liberal’ or ‘Social Democrat’ label, which have a nice ring to them, even though you may find it difficult to detect traces of genuine freedom or democracy. Contemporary political language lends itself to tyranny, because of its capture of media and mindset.
      There is, for instance, a healthy opposition in the German Bundestag, called the AfD. It derives its name from Merkel declaring that there was no alternative to her policies (very democratic), and plays roughly the role that UKIP did in Britain -even though that lacked parliamentary representation, which the AfD has.
      I think contributors to this site would largely agree with its policies and people, who are conservative, anti-EU and anti-mass immigration. They generally admire Britain, for obvious reasons.
      It is limited by a uniformely hostile press, led by the subsidized state broadcasters, who traditionally call it ‘extreme right’ and ‘Nazi’ (anything sound familiar?)
      ‘Conservatives’ (CDU) and socialists (SPD and Greens) live happily in coalition, sneering at the AfD. Labour and Tories would make an equally happy team, were UKIP to become a genuine threat to their supremacy.
      No, the Empire that needs be feared is not a particular nation, but a particular mindset. Observe the antics of our own parliament, v. the voice of the people- when they were asked, and you will find the elitist mindset- contemptuous of the voters, other than when required during elections- alive and well.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    George Parker , a remainer journo of the FT, had a biased free fire zone half hour on the Week in Westminster – the usual disregard of the majority – an interview with ex pat David milliband – as well as Blair .

    Blair was asked if he will be on the remainer march Athon ? No . There was no follow up about whether he might be strung up for allowing a million East Europeans to come to the promised land in year one and then another million or more since …

    But it was the State Broadcaster

    The point was made that both remainers and brexiters care about their country. That is not the case . Extreme remainers don’t want countries any more – they want a ReichEU superstate .

    And that is half the problem .


  14. Skeldings says:

    New Zealand in a state of collective wailing emotional incontinence, on a par with that of the English upon the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

    This is the same country, lest ye forget, that produces the fearsome, all-conquering All-Blacks rugby team.

    Scarcely seems possible, does it?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Unfortunately it seems quite a few ISIS types have survived the end of little plan for a mussie world order . I’m guessing they ll all be legging it to the NZ embassy to get to their new home. God help NZ .

      Thinking about it – maybe she decided to out idiot that troodo idiot .


      • vesnadog says:


        Having lived in NZ for many years I have no doubt whatsoever that in about a year or so there will be mass conversions of NZ females to the religion of peace. Twill not be the same with male NZers!

        Strange how a religion that treats females with such contempt is getting so much sympathy from so many western educated women by wearing the very things which are used by muslim men to oppress their wives.


  15. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I’m hearing there’s people calling for St. Jacinda of the mosk to be given a Nobel prize.
    Do they now have one called The Nobel Prize for virtue signalling?

    I don’t know much about her but her name suggests a pretentious extreme liberal pair of sandal wearing parents.
    She’s milking it for all she can get out of it.

    While they are at it, maybe the Nobel panel will come up with one for our nonservatives like grieve and soubry. The Nobel prize for sh*tstirring.

    On ‘the petition’
    I’ve heard there are thousands of dianne Abbott’s and Jeremy corbyns as well as Donald Trumps signed up to this world wide, anyone can sign multiple times, joke of an anti democratic petition.
    Gotta give the lefties their dues, they’ve got the kiddies doing the bots to make this appear much bigger than the real number of signatures.

    I fully expect the bbc to do the usual and big up any anti Brexit (anti democracy) numbers on marches this weekend while poo pooing any pro Brexit (pro democracy) marches and meetings. That’s if they even bother to report on any pro Brexit meeting or protest.


    • honestus says:

      Graudian headline….
      ‘More than 4 million sign Brexit petition to revoke article 50’.
      quickly dismisses ‘conspiracy’ theorists on dodgy numbers as it salivates over coming peeps vote march.
      They only see what they want to see – f**k all else!


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m really surprised it’s only 4 million . With Brussels and Moscow and the kids all signing up x100 times each is should be at least 10 million by now .


        • honestus says:

          A second referendum (peeps vote) was a marginal option not too long ago and has been voted down by the muppet people, but it is now a fore runner option. Why? Cos they’ve added up the number of kiddies in uni and doubled it (many have two addresses to vote) and their gee gee looks like a romper. Obviously been taking lessons…….


          • G says:

            Children or not the next election and/or referendum will be fixed. Has to be. Can’t rely on the Electoral Commission to oversee: they’re a bunch of leftie/EU supportng Globalists in any event after all, they’re Civil Servants. The ruling elite will not leave anything to chance.
            The existing electoral system has pretty well buckled under the weight of dishonest ‘new’ British citizens who only know dishonesty cos’ that’s what they’re used to.


            • vesnadog says:


              Strange but true, how May will never ever listen to the 17 and one half million but will cave-in and listen to the 3 million online remainers.

              I hope it doesn’t happen but at one time I thought I could trust this woman but can we really?


              • Lefty Wright says:

                We’ll know the answer to that one when the fat lady starts to sing.


                • vesnadog says:


                  I agree.

                  Day by day we see the noose closing in on her final singing lesson.


              • Van Helsing says:

                We already know the answer to that one: May is not to be trusted.


      • honestus says:

        Fed, apropos your later post on moderation. Anger briefly got the better of me. Soz.


        • Fedup2 says:

          No worries – it wasn’t aimed at you – it was just a general plea as times are pretty heated on the web .

          Twitter is like an on line civil war . Glad I don’t engage – waste of time – people are too entrenched and emotional to reason now –
          All because MPs won’t accept the people’s vote …


      • gaxvil says:

        See now, I find it really hard to see what they find so attractive about Europe. Spanish holidays, German Sausages, Opera, Euro TV, pizza ?
        They can still have these things. They can still go work and live there, though not many have done so. I hear Bulgaria is very cheap and unspoiled. But no, just not getting it.


        • Lefty Wright says:

          Big Brother has cast his line and the fish have taken the bait.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think there might be quite a few Junkers , messersmits , Barnier, A Hitler all in favour of a Fourth Reich .

      Personally I’m starting to get fedup with popcorn ….


    • Khaa2091 says:

      Seemed to work OK for Barry….


  16. Fedup2 says:


    I can’t do any thing to change the software ( I think ) and hence the presentation of this site. But I am looking for views about whether the publishing of new threads is about right or not .

    The danger in new threads is not looking back on the often carefully throughout our posts made here and missing them .

    Personally I favour discussion as opposed to just expressing a view and moving on – but that’s just me .

    I also ask, finally , for continues moderation of expression despite the times in which we are living .

    Yours – Fedup2 ( volunteer )


  17. gaxvil says:

    Too true. When the new thread appears, the previous is lost and forgotten. Maybe taking the last say fifty posts and tagging them to the start of the new thread would offer a little more continuity?


    • David R says:

      : Good idea!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Gav/Dave – thanks for the view – I think stew does that a lot and I don’t thank ( him ) enough for it .

        I’m kind of cutting off threats at about 500 – is this too long or too short . I truly wish the most recent comments were at the state but it seems we have to go through the pages to get there …


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I find that when a thread goes on to a new page, I tend not to return to the previous ones, so it’s less a new thread issue than a new page one for me. It’s too difficult to scroll an entire page of posts you’ve mainly read to find a few you haven’t.

      The “recent comments” sidebar on desktop or iPad is very good for getting to newest posts (though it tends to open up several comments adrift!) but there isn’t that option on the phone which can make getting to current posts a real chore – I just leave the page open on a tab and refresh once it reaches 3 pages.


  18. gaxvil says:

    Funny / Pathetic.
    Had flyers from local council parties and BOTH Labour AND Tory claimed the credit for a bit of new fence by a park.


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Bias by omission

    The Mueller report on Russian involvement in the US presidential election – and principally it’s failure to find enough evidence to prosecute President Trump – has been met with the predictable muted comment by the MSM .

    I feel sorry for Sopel today —- pacing around his lonely Washington flat grinding his teeth trying to utter more bitter words about a successful President and wishing for the return of the Muslim coloured one …


  20. Eddy Booth says:

    Mike Dice takes the piss best out of the Trump impeachment saga.

    And where is Teresa May colluding with the EU – a hostile foreign power – enquiry?


    • Thoughtful says:

      And yet the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau who looks like he did exactly what Trump is not guilty of is being shielded by the MSM because he shares their leftist values.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    I’m guessing – like the fashion in UK _ they’ll say ‘go away and have another go” – there are more investigations going on about this and that as the democrats ain’t got nuffin else to do apart from hate – or as their cortez girly would say —“. Yeah but no but …dunno … omg “


  22. Kaiser says:

    not on the bbc

    on the bbc

    1 she is on holiday in cyprus
    2 she received 3 death threats by telephone, mobile I presume

    so either her friends are threatening to kill her
    or she is making it up

    “Democracy is ruled by society for society, not the majority for the majority,” she said.

    “I want it to prove it is no longer the will of the people. It was three years ago but the government has become infamous for changing their mind – so why can’t the people?”

    bit of mixed message going on there dearie

    on the upside
    as remainers would say she is 77 so wont be voting much longer, f*ing rich pensioners ruining our futures


  23. theisland says:

    So it looks like Hungary was suspended before the EU gave TM the extension?


  24. Doobster78 says:

    BBC news channel a little earlier, the Nichols Witchell / Tin Tin same sex love child Shaun Ley was presenting.

    They came back to him in the studio after a very excitable report on the losers March taking place in London today and which is being attended by over 35 million people according to the BBC calculator.

    He added , in his words, that there was another viewpoint other than a second referendum. Wow, I thought, the BBC are going to balance it out with a piece about all the folk who want a no deal brexit, alas No. !!!

    The other BBC viewpoint was to revoke article 50 .

    So there we have it, according to out national broadcaster the balanced and un bias bbc, the only two options are a second referendum or revoke article 50 !!!!

    They really are something else !!!!!. End the licence fee now !!! They are far left, liberal scumbags !!!!


  25. Roland Deschain says:

    I don’t for one minute condone death threats, but it’s interesting to contrast the BBC treatment of this

    with this

    Namely, as far as I can tell, they’ve pretty much ignored the threats made by the woman but immediately report her claims to have received threats. Note that they are claims, according to the article, yet there are no quotes in the headline.

    Whereas the article says this:

    Since the success of her petition, Mrs Georgiadou has faced criticism over posts she allegedly made on social media, using threatening language about the prime minister. She said she had no memory of the posts.

    Yes, her claims are gospel but Guido’s, for which he has screenshots, are merely “alleged”.


  26. Peter Grimes says:

    Familiar to anyone?

    “That truth is simple: Muslim immigrants are “raping and pillaging” their way across Europe, assaulting women and committing crimes “almost on a daily basis,” he posted recently. ”

    ” “I believe that in the next five years you will see armed running battles in the cities of Germany. I truly believe that,” he told me during one conversation. “I’m scared. I really am.””

    “Having had his comments blocked by Facebook, he’s afraid that he no longer has a right to speak the truth as he sees it.”



  27. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    A big attendance for the second people’s vote today. They certainly can organise a good protest, you have to give them that.

    There’s one thing that stands out and that is the lack of trouble.

    If we had a protest you can guarantee that there would be gangs of hate not soap, sjw, antifa and other black clad, face masked mobs roaming round trying to cause violence.
    That’s what they do.
    And we are supposed to be the knuckle dragging thick plebs.

    Regarding Brexit at Cessminster.
    One danger with all these votes is that they only need one to go their way and they will declare “its over”
    These seven ‘indicative’ votes are a danger. They are making up the rules to suit themselves as they go along.
    With 80% of them remainers (until 2022) they have their enemy (us) over a barrel.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      In theory, they don’t. It just needs everyone who voted “Leave” to vote for a party set up with just the one pledge: take the country out of the EU and once they’ve done so call another election.

      Unfortunately human nature makes party loyalty very difficult to break down so it would take some feat of organisation to achieve. But something along these lines needs to be set in motion if we are to have any chance of Brexit, because it’s clear we’re not going to get it with this Parliament. Regardless of the effect this has on those who see their vote being disregarded.

      What that effect may be, I have no idea. A defeatist shrug of the shoulders, perhaps. Impotent rage and simply not bothering to vote, maybe. Civil disobedience? Or possibly violence by those who take the view that they were ignored when they did it the proper way and see no other way to have their voices listened to. And, whilst I’ve always seen violence as wrong, I’d be struggling to find a convincing argument against someone who took the latter course of action.


      • Up2snuff says:

        RD, “And, whilst I’ve always seen violence as wrong, I’d be struggling to find a convincing argument against someone who took the latter course of action.”

        I, too, am against violence and destruction of property. Am also against the non-payment of legitimately levied taxes. I think a protest movement loses the high moral ground at that point when it resorts to criminality.

        That said, everyone seems to have forgotten the young Democrat voters and Anarchists who went on a spree of thuggery and destruction in several US cities after the result of their 2016 Presidential Election was made known.

        If Brexit is stolen and the vote to Leave the EU is overruled, it will create a permanent opposition Liberation movement here in the UK and overseas and, as we have seen elsewhere in the past, it will eventually – hopefully by peaceful means – win.

        It just may take another forty years in a wilderness to get there.


        • honestus says:

          ‘It just may take another forty years in a wilderness to get there.’
          I and many others, on this forum and elsewhere have waited long enough. Brexit, to me anyway, is the culmination of years of frustration at seeing changes to our society that we were not asked to embark upon foisted upon us including the severe curtailing of freedoms of speech and expression, now subject to restrictive laws, many subjective .
          Brexit to me was very much the worm turning and I was proud to be a part of the 17.4m vote who said enough. I expected our politicians keep their word and honour our vote although I half expected disappointment as morality seems to be bargaining chips to many of them.
          Much more disappointed however in fellow citizens and members of the electorate who would demean my vote and render it worthless and think that this is ok and would carry no consequence.
          History teaches that disenfranchised people have fought for their vote to be counted and sometimes history does repeat.


          • Up2snuff says:

            honestus, I don’t think so: “History teaches that disenfranchised people have fought for their vote to be counted and sometimes history does repeat.”

            Recent (East) European history was based not on fighting but on ‘Stoikiy muzhik’.

            And the wall (curtain) came down ……


      • Iain Muir says:

        “And, whilst I’ve always seen violence as wrong,”

        In a democracy, yes, but if democracy is not being observed, what can the ordinary person do? Democracy is supposed to be our way of getting things done in a way which satisfies majority opinion, at least most of the time. However, a surprising number of people who I would expect to know better seem to be moving away from that belief, invoking dubious moral arguments to justify it. “Open borders” is a classic example of this but they know there is no majority support for it. They see public opposition as a problem to be overcome.

        Democracy has been fought for. It has taken a while to get here. It might become necessary to do it all again. Chilling thought, I know.


    • TrueToo says:

      Emmanuel Goldstein,

      Hate not soap?

      I like that one.





      I’ll get my coat.


    • vesnadog says:


      “They certainly can organise a good protest, you have to give them that.”


      I wish I had the backing from Soros and every tom dick and harry of his drinking buddies to finance such organisation.

      Can’t see 75 yr old LEAVE couples marching in the rain for 6 hours nor would they be fit enough to cause fights etc just to be laughed at by their own MPs.


  28. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve so impressed with the turn out – and the ‘almost’ link on the bbc website to their petition – that I’m becoming a remainer . I want barnier and Tusk and vandergraaf and Anna mad Soubry deciding my future ……

    I still like the thing about brexiters dying off more than remainers – . And every night those remainers pray for the death of brexiters ….which isn’t very nice … and reveals ‘extremism’ and ‘hatee speech ‘…


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I think we should make allowances for the afflicted.


    • gaxvil says:

      But they want to change a vote for something that has not even been implemented. (Putting aside the democratic vote to implement it.)
      So, next GE, we can vote in a Party and then move heaven and earth not to have them take up power – that is essentially where we are at.


    • Banania says:

      And I expect you always do the drying-up with one of those tasteful tea towels.


  29. LastChanceSaloon says:

    JRM Moggmentum on Twitter.

    “The law of the land remains the same. We leave the EU on March 29th. Only a new statute can change that. When the Government try to bring one forward, the 500+ MPs who stood on a manifesto to leave & promised to honour the Ref result should remind the Govt of this & vote it down.”

    Now using the “T” word.

    “Every single Conservative MP was elected on a manifesto to leave the Single Market & Customs Union. If ANY of their MPs vote for membership next week they HAVE to have the Conservative whip removed and then a General Election needs to be called.
    Get these traitors out, now”

    A general election, with May gone, with real Conservative candidates selected, with a Brexit cabinet.
    I think I would have to vote for this.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      “Get these traitors out now”? Well, we can’t pretend they haven’t earned their fate.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Mogg is supporting the Lying Boris Johnson – a man who is deeply suspected of taking bribes from Iran to smooth the nuclear deal with Obama, and who blatantly lied on behalf of Islam after Lee Rigby was murdered.

      I think I’d rather have the real thing and vote Jeremy Corbyn as a fake Tory like Boris. The only reason Mogg wants him is because they both went to the rotten school, and the old school tie is more powerful than anything else.


  30. gaxvil says:

    But they want to change a vote for something that has not even been implemented. (Putting aside the democratic vote to implement it.)
    So, next GE, we can vote in a Party and then move heaven and earth not to have them take up power – that is essentially where we are at?


  31. Payne by name says:

    Currently standing on a train with a load of anti brexit marchers. Nothing sums up their arrogance more than a placard I can see festooned with EU stars and proclaiming that we should ‘all be excellent to each other’ in some kind of sickening ‘we’re the nice EU people who just want to get along’.

    Well if that’s the case, why not respect the wishes of the majority of people that you ‘want to get along with’ who voted on this issue?

    Oh that’s right, you regard them as misinformed, delusional, backward thinking bigots who were incapable of understanding the bigger picture and don’t benefit from the elevated, more enlightened thinking that you do.

    You don’t believe in a People’s vote, you believe in a vote where more of YOUR people will vote the way YOU want them to.

    I looked at them with a mixture of contempt and pity.


    • Van Helsing says:

      Personally, I’d just go with contempt, for they are undoubtedly contemptible.


    • Van Helsing says:

      Personally, I’d just go with contempt, for they are undoubtedly contemptible.


  32. Foscari says:

    The BBC is a public service broadcaster. It is supposed to be
    neutral in it’s political views. Be it a fact that if not 100%
    of the people that work for the BBC it is 99% who are Remainers.
    Why should I pay a license fee to a BBC liberal bigot organization,
    which is without shame doing everything in it’s power to turn
    over a Referendum result?


    • Thoughtful says:

      Don’t forget the suspicion of a dirty deal between Scameron and the BBC for them to aid him in the referendum in exchange for another renewal of the TV tax.


  33. TrueToo says:


    On the subject of length of threads and timing of threads, I agree with comments above that it’s a hassle scrolling through a hundred or so comments or clicking through page after page to get to the latest comments on a thread.

    Might make it easier to have fewer comments per page but also a page numbering system on the top and bottom of a thread. Then people could just click on the page they want to go to straight away.

    Then it would not be necessary to have more threads put up every week. What say you?


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      TT – There already is a page numbering system.
      This is page 4.
      I have added hyphens at either end of the address to prevent the system linking to it.


      • Eddy Booth says:

        clicking one of
        Recent Comments
        on top right of interface usually gets to last comment made-
        unless someone has answered an older comment …


      • TrueToo says:


        Yes, I know it’s page 4, but how do you get to it straight away – for, example, if you have just accessed the site and a long thread has got to page 3 or 4.

        Unless I’m missing something, in which case I’ll get my coat…


        • Fedup2 says:


          Mmmm I’ll try and think of something clever but then fail – or fall back on that fancy word for putting off until whenever something you’re meant to do today … I could have had a PhD in that if I’d been bothered ..


      • Kaiser says:

        dont worry fedup its not the greatest interface

        but its a thousand years ahead of the bbcs


  34. ScottishCalvin says:

    News from the States, can’t wait to see how the evening news stars/anchors on the left cover it here. I imagine that the BBC is utilising bias by omission?


  35. Guest Who says:

    Not to boggle minds too much, but John Sweeney goes full Katty.


    • TrueToo says:

      John Sweeney is tweeting? He should be hanging his head in shame after the bruising he got from Tommy Robinson.

      The most profound moment in Panodrama was when Tommy says to the ‘executive producer’ “This is an establishment attack on me and you’re part of it and you’ve been exposed to the world tonight” and stalks out of the studio while the camera lingers for a few seconds on the producer and the back of Sweeney’s head in a room full of utterly silent people.


    • Kaiser says:

      so many people invested in russia gate , the mass hysteria must now become mass morose depression

      20% of the bbc’s output for 2 years entirely focused on a hoax, a conspiracy theory, fake news

      and not one of the “level heads” there has gone “hold on a second”

      credibility zero


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Wow – sweeney must have sobered up for 5 minutes before getting back on the taxpayers Kia Royale lash…


  37. Fedup2 says:

    I think I found a BBC news report biased toward brexit . They say that only a million people turned out for the remainer march -I’m sure I counted over two or three million . Even my next door neighbour went . Bet the burglaries went up Saturday afternoon – unless – of course – the diverse children were having more stabathons ….

    I wonder if the March was wonderfully diverse ….. or was it just chuka and Diane abbot …


  38. Beltane says:

    If the EU, very much against their will of course, are persuaded to graciously grant us the chance of a second referendum, and despite all the rhetoric that’s the way things are going, Brexit is over, finished, done.
    Disregard all the assurances that another vote will be even more decisive than the first, history shows that every time an EU referendum is re-run – and there have been five – the result will comply with the EU’s wishes. In other words the vote will be rigged. This is not simple negativity, I truly wish it were otherwise, but it is the way the EU works. The facts speak for themselves.


    • Kaiser says:

      if they truly believed they could win it , we would already be having it

      but hypothetically

      anything other than remain vs out no variations of either would be seen as rigging

      who would vote surely if we are testing whether minds have it would have to be 21+

      and what if they lost again, then what indeed would we any further along

      what if they won why could we not have another 3 years long to check …. we already know the answer to this one of course not


    • Beltane says:

      Thinking on, what with the news from Holland today, there are two factors which could affect and perhaps reduce pessimism.
      Since a re-run referendum will take at the very least 6 months to organise, the impending EU elections and the likelihood of ‘far right’ parties gaining power must create a potentially seismic spanner to jar the complacency and arrogance of Brussels and Strasbourg – always assuming, of course, that votes for FN, AfD etc don’t become lost in the system (see earlier post and previous EU elections).
      Secondly, and as a corollary to the above, the levels of public anger fueled by the commission’s obvious disdain for democracy, most especially in the Mediterranean area and within the Visegrad Group, result in the collapse of the Euro and subsequent implosion of the EU. In the event of this quite probable scenario, the second referendum will have no relevance and, although delayed, Brexit will become a reality.
      And, despite the losses through death, boredom and senility of large numbers of Brexit voters over the period, this will be offset by the suicides of significant numbers of BBC staff, Guardian readers, the acting profession and those still quaintly referred to as the intelligentsia.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Had a fun packed afternoon rewatching the Richard Harris version of “Cromwell” working out which characters back then are being played in the current faux civil war … Dominic grieve was the same then as he is now …

    You can imagine Grieve up there on the bench sentencing the poor to death for nicking a carrot …


  40. NISA says:

    The BBC’s Paul Wood, a fat sad man-boy, has been one of the most enthusiastic disseminators of bogus Trump collusion stories, via Spectator etc ( & perhaps briefing the odious Sopel). I look forward to his dismissal.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The problem is that the state broadcaster has so many of these journos who if they ever had a soul sold them long ago that I don’t who Paul wood is . The bbc has tens of thousand s of journos .. ?


  41. Burgsey says:

    I was just considering the current state of play of how the Conservative Party has got itself into such a mess.

    Whilst not directly a BBC issue, they certainly have contributed, as they have enjoyed every minute of the ongoing cock ups made.

    Taking a couple of steps back and considering Cameron’s referendum announcement and subsequent developments, he stated its either “IN or OUT”; that was the start. As far as I was aware an “OUT” or a Leave vote was one for a simple “we leave the EU”. No deal, no backstop, we just would leave.

    17.4m people voted for this option, the majority who voted – you know that democracy thing.

    Quite quickly after this, waters were muddied and then muddied further by remaining MP’s who set about usurping the biggest democratic vote by the British public.

    Unfortunately for the Conservatives, then May decided to call an election when Corbyn was on a crest of a wave. That turned out to be a bad idea. What wound me up in particular is that all those who voted UKIP to get the referendum that was yearned for, then supported the Conservatives, on the basis they would take the matter forward and deliver Brexit.

    Two major disasters. The remainers in the Conservative Party (Soubry in particular) sought to undermine the referendum result. Things progressed and here we are at a state of play which is frankly ridiculous.

    Oh where is Maggie when you need her – she would have sorted it!

    Anyway, where I am going with this is that the biggest single vote for one issue, Leaving the EU, gained 17.4m votes. That is nearly 4m more votes than the Conservatives got in the 2017 election.

    Anyone with some sense would see that if the Conservatives delivered on the (No Deal) Brexit, they could then be pretty confident that about that number would vote for them again. It would therefore pretty much be a whitewash at any subsequent election, with the Conservatives having such a large majority they could do what they want. In turn, and with a No Deal Brexit, that should provide them with the confidence to get out there and sell UK plc.

    Alas, they have gone down the route of self destruction. The population handed them a potential coup and their own remainers have wholly undermined this.

    To conclude, what do the BBC say; that hard right Brexiteers have prevented a “deal” with the EU. As noted above and by (call me Dave) Mr Cameron its an all “IN” or “OUT” referendum. Brexiteers are simply trying to protect the outcome of the referendum.

    They are going to kick themselves in years, indeed decades to come if a clean break Brexit is not delivered.

    It was there on a plate for them. Instead they could be in the political backwaters for decades.


    • Beltane says:

      Valid points Burgsey, though I don’t agree on Soubry – she just a couple of stones shaken in an empty bucket – but the real person of colour within the woodpile is Greive, as conceited and deceitful a man as ever practiced law and a fine example of his profession.


    • RJ says:

      As I see it the Conservative party’s members and voters want to Leave, while the party’s donors want to Remain. The party decided to deliver what the donors wanted, and had paid for.

      After the next election the party conference will be held in the next bus shelter up from the LibDums – but it will be a gold plated bus shelter.

      As to the next election I’m somewhat conflicted. I want to see the Conservative party destroyed, but my local MP is a Conservative who has voted consistently for the Brexit we expect. He even voted again May in the party’s vote of no confidence in her. He was so supportive of Leave that UKIP didn’t field a condidate here last time, so that all Leave supporters could vote for him. He has done eveything I could expect of him, but he’ll be standing as a Conservative! I wonder if the BBC could produce an episode of Moral Maze on this one.


  42. chancygardner says:

    I’m actually quite looking forward to witnessing the types of disruption and hitherto restrained anger that will be unleashed by the silent majority if brexit is overturned. I think it will make the yellow vest demos look like a children’s tea party. No doubt Al beeb will be waiting like vultures to demonise those who object to the will of the ‘people’. Ie the minority.


    • RJ says:

      “No doubt Al beeb will be waiting like vultures to demonise those who object to the will of the ‘people’. Ie the minority.”

      Wasn’t there a Shakespeare character who said: “First we kill all the journalists”?


  43. Fedup2 says:


    Do you notice that anything before the Referendum – according to the MSM – never happened ? All those threats /promises about ‘no ifs no buts?’ Or ‘once in a generation vote ?’,

    Comments aren’t replayed by the MSM because it would shape thought now and strengthen brexiters even more . Instead a massive project to subvert a democratic vote with a huge turn out …


  44. Doobster78 says:

    So when the BBC don’t like someone or what they stand for (so anyone not far far far left) they go to the ends of the earth to dig up some dirt on them. Hours spent looking for any tweet or Facebook post that could discredit them , no matter how many years old or in what context it was made. It’s always been their way.

    Digging up the past, even going back to find any tiny mis -demeaner they did at school 40 yrs ago.

    So , very interesting that they are not even acknowledging that this daft old bint who started this petition that has 760 million signatures, has quite clearly stated in a Facebook post that she would like to obtain a gun and shoot the Prime minister !!!!! It’s there in black and white . People have tweeted it on the BBC feed, but no mention of it from any msm.

    Imagine of that was someone who was ever so slightly to the right ??? The likes of that old cow Sourbry wouldn’t be off our screens telling us what a right wing thug they are for posting that. But as it suits their narrative …..SILENCE !!!!!

    Clear as day bias.


  45. chancygardner says:

    What I don’t get and what I will never get is why people are calling for a second referendum owing to the ‘lies’ spun by the leave campaign. ‘We know more now’ , they say. Let’s take an example: The disputed £350 million we will save per week (if we leave the EU) should, by other accounting, be around £181 million and had we known this apparently we wouldn’t have voted leave. Really? I mean really? Would the average Joe in the street have been affected by the lower figure? “Well I told Harry down the pub that if our nation’s weekly donation was anything around the 350 million mark, I’d vote to leave. Of course, if it is only 180 to 200 million , i’d feel inclined to stay.”


    • gaxvil says:

      Ah but if you notice – they’re shifting from the second referendum, which they can’t guarantee winning, to all out simply ‘Revoke Article 50.’


      • Fedup2 says:

        The other issue is the nature of any second referendum question – looking at comments this morning in the MSM there would have to be a deal to leave … which really is corrupting the system .
        I can’t see a justification for a referendum anyway – we should be out on the 29th as promised by the PM – whose word is always solid – right ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      chancy, problem is that our ‘donation’ (as you so gently put it) to the EU is the higher figure. That is what we – the UK population – are taxed to.

      ‘We’ do not get the rebate back. That money goes to EU-approved projects within our shores.

      Even ostensibly intelligent and well-educated Remain voters do not understand that, just like the one who I tried to explain it to earlier this week.


      • RJ says:

        U2S, the best reply to this was on Toady the day before the referendum. John Humphrys was going on about how the £350 million was a lie because of the proportion of the money that the EU then spent in the UK. Whoever he was berating turned it round by asking him what we paid as the basic rate of income tax. JH said 20%, but was told that by his logic we didn’t pay any income tax as all the money raised from us was then spent on services for us, so the net payment was nil. JH changed the subject.


        • Up2snuff says:

          RJ, I missed that. And it was back when my AllBran listening went with the BBC’s TOADY Prog every day.

          Am not surprised The Humph moved the discussion on. Am sure he didn’t want to be asked about his (legal) avoidance arrangements on his vast income.


  46. taffman says:

    “Organisers of the “Put It To The People” campaign say more than a million people joined the march before rallying in front of Parliament.”
    “Hundreds of thousands of people have marched in central London calling for another EU referendum, as MPs search for a way out of the Brexit impasse.”

    Make your mind up , is it a Million or Thousands ?


    • theisland says:

      1h1 hour ago
      Crowd size is 169,483

      Seems a bit low but he calculated fairly last time.


      • Northern Dreamer says:

        Diane Abbot estimated the crowd at around 6 billion, including those marching through The Vatican City and Venezuela. If there is another referendum she would like to see a choice between Remain or Revoke Article 50, because they are the options that most people in the HoC and the BBC have been campaigning for since the Great Betrayal of the Establishment in 2016. She has asked the Speaker if she can play her joker, and all London referendum votes will count double. Mr. Bercow has agreed, citing the 1973 Jeux sans Frontieres precedent.


    • gaxvil says:

      Reckon these folks would be happy had we lost the war and had Germans telling them what to do?
      Certainly would tick their antisemitic box and they wouldn’t have to suffer from that tiresome democracy.


    • RJ says:

      Taff, they lead with the figure that the organisers claim then bury their own, lower, figure in the text. They are careful not to mention the real, even lower, figure. The casual reader takes away the organisers figure as being the real one.


  47. gaxvil says:

    Utterly shocking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No, not vaguely – the Mueller Report is out with no further indictments of anyone including Donald Trump.


  48. taffman says:

    “Performance at Welsh A&E departments in December was worse than the same time last year, official figures show.”
    Another good reason for getting rid of the Welsh Assembly and spending the money saved on the NHS in Wales.


  49. Fedup2 says:

    Disappointing news – the BBC led cancel A50 petition has only hit 4.6 million multiple signatures . It’s slowing down .

    I suppose the March March remainers are busily patting each other on the back and exchanging selfies ….
    Soubry will be sloshed on G&T by now playing the “ death threat “ card for all its worth …


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Only 4.6 million signatures?

      The other 10 million Remainers have obviously changed their minds as they now know the folly of what they were voting for.


  50. Dover Sentry says:

    I watched on BBC 24 Hour News several days ago two MPs being interviewed in the House of Expenses as to what would now be the best option for Brexit. One was Conservative and the other may have been Labour, but I was not at that point taking a lot of notice.

    But, they both agreed that there should be another Referendum. The options they preferred were as follows:

    A. Yes to May’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ document.


    B. Yes to staying in the EU.

    The BBC interviewer failed to challenge them.


    • Rich says:


      That was the unchallenged assertion of Jo Swinson on Skew News earlier today as well, a people’s vote with two options, May’s Deal or Remain.

      They really do take us for mugs.


      • Dave S says:

        I have tried to point out to the more thoughtful remainers that they are running a huge risk with this country’s future. To put it bluntly there is a risk that a charismatic demagogue will emerge and plunge this country into real chaos not the BBc pretend chaos as of now. It has often been a factor in history including in this country. Who had heard of Cromwell in 1642? or of Bonaparte in 1789.
        It will be possible to portray the failure to leave the EU as a betrayal by the Commons and the Lords aided and abetted by most of the business and civil service establishment in league with Brussels. This will be easy to do and as it has some truth convincing to enough of us . This will put a sizeable percentage of the population on a collision course with the state and more importantly with the Commons. That the state has the means as always to crush opposition is clear but our state is so enfeebled that I doubt it has the courage to use the police and the security services directly against the people.
        I could well be wrong though. AS for the army that remains an unknown quantity.
        For this reason alone and irrespective of your view about the EU it is essential that brexit happens and soon. The peace of the land is at stake . it is too dangerous to overturn such an important vote, The so called petition is exactly that. it seeks to overturn the vote of 2016. it would effectively disenfranchise 17.4 million voters. It is absolutely anti our traditions and very dangerous. If it succeeds the future will be bleak .


        • Oaknash says:

          Dave, totally agree – at the risk of being lazy – I have copy and pasted my post over from yesterdays Con Woman website.

          “Well said, Rolf – we are certainly standing on a ‘cliff edge’, but not the one the massed forces of ‘remain’ imagined or obsess about.

          These rich, spoiled, naive and selfish ‘children’ think they are getting their own way because they are cleverer, richer and more deserving than the rest of us, but they are playing with fire.

          The bottom line is that in their desperation to maintain their own personal economic advantage, they have willingly jettisoned all the accepted democratic conventions that have kept the peace for generations in order to force their own way on the majority. They have undermined respect for the accepted order and only chaos can follow, as others less accepting of democracy will use this to their advantage.

          You spit in people’s faces enough and eventually you get punched in the face yourself. Let’s hope they are ready for what happens next.

          They have sown the wind, but unfortunately all of us will reap the whirlwind. Let’s hope they are pleased with themselves.”


          • john in cheshire says:

            I think this is apposite regarding the Remainer behaviour:

            Taken from wikiquotes, Roper represents the Remainers, Moore represents normal people who want to abide by the laws and decisions made under the law:
            “A Man for All Seasons (1960)

            Roper: So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law!
            More: Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
            Roper: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
            More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you — where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast — man’s laws, not God’s — and if you cut them down — and you’re just the man to do it — d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake.”

            Only 5 days until we are out of the EU.