Midweek Open Thread 20 March 2019

Happy Equinox  .

The political trial of Tommy Robinson has been put back to May .. So this is how to repress a dissenting individual .

Even the Far Left State Broadcaster is unable to keep Project Fear nonsense up as remainers make Parliament look absurd every day .

In view of all of this I would like to thank you for the restraint in your comments which is a testimony to the quality of our site .

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521 Responses to Midweek Open Thread 20 March 2019

  1. taffman says:

    PM tells Brexit-weary public ‘I’m on your side’.
    Twisty words, Mrs Chamberlain is blaming all but herself for the mess that our nation and her Tory Party is in.
    Mrs Chamberlain, we voted to ‘leave’ with out any deals – W.T.O.
    What part of Leave doesn’t Mrs Chamberlain understand ?
    “Leave Means Leave”.
    “Brexit means Brexit”


    • Sluff says:

      You are right of course. Except that Corbyn, ever the Marxist, plays even Brexit as a tactical ploy to oppose and undermine.
      Create chaos and meltdown and hope that Communism rises out of the ashes. Brexit or no Brexit is a sort of minor inconvenience in the great political struggle.

      The incoherence of Labour on the actual issue (where do Corbyn and Starmer agree in any meaningful way? ) has been one of the unmentioned travesties in the whole sorry business, which the BBC has carefully glossed over all the way through.

      Labour is letting down the majority leave vote every bit as and more than the Tories in my opinion.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Dancing Terry is a sneak sans pareil. She must be regularly reminded of the way she worked in secret with commie Robbins and EU apparatchiks to produce her horrendous draft agreement, all the while allowing the Brexit delivery team to continue working on what they thought they had been tasked to do – to produce a draft withdrawal agreement. In reality they were used as a decoy while the betrayal plan was hatched.

      Surely Dancing Terry has to be investigated for her unpatriotic, if not treasonous, activities.


    • vesnadog says:


      ” ‘I’m on your side’.”

      Yeah, we know – the remainers side.


  2. Oldspeaker says:

    Time for a repeat, and look who it is presenting, the monthly Strasbourg Brussels shuffle alone is reason enough to leave.


    • vlad says:

      Monsieur Kir Royal himself, complaining about wasting money.
      A bit like liquid lunches on expenses, some might say.

      And what a slippery argument he makes in the final seconds.


    • john in cheshire says:

      So he’s not going to be sacked, then.


      • TrueToo says:

        john in Cheshire,

        That video isn’t post-Panodrama. It was put on YouTube nearly three years ago. Perhaps there is still a slight hope of Sweeney being sacked.

        It’s an interesting video since it is evidence that the BBC can actually say one or two negative things about the EU – perhaps every ten years or so.


  3. Dover Sentry says:

    We leave on the 29th, of that I’m sure.

    But it has required the help of the EU to enforce the Democratic vote cast a thousand days ago.

    What a totally useless and selfish bunch our leaders are. I’m ashamed of them (with a few exceptions).

    They’ve brought national shame upon our country.


    • The General says:

      Sorry there is no way we will be leaving on 29th March. The deceitful May has manufactured the position, possibly with the help of Barnier, where our biggest bargaining card, leaving without a deal under WTO rules, will be taken off the table. May wants her deal at all costs and the EU are conspiring with her on that. By removing the option to leave under WTO rules she hopes to force Leavers into supporting her so called deal or lose all hope of leaving Europe and having Brexit cancelled. There is no time now to change the Law by March 29th. and under the current legislation the default is we will leave under WTO rules. May, therefore, will ask for a delay and Europe will then grant us enough additional time to facilitate the dissenters in the British Parliament to have time to change or modify the law regarding the date of our leaving and also legislate to remove ‘no deal ‘. May can then rightly claim ” Vote for my deal or lose Brexit”.


      • The General says:

        May is meeting with the EU to discuss an extension. Will she come back saying they will agree provided she instigates a Bill to take no deal off the table ? Will she have secretly suggested this to them ?


        • The General says:

          Of course the answer to the ‘Back Stop’ is for Ireland to leave the EU as well, then the problem would disappear. Of course Ireland is heavily in debt to the EU and they would need to be paid back. I wonder if that amount is so large ( circa 200 billion Euros ) that it would be uneconomic for us to pay it ????


      • vesnadog says:

        ” ‘I’m on your side’.”

        Yes we knew all along – the remainer MPs


  4. Sluff says:

    Meanwhile over in Italy, it’s enrichment time again.

    Thank goodness it has nothing to do with terrorism or religion unlike the New Zealand attacks, but just some bad driving again.


    • Celtic_Mist says:


      It has of course everything to do with terrorism and it will be interesting but unsurprising how little coverage it may get in the Media.

      It is every bit as horrific as the Christchurch massacre because had it succeeded then the 51 schoolchildren would have burned to death.

      It’s just coming up to 05:00 hr and we’ll see how the BBC covers it.

      It didn’t get a mention…


      • Wink1 says:

        Nothing in the media today. I fear that these attacks will just not be reported now. Only crimes against Muslims will be shown. I really fear for the future.


        • Doublethinker says:

          So do. I used to think that there was a chance that when British people realised that they were being invaded by Muslims and that their country was sliding into a Islamification the political establishment who promoted it would be swept away and a populist government installed. But as Brexit has shown democracy is dead, our votes mean nothing. We no longer have any ability to influence how the political class chooses to rule. We live in an oligarchynot a democracy.


          • Scroblene says:

            The BBC ‘report’ gets a snide sentence in near the end…

            ‘Since coming into power in June, Italy’s ruling right-wing League party and populist Five Star Movement have established a strong anti-immigration stance.’

            If the nutter who torched the bus wasn’t a ‘terrorist’, then what the hell was he doing?

            Well done Italy for at least trying to protect their heritage, you don’t need to be ‘right wing’ to do that.


  5. vlad says:

    This revolting French rapper gets off with a mere fine for lyrics including “I go to the nurseries, I kill the white babies/ Catch them quick and hang their parents!”.
    Of course if a white ‘artiste’ had sung lyrics about black babies he’d be looking at a long stretch au Plaisir de sa Majeste’.
    But White Lives Don’t Matter, as we know.
    More importantly, why aren’t ALL vile, homophobic, misogynistic, violent, racist, crime-inciting, rape-glorifying, drug-exalting, pedlars of rap closed down immediately along with hip-hop, grime and all the other sick varieties of an evil degenerate genre?
    If that’s not hate crime, what is?
    But of course, different rules for different folks.



  6. StewGreen says:

    Appears to be real
    Mikey B seesm to be an ex-prisoner who’s got a broken back
    and therefore got a Blue Badge.
    Despite that he’s got loads of parking tickets
    I guess he’s got a problem with authority and has just ignored
    Then he switches on a lifestream and says that police are at his door about it. Sure enough we see them break in and enter with riot shields .. mummble something about magistrates court and take him off
    That was 10 hours ago ..and nothing heard since


  7. pugnazious says:

    Don’t expect too much from Britain’s counter-terrorism chief who seems utterly deluded about the real causes of Far-Right radicalisation as he states…

    Newspapers help to radicalise far right, says UK anti-terror chief
    ‘Britain’s counter-terrorism chief has said far-right terrorists are being radicalised by mainstream newspaper coverage, while also criticising the hypocrisy of outlets such as Mail Online, which uploaded the “manifesto” of the gunman in the Christchurch terror attack.’

    It’s nonsense…the real triggers for radicalisation are the behaviours of Muslim extremists, agitators and activists who promote the islamisation of the world using methods that go from extreme violence to media, legal and political ‘jihad’. No extremism no backlash. What he is saying really is nobody should report these terror attacks as to do so would just inflame tensions.

    He must have forgotten this statement from the ‘Far-Right’ Met Police chief…

    ‘7/7 Met police chief calls for extremists to be locked up in INTERNMENT camps as he says MI5 and police cannot keep track of 3,000 terror suspects’

    Incredibly insensitive to Muslims and a clear incitement to the Far-Right.

    Basu claims the Sun and Mirror’s uploading of video from the NZ attack is a problem…but they only uploaded video of the attacker getting out of his car…not the attack itself…hardly strident Goebbels-like propaganda that will turn minds and make people pick up machine guns. This is legitmate news.

    And here’s the BBC showing ‘live’ video of a terrorist attack in Paris…

    Here’s the BBC showing the bomb attack as it happened in Manchester…..

    Here’s ITV showing footage of Lee Rigby’s killers…

    BBC showing video of the NIce attack…

    The Guardian showing the lorry driving into the crowd…

    Are the BBC, Guardian, ITV and all the other broadcasters pumping out ‘Far-Right’ propaganda? Basu’s an idiot.

    He also claims the Mail making the manifesto available to download was radicalising people….unlikely…if you’ve read it you’ll know it comes across as bonkers…written with stacks of in-jokes and specialist memes it is hardly a convincing rabble-rousing tract. The stuff about immigration and Islam is standard fare and apart from his intention to kill everyone hardly worth a mention….you will find the same statements about multiculturalism and Islam made by the most worthy, mainstream and upstanding commentators and politicians…such as Cameron and Merkel. It is of course legitimate news providing a glimpse into the mind of the killer and what his motives were….incredible that this copper thinks we will all be instantly radicalised by exposure to such stuff.

    He also claims this…

    ‘He cited the 2017 terror attack in Finsbury Park in London as an example of where a man was “driven to an act of terror by far-right messaging he found mostly on mainstream media”.’

    Now we know that’s bollocks…he was ‘radicalised’ by the BBC’s film on Muslim rape gangs…Three Girls……however the film was perfectly legitimate and necessary…the real trigger was the behaviour of the Muslim rape gangs…..is he saying we shouldn’t know about what happened? Obviously he is.

    The BBC admits the film was the ultimate catalyst….but it is hardly the ‘Far-Right messaging’ that Basu claims the media is pumping out…Osborne’s reaction to the film was extreme but we shouldn’t censor the news and legitimate information just in case some lunatic is tipped over the edge….

    ‘It appears to have begun when Osborne became fixated on Three Girls, a three-part BBC drama about the Rochdale abuse scandal in which most of the victims were white and most of the perpetrators were Pakistani-heritage men.

    His partner told police how he had become “obsessed” with the drama which aired the month before the attack. Commander Dean Haydon, the head of counter-terrorism at the Metropolitan Police, says that this drama was the “catalyst”.

    The Belfast telegraph….note Osborne had no interest in Far-Right groups previous to watching this programme…

    BBC drama ‘first trigger’ for attacker’s hatred towards Muslim community
    ‘Osborne was set on a “path of radicalisation” after watching BBC drama Three Girls, based on the stories of victims of the Rochdale sex abuse scandal, in May last year.

    The programme was the “first trigger” for his hatred towards the Muslim community, feelings which were further fuelled as he accessed extreme material online.

    Mr Haydon said: “He has become, what I would call radicalised, within a period of three to four weeks in the lead-up to the attack.

    “He certainly was not, as far as we can tell, interested in any extreme right-wing or domestic extremism groups or individuals up until that stage.”’

    As said the problem is not really the BBC film but the behaviour it reveals…behaviour that the police allowed to go on for decades unchecked as thousands of girls were raped and abused and ignored by the authorities.

    Basu goes on to claim we must not report terror attacks as it promotes the terrorist message and challenge those who seek to deny ‘the negative effects that promoting terrorist propaganda’ [ie reporting it will incite the Far-Right]…

    ‘He said he hoped the government would deal with the issue of mainstream news outlets amplifying terrorist messaging in its forthcoming proposals on online harms and not just target large social networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

    “A piece of extremist propaganda might reach tens of thousands of people naturally through their own channels or networks, but the moment a national newspaper publishes it in full then it has a potential reach of tens of millions. We must recognise this as harmful to our society and security.’

    The real problem is people in charge like Basu who don’t want to admit what the real problem is….as the Telegraph reports…

    ‘People in MI5 tell me that denying the connection between Islamism and terrorism derives from the belief that if you accept it, there’s no hope for a multicultural society in Britain: we would just have to recognise that part of the population is permanently liable to become terrorists.’


    • Dystopian says:

      I wonder if Steptoe realised he left the hanger in his dad’s jacket.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      Absolutely right.

      I am sure we will never see “Three Girls” on TV again, it will perhaps be the only BBC programme which is never repeated.

      As for Basu, like all senior police officers, he is not a copper, he is a Common Purpose drone who says whatever is politically correct. He will retire on a large pension in the hope that the final collapse of our once great society only happens after he is long gone. But he may be unlucky there, our societal collapse could be coming faster than he thinks. It will be akin to the old saying about going bankrupt: it happens slowly, then quickly.

      We are on a path to destruction, and are manifestly being led by people in positions of power who have no vision, no leadership, and are simply not up to the job. Look at General Percival who managed to lose Singapore. Now imagine General Patton in the same position. You take my point. There are no Pattons any more, all our leaders are Percivals.


  8. StewGreen says:

    About Police taking action cos Goddard retaliated by giving the libmob a taste of their own medicine and called Soubry a fascist.
    I spot these
    and a UAF page full of hate
    and using th pic previously mentioned putting him with killer Brevnik
    (of course the page has no correction note about the trial)


  9. pugnazious says:

    LOL…just listening to 5LIve…caller says tired of being told he didn’t know what he was voting for….BBC presenter’s response….’Did you really know what you were voting for..no but…did you really…you do sound awfully working class and a bit uneducated…and a trifle racist…you couldn’t possibly comprehend these great and complex matters of State…you stick to your pigeons, beer and football…we’ll look after your interests and do the thinking for you’.

    Perfectly clear what voted for….and everyone knew of the supposed risks as spelt out loudly, often and as sensationally as possible by the Remain campaign…..such as 800,000 unemployed within two years of the vote, massive economic recession and an emergency budget to cope with it…oh and a third world war.

    ‘Brexit’ could trigger World War Three, warns David Cameron


    • StewGreen says:

      “Big red bus, big red bus, they were brainwashed by the big red bus”
      Note then I ask for names
      ..and sudden;y the guy stops talking ..doesn’t reply


      • Richard Pinder says:

        The amount that Treason May wants to send to the EU is set to rise by next week. But I hope the amount on the bus below becomes a “lie by default” of a “no deal” causing a zero payment. Leavers would then be pleased to apologise, but blame Tories who voted for the Deal for wanting to pay the EU the money put on the red bus, rather than keeping the money for Britain.


    • Guest Who says:

      Speaking of what one gets told…



  10. pugnazious says:

    50 or so people get killed in a NZ terror attack and the BBC et al launch massed attacks blaming anyone who has dared to question the untouchable narrative about the wonders of immigration and open borders.

    On the other hand an African immigrant to Italy ties up a bus-load of 50 children and threatens to kill them by pouring petrol over them and set them alight and the BBC struggles to report it… only a side-bar story on the frontpage and only a second level story on the world page.

    ‘A teacher who had been on the bus said the suspect – named by police as Ousseynou Sy – was known to be angry about Italy’s immigration policy and about the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean.

    “He shouted, ‘Stop the deaths at sea, I’ll carry out a massacre’,” police spokesman Marco Palmieri said.’

    Apparently the real problem is the Italian government’s immigration policy in that it is trying to stop migrants crossing the Med. in dodgy boats. Apparently this is the cause of the migrants drowning…not the open invitation to them from the likes of the BBC, the encouragement to try and make the dangerous trip and the taxi service provided by the Charities, the people traffickers and the migrants own actions that out themselves at risk as they try to get to the riches of Europe.

    Maybe if the BBC stopped encouraging migrants to make the trip [the BBC actually provides information about how to make the journey] not only would fewer make the decision to come here but fewer would die.

    Funny how the BBC always manages to blame the ‘Far-Right’ or those they like to describe as associated with what they have decided are the ideas of the Far-Right…ie….controlling immigration…a very controversial and incendiary topic allegedly.


    • Celtic_Mist says:


      We wouldn’t want this to be over reported in case it radicalises the ‘far right’. Strange also how the New Zealand PM and Erdogan are on the same page regarding (virtually non existent) far right terrorism…


  11. Richard Pinder says:

    The Art of the Meme with Richard Clay: 9pm on BBC 4: All the participants in the program were obviously right on lefties, some known, some new ones revealed by not liking Donald Trump. But a very interesting ending which confirms my prejudices about the BBC. The BBC sent Clay to interview a right on liberal troll called Christopher Blair (BUSTA TROLL), an American version of Maxincony, but obviously much less well educated about Atmospheric Physics by people on this site, than Maxincony.

    The paradox was that Blair was producing the type of right-wing “Fake News” usually blamed on Russian trolls, by Clinton supporters. The BBC then gave him fake news ideas for trolling Trump supporters: (1) Feminazis are running British TV…. God Bless America (2) British PC Madness. BBC Bosses enforce Ramadan dress code. Welcome to Britainistan.

    Blair posted No (2) out to 400,000 conservatives, claiming that “conservatives are extremely uneducated, the average Liberal would read 200 to 300 words, and the average conservative would read six to eight syllables“. But then only 45 conservatives were uneducated enough to press “Like”. This didn’t seem to confirm the prejudices of Christopher Blair or the smiles of Richard Clay when hearing about how uneducated we conservatives are compared to them.

    For balance, the BBC couldn’t find any right-wing trolls to interview about ideas for upsetting Liberals with fake left-wing memes. The BBC’s message being that White Liberals, Black Democrats and Posh Labour voters are superior people because Liberals are only racist against superior white skinned races such as Orientals, Jews, Russians and Europeans. While right-wing Republicans, white conservatives and the intelligent victims of progressive education in Labour areas who voted to leave the EU, are inferior people, both educationally, morally and genetically. Educationally because we are the victims of left-wing progressive education, while BBC types went to right-wing Private Schools in conservative areas. Morally because we don’t like Islam, but the BBC does. Genetically because people like me, including Mensa members with an IQ of 164, believe in Merit, but the BBC believes in diversity.

    From experience I find that Liberals confuse “liking someone” with “Intelligence” due to thinking emotionally rather than rationally. For example: The paradox is that Liberals actually like people that they genuinely think are inferior people, or as they call them “Vulnerable People” like Blacks and Muslims, so therefore they say that they are “Intelligent”. On the other hand, a Liberal doesn’t emotionally like Jews, Russians, Conservatives, Ukipers and Trump supporters, so therefore they say that they are inferior or “Uneducated“ people. Being a Mensa member doesn’t protect me from Liberals calling me an uneducated inferior person, especially if I talk about evidence that shows that carbon dioxide doesn’t cause the Climate to change. I am also aware that this contradicts the known scientific facts about both IQ tests and Morality. (1) IQ tests always show that Blacks are at least 15% less intelligent than Whites. (2) Evidence shows that Muslims are obviously morally inferior to Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians.
    While on the other hand, I think we could all agree with Liberals like Richard Clay and Christopher Blair, that Liberals who claim to be both intellectually and morally equal to Blacks and Muslims, are correct.


    • Celtic_Mist says:

      Your assessment of Left Liberal mentality is absolutely correct and they really do believe that anyone who challenges them must be uneducated. Like Climate Change hysteria such behaviour is symptomatic of ‘Group Think’-


  12. Loobyloo says:

    Christchurch shootings: The Briton who survived mosque attack https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-47644703

    Amazing! Al Beeb have found a Brit Muslim convert who survived the NZ attack to interview.


    • dazzer says:

      “Ardern confirmed that the Adhan, the traditional call to prayer, would be broadcast nationally on Friday, along with a two-minute-silence in honour of the victims.”

      I think I’m due an appointment with the Ministry of Love soon.


      One of the most oppression forms of clothing, coupled with their doctrine that women should not wear form fitting clothing, is being celebrated by the West.


      • Annunaki says:

        lock up your daughters, and any Jews, homosexuals and Christians….


        • Annunaki says:

          And adultrous women, OFSTED inspectors, etc. etc.


          • thirdoption says:

            When flying into NZ, the pilot used to announce, “for those of you who wish to be on NZ time, please turn your watches back 25 years”

            With Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister, the announcement has changed to “…….please turn your watches back to medieval times”


      • Guest Who says:

        There is an NZ rozzer who has scarfed up to ‘protect’ the funeral with her assault rifle, as a mark of respect. Blonde too.

        So guessing a fast track to head of Adhern’s idiot police force?

        It would be funny if not serious.


      • G says:

        What our own despot, Treason May might say, “Enough’s enough”, Jacinda.


      • Despairada says:

        Call to prayer? Is no one in NZ saying anything against this?

        Killing people is wrong.

        Trying to shame people into taking on the trappings of the ideology of the victims is also wrong. Especially when the ideology is as wrong as islam.


        • dazzer says:

          There’s more:

          Elite all-girls’ school in New Zealand slammed for banning headscarves


          Also, there are reports that schools are doing Islamic prayer sessions throughout the day.

          I’ve given up on the West. We have lost, not through the fault of its citizens but through the rulers.

          It’s not just the MSM, it’s in the workplace too. HR at my company has a BAME policy that advises interviewers to NOT take into account qualifications and skills (this is based on forthcoimg EU policy). This means we now have a group of unqualified BAME’s swanning around the office doing pretty much nothing all day and everybody is to frightened to say anything in case the BAME accuses them of racism.

          One of the BAME’s is a Somalian with only 2 years college experience in media studies from a Somalian College(no certificates – how we going to check that!) who barely speaks our language and doesn’t get given any work cause it ends up costing more work to fix what he has messed up. He spends the day mostly on YouTube and Facebook and is treated like he is the Director’s son – I kid you not.

          But he ticks all the boxes: black, Muslim, refugee (3 years in UK, has a 2-bed council flat in Ladbrooke Grove – very nice). He was boasting the other day how the council gave him a massive grant to furnish his lovely council flat. So he has a flat in one of the nicest areas in London, £1000’s to furnish his flat, a £40k job in media handed to him on a plate (with the help of a Muslim charity that HR work with to find such people) where he is untouchable and paid for for just turning up.

          I take comfort from the existing BAME’s who have worked their way up through the ranks because now they know how the rest of us have been feeling for the past 20 years and Muslim refugee is a trump card that they can’t beat.

          From my experience in the last few years there is a massive industry in immigrants and countless charities that provide a gilded path into exploiting the ‘tolerance’ of our country.


    • dazzer says:

      double post


  13. Doobster78 says:

    BBC very excited about the new sponsorship for the women’s football. Obviously no one else gives a toss but they are ecstatic.

    Now they are pushing the men v women pay in football. Do they ever give up ???

    Only players family, friends and dogs turn up to these non events. It’s just one big virtue signalling exercise from Barclays. No more, no less.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Just wait until all the male player who don’t make the grade suddenly realise they can get an international cap by wearing a dress.


    • vesnadog says:


      It sounds stupid I know but watch out for the next World Series of Marble Championships. I hear BBC elites are dizzy with delight that they have been told that they are the only TV company offering to sponser it. Oh, Joy!


  14. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”NHS ‘no chance of training enough staff’ “”

    “”The report predicts the NHS will need to recruit 5,000 new nurses from abroad every year – three times the figure it is currently recruiting.””

    “”And the think tanks say this will be a real challenge given Brexit and the global shortage of nurses.””


    Note the staged dramatic photo. The BBC love to stage a dramatic photo to suit their narrative of overwork and the uncaring ‘Tory Cutz’.

    The real question not asked. Why the need for extra staff? Speak to the elephant in the room.


  15. AsISeeIt says:

    Not so fiesty this morning, are we luv…?

    Smarmy Labour windbag Barry Gardiner waffles and tediously mansplains his BBC interviewer Louise Minchin into the ground, leaving her hardly a word in edgeways and whining “…with respect… with respect…”

    Oh how different was yesterday’s interview when some wet Tory who appeared mildly pro-Brexit was harried and snarked at by La Minchin at every turn.

    So there’s no prizes for guessing where BBC Breakfast’s editorial stance is on Brexit – Firmly in the pro-Brussels pro-Labour camp.


    • vesnadog says:


      Remember this fellow:

      “The “editorial director” of BBC News Kamal Ahmed revealed in a leaked email: ram it home to those thick-as-mince leaver losers just how hellish their lives are going to be if we get out (I have paraphrased his email to staff). Every piece of good economic news prefaced with “In spite of Brexit . . .” and given caveats, every bad piece of news leading the bulletins.
      Kamal Ahmed

      He used to be the main BBC breakfast money programme till he thought he wasn’t getting paid enough.

      But as you’ve just read – he’s still a unique kind of traitor though.


  16. Expat John says:

    Wall to wall bias.

    Suffering from extremely high blood pressure this morning.

    OK, so it was my mistake – turned on the computer, went to the BBC, started reading, then saw the side-bar.

    Jacinda Ardern: ‘A leader with love on full display’ Oh, she’s wonderful, that emoting PM in hre headscarf, a real heroine for our times.
    Meme: Just love them all, that will make every problem go away.

    Russia’s IS families: ‘Why are the children being punished?’ which de rigeur mentions our very own Shamima Begum, just a child don’t you know. It is, as we all know, “all about the children”.
    Meme: Poor ISIS, radicalised victims all of them, let them come “home”.

    Gone, without saying goodbye about impoverished Guatemalans whose only hope of a decent future is illegal entry to the US.
    Meme: He’s a bastard, that Trump, wanting to control who lives in his own country.

    Then the absolute clincher, written by the aptly named Frances Mao (my emphasis):

    Christchurch shooting: Australia’s moment of hate speech reckoning

    Apparently, a government minister once had the audacity to refer to “African gangs”. The shock, the horror, the racism, how dare he point out that some Africans form er… gangs. Perhaps they wanted a yoof club? Try looking around you, moron.

    Apparently, someone once tried to pass a motion in parliament that included “… a white supremacist slogan – “It’s OK to be white”.”

    That’s the one that got me reaching for the bottle.

    Believing that being born with white skin is an OK thing is actually white supremacism??
    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
    I don’t expect anyone to be ashamed of being born black or brown.
    Who the F are you to suggest I should be ashamed of being born white?

    Rant over. Bottle empty.


  17. Guest Who says:

    First VD, now Kay does the mental awards self adoration.

    Lucky not in HD.


    • thirdoption says:

      Could Kay Burley and Emily Maitlis love themselves any more than they already do?


    • vesnadog says:


      You still can’t take the common working class, clog wearing secondary school pupil out of a person even if you throw thousands of quid at it.

      I’m a northern commoner myself and I can tell one from a mile away. So can everyone else no matter their upbringing.


  18. Thoughtful says:



  19. JamesG says:

    Our prime minister is a church-attending Christian, so how can this be happening?

    “The Home Office has refused asylum to a Christian convert by quoting Bible passages which it says prove Christianity is not a peaceful religion.
    The Iranian national, who claimed asylum in 2016, was told passages in the Bible were “inconsistent” with his claim to have converted to Christianity after discovering it was a “peaceful” faith.
    The refusal letter from the department states the book of Revelations – the final book of the Bible – is “filled with imagery of revenge, destruction, death and violence”, and cites six excerpts from it.””



    • Thoughtful says:

      I have to tell you that Iranians claiming asylum by lying about a conversion to Christianity is commonplace and they will go to extraordinary lengths to show their devotion to Jesus, once asylum is granted though they quickly revert back

      This is the Taqqiya where they can even deny being a Muslim, eat pork, drink alcohol so long as they don’t believe it in their hearts.

      Having said all that the Iranians I haveknown have all been great people, one of them bought a pub and then all the Iranians used to go there and get drunk! They are much more sociable people than the Pakistanis, and far more likely to integrate than them as well.

      As for the Home Office reply, it is clear that years of Saudi money Bribing senior politicians and enormous grants to universities for the promotion of Islam is working for them.


    • TrueToo says:


      Dunno how it works but I assume Theresa May appointed what’s his name minister of Home Affairs. I’m wondering what it would take to dis-appoint him or de-appoint him or whatever.

      May and what’s his name should hang their heads in shame for denying the Pakistani Christian woman asylum in Britain after she’d been jailed for years and is still under threat of death for ‘blaspheming’ Islam.

      And now this Iranian Christian case, with the appalling way in which the request was turned down?

      This ‘government’ really should just drop all pretence and admit to being in the brutal grip of Islam.


    • vesnadog says:


      “Our prime minister is a church-attending Christian, so how can this be happening?”

      1) “many are called but few are chosen”

      2) “By their fruits ye shall know them”


    • Kaiser says:

      well thats cleared that up then,

      if you believe in any book with violent words in it

      no can come in

      seems fine to me


  20. AnneG says:

    Regarding the sponsorship of womens football by Barclays that the BBC is so happy about.
    Prior to the last womens world cup, the Australian team decided to get a work out by playing a boys under 15 team. They lost 7-0.
    The current womens football champions USA played a Dallas FC boys under 15 team. They lost 5-2
    Surely Barclays and the BBC should be showing boys under 15 football instead.
    Anne G.


  21. JamesG says:

    “Second woman is investigated by police over transphobic comments”



    • Thoughtful says:

      And she deserves to be too in this case.

      Sometimes I do wonder about people on the right objecting when the left begins to eat themselves.

      In this case a hate filled feminist bigot wearing the T shirt of hate is being investigated. Imagine she was wearing a T shirt saying well done Christchurch for the 49! Would you find that acceptable ?

      How about if she word it with a slogan about N******s or P****s ? How bad does it have to get before deliberate offensivesness becomes so great it exceeds the bounds of your acceptablility ?

      Or could it be your hatred of trannies exceed that of the real threat posed by Islam?

      Let me enlighten you on why this woman is more dangerous than any far right extremist.

      She belongs to an activist group which wants to overthrow Western society because of what she believes is a ‘patriarchy’. Because of her own self loathing and the desire to have a real masculine man dominate and control her, she instead wants to replace civilised society with an Islamist one.
      The strange relationship between Feminism and Islamism can only be explained this way, and remember – it isn’t rape when a Muslim does it !


  22. Guest Who says:

    “The people outside looked from EU to BBC, and from BBC to EU, and from EU to BBC again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”


  23. Guest Who says:

    He is good value.


  24. Guest Who says:

    The bbc speaks for the nation via the medium of ‘quote’.



    • Doobster78 says:


    • Roland Deschain says:

      By so swiftly and decisively describing the shooting as a “terrorist attack”, Ms Ardern seemed to show an awareness and consideration of the fact that many people feel officials are reluctant to use this word when an attacker is white, even if that attack is politically motivated.

      What a pile of gooey shite. Ms Ardern clearly knows that the media loves nothing more than pious emoting, and plays to the gallery accordingly. Sadly, much of the public falls for it and appears to believe that donning a headscarf and hugging will solve all problems.


      • vesnadog says:


        So the NZ bobby is just as effeminate as our men (boys).

        A NZ copper wearing a muslim head covering – what a breeding ground of imbeciles the west has become in giving employment to cowards in the MSM and strong men in the Armed forces but the MoD is making them look like children.


    • Old Goat says:

      Milk it, Jacinda (what a daft name!), milk it!


  25. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, The Today Programme unleashes another ‘expert’…


    British sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor tells #r4today he’s helping to fund a campaign to restore Shamima Begum’s UK citizenship:

    “How can we not know redemption is possible and allow a poor, young exploited woman to be deprived of her nationality?” https://bbc.in/2Frrs5N


    Maybe the BBC can get him to do one… to rival Eric Gill’s efforts or the new one of George that Nick scuttles past daily?


    • thirdoption says:

      “British sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor tells #r4today he’s helping to fund a campaign to restore Shamima Begum’s UK citizenship”

      I thought, after the NZ attack, that all support for terrorists was going to lead to arrests and prosecution, but here we have Anish Kapoor doing exactly that.


      • vesnadog says:


        Won’t be long now afore the AIDS/MOTHER EARTH/GREENS supporters come knocking on our doors campaigning for donations towards the cost of advertising the “white paper” on changing UK law for African law.


        • thirdoption says:


          They’re welcome to try at our house. We’ve got dogs and they bite.


    • Banania says:

      Hang him from that thing in the Olympic park.


  26. davylars says:

    I Notice our national broadcaster is following the veiled woman’s token gesture by not using the NZ shooters name this morning…


  27. Guest Who says:

    When Ray Met James


    • BRISSLES says:

      TBH its a statement I wouldn’t totally disagree with, but I’d also add ‘phones’. From my bedroom window I can see a couple of young roofers going about their task. But once their’ boss’s back is turned its straight onto their phones comparing whatever.

      A ceramic tiler I know, who has his own business, is struggling to find an apprentice to teach his trade to. Several ‘possibles’ haven’t completed a full week, one decided he wasn’t going to work on Friday afternoons, and one had to be knocked up out of bed in the morning ! Personally I think its a great skill to have, but clearly the young don’t.


      • vesnadog says:


        I admire the US way of sorting out the cowboys from the real Tradesperson – they must by law pass certain tests before they are licenced to trade. No pass, no trade.

        In the UK however, its the reverse. I’ve worked in the engineering world and the times that I met cowboys it was only in the UK.

        This why so many modern housebuilders are having to return so often to most if not all of their handiwork (laugh)


  28. gaxvil says:

    An example of our ‘most trusted’, World class, journalists and researchers. Trump continues his feud against the deceased McCain for some unknown reason (inference Trump is evil).
    Well, if they were to look on Fox they’d see that it came out that McCain had pushed the Russian dossier with the FBI.


  29. Guest Who says:

    BBC Radio 4

    “Nobody wants their journalism to inspire somebody to do something terrible.”




  30. G says:

    “A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France”
    “The recent spate of church profanations has puzzled both police and ecclesiastical leaders.”

    Well, well, police “puzzled”. So should we all be. It’s difficult and/or impossible to speculate on who is responsible. No clues. I and everyone else does not have the slightest idea of who is responsible and, if the French Inspector Clouseau can’t offer anything tangible, those causing the damage and vandalism will remain at large to continue to go about the business of vandalism against symbols of Christianity.
    One’s thing for sure in my mind, the French police are clearly unable to even suggest a lead in these ‘high-tech’ crimes. Its almost equally as physically damaging to hang a bacon sandwich on a mosque door……………….


  31. Up2snuff says:

    Is it just me or is a national leader whose name cannot be mentioned – no, not that one, the one in the Southern Hemisphere – giving me the real impression that she is angling for a Nobel Prize or something similar?

    And the BBC are jumping in to help her? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-47630129

    BBC impartiality?

    What impartiality?

    BBC political neutrality?

    What political neutrality?


    • gaxvil says:

      It happened on her watch, with her presiding over her gun and security laws so she should resign surely.


      • Up2snuff says:

        gaxvil, interesting way of looking at it.

        That Amber Rudd Moment?

        That Damien Green Moment?

        That Boris Johnson Moment?

        That Priti Patel Moment?

        Aah, I get it now …..
        … wrong sort of political Party.


    • vlad says:

      Perhaps you mean Saint Jacinda of Perpetual Sorrow?

      But she’d better be careful hugging all those women – that can get you thrown off a tall building in some faiths.


  32. Up2snuff says:

    Something has gone wrong with the edit facility for posts on this site.

    I am being told “You can no longer edit this comment.” with over eleven minutes of editing time unused.

    What’s going on?


    • TrueToo says:


      I noticed that a few days ago and informed the technical side. I hope they’ll find the error soon.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It’s using the Theresa May clock of deadlines.


      • Up2snuff says:

        RD, 5-star LOL that one!

        I heard on TWatO, yesterday or Tuesday, a Labour Party MP (Angela Eagle, I think) respond to Sarah Montague’s question about what date would Labour like Article 50 extended to with a deft use of the Diane Abbott On-air Calendar Calculator.

        The date wobbled back & forth over a five month period from March 29th but the MP just couldn’t bear to say on air “Two years.” or “Forever!”


  33. Jeff says:

    Well, all I can say is I hope you lot are proud of yourselves.
    Just look at the plight of those poor peace loving Muslims.
    Across London Mayor Khan, the police and politicians are advising mosques how to make sure their attendees are safe. What sort of country have we become. This is reminiscent of pre war Nazi Germany.
    Back in the real world, parts of London resemble those old photos you see of the Blitz. The wartime barrage balloon has been replaced by hideous bollards. They’re all around Westminster and every bridge when you feel brave enough to cross the Thames. They’re not there for decoration they’re there to protect the innocent from low flying Muslims…or as the BBC would insist ” acts of dangerous driving.”
    I don’t recall Muslims being beheaded on the streets. I don’t remember machete wielding Brits attacking peaceable Muslims enjoying a night out. You’ll have to remind me the last time a native Englishman stormed into the grounds of Parliament and murdered a policeman or drove a truck into tourists. I seem to have forgotten.
    Yet somehow, through a political slight of hand, we ordinary Brits have become the bad guys. The aggressors have somehow become the victims.
    Beam me up Scottie…


  34. Roland Deschain says:

    Oh dear. Nigel seems to have chosen his lieutenants poorly again.


    I haven’t seen it on the BBC yet, but surely it can only be a matter of time. I suppose they’re torn between putting the boot in and reminding everyone of the new party’s existence.

    One wonders why she left UKIP to join the new party in the first place, given it was Nige’s discomfort with anti-Islam rhetoric that supposedly precipitated his departure. Given how many are caught out for this sort of thing, wouldn’t it be better for these aspiring politicians just to admit from the outset they don’t trust Islam? Then we might have an honest discussion.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Seems that the government funded far left Fascist organisation hate not hope was conducting paeleo tweets in an effort to get a scalp. Thing is so what if she re-tweeted things? This is just another example of government funded oppression of our freedoms.


  35. gaxvil says:

    Talking of rooting out the ‘Far Right’ – I see in Holland the ‘Far Right’ party is now up there in second place – tricky.


  36. Guest Who says:

    “Shamiiii…. you’re up again”.

    Meanwhile the entire bbc is locked in Frankie Howerd as they try and rationalise Brummie schoolkid parents and transgender outrage ‘reporting’ balance.


  37. thirdoption says:

    The Daily Telegraph has an article asking the question “What’s driving President Erdogan’s shameful exploitation of the New Zealand massacre?”


    Let me help you there. It’s called Islam.

    A few years ago we were being told by the EU that Turkey should be welcomed with open arms into the warm bosom that is Europe.
    It has now been shown, by the threatening, aggressive stance of Erdogan, that he is nothing but an Islamic supporting thug, bent on the destruction of all things of western value.

    That’s how incompetent these fools in the EU are and they wonder why we voted for Brexit.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Not by Germany Austria and several other countries who would have vetoed the thing. It was the crazed leftie Millipede brothers who did that I’m afraid.

      Speaking of lefties doing stupid things and then dissapearing when responsibility rears its head. Take a look back to the lunatics from Labour who nominated Corbyn for the leadership on the basis they didn’t think he was going to be elected. Failing to see the possibility he might be, when it was they did what lefties always do, failed to take responsibility and clammed up about it.


      • thirdoption says:

        It was actually Germany who originally pushed for Turkey to become a member and only changed their minds, along with Austria, a couple of years ago when Erdogan started to show his true Islam colours.

        The Millipede brothers had as much clout on the political stage as Owen Jones.


  38. Guest Who says:

    “This kind of fund says it’s not just middle-class white males who do PhDs in physics.”


    It also ‘says’ a few other things the bbc is being advised of in the comments.


  39. Thoughtful says:

    Thinking this morning about the ERG group and the leader Rees Mogg.

    I harbour a deep suspicion of anyone who went to the rotten school, where they are taught idleness and immediate expediency for the short term without even considering tomorrow let alone the medium term.

    May is demanding that MPs back her treaty which remains largely unchanged and with all of the issues which MPs rejected twice already.
    If Tory ERG dissenters now vote the thing through they will forever be asked the question why if they can accept the thing now, did they vote against it the other two times.

    It will not be a sufficient excuse to claim the legal advice has changed, what ever you think of Bercow he is right not to allow May to keep bringing the same legislation back to the house without substantial changes, and there’s the whole point. If the bill cannot be brought back then it is not substantially changed and therefore how on Earth can the ERG now accept something they have twice rejected?

    As I said before expediency is a major problem with alumni of the rotten school, grab today what you can don’t think about tomorrow, which is perhaps why so many of them have fallen foul of the law in later life !


  40. OldRec says:

    Apparently, huge sea waves up to 100 foot tall are becoming more and more common. Unfortunately the BBC forgot to mention if this was due to climate change, Brexit, or President Trump!


  41. Tabs says:

    NHS ‘no chance of training enough staff’

    The 2 graphs the BBC provide show the projected number of nurses and GPs is pretty much constant but the demand for more GPs/nurses will increase in the future.

    No mention whatsoever of why we nee more GPs/nurses in the future than those we have today.

    It does mention the need for international recruitment but typical BBC not to mention the problem is due to immigration.


    • JimS says:

      A few years ago the BBC interviewed two people from Poland that lived in the UK. One of them worked in a Polish shop, selling Polish food to Polish people. The other worked in a Polish bank, looking after the money of Polish people living in the UK.

      So the conclusion we were supposed to draw, I think, was that the existence of Polish people here was entirely neutral, so we shouldn’t be bothered.

      I don’t expect the Polish people needed UK houses, UK schools, UK hospitals, UK electricity, UK gas, UK water, space on UK roads, use of UK sewers, seats on UK flights, seats on UK trains etc.

      Immigration provides an instant solution to labour shortages but it also imposes an instant demand for services and infrastructure.


      • G says:

        Come now, are you sort of implying that Bliar didn’t have he foresight to plan for those requirements?


  42. Invicta 1066 says:

    Tuned into R4 at 8.27 this morning while waiting in the car. Sports news, quick mention of Wales winning a football match then over to Barclays sponsorship of female football, ok. Then onto racism in football, I turned over to R3, came back after about four minutes, still going on about racism.
    How about actual sports news? Any British sports folk winning in rackets competitions, athletics, oh and didn’t a British cyclist lose out by a second in a major continental cycling event.
    Why doesn’t the BBC just have a spot for a five minute rant every hour about nasty British right wing racists, slavery, evils of the British Empire etc.. After that just broadcast normal programmes for 55 minutes until the next rant?


    • G says:

      “Why doesn’t the BBC just have a spot for a five minute rant every hour about nasty British right wing racists, slavery, evils of the British Empire etc.”
      Unfortunately, I have loaned my copy of 1984 otherwise I could have cited the event and name of same which was a collective ‘rant’. I’m sure you are alluding to that.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      I hate that racism in football too, I can’t understand how in an age of common mixed race relationships – among young people living in cities – how 99 % of footballers (regardless thier own colour) still have ‘white’ girlfriends or wives.
      It’s maybe 100% among top managers…


  43. Lucy Pevensey says:

    I see you’ve been discussing the NZ PM this morning. While you’re on the subject of crazy women-



  44. gaxvil says:

    Tried to watch, ‘Back in Time For School’.
    Bunch of pathetic, ill disciplined, badly spoken, virtue signaling snowflakes. The kids were just as bad.


  45. Englands Dreaming says:

    The Beeb website is biggin up the Revoke article 50 petition

    Brexit: Revoke Article 50 petition crashes Parliament website

    Shame they cant report the reason why there has been a massive spike in (false) signatures. Tiny media operation Guido somehow manages to find this out.



    • gaxvil says:

      Revoking Article 50 without a mandate would take us back to the days of King John. But then even so he got his comeuppance.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Funny which petitions the BBC pick up on to report and those they don’t !! Do not recall much on the BBC when the Leave with NO DEAL petition was flying high !!! Strange hey ?

      Bunch of charlatans !!


      • Guest Who says:

        It serves their idiotic notions.

        Beyond the partiality and hypocrisy, why would a petition of a few hundred thou or million mean anything if struggling to match the difference in a ballot that has been ignored?


      • Roland Deschain says:


        • Van Helsing says:

          Not the brightest, is she?

          The Petition would only have any significance if it were signed by over 17.4 million individual people, all of whom are registered to vote in the UK.

          A Petition signed by a few thousand crackpots using multiple names and addresses, their pet goldfish and several battalions of overseas agitators is of NO significance.


  46. Doobster78 says:

    Another know it all Remainer ….


  47. jip says:

    I wonder why this is not on the front page of the BBC?, i’m scratching my head in confusion… its like the BBC are lying warped Islamic sycophants… who fancy the idea of copying prophet Muhammad child rape… hmmmm

    “MI5: Number of Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by the Number of Islamist Cases’”



  48. G.W.F. says:


    Mosks attacked with a sledge hammer. Savid Javid, peace be upon him, is concerned. The BBC report

    Nothing so far about the 12 Catholic Churches vandalised in France within a week



    • Iain Muir says:

      “Mosks attacked with a sledge hammer.”

      Normally called “vandalism”.


    • gaxvil says:

      Whatever, but it wouldn’t take too much to tip the balance of we over tolerant Westerners.
      Throughout the West, Islam is the minority – I know hard to believe as you view our MSM.


  49. G.W.F. says:

    Brexit scare. BBC reports on stockpiling of toilet rolls for Brexit.


    Think of using the Guardian as an alternative –


    • gaxvil says:

      And ‘West Midlands Police could be sent to Dover for traffic control leaving none to control rampant, escalating knife crime’
      Oooerr Missus!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Guy got there first!


    • vesnadog says:

      “Think of using the Guardian as an alternative –

      Well, there are at least 80% of unsold editions every day so why not sell for toilet reasons.


  50. JimS says:

    Mrs May going to Brussels reminds me of this sketch.

    “Mrs May, take a shufti. Don’t come back.”