Midweek Open Thread 13 March 2019

As the Brexit nonsense continues it will be a very good time to see how the Far Left BBC will roll on Project Fear . I think they’ll have to be careful because people are getting even more annoyed .


Oh yeah – and a mini budget Wednesday

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  1. gaxvil says:

    As someone who grew up on tales of Great Britain from Alfred to Concorde this Brexit debacle in all it’s pathetic, defeatist simpering has really appalled me.
    Those who gave all to build and preserve this country and those who simply believed in this nation must be looking down with some sadness.


  2. Doobster78 says:

    When the spineless cow May made her speech last evening, she told all the freeloading wasters in the House that she will now seek a extension etc, she then stated this could lead to ” No Brexit at all” to which there were great cheers … it was sickening to listen too to be honest.

    17.4 million of us listened to all the project fear from the Government and still had the balls to vote leave. 17.4 million !!

    To hear those cheers from those wasters wishing to thwart OUR VOTE was disgraceful. Who the hell do they think they are ?. Nice salaries, all expenses paid, even a subsidised bar …..they really do not know the real world.

    We have gone to war to give other countries democracy …yet, ignore it ourselves. Hope President Trump invades to liberate us.


    • gaxvil says:

      I’m looking forward to the EU Elections in May. The EU is not.
      Farage was so right – his greatest battle is yet to be fought.


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        do you really expect votes to be tallied honestly & accurately?
        I’m afraid I don’t.


        • G.W.F. says:

          Agree. No chance that the ballot papers will even be counted. They are already printed in favour of remain, thus allegedly conforming BBC propaganda about people changing their minds to support remain.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Seriously, people get the representatives they deserve, so while they don’t want to pay them a propery salary they then expect them to be sainted talented and capable people.

      What they have got is a load of ego maniacs who rightly think they deserve more than they are getting and there are people like George Soros only too willing to make up their salaries for voting the right way.

      Pay peanuts you don’t just get monkeys, you run the risk of Bribery and corruption as well.


  3. KatieH says:

    Timmermans in the eu parliament yesterday. Enjoy the hate

    A masterclass from EU Commission VP, Frans Timmermans, using his training as a Dutch military intelligence Russian interrogator to expose the idiocy of the #TreasonWeasels that follow Farage; flag waving nationalists masquerading as patriots. FULL CLIP – https://t.co/PPoPmTUGcv pic.twitter.com/1BuvmBtYqr— Brexitshambles (@brexit_sham) 14 March 2019



  4. KatieH says:

    Timmermans in the eu parliament yesterday. Enjoy the hate

    A masterclass from EU Commission VP, Frans Timmermans, using his training as a Dutch military intelligence Russian interrogator to expose the idiocy of the #TreasonWeasels that follow Farage; flag waving nationalists masquerading as patriots. FULL CLIP – https://t.co/PPoPmTUGcv pic.twitter.com/1BuvmBtYqr— Brexitshambles (@brexit_sham) 14 March 2019



    • AndyDozefeet says:

      Not sure I enjoyed the hate but I really appreciated the irony and the hypocrisy in what this tw*t said…
      “if we have an open border (for trade purposes), we can’t protect our citizens against things that they do not want (citing chlorinated chicken (yawn) as an example)”…
      No mention of “things they do not want” including millions of economic migrants from the third world.
      Give “the citizens” the choice between chlorinated chicken (which they can chose not to buy) and the civil disorder, downward pressure on wages, social problems and erosion of national cultures caused by the mass third world immigration enabled and positively encouraged by these charlatans and we all know which they’d prefer.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Funny that. When the EU want to they go with ‘what people do not want’ it is OK for them but when we want to Leave the EU and say precisely what we do want (no red lines crossed) they do not hear and/or do not listen and walk around saying “It’s the UK’s fault, they do not make up their minds and do not know what they want. We want to know what they want.”

        Yeah, right.


  5. fakenewswatcher says:

    What has come over Britain, suddenly? The desire to be a vassal state has been supplemented by a desire to look like a vassal state, sound like a vassal state, act like a vassal state, and generally, think puny.
    Of course, this is a state of mind enthusiastically promoted by the bbc for a long time, so has it finally merely achieved its objective? Surely there must be more to it than that?
    When did the rot finally set in? With Blair in ’97? With Cameron or May? Or do we have to go back to Edward Heath?
    I get that we lost the Empire. But do we now have to act as if Varadkar and his little mini-state(much as I like Eire) actually is far more powerful than the UK?
    Why do we have to put on trial former soldiers, who were doing their duty? Can’t we put on trial a few cabinet ministers instead?
    The four who ‘abstained’ last night, for instance, when it came to voting? Or the duplicitous Prime Minister and her Chancellor, speaker with forked tongue, if ever there was one?
    The charge: trying to do to Britain what Goering and his Luftwaffe failed to do. What Adolf in his bunker couldn’t get right. And they have the saving grace that they were openly and honestly, the self=professed enemy!
    The Tories could begin by taking that stupid green tree off their banner (trees are a symbol of strength) and having a simple white flag instead.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Fake – it’s very simple . Welfare dependence encourages statism . The 500 MPs are too afraid to step out ‘ alone ‘ away from the comfort of their EU .
      Also – their style of life is not that of normal tax payers – hence the bubble – they are interchangeable with beeboids – on all sides .

      Brexit will be lost as A50 is extended and a ‘ leavedate ‘ removed so that the elements are put in place to do another referendum to get the cherished remain result .
      The sticky point of the council meeting next week and the end of May elections .

      Britain will be a very unhappy place . The forthcoming inner city riots fuelled by twitter and the MSM – will be blamed on brexiters as opposed to feral yobs who have become used to non police intervention and wanting to put plod back behind the computer chasing down people like me for alleged ‘ hate crime ‘ – whatever that is….


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Fedup – In that case we should have some honesty: Westminster serves no further purpose, and can be abolished forthwith. We’ll take our laws directly from the EU, which is clearly what about 500 MPs are more than happy to do, thereby cutting out a layer of unnecessary waste. Ollie R could report directly to Juncker, and Gavin Barwell could become Verhofstadt’s chief-of-staff.
        At least we will be spared the nausea-inducing, toe-curling sight of those third-rate clowns strutting around, calling one another ‘honourable’ and ‘noble’ and all that sort of crap, when most of them haven’t an honourable bone in their bodies.
        And if we’re going to abolish Westminster, we may as well go the whole hog and DEMOLISH the palace of Westminster as:
        1) It requires billions in refurbishments, which can now be saved;
        2) It will merely be a monument to defeat, and serve -every day- as reminder of all the beef-eating surrender monkeys that once inhabited it.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Fake – I disagree – no demolition – let the free market buy it – the Saudis would make it a lovely mosque ….

          … if you have been into it I strongly suggest you go – when you get in there breath in deeply and smell the corruption

          As an aside both Keith Vaz and Fiona the criminal voted last night according to guido .


    • gb123 says:

      I think under May the UK has become a vacillating state and this has given the useful idiots like the beeb a boost like its Christmas every day.
      Has she made one statement or decision she has stuck to?
      All she does is hang on to power at all costs. Unfortunately it is the people who bear the cost, not her.


      • Kaiser says:

        there must be some personal benefit heading her way, why not just retire to the backbenches now, why suffer these historic humiliations , why write your name deeper daily into the annuals of infamy

        its either madness or the plan


        • Up2snuff says:

          K, I think she’s autistic (exactly the right person for this specific task) and I also agree that it’s a plan. Deliberately bring back an unacceptable deal. Get Parliament to reject it. The PM played nice to the EU and they rejected her, now it’s Parliament who did the same who are now the nasty ones.

          It is also kinda Biblical. The Vicar’s daughter ought to know her Bible. When humans recognise their powerlessness but put their lives specifically into God’s hands then they become strong.

          And God works on their behalf.

          The early story of Gideon is a good example. Judges chapter 7 refers. (His end was not so glorious but that was down entirely to him, bit like King Solomon and the story of his demise, just less racehorses.)

          I see a catalogue of ‘accidents’ that have helped Brexit along, all the way even from before the 2015 GE and including the turnaround for a GE in 2017 and its losses for the Conservatives. I had thought, perhaps like the PM, that an enhanced majority would sideline Clarke, Grieve, Soubry, etc. In the event, the PM’s numbers weakness in the House appears to have turned into a strength.

          We will just have to be patient and see whether the House are prepared tonight to be total hypocrites (those who vote in favour of an extension or delay to Brexit) and ignore the will of the nation.

          We may need to resort to this:


  6. Northern Dreamer says:

    Spreadshit Phil…’nobody voted to be poorer’ wah wah wah sob sob..
    When will msm including the bBBC challenge this banal statement?

    Nobody voted for income tax = democracy
    Nobody voted for VAT. = democracy
    Nobody voted to give away the fishing industry = democracy
    Nobody voted to allow uncontrolled immigration from the third world = democracy
    Nobody voted to give away massive foreign aid = democracy
    Nobody voted to invade Iraq = democracy
    Nobody voted to intervene in Libya = democracy
    Nobody voted to have our laws handed down from Brussels = democracy

    17,410,742 people vote to Leave the EU = Thick far right racist bigots who will be ignored, we know best.

    Nobody voted to be ignored.


    • gaxvil says:

      Talking to an ex work colleague, a nice woman if a little shallow and a firm remainer. She likes Germany, goes there a lot and to her, Nazism was, ‘back in the day’. Her rationale for remaining is that this country can no longer do anything for itself so her best solution is to be told what to do by the EU.


    • The Sage says:

      Why is there an assumption that we will be poorer by leaving the EU? I am convinced it will be the opposite.
      In any case, I don’t care. I would rather be poor and free of the EU.


      • Kaiser says:

        well the only argument they really have for membership of the common market is the un-provable financials

        even that is predicated on making some rich people a lot richer and lots and lots of poor people a bit poorer

        This obsession with TOTAL GDP as the only measure of everything is frankly ridiculous.

        When I got divorced I took a massive financial hit, but boy was I so much happier


    • Up2snuff says:

      ND, “Spreadsheet Phil…’nobody voted to be poorer’ wah wah wah sob sob..”

      That is a Labour Party meme.

      Shows how far Phil Hammond has sunk.


  7. StewGreen says:

    @Vlad on Tuesday “Professor Stephen Hawking’s nurse struck off over his care”, shouts the headline on the beeb webshite ..strange no pic
    Yes here’s the story from SkyNews

    other people here then talked about their own experiences.
    Of course here in the UK we get good and bad nurses whether they are black or white
    but generally it is regarded as a caring profession.
    ..However in 94 when I lived in Ghana I was surprised to hear people say that the attitude of nurses in the hospital was different. They regarded the patients as a massive inconvenience, and thought themselves special.
    .. To balance I would say that some of the white missionaries and PeaceCorps people were exploiting the people.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    So an ex British soldier is to be charged with murder allegedly committed on a Sunday in 1972. I refuse to call it by the name applied to it by IRA propaganda .

    Where did UK lose its way ?


    • Kaiser says:

      perhaps capita can use this in their next stupid recruiting advert

      join the british army and be looking over your shoulder for a knife in the back for the rest of your life


  9. gaxvil says:

    I am finding it hard to get my mind around to regarding my country as on a par with Italy or France. As said, a nation of, ‘Beef eating surrender monkeys’.


    • G.W.F. says:



      A nation of quorn eating surrender monkeys


      • Van Helsing says:

        I’m not having that, G.W.F.

        I don’t eat meat because I believe in animal rights, but that does not make me (a) a Remainer, (b) a pushover, or (c) a pacifist, for I am emphatically none of those things. The same is true of many who share my views – our beliefs and our determination to stand up for them in the face of morons make us stronger, not weaker.

        I’ll give you a quick example: Lord Dowding, C-in-C of RAF Fighter Command in 1940, was both a vegetarian and an anti-vivisectionist. But did he shirk when it came to defending his country? Hell, no.

        He served in one world war and led Fighter Command with skill and no small amount of resolve at a critical time.

        Blame not those of us who choose not to persecute the animals with whom we share the planet. Blame instead those whose minds are corrupted by power and money or whose intelligence and backbone is manifestly absent, for they are the culprits in this sorry saga.


        • Lucy Pevensey says:

          Van Helsing,
          I don’t eat meat either. I’ve never liked meat, that’s my main reason. I don’t like that Quorn stuff either though. It’s made to taste like meat so what’s the point?


        • Beltane says:

          Only fair to point out that Hitler was also vegetarian and that Dowding was a spiritualist, which might indicate a certain level of suggestibility in his core beliefs.


          • Up2snuff says:

            Hitler was also a spiritualist at one time, if I recall correctly, and also dabbled in the occult. Or is that a myth that has grown over the years?


            • Beltane says:

              Don’t know Up2, it is one of the many rumours – like carpet chewing – that have become part of accepted history, but much the same sort of absurdities were enthusiastically believed of Napoleon a hundred or more years earlier.
              What I do know is that Dowding, for all his talents and love of lettuce, didn’t win the Battle of Britain on his own.


  10. StewGreen says:

    FoOC speaking to Comoros immigrant
    “,,yeh I should be able to get a French passport and EU access, but damn Brexit , I won’t be able to get to England and that is my dream”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – yeah I heard that – come to Blighty – nice easy touch – when you get here blame whitee for every thing . Don’t forget to bring a knife …


  11. AndyDozefeet says:

    If the betrayal of the Brexit Referendum result goes as far as most of us think it will over the next couple of weeks then the JOINT strategy of UKIP/Brexit Party has to be to persuade the ERG and other Brexit supporters in Parliament to vote against the Government in a motion of no-confidence brought by the opposition.
    At the ensuing General Election a joint strategy should be implemented whereby those constituencies occupied by pro-Brexit MPs are not contested (Hoey, Stringer, DUP etc.) but those constituencies occupied by traitors who have frustrated the implementation of the referendum (of whichever party) should be targeted and fought by locally based UKIP/Brexit Party candidates. This would ensure that the limited resources of those two parties are effectively targeted – neither will have the funds available to contest all 650 seats but both may be able to contest 100 each – no splitting the Brexit vote.
    I’m thinking specifically here of otherwise “safe” Labour and Conservative seats where it can be shown that the incumbent MP has gone against the clearly expressed wishes of his/her constituents.
    You will never get a die hard Labour or Conservative voter to vote for the other but it would be much less difficult to draw disaffected voters from both sides to support a Brexit candidate.
    If UKIP/Brexit can take a joint approach for the greater good then they might just secure some influence.


    • gaxvil says:

      How anyone could support Tory or Labour in their present form is beyond me other than a vote to block who you don’t want. And that’s just about kept May going – the vote for us or you’ll get Corbyn line.
      The lot need booting.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      A joint approach is essential but I fear a Judean People’s Front / People’s Front of Judea situation. Necks and egos need to be wound in but that is not one of Nigel’s virtues.


  12. G says:

    I much prefer this view of the Governments dilemma in relation to extending Art. 50 et al –


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Spot on, G!

      Thanks for posting the link.


    • gaxvil says:

      Sounds like fun but has anyone brought this up ?
      Sounds like the kind of legal stuff that the likes of upstanding chaps like Bercow would be straight at.


    • honestus says:

      May and her team (including Barnier etc) will have war gamed all eventualities and she will just revert to the predetermined option as the process unfolds. Anything she is unsure of she will contact Barnier or Juncker or Merkel for a corrective course of action.
      Remainers are often several strides ahead of May and if the end date was immovable they would be in open revolt by now. That they are not suggests that they are privy to the overall May gameplan.


      • G says:

        “Anything she is unsure of she will contact Barnier or Juncker or Merkel for a corrective course of action.”. Including Soros, no doubt.


  13. Wild Bill says:

    I am sick of Jeremy Vine gloating over the BREXIT rip off, we Brexiteers pay his wages, maybe if Brexit doesn’t happen we 17.5 million who voted for it should protest by stopping paying our TV licence, that would be a good start?


  14. gaxvil says:

    Pondering – if May were to quit just who might take her place?


    • Doobster78 says:

      Tub of lard will do the job . Just like HIGNFY did when Roy Hattersley couldn’t make it.


    • 7Clubs says:

      The next Tory Leadership will be about co-partnerships i.e a remainer who can get the mp`s vote to make the head to head will link up with a Brexiteer who can get the party members vote.
      The likely remain candidates looking to pair up are Hunt ,Javid,Hancock,Wilkinson or Truss.The likely Brexit candidates are Gove,Boris,Rabb,Davis ,Mcvey or Mordaunt.
      Personally can see Liz Truss wanting to be Chancellor and doing a a winning Deal with one of the Brexit male contenders.
      Or Hunt doing a deal with Mordaunt who would succeed him as Foreign Secretary
      The interim leader would be Lidington.


  15. G.W.F. says:

    Can someone confirm or deny this? I find it hard to believe.

    Speaker Bercow refuses to pick anti-second referendum amendment
    ‘… despite well over 100 MPs backing the amendment, from both the Conservatives and Labour as well as the DUP. Truly cross-party’.

    It had read: “Believes that the result of the 2016 EU referendum should be respected and that a second EU referendum would be divisive and expensive and therefore should not take place.”



  16. Guest Who says:

    As Martha continues to do what the BBC does best in the icy wastes, an actual science reporter of value finds themselves being messed about with by more coordinated arts grads….



  17. 7Clubs says:

    Bob Dylans ‘Things have changed’ is the most appropriate song for this moment


  18. Guest Who says:

    After his empathetic treatment of Michelle D under the benign gaze of JoCo, and subsequent revisionism, the BBC clearly felt the man of the moment is… one of their own, fried of any silly ‘leave it at the studio door’ stuff:


  19. JamesG says:

    The greatest living writer of our age, Theodore Dalrymple, discusses the Shamima Begum case:

    (I think you can access this article via a Google search even if you’re not a subscriber).



  20. JamesG says:

    John Bercow only cares about one thing: pleasing his Labour-supporting wife. The country can go to hell as far as he’s concerned.


  21. fakenewswatcher says:

    Guest – I have a feeling that a lot of those who want a ‘second referendum’ or a ‘people’s vote’, see the following 2 choices on the ballot paper:
    a. Remain in the EU
    b. ‘Leave’ in accordance with whatever the latest formula May and Juncker have put their heads together to dream up, may prescribe.

    This option definition is essential, because -in the 2016 Referendum, 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU:
    a. didn’t know what they were voting for, or
    b. it wasn’t clear what they actually meant, or
    c. they didn’t say HOW they wanted to leave, or
    d. they were all elderly and many probably senile; it goes without saying that no young person could possibly have voted to leave the EU
    etc etc etc


    • Kaiser says:

      despite the £9m pound leaflet, the BBC, ITV , SKY ,the pundits, all living former PM’s , the bank of england, every head of state (bar putin who had no opinion) st joe, the music industry and just about everyone else they could muster

      we gave them the middle finger

      They wont take a chance next time

      quite how they could get the electoral commission to present
      ‘Leave’ in accordance with whatever the latest formula May and Juncker have put their heads together to dream up” heavily reject by parliament twice as an option would take quite some chicanery


      one way or another


  22. MartinW says:

    Has anyone any idea why the BBC decided to label anything we listen to as ‘BBC Sounds’. It seems to me a piece of utterly pointless branding. Yes, we listen to the radio, and what we hear are sounds. The obvious next step is to brand all BBC TV as “BBC Looks”. Idiotic.


    • Guest Who says:

      I was just looking at one of their offerings.


      I seems more ‘BBC Wolfie’s Last Stand’ as a bunch of middle-aged Beeboids try and get kids arrested.

      And play straight into the hands of this charmer and her beardie-wierdie colleagues…

      “So much in humanity is about emotion; it is not about what you say or persuade people with argument”

      “.. been told by a major publication that 50 arrests gets you a front page”

      Here is one of her bearded old men colleagues:

      “And I’m here to say that XR isn’t about the climate. You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life. This was exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence (especially) over the last 600 years of colonialism, although the roots of the infections go much further back.

      Yet the BBC laps it up and promotes it, getting daft kids, some as young as five, apparently, to cut school and yell a lot or, better yet, get arrested.

      Not, I would suggest, what the national broadcaster should be doing.

      And as it goes hand in hand with trying to covertly shut down Roger Tallbloke, an actual scientist as Martha has her ‘preen a penguin’ moment ‘investigating’ on the back of a few hundred GHGs, downright sinister.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Martin- Not only utterly pointless, but also undoubtedly very expensive rebranding. Could only be contemplated by a setup awash in money, obtained with menaces, supported by a ‘Conservative’ government….


  23. AndyDozefeet says:

    If anyone is still unsure as to how low this once great country of ours has sunk then do no more than to have a look at the “We are Bradford” series on AlBeeb. Available as podcasts and also aired within “news” bulletins.
    Yesterdays force fed enrichment bollox was a piece about the state of primary healthcare in Bradfordistan. We were taken to a community centre where approximately 10 or 12 Asian ladies of advanced years were sat around a table. A number of them proceeded to complain (two speaking in very broken English and the others speaking in what I assume was Urdu with the viewer being assisted by English subtitles) about how difficult it is to get an appointment with a GP.
    No critical questions raised as to how the infrastructure is expected to cope with such a fast rising population, how long these individuals have lived here, whether or not they’ve ever paid taxes into the system or why they were unable to speak the language of the country in which they claim to belong.
    If our grandfathers could see us now…


    • Thoughtful says:

      “If our grandfathers could see us now…”

      Most of them were so dim witted and ill informed that they wouldn’t believe it, and would vote Labour even if they were voting for a dogs turd with a red ribbon on it.

      Read this be the verse by Philip Larkin to get an idea of what they were like.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      “If our Grandfathers could see us now.”
      It seems that Enoch did.


  24. Panda says:

    Blimey, apart from a few notable exceptions it turns out that most mp’s are self serving two faced liars.
    I for one am shocked. Who’d have thunk it?


  25. Grumpy Dave says:

    Typical BBC reporting only of what they consider important. John Bercow refuses to allow the House to debate an amendment signed by more MPs than the four amendments he did call put together, which draws rage from Brexiteers, front page treatment in the Telegraph and a long comment from Guido. On the BBC website? You guessed it, it hasn’t been worthy of reporting, hours after it happened.


  26. Dover Sentry says:

    Trump speaks…

    “”Just when the day could hardly get any trickier for the PM, Trump says she should have listened to him, and he’s surprised how badly Brexit negotiations have gone””


    • pugnazious says:

      Not wrong is he? May showed all the get up and go and determination to win of Geoffrey Howe’s dead sheep….maybe even less. She was f****ing useless…..witness refusal to sack the rebellious ministers….yet another humiliation for her.


      • Kaiser says:

        she doesnt have to sack rebellious brexiteers they have the honour to resign first

        but then why should she sack remainiacs doing her bidding


  27. pugnazious says:

    The BBC is up to its old tricks again having learnt nothing from the sordid witch-hunt it promoted against British troops who served in Iraq.

    Justin Webb couldn’t wait to lay into the troops and tells us it was about time the families had justice.

    Then we had the BBC’s Peter Taylor tell us that the British soldiers were in denial about being murderers. Funny…didn’t know the trial had already taken place. I don’t see the same concern for the families of IRA murders….a Para is going to be tried for murder and a murderer is an MP in the British Parliament which he is free to sit in if he so chooses. Funny old world.

    Curiously not heard or seen much mockery or cries of racism when the IRA claim to be putting ‘Ireland First’….



    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Pug – I recall saying here, when this whole ‘backstop’ business was dreamed up, that Sinn Fein must have been quietly smiling. An obvious ploy to drive a wedge between GB and NI, among other things (which appears to be working nicely so far, with plenty of help from the Grieves, Gaukes, Rudds and Bercows of this world…)
      So now we find out that there are still more reasons for Sinn Fein smiles. That wonderful taste of appeasement, for one thing.
      Could there also be champagne corks popping in the Varadkar office, I wonder? If there are, you can’t blame the man. I mean, look at your negotiating opposition…
      Then again, Eire also had to vote twice, before they came up with the correct answer. So they’ve been there and done that.
      And kindly Uncle Jeremy can’t be too unhappy either. That must be what was meant by the PM reaching out to the opposition?
      A fun day, all round, then?


  28. john in cheshire says:

    I have just received my council tax demand for the coming year. The overall increase is an inflation busting 3.99% and the police precept increase is 13.6%.

    This is a Conservative council, so the rot extend to the councils they run, not just the swamp dwellers in the HoP.

    I don’t recall being asked if I want to pay more and I don’t recall any explanation for the massive increase in police charges ( the increase was over 7% last year). What are they doing with all this money, I wonder? Are we paying for our own police state?

    Has anyone on here had similar increases imposed on them? Has anyone seen a reduction in their council tax?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I live in a socialist republic where the state council pays for a Pravda type weekly newspaper full of smiling black and packistani faces .

      It also finds “ westindian” /Pakistani Independence Day , Martin Luther King day , some other Muslim days as well as queer days .

      So yes – the council tax is always going up .


      • john in cheshire says:

        When enough people realise how much they are paying, surely there will be a backlash.

        One person; me; writing to the council to object to these unwarranted increases can achieve nothing but sooner or later the penny must drop with enough taxpayers to halt and reverse this tendency.


      • StewGreen says:

        Where we live , every other page in the local paper is set aside for a photo of the council leader.
        .. who happens to be white and Conservative
        but does an excellent job of dreaming up big projects, screwing them up and therefore wasting money..
        … I wouldn’t call this council prudent but opposition councillors if they ever turn up mutter “Tory Cuts” tourets style.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I haven’t John, but my council tax has increased by £12 per month, which is a LOT ! Its the triple whammy this week, as both the electricity and gas bills have landed on the doorstep for the winter period – so that’s around £500 to fork out for these 2 in the coming few days. Good job I like jam.


    • PRW73 says:

      John, Yep, same here in rural E Mids. Increase to county of 4%, to borough increase of 4.3%, to police and crime commissioner increase of 12%! (Mrs W said when I told her , ” but we haven’t seen a policeman in the village (more of a town actually!) for years yet we used to have “a village policeman” who called every few weeks!”
      The contribution to our “village” has actually gone down by 13.5% – but then its only £90 anyway.


      • cromwell says:

        I live in Conwy and my council tax increase is going to be 11.6% i only found out yesterday. kept that quiet.Councillers voted themselves 10% pay rise also. Its quite disgusting, For the last few years we have had increases of 5% but now they seem to be going for it.I read one counciller said there was too many old folk here and thats why costs have gone up. My opinion is that the absolute rubbish of a welsh assembly which is crap Labour have wasted so much money, , everytime Labour are involved in anything prices go up.


  29. StewGreen says:

    R4 now doing the science of transgender athletes
    women have ten times less testosterone than men
    ie 1 to 3 units instead of 10 to 30 in men
    ..boost it and their muscle grows
    …but that doesn’t happen in men , it just helps improve red blood count etc.
    Occasionally there can be abnormalities and you get a woman with 5-10 units, thru medical conditions or like transgenders who are NOT taking hormone therapy.
    These abnormalities are much more common in sports people than the background population.

    Male physique gives you a 10% advantage in performance in most sports.
    You wouldn’t be male unless you have that triggering level of testosterone,
    but in general EXTRA testosterone doesn’t give males an even better performance.


  30. Fedup2 says:

    I think I’m really going to try and cut out listening or watching the news from any MSM source as the current politics is just too much

    I’ve been thinking about what the outcome will be and it divides into –

    Don’t care
    I care and moan ( me)
    I care and I will demonstrate
    I care and I will fight politically
    I care and I will fight

    I think the last category will be quite small and the State won’t have too many problems preventing / apprehending individuals or small groups who take action . But there will be others who are more determined and clever .

    Unfortunately the State ( remainers) will use any protest as a further reason to remain .

    Obviously I’m not advocating any action as it’s down to the individuals belief/ conscience- I just thinking out loud .

    Perhaps it will end with brexiters doing a collective national shrug and getting used to using the Euro and being part of the Greater ReichEU


    • AndyDozefeet says:

      No taxation without representation.
      Aside from rioting in the streets which, although very tempting, will only serve to demonise us Brexiteers further in the eyes of the MSM and Remoaners, a sustained and organised campaign of civil disobedience is the way forward.
      Anything that represents co-operation with or payment to the establishment should be withdrawn by as many as possible.
      Cancel your TV Licence, if you have a business then don’t file your VAT or Corporation Tax Returns. Don’t file your personal tax return, don’t pay your council tax or business rates. In short, withdraw your co-operation with the state and all its organs.
      In addition, complain about everything and to everyone connected with the state. The BBC, your Local Authority, Police, your MP.
      The state relies on us the silent majority of law abiding, uncomplaining, tax paying mugs to co-operate so that it can deal with the shit that doesn’t toe the line.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed & Andy, what a denial of Brexit does is build a spirit of resistance. (Think Catalans, or SinnFein for a more expreme example.)

      On the other hand, is Brexit had been dealt with by a No-Deal, esp. by Cameron in June/July 2016, the Arch-Remainers would still be moaning away now – probably – but everyone else would be getting on with their lives and battling any difficulties that came along. ‘Call-me-Dave’ would have been a hero, even to many/most of those who voted Remain and who would have eventually accepted their lot.

      If Brexit is stolen, it will create a solid group of resisters who would have a legitimate complaint. They would have ‘right’ on their side.


      • Fedup2 says:

        They brexiter moaners will assume the position of the SNP boring everyone to death about Referendum – the tedious Ian Blackford and on bail Alex Salmond being the case studies .

        The irony being that cum the Eu parliamentary elections on 25? May a whole load of populist MEPs might turn up who make Nigel Farage look like a moderate and push back the Federal Union Project to something which might be more acceptable to the likes of me….
        Or maybe the Project will just advance to the Federal states of the Reich ….


  31. StewGreen says:

    PC Marcus Tyson dismissed for “racist comment” in 2015
    responding to pro Kurd activist telling him to “get out of the way”
    Tyson said ‘You don’t tell me what to do in my country.’


  32. Fedup2 says:

    If you want a slight cheer up check out President Trump telling the EUs Irish bitch to his face that America will apply tariffs against the EU as a reprisal for unfair practices by the EU

    Varadca looks like a kid called into the Head masters study for a thrashing .


  33. taffman says:

    It looks like the porkies want a second referendum ? Mrs Chamberlain the Remainer has done her job .
    The Dictatorship of the EU is in control of us.
    The Great British Parliament is finished, it does not want the job anymore just the cash.
    Just snouts in the trough. Drain the swamp.
    Tories should now vote and support Ukip & the Brexit Party.


  34. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Have you noticed that all these amendments on parliamentary votes are all by remoaners.
    Grieve, Wollaston, Benn etc.

    Where are our side in all this.
    Have we got nobody like Gina Miller to fight for our side.
    Have we not got any lawyers to do their stuff to help leave and the democracy. Surely there must be something our side can do. The remoaners are being given free shots at everything.

    Remainer pos Bercow is disgraceful choosing all remainer helpful voting topics.

    Our time will come.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Bercow is not at all disgraceful as he is behaving as his type of creature would.
      The real disgrace lies with the Tories like Rees Mogg who know exactly what Bercow is and know that they can remove him if they so choose, but it’s just too much like hard work and anyone who has attended the rotten school knows that expediency is the name of the game.


  35. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting that the BBC is now fully Labourite and calling the vote for a second referedum a ‘peoples vote’ !

    It is not a ‘peoples vote’ that was the initial referendum when the people got to tell the elites what they thought. I would love to hear the BBCs justification that the initial referendum was not the peoples vote when so many voiced their opinion, and how the second version is anything other than a desperate attempt by remainers to overthrow the peoples wishes.


  36. vesnadog says:

    Forgive my mistakes as my anger at certain northern MPs are trying to prevent me clicking my keyboard (feels like it anyway):

    Remember when school exams came along and you knew deep down that you didn’t have what it takes as your brain was dull and would never be as bright as other more intelligent pupils in your class, and while gazing out the school room window as you chewed on your ballpoint, you wished that some one else unknown to you and your fellow pupils some stranger/ foreigner would creep in by the back door and wisper in your ear that: if you would give them complete control of your pocket money, and your dinnertime treats, they would save you all the hassle of trying to reheaducate yourself by rigerous studing, writing lessons, copying, re-copying and 24/7 research, they would guarantee that no one would know the exam answers would be completed by some one else other than yourself, but reminded you that at some time in the future some one might cotton on that you weren’t up for the job and would split on you and threaten to report you to your boss, wife, bank manager, sergeant major, children, mistress, second mistress, third mistress, male lover every one of um based in the poshest part of London, so you was at such a loss, that you thought that if you don’t make drastic changes in your life you would be out on the streets with other unfortunate people (who did things legally yet sadly failed in life) while your ex-school friends, splitting their sides and saying to eachother: We were in the same class at school and he was the biggest idiot, dullest, most dopey truant, had the loudest mouth, biggest boaster, said he could write but every one in class knew he couldn’t – correctly, that is.

    Well, this is how I see those traitor Labour MPs who voted remain really are – Clueless.

    Ok, they might have a iphone 8 plus but its fantastic what grandchildren can teach you these days, especialy if grandads mind can’t concentrate for too long, except when checking how his horse did today, as with all their spare cash swilling around their wallets they are very fond of having a bet or two with his other overweight Labour MPs – who voted as he did by handing his “responsiblities” “thinking” – over to some one else so that he and their new drinking buddies can shoot down to the “inhouse bar” to get sloshed now that they know that someone else can worry about the work they should be doing, and never wanted to do any way, but he still gives a silent “thank you” to his/her voters who gave them such a career, plush offices, 5 star travel, hotels, pretty secratary, and the sense of humor that their chaufer has….


  37. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”No-deal Brexit: Cardiff schools told to stockpile food””

    “”Sarah Merry, deputy leader of the council, blamed the “liars who sold Brexit” to the voting public.””


    One council deputy leader in the country says this. The BBC pick up on this and give it full coverage.

    What about all the other councils who are not doing this ?

    The headline should read, “99% of schools not stockpiling for Brexit”

    More relentless BBC anti-Brexit bias.


    • Up2snuff says:

      DS, “”Sarah Merry, deputy leader of the council, blamed the “liars who sold Brexit” to the voting public.””

      Let me guess.

      Labour Party?

      Or Lib Dem?

      I was musing this afternoon on Jeremy Corbyn’s woeful performance on behalf of Brexiteers. He espouses all sorts of ‘liberation struggles’ but doesn’t really back the one concerning his own nation and Parliament.


  38. Kaiser says:


    classic car industry fears trump and BREXIT road block

    if maybe perhaps nothing to do with bubbles and tenuously related to brexit


  39. taffman says:

    The benefits of being in the EU……………………..
    Our ‘government’ is not securing our borders . Illegals should be deported back to Europe , not given a council house and cash. There are many, many British servicemen and people without houses.
    Drain the swamp.


  40. gaxvil says:

    Well then, requesting an extension eh? Verhofstadt will be incandescent and it would be so funny if an extension is refused. Anyhow, what could be the point? As said, the deal is the deal and that’s it so then what ? Set about revoking Article 50 and rejoin what we never left ?
    Roll on our General Election.
    Forward Brexit.


    • Kaiser says:

      Now if you were the EU and you see

      the 29th cancelled
      no deal cancelled
      not even a second referendum to go possibly go catastrophically wrong again

      would you do the obvious,
      grant a long extension at vast cost enough to pay off up to 27 nation dissenters
      and make mays turd of a deal even worse

      what have you got to lose, farage berating the powerless talking shop

      this will now go on till the next GE


      • taffman says:

        The EU needs our trade. The EU needs our money. Our MPs need our money .
        What part of ‘need’ doesn’t our government understand ?
        Drain the swamp.
        Vote and support UKIP and The Brexit Party .


  41. taffman says:

    Every time I turn on the radio or see a broadcast from Parliament there is some demented nutter shouting ‘Stop Bre—-exit’.
    Is this deliberate propaganda or has some village lost its idiot ?


  42. G.W.F. says:

    The Brighton Pixie suggests politicians trust the people. The people gave their opinion in 2016


    • Up2snuff says:

      GWF, amazing the volte-face that is going on with some MPs.

      Lucas, as you outline, McDonnell scourge of bankers, Hedge Fund managers, brokers and venture capitalists (ie. The City) now concerned for their Brexit wellbeing on TOADY this morning.

      T’other day, former Environment Minister and anti-car/AGW &CC campaigner, Hilary Benn, is now concerned for our motor industry. Jeremy Corbyn, former hater of ‘big business’, suddenly now has it as one of his main Brexit concerns.


  43. Up2snuff says:

    I found some cheer in this:

    I cannot say whether or not it is correct but Martin Howe has put in a lot of work on Brexit as part of a mixed team, IIRC, of Remain and Leave voting lawyers.


  44. Thoughtful says:

    I see there is a growing boycott of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie because of the star Brie Larsons predictable anti white anti Male race hate and Misandry.

    There is a lot of talk about Corbyns parties Nazi hate of the Jews, but much less talk about their hatred of white people, which is probably even deeper than the anti Semitism.

    Now you know about the boycott perhaps you too can join in by refusing to go to the flicks or buying the film, and instead if you really want to see it download it, or borrow someone elses copy.


    • Kaiser says:

      dont even bother doing that , its already been panned by the critics


      • Fedup2 says:

        Leave Brie alone – she’s ‘hot ‘ – but there was a great piece on twitter during the first weekend where someone had done a real survey of bums on seats rather that what the studio said – the film – by word of mouth is a ‘dog’

        Apparently the lady queers think the film is great ….


  45. Heyho says:

    A story never to be found on the BBC. Disgraceful that the Rotherham abused victims still aren’t being protected from their predators (front page of The Times)


    Shamed politician’s daughter has job looking after Rotherham abuse victims

    The daughter of a disgraced politician who was implicated in the Rotherham sex-grooming scandal has been placed in charge of a council-funded support service for the town’s abuse victims.

    Norsheen Akhtar has managerial responsibility for child sexual exploitation (CSE) programmes run by Rotherham Rise, a charity that receives most of its funding from the local authority.

    Her father, Jahangir Akhtar, resigned as the Labour-run council’s deputy leader in 2013 after his role was revealed in brokering a deal under which one of his relatives agreed to hand a missing 14-year-old girl to police at a petrol station after receiving an assurance that he would not be prosecuted.

    The exposure of multiple council failings linked to the girl’s care triggered an independent inquiry which found that over 16 years more than 1,400 Rotherham girls were targeted for abuse by organised gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origin.

    Mr Akhtar, 58, was later stripped of his taxi-driver licence after the local authority introduced a “fit and proper person” test. This took into account CSE intelligence that would “give rise to significant and serious concerns for risks to public safety if the licence remains in place”.

    His daughter, 32, who still lives with her father, joined the Rotherham charity after his resignation as deputy council leader. She is a member of its senior management team and has responsibility for its counselling service for survivors of child exploitation.

    Ms Akhtar also has full access to confidential information on the Rotherham Rise database, including the names and addresses of the exploitation victims with whom the charity has worked.

    The Akhtars are related to four brothers — Arshid, Basharat, Bannaras and Sageer Hussain — who were jailed for between 19 and 35 years in 2016 after they were convicted of 53 child sex offences between them against 16 Rotherham girls.

    It is understood that the charity informed Rotherham council of its decision to employ Ms Akhtar and that the local authority voiced no concern about the appointment.

    There is no suggestion that Ms Akhtar has in any way behaved inappropriately or unprofessionally in her work for the charity, but a CSE victim who gave evidence against the Hussain brothers said she was stunned to discover the family connection.

    “I received support from Rotherham Rise and so did my sister,” she said. “I’m staggered that the charity and council didn’t recognise that putting Jahangir Akhtar’s daughter in that role would create a potential conflict of interest.”

    The woman said that Ms Akhtar’s work for the charity would potentially have given her access to information about girls and women who were groomed and sexually exploited by one or more of her relatives or their associates.

    “What sort of a signal does that send out to CSE survivors? How are we supposed to have any confidence that the authorities in Rotherham have learnt from the past?”

    Rotherham Rise primarily supports women and children who have been victims of domestic violence, but since 2014 its services have expanded to include the provision of CSE-related counselling services.

    The charity’s CSE work has largely been funded via Rotherham council contracts and grants totalling more than £440,000.

    Before she joined Rotherham Rise, Ms Akhtar was a tenancy support worker for another Rotherham charity, Rush House, which provides accommodation services for young people.

    Her father has always denied any wrongdoing or misconduct linked to the sexual exploitation of children and has not been charged with any CSE-related offence.

    Sue Wynne, chief executive of Rotherham Rise, declined to answer questions about its decision to employ Ms Akhtar in such a sensitive role, given her family background.

    She said: “All of our staff are bound by professional conduct codes to declare any personal connection to, or interest in, any individual case. They are also bound by a professional duty of confidentiality not to discuss cases or client details outside of work.”

    Staff were subject to “ongoing internal supervision and performance management” and the charity remained committed to providing “the best possible support” for those affected by domestic violence and child sexual exploitation.

    Rotherham council said that over the past five years its funding of the charity had ensured that “hundreds of people have received support”.

    Jon Stonehouse, director for children’s services, said the “appointment, employment and management of individual members of staff within the contract is a matter for Rotherham Rise and the council would not ordinarily be involved in such matters. However, in these circumstances we will be looking at the due diligence undertaken.”


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      It’s infuriating isn’t it? Is the cycle of abuse ever going to stop?


    • Fedup2 says:

      How does that not come as a surprise ? Obviously Rotherham and similar councils have been corrupted both by family connections and racial blight where no one white and ‘reasonable ‘ official has the guts to say
      ‘No – that’s no right ‘….


  46. taffman says:

    Mrs Chamberlain’s orders are to ‘Keep Britain in the EU’.


  47. Fedup2 says:

    Isn’t it amazing how brexit causes a ‘constitutional crisis ‘ because 500 out of 650 MP s plus the MSM have decided UK will not be leaving despite a democratic vote to do so.

    Even celebrating remainers must realise there is a big big problem . The BBC will just think ‘business as usual ‘ as they create their EU Brussells HQ.

    I wonder what our head of state thinks about all of this -? Particularly since the good will of the commonwealth has just been flushed down the toilet in favour of the frogokrauts …


    • vesnadog says:


      “I wonder what our head of state thinks about all of this -?”

      Bearing in mind that She is mainly German – that’s why her sympathies must be pro-EU – hence the reason why the Royal Family never celebrate Christmas day on the 25th, they choose to celebrate it the German way on the 26th of Dec. And bearing in mind that that recent BBC documentary re Her and Phils private life was so revealing to her subjects then I would think she’s thrown on her 2WW helmet and gone down the cellar at Windsor Castle till the war over Europe is done and dusted.

      Never in my life have I even thought of England going Republic, but if she does nowt in favour of the UK, by at least elbowing someone in the ribs, then I might just favour England under republican laws.


  48. Dover Sentry says:

    The Remainers are being fed into a ‘Brexit-Abattoir’.

    Brexit cannot be extended as all 27 member states of the EU have to agree to it. It requires just one to veto. France have said that they will veto and Italy also intends to veto (Italian Friends of Farage). As for Poland and Hungary, they are also expected to veto.

    All this posturing by MPs counts for nothing.

    I feel a mini-series coming on. Who would play May? Baldrick in drag? Topical! 🙂


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dench or Mirren as May . Corbyn played by izzard , mcdonell played by idris elba. Soubry by phoebe – hyphen – fleabag …
      speaker played by Rowen Atkinson ….


    • honestus says:

      Quite the paradox. Relying on elements of the EU to help us to escape from the EU…
      BTW, the most likely to veto is Spain who have been making consistently louder noises regarding Gibraltar.


      • Banania says:

        I should think France and Spain would welcome the chance to humiliate us yet further by agreeing to a delay in return for more concessions. Perhaps Farage might persuade the Hungarians to help us out.


  49. MarkyMark says:

    BBC call fake news … corrections …

    Monday 11th March 2019: BBC News bulletins, BBC One and BBC News Channel, 3 March 2019
    In an interview with Shamima Begum’s husband, we incorrectly stated that in the UK, “sex with someone under 16 is statutory rape.”

    In fact, that charge does not exist in UK Law. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 instead refers to this as “sexual activity with a child”.

    Friday 1st March 2019: World at One, BBC Radio 4, 17 January 2019
    We said, “At the moment, offshore wind is now £57.50 per MWH”. We should clarify that we meant to specify that this is the current estimated cost for 2022-2023.



  50. MarkyMark says:

    It’s not a conspiracy if you can see it in broad daylight …

    1765 …. **In a republic worthy of name, freedom to publish one ’s thoughts is a citizen’s natural right.** They may use a pen or their voice, and should not be prevented from writing any more than speaking …That is the law in England, a monarchical country, where people are freer than elsewhere because they are more enlightened. – Voltaire, Republican Ideas, 1765

    2018 … In addition to reporting hate crime, please report non-crime hate incidents, **which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing**. Hate will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire. Report it and put a stop to it #HateHurtsSY – UK South Yorkshire Police, 2018

    1765 … **In a republic worthy of name, freedom to publish one’s thoughts is a citizen’s natural right.**

    2018 … **which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing**


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