Midweek Open Thread 13 March 2019

As the Brexit nonsense continues it will be a very good time to see how the Far Left BBC will roll on Project Fear . I think they’ll have to be careful because people are getting even more annoyed .


Oh yeah – and a mini budget Wednesday

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  1. Fedup2 says:

    It seems that clever brexiteers are talking to friendly European governments about vetoing the request from UK for an A50extension. Thus getting us out on 29 March ….what a way to go .


    • taffman says:

      I hope that you are right. But It comes to something that we, the people of Great Britain have to go foreign to undermine our undemocratic, ‘so called’ Parliament.
      If we get out of the EU on a ‘No deal’, I promise to eat my Welsh Leek, raw.


      • Up2snuff says:

        taffman, I have tried raw leek (origin unknown) and it is decidedly scrummy if a good one. It was. So it was probably Welsh or from Lancashire. 🙂


        • taffman says:

          I must admit its nice with a bit of Caerphilly cheese. Overpowering to eat the whole leek on its own.
          Parliament has to be cleaned just as Christ cleansed the temple……..


          • Up2snuff says:

            taffman, “Overpowering to eat the whole leek on its own.” agree and probably none too good for the bladder or the bowels!

            Had bad childhood choking experiences with leeks which put me off them until into adult life.

            Now I quite like sniffing them … that first cut through a nice crisp one ….. mmm… the aroma. Will try your cheese recommendation. Now there’s a potential soup combo, perhaps? Bachelors do a very tolerable Leek & Potato cup-a-soup. Wonder if extra cheesy croutons could be added?


    • john in cheshire says:

      Gerard Batten spoke, today I think, in the European parliament and asked them to do precisely that.

      Mr Batten goes about things coolly and calmly, without the bluster and showmanship of Mr Farage and for that reason he’s more effective.


    • Van Helsing says:

      A No Deal Brexit will rapidly result in one thing: a frightened EU under pressure from its member states will come rushing back to the negotiating table with a quiver full of concessions.


      • john in cheshire says:

        This is the latest report from Jeff Taylor on YouTube. It’s about 9 minutes long.
        He makes some good points but apparently the EU have a trick up their sleeve that hasn’t yet been mentioned as far as I know:

        I’m sure I have read or heard somewhere that in the past, when negotiations have reached their time limit, the EU negotiators Stop The Clock. Literally they pretend that time has stood still so can continue negotiating, or bullying or whatever they need more time for, I suppose.

        Anyway, I wonder if they’ve considered using it for Brexit?

        Of course, I continue to believe we will be leaving the EU on time on 29th. March at 11pm. On WTO terms and paying the EU nothing.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Sheffield the verdict is due in the case of the African guy who was thrown off his social work course
    ..on grounds of his Facebook page

    Judges have just heard the case ..might be a few days before judgement.


  3. StewGreen says:

    What is your favourite example of news that was never followed up ?

    Mine was about 3 years ago when eco-protesters blocked a Northumbrian opencast coal mine for a day, the company lost a dys work so got a court order.
    I think 9 of the 10 protesters were found guilty and instead of getting custodial sentences were ordered to pay compensation.
    Now 1 who was head of the cycling charity now CTC pleaded not guilty , co was given a trial date ,
    ..which was then pushed back ..and then just disappeared
    ..and he continues to this date ..when he almost ceratinly woud have been found guilty.

    Another thing is those Gatwick drones
    AFAIK ..there still no proper video evidence has emerged.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I don’t know but I’m comforted by the continuation of life threatening stabbings in my home Londonistan borough – lunchtime today a -17 year old stabbed at Leytonistan tube station .

      If he went to the local hospital – whips X – he’s probably dead by now ….
      Wasn’t very far from where the 14 year old moped drug dealer met his maker …

      As the PM kept on saying during PMQs … thoughts and prayers – like a bloody insincere parrot


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, Nikolai Glushkov.

      The Beeb did have an article this week (first anniversary of his death – similar date to the attack on the Skripals) but it was more about his daughter who is a rather attractive lady, that Glushkova is.


  4. Kaiser says:

    drain the swamp

    its about time all those that remain/remained silent are punished



    • StewGreen says:

      The BBC story has more context
      \\ Asked why he did not take it further, Lord Steel, who was elected Liberal Party leader in 1976,
      said he “saw no reason to go back to something that happened during his time in Rochdale” and the events happened “before he was even a member of the Liberal Party or an MP”.

      “I don’t think we went into detail on individual bits of the story,” Lord Steel told the inquiry.

      “He just accepted that the story was correct, and obviously I disapproved, but it was, as far as I was concerned, past history. That was the end of it.”

      Inquiry counsel Brian Altman QC later asked: “So you came away from that meeting, Lord Steel, not really knowing if he’d committed these offences at all?”

      The peer replied: “Well, I assumed he had because he said that the account was correct. Why would he have been investigated if he hadn’t done something that was possibly wrong?”//

      And what’s new ?
      AFAIK the 2014 report said the P Eye story about Smith turning up at the hostel & telling boys to drop their trouser for a medical examinations was true
      And that senior figures had conspired to cover up those historic reports .. As if they regarded the events as deep in the past, not actual rape , and they needed Smith.
      It was pretty much assumed that the senior Libs knew.
      The only new thing today is that David Steel admitted he had been lying about it all along
      Page from 2014 report


  5. Fedup2 says:

    MPs have voted to take ‘no deal ‘ off the table by 4 votes ….. so the criminal labour MP had a valuable vote …. traitors …


    • Kaiser says:

      im surprised only 312 did it some obviously think this ploy isnt subtle enough even for their thicko voters


    • DYKEVISIONS says:

      ‘They did not know what they were voting for.’

      Let’s have another vote and another..

      Let’s have a ‘peoples vote’,.. oh wait a minute, they were politicians who they really knew what we, the people, actually voted for!



  6. pugnazious says:

    Campbell was on form this morning as he shut up the Leave voters and oozed ‘charm’ with the Remainers.

    We had ‘Muhammed'[of course we did…how many Muhammeds can the BBC squeeze into one day?] who claimed to be an important figure in the Pharmacy world and that he knew Brexit would mean diabetics dying in droves…in fact we’re in a crisis now…just how bad will it be if we get a no-deal?!?

    Campbell told him he was an excellent caller.

    Trouble is the ‘excellent’ caller is wrong…there will be no insulin shortage as safeguards are in place….not only that the suppliers say they will have no problem even in the event of a no-deal….

    Here’s Channel 4’s Fact Check…

    ‘But more importantly, the companies that do supply the bulk of UK patients – even with products manufactured overseas – have told us that they don’t expect significant problems with supply in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

    After his interview on Friday, Mr Rawlins issued a further statement acknowledging that his comments were made before the health secretary, Matt Hancock, announced the government’s contingency plans.’

    Here’s JDRF, a Diabetes charity…

    ‘Insulin manufacturers have told the UK media that they do not expect significant disruption to supplies of insulin to the UK, even in the event of a ‘no deal’ end to the UK’s membership of the European Union.’

    Still, excellent contribution from Muhammed.

    On the other hand we had a Leave voter, but one who voted to join the EEC in 1975. He said that he jvoted to join the ‘EEC’, a trading bloc, not what the EU has become today…a ‘state’ that has taken over political, economic, legislative and judicial control [and immigration] from nation states as it tries to become a super-state itself.

    Campbell shut him down immediately and said this wasn’t relevant..let’s talk about today.

    Well the caller was spot on and this is relevant, it goes to the heart of why people voted for Brexit….they didn’t want to be controlled by an undemocratic, unaccountable, uncontrollable super-state. This also goes to the heart of why the MP’s who vote to Remain are so wrong…they keep insisting they do it to protect jobs and the economy but Brexit wasn’t about that…it was about taking back political and legislative control.

    Shame Campbell doesn’t realise that and that it is highly relevant as it shows how out of touch and arrogant the Remain MP’s are.

    But then again the BBC does not want to talk about what is really going on here and why May’s deal has failed…..Remainers deliberately sabotaging it in order to stay in the EU.

    Curiously the BBC does want to talk about the ERG which gets most of the blame for the failed deal….but they voted against the deal because they want Brexit and the deal was one cobbled together by May in order to accommodate, appease and placate Remainers.

    May produced a bastardized Brexit to appease Remainers but ended up pleasing no-one, the Remainers determined to vote it out regardless in order to force a 2nd referendum and Corbyn refuses to back any deal whatsoever, whatever it might say, in order to force a general election…and the BBC thinks the ERG, who represent the majority voters in this country on Brexit, are the problem!


    • Fedup2 says:

      On the second vote brexiters lost again . So we re at the stage of ignoring the democratic outcome of the Referendum .

      So the sell out has gone , no deal has almost gone , an article 50 extension application is in the offing ( for no logical reason ) – all because MPs cannot accept the vote of the electorate and don’t want us to leave .


      • pugnazious says:

        The no-no-deal vote is only advisory…so like the ‘advisory’ referendum vote we can just ignore it…after all, as Heseltine [the man who strangled his own dog and stabbed Thatcher in the back] said this morning on Today …such votes need to be interpreted and the government needs to do what is best for the country not necessarily what was voted for, it must do its duty…..even if that means ignoring the will of the people…or in this case, I’m sure he’d agree, ignoring the rabble in the House.


  7. pugnazious says:

    Fascinated by this ‘taking no-deal off the table’ vote. So what now? They, the various parties, keep telling us that they have a better deal, they have the answer….not sure how taking ‘no-deal’ off the table will help them negotiate that.

    But I have a question…the EU has been telling us that May’s deal is the one and only, it cannot be renegotiated, indeed Druncker came on yesterday to say that there will be no third chance. Oddly not heard the BBC mention any of that today as they excitedly yabber on about the votes…surely the EU’s own position must have some relevance…if they don’t agree it doesn’t matter one jot what our sainted MP’s delude themselves into thinking is possible….a cynic might say of course they know this and are only putting on a front when talking about another deal…we all know they want to stay in the EU really…and Corbyn just wants to get into No10…nothing else matters.

    So will the EU show its real colours and suddenly have a damascene conversion and come over all friendly and willing to renegotiate thus proving that its position with May was solely intended to be as intractable and difficult as possible so that any deal would be impossible to get through the House and that the only options left were to stay much more closely aligned with the EU or even remain in it completely?

    We know Remainers have been shut up behind closed doors doing deals with the EU….you can only speculate that they wargamed this and have carried out the plan to stop Brexit in collaboration with the EU…the EU that deliberately raised the ghosts of the IRA to use as a threat to leverage the negotiations. No coincidence we had the IRA sending bombs to the Mainland just days ago.

    May has been out-thought and out-fought at every turn…being a Remainer herself of course meant she was not inclined to fight it. She herself has led us all a merry dance and lied to us all for over two years as she stated again and again that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘No-deal is better than a bad deal’…..she meant none of it.

    Are we living in Russia or some third world banana republic? Seems very much like we are. Mother of all Parliaments?…lol….more some crackhead hooker selling herself cheap for some transient thrill with her EU sugardaddy.

    The World is looking on and laughing as the shameless, lying, two-faced, unprincipled, corrupt, foolish, pathetic, vainglorious and probably doomed Members preen and strut as they congratulate themselves for their treachery and betrayal of democracy and everything that Parliament should stand for.


  8. Guest Who says:

    Forget Brexit. A true tragedy of news importance unfolds…



    • tapwatertory says:

      I’m lighting candles and praying as we speak.

      This injustice must stop.

      #black hair dressers matter#


  9. tapwatertory says:

    312 pigs with their snouts in the trough,
    312 traitors,
    The vote was clear, we knew what we were voting for. Deliver it.


  10. Thoughtful says:

    The House of Commons vote to block a no deal Brexit was won by 50.3% of the vote.

    It’s too close to call
    The voters were lied to and didn’t understand the consquences of what they were voting for.
    They were all elderly and shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the future for everyone else
    There needs to be a second vote to clarify the situation.


    • Doobster78 says:

      DISGUSTING SCUMBAGS !!!! The whole bloody lot of em !! The unelected Barnier and junker taking the piss out of Great Britain !!!! Imagine President Trump allowing the USA to be held hostage like this !!!!! Pathetic. Truly pathetic.


    • Kaiser says:

      up here in the forgotten wastelands of cloth capped whippet fanciers even all us uneducated nothern monkies know that deliberately entering a fight with your hands tied behind your back Is going to get your face rearranged.

      No body but no body can argue that this stance is in Britains best interests, even Remainers know that there will be a cost for Britain if “WE” change our minds and remain in the EUSSR and they are willing for US to pay it.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      “The voters were lied to and didn’t understand the consequences of what they were voting for.”
      If for whatever reason we are still eligible to vote in the next eu elections the consequences will likely be interesting to say the least. And not just from this country, I’m anticipating some very shady ballot counts indeed.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Remember the 14 year old on a stolen moped ?
    Good to see Buerk opening the Moral Maze with stright talking


    • StewGreen says:

      8:16pm “73% of perps and 50 odd% of stabsvictims are from a black background according to the Met Police stat
      ..and lots of the homocides”


    • TrueToo says:


      I clicked on your link and now I know why it’s a moral maze. I was taken straight to ‘Wimmins Hour’ where I endured a few minutes of irrelevant junk before realizing I would have to try to find my way out of it.


  12. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC please note. All the voting today was posturing from MPs who think they call the shots.

    They don’t call the shots.

    The Law states that we will leave on the 29th March. Their votes change nothing.

    There’s a possibility of an extension for some reason or other. But this has to be agreed by ALL member states of the EU. Many states won’t agree to it.

    We leave on the 29th. That’s what was voted for.


    • Kaiser says:

      any extension will come at a heavy £cost

      oily robbins will already have agreed it


    • Sabreman64 says:

      Absolutely right. Any votes today on ‘no deal’ cannot block ‘no deal’. While Article 50 (which is part of EU law) is in force, there are only two options: deal or no deal. And since the deal was not ratified, ‘no deal’ becomes the default option. The only thing that can stop us leaving the EU is to revoke Article 50, and I really can’t see May and the ‘Conservative’ government doing that. It would be committing electoral suicide. They would never be forgiven by millions of Leave voters, and would almost certainly lose the next election.

      And you’re also right about an extension of Article 50: unanimous agreement of all 27 member states. If just one EU country vetoes the extension then, that’s it, no extension.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Don’t fool yourself, this is the prelude for them to revoke article 50 because they have just passed an act that we cannot leave without a deal.

      The EU courts have no decided that a country can unilaterally revoke article 50 without needing approval from any member countries.

      The EU has told us that they will not renegotiate anything, the only option Parliament now has is to stop Brexit in its tracks.

      Which was the plan all along.


  13. upandatem says:

    I am sick to death of this whole cretinous crew of parliamentarians who have put their own interests above those of the people. They could have salvaged some respect this evening but, once again, they failed to step up to the mark. What a ridiculous spectacle they have made of our democracy. The rest of the world must be shaking their heads in disbelief.


    • Kaiser says:

      im sure they are actually all preparing britain some really bad costly deals knowing our Mp’s wont say no


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Watching the Parliament channel ( sad ) the SNP lead for ever going on about ‘constitutional crisis ‘ . It’s amazing how the truth is contorted – the crisis is that of MPs who think their view is more important than the voters who put them there …

    … do kind of wonder what will happen if the EU vetos an Article 50 extension application a week before we leave ….with my read being that we’d be heading for the door …. and out despite all the knashing of teeth and hot air from out of touch self interested MPs


  15. Dave S says:

    A Chinese fiend of mine talking about the Trump- Kim talks said that in the East you do not try to humiliate the other side as that is fatal to a successful negotiation. Look carefully at how Trump negotiated and you see what he meant . You can rage a bit and even insult and walk out but never humiliate as that ends any possibility of a result. Now the EU has humiliated this country quite deliberately aided and helped by our own side. Mrs May is a weak leader but the EU have sought to humiliate her and by implication us.
    There is never for a generation going to be any prospect of decent friendly relations with Eu countries now . A state of cold war is more likely . Not like the real Cold war but more a polite and not so polite parting of the ways. it was never necessary.


  16. Dystopian says:

    The BBC will no doubt be drinking champagne on us at the prospect of no no deal. Traitors the lot of them.


  17. Lucy Pevensey says:

    “You are no more capable of conducting the affairs of this nation than you are of running a brothel.”


    • Square-Eyed says:

      “But there is one point which he [Oliver Cromwell] saw very clearly, and in regard to which his notions were true, . . . the prosperity and power of a nation are based essentially on its morality and on its faith. He understood more distinctly perhaps than any other ruler, that no country can exist and flourish unless it have within itself some principle of life.

      “He had, indeed, other passions not less noble than that of religious liberty. The greatness, prosperity, and glory of England was a no less potent necessity in him, and he worthily acted up to it. He said one day in council: ‘I hope to make the name of an Englishman as great as ever that of a Roman has been.’ And in effect he so augmented the general resources and maritime power of the nation, that he procured for it a more extensive European celebrity and influence than it had ever possessed under any of its kings.

      “But the Protector knew that ‘righteousness exalteth a nation’, and it was by this means he desired to elevate his own. God himself spoke to this people.”

      J H Merle d’Aubigne, “The Protector”, p 205


  18. JamesG says:

    Did anyone ever expect that MPs would allow Brexit to happen? About 500 of them have always been against it.


  19. Celtic_Mist says:

    We’re leaving –


    • JimS says:

      At least Canute knew that he didn’t control the tide.
      Do these numpties really believe that they get to decide if the EU offers a new deal or extends Article 50?

      Why not vote for sunshine everyday or the reform of Islam?


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I tend to agree with you there. I think we need to be careful not to be like the little bullock that, while grazing in the field with his massive dad , the farmer opened up the gate at the bottom of the field and shooed in a herd of cows at which the bullock turned excitedly to his dad and said “Hey dad, why don’t we race down there and hump one of those cows”? Dad gave his son a disapproving look and replied “Just hold on a minute boy. We’ll WALK down there and hump the lot of ’em”!
      The fat lady is still not singing.


  20. Up2snuff says:

    On TWatO the Beeb played a clip of an angry Verhofstadt addressing the EU and saying we did not know what we wanted.

    The PM and others have been telling the EU what the UK wants for over two years but the EU has not listened.

    GV and his cronies should listen to the Isabel Hardman programme about The Age of Denial that followed TWatO today. They might just learn something about themselves.

    But then again ….


    • KatieH says:

      Their was lots of panic in the eu parliament today and farage batten and janice atkinson really triggered them. Verhofstat was like a lunatic but the worst was timmermans who sounded like a demented remainiac at the end.
      Lots of cheers in parliament tonight when the vote happened but that didnt last long as the bile and bitterness came back as they realise that the march 29 date is still law.


  21. theisland says:

    Prorogue Parliament.




  22. StewGreen says:

    Question was there a court case the other day when the perps families shouted liars at the witnesses as they left ??


  23. Guest Who says:

    Emily is special.


    • Kaiser says:

      great comment in there

      You can imagine her at her pay review:

      ‘We’re going to cut your pay to 10p an hour.’

      ‘I won’t accept that’

      ‘You can always leave’

      ‘I’ll never leave’

      ’10p it is, then’


  24. Up2snuff says:

    Oasis or refuge away from the Brexit storm – music and back to good old BBC bias and disasters.


    I skim read the first few paras. Something didn’t seem right in the old memory cells. “But his most recognisable riff was the “boom-ba-boom-crack” bar that opened The Ronnettes’ Be My Baby.” I checked.

    Snuffy’s memory is correct. That song starts with bass ‘boom BOOM-BOOM snare’ not ‘bass snare-bass rim shot’. Oh dear!

    Mark Savage, Music Reporter (!) should feel very ashamed.


    • Demon says:

      Ronnie Bennett, what a voice and sexy too. Thank you – I needed cheering up on this catastrophic night.


      • The Sage says:

        Yes, agreed. Ronnie has the best singing voice ever but then had her career ruined by her relationship with Phil Spector.


  25. StewGreen says:

    Ah the Zerohedge thing was one of those Facebook errors which only happen to conservative , not leftwing orgs


  26. taffman says:

    Illegitimi non carborundum (not Welsh).


  27. Thoughtful says:

    Oh deep joy! Massive global Hypocrite paul Hewson AKA as Bono’s investment partner in a Social Justice fund to fight what he calls ‘extreme poverty’ (anyone who can’t afford a lear jet?), has just been caught up in the USC bribery scandal after paying $250000 to get his kids into college.

    It just gets better and better !


    • taffman says:

      ” has just been caught up in the USC bribery scandal after paying $250000 to get his kids into college.”
      That’s nothing , our PM wants to pay the EU £ 39 Billion for zilch.


    • vlad says:

      Delish. Couldn’t happen to a nicer man. Bono’s partner, perfect!


  28. StewGreen says:

    Boris starts his campaign to get Michael Gove elected by showing that he himself is a buffoon
    ‘Yeh why are we wasting money investigating historic child abuse”
    .. doh cos #1 You respect the victims
    #2 You signal to old/new perps that you don’t give up on pursuing investigations
    .. Thus TODAY’s potential perps are deterred.


  29. StewGreen says:

    Could we just get the EU to kick us out ?

    … If we started a capaign of civil disobedience against it ?
    Say by starting off one day a week
    .. I dunno like blockading EU flight or boats etc.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I’m not sure they’d want us back. Sure, they want our money, but May’s Bad Deal achieved that. But they don’t want the UK sitting sullenly, holding back the project, making waves and constantly threatening to leave.

      The relationship is beyond any repair, I think.


  30. Richard Pinder says:

    I think Theresa wants to delay Brexit so as to ask Mr Junker for an “Apron Strings Deal”  dependent on Britain paying £100 Billion for 21 months of membership, but to be contingent upon no British participation in the European Elections, but instead, the British MEP‘s to be appointed by Theresa from the House of Lords. The Prime Minister will be happy to be subordinate, subservient, deferential and servile to European Union Authority, due to great feelings of inadequacy and incompetence and an inability to resign due to Oily Robins ordering her not too.


  31. Dover Sentry says:

    Could the BBC explain to Britain why it is so necessary for us to stay in the EU?


    • Fedup2 says:

      So where are we?

      Referenda have no value
      Manifestos promises are of no value
      Cabinet government is broken
      Ministers disobey their PM
      Whipping on party lines doesn’t work
      A biased commons speaker
      MPs ignoring their constituents
      MPs willing to work for a foreign power

      And just to add to this nonsense the British State is about to prosecute soldiers for doing their job in 1972.

      And a freedom fighting citizen TR being crushed by the British State .


  32. chancygardner says:

    “oh, hi boss. You know I handed in my notice a while back and you said fair enough because I was a bit of a pain in the backside?”

    “Yes. What about it?”

    “Well, I have had a chat with my mates about it and I’ve decided to stay for a bit longer while I work out if you’re worth being in my team”


  33. Doublethinker says:

    Let’s look at the positives of the Brexit saga.
    1. Millions more people have over the past two years realised how biased and untrustworthy the BBC really is. This can be exploited to bring down the BBC via a LF strike.
    2. Millions who believed that FPTP was good as it gave us strong governments now realise that if their wishes are to be followed by Parliament we need new parties and PR.
    3. Millions realise that unless we actively vote for restricted or no immigration parties we will keep on taking in loads of third worlders because currently both Remain and Leave MPs are in favour of it.
    If used wisely these facts can bring about a complete realignment of British politics over the next decades. In other words and to borrow a phrase from the. Marxist playbook , the political consciousness of millions of ordinary folks has been awakened.


  34. Guest Who says:

    PC Ruddy sounds like they would make an excellent BBC Editor.


    Any word on the full footage from when Jon Sopel’s cameraman was assassinated?


  35. Guest Who says:

    I like Jounalism.co.uk. It is so very bbc.


    Bbc shows that bbc shows that bbc shows that bbc shows…


  36. Guest Who says:


    Maybe Justin can get Mishal to create one of her famous charts?


  37. JamesG says:

    Why do the BBC care so much about the Bloody Sunday killings when they don’t seem to care at all about IRA killers like the person who was responsible for the Brighton Bombing being released from jail?


    • theisland says:

      Because they (Common Purpose etc.?) hate and fear patriotic armed forces who, in sufficient numbers and under the right leadership , could reintroduce law and order into our land in the name of the Crown.


  38. G says:

    I still think the US is ripe for considerable civil unrest.
    Take a look at the comments. As the Democrats daily lurch toward madness, the stakes will be ramped up.


    • Doublethinker says:

      As someone posted there is nothing about this on CNN and I expect precious little about it elsewhere on the MSM. The anti Trump brigade control what most Americans know about their politics. Their viewing figures are dropping and their trust ratings are at rock bottom but they remain very powerful. Couple that with the growing censorship of the net by a Google, Facebook et al and the left controls what is news and what isn’t. Even if there are many prosecutions of the failed coup conspirators, as there should be, and even if Clinton is found guilty , the MSM will manage to persuade enough ordinary Americans that its really not that bad, or that Trump has set them up , or that the Russians were behind it, anything no matter how outlandish to minimise the impactand political fallout. I’m sure the revelations and the hoped for prosecutions of the conspirators will be a factor in 2020 but it may not be as decisive as we might expect it to be for the above reasons.
      It’s the same all over the West . In order to save ourselves from the Globalist plan we need to break the stranglehold that Globalists have over the means of communication, which of course they are busy strengthening every day.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Katty and Ko may need to fly somewhere else, stat (hoping Greta is not on check-in duty) to avoid this one going South too.


  40. LastChanceSaloon says:


    2019-03-13 BBC Motorsport Calendar

    “Maria Costello: ‘Motorcycle racing is a career option for women’ By Andy Gray BBC Sport NI”
    “The Northamptonshire native [Costello] was the fastest woman around the Isle of Man TT course”

    The BBC reporter then moves to another heroine.

    “Ana Carrasco broke new ground in 2018 when she clinched the World Supersport 300 championship, becoming the first woman to win a world title.”

    BBC then returns to Costello, who will also be riding in the IOM sidecar event with Julie Canepa.

    BBC reporter concludes with :-

    “There is still work to do if more young girls and women are to break into the sport, but Costello’s fire is still burning to inspire the next generation both on and off the race track.”

    There certainly is “still work to do”
    “was” Costello, was the fastest woman at the the IOM, but Jenny Tinmouth, who went 5mph faster, is not mentioned.

    Ana Carrasco results in Moto 3.
    2013 – 20 20 Ret 19 26 22 29 24 17 23 22 19 20 15 19 18 8 – 9th overall.
    2014 – 24 21 23 23 22 20 30 24 20 26 Ret 29 24 22 – Not classified.
    2015 – 22 26 27 18 25 23 23 Ret Ret 25 27 29 18 23 24 – Not classified.

    Perhaps Theresa the traitor will take up motorsport when she leaves her current position.


  41. Guest Who says:

    This is sweet.

    Renowned impartial bbc anchor Emily has found a ‘former political aide’ to offer Newsnight’s six viewers a balanced opinion.


    • Greisingel says:

      Campbell is a discredited manipulator of the erstwhile toxic Blair government. He believes that the british people are lazy and brow beaten into submission and resignation by project fear merchants like him and the bbc among many other vested interest trough snouters.


  42. fakenewswatcher says:

    James -re Bloody Sunday- I take your question to be rhetorical – i.e. you have actually answered your own question. We have layers of treachery now, in the UK, in the executive, in the legislature and yes, also in the judiciary. They can -in every sense of the term- be described as anti-British.


  43. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Remoaners, enjoy your day.
    If they can do this to us and get away with it then next time it might be something Important to you that is reversed or ignored. Abortion for example.

    Now that they know democracy is meaningless the ‘honourable members’ can do anything they want.
    They are no longer answerable to the voters.
    Democracy is dead.


  44. fakenewswatcher says:

    A second bottle of champagne has gone on ice in my freezer. The first has been waiting for many, many, many years for the departure of Comrade Merkel. The second now awaits the departure of the deceitful couple – May and Hammond.


  45. Greisingel says:

    Establishing a list of EU countries that are themselves uncomfortable with the Club Brussels Politburo rule and punish leadership would give an insight as to this continent’s growing worry.

    Form a club that gives an appearance to its members of the chance to compete in global markets as a confederation. Discover that the club is run by self-serving, snouts in trough, control freaks who, like various cults, will not let members leave. Any attempts to do so are ruthlessly punished both by the club’s ruling praesidium and those turncoats within the member country that are in its pay and part of the vested interest scheme. It is a reminder why confederacy doesn’t work when it comes to nationhood.

    That is not to say that international cooperation, sensible trade delegation, and a spirit of respect for individuality (a current obsession within society today) should not be a working format for countries that want complete sovereignty and border control


    • Oldspeaker says:

      eu in the role of Soho ‘hostess’ bar, with us as the unwary punter trying to work out how the bill is a small mortgage. Failing a clean break I hope we do vote in the next round of eu elections, that may well become the second referendum by default. If the swing towards populism, or common sense as I like to think of it continues across mainland Europe then the eu could be defeated from within.


      • Rich says:

        Old, “Soho ‘hostess’ bar”.

        They are both, as is of course the bBBC, full of whores.


  46. JamesG says:

    “If you forgive the IRA, then you must forgive the Parachute Regiment too
    Lionel Shriver”



  47. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    A message to those anti democrats in the den of expense claimers.

    Rudyard Kipling.

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy-willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the State.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate,
    Through the chill years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate.


    • honestus says:

      So true. The anger and resentment at those who consider themselves our betters continues to grow and foments feelings of rejection of the status quo and marginalisation. Rebellion feels real as ordinary folk say, enough.
      We have had 30-40 years of socialism inveigling insidiously into the fabric of our society, particularly in education. This has fed into the pond from which many of our political groups, civil service and, yes, MSM draw their constituent players. Their world view is similar and it is Fabianist in nature and intent and is grounded, or has been, in the softly softly mission creep so often favoured by the left. The EU collective is the trans European culmination and ultimate representation of their societal idyll that they have worked so long and so hard to achieve.
      And then came the voice of the people – and Brexit.
      It is not difficult to see why many of our political class and media representatives (and a significant number of the UK population) are taking this so personally and clearly dislike intensely their fellow Britons for daring to bring the EU juggernaut and their dreams of a EU wide socialist utopia to a shuddering halt.
      I cannot see the remedy to our increasingly angry discourse being found within the confines of government as they are enmired in the corruption of personal inclination over duty and, if there is no electoral recourse, then we are left with only the one option.
      Mr Kipling in this, speaks for us all.


      • Greisingel says:

        Indeed. But if this all falls through and a travesty of democracy is committed, we’ll be the ones disenfranchised and they will crow sickeningly.

        I find myself thinking of Tennyson’s The Charge of the Light Brigade. Someone had led us into the valley of death.


  48. Thoughtful says:

    More scandals emerging from Canada and Trudeaus dodgy dealing and yet again there are few if any reports about it on any media let alone the BBC.

    Remember that Trudeau is accused of exactly the same crime as Donald Trump was so it makes an excellent comparator to prove the leftist bias of the BBC and other media. The USA might be a more important country, but Canada is a Commonwealth country headed by the Queen.

    Just because one of the lefts poster boys is in trouble does not mean an impartial news source can look the other way.


  49. tarien says:

    If Liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. That is exactly what the Government is doing-Procrastination all the way.
    Every single voter in this nation should be contacting their MP to demand that if they want to keep their jobs and have any consideration for their constituents, Vote for a NO DEAL – all knots of the apron strings untied, a future without supression, or subjugation to a communist directed state. We have in many ways been suffocated by the EU, and directed as they desire by our duplicitous media headed by the BBC. What to do with them (BBC)is a nother matter for another day.