Start the Week Open Thread 25 February 2019

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  1. fakenewswatcher says:

    ‘Die Welt’ reports that the Federal Intelligence Service warns that Nigerian gangs in Germany are becoming mafia-like and extremely brutal in their crime sprees and that only 2-3% of illegal Nigerian migrants are actually being deported. They rank a close second to the Kosovo Albanian crime clans in germany, it seems.
    Many thousands of Nigerians are flooding into Germany, it is reported.
    Comrade Merkel will be pleased.
    This raises a question: Is the Bundesnachrichtendienst the most useless intelligence service in the world? Do they not make our intelligence services, including the Border Force, look downright heroic? Or are they – like their useless Grand Coalition government – also rather pleased that things in Germany are going swimmingly?


    • G says:

      Albanian gangs? – the UK let the Albanians in to reside if wanted from about July 1st 2018. I guess they’re just under the radar at present – getting organised “some say”.


  2. LastChanceSaloon says:

    After the silly non sports at the next Olympic Games.
    BBC Sport
    “Dog catches 83-yard frisbee throw”
    All for only £4.6 billion, what wonderful value.


  3. fakenewswatcher says:

    ‘The One Show’ are very excited about celebrating Ed Balls’ 52nd birthday. Yvette Cooper is on her way to the studio.
    Aren’t we licence fee payers lucky? We can support this impartial, big, happy BBC/Labour family without even having to watch political programmes. What next? Corbyn as a guest on ‘Blue Planet’? Tom Watson trying to ‘Escape to the Country?’
    Of course, it’s all just about Mt Kilimanjaro and Comic Relief, so nothing political about smiley, happy clappy Yvette in the Studio at all…
    Will the One Show be celebrating Gerard Batten’s next birthday? Or would he have to climb Mt Kilimanjaro first?


  4. Lucy Pevensey says:


  5. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”UK basks in warmest February day on record””

    “”Caroline Lucas, the former leader of the Green Party, suggested the warm weather is linked to climate change.

    She said: “I like spending an afternoon in the sunshine as much as anyone, but it’s impossible to shake the feeling that this isn’t right.”

    “”Tom Burke, of the independent climate change think tank E3G, said extreme warm weather events were exactly what climate change experts said would happen if people continued to put carbon into the atmosphere.

    He said: “Temperatures are twice what they would normally be at this time of year.

    “Imagine if this was the summer and the temperature was twice what it would normally be, and you really begin to get an idea of how serious this problem could be.” “”

    So there you have it. The unqualified Caroline Lucas allowed to comment. Mind you, she’s about as qualified as all the other BBC commentators on Climate Change.


    • JimS says:

      He said: “Temperatures are twice what they would normally be at this time of year.

      “Imagine if this was the summer and the temperature was twice what it would normally be, and you really begin to get an idea of how serious this problem could be.”

      Or 4% if using the Kelvin scale, or 34% using Fahrenheit, or six-billion percent using Harrabin-Monbiot.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Jim, think you have that last scale incorrectly named. Is it not the Abbott-Harrabin-Monbiot Scale?


    • Dave S says:

      The problem they have is that this country actually becomes a better place with climate warming. We in these latitudes are winners.


    • StewGreen says:

      \\ Tom Burke, of the independent climate change think tank E3G,
      He said: “Temperatures are ** twice **what they would normally be at this time of year.”//*

      WTF !
      was it 570 Kelvin today instead of about 285 ??

      * The phrase was introduced in Edit 7 of the 8 edit stages it took to construct that story after initial publication.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Stew, your pun apart, it’s a bit more serious than that. Think what he meant was that on a standard cool February day the average temperature might be 10°C and yesterday, in one spot, the temperature was twice that, near enough.

        Ignoring the mixing of average and a single reading, a very cold February day could be averaging 5°C across the country, perhaps like last year? Mind you, in some Februarys when I was considerably younger, the selective February temperature in London might have been 15°C or more, ‘almost’ 😉 as good as yesterday’s record!

        I’m not sure the average listener/viewer will be bothered by the IPCC’s Brainwashed Broadcasting Corporation’s disingenuity and conflation of weather, climate and Anthropogenic/C02/Methane caused Global Warming and will instead be yelling at the TV or Radio or PC or smartphone: “Why can’t you just enjoy some glorious weather, you miserable so-and-sos?” and, perhaps, switching off in disgust.

        However, for the more knowledgeable the fact that AGW/CC has to be supported by – let us call it what it is, in effect – a lie, is considerably more worrying.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      A stable decline in Atlantic Ocean temperatures producing a long jet stream pulling the warmth from Africa to Britain, after nearly a full month of zero sunspots. Global average temperatures are still above normal but declining. We have had global cooling since February 2016. Global Warming ended in 1997 at 0.76 Kelvin above normal, today its 0.25 Kelvin above normal. The solar cycle 24 maximum peaked in April 2014 with a smoothed sunspot number of only 81.8, the lowest since the Dalton Minimum, a global temperature decline to -0.64 below normal is predicted, equating to the experience of the Dalton Minimum. I recall Scientific papers that show Oceanic thermal lags ranging from four to seven years, so a Mini Ice Age could start from any moment now to 2023.

      I have UK average February temperatures of 7.3C for 1990 & 1998, 7.1C for 1903 & 1945, 7C for 2002, 6.9C for 1961, 6.8C for 1914 & 1926, 6.7C for 1997 and 6.6C for 2019 up to now, but could end up as 6.7C for 2019. So this February is at least 0.6C colder than 1998.

      Piers Corbyn was trained as an Astrophysicist. Caroline Lucas was trained to write and speak English words, which she has used in creating Green Propaganda.

      Over a hundred scientific papers confirm Lucy Pevensey’s Graph, above. None have confirmed the Hockey Stick, but a few have proved that the Hockey Stick was fraudulent. But only the Hockey Stick Graph is known to have appeared on the BBC.


    • Scronker says:

      I can’t remember Caroline Lucas, exactly one year year ago, during the “Beast From The East”, contemplating the on-coming Ice Age.


  6. smoogie7 says:

    Well Corbyn has just said that he will back a second referendum so expect some extreme pro Labour bias from the BBC over the next few days.

    If only they could see that it is just another of his political games and he has now lost the urban working class vote from Northern heartlands


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      “expect some extreme pro Labour bias from the BBC”

      It looks like someone from the costume dept’s been ordered to come up with a new coat. I guess it’s a start.



      • Dave S says:

        Corbyn has been got at by the usual suspects . The EU will do anything to keep us in. We get to go it collapses.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      I’m actually surprised he caved in, still, sets a useful precedent. As my local MP has done everything he can to frustrate the will of those who elected him as regards Brexit we can now demand his seat be rerun in a peoples vote.


      • Fedup2 says:

        He did a deal with Brussells last week and the ReichEU& will announce some ‘spoiler ‘ to sweeten the sell out in the run up to the coming Commons vote . I’m afraid brexit is dying .


        • smoogie7 says:

          I think that a lot of this is down to Corbyn’s cowardice. He knows that his own party has collapsed and while TIG or a ‘splinter groups’ as the BBC call them left mainly over Corbyn’s appalling leadership and his failure to tackle anti Semitism Brexit only played a small part of it and it is Soubry who has been trying to latch onto them.

          Corbyn now has to face losing his Brexiter voters who form a vital part of the Labour electorate in some areas. You cannot please everyone and Corbyn cannot please anyone but just watch the BBC bow down to him and expect nothing but uninterrupted interviews from him where he pretends that he has been a remainer all along while we all know that he is just an in-closet Brexiteer.

          I cannot stand him and I cannot stand the BBC either.


          • gaxvil says:

            Seriously why just one more referendum ?
            I think numerous rounds and matches culminating in the final and spread over months and months – like University Challenge.
            The major problem of course would be if ‘Leave’ won the final.
            The same for General Elections – true democracy yeah!


  7. Terminal Moraine says:

    Don’t know what to say really



    • BRISSLES says:

      Its already like this – well, according to the advertising industry on my tele anyway. I have to venture outside to see my idea of the ‘norm’, and no I don’t live in London/Leicester/Wolverhampton/Bradford or Luton. If I’ve left anywhere out I’m sure you’ll tell me.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Interesting if Labour polling has found that a second ( fifth? ) referendum will lead to a remain vote .

    What will they do if the leave vote hits 18 or 19 million next time ? Blame thick voters like me who have been bribed by the Russians again ? Or don’t understand the nuances of ReichEU politics?
    Even if the ‘Soros remainers’ win another referendum how would that be if the turn out was less than 75% as in the original referendum ? Where would the legitimacy lie ?

    Obviously the BBC will be fore an article 50 delay in order to carry out yet another vote . So the vote goes to ‘remain ‘ before the EU Elections at the end of `May and we are fully signed up to the Federal Reich EU project . Our final humiliation will be acceptance of the Reich`mark/euro by 2022, followed by the unified tax regime , foreign policy and military – putting us under francogerman command and the uncoupling of NATO – which will have been well and truly subverted by the Germans funded by Russia .


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Apparently the European Union is very popular in Islington. Someone on the Radio said that its because it reminds the posh socialists in London of the Soviet Union. It’s a very big and powerful capitalist superpower, with lots of nice rich bankers and full of a modern type of Brussels Imperialist who could win a war with Russia, China and America, who are also big and powerful, but of the old fashioned evil type of Imperialist not liked by socialists.

      Small countries may have better standards of living, but the Queen only rules over 16 of them, so British Imperialism isn’t as big and of the Soviet type liked by socialists. Socialists in Islington also want to decolonise the curriculum in Britain and replace it with a type of confused European Imperialism with a Black face.


  9. vlad says:

    Some years ago a public figure had to resign in disgrace for saying Britain was becoming a bastard race, or words to that effect.
    He was, of course, merely speaking the truth, which is, of course, a criminal offence.


  10. Annunaki says:

    A Rangers supporters group has urged fellow Light Blues fans to come together for a protest against BBC Scotland next month.

    #metoo, biased BBC ? maybe Tommy has started something and Salford will become a little busier soon ?

    The Vanguard Bears have issued a poster, calling on Gers supporters to “unite as one in protest at the prejudiced and biased reporting” by the broadcaster.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I wouldn’t advise going down that route. If there’s one thing that unites most Scottish football supporters, it’s a healthy dislike of Rangers.


  11. Annunaki says:

    Rangers and BBC Scotland have been at loggerheads since senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin had his press privileges withdrawn by the Ibrox club in late 2015.

    Last week, Managing Director Stewart Robertson appeared to suggest that incidents involving Rangers players were highlighted more than others on Sportscene, claiming the coverage was influencing decisions made by the Scottish FA’s compliance officer Clare Whyte.

    Robertson added: “We understand incidents are highlighted from all sorts of sources. The correlation with Sportscene is obviously very high.

    “We, as a club, have our own issues with the BBC Scotland. BBC have refused to attend Ibrox since November 2015 – and the dispute has gone on much longer than that.”


  12. Guest Who says:

    The BBC knows who the BBC wants to hear from.


  13. Doobster78 says:

    I wondered how long it would take the BBC to shoehorn Climate Change into the news this week after 2 or 3 warm days.

    Well blow me down, at 6.40am on BBC breakfast they did just that. Louise opened the little segment stating it had been un-seasonably warm due to a area of high pressure located to the South East which was dragging up warm air on a southerly all the way from Africa. So, just warm air on highly unusual Southerly winds for this time of year. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Alas no, Louise went on to tell us that some people (you know the sort) believe this is down to climate change so they bought a guest on to discuss. At this point i turned this utter farce off.

    What complete and utter nonsense. Ramming this crap into us 24/7. No agenda’s at the BEEB. Yeah,good one.


  14. Up2snuff says:

    It will take a big miracle way beyond ourselves to get us out and away from the EU with No Deal and our £39billion intact on 29 March 2019.

    The EU is holding us hostage.

    Our Parliament is holding us hostage.

    Is that not illegal? Can a nation be kidnapped?

    Better start praying for the Liberation of the UK everyone.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      “Better start praying for the Liberation of the UK everyone.”
      Better start ACTING for the Liberation of the UK everyone.
      So many enemies, the real problem is, in which order should we eliminate them?
      I favour killing the EU leaders first, that way we help other Europeans.
      Then cleanse the UK, the exercise will do us good.
      I am open to other suggestions.


      • Up2snuff says:

        LCS, that sort of talk does this web-site no good at all, does the Brexit cause considerable harm and will not work.


        The forces arranged against the UK leaving the EU ‘cleanly’ on 29 March are immense. As great, perhaps greater – who knows? – than the forces behind keeping the Iron Curtain in place in the 1960s, 1970s and, most especially, the mid/late 1980s and the year 1990. That Iron Curtain was not brought down by force or violence – indeed that was the threat from Russia and the Secret Police thugs in the Soviet States – but by prayer and peaceful resistance.

        Though the forces that are seeking to prevent the UK leaving the EU are immense and have been at work ever since 24 June 2016, if not before, they have been overcome in our Parliamentary system in ways that can only be ascribed as to the miraculous. For a single example, the 2017 General Election result. Then, the recent Parliamentary votes when Brexit could have been sabotaged.

        The only way Brexit can be accomplished now is in the realm of Divine miracle.

        They do happen. 😉


  15. theisland says:

    Labour politicking is thoughtfully explained here

    But the biggest immediate threat is of course delaying Article 50

    It is amazing how many people seem to know what is in the ‘national interest’.
    Must be down to all that ‘education’.


    • JamesArthur says:


      Yep I said same this morning. I am fedup with remainer MPs saying they know what is best for the UK. And phrases like people didn’t vote to be poorer etc..
      These are the very same people who said the world would end if we voted for Brexit..such short memories they have.

      On a different topic and I know was mentioned earlier. QT.

      John Barnes .. If it had been a white man talking to a black woman the way he did to the Brexit woman…do you think he would have got away without being called a racist/misogynist/sexist? Not a chance. but at BBC it’s okay for some reason


  16. Guest Who says:


    “Female, coloured, bisexual,” YouTuber Lilly Singh tweeted to her 5.74 million followers

    “Throughout my life these have proven to be obstacles from time to time. But now I’m fully embracing them as my superpowers.

    “No matter how many ‘boxes’ you check, I encourage you to do the same”

    Another, there is. Apparently.


  17. Guest Who says:

    They could just get a room.

    With a hose.


  18. Ed Hitter says:

    Hezbollah to be banned in U.K. under terror laws. Hard to find on the BBC website – fourth item under the Middle East news tab. No reference anywhere to Corbyn’s friendly association with it. Strange that. Will it be up for discussion on Vine today, or QT this week, or Newsnight, or anywhere on the BBC soon?


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      We now need to push for the banning of their annual march in London. (Al-Quds day) I received a rather unsatisfactory reply from my MP about it in 2018.


  19. NameNotNumber says:

    Good to know that the BBC brings us all the latest news about Eritrea
    Eritrea – BBC News
    All the latest news about Eritrea from the BBC. …

    But, somehow, they seem to have missed this:


    • G says:

      Never mind about the riots in France. Our “most trusted” Marxist State Broadcaster wouldn’t want the good people of the UK to get any ideas. Problem is for the, “most trusted”, the people know and are leaving the BBC in droves. Long may that continue”


  20. The General says:

    On BBC this morning another tame interview by Nick Robinson with that absolute………………………… (please insert your own adjective here) Keir Stammer the Shadow Brexit Secretary.
    So when he declares himself during that interview as a ‘Remainer’ surely any objective interviewer would ask him ” Why if you are a Remainer are you the Shadow BREXIT Secretary and not the Shadow AntiBrexit Secretary ? Is your Shadow Chancellor opposed to balancing the Books ?”………………….Oh sorry, not thinking. Labour Chancellors never balance the Books !!!!


  21. JamesArthur says:

    Wimmins hour..or Hate Men Not Hope…
    Apparently it seems young women do not know that sex should be consensual, enjoyable and safe..and if they don’t get these things it’s down to male behaviour..well that seemed to be the gist..
    WTF..even in my day woman knew that and it seemed to work..

    I am confused… the BBC and luvvies keep banging on about how fantastic women are and how they can succeed without men..but all their weaknesses/bad experiences are the fault of men?
    When are they going to accept with great power comes responsibility..


    • JimS says:

      In the past it was possible for all women to say that ‘everything’ was run by men. It would also have been possible for most men to say that ‘everything’ was run by some, very few, men, none of whom they ‘identified’ with.

      Now we have many ‘things’ run by women, (the country?) but we have extremely well-paid women, like Carrie Gracie, bleating that they don’t do as well as ‘men’, (very few men), and that somehow tossing them a few £100k makes things ‘better’ for women.

      Of course that makes absolutely no difference to the millions of men and women for whom these pay increases alone dwarf what they would ever be expected to be paid.

      There is also that strange idea that has always been part of feminism, that all women are somehow connected and think alike. If that was really so then no poor individual male would stand a chance against the mighty female hive-mind. An attack on one woman would bring the whole female hive down on the attacker. The truth of the matter is that we are all individuals and some do better than others.


  22. G.W.F. says:

    Fiona Onasanya: Speeding MP released from prison

    She’s free, that was a short sentence
    Now she can return to Parliament


    • Fedup2 says:

      Can you imagine a vote on remaining in the ReichEU decided by one parliamentary vote – the vote of a convicted criminal let out surprisingingly early .

      One might think her early release was fixed by a remainer government ……


  23. Terminal Moraine says:

    I was skeptical it could be done even by the BBC, but they’ve gone and hit the triple jackpot. Or is that a quadruple? Either way, it’s win-win (win)



  24. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I’m sure just about all of us on here are completely sick of the liblabcon.
    What I can’t understand is, according to all the polls we are seeing on tv shows such as Peston, the Tories and labour are still the only two to vote for with the libdems and greens on around 5%.
    Sometimes we can see UKIP on about 3-5%

    The way Parliament is betraying us on Brexit and the tone of most comments in many forums indicates to me a huge turning away from the liblabcon yet it doesn’t show in the polls.

    I know the polls are fiddled and you can’t trust them but how can they get away with putting ukip on 3% when a more reasonable estimate would be in double figures.
    This new Brexit party already has more party members than the conservatives and any polling would surely have them supporting the only current leave party, UKIP.

    If we have to go to the eu elections I think UKIP will win completely so how come the tiny showing on the national polls.
    Again, I know they are fiddled but such extreme fiddling?

    When I get any chance to vote here in Sunderland it will be for UKIP or the new Brexit party, whichever one has the best chance of removing the remainer mp who said she respects the
    result of the referendum but is doing everything she can to trash it.
    I hope UKIP and the Brexit party can come to an arrangement to avoid going head to head and thus splitting the votes. Get one of them into government, change the election rules to PR, then both parties will get mps into parliament and break the labcon cartel.

    No May is better than a bad May.


    • john in cheshire says:

      LPI don’t believe Mr Farage’s new party has signed up 100,000 people. I don’t believe logistically it is possible. I recall the increase in membership numbers of UKIP when Gerard Batten took over and when people like Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson joined. There were maybe 10,000 new members and it took weeks to process all the new applications. But miraculously, Mr Farage and his team can apparently do ten times that number in a matter of days. Nah, something didn’t add up.
      But Gerard Batten is Persona non Grata in the MSM; they’ll give airtime to any lying lowlife, no matter what they’ve done or said but not Mr Batten.


      • Kaiser says:

        farage is talking about people who registered an interest on the website

        which would be people like me (who is a ukip member)

        I didnt have to join, just register an interest

        still its more than TIG can manage


        • BRISSLES says:

          TIG – wasn’t that the name of the now defunct blog of Meghan (more is more) Markle ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      EG, the Remainers want Proportional Representation, too. Why?

      Because it reduces the power of small independents, new Parties and – most important of all – independent thinking (and acting!) existing members of the large Parties.

      It puts more power into the hands of the big Parties, and their Whips, who control who goes on their Party lists for Election time. In addition, it stops the rise of potential local candidates who live & perhaps work in the Constituency they seek to represent and it increases the likelihood of ‘Parachute Candidates’.

      A retrograde step, from all angles, I think whichever way you look at it.


  25. fakenewswatcher says:

    The toxic R4 of the toxic BBC is currently having a discussion on ‘toxic masculinity’ in our toxic PC society, I notice.


  26. keith jeremy says:

    When you think of the Oxford-Cambridge rugby match, what do you see? Thirty burly buggers from Oxbridge, no? This is what the BBC would like us to think:


  27. pugnazious says:

    ‘Britain is one of the least racist countries in Europe and Brexit has not made Brits more prejudiced according to new study which says Germany, Italy and Portugal are worse’

    BBC not interested in this study which shows that Brexit has not made the UK, as the BBC keeps telling us it has, ‘a more racist and nastier place’. Britain is in fact no more, and quite possibly less, racist and prejudiced than other European countries and far better than other countries around the world…..

    ‘Public attitudes toward immigrants in the UK, especially prejudice against them, form a strong theme in retrospective media postmortems emphasizing the uniqueness of Brexit, yet similarly hostile public opinion on immigrants forms a recurrent theme in populist politics in many European Union nations. Indeed, if UK residents are not uniquely hostile, then the UK’s exit from the EU may be only the first symptom of proliferating conflicts over immigration that will plague EU nations in future years. A well-established symptom (or consequence) of prejudice—aversion to outgroups as a neighbors—shows that prejudice against immigrants, other races, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Gypsies are all relatively low in the UK. This is as expected from the general decline of prejudice and social distance with socioeconomic development, demonstrated here in broad perspective across many countries. Indeed, UK residents are about as prejudiced against each of these ethno-religious outgroups as are their peers in other advanced EU and English-speaking nations, and much less prejudiced than their peers in less prosperous countries. Confirmatory factor analysis supports the view that a single latent ethno-religious prejudice generates all these specific prejudices, so it is not specific experiences with any one of these groups, nor their specific attributes, that are the wellspring of this deep-seated underlying prejudice. Replication using other measures of prejudice and another cross-national dataset confirms these findings. Data are from the pooled World and European Values Surveys (over 450,000 individuals, 300 surveys, and 100 nations for this analysis) and from the well-known European Quality of Life surveys. Analysis is by descriptive, multilevel (random intercept, fixed effects), and structural equation methods.’

    Considering the BBC has made that claim about a ‘more racist and nastier place’ a central theme to its anti-Brexit narrative you might have thought that this study would immediately attract their attention.

    Maybe not. Wonder why.


  28. Fedup2 says:

    So India attacks bits of Pakistan . If this gets worse we might see the anger between these countries come to Blighty . Pop corn time .


  29. Halifax says:

    I wonder if Harry and Megan will be paying respects to those poor Norwegian girls slaughtered whilst in Morocco?
    I’m sure if Norwegian men had raped and brutally murdered Moroccan women, they would be making a b line (along with the BBC) to the site of the outrage.

    Absolute hypocrites


    • BRISSLES says:

      This couple aren’t doing very well at the moment. Excessive spending, rumours abound of ‘rifts’ and trouble a’palace. Harry constantly looking miserable in all the press photos, but is in awe of his more worldly wife, who thinks she’s more Oscar winning Grace Kelly than a B movie made-for-Hallmark Channel tv film actress. Even the ubiquitous Piers Morgan has stated that, quote “everything with Meghan is a bit of an act. I don’t think she has a sincere bone in her body”.

      I doubt the marriage will last 5 years, but this forthcoming baby ensures forever her connection to the Royal Family – clearly the best speaking part she’ll ever be offered.


  30. pugnazious says:

    Iain Dale can’t handle the truth….

    Nor, it seems, can Facebook….

    ‘Facebook bans Tommy Robinson’s page’

    Facebook says…

    ‘Tommy Robinson’s Facebook Page has repeatedly broken these standards, posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims. He has also behaved in ways that violate our policies around organized hate. As a result, in accordance with our policies, we have removed Tommy Robinson’s official Facebook Page and Instagram profile. This is not a decision we take lightly, but individuals and organizations that attack others on the basis of who they are have no place on Facebook or Instagram.’

    Hang on..can’t have organisations that attack others on the basis of who they are….but you can attack Tommy Robinson on the basis of who he is and his ethics because you don’t agree with them?

    Robinson opposes murderous Jihadists, Muslim extremism and an ideology that condemns gays to death, makes women second class citizens, kills people who leave the religion and spreads hate towards non-believers. Guess Facebook is on-board with all those values then.

    It is of course the same bury your head in the sand, look away and ignore it, attitude that allowed thousands of white girls to be raped and abused by ‘men of Pakistani descent’.


    • pugnazious says:

      LOL…I guess he’s in bad company….Nick Lowles from Hate Not Hate which was paid by the government to spread anti-TR gossip….

      ‘The head of a campaign which seeks to counter racism and fascism in the UK has allegedly been “no-platformed” by the National Union of Students (NUS) on the grounds he is “Islamophobic.”
      As displayed in a tweet from journalist and blogger Sunny Hundal, Mr Lowles alleged on Thursday that NUS Black Students was opposing a plan to invite him to speak on an anti-racism platform because he’s “Islamophobic.”

      He continued: “Never mind all the work HOPE not hate has done challenging anti-Muslim hatred, it seems that some ultra left activists believe I’m Islamophobic because I have repeatedly spoken out against grooming and dared condemn Islamist Mr Lowles said the charge of Islamophobia was “obviously quite ridiculous.” The row comes amid a growing outcry against the trend of “no-platforming” at British universities following the revelation veteran human rights activist Peter Tatchell had been snubbed by students for his free speech stance

      In a statement, Mr Lowles said: “I am an independent member of the Government’s Anti-Muslim hatred Working Group and over the last few years HOPE not hate, as an organisation, has worked closely with Muslim communities throughout Britain to defeat the politics of hate. Only last December, I co-authored the most comprehensive report into organised anti-Muslim hatred. ‘


    • StewGreen says:

      On Saturday on the stage, Tommy talked about the false narrative the media spread “Tommy hates Muslims”.
      He told us of hijabbed Muslims laugh about it as they text from within Tommy’s own house or his mother’s, cos TR has always had Muslim friends.
      As part of the warmup he played a tribute to his wife.. their wedding video
      … of course it doesn’t look like a “white-supremacist” event, cos some of the prominent guests are non-white/black.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      This illustrates the lack of free speech the UK now has, and that “hate” speech laws are just being used to stifle debate. In a robust democracy Ian or the caller should be able to quote whatever TR said is considered “hateful” and the public can make up there own mind.


  31. Lucy Pevensey says:


  32. pugnazious says:

    I was just going to say TR had better get ‘Panodrama’ out quick before YouTube bans him as well…and here it is…..


  33. Eddy Booth says:

    St Michan’s, Dublin: Vandals decapitate 800-year-old crusader.
    An 800-year-old “crusader” from a crypt in a Dublin church has been decapitated by vandals.
    Archdeacon David Pierpoint said the crusader’s head had been “severed from his body and taken away”.

    Zero evidence it’s vandalism, but the BBC happliy play that tune.
    Vandals destroy things not steal them,


  34. Lucy Pevensey says:


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Having dipped into the latest PM can kicking speech I think I give up on Brexit and news from any MSM source .
    Democracy always was a bit shaky in Blighty and what is going on shows that public votes will happily be ignored where the personal views of politicians are at odds with the People .


    • theisland says:


    • G.W.F. says:


      If there is another referendum you can be sure of the true result by finding the disappeared ballot boxes. They are not letting us leave without a fight.

      It now appears that May has given in to the remainers in her cabinet, who were appointed by her, and are doing what they all agreed to do.

      A vote for UKIP the Tommy Robinson supported far far far right, is appropriate now


  36. Eddy Booth says:

    George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual offences in Australia
    ”Cardinal George Pell has been found guilty in Australia
    Pell abused two choir boys in Melbourne’s cathedral in 1996, a jury found. He had pleaded not guilty.
    Pell, due to face sentencing hearings from Wednesday, has lodged an appeal.
    Why was the case kept secret?
    Last May, a judge handed down a legal order which prevented any reporting of Pell’s trial and conviction.
    It was designed to prevent a separate trial – which will no longer go ahead – from being influenced by the first trial.’

    Pell (l) was considered one of the Pope’s closest advisers

    Gays and Muslims – conviently there’s always another trial or something, so they can reduce bad publicity …


    • tarien says:

      Until that Church allows its Priests to marry and have a normal life, then the utter disgracefull behaviour will continue-at present these men’s lives are quite un-normal-incomprehensible.


      • StewGreen says:

        @Tarien you mean
        “Until that Church allows its Priests to have a normal life
        ….. and thus not have much sex …like most of us”


    • StewGreen says:

      Actually reporting was only banned in Australia
      People in the UK had already discussed on the internet the guilty verdict of the first trial before Xmas .

      I’d thought the second trial was supposed to have started in Jan-Feb
      I hadn’t been following, so was unaware it had been cancelled.

      Andrew Bolt a Jew always strong defended Pelk cos he presumed the investigation was just another lefty witch-hunt


  37. StewGreen says:

    Black MP now released from jail after just 28 days of 3 month sentence.

    Last I heard there was supposed to be an appeal, and her low sentence was likely to be INCREASED

    Ah I see @GWF posted 3 hours ago


    • JamesArthur says:

      And she is still an MP..we are doomed when this is the standard of MPs in this doubt she will tell us all she has learned lessons and will represent her constituents to the best of her abilities…I feel sorry for them


      • Fedup2 says:

        I bet she’ll be welcomed back into the Labour Party and will vote as her comrade leader directs .
        When MPs chew the fat talking about “why voters despise them so much ?” They won’t have to look too far for an answer.


    • StewGreen says:

      I just looked at yesterday’s Guido story
      ..the public thinks her sentence was too light
      Yet instead of trying to increase it the Attorney General yesterday declared it was about right.
      The the Guido writer wrote this

      Meanwhile, Onasanya has earned almost £6,000 of her generous MPs salary for the few weeks she has been behind bars, not working.
      By the time she gets out in April, she will have received £20,000…

      The scmuck seriously wrote that she would serve the entire sentence
      We all expected only half.
      It’s just the one third ..seems low

      Next she’ll win the appeal ccase and get compensation
      ..mad world
      Then TR will be arrested/jailed for standing on the cracks in the pavement.


    • Monty says:

      Lying to police about a speeding offence. No PERJURY


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Will she still be known As an ‘honourable’ member of the h of p.

      The bar must be very very low.


  38. tarien says:

    Have we been told as to what this Begum woman’s husband has had to say or indeed her husbands parents, who no doubt would have an interest in their Grandson? Nothing as far as I can assertain. We are advised that this husband is Dutch or rather has a Dutch passport maybe-maybe there is an argument for this Begum woman to go to Holland with her baby, I’m sure the Dutch would like that!! The husband is in prison, supposedly that is Syria? How long will he be in prison? Does her know he has a son? IS /Daesh might like to have her back fighting for them knowing she has a son, a potential fighter for the future.


  39. Square-Eyed says:

    Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook

    Tommy’s permanent banning reported on TWatO. Where can we get an explanation? Send for Matthew Goodwin. Beria Broadcasting Commune simply a disinterested party of course.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Tommy banned from Facebook
      How is Nick Clegg making out on FaceBook?
      Think he might be clearing the place up?
      Nick is an establishment Remaniac


  40. StewGreen says:

    12:40pm R4 phone-in asked “Have you changed your mind ?”
    Prof Bobby Duffy , director of The Policy Institute at KCL @BobbyDuffyKings
    made big claims saying the public has a false perception of UK immigration
    “surveys show Britons think 26% of the population are immigrants, when THE REAL LEVEL is half that, at around 13%. ”
    “And when you tell people that they refuse to believe you
    .. they say
    ‘#1 Well you are not counting Illegal immigration’
    “Well in reality that adds only 1%”
    …Hang on, Duffy first tells us the public are thick ..and then admits his own fig is wrong .. it’s not 13% it’s 14%

    #2 “Their second reason was , I just don’t believe you”
    …Hang on Duffy, of course they don’t believe you .. you mis-led, if you now own up to a 1% undercount then why should they just accept it could be 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% more etc
    .. What if they are including students and tourists and Duffy is not ?

    Here’s a link
    The is not a free speech platform but rather a taxpayer funded Guardian like thing, which often deletes honest comments it doesn’t like.


    • StewGreen says:

      Note the contradiction
      Just yesterday Paul Morland told Amol Rajan on @BBCRadio4
      immigration to the UK did not start until after WW2.
      Listen to it here

      But BBC Teaches video about immigration to the UK implies that it has happened for centuries!


    • StewGreen says:

      The Duffy guys tweets are the normal Labour libmob stuff
      He’s promoting the idea of People’s Assemblies as a magic solution.

      #Populism : bad
      #PeoplesAssemblies : good


    • Kaiser says:

      13% hmmmm

      let me take a guess shamima begum and her spawn count in the not an immigrant column to duffy


  41. StewGreen says:

    Leeds 33 yr old Right-Wing terrorist arrested
    .. according to yesterday’s Yorkshire Post


  42. G.W.F. says:

    Raheem Kasseem’s excellent FB account removed. Raheem is a Trump supporter and former editor of Breibart.



    • G.W.F. says:

      Article here on Raheem Kasseem’s removal. Is this a Nick Clegg decision? Was Tommy Robinsons removal the same?

      “This latest foray by Facebook, against someone who is a bestselling author and mainstage speaker at CPAC, seems to imply a new salient in their assault on conservatives,” Kassam added. “No longer are they simply targeting the ‘fringe’ or ‘edgy’ voices. They are also coming for people with a far more mainstream following.” (RELATED: Internet Trolls Are Turning Facebook’s Content Moderators Into Rabid 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists)

      It’s the third time Facebook has been accused of censoring conservatives over the last several weeks. Last week, the Facebook-owned Instagram allegedly prevented users from liking posts published by Donald Trump Jr. Earlier in the month, Facebook and Instagram were both accused of blocking posts from users who were critical of actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly staging his own assault.


      • Guest Who says:

        Interesting. Katty & Ko’s ‘analysis’ will be peachy.


        • G.W.F. says:

          That is Raheem Kassam reinstated. It seems that Nick Clegg is just as incompetent at Facebook as he was in the Coalition


  43. Deborah says:

    Switched on Radio 4’s You and Yours on the car radio this Tuesday lunch time. An item about how people change their mind. ‘Hey ho’, I thought an item about how people who voted Brexit can change their mind. To be honest I didn’t stay with it long enough to know where it was leading. The BBC had managed to find someone who had started as a male barrister, had changed to become female, before becoming male again, but was now female again. As I have explained, I didn’t stay with the item for very long. I did wonder if his/her body was able to cope with all this swapping and changing but decided overall I didn’t really care and found the ‘off’ button.


    • Zelazek says:

      Deborah, I was hoping the story was going to end with you singing “once, twice, three times a lady”.


    • G says:

      Given 3 or 4 months and efforts by our, “Worlds most trusted” and the MSM to erase history, we will not even flinch when mention is made of the Referendum in 2016. It will be all dead and gone – passed like a bad dream.


  44. Dover Sentry says:


    Having read May’s pronouncements in the House of Expenses today, we will be leaving without a Deal on March 29th.

    Panorama is silent on this.

    If you check Government websites, you will find advice on procedures after Brexit.

    “”Prepare for EU Exit””
    “”The United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) on 29 March 2019″”.


  45. taffman says:

    “Theresa May offers MPs Brexit delay vote”
    I think we all saw that one coming.
    Does Mrs Chamberlain and Parliament get their orders from the EU?
    It appears that we have a mock, fake parliament. A parliament in name only.
    We have gradually become a nation run by a dictatorship. All that our forefathers have fought for has been betrayed by the worse Prime Minister in British history .
    Two and a half years of uncertainty for nothing. Nothing at all.
    Vote and promote UKIP!


    • Dover Sentry says:

      This is a quote from May today:

      “”I believe that if we have to, we will ultimately make a success of a No Deal.””

      “”An extension cannot take no deal off the table. The only way to do that is to revoke Article 50, which I shall not do, or agree a deal.””


      • taffman says:

        Dover Sentry
        I am afraid I don’t believe her quotes anymore. They are not ‘Meaningful’.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


        She does keep coming out with all her little sayings such as “we will leave the eu on 29th of March” and “Brexit means Brexit”

        I don’t think any single thing she has said has turned out to be true. Always misleading, lying, or both.

        I now think that if she said “we are cancelling brexit and are now staying the eu” I would feel more optimistic about getting out of the bloody eu.


  46. Guest Who says:

    VD has caught this one a bit later than most.

    Look at her nodding like Churchill on the back shelf of a Nissan Micra.


  47. ToobiWan says:

    Just when you thought the poisonous, social engineering bastards at the BBC couldn’t sink any lower, this pops up!
    Starts at 5:35


  48. lojolondon says:

    Just a reminder of the situation in Baghuz – the separation of the girls :

    So, Yazidi sex slaves are rounded up, beheaded and dumped – while ISIS members like Shamima Begum start to campaign to come back to live in a comfy council flat in England.

    Life just isn’t fair sometimes, is it??


    • ToobiWan says:

      Give it a couple of weeks to let the dust settle and she will be back with a new, tax payer funded identity to prevent any problems from those who would deem her presence detrimental to the security of the UK. I wouldn’t be surprised if her whole tribe got the same treatment either, complete with a security detail similar to those in witness protection.


  49. taffman says:

    I see from Al Beeb that our ‘Border Force’ is continuing to bring in illegal immigrants across the channel. So much for our Home Secretary’s so called ‘Major Incident’ of a few weeks ago. They just as well send the channel ferry to bring them all over . More people coming in requires more homes, more schools, more hospitals, more infrastructure and it also means more terrorists getting in.
    Its about time that we had a ‘Meaningful’ Prime Minister.


  50. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    More bBBC racism.