Start the Week Open Thread 18 February 2019

39 days or 6 Weeks until A50 expires .Whatever happens we are to be witness the greatest challenge to democracy since a small German attempted to take it away some 80 years ago .

The small German had Goebbels to help him  . The current version is the BBC

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  1. G.W.F. says:

    Can’t find anything on the BBC about this, but most of the media are running with the story that the token Duchess, ex model Meghan, supports decolonising the yoonies, getting rid of connexions to the Empire her new found family helped to protect.
    The yoonies are male, pale and stale, and she wants them decolonised with lots of token PoCs like what she is.

    Keep it up Missie Meg and you will soon be writing your column for the comrades in the SWP.

    By the way Missie Meg, science students are rather attached to Einstein, who was male and pale, and being of Jewish background might not be attractive to your friends in the far left.


  2. taffman says:

    I see and hear from Al Beeb that they are letting the dogs after Corbyn.
    Well one thing I like about the man is that he’s a Leaver.


  3. StewGreen says:

    ITV Yorkshire before 6:30 Majid Majid special is coming up
    … looking fawning

    Ah first they have “BFI Historic Disabled Britain on Film”


  4. Annunaki says:

    Only UK fireworks factory to close down as a DIRECT result of Euro regulations according to the owner in an interview prior to the closure (£50 – 100,000 to get a CE mark each year) where is the headline, BBC ? if it was because of brexit it would be paraded on the front page so BLATANT BIAS


  5. TrueToo says:


    I just learned that Bernie Sanders is going run for the Democrat nomination in 2020.

    No doubt he’ll win it and there are enough socialist gimme gimme gimme fools to push him past the post ahead of Trump.

    His only disadvantage that I can see is that he’s Jewish and I don’t think the US has ever had a Jewish president.

    On the other hand, there’s always a first time….

    Arrgggghhhh, again.


  6. taffman says:

    I see that the £ has surged to 1.15 Euros since 16:00?
    Why hasn’t Al Beeb headlined this ?
    Had it “fallen” they would have soon let everyone know .


  7. Annunaki says:

    Well done BBC Henry VI now has an african wife, only the BBC could do this

    Love to hear the casting meeting: we are looking for someone to play Margaret D’Anjou, born in the Duchy of Lorraine into the House of Valois-Anjou, Margaret was the second eldest daughter of René, King of Naples, and Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine.any black african actors available ?

    FFS why was Henry VI not in a wheelchair ? maybe they thought by wearing tights he fulfilled another of their requirements


    • davylars says:

      Margaret of Anjou


      Daughter of —

      René of Anjou

      Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine


      All whiter than Michael Jackson…


  8. pugnazious says:

    Wonder how the BBC will spin this into an anti-Trump narrative……

    ‘Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

    The administration is responding in part to a reported hanging of a young gay man in Iran, Trump’s top geopolitical foe.

    The Trump administration is launching a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it’s still illegal to be gay, U.S. officials tell NBC News, a bid aimed in part at denouncing Iran over its human rights record.

    U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the highest-profile openly gay person in the Trump administration, is leading the effort, which kicks off Tuesday evening in Berlin. The U.S. embassy is flying in LGBT activists from across Europe for a strategy dinner to plan to push for decriminalization in places that still outlaw homosexuality — mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

    “It is concerning that, in the 21st century, some 70 countries continue to have laws that criminalize LGBTI status or conduct,” said a U.S. official involved in organizing the event.’


    • Fedup2 says:

      MSM will go back over the archives and find mr trump saying something flippant on the Queer front .


    • Annunaki says:

      Muslim anti gay abuse and campaign against gay sauna planning application in Luton:

      “A Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner tried to block a sex license for a gay sauna – because it’s too close to a local mosque.
      Greenhouse Health Club, which has operated in Luton for nearly two decades, had been seeking a license that would allow it to sell sex toys and show adult films. 
      However, the owners have now withdrawn the application, after encountering strong resistance from local residents and the newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner.
      Bedfordshire PCC Kathryn Holloway, a former TV presenter who has no first-hand experience of policing, told Luton Today that the license was inappropriate because the venue was too close to a local mosque – a five minute walk away.
      She warned that granting the license would cause “widespread offence and very deep concern”, and that if it was granted “a number of potential policing issues may arise” due to a “very significant Luton mosque” based five minutes away.
      Ms Holloway warned: “Luton Borough Council is usually particularly aware of matters of cultural sensitivity.

      “I trust therefore that you will fully understand that, given the large and devout Muslim population in this area of the borough, there is naturally a high level of religious and cultural opposition to such a business among these residents which needs to be respected, in my view.”
      Despite the intervention of the commissioner in her own capacity, a separate submission from the city’s police force had confirmed: “The Police have no concerns relating to the Greenhouse Sex Establishment application.


      • RobRoy says:

        I challenge anyone to find a place in Luton that ISN’T a 5 minute walk from a mosque.


    • gaxvil says:

      I wish him luck – he”ll need it in places where looking at a cow, being a witch or fondling a pig results in death.


  9. Annunaki says:

    But following the campaign against it – with hundreds of local residents filing coordinated objections to the license – the sauna decided to withdraw the license application.
    The owners say they were barraged with homophobic abuse due to the campaign, with some comparing homosexuality to a “brain disease” while others claim it is a “risk to children”.

    A risk to children..ha ha have a little think about that muslim community concerned about that all of a sudden, and worth a think about BBC concerns about gay rights and homophobia……


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Bet all the Greens are cheering the closure of a factory which makes diesel cars . But the MSM is letting them go free.

    More electric cars coming whilst we are running out of capacity to produce electricity . How does that work .?


    • Dystopian says:

      Have they thought about how in years to come there will be a “battery mountain” very similar to the fridge mountain?
      Zero emissions apparently these electric cars.
      So I guess we don’t need to generate electricity to charge them – must run on fairy dust.


  11. taffman says:

    Breaking news ?
    Some undesirable is loosing her UK Citizenship. Anything on Al Beeb telly news ?


    • Cassandra says:

      Which would suggest she was a dual national all the time. Expect a BBC sympathy special report being broadcast soon, then.


      • Annunaki says:

        IF this is true we await the muslims all holding UK passports campagning for a terrorist to be allowed back, worst thing we ever did was to give many of these UK nationality, as so many have one interest: their own in the middle east


      • taffman says:

        Stand by for appeals from ‘bleeding heart liberals’ and a teams of ECHR and ECJ lawyers ready to make a packet or two in fighting the case. Somehow, I think our government knows this and Its a PR exercise.
        Whatever happened to the law of treason?


        • Annunaki says:

          As was said earlier how many in this country have or need a “family lawyer” ? and how many of these nasty bitches come from families whos fathers were seen in protests burning American flags alongside Lee Rigbys murderer then blame everyone else ?


          • gaxvil says:

            This is my view of the average Muslim of Britain and their standard operating procedures:-
            Never admit to wrong doing, lie, be extremely sexist and antisemitic, never condemn murder, torture, rape, carried out by your brethren, insist it’s everyone’s fault but yours and finally, criticise and insult the country you have chosen or sought refuge in.


            • Annunaki says:

              Absolutely true, and if you peruse the muslim council of britain website you will find they are running courses on how to complain to the media and influence, this begs the question WHY ? waht is your agenda ? why no other immigrants feel the need to do this ??


              • Lucy Pevensey says:

                Muslim supremacy.

                Koran (Why should I spell it their way?)

                Verse 3:110 [Yusuf Ali]

                ” Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors.”

                (‘People of the book’ are Jews & Christians in Islamospeak)


                • gaxvil says:

                  Ah but Sunnis hate the Shiites and vice versa so which ones do we suck up to in this country?


  12. Dystopian says:

    ITV news fawning over British Muslim Awards live in Bradford tonight. Interviews a Muslim woman who is apparently the first woman to be allowed to wear a hijab whilst playing basketball.
    Wow what an achievement.
    Tell me, when are the British Sikh Awards, British Christian awards, British Jew awards etc being held?
    Organiser interviewed says it is a night to celebrate all the positives that Islam brings.
    Can’t imagine this event lasting very long then.

    Same agenda as bbc


  13. Annunaki says:

    BBC : Shamima Begum: IS teenager to lose UK citizenship

    Not a vicious nasty bitch but a “teenager” the fake news narrative has started already


    • gaxvil says:

      Think being utterly unrepentant might have a bearing ?


    • Burgsey says:

      …mmm suspicious on this decision. I would predict this “decision” will be reversed or overturned. The Government can then say “we tried”, so as to achieve a win win situation. A bit like everything they are doing at the moment. Trying to please everyone and actually achieving pleasing no one!


      • gaxvil says:

        True – it is very suspicious. They said they’d revoke citizenship for would be IS returners at the outset but I don’t think they’ve ever done it.

        All those Nazis we hung at the end of WW2- such a crying shame we can’t bring them back, after all they were just, ‘obeying orders’.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Wow – Wimmins hour will have a hissy fit . Now that she’s a foreign national can they use a drone strike to neutralise an enemy to UK ?


    • gaxvil says:

      Nah, she can come in a lorry or rubber boat or buy a fake passport EASY!


    • StewGreen says:

      Begum , @Fedup2 There was something strange in the WomansHour piece this morning.
      Instead of playing the Times audio where she sounds contrite, the played a new BBC interview where it sounded as if she was reading off cue cards
      : Reporter “You are very sorry aren’t you ?”
      Begum : ” Yes I am very sorry, it is so sad those people died they were innocent they were not the ones making war against us”
      Reporter : “You were manipulated and exploited weren’t you ?”
      ..Begum “Yes I was exploited…. ”


      • Fedup2 says:

        It wouldn’t be a surprise if the BBC primed her. I can’t say I’ve ever heard Wimmins hour which seems to cover the entire R4 output these days .

        On the other big eessoo of the day – I think if any of the “tory’ rebels are thinking of leaving it will be Wednesday morning to have maximum effect for PMQs/lies . But I think the likes of Soubry Wollaston and grieve realise that they will receive less attention after the initial press conference – as well as guaranteed deselection and farewell House of Commons .


  15. Dystopian says:

    I wonder if Theresa May will appear on Davina’s ITV show,
    “This time next year I want to be out of the EU”


  16. LastChanceSaloon says:
    So the BBC reluctantly reports on the non returning Jihadiess.
    But links to a story about ISIS it published on 2019-02-07.
    With photograph.
    “The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces alliance has driven IS out of north-eastern Syria”
    Showing a soldieress.


  17. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Rich People’s Vote canvassers were at my local railway station tonight with leaflets.
    They must be getting desperate


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Only 15% of the met police is not white . To reflect the vibrancy of Londonistan it apparently needs to be 40% non white .

    The idea that having a police force / service / whatever which reflects the racial make up of a big city is frankly dumb . How far does that concept need to go ?

    Have coppers reflecting the age of the population ? 80 year old coppers ? Coppers selected according to religion ? To political belief ? Wealthy coppers to reflect the wealthy bit of the public ?

    A classic case of Group Think. Meanwhile the support which the police have traditionally retained in the hearts and minds of joe public continues to be undermined by stupid prosecutions and interventions about what people say and write .

    As well as encouragement to report stuff which isn’t criminal …a dangerous shift in the relation between the citizen and the State .


    • StewGreen says:

      The Met will NOT reflect London since it will draw the best staff from the whole of the UK
      ..and therefore be much more white than London is.


  19. Annunaki says:

    This is a small victory for all those who can quite clearly see that many of our “immigrants” of a certain religion have no intention whatsover of integrating within this country, and actually despise the UK and its indigenous population but are quite happy to rape its resources, including its children, sell drugs, steal and ring cars and take all of the state benefits offered, shout and scream outside of schools about homosexual education and delude themselves that their death cult religion will appease themselves of their criminal and immoral behaviour and the imams in this country who control their behaviour and opinions hold all responsibility for this


    • gaxvil says:

      Just like ISIS ,the pinnacle of the Islamic religion used their ‘faith’ to justify, murder, rape and enslavement. I mean 72 virgins – gimme a break.


      • TrueToo says:


        Every Muslim arriving in paradise after slaughtering infidels finds he has been cruelly misled. He doesn’t get 72 virgins. He gets 1 72-year-old virgin.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Telegraph reports that Ruth George MP – a Corbyn ally – says that the 7 ‘independent ‘ labour splitters may have been funded by Israel .
    The gift that keeps on giving . I bet baroness shabi gets the job of investigating … and gets a pot of complementary white wash too …

    I’m guessing neither will be featuring on Toady anytime soon …


  21. Yob says:

    So now we know the modus opperandi to the upcoming BBC Panodrama charade…..The BBC (John Sweeney) contacted Tommy Robinsons former P.A., Lucy Brown, because Tommy and Lucy had apparently “fallen out”….Question straight away to the odious BBC and Sweeney…Why did they have far left group hope not hate on the set when Lucy Browns attempted manipulation was being conducted?…..


  22. TrueToo says:


    Dunno what happened to my comment. Do you reckon Donald would demolish Bernie?

    Excellent news re Begun. The Home Secretary is unsympathetic? Fantastic!

    However I’m wondering if this is a case of Muslim rivalry rather than genuine concern for the safety of UK citizens.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Not sure what you mean re your comment .. I haven’t edited any ones for a long time .

      The Bernie will siphon off the socialist end of the democratic spectrum and whatever black ? Woman the democrats put up will thus be weakened .

      If the US economy keeps going a while longer and President Trump continues to carry through on promises from the last campaign then his ‘base’ will strengthen . He has nt had to wrap himself in the flag and has not got involved in dumb overseas unwanted wars so should stay in office …. with or without Sopel and the rest of the MSM .


      • TrueToo says:


        I was having Net trouble, thought I’d replied to your comment re Trump and Hillary.

        Well, here’s hoping Trump will demolish Bernie, if it comes to a contest between the two.

        If Sanders wins, the US will be up a creek with no paddle.


  23. Dystopian says:

    Meanwhile on Channel 4, “How the other kids live”
    We have 3 girls sharing play dates
    The Muslim girl asks “will you still be my friend when I wear a headscarf?” Reply “why wouldn’t we be?, that’s mean! ….You are still the same person”
    Other girl likes playing “boy games” and doesn’t care that her “Bitmoji” on her phone looks like a boy.
    Other girl named Syd (whose mum looks like a lesbian) “I think that anybody should be who they are, I don’t think that things should be classed as girly things and boy things”
    Then asks 2nd girl “do you wanna be a boy?”
    Reply “I’d rather, yeah because I know more what boys do than girls”

    No wonder the kids today are confused


  24. Dystopian says:

    Later 10pm, on Channel 4 “100 vaginas”

    “Documentary artist” Laura Dodsworth photographs women and bears their intimate, shocking, moving, powerful or funny stories about how their vaginas have shaped their lives.

    Why would anyone need the bbc with this awesome entertainment! It even has audio description!
    Mind you with a studio full of cnuts she certainly has something in common with the bbc!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Please please anyone writing ‘in the night’ regarding the C4 programme – moderation as always —— please —-


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well, the only way its ‘shaped’ my life is to define me as female, as opposed to the alternative – that dangly thing ! (there IS nothing in between)


  25. Annunaki says:

    Ch4 is as insidious as the BBC its signature is black immigration for some strange reasion, the 4 symbol dropping them all off then playing a blast that knocks everyone off its feet Hmm we have all been knocked off our feet by these wonderful people and so enriched:

    Somalia and their wonderful contriution to british society in Luton every bloody year for the last ten years >


  26. gaxvil says:

    The seven Labour ‘splitters’ were financed by Israel says the Corbynites.
    Labour Derangement Syndrome for sure.


    • Annunaki says:

      Even if they are well done pay some more and fight the muslim racists who are the real root of labour racism as they align to muslim racism to get the inner city votes that is the real problem with labour racism


  27. Annunaki says:

    All of the South African appharteid people , those that were considered oppressive and racist, just a thought, how many of them would be chuckling at these scenes when those they oppressd were given their freedom and choice in life given houses and free education, and guess what ? what do they choose ? sell drugs. pimp and rioting against each other over territory and the police having to intervene, wonder if anyone “maxiconomy?” could explain why so many of our, primarily black african, west indian and black islamic asian immigrants turn to crime, comapred with our sikh, hindu and chinese ? why do our population flock to chinatown on their new year ? Diwali celebrations ? yet never want to go to the muslim ghettos ?


  28. honestus says:

    Latest cake and eat it article in Guardian by P Inman.
    Long winded, as usual but essentially says that any business exiting UK at this time is due to Brexit – even if company emphatically say it is not. Something to do with retaining consumer confidence.
    ‘Brexit will largely be to blame. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get a mention.’
    Expect to see the rationale appear in the BBC any time soon where you can present both the interviewers reasoning and frame the view of the interviewee.


  29. Cassandra says:

    When asked by a very probing BBC reporter (sarcasm) if she had dual nationality, Shamima the Sham answered by saying that, “…she did not have a Bangladesh passport and had never been to the country.”
    Sky News now reports that she does hold a Bangladesh passport and that is why the Home Secretary made his decision.
    The BBC must really try to understand what the word ‘Taqiyya’ means.


  30. Annunaki says:

    Cassandre you were right from the start as usual, laws do not apply retrospectively and there have been many muslims holding a UK passport calling up radio stations insisting on “due process” taking an unhealthy interest in this woman, they have a very strong interest in UK law unli it comes to the rights of women, state education and rights of other minotrties that this country has fought for


    • G.W.F. says:

      So the Sham has no Bangladesh passport. Has anyone, apart from me, raised any doubts about her real age. Was she only 15 when she left the UK, or is her age rather loosely fixed liked the schoolboys with beards?
      Has anyone checked?.


  31. TrueToo says:


    So MP Ruth George reckons the 7 breakaways were funded by Israel? And she’s a Corbyn ally? If Corbyn had any guts or leadership ability he would tell her to retract that statement.

    Problem is, no doubt he agrees with her.
    Anti-Semites always blame the Jews when things don’t go their way.

    Meanwhile I learned that Liam Fox has befriended the Israelis and is organising potential trade deals with Israel.

    He’s also talking to the Palestinians, I guess because political correctness rules, but of course the trade would be mostly with Israel.


    • Annunaki says:

      Walk around golders green no problem, walk around any muslim ghetto especilly around the time their kids come ot of their “special schools” when they are young enough not to contain their hate, compare and contrast I had business to do in Bury Park Road area Luton and it tought me a lot, about brochures being handed out in the street until I arrived, about collection boxes in the shops removed when I arrived and you wonder about Syria and all that …I saw before they were removed
      Islamist shit stirrers holding UK passports with no interest in our country apart from our benefits


    • Fedup2 says:

      True too
      I might be wrong but I thought deals had been done with both Israel and Palestine . I’m sure Israel could fill many of the gaps made if Southern Europe cannot provide foodstuffs – presumably for ReichEU ideological purposes through hyped tariffs .


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently the apology has already gone in . Labour HQ must be losing their grip on their news management . Nice ammunition for anyone who claims the Labour Party is anti Israel though .

    I’m still waiting for a BBC interview with Baroness Shabi – or maybe she’ll turn up on QT …?


  33. Annunaki says:

    It seems, UK journalists have a limited knowledge of the terms nazi and right wing,
    Their grandfathers could maybe explain, or the women who were french resistant fighters and did not run away onto a boat for britain but hey ho a younger generation and it is up to them to pay fr their mistakes and by God they will be paying


  34. Fedup2 says:

    BBC enjoying the complexity of the ISIS terrorist woman . Her mother is a Bangladeshi which automatically makes her entitled to Bangladesh nationality whether she wants it or not .

    So the Home Sec can declare her non british

    However …. the kid . His father is Dutch – allegedly although she may have served many Isis masters as their reward . Which makes the kid Dutch and therefore a EU Citizen entitled to coming to the UK.

    Then the BBC bring on an immigration lawyer – which occupies a place in Hell even lower than an ambulance chaser or possibly one of those fraudulent types who went after soldiers in afgee or some other hole . The immigration lawyer could smell years of legal fees from the UK taxpayer and hours spend on exploiting case law so that the ISiS terrorist can return to Tower Hamletstan to teach the kids how to create an IED or strip an AK47 in under 2 minutes …

    Ironically the news then carried on with a piece about anti Semitic activity in France . Without any connection to Muslims .
    Almost comedy but far too serious .


  35. Annunaki says:
    Islamic Takeover: Why Mass Immigration Signals ‘the End of Britain’

    LONDON – Last week’s terror attack by a British-born Muslim proves again that a radical community exists within Britain. Its goal: create an Islamic nation. And there is a quieter force at work that will likely achieve that desire long before guns, bombs and violence.

    This is not Karachi. It’s London.

    Britain’s policy of mass immigration has brought what one expert calls “demographic upheaval” to the United Kingdom that could change almost everything.

    American Killed in London Terrorist Attack that Mowed Down Dozens of Victims
    ‘Easy Meat.’ Britain’s Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up
    Is Great Britain Next ISIS Target?

    “Finis Britanniae” – The End of Britain

    It’s now a demographic certainty. Someday the white native English will be a minority in their own country, including the native Welsh and the Scots.

    It’s just a matter of when.

    Professor David Coleman is a supernumerary fellow in human sciences and university professor in demography at Oxford. He’s has written that uncontrolled immigration could lead to “finis Britanniae.”

    “Which simply means the end of Britain, and by that, I mean the end of Britain as we know it,” Coleman said.

    “The point I was making is the change in the number of people and particularly the change in the origins of people, in their religion, in their cultural background, would make Britain unrecognizable compared with the present time,” he said.

    Immigration can strengthen a nation. But several western nations, including the United States, are debating the wisdom of large-scale immigration from the Islamic world. And experts wonder what will happen as Muslim numbers continue to grow in officially Christian Britain.

    In the dystopian masterpiece Children of Men, ethnic division and civil war wracks Britain in 2027. Armed Muslim gangs fight a government that is hunting down and deporting immigrants while trying to maintain order.

    Britain’s future is not likely to be this violent, but it may not be peaceful either.

    When the Christian activist group Britain First took large crosses through Luton’s Bury Park last year, angry Muslims confronted them.

    MUSLIM MAN: It’s our country.

    WHITE MAN: It’s your country, is it, yeah?

    MUSLIM MAN: Yeah mate, it’s our country.

    WHITE WOMAN It’s a Christian country.

    MUSLIM MAN: It’s not a Christian country.

    WHITE WOMAN Yes it is.

    MUSLIM MAN: It’s not a Christian country, mate….You’re jealous. You’re jealous that we’re taking over.

    MUSLIM WOMAN: The Muslims will take over. Watch.

    Urban areas are becoming increasingly Islamic whereas rural area are becoming increasingly English, and there’s a retreat away from these two populations. That’s the future.

    Policy analyst George Igler says he does believe it will take 40 or 50 years before the native British are a minority.

    “This is a nonsense. It’s going to be much sooner. And more importantly, when you look at places like Luton. When you look at the experience of women in Cologne. We already have a window into what this future will be like. It’s going to violence and sexual violence against non-Muslims. It’s going to be insistence on Sharia Law,” Igler said.

    Drastic Changes on the Horizon

    Professor Coleman, who stressed he is not anti-Muslim but is simply looking at statistics, nevertheless said the changes could be drastic.

    “There are strong currents in Muslim society which wish to see Muslim approaches to diet, to marriage and would like to see Sharia Law incorporated formally into British Law or in respect to some extremist groups would like to see Sharia Law replace British Law,” he said.

    More than a half million non-British citizens immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2016. European Union rules prevented Britain from stopping migration from within Europe, but that brought European migrants.

    Coleman says Brexit, Britain’s exit from the E.U., will not necessarily stop the influx of immigrants from non-European Islamic nations.

    ‘England Is Not Going to be England Anymore’

    Great Britain was a factory for Muslim terrorists long before last week’s attack on Westminister Bridge by a British-born Muslim. At least 850 British citizens have left the U.K. to join ISIS.

    “Look, we have around 100 Sharia courts in this country. We’re the only western country with a functioning network of Sharia tribunals and councils. They’re dealing with marriages, divorce, even with criminal matters. They’re marrying children,” said Anne Marie Waters, from Sharia Watch.

    If demographic trends continue, British schools will change when most of the pupils are from non-British backgrounds, as will British foreign policy and military alliances.

    “England is not going to be England anymore,” Igler says.

    In its street protests against the Islamization of Britain, the English Defence League used to sing ‘we want our country back.’ If current demographic trends continue, it may be too late for that.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    STOP PRESS Joan Ryan MP for Enfield becomes labour MP number 8 to leave ….



  37. Annunaki says:

    They run away from their own countries because they are natural cowrds but happy to prey on white women as the sentence is mild


  38. pugnazious says:

    Having a look at Sopel’s Twitter feed and it’s strangely quiet about the US and seems more concerned with what’s happening in the Labour Party and with the Jihadi Baddy…so BBC.

    Usually the BBC’s North America Editor is pumping out a stream of Tweets, mostly sneeringly negative about Trump or others than retweet ‘liberal’ high-fiving articles that promote the BBC worldview.

    Odd he doesn’t bother to note comments from one of America’s most high profile journalists…Lara Logan. Then again…not so surprised…..

    ‘This is the problem that I have. There’s one Fox, and there’s many, many, many more organizations on the left. … The problem is the weight of all these organizations on one side of the political spectrum. When you turn on your computer, or you walk past the TV, or you see a newspaper headline in the grocery store If they’re all saying the same thing, the weight of that convinces you that it’s true. You don’t question it, because everyone is saying it. Unless you seek out Breitbart on your computer, you’re probably not even going to know what the other side is saying.

    My experience has been that the more opinions you have, the more ways that you look at everything in life — everything in life is complicated, everything is gray, right? Nothing is black and white.

    How do you know you’re being lied to? How do you know you’re being manipulated? How do you know there’s something not right with the coverage? When they simplify it all [and] there’s no grey. It’s all one way. Well, life isn’t like that. If it doesn’t match real life, it’s probably not. Something’s wrong. For example, all the coverage on Trump all the time is negative. … That’s a distortion of the way things go in real life.

    One ideological perspective on everything never leads to an open free diverse tolerant society. The more opinions and views … of everything that you have, the better off we all are. So creating one ideological position on everything throughout your universities, throughout academia, in school and college, in media, and everywhere else, that’s what concerns me. I don’t have to agree with everybody.’


  39. Pos says:

    Treats them like heros