Donald Tusk special thread

after what Mr Tusk has said today . Your views are welcome

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  1. LastChanceSaloon says:

    “Millions for Defence, Not One Cent for Tribute”

    I have posted this before, the speaker was from the USA.
    It expresses my, hopefully our, determination that we will give the EU SFA.
    £39 billion will enable plenty of anti EU publicity in Europe.
    It will enable us to remove unwanted sailors, of all types, from our waters.
    It will enable us to export some superfluous organisms.
    Make the UK Great Again.


  2. taffman says:

    Al Beeb …….”Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for Brexiteers without a plan”
    We will have a lot of Snowflake Remainers apologising for him.
    Mr Tusk needs to see this film ………..


    • Doublethinker says:

      The Remainer elite don’t lack guts, they are fighting a dirty treasonous war to preserve their privilege. Elites always do fight hard. The folks who I am astonished by are the snowflake Remainers , most of whom are at least left leaning, and yet are on the side of the elite who have condemned millions of young folks of their age to a life without a job via the Euro. Whenever I ask this type of snowflake about Brexit their ignorance is profound, they know nothing about how the EU works, it ‘s democratic deficit , the impact of the Euro on Southern Europe, the ways it has subsumed national sovereignty. They are just dumb and probably voted Remain because some celeb said it was cool.


      • taffman says:

        Some of the blame can be placed on our education system.


      • vesnadog says:

        Most Remainers I’ve heard/read about think that they won’t be able to go on holiday to the EU. This is so sad. Whose advising them?


      • john in cheshire says:

        I think for forty years all matters EU have been deliberately kept out of public discourse, in the UK and probably in the rest of the EU. If I’m correct, this is probably the main reason most of us are so ignorant about the EU. And assimilation by stealth, as they have admitted themselves, has been deliberate. Wasn’t it Mr Juncker himself who said words to the effect when things get serious, you have to lie.

        Maybe all evil empires are established by secrecy, lies, threats, blackmail, bribery and violence. I can’t believe the thugs running the EU thought up the strategy by themselves because they don’t seem bright enough, to me.


      • NCBBC says:

        There is an important movements afoot in France.

        Cars were torched by the thousands, pedestrians clung to the walls, people stayed indoors, but the police were under strict orders from the authorities (Chirac was president, Sarkozy Interior minister) not to shoot the rioters – after all they were Muslim immigrants destined to become the new population of the country.

        Now we are in the reverse situation where police are under orders to attack the peaceful patriotic demonstrators, those pesky patriots left over from the older culture – Macron thought they were all gone, but he was wrong, so he has to terrorize them, and even infiltrate their ranks, using organized leftist groups to generate violence that he then blames on the Gilets Jaunes themselves. Patriots are definitely not sacred cows. Au contraire, they are the enemy of the State.

        Gallia Watch is keeping an eye. The movement shows no signs yet of folding despite the forces of the state, and its compliant media (like the BBC), denigrate the patriots.


    • Jeff says:

      My favourite scene from the film.
      That’s just the sort of bloke we need negotiating with this mob.
      And who have we got? Dithering bloody Deidre of Downing Street.
      Her indecision and general weediness have emboldened our opponents.
      She’s a Neville Chamberlain drag act.
      God help us!


      • Oaknash says:

        I dont know Jeff.
        I think she knows exactly what she is doing . And helping us to achieve Brexit is definitely NOT on her list of objectives.


    • taffman says:

      Tusk – we do have a plan . It was always to just get out .
      WTO! – Simples


  3. Fedup2 says:

    I have to say – when I heard what he said – I couldn’t believe it. I’ve said here before that I believe the Reich want us out so that the Franco German s will ru. The EU/Europe .

    Tusk is a Pole . He is a Catholic – my religion too . So by saying that he knew how serious his comment would be taken . He must resign .

    With 52 days until we leave and see that the EU will be our future enemy or at least not a friend – Tusk really is beyond the pale .

    The British PM should really start acting like one and demand that those who depend on the British Economy – such as Eire – bend a knee . For me the time for talking is just about over and the energy channeled into the Full Brexit and thereafter .

    Once we are out we can then treat EU citizens in UK the same as in EU states .


  4. Doublethinker says:

    BrexitDerangement Syndrome , BDS, is similar in some respects to syphilis in that it has three identifiable stages, the last of which is insanity. Poor old Tusk is well into the tertiary stage and can’t have long left before he starts foaming. Personally I don’t give a toss what he says , as I am sure the majority of his fellow country man don’t either. All these politicians keep on lecturing us but they all speak from positions of weakness at home. It’s only the power of the Euro elite that is keeping them in power, not the votes of their own people. It’s the very weird form of ‘democracy’ that the EU has evolved. Hopefully the next European elections will see their position further weakened. Beating these Globalists will take some years and when the people are in a position to dictate to them they must treat them with maximum harshness because given half a chance these buggers will be back.


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Seems the eu are getting worried that they may not get their hands on the £39 billion May is anxious to give them so that we can become their vassal state.


    • taffman says:

      Mrs Chamberlain has got a ‘snowball’s chance in hell’ of negotiating with this load of European Bureaucrats.
      We need to get shot of this Chamberlain and swap her for a Churchill.


      • john in cheshire says:

        I still have a feeling that if Dancing Terry put on a show for the EU thugs it might sweeten the deal. Maybe she could have Mrs I’m not a nazi Soubry and the androgynous Mrs Cooper-Balls in the troupe, something like the Tiller girls.


  6. Beltane says:

    To some extent our own Donald is right, there should be a special place in hell for those who created Brexit without the strategy and tactics to achieve it. But they would share the space with the greater majority, in the EU and the UK, who continue to engineer the failure of its strategy and the confounding of its tactics.
    Brexiteers absolutely should have known what to expect. They were and are naïve, failing for just one example to take account of all the previous referenda – Holland, Denmark, France, Ireland – where decisions were reversed because they got the wrong result, first time.
    With that knowledge, advance planning was essential and, again for just one example, allowing the Irish to dictate terms on an entirely false and artificial premise is juvenile politics. Or contrived, of course, we cannot lose sight of the extent of collusion within our Civil Service and Westminster. But despite the realities of Miller, Grieve, Soubry, Benn, Cable, Starmer, Robbins and all the fellow-travellers eager to watch the UK fail, the real persons of colour in the fuel store have always been the ‘Europeans’.
    Good grief, you only have to spend a little time in Brussels to know how the Irish have colonised the place, Guiness is as popular as Leffe and to be unaware of this is as ignorant as it is juvenile. The EU as an organisation has a soft spot for them, and don’t they play them like a fiddle as a result.
    Where Tusk deserves extreme censure is in the arrogance of his statement. As if the machinations, double-dealing, dishonesty, rudeness, insolence, condescension and downright vileness of the EU in their behaviour towards the UK, from the outset, is incidental, of no significance, only to be expected. After all, we brought it on ourselves.
    Yes, we really should have known better. Any WW1 Tommy could have told you how deeply grateful the French were for all our blood fertilising their fields. Nothing changes.


    • Fedup2 says:

      As someone with both English and Irish blood I know how much Eire benefitted in the initial stages of its membership – money flooded its way with EU flags everywhere .

      The failure of Merkel and sarkozy to give just a bit to Cameron in the period before the referendum might have helped . But the absolute inability to be flexible on free movement led – partly to where we are now .

      I just hope another UK regime deals with the EU after we leave .

      No doubt Mrs May will play down the Tusk comment as will the BBC but Thursdays response by the newspapers and others will be a better measure of how British they are … or just EU toilet paper .


      • vesnadog says:


        I hope Mrs May listens to the Irish PMs speech as I’m certain that he also insulted the Brits by saying something like: and we [ Eire] will not permit chemically affected chickens into our country from NI. I’m absolutely certain he said something like this? He seemed to scoff?

        I hope I’m wrong as the Irish PM seems to be a reasonable sort of fellow.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Surely a responsible government which offered its people a binary choice at a referendum, and said that it would implement the result, would prepare for either possible outcome. The root of our current difficulties lies not just with the traitors who have been acting like a 5th column during the so called negotiations, but also with the highly irresponsible Cameron and his ministers who refused to prepare for a Leave result. I am sure that history will treat his government as it deserves.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Richard North prepared detailed plans some time ago.

      Mr North, of course, is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is to the media’s shame that they never, as far as I know, bothered to discuss them to see how workable they are. No one who might have come up with a workable plan was allowed anywhere near the Brexit process by the remainer establishment and I very much include the BBC here. They weren’t interested in a plan, just in sabotaging the whole thing.


    • JimS says:

      Beltane, you presume that ‘the Brexiteers’ are in control when obviously they aren’t.

      The referendum went the way ‘the Brexiteers’ wanted but its implementation was always going to be in the hands of government, of whatever colour. Short of a full-blown revolution ‘the Brexiteers’ could have done no more within the political system that we have.


    • honestus says:

      ‘They were and are naïve’.
      Your brush is broad and a little generic. There are numbers on this site and amongst those whom I would call friend who have known from the moment of our ‘independance day’ that we would need to take to the streets in order to ensure that our mandate of leaving the EU was carried through with. Tusks pronouncements are the calls to rally their troops and harden their hearts. So be it. The streets it is and always has been.
      Btw, have travelled throughout EU, recently Prague and Vienna and Irish pubs are plentiful, reflecting a cultural appropriation as voracious as it is unmatched.


  7. BRISSLES says:

    Mr Tusk should be careful in his responses, and think of WW2, and what sort of hell Europe could have been in without our lads on the ground, in the air and in intelligence, doing what most of the European nations were incapable of doing jointly !!


    • taffman says:

      It wont be long now before Great Britain’s fan Guy Verhofstadt will chirp in with his insults.
      Their empire is starting to topple and they know it.


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        Apparently according to Guy even Lucifer won’t let Brexiteers into Hell

        That’s fine by me I don’t want to go to the same place as Heath, Hitler and Hardy. Obviously Lord Lucifer is more choosy and only taking the best I’m assuming Guy, Tusk and Drunker have already booked their places closest to the fires of damnation.


      • Guest Who says:

        “Repeat, please.”


      • vesnadog says:

        Eventually, “What’s in has to come out”.

        Those in the EU simply can’t restrain themselves. It appears that they simply can’t disguise their distaste for us.


        • vesnadog says:

          I suppose having claimed “Guy and Tusk are Jesuits” I must bring forth evidence:


          • vesnadog says:

            Correction. Guy is not a Jesuit he is a communist. But according to my link all the others in the EU appear to be. I mistakenly believed that he was amongst the big names on that website but after reading the link I see he is not on. Having said that, here’s a shot of a few of them at a Jesuit reunion.


            The title of my link: “we are all Jesuits” shows us how many (majority) in the EU are though.


            • Up2snuff says:

              Is that Shulz alongside the Pope? He IS a Communist and has links back to Red Rudi. Remember him? Quite why our ‘Dave’ was quite so keen to have him win the top spot ahead of Juncker is a mystery.

              The links of the ‘Founding Fathers’ to the Roman Catholic Church is interesting. Robert Schuman, I think, was a devout Catholic and with Jean Monnet was a key player in what is now the EU. Rudi Dutchske was, of course, from stronger Christian roots than Mutti, coming from the Evangelische Kirche in the DDR but being very much a Communist in his political thinking. If I recall correctly and please bear in mind Shulz’s Wiki Page appears to have been recently ‘edited’ to excise Rudi Dutchske & The Red Army Faction, this is still an important background to both the EU and Martin Shulz among others.

              It has to be admitted that the Roman Catholic Church’s links to Communo-Fascism and radical political action is rather too close for comfort.


  8. Greisingel says:

    Tusk is a malignant trouble maker. He knows his Poland is on the crest of a wave of dissent. The Poles like the Brits are half out of the EU since they also refused that s*** stain of a currency. It also shows you what evil toads these salary and pension sucking sinecurists. Imagine how ridiculous that countries can negotiate their own terms outside bureaufatcat Club Brussels.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    The guardian reports this but – surprise surprise – didn’t allow any comment . Even The people running that lefty paper will be aware of the likely responses recorded on their website by non snowflakes …..

    The MSM will look for a ‘hate crime ‘ involving a Polish guest worker …..


    • Demon says:

      Seriously, with all the new hate crime laws can Tusk and Varatka not be charged with the crime? After all Tusk (whose parents must have been Fleetwood Mac fans) said some very offensive words and Varatka agreed with them.


  10. Richard Pinder says:

    Brexit Derangement Syndrome is a disorder caused by ignorance which leads to symptoms of FEAR due to that ignorance. The solution to the symptoms of fear include education about richer nations not members of the EU.

    Climate Derangement Syndrome is a disorder caused by ignorance which leads to symptoms of FEAR due to that ignorance. The solution to the symptoms of fear included education about planetary atmospheric physics and thermodynamics.

    Millennium Derangement Syndrome was a disorder caused by ignorance which lead to symptoms of FEAR due to that ignorance. The solution to the symptoms of fear included education about computers with a calendar that included the year 2000.


  11. Kaiser says:

    Tusk is a Pole, but hated in poland

    He is like the Kinnocks of the east


  12. Celtic_Mist says:

    Predictably, the #BiasedBBC are making excuses for Tusk on our National UK News


  13. Fedup2 says:

    I’m waiting for a mouthy remainer to express some regret at Mr Tusks words but somehow I think I’d be waiting a long time .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Will Vince Cable – no stranger to using extreme language and insults himself – apologise for Mr Tusk? I seem to recall his mollifying words last Sunday night on R4 TWH about extreme language …. 😉

      Better make that TWO apologies, Vince.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Although the mail online relegates this story to number 3 there have been 9 and a half thousand comments ….


  15. taffman says:

    Al Beeb’s ‘Project Fear’ has failed .
    Stand by for ‘Project Leviathan’!


    • Fedup2 says:

      C4News also attempts to ‘make light’ of Mr Tusk s comments .
      And even talks to the political ‘wing’ of a terrorist group – Sin Fein IRA which will always be our enemy .

      Meanwhile with only 50days to go the Irish government will have to start ordering concrete for its border if it wants its version of an ‘orderly ‘ brexit .


  16. Greisingel says:

    That vermin knows full well the reason we are unable to action a working exit strategy is because he and his other rodents have been purposefully undermining every negotiation proposal. They have also been in close contact with the Labour Party ensuring maximum disruption. It tells you all you need to know about the venomous character of the Brussels gravy train. May they rot in hell.


  17. Roland Deschain says:

    Once is unfortunate, twice is careless, but three times…?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      What was in the card, supposedly from a member of the Irish public:


      • Fedup2 says:

        Varadkar really does not know his Irish history does he . How many murdered by terrorists during recent times ? 3500? I know one of them wearing the uniform of his country – a para .

        I think Mr Varadkar could be putting himself on a target list should he and his EU buddies continue to make unwise public remarks for ‘a laugh’.


  18. Up2snuff says:

    Chatting with a Remain voting friend on Sunday and he said he would now vote to Leave because of the way the EU have behaved. That was, of course, before Donald Tusk’s latest statement, so if the Remainers & Remoaners really want a second Referendum – beware!


  19. BRISSLES says:

    I vote we send Liam Neeson over to show Tusk what hell could look like !! Go Liam !!


  20. Fedup2 says:

    The Dutch hippy member of the Brussells mafia has now invoked “lucifer” in Brexit . These characters are tempting fate , the grim reaper et al in being the devils ‘ spokesman .

    Since these unelected rubbish are acting on behalf the heads of state of each EU country we can but assume that this is the opinion of these countries politicians – unless -of course – we hear an elected head of state criticise these comments ….

    Mrs May is due to go to the EU Thursday to be told for the final time that there can be no change to the draft sell out .

    I think while Mrs May is on the Eurostar she should rewatch “The Godfather” and see how Michael Corleone negotiates with Mo Greene …


  21. Lucy Pevensey says:

    A good read here (BBBC/Tusk-hellfire related) if you have a few minutes.


  22. Framer says:

    ‘Brexit risk for UK aid as Swiss cut off from EU funding’
    Is this winner of the BBC’s best project fear headline?
    (on website tonight).


    • TrueToo says:

      Framer, dunno about it being the best project fear headline. It’s probably the worst headline in terms of clarity I’ve ever seen:

      ‘Brexit risk for UK aid as Swiss cut off from EU funding’

      I guess it could mean that due to Brexit the EU risks losing aid from the UK (for example the 39 billion) just as the Swiss don’t fund the EU – though of course the BBC would be horrified at such an interpretation.


  23. Nibor says:

    I thought we were in a hell , the EU , and we’re getting out of it .


  24. Richard Pinder says:

    HELL, is where you can never ever leave.

    You vote to leave, but then voting to leave means that you have voted in favour of democracy. So you therefore get to vote in another referendum, ad infinitum. But then in the mean time, you never ever leave. The referendum nightmare only ends if you vote remain. But because you are living in HELL, you can never ever leave the European Union, because it’s a HELL on Earth, designed by his Satanic Majesty, Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet, who strengthened the EU, by dying and going to HELL in 1979.

    We see this idea of the council of 12 in almost every mystical and satanic cult.



  25. Greisingel says:

    Read how Italy’s Di Maio is giving France hell. These 2 bozo nations are at each other’s throats. Di Maio has just been consorting with the gilets jaunes. Shows you what a hellhole europe is.


    • LynetteO says:

      A different subject but it needs to be posted so i will put it here. See what hate speech is being broadcast on Bristol Radio – the home of the BBC.


      • TrueToo says:


        Looks like they got two Jews who hate Israel and their fellow-Jews to spread their hatred in the UK.

        I have mixed feeling though about banning their hatred. Probably better to expose it and ridicule it.


        • LynetteO says:

          The problem is that once people broadcast lies and slander against a certain group of people , these views gain legitimacy because they have been expressed in the open. It reinforces dormant feelings of hatred and gives more fuel to rascists as they can jusify their point of view -some would be energised to put these feelings into action.

          Responding by exposing the lies and rediculing cannot be effective as the damage has been done. Banning and punishing those that incite hatred has to be enforced and this has to be seen to be done..

          I argued this with the BBC years ago when Radio 2 s Jimmy Young show was churning out people’s hate filled opinions one after the other. Racist listeners were emboldend to express their racist views because they heard others do it and their racist views would now be seen to be respectable as they had been broadcast.


          • TrueToo says:


            Good points. I’ll reflect on them. Gilad Atzmon has a reputation as a spreader of hatred against his fellow Jews, including Israel. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists can’t get enough of him because they imagine since he is Jewish his hatred must have legitimacy.


        • Demon says:

          TrueToo, I agree that this hate and the lies need exposing, but they need to be challenged straightaway. Somebody needed to be chosen to oppose these extremists in the same programme otherwise theirs are the last voices people hear on the subject.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      European Lefty press not amused.
      Come on Italy, annouce a referendum to leave the EU.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Even the thickest of remainer MPs ( hi Mrs soubry )
    Must realise that the comment by Tusk and the other Brussels mafia pushes people further toward the ‘ no deal ‘ . So in many ways Mr Tusk is doing the likes of me a favour by making any negotiations even more difficult

    I was thinking how the BBC would have reacted if President Trump has used that term about democrats . There would have been something different from the” chuckly” 8 minutes feature on the main News. No call for resignation – just an unsaid assumption that he is right .


    • JimS says:

      Ah, yes, remember the BBC’s reaction to the non-divisive, non-controversial Mrs Clinton and her ‘deplorables!

      Half the BBC’s bias is in what they don’t say.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Great events in history are often defined by the ‘leaders’. But with Brexit, any elevating even to the status of donkey are rare. In the U.K., and EU, the menagerie in this animal farm is defined by a range as unedifying as they are extensive. Polecats, possums, weasels, hyenas, sheep, headless chickens… so many headless chickens… we are subjected to the lot.

    But there are still the lions; those these posing, preening, ineffective species presume to lead. To now they have been ill served, but when opportunity has presented, as with the Referendum, they have stood up to the plate. And, clearly, stayed resolute, now for over two years, against an onslaught from outside and within. All despite a bombardment of misinformation and attempted re-education by those once trusted to fulfil an impartial role but now merely part of an establishment problem.

    Tusk’s latest effort, in complement to those of JCJ and Our Guy in Brussels, before, during and since, has for me provided a welcome moment of clarity in the fog of words and deeds swirling around this Brexit conflict.

    I don’t know if he is devious, stupid, or both, but whatever he is up to and whatever is going on or really going on, I want no part of the funny farm content with calling such as him a leader.

    Which leaves me free to focus on the very real issues to be focussed upon and faced here. At least there is still the power of the ballot box, even if faith in it is woefully eroded and there are few around worth using it to get behind. But with luck they will come forward, or be inspired, or find their hour has come, or get get created on the anvil of threat of adversity.

    And all this, despite the BBC. Whose time will come later.


  28. Up2snuff says:

    Anyone notice what the Green Group Leader in the European Parliament kept referring to with reference to the Irish border and the GFA when interviewed on TOADY today?

    ‘Sanitary’ products.

    The BBC will not remember this but one of the first things Theresa May did as PM was to ban sanitary products that contain plastic micro-beads from June this year. She took the decision unilaterally as far as the EU were concerned, no doubt advised by keen Brexiteer and Environment Minister, Michael Gove.

    That’s the beef!

    It is OK for German leaders to act unilaterally and throw the EU’s borders open to all-comers. It’s OK for the French Government to break nuclear test bans. But if it’s the Greeks wanting to solve their national debt problems in a certain way, or the Italians wanting to solve a banking problem or the UK deciding quickly to stop an environmental harm, then it is not OK.


    Pah! That is another reason why we must get out of the EU. The EU breaks its rules when it wants to break them but not when others do it for things that are not approved by a hidden, insider, cabal. The EU – as presently constituted – is doomed to fail. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    We must leave fully and completely next month.


  29. Up2snuff says:

    Have been listening to TOADY from 6-7.30am today. Yeah, I know. Self-harming. And at my age, too.

    It is interesting that the BBC are trying to re-write Donald Tusk’s words from yesterday. Unfortunately, they broadcast them last night so that task may prove a little difficult. Non-Beeboids have memories.

    What the BBC goldfish have also forgotten is that the Leave Campaign were not organising the 2016 EU Referendum. They did not NEED a Brexit plan, because they were not the Government. They were not even expected to win. Almost all the Opinion Polls were against them.

    Before the EU Referendum the then British PM, David Cameron, went round the EU member Heads of State seeking reforms to the EU. They all replied ‘No’. At the same time, Cameron sought some exemptions from EU policies and ‘rules’ and the EU, seemingly grudgingly, gave him very little.

    The Government put that ‘deal’ to the people of the UK and recommended voting to Remain in the EU anyway. After the result of the vote, the EU view was ‘sorry that the UK are leaving’.

    If there is any problem over the leaving arrangements, it is the EU and Donald Tusk that is at fault, not the Brexiteers in Parliament and not the Leave Campaign group. It is all down to Tusk and Juncker and the other Heads of State together with the present EU negotiators.

    Donald Tusk is demonstrating that he has a very poor memory, is a little hard of thinking and rather dim. He would certainly make a good Beeboid.


    • tarien says:

      An insult to the British-this man should be removed from his position forthwith-our Prime Minister should cancel her intended trip immediately and apart from anything else save the country the vast expense. Goodness knows what these back and forth trips have cost us, I dread to think. However perhaos we might consider that making such statements without thought shows how nervous the EU are for their futures.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Correction to my post: the UK ‘micro bead ban’ actually took effect in January 2018. Think Plan A was to be polite and have the legislation take effect after we had left (as I originally posted) but the PM announced the ban, then retrospectively ‘consulted’ (I guess told the EU what she was going to do, like it or not) and I wonder if she then received a bit of a telling off. Anyway & whatever, Plan B meant the legislation whizzed through Parliament (note that, Brussels!) and is already in effect.

      No wonder some noses elsewhere in the EU are ‘out of joint’.


  30. theisland says:

    Yesterday Gerard pointed out that in Dante’s Inferno the lowest level in Hell is reserved for traitors.

    I can think of a few.


  31. Doublethinker says:

    Let’s imagine that we do succeed in freeing ourselves from the EU in a way which the Remainer elite disagree with, what will they do? Will they accept that further struggle is pointless or will they continue to fight on hoping to re join in the medium term future? I just can’t see them all laying down their weapons and putting their shoulders to the wheel of UK Inc and trying to help us all prosper. Rather I expect some of them to try and sabotage our economy out of spite and so be able to tell that they warned us how awful it would be. I think that this especially applies to civil servants , or those paid from the public purse, who have nothing to lose by their continued sabotage . Business leaders , who will lose money , are more like
    to throw in the towel and most politicians , with their seats under scrutiny by us Leavers, are also likely to reluctantly toe the line. This doesn’t apply to the HoL of course who will keep on obstructing and bleating and I think already deserve to be abolished.
    So it’s the civil servants, the Whitehall mandarins, the chief execs of councils and Quangos , leaders of national institutions like the police, judiciary and education that need to be watched and of course the foul BBC. If we ever have a Leave Government they need to deal with these seats of resistance to the will of the people after all we pay for all of these folks who are trying to reverse our democratic choice.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Double, I think you have a point and it is a lurking suspicion also with me.

      At lower levels there may be an unwillingness to go along with any instructions from on high to ‘be difficult’ or to obstruct after 29 March because of the inevitable consequence to jobs. Assuming a Conservative Government to 2022, that might mean another raft of Whitehall job cuts as in 2010-2015 if things get really sticky in the UK economy. The present Conservatives, while essentially liberal and socialistic, have form now in being willing to use ‘the economy’ as a reason to drastically cut back the public sector.

      Two people with pretty much individual power are Philip Hammond and Mark Carney. As the latter made himself look stupid with an unnecessary Base Rate cut after the EU Referendum, I found it interesting that the BBC were discussing possible Base Rate rises on TOADY this morning.

      As always, inflation will be the key. The likelihood if tariffs are cut by Brexit or cut even further by a decision to impose Zero Rate tariffs, then inflation should fall dramatically. That will provide a boost to Tory employment success of the last 8 years but in addition, will provide a sense of reassurance and/or well-being to the public who might have been nervous about leaving the EU.

      That may well be the point of attack by Carney and the MPC. A 1% increase in Base Rate in May or June or July?

      I think also there is the lurking fear of 2007-2009 being a Stage Rehearsal for ‘the Big One’ at some point in the future. The alternative view among other economists is that 2007-2009 was ‘the Big One’ but that there may some smaller severe aftershocks to follow in future. Then there are the normal 7-10 year and x2, x3, x4, etc., economic periodic downturn cycles that come along pretty much come what may.

      There could just be an unfortunate collision between something like that and the first Q2, Q3 & Q4 periods after Brexit.


    • G says:

      “I expect some of them to try and sabotage our economy out of spite….”. A truly ‘British’ response – agreed.
      They’ve been doing that for decades anyway. Difference now is, I sense now the majority of people (British voters) see through it and increasingly require a massive change. However, look what a massive change in managemen style in the US has led to: a President, effectively under siege in the White House but warring daily to keep the socialist/marxsists at bay; hovering on t he brink of civil war.
      I have thought for some while, the whole of the developed World is shaping up to a 50:50 conflict with the Commies.


  32. vesnadog says:

    “what will they do?”

    Ho, I think they are nearly burnt out. They did their best, now its a new campaign too send the Italians and Greeks to that place of torment.


  33. tarien says:

    It is we the British who have been living in a hell of a continuing nightmare.
    Britain is no longer a truly democratic country. Approx 80% of our new legislation is currently still enacted in Brussels at the behest of twenty-eight Commissioners whom we never elected and can as we know full well democratically, remove from office. Our Government has and still is essentially just a puppet council, allowed to remain in place to reassure the gullible public, (and for that I make no apology) that we still run our own affairs-which of course we don’t. One of many reasons we voted out of the EU. There is little point in controlling the medium of Socialist education if the wisdom of the older ‘reactionary’ generations can still be passed down to the younger. In Africa for example, the tribal elders are respected and listened to –maybe not so much now- but in Britain those over a certain age are mocked at worst, or sidelined at best, because in most cases they come from a pre-revolutionary era. Those born certainly after the 1980’s come from the post revolutionary era, and so never the twain shall meet. The education and Media/ BBC establishments are in the main run by young and in some cases very young, all soaked in Marxist ideology, and their output mainly aimed at the young. Deliberately done in order to ensure the segregation of those who could present an alternative voice to the incessant twisted Social propaganda. It is they in the main who will continue to push for EU type rules to remain in force no matter what.
    Yes I could go on ! However these few words written by a chap called Alexander Tytler concerns the collapse of democracy as the money provided by the rulers in return for their vote eventually runs out.

    From Bondage to spiritual faith: from spiritual faith to great courage: from courage to liberty: from liberty to abundance: from abundance to complacency: from complacency to apathy: from apathy to dependence: from dependence back to bondage. How true.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tarien – and my favourite ‘ goes around comes around ‘. Society is frail . If the supermarkets and petrol stations run empty for a period of time – big changes.


  34. TrueToo says:

    The BBC actually said this with a straight face:

    Brussels officials were quick to clarify Mr Tusk’s remarks, stressing to BBC correspondent Adam Fleming that the Brexiteers’ special place in hell would be for when they are dead and “not right now”.

    If the EU had said that to a genuine journalist, he would be laughing so hard he would be unable to report it.

    It’s from:

    Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for Brexiteers without a plan

    It’s had over 15 000 comments since yesterday. Seems Tusk has really done Brexiteers a favour.


    • Guest Who says:

      Reminds me of when the BBC had ‘What He Meant To Say’ Editors for Ed.


      • TrueToo says:

        Guest Who,

        Ed Milliband!? One BBC hack who did not seem impressed with the shmuck was Paxman. I recall that interview when Paxman asked Milliband if he is tough enough to take on someone like Putin. The response was something like, “Hell, yes, damn right I’m tough enough!”

        Yeah, right! Milliband simply doesn’t have the gravitas and strength of character to be a leader.


  35. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Smooth that Rees-Moggster


  36. TrueToo says:

    I saw the photo, probably posted here, of a lonely Theresa May sitting at a huge table without any other soul around (except, of course, for the photographer) while she waited for some EU shmuck or shmucks to come and negotiate away the last vestige of British rights and pride with her.

    Can’t imagine Thatcher tolerating such treatment. She would have stormed out and flown back home and then insisted that the EU come crawling back to her for the next meeting.

    So here’s the question. I guess it is May who has decided that she confront the EU monster alone – or has the EU insisted on it, so as to more easily get the upper hand? And if it is May, why on earth did Tory Brexiters not kick up a huge fuss about it? Why did the Brexit minister, whoever it was at the time, not revolt against being excluded?

    I had a sudden thought – it happens sometimes: what if May chose to be alone so that her disgraceful capitulation would be private?

    And what happened when Cameron went to the EU? Was he also alone? Perhaps there is a protocol I’m missing here. If so, hopefully one of my esteemed colleagues here will enlighten me.


    • Beltane says:

      The truth is we’ve not been treated with any respect since mini-runt Sarkozy ignored Cameron’s hand – and yet WeKnowBesters like Grieve and Soubry are still more than happy to swallow the UK’s pride on our behalf.
      I was going to add ‘tossers’ but best not, I suppose.


  37. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    There’s still a school of thought that May is simply running down the clock.


  38. Guest Who says:

    No idea who writes their stuff, but they are so on a roll…


  39. Beeb Brother says:

    ‘Hate speech’ obviously is absolutely fine in my opinion. The BBC firmly believe, however, that it should be illegal.

    So how is wishing people suffer eternal damnation in a pit of everlasting fire not ‘hate speech’? Why do they not call for Tusk to be arrested under hate speech laws like when Trump merely stated objective facts about rising Islamic terror?

    Some are more equal than others. As always.


  40. s.trubble says:

    Recall someone once telling me about the art of using your opponent as a weapon…………in this case of Brexit, a communications weapon
    We should continually replay the unforgettable words of David Dimbelby on referendum Night

    “The British people have voted and the decision is “We,RE Out.”

    The message is simple bBC/ Mr Tusk and it comes from one of your own.


  41. NCBBC says:

    Two existential threats face the UK, and Europe at large. One is the EU, and the other is the demographic conquest of Europe by Islam. For both these threats – the EU and Islam, there seems to be wilfull blindness to recognise the threat.

    Failure to recognise existential threats are the prime cause of downfall of even powerful civilisations.


  42. G.W.F. says:

    A series of interviews in favour of accelerated death, or death with dignity, assisted suicide, in other words euthanasia.
    The BBC have been promoting this for years, campaigning for a change in the law.
    But notice, there are no opposing views, and if there were they would be from a religious perspective. You won’t get ethical debate on the BBC – unless you think it takes place in the Moral bloody Maze.


  43. Beltane says:

    Surely a coincidence that while hard-pressed Nissan, representing NE industry, is content to blame Brexit for decisions made in Japan, soft southern-based Honda puts falling sales squarely down to new diesel regulations affecting sales worldwide and are not prepared to lay any blame elsewhere.
    Many of the new restrictions and petty, poorly researched rules emanate, of course, from the EU and are aimed equally squarely at car sales. Lorries, on which so much of the EU internal trade depends, seem easier for them to overlook.


  44. Guest Who says:

    It’s all kicking off in the wonderful world of impartial media.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest ,
      The final line the lady wrote in that card is a ‘killer ‘. I hope it doesn’t adversely affect her future much .

      I supppse once we leave the ReichEU will commence a full economic war on us . I wonder if anyone in politics is ready or planning for it ?


    • NameNotNumber says:

      Notice also the gratuitous publicity for multinational globalists, apple inc. in the video.


  45. Guest Who says:

    Has the bbc noticed this one yet?


    • Greisingel says:

      Varoufakis is right. The disgrace that were (and probably still are judging by the new debt mountain) the EU banking regulations and how this sector saw the near criminal exposure to national ruination is a question that has been lost. The ensuing ‘troubled assets relief programs’ essentially passed the buck to state and new printed money found itself once more flowing into the pockets of the super wealthy. Meanwhile, the poor sank in to ever deepening debt. [Only the US federal machine has recovered billions from EU/UK banks as punishment – it would be interesting to know the current tally of US recovery by fines].

      In fact, a question for Greece that remains unanswered was why the Papandreous allowed Goldman Sachs to ‘organise’ the country’s financial accounting in order that it could get ludicrously large EU lending – money that went where exactly? A relatively happy country with good tourism, and decent agrarian performance exposed itself to the loan sharks – and the EU secured itself another victim that would have to support the Brussels house of cards by dint of its debt obligations.


  46. Greisingel says:

    The one thing we Brexiteers have that keeps the remain camp; the liberalist privileged establishment, at bay is the will of the British public. The fact that Leavers have been mocked and pilloried won’t go amiss. A second referendum would secure a leave victory I have no doubt. The reason a second referendum wouldn’t even make it to poll is an attritional fight over wording. The more that we are mocked, browbeaten, undermined, the more my resolve is hardened. The BBC’s impartiality (how much does it receive from the EU) and useful idiots like Tusk are actually helping to cement a loathing for the eurocracy.


    • tarien says:

      100% agree Greisingle-I wouldn’t give the BBC the fairness of the word impartiality, rather complete detatchement from any sense of support for the Leave majority, yes agree that was to be expected, nevertheless as a broadcasting operation they ( those that control the corporation) have done themselves no favours in the manner of their reporting on this magnificent triumph of voting to leave as what can only be described as a dictatorship with its six constitutional treaties that, replaced Britains contitution on January 1st 2009. Thanks to Gordon Brown PM at that time, the other traitor Blair having runaway from his responsibilities. Many people may not know that the EU was to bring about its members into 9 Regions reporting directly to Brussels making Westminster defunct, one wonders just now as to whether that hasn’t actually happened !


    • Fedup2 says:

      Up until recently I thought that another referendum ( I think it will be the fourth?) would be me with leaver apathy . I think I’m wrong on that now . Leave will win for the 4th time with an even bigger majority after decent people have witnessed how we have been treated .
      If the outgoing PM succeeds in running down the clock there will be no further need for parliament to do anything and we ll be free .


      • NCBBC says:

        Fedup2: If the outgoing PM succeeds in running down the clock there will be no further need for parliament to do anything and we ll be free .

        Its known as “muddling through”. This policy has served us well for a thousand years at the least. For instance, we “muddled” our way through to Berlin – twice in the last century..


  47. Greisingel says:

    BBC reported that the EU competition commission has just stymied an essential freight link up between Germany and France. This would have added competitiveness against the Chinese tat ‘juggernaut’. (And Airbus the state sponsored cartel is allowed?). The BBC accidentally shows the interferists for what thy are. We are all waiting for other European countries to grow sick of the EU politburo and it’s command economics.


  48. Thoughtful says:

    I can’t help but feel that everyone is bevoming so sensitive about words that they are falling into hysterics whenever anyone says something they don’t like.
    Will Young was one example earlier this week with his ridiculous claims Top Gear were somehow getting at him, and crying wolf.

    It’s my belief we need to rise above this imkmature childishness and show the snowflakes we are better than they are.


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