Midweek Open Thread 23 January 2019

A new word has entered the language – Dox

‘To search for and publish private or identifying information about ( a particular individual) on the internet , typically with malicious intent”- used recently in the Catholic School boy incident in America which the hateful left wrongly misinterpreted and exploited .

So bits of the world change for the worse -don’t they ?


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  1. St George says:

    Alex Salmond faces two attempted rape and nine sexual assault charges among list of 14 offences – just weeks after he won harassment inquiry case against Scottish government
    Can’t wait for the in depth reporting on this one….


  2. St George says:

    Alex Salmond faces two attempted rape and nine sexual assault charges among list of 14 offences – just weeks after he won harassment inquiry case against Scottish government
    Can’t wait for the in depth reporting on this one….


    • Guest Who says:

      And this will doubtless require new staff as well as ritzy offices? Plus a mega-€ CEO. Who reports to? And who reports to them?

      And paid for by?


      • Kaiser says:

        all that money to broadcast to people who dont have to buy a licence


        • taffman says:

          Could it be that Al Beeb aspires (or did aspire) to be The European Broadcasting Corporation ?


          • Fedup2 says:

            Wouldn’t it be great if they renamed it the Belgium Broadcasting Corporation ?
            I mean – jeez – that’s what’s they’ve been for the last 3 years …..

            And on the upside – `duty free will be back …..


      • Guest Who says:

        It’s ok, they are saving money by only booking wimmin.



      • Fedup2 says:

        Over 75 licences being paid for again .. they can cut down on heating their homes to pay the TV licence tax. In BBC mindset killing off the old will make remaining easier – right Toynbee ( age 72 )?


  3. Guest Who says:

    The BBC are past masters at semantics, but its Editorial Guidelines must be full to busting with all the epic stretches of the English language beyond credulity that it tries to insert into common usage and parlance.

    Thing is, it can by sheer coverage and repetition. ‘Tell it often enough’ multiplied by a thousand bizarre BBC empires.

    In this way, a hat with an acronym coined by the current leader of the USA to inspire patriotic ambition somehow gets accepted only once converted into a symbol of something snowflakey simply because some snowflakes want it to be and the BBC can point at them because it suits the BBC agenda to do so. It’s a hat. BBC staff wearing them to support other Presidents whilst on duty was and remains a-ok. Apparently.

    Equally here, about Brexit, anyone not convinced rampant diversity via porous borders is working out well, or thinks JC-52’s nutty army is a crock starts off at Alt-right and is soon propelled to blackshirt because racist despite being a) daft and b) convincing nobody.


  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On the Nick Ferrari radio show he is saying that the Police have video of the people who threw paint all over the RAF statue.
    He is saying that the Police have refused to make this video public and that the Police are saying it wouldn’t be helpful.

    I wonder why…..
    (not really, enrichment comes to mind)

    On the rubbish politics live show today, the leaver might as well have not turned up as he (Christian May I think he’s called) was ignored and may have been allowed to speak about 30 words in total.

    Francis O’Grady was calling the ERG/DUP the ‘bad boys’. These are the only ones supporting the democratic vote.

    They said May hasn’t moved an inch with her red lines. I agreed with her (May) Lancaster house and Florence speeches and would vote for them, I disagree with the current mess she proposes. She has given in on everything.

    A really crap show today, worse than usual and that takes some doing.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Mr Ferrari is listed to be on QT tonight – I wonder if this censorship will be raised – apparently too – the 4 memorials damaged in NI are being treated as ‘hate crimes ‘ whereas those here in England are not – ( I don’t what difference it makes but it’s a thing ) .


  6. digg says:

    not quite on-topic but interesting bit of doodling with the job search feature in the Beeb’s favourite newspaper The Guardian. The results for London…..

    Teacher 1,830
    Reporter 1,682
    Charity 1,309
    Local Government 375
    Social Worker 270
    Mechanical Engineer 8
    Scaffolder 2
    Plumber 1
    Bricklayer 0

    I draw no particular conclusions, I’ll leave that to you lot…


  7. Fedup2 says:

    If the BBC were to set up an ‘international hub’ where do you think it would be based ( don’t look in The Guardian for the answer ).

    A clue —- it begins with B and there are drunk unelected power mad administrators there …


  8. Guest Who says:

    Any popcorn left from the last time?


  9. taffman says:

    “Brexit: MPs drop plan to put fresh referendum to Commons vote”
    Why isn’t this one of Al Beeb’s Headlines ?
    Why haven’t we left yet ?


    • taffman says:

      \\”Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd has told the BBC she is “committed to making sure we avoid” a no deal Brexit and would not rule out resigning over it.”//
      Close the door behind you . The whole cabinet sounds dodgy to me. We should have left the EU over two years ago .


    • Kaiser says:

      the question that beguiles me about a second referendum is (assuming a very unlikely fair fight)

      what happens if they lose again, how long can they carry this charade on for.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Kaiser – I was wrong on the first one because I really thought they’d fix a remain – hence the reason for calling it but I was wrong .

        If there is another one – after years of effort to subvert the democratic purpose they must fix it with hooky postal votes and the like .

        The Greave – Cooper Balls axis seems like the most serious threat to a democratic outcome but I can’t see away that any delay can be allowed beyond the 23 May ReichEU elections because if we were still in we’d be electing politicians to go to something we are leaving …. what ?


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Then it’s a third referendum.
        Then 4th. 5th….and so on.
        The remainers will never accept any decision unless they win.


  10. Guest Who says:

    This is under a Facebook post ‘BBC plans to premiere a video’ (me either).

    “I’m coming to school. Hope I don’t get shot today.”

    In 2018, 56 people were killed in school shootings — setting a record in the United States.

    As we near the first anniversary of the Parkland massacre, we traveled to a Texas high school to ask: Are we becoming numb to mass shootings? Or is it affecting us now, more than ever?



    The bbc does like travelling. Maybe… another hub there too?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe the BBC should have a flying command post in the event of a nuclear attack they’d still be able to broadcast The Now Show , Toady ,Wimmins `hour and all the other gems …..

      Let’s run a project team proof of concept viability study on that ..


  11. taffman says:

    Brexit: Stop playing to Brexit ‘bad boys’ TUC chief tells May
    Check out the HYS . Another slapping ?


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Fear number 4533?
      ”Brexit is an opportunity to reduce workers’ rights.”
      I don’t remember a single peep out of the EU, regards the proliferation of Zero Hours contracts and ceasing of overtime rates for many workers.
      Also silence from the EU whilst the DWP punished
      a million unemployed workers with punitive ‘sanctions’ for not jumping their silly hoops correctly


  12. taffman says:

    Is Al Beeb, Mrs Chamberlain and Parliament controlled by Davos ?


  13. Dover Sentry says:

    Soros at Davos? Could it be so? That waiter this morning looked so..er..


  14. MarkyMark says:

    This Week, BBC One, 10 January 2019

    We have received complaints from people who felt Owen Jones was treated in a disrespectful manner while appearing as a guest on the programme.


    Following the verbal abuse which he and others had sustained from protesters outside Parliament, Owen Jones, journalist, left wing commentator and activist, used his “Take of the Week” section to give his personal take on the current state of political discourse, the rise of the far right and, as he deemed, the reasons for this.

    This is a prominent section of the programme in which the author gives their views unchallenged. During his video and the studio discussion which followed, Mr Jones made allegations about the Conservative Party and right wing media which some would consider contentious. As our audience would expect, Andrew scrutinised what Mr Jones said. Michael Portillo, who disagreed with Mr Jones, also gave his opinion. Mr Jones was given ample time to express his views and respond to points made to him.

    When Mr Jones made allegations about The Spectator magazine and Andrew’s role with the publication. Andrew legitimately pointed out that this was nothing to do with the BBC and it wasn’t right for Mr Jones to use the programme to make personal accusations against him.



  15. MarkyMark says:



  16. taffman says:

    “National Union of Students cuts half of staff over financial woes”
    I have always maintained that half of them need to get real jobs .
    Just look at some of the top wages being paid !


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Typical bbc article; not bothering to mention what the staff actually do, apart from issue discount cards


    • vlad says:

      The entire lefty snowflake NUS could be disbanded and it would make no difference at all to the national wellbeing – in fact it would improve it greatly.


  17. MarkyMark says:


    The Holy Qur’an describes a ‘godly’ person as someone: “giving a rightful share of their wealth to the beggar and the deprived” (51:19); while Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) reminds us that: “Every good act is charity; and the person who guides others to a good act is as the one who did it; and, assuredly, God loves the act of aiding the distressed!” (al Bayhaqi). The Prophet also says that “Love for humanity what you love for yourself!” (al-Bukhari).

    “Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved the lives of all humankind” (Qur’an 5:32)”.

    The ethos of Muslim Aid is rooted in these teachings; a belief that providing relief and aid to others is central to one’s humanity. This can, and is, performed by those of all faiths and none.

    This sounds nice and fluffy on Muslim Aid Website Q5:32 …
    “…Whosoever kills a human being, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind..” Q5:32

    But don’t stop there! Because if you carry on to read Q5:33…

    “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah (does that include ignoring him?) and His messenger (does that include drawing him?) and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land (other options include just laughing at them or debating them). Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom; ” Q5:33

    The reason this is so worrying is that it gets thrown around quite a lot to defend the Koran … but we/they forget to turn the page and have that other awkward discussion after Q5:32 …


  18. Englands Dreaming says:

    Probably not going to be reported by the BBC
    Lithunian President saying that No deal better than extending A50 and that EU would very quickly come to a new arrangement with UK.

    Meanwhile the Beeb peddles the Irish PMs fantasy that the UK couldnt conclude trade deals unless Irish border issue solved first


  19. Dover Sentry says:

    Assuming we leave the EU as per Brexit in March, may we also assume that the BBC will continue it’s anti-Brexit bias?

    The BBC will now find fault with ‘Life-After-Brexit’ and seek another Referendum to return the BBC and their friends to the welcoming EU.

    The EU will make an offer that we can return whenever we want for a one off administration fee of only £123 billion. This will be acceptable to the BBC and their friends.

    May will still be PM and will urge the acceptance of this offer ‘In the Best Interests of the British People’. After all, ‘Brexit Means Brexit’.

    Rinse and repeat…


    • honestus says:

      whatever the outcome of the ‘exiting of the EU’ issue, things have changed forever in the minds of much of the UK electorate.
      What was once suspected – that the media can and often does take sides – is now proven fact.
      That the national broadcaster is more guilty of this than many of its independent brethren is also beyond doubt.
      That our government, in both houses, treat our views with disdain and only carry out our wishes under any electoral process if they are in keeping with their own. The veneer of accountability of our elected representatives has all but been destroyed by their self interest, narrow political point scoring and a slavish yearning to continue on the road to becoming a EU federal Department.
      Whatever else happens, these things will still be true.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        I have just emailed your comment to my (remain) MP.
        Asking for his comments.


  20. davylars says:

    The Telegraph 23 January
    Fiona Bruce advised to protect herself from online hate as she falls victim to vile Momentum posts
    One Momentum supporter backing the petition suggests she should be “prosecuted for slander” while another recommends switching to Al Jazeera “for impartial, honest journalism”.
    Summing up the mood, another critic adds: “The BBC is a nefarious tool of the right wing elitist establishment. It is a shill for Tory Zionist Racist Lies and Fake News … probably linked to un-democratic corrupt organisations such as MI5 Mossad and is run by Zionist bad-actors.”.


  21. Sluff says:

    Its the World Economic Forum in Davos.
    Guess what?
    All the big business represented dont want Brexit.
    But who said people who voted Leave did so for economic reasons?
    Lets turn it around.
    What do Remainers want ?
    A European army ?
    A United States of Europe ?
    Even more power passing to Brussels?
    Even higher annual payments?
    A loss of the Thatcher rebate?

    It’s not about the economy, it’s about self-determination.
    An angle the BBC are avoiding at all costs.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      I have yet to understand why 80% of MPs and the BBC are so in favour of the EU. Would we join now?

      It defies all logic.


  22. MarkyMark says:

    “On Thursday, a small number of failed asylum seekers, who landed on UK shores in October, were sent back to France.”

    “a small number” – HOW MANY? A small number is terrible reporting.



    • Kaiser says:

      the dictionary is quite clear


      1.of a size that is less than normal or usual.

      2.insignificant; unimportant.

      synonyms: slight, minor, unimportant, trifling, trivial, insignificant, inconsequential, inappreciable, inconsiderable, negligible, nugatory, paltry, infinitesimal;


    • Captain Panick says:

      MarkyMark, that link contains the following paragraph that shows BBC real reporting skills.

      ‘Last week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron signed the Sandhurst Treaty which committed them to reducing the time taken to process migrants.’

      LAST WEEK! Or as it is better known, the 18th of January 2018. Try over a year ago idiots.


      • taffman says:

        Captain Panick
        Sounds like they are trying a damage limiting exercise to me ?
        Forgive the pun, but they could be in a ‘panick’ to cover up ?


    • Banania says:



  23. Sluff says:

    Venezuela is getting a lot of coverage.
    We get the poverty angle, the emigration, the political crisis. Blah, blah, blah.
    But have you noticed the lengths the BBC go to in order not to mention the Root Cause of the situation.
    Which is the abject, utter, total failure of Socialism.


  24. Lucy Pevensey says:

    The BBC is considering Brussels as the location for a new headquarters after Brexit to allow the corporation to continue to broadcast across the EU.

    Belgium’s prime minister, Charles Michel, has disclosed that he held discussions on the possibility in Davos with the BBC’s director-general, Tony Hall.

    No doubt these BBC racketeers think they have a right to use UK licence payers money to foot the bill for these new digs.


  25. StewGreen says:

    Save the Children a scandal hit charity
    – scandals in its offices with sleazy Brendan Cox and his boss
    – scandals in the field , with its operatives having sex with under age girls and prostitutes etc..even sex for aid
    Well its boss a Mrs Kinnock wife of Stephen, has been lecturing corps about “BUILDING TRUST”

    Second thing is , who the hell thinks throwing a list of buzzwords out helps build trust ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh my mistake it was OXfam with the aid worker staff interested in young girls
      ..but there is a lot of crossover between these charities.


  26. Kaiser says:

    Tommy Robinson getting a lot of mentions on QT tonight, no such thing as bad publicity?


  27. Kaiser says:

    this could have been a great story if they had just played along



    • honestus says:

      K, I listen to many phone ins, particularly during the last couple of years and the ‘ringers’ are abundant and in many cases obvious. A particular and almost sinister form of propagandising and mostly utilised by left leaning commentators on shows run by left leaning presenters – all egos suitably massaged.


  28. StewGreen says:

    8pm Tonight BBC2’s #BackInTimeForSchool did the 60’s
    My mother was watching it.
    Guess, was it real history or was it BBC NPC rewriting of history ?

    There were falsehoods
    – “in the 60’s there were no dinner ladies, instead lead pupils would ladle out the food”
    – Misrepresntation “In the 60’s boys had carpetary and girls had domestic science”
    FFS I went to school in the 1980’s and it was like that.
    but the strange thing was the BBC’s commitment to race baiting
    so we had a largely white class, with a token black boy and a couple of extra BAME.
    But in the last 10 mins they had a segment on Enoch Powell and on how terrible the racial hatred was.
    The pensioners around here disagreed. I was typical in this area to have one or two non whites in each large factory and in general everyone was respected as much as anyone else was.. one of that “No blacks , no Irish, no dogs, ” signs etc.

    \\ Showing a tiny snippet of Powell’s speech , being told people were racist then asking for views…that basically have to be PC & liberal. That’s not a debate or open discussion. It’s agenda driven . //

    Also the prog had strange segments
    I don’t think that British schools had nuclear drills and driving lessons for 15/16 year olds.

    We saw pupils taught with overhead projectors
    surely they didn’t come in in the 60s, it seemed new in the 80’s

    In another segment the girls had to cook for a male teacher playing the role of a husband.


    • taffman says:

      As usual, it sounds like a lot of male bovine excrement to me.
      Why do you pay for it ?


  29. taffman says:

    I notice just now on my screen that pound £GB has shot up to 1.1561 Euro ?
    If it had dropped to the same extent it would have been reported immediately by Al Beeb.
    Am I missing something or perhaps Beeboids don’t work shifts like the rest of the workers on the world stock markets ?


  30. taffman says:

    Is Soros running Davos et Al Beeb ?


  31. taffman says:

    \\Queen makes plea for Britons to find ‘common ground’//
    Common ground ?
    The most common vote was to leave the EU.
    Parliament has left her people and the democracy of her nation down.
    A message from the grave to Parliament ..”In the name of God, go!”


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Hoity toity, namby pamby, fannying about!
      Elizabeth the 1st knew she had to stand up up to Spain. Her I admire. Some royal backbone on behalf of the people is a bit overdue at this late stage.


      • taffman says:

        Lucy Pevensey
        Good Queen Bess and I believe our present Queen Elizabeth, God bless her, is on our side.
        She knows from her past experience with Europe and WW2.


        • theisland says:

          Whatever her true intention, it is clear that the remainers are spinning the “common ground” quote in their favour.


  32. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Push for more generous EU no-deal offer”
    Too blinking right !
    Just think of how the European tourism trade will suffer if they mess
    us about. France, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, etc.
    Squeaky bum time in the EU and our government just don’t know how to exploit it .


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      “our government just don’t know how to exploit it .”
      Or don’t want to.


      • taffman says:

        “Don’t want to.”
        That’s why they have been kicking the can down the road for two and a half years.
        And the common people of the nation know this.


  33. Nibor says:

    I’m thinking of making a new channel particularly aimed at older folk .
    It will be chanel 1066 , 1685 , 1215 or something like that . Or just given a name like channel Coffin Dodgers , chanel Bigot and Brexit , channel Leave . But not channel Leave the EU but channel Leave the Earth and Get Out Of The Way .

    This will be a channel not dedicated to what old folk want but give a new aspect on the way they are deluded by a bus or something .
    Starting at 9.30 am , when they finally get up because the house has warmed up .
    9.30 . Morning Service with a lecture by a religious fellow who can instil fear into them for small c conservative views .
    10.30 . The World Today which shows how out of touch they are with modern thinking and gadgets .
    12.30 . News
    1.00 . Pebble Mill with guests which infer old people should take a back seat in politics .
    1400hrs . Start using twenty four hour clock to unsettle the old dears .
    1435 . Weather . Using centigrade only , except at one point when a deliberate mistake is made and the weather girl says ” it will be 12 Celsius that’s 14 Fahrenheit ” so the befuddled old timers turn their heating on full and half cook themselves .
    15.30 . Old black and white film for relaxation .
    17.00 . Trip Down Memory Lane . How milk was adulterated by capitalists and babies died .
    18.00 .News . Latest Brexit scare . How all doctors and nurses will leave the UK ( although foreign patients won’t ) .
    19.00 . Analysis . Why old people mean open borders are necessary .
    19.30 . Another old film to keep the spirits up .
    20.00 technical breakdown , normal service will be resumed .
    20.05 Have You Paid Your Licence Fee ? A brief two hour programme about the virtues of the 1920s way of paying for the channel .
    22.17 God Save The Queenand the small dot thing .

    01.30 . Can’t sleep so a celebrity you think you should know tells you how to vote in a second referendum .

    0400 . Got up again for a relief . Trump and Brexit bad documentary .

    06.00 some lefty comedian insults you .

    09.30 You still here ? If so you should vote Remain as thanks to God for another day .


    • Scroblene says:

      Excellent, Nibor!

      ‘And in another programme, not advertised, ‘How to open your house to illegal immigrants, with guest speaker, Yvette Cooper’.


      ‘Ken Clarke sings ‘Gems from the burial service’…


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Far too early in the day to be shouting at the radio again but …

    Caroline Spellman MP – apparently a former negotiator – had a nice chat with Tourette’s Robinson – uniterupted and unchallenged – as to why it is so great to take ‘no deal ‘ off the table .
    I’m not a negotiator but even I know if you do that you remove any power or advantage you have

    How much is soros paying these people to sell out our country for their greater Reich EU . Spellman relied on comments made by various business types hostile to brexit – nothing about the voters or the fact that getting free of the Reich EU is more than just about trade and business . People knew that when they voted for it . Not turrettes Robinson and the cursed BBC .

    By the way Spellman is in bed with jack dormie on this – I’m sure his wife – Hattie Harmon – defender of the paedophile information exchange PIE in her NCCL days – approves of this amendment for nect Tuesday .


  35. Non Snowflake says:

    Another prick in the wall.



  36. JamesArthur says:

    R4 French Prime minister.. Monsieur EU
    He wants a fortress Europe, a Peaceful Empire (yes an Empire), a strong economy and safe borders ( thought that’s what the EU was supposed to be).
    To protect against China and the USA.. So is this Make Europe Great again – the thing they slag President T off about


  37. Beeb Brother says:

    Thought of the Day on Toady is a rabbi saying that unless we report hate speech on social there will be another holocaust, as the holocaust began with people saying unpleasant things. These guys are beyond parody.

    I imagine all the abuse Brexit voters have had to endure is ok though because we are sub human.


  38. AsISeeIt says:

    Kicking ass & taking names

    The BBC Breakfast TV show loves to air a cause for concern – so long as it stays ‘on side’ and fits certain narrow BBC agenda guidelines.

    This morning we tackle the abuse of referees in amateur football.

    Our BBC air this disturbing video

    You Tube label it as “Amateur referee attacked by players in London Turkish Cup” but the BBC is institutionally loath to give any detail whatsoever as to the identity of those involved.

    Instead the BBC welcomes as a guest a female referee who has a sad tale of abuse she claims she suffered at an under 17 boys match.

    The incident sounded relatively mild but it made her “cry”. One wonders if she is really cut out to officiate male team sports.

    So the video evidence of foreign migrant violence in London is used to illustrate a different but favoured BBC narrative of male violence targeted at women.

    Toxic masculinity.

    Red Card for bias


  39. AsISeeIt says:

    Put a cork in it BBC

    The lanky BBC reporter Ben Thompson is touring Britain and looking for Brexit non-stories with which to alarm us.

    He actually mentions the phrase ‘ifs, buts and maybes’

    In fact the item is an excuse for a Remain-sounding Scottish business advocate to bemoan the national democratic choice of exit. This bloke wants x thousand cheap workers by 20xx – so in reality he is not talking about the EU per se but about keeping the UK borders open to the world’s poorer nations.

    At a Scotch whisky distillery our Ben chats with a producer who reassures the BBC man that all his ingredients are locally sourced – although his corks do come from Portugal – aaagggghhhh – what if Brexit leads to corkless malt liqour!!!! Quick reverse Brexit!


    • Guest Who says:

      In the bbc morning propaganda email Bbc Royal Toady Nic Witchell reckons Madge was sending a message the bbc approves of.


      The unexpected secrets of laughter

      US President Donald Trump was greeted with laughter in September when he told the UN that he had accomplished more than “almost any administration” in his country’s history. Mr Trump admitted that he “didn’t expect” that reaction – but that it was “just fine”.

      It was one example of the many reasons people laugh – and most of them are not because somebody is being particularly funny. Laughter is primarily a form of bonding. We are 30 times more likely to laugh if we are with others than if we are alone.

      Prof Sophie Scott
      University College London

      Interesting example from our Soph, who sounds a laugh and a half herself. Bet she was in a puddle of tears when Ed sunk his teeth into that sarnie or unveiled the monument to his career end.

      I wonder which side of the lecture hall she is required to sit if Nish does a guest lecture?


      • honestus says:

        Exception to the rule. I often laugh on my own, from small chuckles to out and out guffaws, but then I am often flicking over to LBC (O’Brien and Forgaty) who out bias the BBBC – on occasion.


  40. Cassandra says:

    These are real tweets by Chloe Angyel, the former deputy ‘opinion editor’ for the right on, Huffington Post. Please read with the compassion and sympathy they deserve. I do hope nothing like this befalls anyone at the BBC.



    • lojolondon says:

      Fantastic post – you brightened my whole morning! Wonder what it is like to be a talented white male journalist, consistently, deliberately and proudly discriminated against by left-wing publications.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s the unintended consequence of a msm with just one world view —a saturated market with state broadcasters immune from cold winds . Drain the swamp .
      Did that lady really get a phd from the university of the Falkland isles in … romantic comedy ?

      Wonder how many times you have to watch “ when sally met harry”


      • Fedup2 says:

        Perhaps we could put up a separate thread for unemployed snowflake journos looking for a safe perch . Hope it would be very busy…


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Bet the BBC HR dept was on the phone in a heartbeat !


    • Roland Deschain says:

      She hasn’t much hope if she’s having to compete for employment with talented and lovely journalists as well.

      And what’s a literal PHD? Better than an imaginary one?


  41. Guest Who says:

    Seems there is at least one ‘billionaire philanthropist’ who the bbc is happy to do PR for.



    • MartinW says:

      Well, there’s always a first – and the first for me is that I agree with Soros (though probably for a different reason)! Xi Jinping is the most repressive leader since Mao, and has made himself President for Life. For example, after some relaxation in the law in the previous regime, Christians are now being severely repressed and have much to fear.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        Xi Jinping is being impartial, even handed, neutral, just like the BBC.
        The PRC is also persecuting Muslims.


  42. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Breaking news from Francis O’Grady who wants to keep bringing in cheap immigrant labour to replace her British union workers.

    In future negotiations, we will remove any option to strike or withdraw labour off the table and we will then accept whatever deal the bosses put to us.
    She then crashed out and went over a cliff edge. (She left the room)
    The remoaners and the bbbc must be running out of hyperbole with all this crashing about, catastrophe and crisis they keep repeating.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘Francis O’Grady who wants to keep bringing in cheap immigrant labour to replace her British union workers’

      TUC boss advocating for cheap labour – the world really is turned upside down.

      Yesterday the BBC treated us to a Norman Smith interview with Len McCluskey who, besides telling us Corbyn looked “statemanlike” and “a PM in waiting” insisted (straight-faced) that he, Red Len, “spoke for 1,000s of businesses”

      Animal Farm [1945] “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”


  43. Guest Who says:

    What were they thinking? 😉


    • honestus says:

      Grandiose sense of self-importance
      • Fantasies of success and power
      • Believe self to be special and unique
      • Requires excessive admiration
      Is narcissism on the rise?
      Not sure but I intend to phone in to James O’brain as soon as poss and ask him.


  44. Guest Who says:

    Warning: some still think the bbc may use terminology to suit the bbc narrative rather than impartiality.


  45. LastChanceSaloon says:

    2019-01-24 18:54 Guardian Opinion
    “Philip Hammond urges business leaders to accept Brexit result”
    Another traitor who wants to live at #10.

    “Speaking in Davos, chancellor says changes such as end to free movement are on the way”
    Hammond still speaking with forked tongue.

    “Not leaving would be a betrayal, but leaving without a deal would also be a betrayal.”

    Followed by approvals for Richard Harrington, Greg Clark, Amber Rudd, Mark Carney.
    Still a traitor, head on pole, ASAP.


  46. StewGreen says:

    BBC Radio Humberside is discussing “the increase in sex and violence on TV with Brian Rudd of Lincoln University”
    presenter says too much of both, people agree


    • StewGreen says:

      That media expert claim yeh it’s all about the TV trying to compete with Netflix.
      (His own last tweet was a shouty sweary one at a Trump supporter)

      They did a vox pop ..and people once again said they don’t watch the news.

      Half the callers said “There’s an off switch”


  47. Guest Who says:

    Bbc question as a headline inviting you to ‘judge for yourself’ a quote the bbc has chosen from a bloke the bbc has chosen on a topic the bbc has chosen.