Start the Week Open Thread 14 January 2019

So this is the week that the can stops being kicked down the road . It will be difficult for the BBC to spin events without looking wholly biased to the general public and not just users of this and similar blogs .

My tip – buy popcorn and wear a seat belt.

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505 Responses to Start the Week Open Thread 14 January 2019

  1. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Nairobi DusitD2 hotel attacked by suspected militants””

    “”Gunfire and blasts were heard at the compound in the Westlands district of the Kenyan capital, which houses the DusitD2 hotel as well as offices.””

    There the BBC go again!

    Militants, insurgents, mental-healthists….


    • StewGreen says:

      “Several terrorists, including at least 1 suicide bomber have killed 7 people so far”
      ” The attack is ongoing and expected to continue into the night (local)”

      The NYT is getting stick for publishing photos of dead bodies.
      Someone apologised
      ..someone else pointed out the photos are stillup.


  2. JimS says:

    Jeremy Vine promised us that Jacob Rees-Mogg would explain ‘No Deal’ to us. Unfortunately that stupid woman from Hereford was on again. Her sole argument seems to be that ‘someone’ once came up to her stall in Hereford and said they had changed their mind re. Brexit therefore we all must vote again. Her ‘debating’ tactic is to talk all over the opposition, pretty simple with the feckless Vine and gentleman Rees-Mogg up against her.

    That couldn’t possibly have been the intention could it?

    Later normal women with children discover that homosexual men and transgender ‘women’ have the right to ‘strut their stuff’ at Bath Leisure Centre. We used to talk about ‘The Battle Of The Sexes’ now it is ‘The War of The Weird’ – my depraved minority status trumps (oops) your depraved minority status. As Anna says, “Suck it up” girls.


    • StewGreen says:

      She’s Polly Ernest …. Steve Bray’s sidekick her Twitter profile is @RemainingKind
      “PorkPieProtestor #StopBrexit #FBPE #Sodem”
      “Activist at Sodem”

      I suggest she is reflection of James Goddard
      So to achieve balance next week Vine should have James Goddard on his show.

      BTW first thing I see on Twitter is someone saying Polly plays dirty by doxxing people risking their jobs.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Reasons still used to stop brexit ( courtesy Anna Sourby

    1. It was too complicated
    2 theyre all bigots
    3 they don’t like foreigners
    4 they don’t like non whites
    5 they’re too old
    6. The young didn’t get a chance to vote
    7 the old are dying
    8 they need to vote again
    9 the out campaign lied
    10 putin
    11 it’s gonna be bad after we leave
    12 uncertainty
    13 let’s be nice to ReichEU citizens
    14 national security – maybe
    15 it’s just nasty
    16 Scots voted for it
    17 some northern Irish voted for it .
    18 ReichEU people are nice
    19.the Blessed NHS won’t be as good ( joke )
    20 it might be a bit harder to travel
    21 there will be shortages of everything
    22 the Irish might get upset

    I’ve left some out as I watch the air being wasted in the house of expense claims .

    So go away and vote again to get it right next time


    • Fedup2 says:

      There is more hyperbole in the speeches in parliament at the moment that has ever been seen.

      And lots of nonsenses about healing a divided country .


      • taffman says:

        Parliament is a circus full of clowns, out of touch with its people who have seen through their guise. I suspect that there will be a lot of MPs occupying very unstable seats after this evening .
        Democracy is it stake. Unfortunately Mrs Chamberlain’s heart is with the EU.
        Walk away with no deal – WTO.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I disagree – there arnt many of those self serving creatures who could raise a laugh the way a clown could .

          Watching some of the short speeches by all sides and types – one has difficulty guessing how some of these characters got their jobs .


          • taffman says:

            “one has difficulty guessing how some of these characters got their jobs” . ?
            Complacency and lack of interest in politics by the people of this nation.
            Political cliques pushing their favourites forward for selection as candidates.
            Favourites who a career politicians that have never done a real job in the real world. Just like Al Beeb’s employees.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Be careful if you ever high five a bbc reporter.


  5. taffman says:

    Al Beeb ………………”Tulse Hill station: Man with machete Tasered”
    Another one of those “men” with mental issues ?


  6. StewGreen says:

    BBC1 22:45pm the BBC rule that on negative topics it’s preferable to show images of white straight men
    So this prog on Sexual Harassment is summed up by picturing a white looking couple
    .. The prog maker Ben Zand’s previous doco was him try to find evidence that Kanye West is a sex abuser, presumably cos Kanye is a high profile black Trump supporter.
    R Kelly is the actual known black sex abuser and the metrolib media knew for 10 years but didn’t speak up.


  7. Guest Who says:

    As much as the BBC has TDS in an obsessively negative way, now that Barry is gone they have JDS swooningly bad too.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Local news I just keep turning the volume down
    cos I don’t need a running commentary of the lib-establishment cheating us out of PROPER Brexit.
    In real life the bullies and cheats often win … unlike in a fairy story.


  9. Dystopian says:

    May on live bbc ‘news’ channel saying that a second referendum would include the option of no Brexit.


  10. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    The Header for this thread states ‘So this is the week the can stops being kicked down the road’. I really wish it is because I’m weary of it all.

    We’ve had two years of of our hopeless politicians pretending to deliver Brexit, all the while doing their damndest to keep us in, by hook or by crook.

    Now, I never had high hopes we could ever properly escape – too many vested interests, but a clean break – WTO rules etc might have been a small step on the road to recovery for the nation. But alas, our MPs obviously prefer to have foreign civil servants doing the job they are paid for.

    So my hopes of the EU collapse will have to wait until another country implodes into chaos and civil war, or Italy and the Visegrad countries rebel, Deutsche Bank goes belly up etc.

    The small crumb of comfort is that the Conservative Party will be out of office for ages (hooray), Labour will then be elected and mess everything up for everyone (boo!).

    Maybe a period of anarchy is what we need to wake people up.

    Could we then finally get a coalition of UKIP and those smaller parties (eg For Britain), and the tiny % of ‘real’ tories who might hopefully just stop squabbling so we have something viable to vote for?

    I’d rather not have military/martial law, but still slightly preferable to having Lib/Lab/Con killing off all our hopes for the future by following the diktats coming out of Berlin.


    • taffman says:

      “military/martial law ” May just be a better way of running the country than the circus of clowns we have running it now .
      At least our borders will be secure?


  11. Dystopian says:

    When Laura Keunsberg is praising the “deal” that convinces me we are not leaving in any sense of the word.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Sounds bad. But… on the topic of cutting the works of folk not just accused of, but confirmed as indulging in dodgy behaviour may be a precedent the lasses at Newsnight have not fully thought through.


  13. Dystopian says:

    Forgive my ignorance but why has Corbyn “not moved” on his amendment?


  14. Guest Who says:

    As one (of many) blocked by Jez, I am hoping reposting here may shed some light…


    • Dover Sentry says:

      #CCBGB 😉


    • G.W.F. says:

      Perhaps we should have a vote to remove PoCs like Jamalia from the media whose knowledge of democracy is incompatible with democracy in a civilised country.


      • Scroblene says:

        What a silly bitch she is.

        I think I’ll vote to get her exported to Romania or somewhere where she will be told to shut the fuck up.

        What absollute bollocks on the TV these days.


    • vlad says:

      Maybe people of lower IQ shouldn’t get the vote either.


  15. Fedup2 says:

    There was annoying SNP MP ( arnt they all ) called Tasmina Ahmed Sheihk . She was one of those ‘ on tap ‘ lefties the BBC loved to put on the screen. Non white – non male – non English ( I’m assuming she doesn’t play for the other side cos she has 4 kids .

    Ms Sheihk is in a legal practice with Alex Salmon .

    Any way – my point ?

    She is subject to prosecution for breach of trust .

    My second point ?

    This lady was all over the BBC whilst she had her seat . Now she disappears after being beaten in an election Scotland by a Conservative .


  16. StewGreen says:

    Another of the Yellow Vests has been arrested
    ” now the police have just arrested Danny Tommo”
    dunno owt about him ..Of course it was all livestreamed so it will be on Facebook



  17. taffman says:

    202 to 432 ! Wow !
    Back to the drawing board after two and a half years. Will we get a new PM ?
    Over to Al Beeb …………….


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tricky if a Tory PM has to go back to Brussels to have another go at the drunks . Personally I’ve got a couple of quid on David David at 12/1 so that’s my bet .

      The next big issue is how many torries abstain from supporting their own party in government .


  18. Dystopian says:



  19. Fedup2 says:

    Corbyn motion of no confidence to be considered Wednesday .


  20. G.W.F. says:

    I saw Treezer’s reaction to Jezza’s speech. I’m no fan of Jezza, but I do believe she could not understand him.
    My point is that she is so thick that she does not know what is happening – just a puppet who says what she is told to say.


  21. Guest Who says:

    Not bbc, but an alumnus.


  22. fakenewswatcher says:

    Point one of the Merkel book of principles: I’m in, I stay. Regardless.
    I will leave when I feel like it, not a minute sooner.
    I shall call this ‘without alternative’.
    Does today look like May has thoroughly absorbed that principle?
    I’d say – yes.
    Difference: She calls this ‘in the national interest’.
    It’s not about going back to Brussels, talking to parliamentarians, or anything else.
    Just shows what a huge diversity one is confronted by in politics.


  23. Dystopian says:

    According to Andrew Neil, Brussels have just said again that they will not reopen the negotiations. It’s time to stick two fingers up and walk away from their arrogance.


  24. Dystopian says:

    Junkner; “The risk of a disorderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom has increased with this evenings vote”


  25. fakenewswatcher says:

    Where did the beeb dig up Ash Sharkar, quoter of Lenin? Who is she?
    Thought after 1989 Lenin was out of fashion…


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Bloody marvellous . Monitoring the BBC commentary – only they could have alistair Campbell on and then be replaced by mandelson — leave it 15 minutes and bliar will turn up –


  27. Dystopian says:

    BBC really disappointed that DUP will support the government tomorrow


  28. Thoughtful says:

    The Tory party is rotten to its core. On every single issue when it might have acted to make Britain better for them they bottled it. In fact aside from Mays inept Brexit neogtiations can you name a single major policy her government has enacted, or the ambitions she might have had post Brexit?
    The dearth of vision of the Tories just about sums their party up, power for powers sake whilst not having a clue what to do once they got it.

    For all the appalling things BLiar did to this country, he and his party knew what they wanted to do, and they enacted it with determination and efficiency.
    The Tories have proved themselves incapable of running a whelk stall.
    They could have made the BBC independant, could have replaced the speaker, could have taken us out of the human rights act, all things which were in their own interests, yet they found the job of government too difficult for them

    And so now I hope that Jeremy Corbyn wins his no confidence motion, and I hope he is elected and the whole rotten Tory party is left to flounder in opposition until it rids itself of the posh entitled no marks whose opinion of themselves is far too high. I hope Corbyn brings in a wealth tax so that the ones who have betrayed us – like the Tory party chair, who opened a warehouse in a high uemployment area and filled the place with Polish workers with the job illegally afvertised only in Poland, are made to pay the price of their greed arrogance and incompetence.


    • JimS says:

      Perhaps all those years of BBC agenda have had an effect?

      Cameron saw himself as the second coming of Blair and May didn’t want to be seen as of ‘the nasty party’ .

      Leaders set their own agenda, all of our main parties have reacted to the BBC’s agenda, i.e. they have fought on the battleground of the BBC’s choosing. A good general determines how and when to fight and doesn’t give that advantage to the enemy.

      I don’t believe in the left/right model of politics but it is still in common use and one reason why is because it has been claimed by ‘the left’ and they are ‘good’, so everyone else is stuck with declaring that they are not ‘of the right’, i.e. ‘bad’, they have to explain what they are not, not what they are.

      We see this with the BBC’s ‘getting it just about right’, the complaints from ‘both sides’. One side says ‘you never say anything good about us’, the other side says ‘you don’t push our message hard enough’. It isn’t argument ‘A’ against argument ‘B’, it is to what extent argument ‘A’ should be promoted.

      We have got the parties and the politicians that the BBC thinks we deserve.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    118 conservative MPs voted against the sell out . Hopefully 508 pages of toilet paper now .

    72 days left . Can only hope that both Tory and labour are so disorganised that it will be too late to do anything but leave .

    The BBC will be frantic .


  30. StewGreen says:

    I don’t understand why anyone watches national TV news on a normal day
    It’s all agenda pushing , so the more you watch the more disinformed you are.

    But today especially, the result of the vote was never going to be anything other than against
    It’s what happens next that counts
    What was all that “Here’s a rubbish deal, take it or leave it” BS ?’s like a mugging


    • Fedup2 says:

      I don’t know what the viewing figures are for national news but I don’t especially watch it and never the local news which in London is normally –

      1 black kid stabbed who was a promising footballer

      2 a story about nice Muslims

      3 appeal to find somebody white who said something to a non white on a bus/tube

      4 something good about cyclists

      5 an anniversary of somebody black

      6 the emir of Londonistan saying something about
      How great the ReichEU is

      And now the weather with some pictures taken by a ‘viewer’


  31. Dystopian says:

    Typical BBC claiming this as a victory for remain and showing crowds of them celebrating outside parliament.


  32. fakenewswatcher says:

    Thoughtful – I understand your sentiments entirely. As to your solution, I close my eyes and see:
    Diane Abbott running the Home Office. That gonna be a big wind rushing.
    Emily Thornberry running the F.O. But not on behalf of white van man.
    Or white anything really…
    John McD. running the Treasury. Actually, that should be fun to watch…
    And dear old Jeremy. How long will he last, I wonder? A lot of lean and hungry men (and women) about.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      Fnw – I think Thoughtful is absolutely correct in his assessment. What is the point of a ‘Conservative’ Party that can’t conserve a damn thing except their entitlement to first place at the trough?

      They never even bothered to feign doing anything serious about immigration, or crime, welfare, state borrowing and signed up for every ridiculous lefty cause as much as Labour would have. The fact that they left the BBC well alone speaks volumes.

      I never voted for them but they betrayed us by pretending to have ordinary people’s interests at heart. Then there’s the Brexit shambles. It’s unforgivable and I don’t care that Corbyn’s idiots will probably form the next Government. They probably won’t last long.

      As for people like Soubry (and other worthless remainers), whingeing about being called a nazi or whatever – I think they could do with a dose of direct street politics to shock them into staying at home, they should be shamed and made ashamed instead of constantly being on the telly telling us we’re all bigots who didn’t know what we voted for.

      The reality is that 95+ % of politicians seem to be signed up to making the lives of most ordinary hard working citizens worse, whilst enriching themselves in the bargain.

      The general public must wake up and get these terrible people voted out, if only that we never see their snivelling lying faces on the telly again!

      The kid gloves must come off, no more Mr Nice Guy in dealing with these traitorous scumbags.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Imay – I don’t disagree with either you or Thoughtful. How we ever got an incompetent loser like May as PM I will never know.
        Perhaps the superficial nature of our society and politics is to blame? If you think about it carefully, the gimmicky and deceitful ‘people’s vote’ concept is so laughable, it defies belief. But it is taken seriously, and that alone, speaks volumes.
        However, in my disgust at May and the time she has wasted in ‘the national interest’ (i.e. in her own interest), I have no desire to leap from the frying pan into the fire. Actions have consequences.
        How would Labour handle the EU negotiations? It will be back into the full embrace…
        There always was only one way to handle this: you walk away and leave the Ollie Robbinses of this world to sort out the mess left behind, under supervision of the cabinet. The minute you try doing a ‘deal’ , you’ve admitted you’re not really a sovereign actor in the first place, and they will crush you. “Please sir, may I leave the room?” will get you nowhere.
        Of course it will hurt a lot of people. It’s about power and money. That means it’s war, and people get hurt in war. Don’t be deceived because there are no bombs dropping…
        Regrettably, punishing the Tories by putting Labour in, won’t change that. Tony Blair had goals and was competent. The consequences are a disaster.
        There is only ‘no deal’ or EU membership. We await a politician who has the gumption to walk.


  33. Dystopian says:

    Chuka Spear on bbc pushing for extension to a50 and a “people’s vote” must have been cats and dogs voting in the last referendum not people!


  34. Dystopian says:

    My god they are rolling them all out tonight aren’t they. Vince cable up next!


    • Fedup2 says:

      There’s an FA cup replay going on – far more interesting than old cable gabbling on . When someone called Jamelia gets power he won’t be able to vote .
      And on her mad logic anyone over 65 won’t be able to vote “ as they’ll be dead soon “ .

      She must have great faith that she is not high on the list of the Grim Reaper.


  35. deegee says:

    Inside the hidden world of Britain’s Hasidic ultra-Orthodox Jews Am I being pedantic for pointing out that all Hasids are ulta Orthodox but not all ultra Orthodox are Hasids?


  36. Thoughtful says:

    The incompetent appeaser allegedly leading the Tories has tonight had her negotiation held to account. This was the same deal she has been pushing ever since Chequers, and threatening her ministers, many of whom resigned in disgust.
    We can theoretically hold May and her government to some weak kind of account, however this deal was not negotiated by the cabinet, nor the Brexit secretary who resigned in disgust. May sidelined all elected members and asked senior civil servant Olliver Robbins to conduct the negotiation.

    How does anyone hold Mr Robbins to account, and how can this deal be anywhere close to democratic when it was not negotiated by elected representatives?

    Is the Tory party so inept that there was not one single MP up to the job of negotiating this deal ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      It was quite an achievement by robbins to put together a sell out document that upset 2 thirds of the House of Commons . He ll get his knighthood after being sacked I suppose .


  37. Fedup2 says:

    It dawned on me that many remain MPs use age as a weapon against brexit . A leading remain MP is 78 – ken Clarke – soubry is 62 …. so on their logic their decisions will have long term effects on the young after they have started pushing up daisies …


  38. Guest Who says:

    And here was me thinking… well, ‘news’.


  39. TrueToo says:

    These brain-damaged lefty ‘liberals’ object to the elderly voting since they will be dead soon?

    I guess they can’t grasp the simple fact that the elderly bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge to the voting booth.

    One measure of a society is how it treats it’s elderly. I really would not want to grow old in a society dominated by hysterical lefty ideologues.


    • StewGreen says:

      Em “Grandad you fought wars and spent a lifetime serving the country, now shut up” …say Leftylib Lalaland


  40. StewGreen says:

    \\ The BBC profile Honduran migrant caravan members prior to setting out – anonymous authors – nobody seems to want the byline – on the front page even..//

    actually I spot the writer’s name buried halfway down the page in the text