Start the Week Open Thread 14 January 2019

So this is the week that the can stops being kicked down the road . It will be difficult for the BBC to spin events without looking wholly biased to the general public and not just users of this and similar blogs .

My tip – buy popcorn and wear a seat belt.

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  1. Peter Grimes says:

    From Tugly and Drunker’s joint FU letter –

    “Given our joint commitment to using best endeavours to conclude before the end of 2020 a subsequent agreement, which supersedes the Protocol in whole or in part…”

    So why don’t we just leave on 29 March, invoke Clause 24 of the WTO treaty allowing us to trade on existing no tariff terms for 2 years and save ourselves £39 billion (well at least £70 given we will undoubtedly be charged extra under the transition agreement) whilst negotiating an FTA ?


  2. notinmyname says:

    Always suspicious now when websites that don’t report The Establishment as they wish to be reported suddenly go offline.
    “order order” is showing Bad Gateway 502, just as more Project Fear garbage is being pumped out and routinely ridiculed there….


  3. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On the news now.
    The pound is up against the euro because Brexit looks like it might be delayed.

    I think I’ll have a cup of tea now (despite Brexit and Trump)
    I’ll just crash out of the sitting room and go over the cliff edge into the kitchen.

    When you think about it, the eu and our traitors can keep getting ‘extensions’ as long as they decide to draw it out.
    That means extend it until they can bin it.

    I sincerely hope the politicians get what they deserve.


  4. Roland Deschain says:

    Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.


  5. LastChanceSaloon says:
    Recommended by me.
    Comments also worth reading, especially one from Paul Parmenter near the top,


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I hope it means that millions of Remainers are planning to travel to Beachy Head on the 29th March.


  6. G says:

    For me, the best outcome for tommorow would be that, Treason May’s plan fails miserably and soon after, she declares the country will withdraw our Article 50 notice. Then, let the anger and rage begin. Soon after a General Election? Yes, personally I would vote for anybody other than any regular Conservative/ Labour/Liberal candidate. Anybody, yes an anybody could make a better job of exiting the EU than this bunch of miscreant wasters. Drain the swamp.


    • G.W.F. says:

      I am quite happy to vote UKIP or anyone other than the three treacherous parties. But I do hope that the party called Elvis Loves Dogs stands again, as I voted for them last time.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      If article 50 is withdrawn, at the next GE I plan on spoiling my vote ( they’re counted) rather than not vote, I think writing NO BREXIT MY VOTE IS WORTH NOTHING on it will sum up my feelings


    • Fedup2 says:

      The conventional read of Tuesday is that the meaningless vote fails by about 200 votes . Corbyn goes for a ‘no confidence ‘ vote .

      Remainers like soubry and grieve abstain

      Corbyn wins the vote by an edge and we have a general election which labour wins. May will be gone but the damage is done .

      If that’s the way it does spin out Corbyn will withdraw A50 and either we ll still be in or he calls a ‘ People’s vote which this time includes overseas voters (@600000 remainers ) as well as dropping the voting age to 16 as part of a manifesto commitment .
      As I said in the preamble to this thread – popcorn time.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Please don’t say these things. I get visions of Abbott, Thornberry, Starmer, McDonnell etc running the show, and that brings on vomiting and diorrhea. Popcorn doesn’t come into it. Even the dog starts howling. So please…


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          What a state to be in… for one load of tossers, or another load….
          Hellfire, voter apathy has landed us with this?


        • Dystopian says:

          Maybe it’s what this country needs to make the pathetic lefty liberal idiots wake up and see what their beloved Labour/Momentum are really about.


          • thehoiman says:

            Nah, they’d still refuse to acknowledge their callowness, even as they’re dragged off to the gulag for being bourgeoisie.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I think the only way to really improve this country is to give it a dose of socialism and all that comes with it . People have forgotten how they behave . Time for a painful reminder .


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, the only problem with that GE scenario is that to get in, Labour would have to commit to a Brexit of a fairly strong sort. I don’t think they would win with a Manifesto pledge to scupper Brexit, much as the batch of Labour-next-leader contenders would like that to be in there.


      • Banania says:

        “Wins the vote by an edge”? Surely, after our referendum experience, that will not be allowed. The wishes of the losing minority must be incorporated into the result.


  7. DYKEVISIONS says:

    Wonderful line from the Guido Twitter feed about Brexit:-

    ‘Yes, we have tried ‘switching it off and on’

    then I realised it was about the ‘Russians’ who have spiked their website and is currently not working.


  8. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Fifty-five men arrested in West Yorkshire over child sex abuse””

    Quakers or Methodists?


    • taffman says:

      Those “men” again?


    • Dystopian says:

      What is going on? There must be some common denominator and it can’t be due to skin colour or race. What else could be compelling so many to behave like medieval barbaric savages from the 7th century?


  9. fakenewswatcher says:

    I had the misfortune of listening to ‘The Film Programme ‘ on R4 last night.
    Much time was spent on some ‘African-American’s’ new (and umpteenth) film about the ‘unprovoked’ shooting of the unarmed black boy, Trayvon, by some bad, white law enforcement bloke, some time ago.
    The Director, double-barreled surname, as always, was greatly encouraged and prodded by the beeb’s Antonia Quirke, to say how this was constantly happening, how bad the US police tactics were, etc etc.
    I think he managed to actually avoid saying the US was full of whites, rushing around shooting inoccent, unarmed blacks for no reason at all (and obviously, no chance of the reverse, even up for discussion), but this was implied in the usual, subtle fashion. (I recall weeks and weeks on ‘unarmed’ blacks being thus treated, on the beeb; no other option).
    Antonia Q. signed off, saying that this film, the title having ‘monster’ in it, if I remember correctly, was ‘highly recommended’.
    Good old beeb, always ON message….
    PS I looked it up: Hiding behind ‘Stan and Ollie’,if you look carefully, you will find -blessed with the gift of the gab- Reinaldo Marcus Green talking about ‘Monsters and Men’. I could hazard a guess at who the monsters in the title are, but I don’t want to spoil Antonia’s fun.


  10. Eighthdimension says:

    55 men arrested in Yorkshire on child abuse charges.
    In the Kirklees / Bradford area.

    No doubt the press will be banned from reporting on the trial.
    No doubt Tommy Robinson was right in everything he has said.
    No doubt they will all be of Pakistani origin.
    No doubt it will soon be forgotten like all the other cases.


  11. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On sky news just now.

    Sunderland mp Bridget Phillipson has been saying the voters in Sunderland are now 50:50 about Brexit and remain.
    She is telling lies.

    Sunderland echo. Monday 14 January….Today…

    She will not vote for the Brexit we want because her personal feelings are she wants to remain.
    Same as the other 2 Sunderland wimmin MPs.

    She also wants a second referendum with the question: May deal or no Brexit.

    Phillipson is actually my mp (I didn’t vote for her, I voted ukip) and I accept that I didn’t get what I voted for.
    Why can’t she accept our decision.


    • The Sage says:

      I actually think a No Deal/May’s Deal referendum is perfectly fine. After all we have already voted to Leave in a People’s Vote. But almost all second referendum people (and your MP) are not after this particular option.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      When the NE referendum results started to come in I was again reminded of the innate common sense and cussedness of the British working man when he becomes aware that he is being legged over!


  12. tarien says:

    Which way are the BBC going to vote, with a NO VOTE of confidence with the Prime Minister’s Bexit deal or unexpectedly support a NO DEAL EXIT or perhaps as susepected follow the hounds of Parliament’s traitors as they gather to shun so disgracefully the consensus of the majority that Voted OUT of the EU. Was almost sick when the name T. Blair was mentioned as one who would support taking over Parliament on this issue-yes I agree beggers belief- that man should be hounded out of the UK as in my bookhe is without doubt one of the worst traitors this nation has had to suffer in a 1000 yrs of our democracy and yet the BBC dared to mention this duplicitous little S……T. If what comes out of this mess necessitates either a New Referendum or an Election then frankly we may just as well take T May’s offer and be half in and half out !


  13. theisland says:

    DAVID STARKEY: Bercow and Grieve think they are political giants, but they represent all that’s rotten in this parliament of pygmies


  14. StewGreen says:

    Any Agenda pushing on Radio4 today ?
    #1 Riot Girls week ..special progs about women slotted into the schedule

    00:15 Thinking Allowed Migrants – Refugees
    1am- 5:20am BBC Radio 4 joins the BBC World Service – jam packed with agenda pushing
    05:45 Farming Today : Veganuary, a Spot of Psychology, Clean Air Strategy
    05:58 Sir David Attenborough presents a widely regarded symbol of Australia, the black swan
    06:00 Today – documented elsewhere
    09:00 Start the Week : climate dystopedia author John Lanchester
    09:45 Book of the Week ; What the two week serialisation of Malala’s book has ended ..when will she ever be on the BBC again ?
    Oh hangon
    10:00 Woman’s Hour :Malala Yousafzai and refugee stories
    10:45 How To Be A Woman : Caitlin Moran (who got pop star interviews by sleeping with them) narrates a new dramatisation of her bestselling comic memoir.
    11:00 The Untold : Min only wants to marry a Sikh with a turban
    12:04 Daily Lunchtime book : Washington Black is a young field-slave working on the British-owned Faith plantation in Barbados.
    12:20 You and Yours : presenter can’t believe burning wood accounts for more particulates than diesel
    13:45 The Jamaican slave rebellion that contributed to Britain’s abolition of slavery.
    (Yeh completely different from the 12:04 prog)
    14:15 drama by Ayeesha Menon : London, Saudi Arabia and Mumbai
    Sisters Jamila and Saira grew up in a very traditional Muslim village in India

    16:30 Brian Cox ‘s anti-science show includes Global warming nutter Lord Rees
    “talking about the biggest challenges facing humanity at the moment, and whether science offers the solution to some of these great problems, from Climate Change to the rise of AI”
    18:30 Daily Lefty comedian show
    19:15 Front Row : @OctavianEssie won @BBC’s #Soundof2019
    19:45 Caitlin Moran again
    20:00 Jim Naughtie examines BASHES the Trump presidency
    21:30 climate dystopedia again
    22:45 AGAIN : Washington Black is a young field-slaveWashington Black
    23:30 Today in Parliament Traitors’ House


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Stew – The bBc is, with the possible exception of local radio, ONE BIG AGENDA pushing exercise.
      Anything other is co-incidental and a bonus. So I was grateful to find on R4 last night ‘Something Understood’ on slowing down the pace of life. After the biased ‘Film Programme’, which went into (disguised) anti-white ecstacy, it was a relief. We had the poet RS Thomas, rather than some rapper. It usually is a balanced show, contemplative and philosophical, with good poetry/prose and pleasant music, although it too has its beeb moments. Compliments to producer and presenter for wonderful late night Sunday entertainment.
      Footnote: If you don’t agree with me that the Film programme was anti-white, try imagining Antonia Quirke (with Marcus Green) waxing lyrical about ‘Farmlands’, Lauren Southern’s coverage on the torture and brutal murder of thousands of white farmers in South Africa by…oh well, we musn’t say, must we? And Lauren, of course, wasn’t even allowed into Britain! Very impartial, the establishment…


  15. StewGreen says:

    Refugees : Malala represents them as all GIRLS : teachers, doctors & engineers


    • StewGreen says:

      What I wrote was what she says at the end of the video as if reading off a teleprompter
      “teachers, doctors & engineers”


    • NCBBC says:

      She did not Asia Bibi. But Asia Bibi is in a very different situation. She is quite unable to rid herself of the country that wants to hang her. Besides Asia Bibi is a Christian.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Any agenda pushing on yesterday’s Desert Island Discs ?


  17. theisland says:


    • NCBBC says:

      Phillipines is a predominantly Catholic Christian country, with a violent murderous Jihadi Muslim minority(Any other kind?). I think they will understand.


  18. StewGreen says:


    • Greisingel says:

      France = bankrupt. Italy = bankrupt. Greece = bankrupt. Spain & Portugal = bankrupt. The unelected Duma is desperately hanging on. Better get another round in Herr Juncker. Some arse on my commuter train this am was talking loudly about deluded brexiteers. I called him a Neville Chamberlain: “sovereignty in our time” and got a pleasant little round of applause from some apparently sensible types sitting near me. Or was it a slow clap? Now I’m not so sure.


  19. StewGreen says:

    “Reporting restrictions” continue 4th day, city with Muslim population

    Ah not that secret cos BBC do report…but maybe not TV
    (On Day1 Court docs mentioned RR’s existence)
    But notice difference in pictures chosen compared to local paper… But note the victim blaming language that newspaper uses


    • vesnadog says:


      “BBC News – Bradford grooming trial”

      That building could do with a dome!


  20. carterdaniel says:


    • NCBBC says:

      No government in the world …

      There is one exception. It is Switzerland. The Yellow Jackets are demanding the end of Oligrachic rule of France and Swiss style government instead.

      The Oligrachy will not give in to this demand for obvious reasons. Therefore the Yellow Jackets are in for the long haul, with matters escalating.

      Neither the Oligarchy or the Yellow Jackets (people of France) care if they destroy France in the process. The stakes are too high.

      But I believe the Yellow Jackets have right on their side, as its they, and not the Oligarchy, who will rebuild the country post revolution. Yes, France is heading to a revolution ala 1848.

      The question is, will the Oligarchy capitulate or use extreme violence and mass murder people. Now the French police are mostly native French, may baulk at the idea. But how about armed forces that are not native French, or an EU “army” or police.


  21. NCBBC says:

    There is a major crisis brewing in France, which has the collective eyes and mind of the EU, France and Germany – Its Gilets Jaunes.

    The above English language blog is keeping an eye on unfolding events.

    This is not just a political but an economic crisis. Whichever way, 2019 is going to lead to a deep crisis between the USA and China. Japan and Korea will line up with America for safety.

    The EU is in desperate trouble here as America concentrates on the East.

    So if T May is hoping to hang on to Aunty EU for safety, she might be clutching a EU that is in serious danger of falling off the cliff. Zerohedge is not optimistic. Best we get our own parachute ready.


    • NCBBC says:

      Part 2

      2019 is going to be a real stormy year. Now is not the time encumber ourselves with trade deals with a bloc that is in desperate straits. France is in gridlock. Germany has to reinvent its economy as China will, sooner or later, replace Germany in old fashioned industry. Its going to be tough. And I dont know which way Germany will jump under pressure.

      We need to remove all unnecessary baggage – EU first and foremost. It’s amazing that we have been given the opportunity to get out of a sinking EU ship. Unbelievable, all because of the good sense, no prescience of the good natured and down to earth British people. Also increase our defence budget. A wise Pres Trump has done just that. He now has to secure his borders. We need to do this too.

      We need to hang on tight to our £39bn for our own emergency contingencies, which are sure to come.


      • taffman says:

        The EU knows and Mrs Chamberlain knows that if the UK leaves, the EU is finished.
        It desperately needs our money and our trade.


      • Up2snuff says:

        NCBBC, good post.

        There could well be a cyclical downturn or mini/moderate/bigger world recession coming. Perhaps that is why ‘Dave’ quit? Mark Mardell, in the last ‘Bexit – EU – A Love Story’ reckoned it was because he knew would have no credibility having lost a major vote. I doubt that. Had Dave filed A.50 quickly and got tough in negotiations or even bodged something like his successor, he would have been a hero to most in the country.

        Well, at least 52% of the voting public. We would have been out by now.

        Maybe he figured we are due for a downturn and he would be really stuffed having got Britain out of the EU to go into a GE in mid-2020 in the tail of a downturn or recession.


        • NCBBC says:

          Thank you Up2snuff

          Its difficultt to predict what is May’s mind. But she, like most, are npt ,asters of theor fater. Majopr events , some forseen, and some not so like the Yellow Vests, will set the agernda.

          Missed the BBBC as I have not been well.
          Any way Happy New year to all.


          • NCBBC says:



            Its difficult to predict what is in May’s mind. But she, like most, are not masters of their fate, or for that matter the fate of Europe. Major events, some foreseen, and some not so, like the Yellow Vests, will set the agenda. Too, there are strange events shaping up in the USA. Simmering and Bubbling. If it blows up, then everything is up for grabs.

            Missed the BBBC as I have not been well

            Happy New Year to all


  22. scribblingscribe says:

    Most of you won’t be able to enjoy the nonsense that is the BBC Radio Wales news, a program that reads you the Guardian from 4 to 6:30 every night.

    Tonight it was presented by a string of ladies, including the sports reporter who babbled on about footballers I had never heard of before. Added to these unknown people were football teams I didn’t recognize. It took me a while to realise that all the main sporting news was of women footballers. No, I mean literally all of it. After those enlightening ‘sporting headlines’ the lass briefly mentioned that Cardiff City, Wales’ premier football club, was spending a record amount of money to bring the French leagues joint top striker to Wales. This lasted a few seconds.

    Any normal sporting program in Wales would headline this amazing news, but sadly there are no women playing for Cardiff City. I know, Cardiff must be full of hate and spurred on by white male privilege.

    The sports reporter then got in a dig at Neil Warnock for saying he wants to get out of the EU. Oddly the BBC never mention Gary Lineker’s non-stop support for remain and his unpleasant remarks about leavers.

    How the hell did we end up funding this nonsense?


    • NCBBC says:

      Its the bloody TV license. No choice.


    • taffman says:

      I don’t watch it .
      I don’t pay the telly tax.
      Its better for my health and better for my wallet .
      Copy me and do the same .


  23. StewGreen says:

    Other current Bradford newspaper story


    • NCBBC says:

      Its the Koran.

      Raping and murdering Infidels gets one a straight ticket to Islamic paradise.


      • vlad says:

        I would like to make it clear that the koran has nothing to do with islam.
        Indeed, islam has nothing to do with islam.
        I hope that’s clear.


  24. Panda says:

    Isn’t it time the beeb gave Owen Jones his own chat show where he could have three or four guests on and shout fascist/racist/far right at them and be done with it.
    Wouldn’t be alot different to alot of beeb ‘entertainment’ now i think about it.


    • Guest Who says:

      I was thinking ‘sounds just like Newsnight or DP already’, until I got to your final line.

      He must have footage of a top floor awayday at a goat farm.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Ex-BBC too, I believe, if not ‘resting’ to the extent that Gavin or Simpo are.

    Ah well, trust is long earned but easily lost. And even the bbc is finding saying it don’t make it so.


  26. vlad says:

    Fifty-five men arrested in West Yorkshire over child sex abuse
    No names, and no clue as to the background of the 55 ‘men’.
    Why do I get the feeling they’re probably not called Smith and Jones?


    • Lucy Pevensey says:


      55?!!!! FIFTY FIVE?
      And our apathetic government is practically comatose regarding ths matter. We aren’t armed and we think we are so civilised because of it.
      No civilised people would assist foreign criminals in using their own young for sex toys. Yes, I said assist. The way our leadership has suppressed every attempt to stop this sickening trade marks them as guilty as the rapists themselves. We need trials and convictions at a higher level.

      If not we may have to bring in the Mericans.



  27. fakenewswatcher says:

    There is one thing, all things considered, that doesn’t make any sense: when most needed in the history of the UK, UKIP seems almost non-existent.
    The force -and it’s a BIG force- is there, but the representation is missing. Major weirdness…


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      fake..: Do you really think that that the BBC and the msm in general are going to give Ukip a platform right now of all times?
      Even at the best of times they are only interested in detrimental stories about Ukip.
      Ukip can issue press statements galore but the msm will ignore them.
      They have long tried to convey the message that Ukip is dead.
      Membership has been rising over the past year beyond expectations but don’t expect to hear that either.
      The only time Ukip and other third parties can definitely be heard is when there is a by-election and they have been few and far between lately. The next one will probably be Peterborough and the branch is ready and waiting with a good candidate already chosen as far as I can make out. But I didn’t get my information from the BBC.


  28. Richard Pinder says:

    BBC Newsnight correspondent Mark Urban had been having meetings with Sergei Skripal since the summer of 2017. Urban was once an officer in the Royal Tank Regiment together with Skripal’s MI6 handler, Pablo Miller, who also lives in Salisbury, its thought under the name, Paul Miller. Urban has maintained a friendship with Miller over the years. Pablo Miller OBE works part-time for the Foreign Office on a contract basis from Salisbury. He also works for Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, Directors Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows. Urban began writing his book “The Skripal Files” long before the Salisbury incident. The Integrity Initiative documents reveal that Millers email address is [email protected]. The Royal Tank Regimental motto is “Fear Naught”. Pablo Miller also participated in a meeting with the White Helmets. The email of the BBC’s Helen Boaden also appears on the list. Further information on the BBC’s involvement with the Integrity Initiative and its roll in the Skripal story and the Trump dossier is expected soon.


  29. Beltane says:

    So, Tereas…er…er…er, looking forward to tomorrow?


  30. Cider Ed says:

    Today I have closed my long held bank account with HSBC; in these divisive times I find their latest advertising campaign “We are not an island” insulting and completely unnecessary. This is on top of the fact they have moved loads of banking jobs to Paris, so its obvious who’s side they are taking.

    Banks should just advertise their banking services not make political statements, or be concerned about peoples mental health!

    It is easy to switch bank account and I am now a 150 quid better off for doing so. The new bank will transfer all your direct debits and standing orders so it is pretty hassle free. One thing to remember is First Direct are part of HSBC.

    I had great pleasure telling HSBC the reason for closing my account, can I suggest others do the same so that HSBC get the message that their biased pathetic agenda of an advertising campaign has had the adverse effect and has actually lost them long standing customers not gained new ones!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Watching the Parliament channel with backbencher after backbencher raising points of order with Mr Bercow about his alleged conspiracy to undermine brexit .
      Thinking about past speakers no one would have shown their bias like he has with regard to brexit .
      His spiky and bitter responses some in replies point toward the veracity of allegations of bullying his staff .

      He really shows what happens from living at the centre of the bubble too long .


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Now, if ever a vote of no confidence were needed, Bercow requires to be subjected to one.
        He can rely on Labour support though, as we can well remember…
        Not a whisper from his own party.
        Makes you think, doesn’t it?


    • Banania says:

      I am inclined to move banks, but is there another telephone bank as good as First Direct (a branch of HSBC)?


    • Dimebars says:

      Well said , Cider , I’ve been ranting about how insulting that advert is . Its about as snidey an advert as could possibly be .


    • JamesArthur says:

      I’ve been thinking about it but who did you go with?


      • Cider Ed says:

        I changed to NatWest, not sure what they are like as a bank but they gave me £150.00 for transfer. I just had to change from HSBC as that advert really got up my nose. If NatWest prove to be crap or pull any stunts like this I will change again. I was going to change to Lloyds as I have a branch local but their mental health advert also annoys me a little. There seems to be a trend happening where companies are trying to promote an issue or an agenda, Gillette is the latest, so when this happens the best thing to do is boycott.


  31. Edited Highlights says:

    Another BBC anti BREXIT pro EU campaign video from REMAIN HQ.
    All the key themes are in there;

    • BREXIT can only be bad
    • There are no possible positives about leaving the EU
    • Leavers have actually changed their mind – ‘the town would vote REMAIN by a small margin’ – whaddayouknow?!
    • Creating fear that migrants employed here who contribute won’t be allowed to stay – yes its PROJECT FEAR! – when its already been said there will be no change!
    • It’s costing jobs already – funny but I don’t recall the BBCs glum faced ‘documentaries’ as millions of British jobs were being destroyed in manufacturing, engineering, shipbuilding, fishing, agriculture….. to satisfy the global Party of Davos. Nor the mining jobs so they can pursue their climate change fantasies. Must have missed that. But now they are oh so concerned about British jobs.
    • The British are lazy and don’t want to work unlike all immigrant workers – ‘it’s quite rare to see a British person looking for a job’…..
    • Brexit voters are racist – note how only older white people get to comment on this aspect of BREXIT. All by innuendo of course they don’t say it out loud but just edit and present it that way.
    • The EU is an economic wonderland that paid for all the good things in LLaneli ‘it receives millions of pounds from the EU’ – conveniently failing to mention that the EU doesn’t have any money it’s all taxpayer money! Our money.
    • Listen to the condescending bit about the new rugby stadium……just no chance missed to turn the blowtorch on any aspect of British culture. ‘Rugby is clearly a local passion’ – what a patronizing condescending dig at British, especially Welsh, culture. Not money well spent apparently!
    • ‘The town that voted LEAVE’ – trying to make voting LEAVE sound extraordinary when dozens of Towns and cities and villages did, oh yeah a whole 52% of the people!
    • The new successful business in town that is booming? – it is Khaleds Polish supermarket! Whodathunkit?!

    Hideous, desperate pro EU anti British, anti BREXIT bias on speed! Have sick bag ready if you watch it, it is so biased it’s vomit inducing.


    • StewGreen says:

      #ProjectFear local news is just trailing the 7:30pm story
      Trucking firms scared they wont have drivers after Brexit
      Reporter was laying on thick ..saying a foreign driver has to leave cos of Brexit
      BS of course ..they won’t be rounding up people on March 30th

      East – the impact of Brexit on the food industry in the east. With one company recruiting 100 per cent of its seasonal workforce and 75 per cent of its year-round workforce from EU migrants, the industry is already suffering from a shortage of workers.
      London – how post-Brexit immigration rules will impact the hospitality industry.


      • RJ says:

        Last Friday afternoon I heard a piece on Radio 4 about how prisoners in the UK don’t get enough fresh air. They are only outside for about an hour each day, and this is not enough.

        It seems there will be lots of opportunities for those nearing release to get healthy work experience on farms.


    • StewGreen says:

      BBC1 7:30pm Some regional shows lay themselves entirely over to ProjectFear
      West Midlands TV ..Adrian Goldberg AGAIN
      ** moral dilemma for radio presenter Adrian Goldberg. He can claim a German passport, giving him and his children the right to live and work in the EU post-Brexit if they want to. But he is torn because his grandparents were murdered by the Nazis
      – his dad having surviving only because he escaped to England as a child. **

      ** Sarah Corker investigates whether the shortage of truck drivers will get worse after Brexit,
      – Keeley Donovan meets the elderly Italians who came to Yorkshire to work in the 1960s and who now have an uncertain future under proposed new immigration rules. **

      ** From care homes to crab factories, scores of south west firms rely on an unrestricted supply of EU migrants to shore up the workforce. So how might our lives change under proposed immigration controls? **

      ** the impact of Brexit on the food industry in the east. With one company recruiting 100 per cent of its seasonal workforce and 75 per cent of its year-round workforce from EU migrants, the industry is already suffering from a shortage of workers **
      – many councils have tried to ban begging Can a new scheme being tried by the council help?
      – King’s College choir in Cambridge is famous for its Festival of Nine Lessons and carols.

      ** northern police interpreters offering their own advice to suspects **
      – As Brexit draws closer bosses tell us if they’ll cope without European workers
      – Cumbrian family living off-grid.

      ** With a huge shortage of truck drivers in our region, we investigate the impact a no-deal Brexit may have on hauliers **
      – the future of police horses is under threat due to budget cuts a
      – behind the scenes at Accrington Stanley to discover how this unique club – made famous with a 1980s milk advert – is using football to bring an entire town closer together.

      ** The migrant workers in the south who are questioning whether they want to stay on after Brexit, and from the farmers wondering who will do the work if they leave **
      – the mums of children with Down’s syndrome campaigning for better understanding of the condition
      – the fun-loving otter.

      ** Brexit will mean the end of free movement across our borders, but how will this affect the fruit industry in the south east? **
      – the campaign to make motorway vehicle recovery workers safer.

      – kids doing wheelies on their bikes – it’s skilful but is it safe?
      ** what will Brexit mean for the Somerset strawberry farmer who relies on Romanian labourers? **
      – vets caring for the pets who are a lifeline for their homeless owners.

      – Londoners who say they are being forced to fight crime to clean up their lawless neighbourhoods.
      ** how post-Brexit immigration rules will impact the hospitality industry. **
      – behind the scenes with London’s air ambulance trauma team.

      East Mids
      – the failed religious musical that cost worshippers thousands.
      ** How will the east Midlands work after Brexit? **
      – an epic ocean voyage in search of new treatments for Parkinson’s.


  32. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “” ‘Afghan Justin Trudeau’ finds fame on TV talent show “”

    “”Afghan Star is one of the most popular shows in Afghanistan. It premiered in 2005, four years after the fall of the Taliban.””

    “”Since then the militant group has threatened the show, and called it un-Islamic.””

    What useless BBC twaddle.

    I anticipate a plea for Asylum in Canada.


  33. StewGreen says:

    BBC 2 seems to have a Special Brexit show on
    Smug libmob panel led by Jo Cobun , Laura K


  34. Up2snuff says:

    Matt Mc Grath obviously has a problem joining the dots and, I guess, also his brain cells.

    He has obviously also not been allowed in to the Senior BBC Global Warming & Climate Change Common Room where they talk about Arctic & Antarctic ice melts, glaciers melts and sea level rise all the time.

    He is trying to claim that using sea water for drinking and crop watering after desalination is making the sea … er … more salty and that go-to BBC youth-word: more ‘toxic’.

    Sorry Matt, you cannot have it both ways. Either sea levels are rising and potentially becoming less salty or they are not rising and the ice on the planet is not melting.

    And that word toxic? If you believe that, then may I suggest the next time you go for a swim in the sea you use a nose-clip and a mouth clip – do not let anything in your body.

    Er, yes, there may be a downside for you personally but you wrote it!

    “It is toxic.”

    BBC science & other narratives are more likely to be toxic.


  35. StewGreen says:

    \\Unqualified police interpreters cost the public thousands of pounds by causing court delays and in one instance the collapse of a case, the BBC has learned //
    Three northeastern police forces have been using them,
    Court cases get thrown out

    The owner of the agency first got busted for aslylum seeker jobs, but just renamed and carried on with police work.


    • Kaiser says:

      a family member has a partner that he met at the police station, she was imported from iran as an interpreter as all the criminals either cant or refuse to speak english

      just more added costs in my eyes


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Bias by omission

    Another country has added to the list of ReichEU countries agreeing reciprocal residents rights with Blighty – this time its Austria – I think we re into double figures now .

    The BBc is fixated with trade – yes I know it’s important – but it’s not the only issue which made people vote to leave the ReichEU .

    The onslaught of lefty MSM negative propaganda sees no sign of relenting – and a few trolls turning up here recently before going off to hide under their rock.


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Politics live special. The BBC put the Jo Coburn one on it . Thousands of ‘off’ switches being hit . Shame they couldn’t find a journo to do the job and not a fully paid up beeboid .


  38. Cassandra says:

    I’ve got the family around and I’ve had to sit through a recording of Grantchester; the story is about prejudice against black people and how bad whitey is. Good news, the white vicar has sex with the young black woman. Oh, and the curate was lying with his head in the lap of his male ‘special friend’. The next recording I’m forced to watch is Silent Witness. The murder is of a man. He is lying on the dissection table in the mortuary, when it’s noticed the body is not a man’s body but of a woman who has transitioned. They know this because the body has had a double mastectomy. At the moment, the brilliant disabled dwarf pathologist is making all sorts of interesting discoveries. The black detective is finding all sorts of clues to help him solve the complicated case.
    I’m off out to Weatherspoons now because I’ve lost the will to live and I’m annoyed at my family for not noticing the politically correct bilge that is rammed down their throats.


    • Kaiser says:

      ha ha Grantchester , only watched it once a pathetic pc christieesque load of old tripe

      and murder mystery’s are about all we watch in this house and we love death in paradise and all its black people


    • cromwell says:

      I have been watching re runs of Life On Mars. Made in 2005 before the rot had set in on the Bbc. It was set in1973 . When things were really un pc. I’m really enjoying it its on drama channel every Saturday evening


  39. Kaiser says:

    every colour except one, noticeably


  40. Terminal Moraine says:

    BBC’s unique take on women’s rights within Islam — they follow up the story of Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun with “Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia: ‘I escaped to seek a better life'” about another woman who fled the KSA and has no contact with her family any more.

    The do their usual best in keeping opaque any obvious link to what it is that makes women want to flee (word count: Islam = 0; Muslim = 0). Is it drunken groping in nightclubs? Toxic masculinity in the office? No ladies’ football on the telly?

    But for balance, the sidebar has the article “It is possible to be Muslim and a lesbian’’, where the heartwarming denouement reveals that Miriam hasn’t actually been slaughtered — just disowned by her father and barely seen by her mother any more.

    For a lot of people in the UK these would count as two fairly large sized alarm bells, but in the eyes of the beeb you come away with the distinct feeling that they’re more than satisfied with small victories for the girls.


    • RobRoy says:

      That’s just the news I’ve been waiting for. I can now identify as a woman and join our favourite religion without fear. I’ll sleep well tonight :0)


  41. Up2snuff says:

    I have always thought it strange that with their enthusiasm for Global Warming & Climate Change that the BBC could be so keen on ‘festivals’ everywhere in the UK. All that stage building, amplifiers needing electricity from generators, catering vans coming in, open fires (some burning wood that might not be truly, completely, deeply dry) and travel to and fro. Then there are the performers jetting over and helicoptering in.

    The Beeb has decided to turn its promotional attention to the Kumbh Mela. . I think some of those estimates are on the wild and wide side, BBC.


    • StewGreen says:

      Well don’t go burning any CO2 going to Scarborough the Tory council have declared a “Climate Emergency”
      under pressure from Xstinky Rabble’uns
      .. and declared some fantasy that the town wil be carbon free by 2030
      ..Basically they’ll end up killing their own tourist industry.

      I know the pseudo-greens, they’ll probably start building huge bonfires on the beach and claim they are saving CO2 and keeping the air clean.


  42. Greisingel says:

    I wonder if the modern disease of extreme individualism by which whatever notion that pops into the head of any person then becomes a cause and a right can be laid at the feet of Apple. The advent of social media has given everyone an asshole from which vent their dysentery. The greatest threat to conservatism is the progressive noise that has saturated the airways. Opinion has become a disaster in the hands of the childish, spiteful liberal, left. Let me tell you that if we lost the referendum, yes, we’d have felt awful, but by God we wouldn’t have engaged in the liberalist diarrhoea of hate. And the BBC is its champion spurring on ever more ludicrous social paradigms. In fact I’d go as far to say the BBC is laughing it’s head off promoting every nutty axiom it can find in progressive land. For, make no mistake, the BBC loathes elements of the left, like the lunatic Marxist Corbyn (secret Brexiteer turned by the unions). I foresee rapacious social unrest in the next 2 years as debt, crime, job losses (nothing to do with Brexit) bite. The fear and loathing that will spill Onto the streets will remind the woolly minded liberals that true hatred and not their brand of spite is alive and well in the UK and exists for very real economic reasons. Meanwhile the EU will lord it over us. Libertarians like you and me remain demonised.

    As punishment we should be forced to adopt the Euro if this all goes tits up.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes – the booby prize will be the Euro , common tax laws and rates , the European army and just to rub it in – drive on the other side of the road – all paid for directly by the British taxpayer – just for making Tusk Barnier Junker 87 and the lunatic hippy Dutchman have to stay sober long enough to rip the nice compliant british off.


  43. Cassandra says:

    Been informed I can’t go out as it would be letting the side down. So to console myself, I watched a video of some kind Slavs assisting a forlorn refugee who has washed up on a beach. UK Border Control take note…


  44. Up2snuff says:

    The BBC are still in a lot of bother over the 50th Anniversary of the Prague Spring and the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, both occurring in 2018.

    They are belatedly marking things with a play at 14.15 on Thursday on Radio 4. In the schedules it is shown as ‘Torch No 1’ – Drama marking the 50th Anniversary of the Prague Spring.

    No. Had they broadcast it on 5th January last year that would be correct although the play is about Jan Palach who burned himself to death as a protest.

    On the Drama page it says it is the 50th Anniversary of Palach’s death. No, that would be 19th January – on Saturday. And that event came after, some time after, the Russians had crushed Dubcek’s Prague Spring in mid-August 1968. Another anniversary the BBC missed.

    Palach’s protest was about the misery that the Russian invasion & ending of the liberalisation (& liberation!) sought by the Czech people had brought to his countrymen and women.

    I am just starting to wonder if the BBC’s chaos over marking the 50th Anniversary of those significant Czech dates is down to the current events of Brexit.

    I wonder if this chaos was caused by a certain BBC nervousness about portraying Eastern Europe, a powerful European (Soviet) bloc, the desire for liberation and what sort of enthusiasms or passions that might be stirred up by marking the anniversaries of those significant events?

    There’s something not quite right there.


  45. StewGreen says:

    “AOC called you a racist”
    Trump “Who ?” ..”AOC”
    Trump : “who cares ?”


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Racist? Who cares.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Thanks for the upticks folks but my previous post should have been accompanied by a very good, short piece of video by Katie Hopkins. Katie was reading from a Government leaflet with her usual brand of irony informing our enrichers what they are entitled to claim when they have braved the elements and safely invaded our country. Somehow it got lost in transit. I found it on Fight4Brexit website. You couldn’t make this shit up.


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Now that response is pure class – drain the swamp .


  47. John Ogilvie says:

    And now, from our beloved national broadcaster, we have the news that we have all been desperately waiting for:
    ‘It is possible to be Muslim and a lesbian’


    • Dover Sentry says:

      But don’t live anywhere near a tall building or near stones suitable for throwing.


  48. Fedup2 says:

    With all the brexit shenanagans going on the BBC gave the emir of Londonistan a free pass over the £2 million bash he ‘hosted ‘ in my beloved borough – which has been awarded the borough of culture / stabbings for 2019 – its the same one that saw the 14 year old moped drug dealer come to a sticky end at the beginning of January , preceded by the traditional ‘life changing’ stabbing events to welcome in the new crime stats of 2019.

    So the next time the local aristo labour MP or the Emir moan about police resources I wonder if they’ll be reminded of the 2 million taxpayers cash wasted on a 3 day bash ….( which my council tax helped pay for ) …..


  49. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Has Trump turned his back on Europe?””

    “”As the EU says the US government has effectively downgraded its diplomatic status in Washington, how has the transatlantic relationship changed under Donald Trump’s presidency?”” (Dover Sentry has a quiet chuckle at this downgrade from a State to an International Organisation 😉 😉 )

    “”Many of the journalists who watched Donald Trump’s inaugural presidential address two years ago – in which the “America first” phrase became the theme of a nationalist marching song – wondered how far he would go. Wouldn’t the realities of power kick in? It seems not.””

    So far, Trump hasn’t turned his back on us. I hope it stays that way.


    • vlad says:

      Given the amount of vitriol pumped out 24/7 by the beeb, the msm, the government, all political parties, most celebs, actors, musicians, and of course 100% of ‘comics’, it’s a wonder Trump hasn’t nuked us yet.
      A lesser man would have turned his back on us a long time ago.


  50. Dystopian says:

    Earlier today I was having a nosey at my nephew’s homework (he is in his second year at grammar school). Well unsurprisingly, I see that the indoctrination has begun. Revision notes about the slave trade; “African dealers kidnapped villagers and marched them to waiting ships where they were traded for goods. Families were separated”.
    “The men who owned the slaves would often rape the women. This was a sign to demonstrate their power over them”.
    “It was usually white people capturing black people, but sometimes it was black people who captured black people”.

    Teachers question; ” How did the slave trade make Britain wealthy?”

    So there you have it. Nasty white rapists capturing black people and splitting up families, then raping the women to demonstrate their “power” over them and becoming wealthy at the expense of black people.

    There begins the guilt trip.


    • Dystopian says:

      I wonder if one day the kids will be looking at history books about nasty brown men going around raping and blowing up schoolgirls and getting away with it.


    • embolden says:

      give him a copy of Giles Miltons “White Gold” for balance.