Midweek Open Thread 9 January 2019

Its so busy it’s time  for another Thread. In the next few weeks it won’t get any quieter ….

Please use nice language ….

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  1. BRISSLES says:



  2. BRISSLES says:

    Thought I’d follow it up with OMG ! OMG! (memories, memories !)


    • Oaknash says:

      Rubbish speech Brissles – you didnt thank anyone or take the piss out of Donald Trump.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Oaky, when you’re having an orgasmic moment, Donald Trump is not the image you have in your head !! (not mine anyway)


        • Oaknash says:

          Then you will never make Hollywood !
          I have been posting on here for years and have never been 1st (as far as I am concerned it is a stitch up) Could there be a BBBC casting couch? or is it equality of outcome in action?
          Anyway I dont need plaudits or bauballs, and will never succumb to any casting couch – and Im not jealous of you being 1st either!


  3. Dover Sentry says:

    Shouldn’t Parliament represent the people?

    A question not asked by the BBC.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Yes, DS.

      I think that in addition, the MPs and Peers have an additional responsibility – pertinent in the light of Anna Soubry’s post-Referendum and anti-Brexit conduct – that of representing our democracy.

      If they wish to be anti-democratic (Marxist/Fascist/Communist/Maoist) then that is fine.

      But only if they do it on a personal basis after resigning their seat. They should respect our democracy, and the Monarch that has granted it in succession over centuries, above their own wishes and any Party political position.


      • john in cheshire says:

        So, Mrs Soubry doesn’t like being called a nazi. Would it be more appropriate to call her a communist? She’s clearly a globalist, new world order functionary; isn’t that similar to international socialism, that is, communism? Or does she favour the fascist version?
        I have absolutely no sympathy with her and her whining about being shouted at in the street. These people love to dish it out but are remarkably thin-skinned when they get a dose of their own medicine.

        Where was her outrage when Nigel Farage and his family were targeted; I think those collectivist thugs trashed his car. Was Mrs Soubry assaulted by any of her vocal detractors? I don’t think so. But these despicable people automatically run to the police and government for protection. Where was Nigel Farage’s protection?

        Where is Tommy Robinson and his family’s protection?

        Mrs Soubry and her fellow swamp dwellers make me sick! She probably thinks the German leader of AfD got what he deserved.


        • Up2snuff says:

          j-i-c, “So, Mrs Soubry doesn’t like being called a nazi. Would it be more appropriate to call her a communist?”

          Yes or Marxist. The founder of that 19th econo-political theory knew that at some point enforcement would have to take over from the will of the people and democracy. And it did. Everywhere. Europe. South-east Asia. Latin-America. Africa.

          Ironically, having made much of the Soubry altercation today, the BBC in PM today seemed to be covering a new crackdown on dissidents in Cuba and also the increasing tensions around land/farm-grabs in South Africa.

          I have a dim notion, acquired from a colleague who read the book when first published, that at the end of The Shadow of the Winter Palace, Edward Crankshaw adds a postscript to the effect that the Revolution had run out of steam and was known – by the people – to be totally depraved and thoroughly corrupt by the early/mid-1920s.

          They started to get restless, a la 21st C Gilet Jaunes, and the response from the Revolutionary Committee was a brutal crackdown. A totalitarian regime followed.

          Didn’t take long from first inception to it all going into brutal dictatorship. Anna Soubry MP, please be aware and beware.

          It is a crying shame that we do not currently have in our Parliament a truly conservative Conservative Party that can explain the philosophy of true conservatism and contrast it with the alternatives.


        • Doublethinker says:

          I don’t think that Soubry is a Nazi or Fasist , who put the nation above all else, but she is certainly a Globalist who believes that nation states must be replaced by supra national bodies run by people like her. Most MPs are Globalists and it is only the issue of how to find a democratic fig leaf to hide behind that has stopped them overturning the referendum result so far. They have already made up their minds to do this but are just trying to find a way of doing so that they can pretend isn’t blatantly anti democratic.
          They can see that it is increasingly clear that those of us who voted Leave aren’t going to be duped by any of their bag full of tricks and deceptions. So they are preparing to bite the bullet and just reverse the referendum decision. They know that this will be met with fury by those who they have betrayed and are building up the case for extra police protection and protection from the courts. How far the Remainer elite will go to protect themselves and to suppress the anger and protests of those they have betrayed remains to be seen. Pretty far is what I expect. I’m sure they know that denying democracy so blatantly brings into question if our system of government and the institutions it relies on eg police and courts , are legitimate . So I am sure that a lot of preparation had been made to firstly try and soften up the Leavers , BBC to the fore on this front, and secondly to protect the elite and suppress the protests. So much for British democracy which I think may never recover from this betrayal without a complete realignment and cleansing of the political system.


          • NCBBC says:

            Calling people “Nazi” is so misused and over used, it has ceased being effective. No one with any sense, specially those in politics, should take notice to such name calling.

            Anna Soubry running to the MET to cry on Cressida’s shoulder is absurd, as if she had been physically and mentally violated. It is beginning to look like “Me#too” applied in the political context.


          • Up2snuff says:

            Double, whatever, Anna Soubry is certainly not a democrat.

            If I recall correctly, a characteristic of Marxists/Fascists/Leninists/Stalinists/National Socialists/Trotskyists/Maoists (I have tried to sort the Cast in Order of Appearance, have I missed any?) is that initially they use democracy to gain power but then overturn that democracy and take all the power to themselves or to their group.


            • Fedup2 says:

              If she had any honour she would not have stood on the Tory Manifesto – but the parliament building does that to people . Every one has a role there….

              It’s the problem when they get calledc’honourable” it makes them think they are but mostly they are not – just self serving …. eg employing their family to suck up the allowances


      • Sabreman64 says:

        Soubry has a very small majority of 863. Broxtowe (Soubry’s constituency) voted 55% to leave the EU. If there were any justice in the world, the tiresome Soubry would lose her seat at the next election, and good riddance.


    • NCBBC says:

      Parliament represents itself. That is why it is sovereign, or that is what they think

      It so believes it, that it assigns its own salary, its own expenses as it sees fit, and if so deems, stop any intrusion in the way it runs its affairs. The result is that parliament has replaced the monarch and acts like one. And individually, MPs now act like princesses, spoilt ones like the darling snowflake , who should not be in parliament if she can’t stand the heat. And why is the MET pandering to this nonsense. Is it yet again, women united.

      To be an MP should be an honour and a privilege.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        NCBBC – the reason why parliament considers itself ‘sovereign’ is because it’s sovereignty is DERIVED from THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE PEOPLE, WHOM IT REPRESENTS.
        Most of them have forgotten about that little detail, assuming they ever knew. Without the consent of the people, that bunch ain’t worth a dime.


  4. Third Duke says:

    Well done Brissles! I for one am happy to be any ranking amongst the marvels that form our number.
    For the sake of future generations may we be a persistent, bloody wound in the side of our disgraced and disgraceful ‘Auntie’.


  5. Up2snuff says:

    It is looking like the Petition will have added 7,000+ signatures just today.



  6. StewGreen says:

    Yes the Soubry confrontation does begin with James Goddard saying
    “Anna , excuse me Anna, can you tell me why you’ve been calling me a Nazi and saying that I am the type of person beats my girlfriend”
    Soubry indicates she won’t listen
    he pleads and sticks her fingers in her ears
    she says “you are shouting now”
    … his supporters start shouting at her
    ..and the shouting escalates


    • NCBBC says:

      Latest news given prominence by the BBC is that “radicalism” ( we know what that means) , is caused by being marginalised by society. This is from a Muslim researcher at University College London .

      So now the government has the reason- Islamic terror takes place due to marginalisation of Muslims by us, leading to “mental heath” issues, then bombs going off at concerts for little girls.


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    This sums up where we are quite nicely.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Interesting that the Advertising Industry magazine article doesn’t take the establishment line , instead it calls the case against Count Dankula crazy


  9. fakenewswatcher says:

    Always amazing: Conservative Party contempt for the little people. Grieve. Letwin. Rudd. Greening. Soubry. Morgan. All so grand, ‘sending signals’. They piss on us, with their amendment to the Finance Bill – part of a ‘majority coalition’ against ‘no deal’. But, don’t shout at them.
    This is a complex stunt in a hall of mirrors; they all probably could live with ‘the deal on the table’. Or with ‘no Brexit’?
    Just to add some smoke to the mirrors: the ‘backstop’.
    WE THE PEOPLE gave the Executive an instruction, as requested. As requested. Plain and straightforward. We didn’t need various schools of Remainers in parliament to hijack the people’s decision. We didn’t need all the fog, as they play their little games with each other. Parliament should have stayed out of this. But oh no, don’t shout at anybody!
    Well, we don’t need their ‘majority coalition’; the majority voted years ago in the biggest exercise in direct democracy. What are you trying to prove, when there’s so much work to be getting on with, parliament?
    Back to basics: Leave means Leave.


    • Kaiser says:


      im none the wiser to what this means in reality

      “What we’re likely to see over the next couple of months is what some are calling “guerrilla warfare by amendment” in the House of Commons.”

      perhaps someone at the so called bbc could get the explaining hat on

      we are all perfectly aware that mp’s are not aligned with the people , so I presume the guerrilla warfare is against the people


      • Up2snuff says:

        K, it means the Government cannot spend money on No-Deal preparations or remedial measures, in other words some MPs have added an amendment to the Finance Bill for the next Fiscal Year that, should there be any difficulties and problems, there cannot be any Government action that costs money.

        To put it another way, the MPs have voted to potentially make things worse after 29 March, especially if you think the Remain predictions are correct..

        It’s getting nasty out there.

        You could say that Parliament doesn’t like or care for ‘the people’ very much.


        • Jagman84 says:

          Our Government has been trying to import a brand-new electorate for a couple of decades. Unfortunately (for us all), once the new arrivals reach a critical mass, they will form their own political party, based on religious grounds, and attempt to take over. They will be far less controllable than us current rebellious lot. That’s when the fun really begins.


    • NCBBC says:

      Most MPs are in a state of panic at the thought of actually working for the inflated salaries and expenses they extract without our permission.

      So far, all they had to think of was how to increase their expenses, while the real work was done by Brussels. It was the best work in UK, at a fashionable place in London, well stocked with pricey liquor at throwaway prices, and a subsidised excellent canteen.

      No wonder they are in a panic. Worst decision they ever made by letting the people decide.


  10. Terminal Moraine says:

    ITV news at 10 just had a five minute piece on the large numbers of Iranians arriving in western Europe (due to a 2017 policy change in Serbia which opened the doors).

    Several camera panning shots showed groups of ambling migrants — made up entirely of 20-something men. ITV though managed to make sure the two spoken interviews were with women (wide-eyed children expertly placed as foreground interest)…


  11. Third Duke says:

    Roland, where we are is a World inconceivable to those who fought and in millions of cases, paid the ultimate, selfless price, to now permit a systematic and cynical removal of our last vestiges of democracy.
    When I think of my Father’s fourth ‘Lift’ over Arnhem and the many, very real reasons he and his comrades could have engaged to turn back, they all chose to place themselves in the gravest of danger.
    How on earth can we choose, at this most profound moment in current history, not to draw upon just a fraction of their resolve, determination and honour and do what must be done to secure our nations history now, for the sake of all who recognise the perils of acquiescence in all its forms.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      TD Correct.
      It is my turn to make the ultimate sacrifice.
      But I have grown old, unlike my ancestors.
      Unlike the UK war dead, everyone of whom would have opposed the EU.

      Somewhere in Polybius or Livy there is an account of the treatment of high ranking Roman prisoners of war after a Hannibalic victory.

      The prisoners were required to take an oath to go to Rome, raise the agreed ransom, return to the Carthaginian army and pay the ransom. Whereupon they were released.

      One high ranking prisoner pretended to have forgotten an item of clothing, returned to the Carthaginian camp, having thus “fulfilled” the terms of the ransom.

      When this subterfuge became known to the Patricians in Rome, the soldier was instructed to return and complete the ransom process or be thrown off the Tarpeian Rock.

      Standards have fallen.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Third ,
      The far left took over british history long ago . So the only glimpse we get now is their view or the Americanised version .
      The kidults are so up themselves getting ‘approval ticks ‘ ( no idea I’m not a facebooker ) that ancient history such as WW2 doesn’t feature ….
      Thanks to your dad for his bravery – particularly at Arnhem . What was it?10000 in and 3000 out ?


  12. Tabs says:

    BBC2 Newsnight introduction ….

    1. “we talk to people who have faced abuse” whilst showing anti-Brexiter Gina Miller
    2. “we talk to the Arch Bishop” then showed a clip of the interview of Maitless to Bishop, “do you think the referendum was a mistake?”, Bishop says “yes”

    Barely 1 minute into the programme and I switch the TV over to another channel.


    • popeye says:

      I used to enjoy watching “Silent Witness” but after 10 minutes I just couldn’t watch anymore. It’s not even subtle, the education that the Beeb deem necessary to give us, the Poor Bloody Licence Payers


  13. StewGreen says:

    FFS Emma Barnet started an interview by pushing FakeNews
    and Brendan O’Neill called her out


  14. StewGreen says:

    @Fedup what’s the 2019 count for Khan’s Kapital of Knife Krime ?
    Shaun Bailey Candidate for @Conservatives #LondonMayor tweets


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – this one is the 4th or 5th serious stabbing in my borough in the first week of 2019. This is the first killing so that’s ok . And 14 year old can’t vote so no need for politicians to worry . Now back to calling mad MPs names …. Our thoughts are with


      • Oaknash says:

        Aunty not really interested any more FE2. Auntie has new friends.
        Allahs little helpers are the new black.

        Of course if it had been followers of the “prophet” stabbed by white kids then ……………………………………………………………..


    • Pos says:

      Why was a 14 year old on a moped to start with?


    • Pos says:

      Why was a 14 year old on a moped to start with?


      • Jagman84 says:

        A wild guess would be a potential drug running ambush on the opposition. I’m not saying that the poor lad was involved in such activities but it would explain the scenario. Some nasty individuals have arrived on our shores and are no strangers to extreme violence. Gang warfare has gone up a few notches. The Police are completely out of their depth.


    • Oaknash says:

      My apologies to all here for not posting this on BIASED BBC first but Con Woman yesterday had a specific thread dedicated to the shocking treatment of that poor shrinking violet Anna Soureface had to endure by the far right, racists.

      “Cant of the highest order on display today, when listening to the BBC “World at One” on R4 . We had to endure Sarah (I am a Brexiteer but have converted to remain) Woolaston and everyone’s favourite posh boy Tobias (hes blonde, hes good looking and coming to a Parliament near You) Ellwood talking about Anna Soudbries “horrifying” experience yesterday.

      Like a shocked dowger who had her rear end goosed by the vicar we were reminded by Tobias about
      how the world was watching
      Parliament was iconic
      We were a beacon of democracy
      and something MUST be done.

      They even managed to shoehorn in a reference to the murder of Saint Jo Cox (peace be upon her) which of course the “far right” were responsible and to balance it they also mentioned the savage murder of the policemen outside of Parliament.

      Sorry BBC I never realised heckling, obstruction and murder were almost all the same thing – I suppose they must be now..

      So upset were they by the aggressive behavior of the right, it completely slipped their mind to mention when Nigel Farage had a family party hijacked by Antifa which left his kids in tears or when JRM had Antifa yelling in his face. Of course if a Brexiteer is the victim that is acceptable.

      I would politely suggest that maybe in the real world ” Tobias should reflect on his own words a bit.

      Yes Tobias the world is watching. They are watching your “beacon of democracy” being snuffed out by a motley collection of self centered, greedy, careerist MPs who have forgotten what democracy is and now seem to only want to represent their own self interest. In truth what these people want is the freedom to rob us in broad daylight – and nobody dares say a word in case we get our collar felt.

      All of this hullabaloo over what in effect was really nothing, makes me wonder – whether there is now something more in the wind, and whether the Government with the aid of the BBC are trying to use this as a vehicle for more controls on “free speech” or is that “wrong” speech? These days, one never knows.”

      As others here have said – the BBC will be quite happy to announce (in “he had it coming to him” tones) of the death of say Tommy Robinson – if the Jihadis ever manage to get to him.
      At the time of his imprisonment (I consider it attempted murder by the state) they were quite happy to defend the (now discredited) conviction. However as soon as one of their “remain stars” gets shouted at – and is told a few “home truths” they suddenly start to give massive publicity to the voices who want to clamp down even further on free speech.

      The BBC really make me sick – still I suppose it is only my own fault for listening to their rubbish.


      • StewGreen says:

        Link to ConservativeWoman
        Nazi, the N-word you can use against Leavers, but not not poor shrinking Soubry.
        In the comments some argue ‘OK but it is OK to call Farage a Nazi cos he put up a poster of immigrants.’


      • Jeff says:

        And I recall one of the many time Nigel Farage was baited by an aggressive and hostile mob the BBC interviewer asked him, “What is it about you that forces people to behave like this?” Eh?
        All we’re asking for is a level playing field. No one wants to be called a Nazi. It’s pathetic. But the hard left use this phrase to assault those they disagree with all the time.
        Even the urbane Jacob!


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Problem is, Oaknash, we also have to pay for their rubbish.
        And because they have that guaranteed income stream, they feel they can afford to do whatever they wish. They’ve realised that the ‘Conservative’ government isn’t going to interfere, as it contains few actual conservatives.
        So they ram their PC ‘minorities’ agenda down our throats, in order to completely change Britain, and -at the same time- still claim impartiality.
        They have our money and nobody to stop them. But then, they only have it as long as we agree to pay it. If we all decide to withhold our funds due to the propagandistic nature of the monster, the ever-obliging plod would have a problem finding prisons for millions of bbc poll tax refuseniks.


        • Oaknash says:

          True enough FNW – but people finally seem to be waking up to the reality of this perfidious, poisonous, money hungry monster.
          I ditched my telly and stopped paying the telly tax a long time ago and feel much better for it
          As I said above the current politics are dead and in reality the Tories will never bring the BBC to heel as they both sing from the same “progressive” hymn book and in a sense the BBC prepares the ground and shifts the debate to what our equally Quislingesque politicians want to debate,
          Traitors all.


          • BRISSLES says:

            Politics aside and regardless of views, no-one should be jostled in the street, whether its cameras / microphones being shoved up your nostrils, or screaming women / idiot blokes with rucksacks shouting abuse within inches of your face.

            Those involved would be the first to protect their kids from bullies at school, but its ok for them with the mob mentality to behave in the same way.

            How would we react I wonder. I think I would stand still until they were all shouted out – BUT should they lay a finger on me………


            • Oaknash says:

              I agree with what you are saying Brissles , But it is the sheer one sideness of this that really annoys me and how the press misrepresents any marches I have been on as potentially violent whilst carefully airbrushing away Antifas antics.
              Even when I go to the office remainers seem to think they have a God given right to be constantly chucking bombs across – and if we reply we are looked at as if we have just eaten Prince George for lunch.
              Maybe I should not rise , but to be honest I will not let them get away with them spouting this rubbish.


  15. taffman says:

    Knife Crime
    Why was the boy riding a moped at 14?
    Gang warfare? ‘Yardies’?


    • taffman says:

      Message to Parliament and Al Beeb ……………..
      “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
      The nation needs a new government and a new Prime Minister.
      The people of this nation are not happy.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Leytonistan is a very vibrant place and a bit of a backwater . On the very limited information I smell road rage ‘ dissing’ rather than gang stuff .

      Obviously the pizza delivery mopeds also deliver drugs orders this way but will we ever know . ?


  16. Guest Who says:

    The MSM is not even trying to pretend any more.


  17. StewGreen says:

    30 min Video : journalist Robin Aitken to discuss his new book: The Noble Liar
    : How and Why the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a Liberal Agenda.


    • taffman says:

      If you like that you will like and sign this petition ……………


    • vlad says:

      Excellent Stew, truly excellent! Highly recommended to all b-bbc readers. In calm and measured tones he touches on all the points raised on this blog.
      Except early on he says “its agenda is not a malevolent agenda…”
      I disagree, it’s extremely malevolent imo. And most definitely not noble.
      Surely, surely, the cat is now out of the bag and the odious Corporation’s days are numbered.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes I switched off when he said that – it’s the Enemy . Very simple .
        It’s strange that the BBC is a sealed bubble where no one ever speaks out . Perhaps it is brainwashing or Non Disclosure bribes but surely there must be some one ?.

        Or maybe they are all getting members of their families jobs there ?


        • vlad says:

          I agree that at times he’s a bit too conciliatory towards the beeb – who should be met with implacable opposition and never ceded an inch – but he’s sound on most issues for most of the discussion. And his moderation and reasonableness may ultimately be more convincing than angry ranting.


      • Oaknash says:

        Not in the immediate future Vlad. As he said these days the majority of MPs views tally with the BBC.
        Personally I think there is unlikely to be any change in the BBC until our political situation radically changes. And unfortunatly the way things are going I now think that this will not happen until the bricks start flying.


        • NCBBC says:

          A war could change it. As it is, we heading to the greatest catastrophe imaginable – the UK an islamic country. So I would welcome it. Peace, not any cost.


      • Oaknash says:

        Not in the immediate future Vlad. As he said these days the majority of MPs views tally with the BBC.
        Personally I think there is unlikely to be any change in the BBC until our political situation radically changes. And unfortunately the way things are going I now think that this will not happen until the bricks start flying.


    • Doublethinker says:

      A good interview which exposes the danger to our country of the BBC. The interview ends on a note of optimism that change is the air and that the cultural Marxists may have overstepped the mark and pushed people to the point at which they will fight back. The ONLY way to damage the BBC is to stop their funding stream by organising a LF strike.
      But also in the interview Aitkin makes the point that the majority of members of Parliament , be it commons or Lords, are roughly aligned with the BBC on some key issues, eg Brexit, which of course is well known. Aitkin could also have pointed out that all MPs are scared to death of upsetting the BBC because of the damage that the corporation could do to them politically. Therefore even if we did manage to stop the income stream to the BBC it is possible that the MPs would fund it from direct taxation as they do Broadcasting in Germany.
      The battle against the liberal left Globalist establishment will be long and hard with lots of defeats along the way. But we can at least show or anger and disdain for the BBC by refusing to pay for their lies.


    • NCBBC says:

      Robin Aitkin reminds me of Enoch Powell- not just in looks but mannerism


    • Up2snuff says:

      Thanks, Stew, for putting that up. On the Blairite multiculturalism/immigration thing, I don’t think it was solely an attack on Conservatism (cap C intentional) as Aitken suggests.

      Blair wanted to do two other things. Firstly, to put pressure on the UK work force, especially the militant & unionised workers, to keep them in line. Labour presided over considerable unemployment – having previously been against it – in the period 1997-2010.

      Secondly, they wanted to enrich their friends in Banking & Finance, in the Law, in the State sector, in the new technologies, in the arts and in the media, who would help to keep Labour in power and who would get the most benefit from the depressed wages of the existing indigenous workforce and from the constant inflation from 1997-2010.

      It was a cynical manipulation for the obtaining of power and wealth by Blair & Brown & Campbell & Adonis and friends ….
      … now ……
      ……. where have I heard those names recently?


  18. Nibor says:

    OK BBC , you and the remainers are so clever with your predictions , what Armageddon in three months time

    1) why didn’t you predict that the common market would ultimately become the EU ?
    2) why didn’t you predict the effects of joining the the Europroject would have on my industry and the fishing industry ?
    3)why didn’t you predict the effects of the single market on the country if it left the EU ?
    4) why didn’t you predict the effects of the Maastricht treaty , the Nice treaty and the Lisbon treaty ?
    5) why didn’t you predict the event of a country invoking article 50 of the Lisbon treaty ?

    So BBC , while you and fellow remainers like Osbourne predict that in 2034 I will be £4306 worse off on Thursday , you haven’t predicted any of the above .

    You never predicted to the people that the Common Market would become the EU .

    You never predicted the mass immigration .

    So why should anyone believe any of your predictions now that you’re a Gramscian filled organisation with ulterior motives about everything ?
    Or secretly you may have predicted Al of the above but you are such a corrupted organisation that you subvert democracy .

    Either way you’re worse than useless .


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      N – Just stop calling the mass importation of people who hate us as immigration.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Nibor – you left out 6)

      6) why are you even now – hiding from us the fact that the French and Germans have declared that, by ongoing ‘ever closer and deeper integration’, this current EU is to morph into a European Superstate? That national states will then cease to exist entirely? That even the Queen can then go home to her counting house, counting all her money, and parliament can become an art gallery? (And it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch).


  19. Nibor says:

    BBC headlines is the Pope warning us against ” populism ‘.

    Now tell us , BBC , the popes attitude on contraception , abortion and homosexuality .


  20. Fedup2 says:

    The petition has been lumped together and will be ‘debated ‘ early next week …. for what that is worth . We must try though .


  21. Payne by name says:

    I’ve always tried to maintain some faith in our Parliament but never before have I had such contempt for such a disgusting bunch of snivelling spinless cucks as I have now.

    The ‘deal’ which isn’t a deal but rather a straightjacket is appalling yet the MPs (as I expected) are now manouvering (sp) to prevent a far more useful No deal exit.

    Are these treasonous morons directly in the pay of the EU because it seems like someone is getting bribed with the £39 billion of our own money.

    These worthless pieces of trash expect their people to follow the principles of democracy and obeying the law yet are treating our INSTRUCTION with complete and utter contempt. They are literally pissing on our democracy yet expect our civility and compliance.

    We might as well return to be a full monarchy because the age of our government being representative of it’s people has well and truly passed.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Payne – as it stands the next election will be a socialist landslide as Tory voters won’t bother voting – unless of course the time runs out and we get out .

      People think the money we are due to ‘ give’ the ReichEU will be saved if we leave with a full brexit . It won’t because it will be borrowed money anyway .


  22. Spider says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this one yet. A good critique from a political you tuber.


  23. yohodi says:

    For the last 2 years or so the May government, and ‘Westminster’ have, in the main been occupied with delivering some sort of sham Brexit (or not).
    Meanwhile outside of the bubble in the shires, the towns and cities of normal Britain things have been carrying on as usual…the earth still spins, and the sun still rises….
    So….WTF do we need politicians for ..exactly?


  24. Cassandra says:

    Will Gompertz, Toady’s film critic made me chuckle this morning. Commenting on the Bafta nominations, he said he was amazed that no women directors were up for a nomination and that Black Panther (the film with a mainly black cast) was not nominated either.
    Following this argument to its logical conclusion, this would suggest to me that according to Gompertz and the BBC, if there was only one black film in a competition, then that should win an award, no matter how dire it was. The same reasoning would apply to female film directors.


    • Zelazek says:

      Cassandra – I also heard someone on Today lamenting the fact that there were too few women film directors. Interestingly, they said that 50% of film school graduates were female and that the sexes were split evenly when it came to directing their first film. However, by the time directors were making their second film, males outnumbered their female counterparts. As usual, this was assumed to be a bad thing – sexism, discrimination, and glass ceilings are always assumed to be in the background of every BBC report – but no-one dared to voice the obvious reasons why females were dropping out. Let me guess. Women may decide to stop work to marry and have children. They may discover they are not as ambitious as men. They may not care for or be as forbearing as men at the constant need to be hustling for financial backing (the main activity of film-makers). But I don’t see this as a problem. It’s not a gigantic wrong demanding to be righted. What is this obsession with 50% representation of females in every profession? (Except the dirty and dangerous ones of course.) Personally I think a woman who has given birth to and raised a child who grows into a fine and upstanding citizen has much more to be proud of than a film director with a string of so-so flicks that soon date and are sooner forgotten. But that’s just me.


  25. vesnadog says:

    I believe this piece includes condemnation of the BBC as they includes their approval of the tunnellers in their many WW1 TV programmes.


    Everybody damns the [ British WW1 ]Tunneller; GHQ because he invariably has his job finished months before the rest of the Army are ready for the ‘Great Push’; Army troops because he invariably upsets all their preconceived notions as to the safety of trenches and dugouts; Divisional troops damn him because he is outside their sphere of influence; Brigade troops because he refuses to move when they do and because he knows by heart that part of the line to which they come as strangers; Brass hats because they dislike his underground habits; Regimental officers because he refuses to allow them to use his deep and snug dugouts; Subalterns because of his superior knowledge; Tommy because he is the direct cause of numerous extra fatigues and – alas that it should be so – because of his extra pay; and last and loudest, the Boche damn him because of his earnest and unceasing attempts at uplifting and converting them into surprised angels. It is also owing to his success in this noble work of the missionary that the Tunneller is highly respected by all branches of the forces.

    [E Synton, 1918]

    Note: My grandad was one of those tunnellers/royal engineers who helped plant at least one of those gigantic underground bombs underneath the enemy trenches (which we see on ww1 film footage). And after having completed his share of the tunneling in 4 different locations was shot in the back by an enemy sniper. He died 2 days later in a clearing station. He was working on the roads in Manchester – as an engineer – before going into the danger zones of WW1. He was 47 near 48 when he died. And every time I see/hear a Labour MP/Tory MP/green MP/liberal MP/SNP MP demanding that our Parliament should surrender our beloved nation over to a foriegn power – a country which millions of UK/US soldiers died for and rescued from Hitler only to see those “regressive moderns” threatening the British public, and lying to the British public in their efforts to appease those faceless wonders in Strassburg thereby reversing the proccess of democracy without the will of those 17 and one half million voters being realised – well, it makes my blood boil! Now, where is my yellow vest?

    PS. Grandad was what those MPs in Parliament sneering call “little people” Shocking arrogance!


  26. Guest Who says:

    Quite sweet the bbc still reckons no one knows how its filter works.


    • Guest Who says:

      A bbc ‘person’:

      The notion that the establishment… government, opposition, media, clergy… have sulked and pouted and screwed up every day since not getting the result they wanted…. gets rewarded for its actions by handing the reins straight back to them under the conditions they liked, is pathetic.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Presumably all the shananigans we’ve been treated to in parliament have as their aim, to sabotage ‘No Deal’, prove there is no support for May’s ‘deal’, and bring on another referendum, dubbed ‘people’s vote’ by those who really dislike democratic outcomes, but want to disguise the fact, AND sound virtuous in the process.
        The Archbishop, happy to be involved in politics instead of looking after his flock, has revealed what the latest Remainer strategy is all about: seeing Article 50 revoked.
        We can then quietly go about working on dragging that ,or an extension, out indefinitely and -since the EU won’t go for the latter, forget about Brexit altogether. He hopes, hiding behind his clerical robes.


      • Oaknash says:

        Rowan obviously a tad jealous that the Arch Bish Justin of Irrelavence has been getting all the good progressive gigs.


      • vlad says:

        Their hand-wringing, fawning attitudes towards illegal migrants and islam have caused me to lose all respect for the Pope and the Archbish, past and present.


    • Guest Who says:


  27. StewGreen says:

    R4 this morning

    09:45 Book of the Week
    We Are Displaced, Sabreen’s story
    Sabreen makes a desperate journey across the Mediterranean.

    10:00 Woman’s Hour
    Colette, Racism in Women’s Football, Stress-free Parenting
    Interviewed Guests: Michele Roberts, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Genevieve von Lob, Rangan Chatterjee, Jade Anouka, Rosie Cavaliero, Anita Asante

    10:41 Maya Angelou’s Autobiographies
    Maya Angelou’s evocative memoir of her time in Ghana and her search for home in Africa.

    Next prog Two nurses ..probably will be NHS cult prog


  28. Guest Who says:

    How long before the BBC decide it is safe to deploy the YAB again?


  29. thirdoption says:

    What the whole Anna Soubry affair has demonstrated is just how corrupt and dishonest the MSM are.

    After months and years of genuine violence and abuse from the likes of Antifa and Hope not Hate we now have a few harmless words leading to the worst form of fake news.

    This mornings papers have headlines such as “UKIP and the Hatemonger”, “MP’s reveal death threats and vile abuse” and “Time to arrest these fascist bullies”.

    The Independent leads with the laughable front page “We must not let the far right shout down calls for a new referendum”.

    When has there ever been a time when the whole of the MSM have joined together to lead with stories of the real hate carried out by the left?
    When has there ever been a time when the whole MSM have joined together to lead with the tragedy of the abduction, drugging and then systematic rape of the thousands of underage British white girls by gangs of mainly Pakistani muslim men?

    And yet, a woman who has lied time and again and is trying to deny democratic process gets called a few harmless words and the establishment link arms in a co-ordinated attempt at portraying the whole affair as the most violent, far right, Brexit led, Trump supporting incident the world has ever seen.

    A few years ago there were attempts to silence the press with legislation led by the likes of Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant. They claimed the press couldn’t be trusted and printed nothing but lies.
    I don’t like Steve Coogan or Hugh Grant but now I agree with them.


    • G says:

      Me? Well, I would make a recording of the abuse the likes of Sourbitch has levelled and buy a cheap loudspeaker system running on batteries and play it over and over again when Sourbitch arrives at Parliament. Just for balance you know.


    • Oaknash says:

      Third – I wonder if this is all a bit more orchestrated than a spontaneous concern form the mental welfare of the ghastly, devious, sourfaced one.
      We already have a very opaque legal system that is more than happy to jail Tommy Robinson in a jail dominated by muslims , in the hopes he either has an unfortunate “accident” or has a mental breakdown. They “know ” he committed a crime, but wernt even sure which one it was!
      I think the next natural step would be to introduce more speech laws to prevent us protesting whatever the latest sell out these globalist liars want to inflict on us. In the best Orwell tradition, you control peoples vocabulary, you control how they think.
      What could be better, we all start to self censor leaving them to continue unmolested with their destruction of our freedom, culture and society.


  30. fakenewswatcher says:

    No effort to entertain and educate Stew. Wall to wall propaganda.
    ‘Women’s hour’ is the worst.
    I demand a ‘men’s hour’, for the sake of fairness. I pay as much of a licence fee as any woman.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Hard to say what concerns me more; the BBC and Daily Mail as one, or our police cheerfully admitting they don’t know the law… but are apparently well up to enforce stuff on as selective basis as a Katty Kay report on Trump.


  32. G says:

    Petition leapt from 309,982 yesterday morning to 314,752 today – almost 5,000. ‘Second wind’ and all that. I have just been advised that the Parliamentary debate will take place next Monday 14th. The spate of all the Petitions concerning the EU will be debated together. By far (in common parlance ‘by far, far’), this Petition grossly exceeds all the others numerically. Let’s see what these ar**h*le* make of that. Bet they’ll trot out the fixed line: ‘leaving without a deal would be a disaster for the country’ etc.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Parliament shouldn’t even have the privilege of debating petitions.
      The biggest ever exercise in direct democracy in the UK TOOK IT OUT OF THEIR HANDS.
      That exercise gave the Executive (cabinet) an instruction, ironically enough one they actually asked us to give.
      But for over two years, with a Remainer PM clearly not leading the Executive on the instructed path, they’ve felt free to play games, wasting precious time.


  33. jazznick1 says:

    Nice to see Guido has picked this up from the Toady prog (just before 7am).

    The French guy is a bit difficult to understand but basically he says there will be no stacking, no backlog, no extra checks.
    Just fill in the customs form and go straight through !

    BIG BBC clanger ! wonderful.



  34. StewGreen says:

    Always worth checking back , cos sometimes good posts appear at the end of the previous page
    Over on the last thread page 3 @pugnazious January 8, 2019 at 6:07 pm
    Made a good long post about the travesty on the Emma Barnett show yesterday etc.


  35. G.W.F. says:

    Compare a few people shouting Nazi to a politician with this bunch from Class War shouting at Rees Mogg’s children. In addition to the shouting – not seen in the video – was someone sporting a large but limp penus. Not nice for children.
    So why is Goddard shouting Nazi so wrong?

    Answer, Goddard has been campaigning for alleged victims of Moslem violence. Class War are firm supporters of Islam.


  36. dazzer says:

    Not BBC related, but I worked on the International Desk at The Independent in the early 2000’s. To compare it then to now – particularly their front page today – it is night and day.

    Back then we did EVERYTHING we could not to present a biased view, often rewriting stories from the main feeds to reflect that. We were one of the only papers to do that. NO political party or view was pushed. We had one of the highest rate of sub-editors to sift through looking for bias.

    Today’s front page highlights alleged abuse against MPs and ties it into the name calling against Sourby. It’s crazy. I’ve watched the videos of the event and it is far less that those on the right receive.

    Without wishing to sound like an oldie, in my time we would have balanced the name calling with examples from the left.

    I’m so glad not to be working in the media anymore. It has become a self-righteous and hateful entity. The BBC home page is written as if produced by Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.

    We used to joke that 1984 would never happen – too much journalistic integrity and self-awareness. But I think it’s become worse than Orwell could of imagined.


  37. BRISSLES says:

    A different generation in charge now dazzer – most of whom have been to Yuni, where left wing influences are at work, so are still brain washed when they get outside into the big wide world. Its not just the media, but in all professions – acting, teaching etc etc.

    My nephew is an intelligent lad, – uni educated and now a civil engineer, but its clear from his conversation that its ‘on trend’ to be a Corbynite . He would get a rude awakening if they were to get in power, – his affluent lifestyle would take a massive hit !


  38. Kaiser says:



  39. StewGreen says:

    BBC More or Less use to be a rock solid prog, then SJW evangelism started to creep in
    Now in one prog before Xmas it flipped into a whole edition attacking hydropower
    : Dam Lies and Statistics ; Are mega-dams really sustainable?
    Lots of bard argument and spin


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    After more betrayals by our treacherous ‘honourable’ MPs I got to wondering what would happen at the next GE.

    Do they think all of us leavers would simply forget everything and carry on as if nothing had happened.
    Do they think we will go away.

    As two thirds of constituencies voted leave I would think that the anger and hate towards remainers (who respect the result of the referendum but…) would see them lose their seats although in my location, Sunderland, the 3 MPs Hodgson, Phillipson and Elliott, are all trying their best to trash Brexit even though the voters here thought they were going to enable Brexit as the labour manifesto said it would.
    I wonder if they will be re elected by large majority for leave voters in Sunderland. I voted UKIP.

    We expect traitors like soubry to lose but will we 17.4 million make our numbers felt. Will there be a massive swing away from liblabcon who have betrayed the democratic voters.
    Will a new party take over from the sick and corrupt liblabcon.

    My thoughts are that, unless a proper Brexit, you know, the one voted for, exit on wto rules, is achieved then I’m certain there will be civil war because the anger we feel is like a pressure cooker about to blow.
    I despise our ‘honourable’ politicians apart from a few such as Redwood, Dorries and similar and would happily see them locked up for treason.
    I really think there will be a terrible backlash with the Brexit betrayal being the final straw. There is a huge anger out here yet the Westminster ship of fools carry on regardless.
    They are the blockage in the U pipe and they deserve all that’s coming.


    • Synchronised says:

      You make a very interesting point EG. Everyone is assuming it will be a contest between the two main parties. I just wonder if a credible third party could emerge (new, not a rehash of UKIP) along the lines of Ross Perot’s reform party from the 1992 US election. You don’t need quite the amount of big bucks that you require in the US and just maybe someone will come along and save us. Do we have a Trump like character that will just ignore the establishment and MSM and have the determination to see it through and tap into the discontent and sense of betrayal so many of us feel.


      • Fedup2 says:


        A third party would have emerged by now. There was talk early autumn of Paddy Ashdown and the liar Clegg putting something together but neither of them are in their game any more . Same with milliband senior .

        The brexit supporters are so many different shades that I don’t think anyone could pull them together – and – of course -May is in the process of buying them off – one by one – with the usual bribes…..

        If full brexit is achieved it will despite the whole system being against it . Quite something .

        And if it not achieved and we stay in we lo be using Euros within 5 years and the ReichEU ( frogs / krauts ) will want its revenge .


      • dazzer says:

        Can’t we just have Donald? Imagine that. Would be fantastic.

        We could become Airstrip One fighting Eurasia.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I fear, E G, that you underestimate the capacity of the average voter to bitch and moan before voting for the same party they always do, for fear of letting the other side in.

      Personally, I don’t care who I might let in because they’re all just as bad but we on this site are more politically engaged than most. Still, even a 10% defection rate could have significant consequences under FPTP, so let’s hope.

      I do think we need some sort of broad coalition standing on an undertaking to do nothing else but see Brexit through before resigning their seats. That may have capacity to siphon off sufficient numbers to cause damage to the establishment parties and perhaps bring about the political realignment that is desperately needed.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Mentioned before Xmas, but I’ll repeat
    Times : Trevor Phillips said “It’s wrong to treat British Muslims as a racial group”
    \\ The All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims is calling for the government to adopt a definition of Islamophobia as “rooted in racism”
    and “a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness”. //
    and he argues strong against that
    I note the metrolib Times allows its readers no open comment on that article


  42. Kaiser says:

    bbc asian network does the ask a stupid question thing again


  43. Cassandra says:



  44. English Lass says:

    This has been the plan for sometime. I remember reading before Christmas that the Irish PM was boasting, after a phone call to TM, that Bercow would be able to scupper Brexit and Ireland would be fine. They are an evil bunch beyond description.



  45. Up2snuff says:

    I wonder if MPs were very well behaved today at PMQs? No jeering, no shouting, no calling of names, no gestures?

    I wonder if the BBC will tell me?

    I’m off to R4’s TWatO to find out.


  46. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    How can anybody with even just a little bit of intelligence contemplate voting for liblabcon.
    They are all proven liars.
    All anti democratic.
    And all full of self important windbags.
    Could we not just dump the lot in Kabul where they will be surrounded by those they hold dearest.
    Too harsh?
    OK, send the whole pile of them to Brussels, banished from the U.K. (although I expect they would join their Iranian buddies popping over in pedallo’s to be collected by the border taxi collect and stay forever service)

    I’d rather have my cat Tiddles running the country.


    • Up2snuff says:

      EG, I was missing a certain Anthony Wedgwood Benn last night – never though I would get to or have to write that – while listening to his son speaking. Old ‘Ishoo’ must be spinning in his grave at the news of the goings on in Parliament over Brexit and his son’s attempts to overturn our departure from the EU.

      Puff on pipe: “Parliament is supreme.”
      Another puff on pipe: “The people have expressed their will in the matter. Parliament must endorse that and carry it out.”

      “But Theresa May’s Deal cannot pass the House.”

      Puff on pipe: “Aah, but the House will have had its say. The Supreme Court decision will have been complied with. Parliament will have made its will clear.”

      “But what happens then? Another Referendum? A General Election. More negotiations? Extending Article 50? Cancelling Brexit?”

      Puff on pipe. Another puff on pipe. “Well, that all depends on what there is time to do. Obviously the PM has the opportunity to continue negotiating.”

      “But, but, but we cannot leave without a deal?”

      “Why not? Parliament has already expressed its will on that. That is the position on 29 March 2019.”

      “They could postpone Article 50 or cancel Brexit?”

      Furious pipe puffing and a pause, then “Aah, but that would be to deny the prerogative of the Queen in Parliament, who expects her Ministers elected by the people, to carry out the will of the people in Parliament. You could argue that Parliament loses all its authority and legitimacy at that point. It would be very unwise of the Houses of Parliament to take that step, in my view.”

      Right now, I do miss old Wedgie.

      Jeremy Corbyn is but a mere shadow compared to Wedgie.


  47. digg says:

    The New Statesman has published what they say is a rolling list of MP’s who support a 2nd Referendum (i.e “make sure we don’t leave at any cost!)

    here it is, is your MP on it?

    Heidi Allen
    Guto Bebb
    Damian Collins
    Justine Greening
    Dominic Grieve
    Jo Johnson
    Philip Lee
    Anna Soubry
    Sarah Wollaston

    Rushanara Ali
    Tonia Antoniazzi
    Luciana Berger
    Roberta Blackman-Woods
    Ben Bradshaw
    Chris Bryant
    Richard Burden
    Ruth Cadbury
    Neil Coyle
    Mary Creagh
    Stella Creasy
    Janet Daby
    Geraint Davies
    Stephen Doughty
    Rosie Duffield
    Angela Eagle
    Maria Eagle
    Julie Elliott
    Louise Ellman
    Paul Farrelly
    Paul Flynn
    Mike Gapes
    Roger Godsiff
    Kate Green
    Helen Hayes
    Margaret Hodge
    Rupa Huq
    Darren Jones
    Susan Elan Jones
    Peter Kyle
    David Lammy
    Chris Leslie
    Siobhain McDonagh
    Conor McGinn
    Alison McGovern
    Catherine McKinnell
    Anna McMorrin
    Madeleine Moon
    Stephen Morgan
    Ian Murray
    Jess Phillips
    Bridget Phillipson
    Steve Reed
    Ellie Reeves
    Rachel Reeves
    Lloyd Russell-Moyle
    Joan Ryan
    Virendra Sharma
    Barry Sheerman
    Gavin Shuker
    Tulip Siddiq
    Andy Slaughter
    Angela Smith
    Owen Smith
    Alex Sobel
    Jo Stevens
    Wes Streeting
    Gareth Thomas
    Anna Turley
    Chuka Umunna
    Catherine West
    Martin Whitfield
    Paul Williams
    Phil Wilson
    Daniel Zeichner

    Tom Brake
    Vince Cable
    Alistair Carmichael
    Ed Davey
    Tim Farron
    Wera Hobhouse
    Christine Jardine
    Norman Lamb
    Layla Moran
    Jamie Stone
    Jo Swinson

    Caroline Lucas

    Jonathan Edwards
    Ben Lake
    Liz Saville-Roberts
    Hywel Williams

    Jared O’Mara


    • Roland Deschain says:

      He is, but mine is a Labour stooge that I wouldn’t vote for again anyway. (Yes, I did actually hold my nose and vote for him at the last election as it was either that or the SNP, but matters have moved on since then.)


    • honestus says:

      it must be reiterated at every opportunity that there is no such thing as a ‘second’ referendum. This is dishonest sleight of hand at its worst. They want to cancel your vote and render you a non voting citizen, there to take orders from your superiors and betters. This treasonous bunch of anti democratic conceited elites do not have the guts to state what they really want – to cancel your vote in favour of their own.
      EG has put the issues into context several posts back and has equally highlighted the anger that the cancelling of Brexit will create. In fact, I think the fall out will be much worse with events starting to gain their own momentum.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Quite right. The author of Article 50, Robert? Kerr – somebody Kerr – is a supporter of a Second Referendum and outlined the questions on TOADY.

        You would think that a retired Civil Servant, years of experience, would know that you cannot have a three question Referendum.

        But that is what he outlined.

        We are in a struggle for our independence. All we can do now is pray. And maybe petition Her Majesty. 😉


        • honestus says:

          if you are a man of religion then by all means commit your prayers. Only robust manifest action by citizens of this once proud nation can ensure that our votes are not jettisoned and flushed down the karzi and that we remain a one citizen one vote democratic society. Anything less is dictatorship and will be fought tooth and nail.


          • Up2snuff says:

            honestus, not religion, revelation for me, much preferable. You, however, appear to be left then with the lesser human option, wonderful as HM is, which I think I might try further down the line. Wouldn’t mind betting – as a non-gambling bod – that HM carries this nation on her knees once or twice a day anyway. God bless her!

            Patience at present is the thing.

            Parliament has to have its final say. Next Tuesday it is. In the meantime, letting your MP politely have your views and informing them whether you will or will not be able to vote for them at the next General Election might be a good idea. Concentrate their minds, somewhat, eh?


  48. StewGreen says:

    Diversity obsessed RMSM showing massive COFORMITY
    I see the Times article takes the line of ‘St Anna Soubry the patron saint of victimhood’

    1:42pm Radio2 The Vine Show is preaching it too


    • StewGreen says:

      The Times cartoon is also nasty

      and then main editorial :
      “The Times view on abuse of Anna Soubry: this cannot be tolerated
      There is a difference of kind and not merely of degree between protest and intimidation. It was exemplified this…”


      • StewGreen says:

        The attack on the German AfD is hidden in a small article in middle of paper


        • Heinrich says:

          The German mainstream media have cleverly turned the story away from the causes and suspects into one about a difference between the AfD and the investigating authorities. The AfD initially maintained that he had been hit with a block of wood, but according to the authorities there is no sign of this on CCTV footage. and that he was hit from behind and knocked his forehead on the pavement.


          • fakenewswatcher says:

            Heinrich – Yup, I see now that the assault was not attempted murder at all, according to the prosecuting authorities in Bremen, but merely GBH. Frank Passade says this is because there was a group of attackers, rather than one. So, it couldn’t have been attempted murder, could it?
            Logic of course.
            This is the country whose leader found that it was not possible to enforce national borders. More logic, of course.
            This country once produced thinkers like Luther, Leibniz, Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, etc. Now it produces a Merkel or a Passade.
            And as for bias, well bbc can still learn from ZDF.


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