Twelfth Night Open Thread 5 January 2019

The Far Left BBC continues it’s biased anti British Editorial Line ,Anti Democracy and anti white male

The policy is so clear now that more and more people are noticing as viewer and listener figures continue to decline. Let’s hope it’s heading for extinction .


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  1. Lucy Pevensey says:


  2. G.W.F. says:

    If you think the BBC screwed up Agatha Christie, then it gets worse. The BBC have dragged up some dreadful writer who has written a story based on Sophocles’s tragedy, Antigone.

    Only this bloody version is about Moslems living in contemporary London. One goes off to fight for Isis and on return is robbed of his British citizenship, which is said to be similar to Creon’s punishment of Antigone’s brother, whose body was left to rot outside the city.

    So Oh Woe, thrice woe, and woe again.

    Our Isis hero has a sister in London who thinks removing citizenship from the returning Jihadists brother is a bit of a tragedy akin to the one Sophocles wrote.

    This is tripe from a BBC stooge, but it is sad to see damage done to the great literature on which our culture rests.


  3. Lucy Pevensey says:

    It’s no wonder Beeby wants to black this out.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Lucy Pevensey

      I returned from France just before Christmas where I met several Yellow Jackets on the road islands in the country areas. They had the local market towns ready to seal off within minutes should they deem it necessary. No violence, several cop vans had the yellow jacket folded up on display in the front windows to show support. These were country people, the local businesses were probably owned by relatives, friends and neighbours and would not be attacked But it was clear who were in control.

      The protesters were old, young, farm workers, shop workers and whatever. They were not led by Trots from the yoonies, which is probably why the left here in the UK are gradually claiming that they are far right populists. That will be the BBC response as matters develop.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Can’t wait for her next appearance on the BBC or Sky.


  5. Dover Sentry says:

    Remember Project Fear regarding the Millennium Bug that was due to destroy all computers and therefore our lives in 1999/2000?

    The BBC would do well to remember that.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    The new thread is about to be put up. Busy week coming …


  7. Up2snuff says:

    Early on Saturday I was wondering if the Petition would maybe stagger up to 300,000 by midnight Sunday. It is currently in with a chance of reaching 305,000 by that time.

    Could it be that the nation is ‘waking up’?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Snuff -it will be competing with 200 letters sent by parliamentarians, demanding that ‘no deal’ is to be rejected, regardless of what else happens. Some self-important Baroness lectured us about it on R4 last
      night, still failing to remember that this is about how the people voted, and parliamentarians should have remained out of the picture, not tried to rip it back from the hands of the people, they gave it to.
      (Oh yes, and she also forgot completely that she is UNELECTED. But the beeb were happy to give her lotsa airspace/time.)


  8. fakenewswatcher says:

    Rush with great excitement to Malala’s story, this time on Radio 4 (beeb yet again). Only this time, she (now rich and famous) has spawned a whole week of stories of displaced women (“We are displaced”) presumably from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This is going to go on all week, you’ll be interested to know, so watch for entrepreneureal flair.
    Second million quid well on the way then for the Yousefzi Enterprise, beeb -as ever- willing peddler of the Malala brand. And perhaps a few new millionaires in the making?
    Not too many doctors and engineers coming in, but a lot of self-promoters, whose claim to fame is that they are migrants, women -and therefore victims?