Twelfth Night Open Thread 5 January 2019

The Far Left BBC continues it’s biased anti British Editorial Line ,Anti Democracy and anti white male

The policy is so clear now that more and more people are noticing as viewer and listener figures continue to decline. Let’s hope it’s heading for extinction .


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  1. Guest Who says:

    As this was raised earlier.


    • theisland says:

      Twelfth Night – we need some wise men.

      And I repeat – there’s nothing wrong with being an island.


      • vesnadog says:

        “we need some wise men.”

        Their wise men brought “gold, frankincense and myrrh” Matthew 2:11

        Our wise men: Brown and his cabinet/the Labour government gave it away!

        The question is: Are the good people of Great Britain going to vote in another Labour government?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I’m not sure how lots of virtue-signalling points negate basic geography, but then again I prefer to work on facts, not feelings.


      • Up2snuff says:

        (With no apologies for re-posting as that HSBC ad campaign appears to have hit a nerve or two and spread over two Threads.)

        “We are not an island.”

        No. Quite correct. I remember when you were in a race with Royal Bank of Scotland to be the biggest retail bank in the world.

        That went well, didn’t it?


        • Nibor says:

          Up2 ,

          May I just add a bit of personal history to ” the worlds bank ” .

          In the eighties and nineties my haulage was in the commie- bloc countries and beyond . Their currencies were non convertible and other countries like Greece had very weak currencies . So we paid out in Deutchemarks and were often paid in Deutchemarks , but lost a fair bit in exchange .

          So I go the the ” worlds bank ” in my local town to ask for a separate acount only using Deutchemarks .
          And guess what ! They’d never heard of such a thing . Maybe if I went to London they might help , but no one could get their head round what I needed . It was as if I asked for a bank account that only dealt in Buffaloe hides and beads .
          Then ,

          The Euro appeared . And this local branch exhorted me to open a parallel account only dealing in Euros . To not lose on the exchange rate , to be international minded .

          Yeah like heck they’re the first .


    • StewGreen says:

      That was a strong biteback Montgomerie


  2. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile Jez Vine continues to serve up the quivering lower lip stories for Remain to promote.


    • Jagman84 says:

      Typical Remoaner. With them it’s all me, me, me! Unfortunately, her hubby’s staff probably believe the guff coming from Theresa & co. That, and the likelihood of the top-up benefits coming to an end.


  3. vlad says:

    With books such as the detailed and well-researched BBC: Brainwashing Britain?, how is it possible for a supposedly Conservative Government to tolerate the evil monster a minute longer? And why do sensible people across the land put up with it and keep paying the extortion tax?

    Ignorance is no longer an excuse, the evidence is all there, with facts and figures.

    Wake up Britain, it’s five to midnight!

    You can Look Inside on Amazon. Click on picture and enjoy.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      vlad – ‘supposedly’ answers your question. There are few conservatives left in the Conservative party.
      The same thing has happened in eg Germany, where there are few Christian Democrats left in the CDU.
      I make the comparison because there seems to be one important difference: true conservatives in Germany have left to form the relatively successful AfD. UKIP -as a similar phenomenon- seems to be fading. Why is that? (First past the post surely can’t take all the blame?)


      • Up2snuff says:

        fnw, I think that UKIP now has a ‘Toxicity Hurdle’ to overcome because of the leadership shenanigans and some of the tactics employed by those leaders.

        Think Bolton and the ‘girlfriend’, Farage and quitting & comebacks, Farage and that Turkey poster, the set-up by a Labour plant in Thanet, Batten and TR, etc.. It presents lazy media with easy to find and very heavy sticks with which to beat whichever UKIP spokesperson is on radio or TV at the time.

        Compare and contrast with the SDP. I cannot think of anything right now they presented to the world that was truly unfavourable but as soon as they were in bed with the Liberal Party, the whole time the media focused on the two Davids and who was the leader. The policies came a very distant second.

        Any new Party that gets started in the UK now has to be squeaky clean and brilliantly & perfectly led. And its security will have to be rock solid because it is a certain bet that there will be all sorts of devious operators trying to get stoolies and sleepers into the membership in order to discredit it.


        • fakenewswatcher says:

          Thank you, Snuff. I do accept your explanation. Good comparison: policies coming a distant second. UKIP always seemed to have common sense policies.
          That makes the referendum an interesting thing, cos people seemed to have thought long and hard about the EU, contrary to what Remoaners like to say. And they knew exactly what they were voting for.
          Maybe elections are really inferior mechanisms to referenda. Enter the Swiss.


          • Up2snuff says:

            fnw, I’m not sure I could tell you what UKIP’s present policies are. They never seem to talk about them and I feel that if they tried, the media would only be interested in one or two things: Tommy Robinson, xenophobia and Brexit.

            I agree about peoples’ thinking about the EU and reasons to vote either way. While you can always find someone that will talk about straight bananas and cucumbers and wanting lbs & ozs back, the average Brit, whatever the background and social standing, probably has a ‘nose’ for what is right and what is wrong in politics and whether a particular direction is worthwhile or a decision or policy is right for the UK.

            What the Alt-Left ‘elites’ & media elites forget, is that the general British population, especially the older segment that we are told all voted Leave, are better educated than their forbears ever were, not just thanks to school (and perhaps college of some sort) but also due to a media, especially TV, that once upon a time would inform and educate as well as entertain.

            What Tony Blair on Mark Mardell’s Thursday ‘Brexit – A Love Story’ doesn’t realise is that the average Brit – either by instinct or a basic knowledge of economics, perhaps thanks to BBC TV! – knows that Blair is talking rubbish when thinking only of the location of a job of employment and not the Law of Supply & Demand on the world of work.

            We have a precious democracy. Hard won over many centuries not least, thanks to what eventually emerged from the Reformation. We shouldn’t junk any of it or think one bit inferior to another. However, I agree, it would be great to be a bit more Swiss in the UK.

            I love the definition that I was once taught as THE definition of dull.
            ‘Toronto* run by the Swiss’. 🙂

            * with apologies to my relatives who are Canadian and live or lived in Toronto!


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          There’s much to agree with in your analysis, and much to contest. Particularly about the medias ability to beat Batten over the head with anything at all, least of all a heavy stick.
          Batten is a competent debater even against the twisted logic of our media. Tommy recently outplayed the mighty Sky bullshitters by showing how an edited version of his interview was twisted to put words into his mouth.
          I quit UKIP in disgust after Farridge and Bolton smeared AMW and half of the membership in the run up to the leadership election. The UKIP establishment tried further to tilt the election by withdrawing the other candidates to focus the anti AMW vote.

          All of that is now history, and Farridges attempts at a comeback have evaporated, and his attitude to Tommy is totally unfounded, and gets nobody anywhere.
          Islam is going to become THE defining issue in politics before much longer. Many will try to sideline the anti islam issue, but theres no escaping it.
          I’m aware that politics is more than a single issue game, but UKIP is the only party that can organise a significant number of candidates to at least begin to worry our LIBLABCON traitors.

          I’d wish that the perfect party to emerge is squeaky clean etc, but we are dealing with humanity, and there’ll always be someone they can dig some dirt on.
          The media who harp on at “Yaxley Lennon” as if its some desease would never introduce Peter Hain as a convicted conspirator, or Chris Huhne as a convicted liar. They are currently very quiet about a black labour MP convicted liar too.
          Whoever puts op against the ultra left LIBLABCON elite is inevitably going to get slated and smeared anyway. There is therefore no need to hold back on outing the filth that is islam.
          Although I see that is not the focus of your analysis, it must be considered.
          I believe Tommy and Batten leading UKIP would be far far improved if Farridge was able to join them. He’s a terrific debater, but it aint never gonna happen.


          • Up2snuff says:

            DC, you are welcome to disagree. Did you watch the JoCo interview with Batten – link on the previous Thread? She really attacked him, big, heavy stick, fists, feet – all in a verbal way – and he did defend himself well.

            However, the key points that Batten made in his 2:1 points victory [as I scored it 😉 ] were drowned out by JoCo’s interruptions & histrionics and the interruptions from some of the others in the studio. Most in the viewing public would not have retained one iota of information from it. Had it been a GE and Gerard Batten was trying to talk about his Party’s Manifesto – essential in getting MPs elected – there would have been no chance in discussing it.

            I agree that UKIP leadership was a bear pit and would suggest that it still is. Very few of the senior members and the leadership contenders have behaved well over the last five, ten, twenty years even.

            I wouldn’t disagree that Islam will – eventually – become a problem of some sort in the UK. It is heading that way. But at present, Brexit is still the key issue. Getting the UK out of the EU may be vital for so many issues, mostly econo-political but also socio-political as well.

            Batten has taken his eye off the important prize. He has demonstrated poor strategic thinking. Not good for the leader of a Party with no MPs.

            I don’t disagree that the media are total hypocrites. BUT that is the point I am making: UKIP has given them the ammunition and a totally hypocritical media, the BBC wing, will use it because they know that there will others outside the media who do not like UKIP for political reasons (probably equal hypocrites on same or different issues!) who will support the media and the BBC in their attacks on UKIP. The subtleties of TR’s change of direction from past choices and actions are lost on the BBC and the general public will have no chance of getting an understanding of them.

            Do you understand that, now?

            UKIP have little or no chance now of getting any air-time on the BBC and probably the other main TV networks to air their policies once Brexit has been achieved without distractions of TR’s past, the failures of Bolton and various others. I suspect Batten will now always be trailed by the BBC as ‘… leader of UKIP, who appointed Tommy Robinson as a consultant and tried to get him into membership.’

            As to squeaky cleanness, you appeared to have missed my point about the SDP. They were squeaky clean. As soon as they were involved in ‘Joint Operations’ with the Liberal Party, did they become any less squeaky clean? No. But the BBC, ITV and C4 picked on the ‘two Davids’ and made an issue out of it. The ‘noise’ effectively drowned out the SDP and now they do not exist.

            You cannot smear a Party that has no dirty laundry and is well led. What do you smear them with?

            Farage back in leadership? I just don’t know what is going on in that guy’s head and cannot even guess at it. Perhaps the attempt on his life/pilot suicide attempt has left all sorts of residual scars and injuries? Perhaps he is fed up with the UKIP infighting and the nutters in the Party? Understandable.

            I think it is too late for UKIP now. They have achieved, with David Cameron’s help, a great goal. It might be best for UKIP if they do all they can to finish that job and then melt away.


            • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

              “Do you understand that, now?”…..errr, no not really sir.
              “I wouldn’t disagree that Islam will – eventually – become a problem of some sort”
              Eventually? You gotta be kidding, like it hasnt arrived as a problem yet?
              My point says it already IS a problem, but will soon become such a massive one it will redefine politics completely.

              It matters not to me whether the Media have an attitude towards Batten because he had TR on board, and as for the SDP with David whoever, utterly irrelevant to todays situation in my view.

              It sounds like you have surrendered to islam already as inevitable.
              Who, in your view, can mount any kind of challenge to our traitors in the HOC . ?


    • vlad says:

      P.S. It’s easy to share the above book preview on social media by clicking the SHARE button.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Thank you for posting that Vlad. It took longer to read than I thought but it was very good.


  4. Scroblene says:

    They could have added ‘vegan-lauding, illegal-immigrant-funding, leftie-warbling, business-strangler, snowflake-sucker, sjw-smoothie, smartarse-‘adviser’,’ etc etc, but it still wouldn’t have detracted from the total ineptitude and blatant hypocrisy.

    If you don’t like British ‘customers’ then sod off to Somalia and try and work for a living! We don’t need crappy ‘banks’ here, we’ll be off the turf, come the end of March!


  5. Eddy Booth says:

    Surrey train stabbing: Hunt for suspect after man killed

    A man has been stabbed to death in front of horrified passengers on board a train in Surrey.
    An eyewitness has told the BBC that there was a “vicious fight” on the London-bound service.

    This really is unheard of in Surrey – everyone is shocked and bewildered. ”

    Manhunt launched – but no description,,,
    are immigrants spreading the love to the stockbroker belt.


    • Fedup2 says:


      There must be something – particular – about this to get the MSM interested . The killings in London barely get a mention unless they can turn it into a racial by involving a white suspect but this one gets the full helicopter treatment


  6. Fedup2 says:

    Channel 4 news has got fixated with the ferry company with no ferries which the government has hired . Some might say this was a clever wheeze to make remainers realise that Blighty really is getting its sovereignty back in 12 short weeks . Others might say it’s just civil serpents ( spelling ) trying to get their minister sacked – grayling would not be much of a loss …


  7. Foscari says:

    My New Year resolution is NOT to watch whenever Jo Coburn
    is on. She is a BULLY and she gets away with it because
    she is a women. Jordan Peterson says that one has to argue
    differently with a women than a man. Coburn knows this so
    she will sling every insult at a man she is interviewing knowing
    that he will not respond in kind. She is the worse kind of liberal
    bigot you can find.
    She started to get flustered when she started to attack
    Rees Mogg’s strongly held Catholic believes. BUT Rees Mogg
    gave her answers who the bully couldn’t handle.She also went
    after George Galloway who was supposed to be on her
    programme to give his views on Brexit. I have no truck with
    Galloway ,but he also showed the bully up.
    Coburn really goes to town when she has some other “liberals”
    on her panel.She was nasty in the extreme to Gerard Batten the
    UKIP leader who has supported Tommy Robinson. So far as
    Coburn is concerned Robinson is the devil incarnate. And she
    had others on her panel to support her.
    Batten was also on the programme to talk about Brexit. But
    that wasn’t Coburn and her editors agenda. Batten handled
    himself very well, as Coburn bear baited HIM.
    No I won’t watch this women again UNLESS she has somebody
    like John Bolton National Security Advisor of the USA on. Bolton
    treats female interviewers the same as men. If she tried to
    bully him and think she could get away with it . She would
    be in for a big surprise. Just as Kay Burley on Sky was.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      I look forward to seeing her make an attempt to bully TR…
      But I suspect she wont have the guts to do it. If she has already done that please let me know, I may have missed it.
      I’m aware that Brillo Pad made a good attempt at it. Now looking forward to Brillo’s follow up of an islamist done the same way. A long awaited Brillo promise.


      • Foscari says:

        Dysgwr-One of my intense dislikes of her is her patronising
        attitude after sticking the boot in. You can see this in her
        grilling of George Galloway on You Tube. She used to be
        the side -kick of Andrew Neil on Politics Today. But after
        taking the reins she has let her full liberal bigotry explode.
        Where as Andrew Neil brought some humour in his
        facetious questioning, Coburn is completely lacking in
        this departure.
        In particular her vitriolic attack on Gerard Batten giving
        support to Tommy Robinson could only be given by a
        women to a MAN knowing that in this day and age that
        because of political correctness a man’s just got to take
        I expect that 99% of the left wing at the BBC are rabidly
        against Tommy Robinson. It’s just that Coburn is the leader
        of the pack. And because she is a women she can say anything
        to a male supporter of Robinson and get away with it.
        I agree with you . I would love to see Tommy Robinson on
        with her.He would not stand for her liberal bigotry , without answering her back without fear, for his stand against Muslim
        raping gangs!!


    • R P McMurphy says:

      Sebastian Gorka would also put her right.


    • Banania says:

      Galloway is brilliant with bullies. He knocked Paxman for six. Some one else who gives no quarter is Sebastian Gorka.


  8. Monty says:

    According to Mirror online, police are looking for a 6ft black man in relation to Surrey train stabbing


  9. theisland says:

    Just don’t bring them here.


  10. Eddy Booth says:
    ”What about all the impeachment talk?
    Mr Trump pushed back on Friday against Democrats who are calling for him to be removed from office.”

    Donald J. Trump✔
    How do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong (no Collusion with Russia, it was the Dems that Colluded), had the most successful first two years of any president, and is the most popular Republican in party history 93%?
    1:16 PM – Jan 4, 2019

    BBC glasses = Mr? Trump
    ‘The Republican president tweeted that his political enemies only want to impeach him because he is “the most successful”. ‘
    Oh OK, nothing to do with him considering himself totally innocent then?


  11. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC 1 Breakfast TV 08.30

    On the sofa, a female snowflake sports commentator enthused wildly about recent Premiership football topics. From her eyes, you could tell that she had no real enthusiasm for the game but was just acting the part.

    So why do the BBC spend so much time feigning ecstasy about a sport that holds no interest to them?

    The reason I believe is that the Premiership has 70% of it’s players from overseas and many are black. This is a big tick-box for the BBC and it’s desire for open borders and the multi-culti way of life.

    Compare and contrast their coverage of rugby and cricket.


  12. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Albeebistan has reported that the man who was murdered on the train in Surrey was with his 14yr old son who witnessed the murder.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    So Eire says a nasty full brexit will leave them cash strapped – probably – I suppose – because NI farmers will export more product to Blighty whilst the Republic is still moaning about Brexit .
    Judging by the last time Eire needed cash it came to Blighty and – if I remember – got a 27 billion short term loan . We didn’t get much thanks in return ….. any other little story the BBC won’t cover . Bias .


    • Eddy Booth says:

      I’m guess the right of Mr and Mrs Paddy to come live and work in UK, will carry on after we leave the EU, as was the case ever since they achieved independence.
      Would be funny if we had a real leader who said that, that kind privileged might be cancelled ,if they don’t start acting like friends.
      Though to be fair, it might just be that Irish Taoiseach / prime minister thing , displaying the bitchy side effects of suffering from full blown homosexuality..


      • Fedup2 says:

        I think that’s a far trickier one . It may be that once we leave the republic might find itself having to leave – particularly if the ReichEU shafts it instead of helping it adapt to life without us – a third country .

        There really is ‘ special relationship ‘ with Ireland – good and bad – so the free travel area should remain – as long as it’s not a back door for all sorts of Merkel s imports to make their way to the soft touch of Blighty .


  14. Jeff says:

    So, at long last, several hours after the unprovoked murder on the train, we have a description of the killer.
    Cosmopolitan enrichment and vibrant diversity seems finally to have reached Surrey.
    Lucky people…


    • Zelazek says:

      When I first heard about this awful murder on the train, I regret to say my prejudiced mind jumped to some racist conclusions. Given the location, the murderer, I thought, just had to be one of those suspiciously reserved, middle-aged, Eton-educated, stockbroker types in a suit and tie from the leafy lanes of the Home Counties who don’t speak to strangers on trains. But, no, it turns out that the suspect is a young black male with a beard who was apparently fashionably dressed in a tasteful black outfit with white trainers. Who would have thought it? It just goes to show that you shouldn’t stereotype people.


  15. fakenewswatcher says:

    According to the Telegraph , newly-elected Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib had some really unpleasant words to describe President Trump.
    This tells us more about Rashida than it tells us about Trump. Her election also tells us something about what the Democratic party, in particular, and the US in general, have become. JFK must be turning in his grave, and he was no angel.
    Man, the party is getting rough.


    • Guest Who says:

      Not sure, but is that Katty, Jon and Anthony trying to get a quote?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I won’t edit that one unless there are objections because that is the word this lady politician used about the Commander in Chief and Head of State of her country …


  16. fakenewswatcher says:

    Also in the Telegraph, news that Exeter Uni Vice Chancellor Steve Smith is getting a £830,000 pay package. Quite a few people have to work a lifetime for that.
    If their students want to protest about social justice and the excesses of capitalism, very local matters seem a good place to start…


  17. jip says:

    “Oxford Street terror attack plotter ‘resisted’ de-radicalisation” the BBC is happy to tell us…

    and what is more they published an image of a hand written letter from the fellow that states:

    “… we love death as you love life… ” and goes on to reference the relevant verse in the Koran.

    Yet when Gerard Batten made a similar statement about two months ago about the death cult of Islam on “politics live” he was slandered by the BBC.

    But why the about turn BBC?…

    … Well don’t you know the fellow who wrote that letter was a white English convert… so therefore its not racist to point out that Islam is a death cult in that situation, Duh!!!.

    Just so ya know BBC, i’d be happy to have this retarded white English convert be deported to Pakistan along with the countless Islamic child rapists that you help to hide… thats because i don’t like Islam regardless of who follows it.

    Our short term, profit oriented, neo-corporate government, is frantically trying to drive our bus off the Islamic cliff for the insurance payout, while the delusional BBC frantically tries to keep the blindfold on the passengers because they think the bus is Chitty chitty Bang Bang.

    We are getting irreversibly closer to that cliff everyday… In 1918 Lebonon was just 15% Muslim, by 1975 through birth and immigration it eas over 50% Muslim… then a 15 year war broke out for Islam to take control, and it succeeded. The samt thing happened in Bosnia… thats two countries in 40 years.

    MUslims in the UK should either disavow, Muhammad for the paedophilic, murdering thug he was, or be deported… or interned or exiled where deportation is not possible… and bring back hanging for child rape while you are at it.


    • maxincony says:


      ’… we love death as you love life…’ and goes on to reference the relevant verse in the Koran.

      What was the religion of the person who wrote this and what difference does it make?

      We know who you are, where you live and we are coming for you. If not today, then tomorrow, if not in 10 years, then in 50 years. We are in the process of flagging every single multiculturalist traitor in Western Europe. You will be punished for your treasonous acts against Europe, and Europeans. We will ensure that all category A and B traitors, the enablers of Islamisation and the destroyers of our cultures, nations and societies, will be executed and your property expropriated.

      …we are forced to employ significantly more brutal and breath taking operations which will result in casualties. In order for the attack to gain an influential effect, assassinations and the use of
      weapons of mass destruction must be embraced.


      • jip says:


        I have a question about your quote… is the person who said those words, calming these are commands from God??? that should be followed to get to heaven???, and does that person have 4 million followers in the UK who go and chant this stuff in Arabic every Friday???

        Answer: No, its a quote from some guy, who nobody has heard of, who has three followers who grumble in the pub because their friend Kevin Crehan was thrown in prison for putting some bacon on a Mosque and then got murdered in prison.

        Of course in your world of pathological altruism we should ignore things like Islamic child rape and the fact that the Islamic texts specifically allow Muslims to take infidels as sex slaves in conquered lands…

        Even when we have towns like Rotherham where 15% of Muslim men are under investigation for child rape, and the average Muslim man has committed around five child rapes each, you’d sacrifice someone else’s children to show your own purity.

        I’m afraid dear fellow that you have BBC, Brain-washed Brain-dead Condition.


        • maxincony says:


          is the person who said those words, calming these are commands from God???

          What difference does it make? Psychopathic, wannabe mass murderers make all sorts of ridiculous claims. “God told me to” being a particular favourite.

          Answer: No, its a quote from some guy, who nobody has heard of, who has three followers who grumble in the pub…

          It’s a quote from Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people on behalf of people like you, “jip”.

          By your reasoning that kind of makes you responsible doesn’t it?


          • jip says:


            Give us a break, people don’t like Islam because they don’t want a totalitarian death-cult ideology calling the shots. They want neither Anders Breivik nor prophet Muhammads totalitarian ideology to rule.

            And for your information, prophet Muhammad murdered 600 prisoners after he attacked Khybar alone… he murdered tens of thousands in total, far more people than Anders Breivik. And countless millions have been killed in the name of Islam since Muhammad died.

            Even Carl Jung a famous psychoanalyst compared Hitler to Muhammad, saying “We do not know if Hitler is going to found a new Islam” because he saw that the fanaticism on the Nazis was similar to that of the followers of Islam.

            Why don’t you go and learn something about Islam before spouting you know-nothing opinion.


      • jip says:

        By the way, oh pure and virtuous Maxicony, here are the numbers, government report and police number to back up my clams. Are any of these numbers substantially wrong?

        According to the Jay Report… Rotherham has a population of 8000 Muslims, of these 50% are women and 30% are children, so there are about 2,800 muslim Men.

        Yet the report described 1,400 child gang rape victims. The Majority of court cases describe victims being raped hundreds of times in total.

        If just 10% of victims were raped 100 times, this would already be 14,000 rapes, That means 5 rapes per adult Muslim male on average.

        According to police there are currently 420 Adult Muslim Males under investigation for serial gang child rape of infidel children. That is fully 15% of the Adult Male Muslim population in that town.


        • maxincony says:


          According to the Jay Report…

          According to the Jay Report; “across the UK the greatest numbers of perpetrators of Child Sexual Exploitation are white men.

          I wonder why you repeatedly fail to mention this? Can’t just be because you so happen to be a white man? Surely not?????


          • jip says:

            “across the UK the greatest numbers of perpetrators of Child Sexual Exploitation are white men.”

            That’s only because the police and government spent decades refusing to investigate and prosecute the Islamic child gang rapists, and still do.

            About 5 men in 10,000 in the population at large will be investigated for rape, thats 0.05%.

            In Rotherham 15% are under investigation, by these numbers Muslim men are 300 times more likely to be under investigation for rape than the average Brit.

            You don’t even dispute that 15% pf Muslim men in that town are under investigation for Child rape, or that the average Muslim male in that town will have committed 5 child rapes.

            The fact that you don’t even dispute this is gobsmacking to me, and you try and make out that is ok… your attitude towards the victims is really quite sick.

            The fact is this behavior is coming from Islam, where Muhammad is considered the perfect role-model for all time, yet he married six year old Aisha who he hit in the chest for leaving the house against his orders. He owned and raped non-Muslim sex slaves like Maria the Copt.

            He force married Safiya the same day he had her husband tortured with molten metal to steal his gold, and genocided her tribe. He married his cousin Zaynab, and stole his sons wife Zayd, and had the woman Asma-bint-Marwan murdered for witing insulting poems, and apostates killed when they fled after being made to drink camel urine…

            Muhammad’s example promotes child rape, wife beating, forced marriage, incest, murder, genocide, and sex slavery for the unbeliever, and death to critics and apostates… and that is exactly what we see played out in Islamic countries. The inbreeding the child marriage, death sentences for blasphemy, even the camel urine drinking:


            You are so brainwashed, if you think these numbers are ok, then go and take you daughter and live in Luton or some similar Islamic hellhole.


          • jip says:


            Are you a Muslim?,

            Do you condemn anyone whoever killed a prisoner to hellfire?
            Do you condemn anyone whoever married a child to hellfire?
            Do you condemn anyone whoever owned a slave to hellfire?

            Or do you think these things are ok?


            • jip says:

              … maybe maxicony is a Muslim…

              Muslims will not make these condemnations, because they know full well that Muhammad did all these things, and they will not condemn Muhammad… nor anyone who copies his actions.

              Lack of condemnation of these things is approval by default, and most Muslims will turn a blind eye to these things… even if they don’t do these things themselves.


            • Eddy Booth says:

              Dear maxincony,

              looking at court cases reported across the UK, the greatest numbers of perpetrators of Child Sexual Exploitation are homosexual males.
              Although this group seem to consprise of only 2% (?) of the population ( well ok, not among BBC workers …) but seem to feature in at least 50% of pedo cases,,

              I wonder why you lot repeatedly fail to mention this? Could it be because you are also a bent male perhaps? or maybe just a weird politically correct proclivity to support this group right or wrong .

              I cannot remember one gang of indigenous males doing what the enrichers do eg,
              Organised Muslim immigrants gangs passing vulnerable girls as young as 12 year olds around …
              Nick Griffen raised this issue in around 2003, the BBC were keen to investigate and assembled a team of undercover investigative reporters, …
              but to spend a few months trying to dig dirt on Griffen to paint him as a racist.
              Flash forwards and the Tommy Robinson trys to expose these
              rape gangs too, the BBC does to do a hatchet job on him too, whilst poncing about with subtafuge rhetoric to deflect blame from their loved ones – the Muslims

              Anyone who works from the BBC should hang thier heads in shame.


    • taffman says:

      Maxi troll, Happy New Year! I hope that you are better.
      What do you think of the above video posted by jip …………….
      Al Beeb’s attempt at “how to make friends and influence people”?
      No wonder their viewing figures are dropping like a lead balloon.

      Have you signed here yet because you are the best advert for it ? ………………………………


      • G.W.F. says:

        Go to it Maxi, refute every sentence from Jip, you can do it. Respond to every single accusation made against your prophet, show us that your man god was the pinnacle of virtue. Or shut up.


  18. Roland Deschain says:

    The BBC seems strangely supportive here of religious stupidity being challenged.

    Now, just imagine it had been Muslims here and not Hindus in India.


  19. Lucy Pevensey says:


  20. BRISSLES says:

    Admittedly not the Beeb on this occasion, but the relentless brainwashing of diversity continues unabated. I was quite enjoying the wit and humour of Delicious on Sky One, and then the storyline develops with not one, but two mixed relationships – one including the now obligatory wheelchair.

    I’m all for inclusivity, with everyone having a fair crack at the whip, be it able/disabled, black/white/yellow/green/blue, but its never in the same percentage perspective as in ‘real’ life ! Scripted dramas are clearly committed to going down the black/white route, now believing that white/white (despite being 80% of the population) is an all encompassing evil to a properly functioning multicultural society.

    As a ‘spoiler’ alert, it seems that (ITV) James Norton – vicar in the upcoming new series of Grantchester, is leaving the show, but not before he is shown to fall madly in love with a clergyman’s daughter who just happens to be of colour. This rarely happens now in 2019, but to believe this would have occurred in the 1950’s ?????

    In the past I seemed to be the only one who began to notice this ‘infiltration’, when the ads started to push the agenda not so many years ago. Now, whomever I speak to all appear to be of the same mind, and I wonder how many times multiplied my little circle of family and friends throughout the country think exactly the same.


  21. StewGreen says:

    In Australia top journo Andrew Bolt is either a racist or unairly muzzled by the court for daring to air the point that people who are half aborigine and half white can choose to identify as either .. depending on your viewpoint
    That started 8 years ago, but now it’s staggering that one of his 9 accusers has completed her journey to become redpilled and said their legal action was wrong, cos jt led to unfair stifling of free speech.
    Furthermore cos she has sided with him she has faced backlash from at least one gallery whose withdrawn an exhibition they offered her.
    also on the end of the Bolt podcast of Dec 6th


  22. StewGreen says:

    Super Remainer, Sally Wilton has now put her tweets in protected mode now


  23. Nibor says:

    OK Al Beeb , let’s get some things out the way .

    You and the remainers see Leave voters as ;

    Old , less educated , left behind , fearful , racist , myopic , intolerant , nostalgic , bigoted , unreasonable , bloody minded , insular , ignorant , callous , destructive and as one of your latest broadcasts intimates , ugly trolls .

    You see remainers as

    Young , outward looking , reasonable , NON RACIST ( important ) , kindly , empathetic , worldly concerned , kind , open , honest , charitable , knowledgeable , intelligent and ready to suffer for a greater cause .

    Whereas we Brexiteer see ourselves as

    Knowledgeable , experienced , not gullible , honest , rational , patriotic , exasperated , impoverished for no good reason , outward looking , less racist than the ethos of the EU ( Europe’ s values ?) , ready to leave a bad project , outward looking , and can see through cant any day .

    Some of us Brexiteers see you as ,

    Gullible , inexperienced , Gramscian filled heads , immature , blinkered .
    But we are more intelligent so realise that that’s one group , another is
    Arrogant , troughing , devious , intolerant , undemocratic , Bilderburging , Common Purpose , statist , lying , ruthless , hypocritical blob swamp .

    Of course they may be a better way to address these issues .

    Dialogue is one . Something we don’t get from you , Al Beeb .
    Your latest Brexit , a Love Story ? Is definitely in the narrative of a Remainer . Can you see an opposite view ? Other than from a well paid up establishment trougher ? A statist ( spellcheck said Stasi ) ?
    The word I’ve missed out is condescending . That’s what you give the Brexiteers . We’re allowed our view ( well thank you BBC) but only in the context that ultimately it’s the wrong view .

    How about dialogue free from your prejudices , BBC ?


  24. StewGreen says:

    Knife crime : system weaknesses
    a white 16 year kid was convicted of knife crime, he was tagged but he just ripped off the tag and travelled from County Durham to London
    .. there he was selling drugs, after being convicted by a 20 year old ethnic Muslim youth worker, he stabbed the guy to death.
    Dec 20th article in the Times


    • maxincony says:


      a white 16 year kid… [stabbed to death] a 20 year old ethnic Muslim

      Let me fix that for you.

      a 16 year old ethnic Christian… [stabbed to death] a 20 year old man


    • StewGreen says:

      Max yes I said the 16 year old whilte killed the 20 year old ethnic Muslim.
      And I linked to the source
      I made one typo “convicted” = “confronted”

      “.. there he was selling drugs… After being confronted by a 20 year old ethnic Muslim youth worker, he stabbed the guy to death.”


      • StewGreen says:

        I did a post abot weakness of legal measures of anti-knife crime a WHTE kid was convicted yet given a tag he was easily able to cut off.
        And for the sake of clarity pointed out he then murdered an ethnic Muslim..Maxi moves in to try to make the issue about a “Christian murdering someone”
        There’s no evidence of any Chridtian community nuturing him in this path, nor failing to help hand him over to authorities.


        • Despairada says:

          What is an ethnic muslim or an ethnic Christian for that matter?
          islam isn’t carried in the genes.

          This crime is unlikely to have any religious component anyway.


  25. Dover Sentry says:

    Following on from a previous posts:

    The first Muslim woman in Congress.

    “”No apologies! Anti-Trump lawmaker Rashida Tlaib who vowed Democrats will ‘impeach the motherf***er’ doubles down on vulgar Trump tirade as Nancy Pelosi says her language ‘is no worse than the president’s’ “”


  26. Nibor says:

    I’ve just done some number crunching .

    57% of Consevative members want a clean EU break . Also 35% of Labour members want that . So that’s 90% .

    Better though , is the EU referendum result , which was 52 % .

    Unless the remainres want to go on about Vice chancellors of universities etc . *

    *Why is it vice chancellors ? What are the chancellors ?

    Forgive me for being a Brexiteer ,BBC , but you don’t take any notice of the vice chancellor of Germany , if there is one . I’m assuming there’s no immoral aspect to the word vice in the vice chancellors but what is it about them ?
    Oh sorry he’s me and the ordinary people , we don’t know university hierarchy . After so many pronouncements from the vice chancellors we thought they’d bumpth off the chancellors .
    Now BBC you do polling occasionly . Tell us the amount of vice chancellors and university lecturers who voted for Brexit , and the amount who went into grief after the historic vote
    Then tell us what a university chancellor is .


  27. Dover Sentry says:

    This clip from the Battle of Britain film sums up our relationship with the EU.

    Set in the neutral Swiss Embassy just before the Battle.

    “” Don’t dictate to us unless you are marching up Whitehall, and even then we won’t listen…””.


  28. ScottishCalvin says:

    Happy new year all! First scribbling of the year as I finish what’s left of the Talisker:


  29. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    I read a comment on a blog a few days back. Someone who says they work at or near Media City north Manchester. If I remember correctly says he can confirm that the British media has been handed a D notice, implementing the gagging on reporting of inflammatory incidents from France. According to the this it is because the British Government is very worried of similar action here, and across the continent. The fear is of a ”European Spring” breaking out.
    The BBC director general was more than happy to comply, though D notices are not compulsory, and for a while it was not allowed to mention France or the French situation in any prominent position on its website.
    What is more they have prepared for the situation getting worse and have articles pre-written to blame the FN, Russian Fake news, the far right etc. The usual scapegoats.
    It would seem that the Tory government has combined with Al Beeb
    to protect the people of the UK from knowing to much about the extent of the Yellow Vest protest.
    Can anybody confirm for me if this is true. Are D-notices able to be accessed?
    If it is true then surely they should be exposed over this action blocking legitimate news from abroad?


  30. Scroblene says:

    Yasser, you’ve probably seen this, but it may give you some extra info!

    I was still at school back then but assumed that it was just another political unpleasantness coming from Wilson’s government – like most people did.

    With the excellence of sites like this, I’d have thought nobody really takes any notice of non-reporting on the BBC, they’re largely irrelevant when getting news ‘from the horse’s mouth’ is so easy now.

    I’ve just flicked through the BBC online site, and it’s all about slebs and comic stuff – so no change there!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Andrew Neil reported that protests had gone on outside Paris throughout the holiday and predicted they will continue into 2019 ….( that was on twitter ).


  31. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Meesshhaalll goes for any early ‘idiot question of the year ‘ award by asking a senior cop why it took so long to arrest someone for the train stabbing some 18 hours ago,

    This was followed by a kind of interview by humph with Sir John Redwood – humph spoke more that Sir John – not untypical

    Thought for the day was some fool talking up the great gain of having Islamic ‘refugees’ turn up here – didn’t catch his name but we ll hear a lot from him on the BBC this year .

    As an aside – I sometimes think, listening or watching the BBC that they are a foreign broadcaster operating in Blighty like al jazera . But far worse ..


    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady watch 2

      Humph interviews the bumbling anti democratic Ken Clark . Both refer to ‘extremist’ brexiteers – a give away – and Clark wants to revoke A50 . He dumps my vote in the referendum – along with another 17 million – like I don’t matter and don’t understand the issues .

      Another Soros Club member … who shouldn’t be given the oxygen of publicity .

      Fortunately any one listening to Clark will find their brexit resolve increased .


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        “Another Soros Club member … who shouldn’t be given the oxygen of publicity .”

        As Linda Smith said a propos Lord Archer, he shouldn’t be given the oxygen of oxygen.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Rob HaHa – the BBC seems to use a very limited stable of remainers – unless this is Soros policy to put Soubry up (when she’s sober Or not blubbing again ) , the loony Adonis and the SNP .
          Ken Clarke might be the ‘father of the house’ But he has been singing the same Project Fear song since well before the Referendum .

          With 83 days to go I hope that remainers will switch to criticising preparations for leaving rather than the ‘leaving ‘ itself –

          There has been rumours that that Brussels might offer some kind of change to the backstop provision to put some kind of legally enforceable provision on its termination – I can’t see it because the ReichEU has said the sell out cannot be changed .

          However …. if BMW and the rest of the kraut companies who export bigly to UK realise that their products will take longer to get to Blighty then they might issue different instructions – cum February ….


          • Jagman84 says:

            When new cars have a lead time of weeks or months for delivery, a few hours longer in transit will not make one iota of difference. It’s the same for JIT. That’s carried out from local hubs, not via cross-channel ferries. The ignorance of Remainers is quite staggering, IMHO.


    • RobRoy says:

      Fedup, after an early drop-off at Heathrow I had the pleasure of catching Today. Maybe if the BBC and police had issued a description of the train suspect earlier he might have been arrested quicker. As for Redwood, I thought he handled Humph really well and put across his points in a logical way. Of course, we then had to stomach the usual one-sided Trump stories.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Sir John redwood has long battle experience with the BBC so managed to focus his comments – ignoring the Humph bluster .
        As an aside sir John has been challenged over accepting a gong as a ‘ sellout ‘ of Brexit – and denied any connection – which I accept . He has long fought for our freedom .


  32. Guest Who says:

    Latest BBC one degree of separation Project Fear.



    • vesnadog says:

      “Latest BBC one degree of separation Project Fear.”

      I’ll bet that most of those poor students didn’t have a wink of sleep that night!


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      As you note the NoBrainers are being slaughtered in the HYS.
      With many comments noting that the main effect of increased university participation is not, as promised by Bliar, higher educational standards, but greater leftiness and higher salaries.

      Another swamp in need of attention. Time for some austerity and dismissals, £billions can be saved.
      Just like the wasteful NHS.


  33. Guest Who says:

    The bbc approves of the new breed of feisty, female, albeit thick Democrat pol now in Washington.

    However one has rather let the side down by being a bit over-overt in laying out the approved agenda. Hence massive effort going into the cute, less racist one.

    Certainly it has engaged the bbc’s yoof audience who know good social media info when they are served it.

    However, if reading beyond the output of the cubicle gardens…

    Bet Katty cut a nifty rug back in the day.


  34. Beeb Brother says:

    The BBC loves an unrepresentative, isolated incident to launch into a left wing narrative. So with Sterling’s ‘racist abuse’ they line up a veritable army of agitators to tell us what to think with plenty of vox pops from ‘community organisers.’

    The same never happens with indigenous Brits. We will never be asked if we are scared to go into London, how betrayed we feel etc. This is not ‘racism’ but fury at being denied the most basic rights and freedoms that the social contract confers.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      I used to work at Gatwick airport before we retired to the South of France so was used to using the trains around London, now when I fly into Luton my brother refuses to let me travel to Kent on a train and insists on picking me up. I feel sad and angry that freedom of travel that I had from when I was a teenager has gone to be replaced by feeling of not being safe on public transport.


  35. RobRoy says:

    There appears to be a bit of resurgence on the No Deal petition. Sad git as I am, I’ve noticed over a 100 new signatures in the last hour.

    Come on, folks -we can make it to 300k yet


  36. Guest Who says:

    Gary makes his pitch to be a bbc editor.

    Looking good, son.

    Now, remember… ‘views my own’.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Lineker is not bright enough to know he is stupid.
      I do not believe these are his own thoughts.
      I believe he is one of a number of low IQ high profile NoBrainers managed by Soros & Co.
      Lineker justs tweets from a script.

      Meanwhile, about the D notices.
      There are regular BBBC contributors who live in France.
      Please inform us about the protests, because the BBC will not.


      • Guest Who says:

        LCS – the BBC on matters US Politics is a clear if bent danger.

        And clearly using false flags, plants, reverse psychology and social media for all they are uniquely funded.

        Now, with Brexit, I am beginning to wonder if it is the same, only not in the direction the worshippers of #FBPE imagine.

        They allow Gazbag to spout ever more inaccurate guff with their teflon stronzo-coated blessings, and run endless ‘quotes’ as ‘news’ from Ken, Tarzan, Donut, Sobriety, The Nanny GOAT front-bench in wailing, Vince, etc…. or wheel them out on every QT and Newsnight and DP to be quoted, and it all comes blowing back like an explosion in a silage farm with a Cat 8 Typhoon incoming.

        I reckon they are playing the long game.

        Or… are just thick too. One of the three (sugar rush).


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        There are a couple of websites I recommend LCS, The Connexion which does French news and info into English and our local which is slightly lefty leaning but a lot of their articles have links to other news sites ( and good recipes on Sunday)
        Hope that helps. The best one is of course our local bar with French TV but by the time you fall out you’ve forgotten everything, the yellow vests are spreading……Holland …..Belgum…..Germany ( where they’re called far right of course) and Spain is starting.


      • Up2snuff says:

        LCS, if you can manage some French or German what about checking out the local print press on-line? Some of the major papers have a clicky where you can get the text switched into English.


    • gb123 says:

      I like one of the comments (Andy Herrett)

      “I always take medical advice from adulterous crisp salesman”


  37. Cassandra says:


    I found this ‘inspiring’ video clip of Fiona Onasanya on Guido’s site…

    Fiona Onasanya, who is still a sitting MP and has a say on our laws, has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice. She has been expelled from the Labour Party but continues to sit as an independent MP in Parliament and is now awaiting sentencing for her conviction.

    She now faces a possible prison sentence and parliamentary rules require the removal of an MP who is jailed for 12 months or more but if the sentence is less than that a recall petition can force a by-election if it is signed by more than 10 per cent of the electorate in the Cambridgeshire seat.

    I wonder how the BBC will spin this?


    • Synchronised says:

      Michael Fallon had to quit because he touched a knee, and yet the MSM aren’t going anywhere near this one to the same degree. As an aside I will repeat myself urging you to spread the gospel by reading Robin Aitkens book The Noble Liar and lending it to anyone who you think is still believing in our state broadcaster.


    • G says:

      No doubt the foreign element of Onasanya’s constituency will rally round to support her. After all, Peverting the Course of Justice? For them, that’ll be a trivial offence. More serious things happen in African politics and so-called “politicians” never lose their seat.
      Last reference to, ‘Fiona Onasanya’ on the linked Law Society website, (she is a qualified solicitor admitt ed 02.11.15), is above dated 13th June 2017. It couldn’t be that they will not strike her of The Roll ‘cos of her being black and all that, could it?


    • vlad says:

      The Black Broadcasting Corporation will spin any attempt to remove her as racism and make a victim and martyr of her.
      The Chosen People can do no wrong.


      • Cassandra says:

        Onasanya has compared herself to Jesus, it’s only a matter of time before she plays the race card.
        BTW, her majority in Peterborough, the constituency she represents is only 607 and the Brexit vote was 60.9% to leave.


  38. countryblues says:


    T. May to take personal control of No-Deal Brexit preparations…so I’m now overflowing with joy and optimism 🙁


  39. Guest Who says:

    For the BBC, there is something almost hideous about that selection. Maybe the usual models were off filming a dfs ad?


  40. Oldspeaker says:

    Thought this would be worth a link as it’s the kind of interview not likely to be found on the bbc, or indeed most msm. Following link has Christian content so probably not for the easily offended or anyone upset by such, regardless of ones own belief or lack of, it’s a compelling listen. There’s some far out stuff, ads and the like which can be omitted, interview proper starts about 34 min 30sec.


  41. theisland says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      There is footage on twitter of other places around France where this is going on . Normally the BBC sees all things French as better than Britain – yet the BBC diverts attention away . Perhaps the BBC is fearful that we might take to the streets if democracy is sold out .


    • vesnadog says:

      “Hey @BBCBreaking – you seem to be overlooking this for some inexplicable reason”

      Bet if one of those vests had gone over for a weekend visit who also hadn’t paid their TV licence fee then you can bet your last dollar that there would have been a camera crew there before you could say Jimmy Saville.


  42. StewGreen says:

    Libmob narrative : ‘Every single immigrant brings great wealth to this country’
    Yep, prime example this Ghanaian Solicitor
    … PS why didn’t media report the case in October ?


  43. StewGreen says:

    Labour Townhall repeatedly tried to get police to close down blogger.
    Now police have had enough “stop wasting our time”
    \\ Mr Saunders, a former solicitor, runs the Sandwell Skidder blog and alleges widespread corruption at the council. In July 2017 he ran a £3-a-head “corruptour” of the borough, pointing out sights of “widespread fraud”.

    James Morris, the Tory MP for the area, has told the Commons that the council was “synonymous with incompetence, corruption and cronyism”.//
    (hard job proving libel , if the local NP states publicly the same claims)

    Expertise from Times commenters
    \\ In Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers [1993] AC 534 The House of Lords held that a local authority has no right at common law to sue for libel to protect its governing or administrative reputation, because allowing it such a right would stifle public opinion, freedom of speech and be contrary to the public interest. The position at common law remains unaffected by the Defamation Act 2013. //


    • Fedup2 says:

      Fascinating – stew – I wonder how must tax cash was spent on the legal case. Local authorities have got to be the main lair of corruption now that local papers have been crushed by ‘ free ‘ council propaganda sheets and newspaper chains in bed with council leaders .


  44. Guest Who says:

    John knows what his followers like.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Where’s ‘Mensa man’ @RP ?
    The Times columnist Giles Coren has a hell of a dig at them.
    \\ some overweight white people in bad clothes with greasy hair, pulling silly faces ..Mensa//


  46. Englands Dreaming says:

    If you think T May hasnt alienated the Tory base sufficiently, then Sajid Javid’s immigration white paper should be the final nail in the coffin.
    Clip from BBC Parliament of Sajid Javid putting forward his open borders white paper

    There is a damning piece on the white paper by Lord Green on conservativehome

    MSM pretty quiet on this, but keen to big up Javid in the Channel talking “tough” on migrants


    • G.W.F. says:

      Yeah, Savid Javid, you will control who comes here. Keep out Jewish reporters, white South Africans and find a space for the supporters of allah akibar and their families who are doing so much to protect our vital services.


  47. StewGreen says:

    What jind of people get jobs as UPS security guards so they can steal the parcels ?


  48. StewGreen says:

    What do you reckon an online slipper brand started 3 years ago ..worth £100m ?
    October’s report did seem optimistic
    Jan 1st they went bust
    Would there be a reason why journos didn’t properly scrutinise ?


  49. StewGreen says:

    \\ According to the Times 9 PIA pilots have been sacked for fake qualifications* & in 2016 sacrificed a goat next to a plane to ward off bad luck after an aircraft crash killed 47.
    In 2017UK Border Force found heroin hidden in PIA aircraft panels at Heathrow //

    * So far 50 airline staff fired when they started checking if their high school leaving certificat’s were valid, 9 pilots had fake ones


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      “in 2016 sacrificed a goat next to a plane to ward off bad luck after an aircraft crash killed 47.”

      State of the art, cutting edge technology, using the latest c7 scientific equipment must have soothed passenger concerns.


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