226 Responses to Start the Year Open Thread 31 December 2018

  1. Eddy Booth says:

    Channel migrants: No easy answers to issue, says Javid

    ”Currently, only one of the Border Force’s fleet of five cutters – specialist boats which the force describes as being capable of rescuing several migrant boats at the same time – is currently operational in the Dover Strait.
    Dover MP Charlie Elphicke has repeated calls for Border Force cutters to be called back from search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean to patrol the Channel.”

    So basically we have 5 boats, four are working taxi across the Med, when they could be doing the similar in the channel.

    if only


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      In the last year or two, the adjective ‘I L L E G A L’ seems to have permanently disappeared from being a descriptor of illegal ‘migrants’.


    • theisland says:

      Nice try Javid, but the reasons are not “complicated” and neither is the solution.


  2. G says:

    “… when the government fails to secure their natural rights (Locke) or satisfy the best interests of society (called the ‘general will’ in Rousseau), citizens can withdraw their obligation to obey or change the leadership, through elections or other means including, when necessary, violence”.
    “Violence”? Seems in the UK, violence may well be the only solution……….
    “The United Nations intends to make it easier for migrants to relocate to new countries — with safeguarded routes, medical and financial assistance, and open access to public services and a means of income on arrival.” Only problem is, in our case, it is the taxpayer who will foot the bill for the elite Globalists hairbrain schemes. If there was a way to withhold tax, perhaps that might wake these idiots up before the lamppost hoves into view.


  3. The Sage says:

    Interesting to note that despite the English Channel being unbelievably dangerous – especially at this time of the year and when crossings in small boats are compared to walking across a busy six-lane highway in the dark on crutches not one wealthy illegal Iranian migrant has lost his or her life.
    It also seems that not one wealthy Iranian migrant has been sent home – or is likely to be sent home. But that’s another story.
    Let’s also remember there is no war in Iran. It’s a perfectly safe place to live.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Another where #CCBGB


  5. G.W.F. says:

    Looks like it is time for the BBC to brand the yellow vests as far right fascists, xenophobes little Frenchmen, and populists.


    • theisland says:

      @GuyVerhoftwat (spoof)

      As you know the Yellow Vest protests are not against the EU, they are about fuel prices. This protester is simply taking down the EU flag to protect it from far-right Brexiteers. Thank you citizen!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Looks like a job for the new ReichEU armee. I hope remainers don’t blub at the final New Year under ReichEU control.


  6. vesnadog says:

    I that see another 15-20 minute piece promoting the mentally ill was on BBC News this afternoon! Sadly, I was so gob-smacked at what I saw that I failed completely to get a link!

    The BBC are achieving great success in proving to their international viewers that “Mentally ill” people are the norm in Great Britain so why not come and join the circus. (Oh, it was about trans people)


  7. Guest Who says:

    I have a vision of a race of white people covered with cartoon characters, as that was all in the first aid box that had us talking here when I copped a splinter.

    Meanwhile, next summer, I hope to be sporting an Elastoplaster smooth tan complexion.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Mysterious ? The Vatican has announced the resignations of its spokesman, Greg Burke, and his deputy, Paloma Garcia Ovejero, without giving any explanation


  9. vesnadog says:


    No! No! No! You don’t understand, this is how we usually pay our son’s dingy/outboard motor holidays on the English channel!

    At first we thought that we might use this debit card we have brought to your French office but we are told by some strange blond BBC reporter with her Nigerian boy friend that if we had rang their Paris office earlier then they could have got him his dingy holiday for free!


  10. StewGreen says:

    Channel excuse : “Oh well its only 200 immigrants so that’s nothing in perspective”

    #1Tell thst to the first victim of a tragedy like soneone raped by an Illegal or an Illegal family who drown
    #2 Why did the courts waste time prosecuting Based Amy for saying “Have a Gay Day” ?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Give them an inch, they take a kilometer’.


      • Oaknash says:

        Actually ” girl next door Kate” (who normally really irritates me with her wholesomeness) tried to ask a really pertinent question but was swiftly squashed by this Derbyshire necked, Main Battle Tank. Kate asked “Where do we stop” – The one question that these clueless , over emoting, gullible, virtue signalling sheep can never answer.


        • Eddy Booth says:

          Where do we stop?
          The extreme far left isn’t entirely against walls/ borders etc
          After taking over a country they usually build a big one
          to stop people leaving


    • Nibor says:

      Why not let “only” 200 invaders into BBC premises . Why not just two . Why not only one ?
      Because the BBC want to feel safe .


  11. Loobyloo says:

    Why do we celebrate New Year on 1 January? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46646730

    The usual question-title from Al Beeb. More chipping away at our culture and customs.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Awaiting the bbc’s ‘Unique’ version of this….


  13. Loobyloo says:

    Dinner for One: English comedy spices up German New Year http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46620852

    Lol, article discussing the traditions of German New Year…guess what New Year event they don’t mention! Nothing to see here, move along now…


  14. Non Snowflake says:

    If you want a break from this left-wing ideology being shoved down your throat, stick Channel 4 on. They’re currently showing “The Dam Busters” from 1954.

    Not a BAME in sight (although Wing Commander Guy Gibson’s dog is of course called “Nigger” (no they haven’t over-dubbed Richard Todd with a voice-actor saying “Fido” or “Shep” ))

    Back when men were men, defeating vile foreigners and keeping invaders from our shores.

    Although every 20 minutes or so the movie is interrupted with adverts where every other person is BAME, which makes me wonder why we bothered in the first place.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Non – thank you – will watch it for the umpteenth time before it is banned. Can’t be too far away under the current regime .

      If I remember – someone is doing a remake ? Probably be full of Americans pretending to be Canadian – and Idris Elba of course .

      Sometimes wonder what would have become of Guy Gibson VC if he had survived the war ….


      • Oaknash says:

        I think Guy Gibsons dog was going to be renamed “TRIGGER” – as “Nigger” obviously was too much of a “trigger” Confusing or what!


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          It would be possible to write poor old Nigger out of the Dambusters story, seeing as his name is now politically incorrect.

          Unfortunately, however, because Nigger was killed on the day of the raid, his name was used as the codeword for a successful attack. Thus, not only would you have to cut out the dog, but also the news that the attack had succeeded.

          It might be nice if PC snowflakes could just concede that the past is different. No RAF officer today would call his dog Nigger, but back than, in Britain, it was just a word which meant “black”. No offence was intended, and the continual efforts by snowflakes to denigrate anyone from history who did not have the foresight to live according to the mores of Islington in 2018 is increasingly moronic.

          It’s a good job that Guy Gibson and the men of 617 Squadron didn’t decide to stay in their “safe space” isn’t it?


  15. Loobyloo says:

    Reality Check: How many people seek asylum in the UK? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46722157

    So, the BBCs fact check = we don’t have as many asylum applicants as Germany, Italy and France. Boo, aren’t we nasty. What they also don’t mention is what happens to those that are denied, or the numbers who might have failed to seek or disappeared into our cities (as in the USA). Until they turn back any of these boat invaders it will only accelerate and we look like a bunch of idiots.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        “I will just end up killing her and taking her life easy. I’m really ready to do it because I love her more than anything in the world.”

        Obviously only one case, but still interesting. When they’re filled with hate, they want to destroy. When they’re doing an insurance fiddle, they want to destroy. But when they really love… er… they want to destroy.

        You’d think in the light of certain basic realities we might be capable of reevaluating our continual efforts to make migrants feel welcome and accepted. Amazing how that never happens.


        • Oaknash says:


          Dont often recommend the Guardian TM – But I think this sweet little story puts it all into context. Maybe if we had all clubbed together and sent the husband of this virtue signalling idiot a years supply of viagra or a book on the female mid life crisis, poor old Tunisian migrant Mohamed Bajjar would never have been forced to pour petrol around the “Care 4 Calais” HQ

          i WONDER WHETHER THE beeb will report this story?


          • Terminal Moraine says:

            Oaknash thanks for that link… maybe it’s a lesson for her but reading that story is certainly a textbook teaching on narcissism for me.

            I suppose it’s all another exotic and diverse expererience that she can wring a few more Guardian articles out of


  16. taffman says:

    “Channel migrants: No easy answers to issue, says Javid”
    Here is an easy answer Mr Javid – We have a Royal Navy that has the job to defend our nation against infiltration and attack. The Royal Marines can and should act now, seize these illegal immigrants and their trafficker’s boats, return them to France and sink them on the French shores. What else are they for?
    if Europe is as good as our Bleeding Heart Remainers say it is, why are so many coming over to Blighty ?
    If I was a Conservative voter I would be ashamed of the Tory party. We have a bunch of incompetent clowns in charge of our security. Parliament is a circus and a joke. Vote and support UKIP , its our only salvation.
    Is this treaty worth the paper its written on ………………………

    Click to access Treaty_Concerning_the_Reinforcement_Of_Cooperation_For_The_Coordinated_Management_Of_Their_Shared_Border.pdf


    • MarkyMark says:

      Protecting the nation and its dependent territories will always be our first role.

      Highly trained soldiers are ready to deploy anywhere at any time to meet a variety of challenges. Ranging from support to the Police following a terrorist attack, to specialist capabilities such as bomb disposal and intelligence experts, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we are always ready to serve.


      Migrants with child land on Greatstone beach, Kent

      UK migrant ‘crisis’ bears no comparison to EU’s 2015 influx


      • taffman says:

        “Migrants with child land on Greatstone beach, Kent”
        Who’s child ? Why do the illegal immigrants put children at risk in the in the English Channel just to get out of France? Are they using children as ‘human shields’ to get in to the UK, to jump the asylum queue, jump the housing queue and the NHS queue ?
        I foresee that MI5 will have their work cut out looking for ISIS moles in the cities ?


        • Oaknash says:

          I suspect MI5 will be far too busy dealing with the real threat of “far right extremism” which the BBC keeps on warning us about. Hopefully all Polish owned sheds will continue to sleep soundly at night.


      • Dave S says:

        When the weather in the Channel resumes it’s normal winter ways people will drown and it is incredibly cruel of the Guardian/bbc
        not to stress how dangerous the crossing really is. Once again the unreality of the progressive is on full display.
        The old saying that misplaced sympathy leads to tragedy comes to mind.


      • Oaknash says:

        And this is one of the reasons why we voted brexit – fed up with lying politicians who tell us dealing with ILLEGAL immigration is “complicated” when in fact the solutions are all very simple. Of course we would also end up upsetting a few virtue signalling globalist businessmen and Gaurdian readers along the way but in reality – I no longer give a flying Fornication.


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          Could they return these ‘migrants’ to France by getting a submarine close to the french coast and shooting them out of a torpedo tube.


          • Oaknash says:

            EG – I expect if you just offered them more money in France than was available here – there would never be the problem in the 1st place. We are seen as weak and soft nothing more.


  17. StewGreen says:

    So metrolib Remainers tell us how you really feel


  18. Alex Feltham says:

    The BBC tests the limits of just how misleading and irrelevant they can be in the space of one headline:

    Morocco tourist murders: Swiss-Spanish national arrested https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-46714293

    Nineteen others were also arrested but I guess they can’t be painted as European.

    Nothing in this piece about the reason two inoffensive Scandinavian girls were tortured and beheaded.

    Maybe it had something to do with fact that Mohammad the model for all mankind also beheaded infidel, hundreds of them: https://bit.ly/2LHb6aF


  19. Guest Who says:



  20. taffman says:

    Yellow vests set fire to door of Bank of France.
    Is this true ? Is Al Beeb censoring European News ?


  21. Guest Who says:

    My faves are when such as Michelle and Yvette write them on bits of cardboard, and then are dumb enough to share on Twitter.




  22. Up2snuff says:

    With just over six hours to go, I wish everyone – including maxi & our other Trolls – a very happy, prosperous and EU-free-from by April New Year.


    • JimS says:

      Are we just going to ‘crash out’ of 2018?

      Should we hold a peoples’ vote and remain in 2018?


      • Richard Pinder says:

        I suspect that the First Lord of the Treasury and the Second Lord of the Treasury, both Remainers, have already secretly repealed the “Calendar (New Style) Act 1750”, therefore extending 2018 to the end of March, so as to avoid a great explosive, banging, crash out disaster near Parliament at Midnight tonight.


  23. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Sky news interview with Sajid Javid.
    Asked about the 2 extra boats being brought back to pick up anybody who wants to come to the U.K.
    “Will these people be taken back to France or WELCOMED into the U.K.”


  24. BRISSLES says:

    Ok, so here’s the thing.
    Earlier this year I watched Joanna Lumley gain access to Iran. The shots we saw were of a country that was rather beautiful, people having lunch in the tended municipal gardens, and expensive shopping malls.

    Alright, so it was clearly a rosy picture painted of an authoritative Islamic regime, but my point is, had JL been in any danger at all, she wouldn’t have gone, or been allowed to go. Therefore I cannot square those Iranians who obviously have money, are paying a fortune to cross the channel, and have a good style of living at home, with those who are wanting a ‘better life’ here for fear of being tortured in their homeland. Surely the cost of crossing the Channel could set them up nicely in any other European country.


  25. taffman says:

    “New EU rules on fishing quotas could have a “grave” impact on the UK’s fishing industry, a House of Lords committee has said – just a day before the new policy is introduced.”
    One of the many reasons that we voted for Freedom and Independence. Our supine government and liberal Londinistan media cannot come to terms that we democratically voted for just that. Tell your MP.
    Vote and support UKIP.


  26. Sluff says:

    Evening all.
    BBC news summary part 1.

    Transgender people are complaining that they are being discriminated against by the NHS in terms of fertility treatment.
    You absolutely cannot make it up.


    • Scroblene says:

      And vegans now want recognition as a special case, like some sort of odd religion, unknown to most normal people.

      Sod off, it’s their choice, and I certainly won’t wear plastic shoes in a steelworks!


    • Oaknash says:

      Sluff – Sorry – do they want a womb transplanted into their rectums.
      I really am confused!


    • Non Snowflake says:

      The LGTBQDANGERUXB brigade are pathetic. End of.


  27. taffman says:

    “New EU rules on fishing quotas could have a “grave” impact on the UK’s fishing industry, a House of Lords committee has said – just a day before the new policy is introduced.”
    One of the many reasons that we voted for Freedom and Independence.


  28. Sluff says:

    BBC news summary pt 2

    The BBC carry out a vox pop on what people want for the New Year.
    Person 1- a non- white woman wearing a niqab !!!!!
    Person 2 – a black woman (who, admittedly was quite jolly)
    Person 3 – a white woman
    Person 4 – an elderly white woman
    Person 5 – a Welsh MAN ( shock, horror) who wanted Wales to win the Rugby World Cup and………wanted to cancel Brexit.

    Now just what are the statistical chances of all of that?
    I conservatively estimate 1 in 2,000,000.
    Equality! The bBBC version.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      I saw that too – the Welsh geezer also said he wanted Trump to be abducted by aliens. Cut back to the studio and a smiling newsreader!
      Meanwhile on ITV, the female reporter covering the London New Year’s Eve celebrations said they were going to be setting off the biggest firework display in Europe – I’m pretty sure she said eight THOUSAND tons of them. What are they going to do, blow up the S.S. Richard Montgomery?


  29. Guest Who says:

    They know what people like.


  30. Guest Who says:

    In other news, it seems Owen Jones has managed to piss off even more people, of those left who he has not blocked.

    Anticipate him being on the BBC a lot next year.


  31. Jeff says:

    So, in ethnically enriched, diverse and vibrant London, the old year is ending pretty much as it’s gone on since last January; yet another utterly pointless stabbing.
    Sometime late last night, a young bloke was out doing a bit of pre New Year’s Eve shopping when he got into an altercation with a group of young people (quite a few of them female} and was chased and stabbed.
    As yet, thankfully, he’s still alive, but perilously ill.
    39 people have been arrested!
    Perhaps it’s too trite and too easy to observe that when you let vast swathes of the third world into your country it becomes the third world. Maybe I’m being presumptuous because no assailants have been identified as yet, however…
    I seem to manage to go shopping several times a week. People annoy me all the time. They’re careless, often rude, sometimes belligerent. You know, not once have I chased after a bloke, mob handed, with a ten inch steak knife, hatchet or sword and stabbed them. Sorely tempted sometimes though I may be…
    Usually, if some pillock treads on my toe, clatters into my trolley or nicks my parking space I say something like,
    ” After you” or “Don’t worry about it” and even “No damage done.” It’s the British way to behave. It’s instinctive and it’s civilised. And therein lies the problem. A number of these people aren’t civilised.
    It has to be telling that Jamaica has a population of under 3 million and yet has twice the murders each year of the entire UK.
    And now we’re being morally bullied into taking people from war torn countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.
    What could possibly go wrong?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Not to mention that nice chap from Strictly and his brother being pounced on by thugs while having a night out. As both are dancers, their legs and knees took a real pacing, and their faces aren’t a pretty sight either. There are some real f……g bastards in this world.


  32. Guest Who says:

    Bugger has just scooped the first month on Newsnight.

    Frantic scenes in Frankie Howerd already.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Started this thread and had to send out for more popcorn.

    Justin Trudeau is said to be seriously miffed too.


    • Anne says:

      “USA shows that privately owned corporate media have the same problem of instututional leftism. ”

      They might have a problem but it’s less obvious IMO. PH’s comparison doesn’t explain why US drama departments seem to be able to produce programmes relatively free of lefty indoctrination. They’re not perfect, but they’re certainly less irritating.

      The same goes for the film industry.

      I haven’t conducted a survey, but their novelists seem to be able to keep their politics to themselves as well. The Michael Connelly “Bosch” books have been my favourite holiday reading material for some time. Having run out of titles, I tried the (Yorkshire born) Peter Robinson “Inspector Banks” series, which have certain similarities (but nothing like the TV character). Soon got tired of the relentless and tedious chippiness and snide references to Thatcher.

      Perhaps PH doesn’t want to burn his bridges with the BBC. As for “huge weapon”? Laughable – it’s been going on for too long now.


      • Scroblene says:

        “I tried the (Yorkshire born) Peter Robinson “Inspector Banks” series, which have certain similarities (but nothing like the TV character). Soon got tired of the relentless and tedious chippiness and snide references to Thatcher.”

        Thank you Anne!

        I’ve been looking around for new books, and got a couple of these out of the library to read over Christmas. Won’t bother now!

        Just finished a book by Val McDermid, and won’t get any more of hers out for similar reasons – far too much ‘personal’ info and swipes at President Trump!

        Try Tim Weaver’s ‘Raker’ novels! Really superb writing, lots of detail, and I’ll bet you’ll not see the ending until you get to the bottom line of the back flyleaf!

        (Sorry Mods – this is a bit off topic, but if the TV companies are going to amplify their leftie qualities with poor acting and producing, then it’s enough to switch off and curl up with a good book)!


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      “Justin Trudeau is said to be seriously”
      When you start a sentence like this, please finish it with “moribund” “dead” or some similar reassuring term.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Have a great evening. 2019 looks like it is set to be a bumpy ride 🙂


  35. LastChanceSaloon says:

    2018-12-31 11:00 BBC News USA & Canada.
    22 year old woman killed by lion in US zoo.

    (GW looks just like the Communist girl in your post above).

    “Life doesn’t always give you wolf kisses, but when it does…” the deceased reportedly said, with BBC photograph.

    Life does not always give you cuts to the neck, but when it does the BBC will lie about it.

    The lion’s identity has not been confirmed, but reports say it was a male named Matthai, who is no longer listed on the park’s website.

    “This is the worst day of my life,” the park’s executive director, Mindy Stinner, said at a Sunday news conference.

    “We’ve lost a person. We’ve lost an animal. We have lost the faith in ourselves a little today.”

    Maybe, just maybe, it is time for you lefty girls to pay attention to the tale of little Red Riding Hood, learnt at your mother’s knee.

    How many millions of white male lives will be required to rescue us (again) from the almost total lack of female critical thinking?
    I expect the white feathers will be produced again.

    Happy New Year to all Brexiteers.
    It’s our turn to make the supreme sacrifice this year.


  36. Halifax says:

    I wonder how long I’ll last with Jules Holland. I used to love this programme…


    • RJ says:

      I think I must be watching the American edition. One of the first items was mocking President Trump. Some of the bands seem to have been booked because they’ll make Jules sound good, even if he plays using his thumbs.

      It’s 11.54 and we have another Trump item.


  37. Celtic_Mist says:

    “Elizabeth Warren Runs for presidency” – //Warren faces a tough fight//
    Such an understatement when the woman is a joke even within her own party

    BiasedBBC types are seriously deluding themselves, which come to think of it is a good thing, because they don’t see how public opinion is turning against them. Also, the idea that snowflakes are going to pay a TV License might be misplaced.



  38. Annunaki says:

    Snowflake bands for millenial twats with national health glasess, a couple of tattoos and a beard that think they speak for our country… WRONG but good at twitter


  39. Annunaki says:

    They have a big problem… firstly they think they run the country as they have infested the BBC , secondley they underestimate the complete and utter intolerance, racism, sexism and hate of those little immigrants they love so much.
    Their daughters, girlfriends and wifes will (and have been) raped while they will be standing around with a collection box for them, well done the millenium generation


  40. Annunaki says:

    Let us look at something from the wonderful “Muslim Council of Britain” just what we need in England , after a few bombings and gang rapes, and see what the have to say:
    The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) today criticised the outcome of an inquiry into the incendiary and dehumanising comments written by the former Foreign Secretary and Uxbridge MP, Boris Johnson, in the Daily Telegraph.

    But some paki gangs can gang rape and …….no comment


  41. Annunaki says:

    “De humanisimg” oh is that how you feel, from someone making a comment about you moron, what about a 13 year old ((white child tied to a bed and called a white slut ?whilst being repeatidly raped by your paki friends no comment ? twat ?


  42. Scroblene says:

    Just noticed a headline on the BBC site…

    “Rochdale online”! Must be something to do with the trams not the stabbing problems!

    Why do I want to know this, I live in Kent, you know, the place where all the rafts arrive! Start getting some autocue readers down to the coast BBBC, ask around, tell them to be a proper journalist and take a translator with you, as all the documents will have been burnt in France!

    And Scrobs has to pay for all this via poll tax…


    • Annunaki says:

      Rochdale ? whoevere in charge there of the paki rapists should be burnt at the stake, and two days in pigshit before then crucified in public in front of their mosque


      • Annunaki says:

        the fat middle class council bitches with their fear of racism but primarily their fear of losing thier pension while parking their audi Q7 in front of the school who should be forced to sit and listen to those raped children


  43. Annunaki says:

    just my opinion …and they have so many opinions when they get here from the middle east via europe, it seems France is no good for them as they have no social benefits so when I go to work on 2 January I will be happy to know that I will be financing iranian, syrian, paki criminals and rapists to live here the dregs of the world that want to milk our society