Weekend Open Thread 21 December 2018

The Christian tradition of Christmas must cause great angst to the Far Left BBC . Concentrating on the secular will be the remedy as well as being ‘inclusive ‘ and ‘diverse

To all our pagan colleagues – happy solstice

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  1. pugnazious says:

    ‘Cuba, Venezuela, Soviet Russia [and Putin’s], Black September, Hamas, Hezbollah, the IRA. You name a crock of purulent, murderous, anti-democratic, racist shit — and Corbyn’ll be for it.
    Oh — and the BBC. Nice of you, auntie, to cover the story of the wreath-laying two days later than everyone else did. I have a screen shot of BBC News online on the day the papers were carrying the Corbyn story. As both Guido Fawkes and later the Daily Mail pointed out, there were no fewer than six stories about Boris Johnson making a joke about letterboxes and none at all about Jezza. Get rid of the licence fee, now. The level of bias has become absurd.’

    As Rod Liddle says Corbyn is sinister and not some avuncular old bloke who just wants to make the world a better place. And those who surround him are similarly sinister from McDonnell, Abbott, Milne and McCluskey who all happy to use undemocratic methods to run things…not to mention wee Owen Jones whose excuses for his leader shame him never mind his total about-turn on Corbyn whom he previously loudly opposed but whose anti-Semitism he now defends.

    Corbyn was caught calling May a ‘stupid woman’ during PMQs, the BBC covered it on the day pretty well however the Corbyn fanclub that is Deadringers decided it was all too much hysteria about nothing. They may well be right but consider how they would react if it had been a Tory saying the same about a Labour female MP or if Boris had compared women in Burkhas to ‘postboxes’ or ‘bankrobbers’…no need to wonder of course…the BBC goes ballistic as does its ‘comedy’ assault troops.

    Boris makes a satirical point whilst defending the right to wear a burkha and he gets slaughtered, Corbyn demeans the PM with a sexist comment and supports endless violently thuggish regimes and he is ‘explained’ away.


  2. lojolondon says:

    For anyone who wants to know the “news” that the BBC doesn’t report because it doesn’t fit the message – this is Paris last night – https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CCg9z_1545506039


    • Dystopian says:

      Yes. I have a family member in Paris and they have confirmed to me it is kicking off big time and it is nothing to do with so called “fuel protests” as the biased lying BBC would have you believe. It is more to do with the UN Global compact on migration.


      • Englands Dreaming says:

        It is also not just a Paris protest, it is right across the country, but tends to be reported as a Paris story – after all its normal in Paris isnt it.


    • Idiotboy says:

      Didn’t see that on the 6 O’clock news.


  3. Guest Who says:


  4. StewGreen says:

    Drone suspects without charge
    .. last night I read the blokes boss said “couldn’t be him cos he was at work with me part of the time”
    ..whilst his ex -partner vouched that when drone sightings were going on, he was having TV with her and they were watching it on the news


    • john in cheshire says:

      It seems to me that the police etc have been instructed to look in all the wrong places.

      So, where should they be looking? Well, what has been achieved by the drone incident, who might have gained benefit?

      It’s the depths of depravity to which our public servants have sunk that they have no shame in trying to fit up two innocent people.


  5. Payne by name says:

    Just seen part of that disturbing video of the two women in Morocco.

    It’s disturbing both from the horrific imagery and the lack of reaction from the West. Small boy dies because his irresponsible moronic father attempts to cross a body of water and night and the world loses it’s shit and Europe changes it’s immigration policy. No apportion of blame on the father, it’s apparently Europe’s fault because we are such a nice place to live.

    Two Danish citizens get their heads chopped off by religious zealots and it’s victim blaming.

    Now I agree that the two women were extremely foolish but if the elites are prepared to dismiss this because the women shouldn’t have gone to such an intolerant shithole overrun with religious fanatics, why are they willing to allow that shithole mentality to take root over here.

    The Beeb are happy to show footage of apparent chemical attacks in Syria to instigate action, the media were willing to use the photo of a washed up dead boy but won’t even use a scintilla of material from these or other horrific acts committed by this insane cult to warn us all of the coming, and present, threat.

    I’m really not sure who is more irresponsible. The authorities for failing to protect us from this advancing nightmare or the media for deliberately not warning us of the horror but instead focusing on an overpaid footballer being called a rude name.

    Children are being gang raped, women are being oppressed, females are being mutilated, tourists are being butchered, concert goers are being blown up, commuters are being killed, prisons are becoming training grounds, areas are becoming no go zones and all at the hands of a religion of peace.

    I’m sorry but there is a cancer spreading across the globe and hollowing out the West and the authorities and media are letting it happen right under their very noses.


    • JimS says:

      Pbn, ” letting it happen”, implies a degree of passivity, actively ‘making it happen’ is, I suggest, closer to the truth.


    • vlad says:

      “there is a cancer spreading across the globe and hollowing out the West and the authorities and media are letting it happen right under their very noses.”

      Well put.

      “hollowing out the West” – very well put.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      One of the reasons for lack of reaction is the difference in reporting. The BBC, remember, described the injuries as “cuts to the neck”. Which I find utterly despicable.


      • G.W.F. says:

        I have been looking on social media sites for a planned mass demonstration by feminists and tranfreaks against the atrocities committed on these girls. Have not found details yer. Will report to the BBC when I hear something.


      • Payne by name says:

        That is despicable.

        Maybe if the BBC and other media outlets had done their job and reported the brutality of those two cyclists who decided to go to one of the ‘stans’ and got killed, these two women might have seen it and given a momentary pause before heading over to a country infested with the religion of peace.

        The liberal establishment and media failed those women and I blame them with their disinformation, lack of objective coverage and slandering of anyone actually drawing attention to the problems almost as much as the savage animals that killed in the name of religion.

        Yes the West has it’s brutal murderers and we are not saints but if there was a clearly identifiable connection between these heinous acts, it would be identified and called out.

        These are not lone wolves, these are not dysfunctional boys who are playing way too much COD in their mums basement. These are organised fanatics all linked by following the same blatantly obvious ideals.

        If peaceful Muslims have had enough of being slandered they should expend their energy denouncing the 25% or so that are denigrating the ‘good’ name of their religion.

        Instead of whining about fabricated persecution and discrimination exact a far more vocal retribution to those who are besmirching your religion. Look within yourself and your own religion rather than blaming everyone else for your f***ed up followers.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Would just like to add – msm outrage and coverage for days regarding alleged bullying incident of Syrian refugee. Two western women beheaded (and more) in callous, barbaric execution, by Muslim extremists, played down and removed quicker than you can say Mohammed.

      Secondly, anyone see the church service on al Beeb this morning, which included Muslim guests and reading. Didn’t see the guests from other religions but I think other minorities were represented 😉. The congregation looked like lambs to the slaughter. Waiting for similar service from the mosque now.


  6. pugnazious says:

    Just caught Pienaar’s Politics….number of ardently pro-Remain guests?….someone from SNP, Ken Clarke, Frances Barber the FT editor and Jon Culshaw…pro-Brexit guest….Len McCluskey. 4 [5 if include BBC Pienaar] to one… just the usual BBC ‘balance’.

    Clarke tells us that politics is in crisis as they can’t decide on one approach…and the people are angry at the politicians. His answer? Delay Brexit…and if you think that is a tactic to stop Brexit you are paranoid and stupid. May is a fine leader and none of this is her fault. Pienaar made not the slightest objection.

    Of course the reason there is no majority for anything is because the politicians have all decided to try and impose their own worldview about EU membership rather than implement what they were iinstructed to do by the referendum vote. Similarly May, far from being blameless, is the real architect of this disaster. She also ignores the referendum vote and has tried to keep us inside the EU by stealth….claiming she has delivered Brexit when what we really have is Remain whilst handing over £39 billion and Northern Ireland to the EU for free.

    If she had sacked Hammond, Rudd and Morgan at the start and whipped all Remainers into line to support Brexit proper, and then actually implemented the vote she would have had at least the backing of her party[save the die-hards like Soubry and Clarke] and the DUP and would have been able to push this version of Brexit through Parliament with the help of some pro-Brexit Labour MP’s and Remainers who want to see Britain get the best deal possible…and that is only possible with a united front and a single message to the EU…not as now with most MPs refusing to contemplate a no-deal regardless that that is the prime lever we have over the EU.

    The EU is laughing at us…..even Katya Adler admits this and even admits that the EU has played its hand deviously well…..

    Deal or no deal? EU bewildered by Brexit confusion

    ‘Despite oft-repeated insistence in Brussels that the jointly negotiated EU-UK divorce deal is not up for renegotiation, Theresa May continues to talk about winning further concessions from Brussels.

    What makes her so sure?

    The idea that her cabinet’s much trumpeted preparations for a no-deal Brexit might worry the EU is openly mocked in Brussels as the flimsiest of paper tigers.

    They simply don’t buy it.

    EU leaders know most UK MPs are dead-set against a no-deal scenario.

    In the end though, as the clock ticks down to the possibility of a no-deal that would be costly and chaotic for the EU too, Mrs May hopes European leaders will soften in the face of her demands.

    There have been many predictions over Brexit but the bet in Brussels still stands – Westminster will blink first. [And they have…MPs refusing to back no-deal whatever]

    The firmly held belief in Paris, Berlin and across EU capitals is that the prime minister’s problems back home with the withdrawal deal are domestic ones. [er….and the Backstop? The EU weaponised Northern Ireland to force their own way…and May folded completely and accepted this as necessary when it is pure bunk and has led to the EU dominating and directing the narrative]

    EU leaders think they stem fundamentally from deep divisions in the UK over Brexit, which is why they haven’t the slightest intention of compromising EU principles or red lines for this divorce deal.

    They see no evidence the Brexit package would definitely be passed by the UK Parliament if they did.

    EU leaders go in to 2019 bewildered by the maelstrom of contradiction and confusion in UK politics – and beyond frustrated by the Brexit process. [Confusion and delay caused by the EU’s own tactics along with the help of their willing collaborators in the British Parliament]

    But they also remain ultimately confident that, if and when the UK does leave, their men and women in Brussels will retain the upper hand in the negotiations that follow on future EU-UK trade and security relations.

    Once the UK has left the EU, it will no longer be regarded as a former member but rather as an outsider and potential rival.

    The EU is used to dictating terms and imposing regulations on wannabe trade partners, thanks to its economic muscle and the size of its internal market.

    Brussels likes to strut on the world trade stage. It has no intention of allowing Brexit to ruin the show.’

    Adler thinks that the EU would not want a no-deal transition period…which is strange.

    ‘It’s hugely unlikely that Brussels would allow the UK to “pay for” a transition period in the case of a no-deal Brexit, as some MPs have suggested’

    If it thinks a transition period is necessary when we have a deal to smooth the way then surely the same must be true, on steroids, of a no-deal….the same transition period must surely be needed if that were the outcome.

    When will the BBC admit that the Backstop is nothing more than a made-up problem created to give the EU massive leverage over Britain? Until that is admitted and the Backstop conditions cut out of the negotiations there will never be any progress unless May concedes totally to the Remainers…as she has already in effect. She accepted the Backstop because it gave her an excuse to ‘Remain’ and put all the blame on the EU. The EU would have little to pressurise us without the backstop.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The Backstop.

      Switzerland is not in the EU. It borders France, Italy and Germany.

      Everything functions seamlessly.


    • gb123 says:

      I propose a new approach to EU negotiations. I shall call it the two fingered approach as they seem to be applying this to the UK and it works on our politicians.
      However, they have a blind drunk buffoon with a penchant for messing up women’s hair and the nearest we have is Ken Clarke which may complicate things.


  7. vlad says:

    The insufferable Dimbleby in an “I’m less posh than you” contest with Humphrys on Toady.
    Typical reverse snobbery of the dumbed down socialist beeb, where a decent education and meeting the Queen are viewed as shameful.
    I particularly enjoyed David’s accusation to John that “there’s a typical sneer in that question”… this from a man whose entire career was built on sneering at Conservatives (remember JRM) and more recently Brexiteers.


    • Beltane says:

      Flogging off daddy’s little local newspaper empire for £12.2 mil helps no end in keeping one’s feet grounded.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Vlad/Beltane – really glad dimbly plc got the’ biased BBC lifetime achievement award ‘- it will go well with the Peerage this awful character will be getting in the New Years’ dishonour list —-
        Awarded to Dimbleby for ‘ not being posh’

        I always enjoy that one – rich people getting more awards … public love it …

        Attenborough must be due for another gong ,
        Oh – and Nigel Farage will get something ( no he won’t )
        Dame Anna Soubry – for services to the drinks trade
        Sir Dominic grieve – for services to the ReuchEU
        Lord Soros of Brussels .


  8. vlad says:

    Arrests in Morocco rise to 13.

    Wow, that’s a lot of lone wolves; starting to sound more like a pack.

    Or some would say, a religion.


  9. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Is this really happening or is the DE telling lies.


    I’m asking because I’ve seen nothing on sky news or the world’s most trusted broadcaster who would never keep this secret from us…..
    …..would they?


  10. Dover Sentry says:

    Not Reported By BBC:

    “”Americans Are Crowdfunding Millions For Trump’s Wall””

    “”A US Army veteran has set up an apparently entirely serious ‘GoFundMe‘ page to help fund the construction of Trump’s promised wall along the southern US border. In just five days, the campaign has already raised well over $14 million. Still no sign of Mexico paying for it…””

    “”UPDATE: A rival crowdfund page has raised over $100,000 to buy ladders for migrants to climb over the wall.””



    • Payne by name says:

      I think this is a fascinating story that I’ve been watching develop. Real people putting their hands in their pockets to demonstrate their desire for a wall. Last time I looked it was at $16 million yet is nowhere on the news.


  11. StewGreen says:

    The people who shout “far right”
    We wouldn’t enter discussion with people who throw the “n*gger” word around
    cos they are smear-labelling an entire group of mixed people
    Likewise we shouldn’t enter discussion with people who throw the word “far right” around
    cos they too are smear-labelling an entire group of mixed people.
    Those two types of people have the same mentality : one hating anyone who doesn’t have white skin, the other hating anyone who doesn’t have political red-skin
    Dec 20, Newsnight’s Katie Razzall & Jonathan Callery (Lighting cam) & @yasminarakhan did a report on Justice for the Women & Children in Sunderland” dismissing it as merely a “far right group”

    There is no “far right”, cos the word has lost it’s meaning
    The people who use that word use it as a smear-word on political opponents.
    Similarly the words nazi and racist are thrown around. ..and so they too get devalued.
    Nazi had a special meaning for Hitler’s regime which believed in supremacy and exterminating people.
    So it is disrespecting a Holocaust victims memory when you say that their oppressors are just the equivalent of someone who sent a tweet with a joke about hijabs or something.

    There are real world victims like
    : an ethnic Pakistani pensioner in Rotherham who was murdered by two druggie nutters shouting about grooming gangs
    : grooming gang victims whose abuse went on years longer, cos the metro-liberal establishment suppressed reporting of their situation.

    There maybe a handful of people in Britain with genuine violent white-supremacist beliefs and intentions, but to put the rest of a broad church who who has concerns about integration and open borders .. into the same box , is outrageous.

    The BBC has made a webpage version of that 20 Dec Newsnight story
    and someone has put some clips on Youtube ..the report is basically shouting “far right” at people
    another tweet with 49 reply discussion)
    The reporter Katie Razzall & Jonathan Callery (Lighting cam) producer @yasminarakhan ..
    Just as some BBC items are effectively made by Greenpeace, these items where people shout “far right” seem to be made by Brendon Cox’s : Hatey No Hopers* ..so of course not or objective. (cos HnH are full of hate and anger)

    * I wrote that SPECULATIVELY, I before I checked Twitter and found the producer quoting HnH

    The Online piece on our investigation/film that went out on Thursday on BBC Newsnight.
    We look at campaign groups, particularly a women’s group in the north east, that Hope not Hate say are the “first far-right group to come centre stage, led by women”

    Hmm.. HnH say that yet they also apply the label far-right to
    – The political party headed by Anne Marie Walters
    – The Teesside : Justice4Chelsey campaign group etc.
    – The political party headed by Jayda Fransen and her partner (The BBC producer tweeted about them before .. indeed their twitter feed’s fingerprint is similar to HnH supporters : anti-racist stories, feminist stories, but no mention of grooming gangs/victims )

    Who retweeted that BBC story ?
    – Almost zero non-activists, just 80% HnH people, 20% people against HnH
    ..Not a lot of discussion apart from that 49 replies to the BBC video tweeted I mentioned above.

    Note how Sarah Champion mentioned both “far left” and “far right” groups were leveraging the woman’s rights issue.. Lefty tweeters tweeted angrily t Newsnight, your report showed no evidence of far-left groups exploiting the issues for political gain …Doh of course not the BBC activists are not interested in reporting on evidence against the “far-left” so didn’t look for, nor report on it.


    • StewGreen says:

      In the video : BBC Katie Razzall says
      “a small group in Sunderland they are called Justice For Women and Children”
      ..except the video shows a large group
      It was proceeded by a montage of people blocking BBC cameras, but those shots appeared to come from all over, could be 10 years old.
      Razzall says

      we were verbally attacked on the streets simply for working for the BBC. We were called ‘fake news’, ‘fascists’, ‘liars’ and ‘paedophiles’ and regularly blocked from filming in public places.
      This kind of aggression has become pretty standard on twitter but it was an eye opener that such bile could be so forcefully directed at us face-to-face just for doing our jobs.

      Hmm that is the same TR gets when he is doing his job.
      eg At the Tommy trial when Avi Yemini caught the the BBC producer misreporting the crowd size the BBC producer ended the interview and got his big black bouncers to move Avi and supporters away from the BBC spot.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew i ve been looking up ( for the umpteenth time )a definition of ‘Far Right ‘ which doesn’t involve following the views of Adolf Hitler . A modern version really does seem to be anyone doesn’t share the world view of the BBC…. so it seems to include me ( another one for the watch list file – state monitor )


  12. StewGreen says:

    Talking of reporting news that isn’t news yesterdays radio news kept reporting
    “This Saturday retailers report footfall is down ONE percent”
    FFS Definition of news “something that is new, unusual unexpected”
    Can’t we expect that offline sales will always be slightly lower than last year ?
    ..So that is not newsworthy

    Meanwhile how news-worthy is one man with a placard, outside a BBC office.
    Enough to justify this very long local newspaper item ?
    Or is it just a free advert for the activists Extinction Rebellion
    xStinky Rabble ?


  13. Guest Who says:

    In which the BBC tries to quietly distance itself from ‘the media’.


    Somewhere, a phone rings in the legal offices of those who represented Cliff Richard.


  14. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BiasedBBC focuses on the government shutdown and opposition from Democrates. Just as with Brexit they ignore the fact that the wall was a key part of the reason Trump won the election.

    I also get the impression that BBC is struggling on how to play the Syria withdrawal story given that Turkey is a NATO member. It focuses on the side issue of Mattis’s resignation and ignores the real story which I haven’t actually seen anywhere else.

    “he United States on Tuesday approved a tentative $3.5 billion sale to Turkey of Raytheon’s Patriot surface-to-air missile system, in a potential breakthrough that could pave the way for smoother Turkey-NATO relations after a tumultuous few years”



  15. G says:

    In some respects, the US is ahead of Europe and the UK in the cultural marxist race to destroy the West: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cultural%20marxism
    However, watch what happens when a US white student stands up to the negative trend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgRuUnxeM5I
    While watching, I noted the young man is a post-grad physics student. No doubt those haranguing him are at the same Yooni to study cultural marxism under the cover of, ‘Media Studies’; ‘Gender Studies’ and all the other worthless qualifications dreamed up by their kind.


  16. Annunaki says:

    Had my fill of modern Bri’ain today, turned onto Countryfile first time in a while within 20 seconds we had the obligatory black wimmin presenter then the black man, FFS I go on a LOT of country walks and there is one thing you are practically guaranteed NOT TO SEE.. guess what that is ?
    Turned over to watch an old episode of Minder and could not see one third of the screen due to a gurning signer for the deaf in a bright purple shirt, FFS again why not optional subtitles ??
    Decided to go shopping and three times walked into a men and womens clothes shop and, being a man, was expected to walk up two flights of stairs to see the mens section, which I refused each time and made sure I loudly told my wife why, imagine the outrage if wimmin were expected to have to do this on regular basis in this age of, not quite equality, but wimmin first ?


  17. Guest Who says:

    Just had an email about having another Ref:


    Peon, we’re missing your name

    Every signature helps — add your name today.

    You recently viewed this petition but didn’t sign.

    If they think hard enough, it may sink in.

    Never mind, eh? Only about 16 million short… and it still would not matter.


  18. JimS says:

    ‘Public-spirited citizen’ attempts to remove graffiti – BBC reports him as ‘drunken halfwit’.

    ‘Halfwit’ attacks Banksy’s latest mural


  19. Guest Who says:


    I wonder if the KSZ cru from the BBC NA hood will be sharing?


  20. Annunaki says:

    Schools that ban dreadlocks and braided hairstyles are using ‘slave-era’ tactics to ‘maintain white supremacy’, academics claim


    There is only one thing worse than an academic and that’s two academics.


  21. Annunaki says:

    “Plane stupid! Gay and Lesbian activists step up campaign to halt immigrants being deported on flights including criminals being booted out of Britain”

    Activists handed out flyers and replaced adverts on the London Underground
    Posters provide a step-by-step guide on how to hinder removal of immigrants
    Protestors accosted passengers at Heathrow before posing for a photograph https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6523569/Gay-Lesbian-activists-step-campaign-halt-immigrants-deported.html

    Black sex criminals welcome from our trannys and dykes, maybe its a size issue, or they like it a bit rough


    • StewGreen says:

      paedophile RSD Stripped of British citizenship
      Arrrived from India in 2004.
      But in 2011 he was convicted of 23 counts of sexual abuse of ‘a male child within the family’. //
      A paedophile who groomed and raped a 7-year old child has been stripped of his British citizenship and faces deportation to India.

      The man, who can only be identified as RSD, came to the UK from India in 1997 and was granted British citizenship in 2004. But in 2011 he was convicted of 23 counts of sexual abuse of ‘a male child within the family’.

      The court sentenced him to 14 years imprisonment and placed him on the sexual offenders’ register for life after finding him to have groomed and raped the boy between 2003 and 2010.

      Now, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind, the Home Secretary has removed his citizenship on the grounds that when he applied to be a UK citizen he lied about the fact he was sexually abusing a child.

      The man won his appeal against that decision but a senior judge has ruled in favour of the Home Secretary, upholding the decision to strip him of his passport.
      I normally post a twitter link BUT
      – Telegraph use a pic of a London Bus outside Westminster Cathedral
      – Ladbible use a pic of EU passport
      ..How does that say Indian paedophile ?
      Paywalled : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/23/paedophile-stripped-british-citizenship-facing-deportation-india/


    • StewGreen says:

      Remember Corbyn’s new best friend who died ?
      The Portuguese sex abuser twice deported


  22. Celtic_Mist says:

    //What part does the ‘sale’ play in the desire of the muslims to dominate the World?//

    Apart from the economic value, selling arms systems locks the purchasers into systems that the US knows how to defeat, and in the present example Turkey might otherwise buy from others.


    • Annunaki says:

      the real issue is what does the muslim world promote ? education, libraries free thought ? nope. sending someone to the moon ? nope, female emacipation ? nope, tolerance of homosexuality ? nope, the only way they can kill eachother is through buying our guns so let them, this iteration of their civilsation is so different from 2000 years ago where they had some influence on architecture and culture, but are now happy to destroy archaelology


  23. Annunaki says:

    A deeper consideration : wimmin may have been oppressed in the past ( Queen Elizaeth !, Margaret Thatcher ) and how tolerant those two were when they achieved ascenadancy, as most women bullies in the workplace are now, totally unacknowledged by the BBC and I have seen it for 30 bloody years of the nastiest in the workforce


  24. StewGreen says:

    Julie Burchill in the Telegraph
    Not even a Christmas miracle can save the sanctimonious, obsolete and Orwellian BBC
    I’m a free-spending sort, and rarely swerve the chance to shell out. But this year, when the annual begging letter from the BBC turned up, I handed it to my husband and said, “You pay if you want to – I’m done.” Having had Brexit evade my grasp, I felt compelled to register my disapproval of the Great and the Good (incorporating the Smug and the Snobby and the Liberal and the Lecturing) somehow.
    Scratch a Brexiteer and nine times out of 10 you’ll draw the blood of someone who’d like to break free of our BBC overlords too. The EU and the Beeb are so similar – the endless entitlement, the fake enlightenment, the crazed spending of other people’s money. But the BBC lacks even a Juncker to add …
    Paywalled : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/22/not-even-christmas-miracle-can-save-sanctimonious-obsolete-orwellian


    • StewGreen says:

      top comment
      \\ Tony Michaels 22 Dec 2018 7:32PM
      As a former BBC employee I can unequivocally state that everything you ever suspected about the corporation is correct.
      From connivance in the Saville abomination to the infestation of Common Purpose “graduates” in senior management positions.
      It is all, without exception, true. //


      • vlad says:

        Can we invite Tony Michaels (above) to spill the beans on this blogsite?

        We could do with more inside information from a mole / whistle-blower.


      • Navets says:

        We all know it’s true but until a government emerges that is strong enough to stop running scared of the BBC and tell it how it is, the situation will persist. The only comfort I draw from any of this is the continual slump in BBC viewing and listening figures and the fact that anyone employed by the BBC can easily be identified as the enemy.


  25. StewGreen says:

    Booker in the Telegraph
    Sorry BBC. The world isn’t interested in the West’s groupthink obsession with global warming
    With the arrival of the season of goodwill, it would obviously not be appropriate to touch on the ever more dismaying shambles we are making of Brexit. But last week also saw what, in global terms, was a much more important event, the real historical significance of which has passed the world by.

    That mammoth UN climate conference in Poland may have opened with an apocalyptic warning by Sir David Attenborough that, unless we “act now” on global warming, we face “the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world”.
    But what followed over the next two weeks, despite the best efforts of the BBC and others to pretend otherwise, was that the 22,000 delegates gathered in Katowice achieved nothing at all.”
    Paywalled : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/23/sorry-bbc-world-isnt-interested-wests-groupthink-obsession-global


    • StewGreen says:

      \\ Despite 12 days of unbelievably tedious and fractious argument, none of this happened.
      A motion “to welcome” the IPCC report was vetoed by the US, Russia and several other oil-producing countries.
      The “$100 billion a year Green Climate Fund” was yet again kicked down the road for further discussion at some future date.
      And the “nearly 200 nations” represented could not agree on any binding steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions whatever.

      What we have seen, of course, is that those “developing countries” have been free to power on, to the point where China and India are now not only the world’s first and third-highest emitters of CO2 but intend, as they made clear in Paris, to carry on building hundreds more coal-fired power stations.

      The BBC may comfort itself with its make-believe that the rules are “key to the game”. But the real lesson of Katowice is that in reality the whole game is well and truly over. It’s time we all woke up to that fact. //

      There aren’t many comments from non-skeptics


  26. Celtic_Mist says:

    #BiasedBBC wants to make it about the shutdown and ignore the fact that the Wall is a key election promise made to the people.


  27. Celtic_Mist says:

    I heard one of the most shocking pieces of irresponsible BBC activism this morning on R4. During an interview with, I believe, Mr Dirk Campbell whose daughter died fighting with the Kurdish Female Fighters. Apparently, BBC have made it a documentary coming out in March and there is also an article in The Guardian covering it in some depth.
    I would feel for Mr Campbell over the loss of his daughter, but he was allowed to paint a totally false picture the Kurds, who many would admire, but they are not guiltless by any stretch of the imagination.
    Mr Campbell could be forgiven for holding his views, but The BBC are using this grieving man to push their agenda which imho is totally immoral.


    • Navets says:

      If only the BBC were just immoral. A lot of it output is downright dangerous. It is my sincerely held belief that over the years, this organisation has amassed a lot of blood on its hands and I will, if asked, substantiate this claim.


  28. Navets says:

    The New Year is almost upon us, a time for the BBC to look back on the events of the year and with it an opportunity to regurgitate its dangerous, hateful agenda-driven Marxist inspired bile.


    Then there’s the latest Project Fear Brexit story replete with the usual “could be” narrative hidden away in the body of the story:


    Then there’s the story about how Celebrity Big Brother attracted the most Ofcom complaints in 2018. I would prefer an honest story about the way the BBC deals with complaints.


    Next is the story of the detention in Kent of 23 migrants. The trouble is, they are not migrants, they are criminals attempting to enter the UK illegally.


    Following this is the usual hit-piece on Donald Trump:


    There follows a story about the poor deluded guy who has decided on no children as part of his bit to save the planet, you really couldn’t make this up:


    There is plenty more and it really is high time the tax known as the TV licence was abolished and the BBC was made to stand on its own two feet. The tax, incidentally, that we pay in order for the BBC to promote itself worldwide to audiences that do not have to pay for the dubious privilege.

    Rant over


  29. G.W.F. says:

    Not mentioned on the BBC

    A group of unidentified assailants attacked a church in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Thursday, the Kronen Zeitung newspaper reported.
    According to the outlet, two gunmen attacked a Catholic church in the afternoon as gunshots were heard.
    The EKO Cobra federal police anti-terrorism unit and the SWAT team of the Vienna Riot Squad had arrived at the scene of the incident, the report said.

    Yeah, tomorrow it will be reported that a couple of children made some bangs pulling Christmas crackers. Nothing to do with terrorism.



  30. StewGreen says:

    @Navets @GWF : do you wanna copy/move your posts over to the Christmas thread ?