Start the Week Open Thread 17 December 2018

The Week of The Meaningless Vote ? Seems like a lot of BBC political programmes are shutting down for Christmas -despite brexit -so will be interesting to see the bias of those left .

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  1. Rich says:



  2. RobRoy says:

    Dipped too late – have to be satisfied with silver. Enjoy your success, Rich :0)


    • Rich says:

      A Celtic one, two Rob. And big Liam went to the local Tech with my father by the way, although I don’t get what either of you see in Jessica Lange to be honest.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    If Mrs May and her conniving accolytes get us out of the EU at the end of March 2019, without any entanglements or monetary obligations, I shall proclaim her the best Prime Minister we have ever had. I would also insist that she is recorded in our history books as our saviour from the tyranny of the EU.

    And she would deserve that accolade. That is, I would love to change my opinion of Mrs May.

    Until that time, I regard her as a traitor to her race, her religion, her country and her God.


  4. jip says:

    “UKIP AM Neil Hamilton’s appearance with Tommy Robinson ‘shameful'”… so goes the BBC gushing to bring this important opinion from a leading thought leader to your attention…

    This is backed-up with a picture of Tommy Robinson with his fascist supporters, a smiling pensioner lady, an east Asian lady, and a bald fellow.

    And who had this wonderful insight?, the brilliant Leanne Wood … the welsh “nationalist” who wants Wales to be absorbed into EU a superstate, says Islam belongs in Wales, and who is “angry” she can’t speak welsh.

    If she was a real Welsh nationalist she’d be for an Independent Wales, against the imposition of Islamic culture in Wales, and she would get a damn book and learn Welsh.

    Does Leanne Wood give any proof that these people are fascist, or racist? no, she has nothing but slander and lies… but this is enough “proof” for the BBC, clearly if your opinion has a any overlap with Tommy Robinson than you must be a fascist and a racist. You like apple pie?, well so does Tommy Robinson you racist Nazi!!!

    What a repulsive deceitful low life this woman is, and why is the BBC not questioning this woman when her statement is totally inconsistent and she has nothing to back up it up?.

    More lies and propaganda from the BBC.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      Their Trump coverage infuriates me for similar reasons. You can watch his full conferences on YouTube and he is so impressive: calmly and boldly going through all the things that matter and proposed solutions. None of this soaring rhetoric of the ‘poetry of the ballot box’ etc from Obama which translated to no jobs and America demeaned on the world stage. Get us a job and keep us safe. What absolute nonsense from the liberal media about how just because Obama was cool and black he would work wonders. He was dangerously incompetent – to be expected from someone who had never had a real job. Race relations got far worse and Isis was created due to his uselessness. I am so annoyed we fell for their nonsense about Obama.

      The BBC will zone in on the one moment when he seems off-kilter, usually because some twat of a ‘journalist’ has asked him a stupid question. They then run with this section and segue to a talking head sounding authoritative telling us what to think, that Trump is Satan of course. It is unalloyed leftist propaghanda. If you are an independent left wing organsisation then fair enough but for an ‘impartial’ broadcaster it is disgraceful.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      You’d be amazed how many people here in Wales see no contradiction in wanting Independence for wales inside the EU.
      Some are less than happy to have it pointed out.


      • jip says:

        Dysgwr_Cymraeg: If Wales were to actually close its borders i’d move there tomorrow just to secure a land free from Islam. The people who think that Wales can be “independent” in the EU are delusional… even the UK (which has much more clout) is having a huge problem with lies and treachery of our politicians, and the dictatorship and thuggery of the EU, how on earth would Wales manage??.


        • Up2snuff says:

          It should be written in fluorescent signs on every Town Hall in the UK: we are not currently an Independent country. We are already part of a European State.

          The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, let that slip out on TODAY a few Wednesdays back. Another Cabinet Minister I think – cannot remember who, now – has since also admitted or stated that. (It may have been a Leave Minister.)


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      If Leanne Wood is completely against Tommy then it follows that she supports Muslim mass rape of tens of thousands of little white schoolgirls.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        She is as thick as a plank, a clue is in her name


      • lojolondon says:

        Well, she hasn’t prosecuted any perpetrators, so perhaps they haven’t got around to raping any children in Wales yet? More likely, perhaps she is turning a blind eye, knowing there is no punishment for betraying the children!!


    • tarien says:

      She needs a dam good thrashing and no mistake. Ifshe wants to use such words as Nazi she had better look at those that control the EU. I really do not understand, although perhaps I should, as to how such stupid individuals are allowed to come to the fore.


      • jip says:

        ” I really do not understand, although perhaps I should, as to how such stupid individuals are allowed to come to the fore”

        When you start appointing people to political posts using identity quotas, you end up with the house of commons as it is today, full of useful idiots.

        If you want to throw you laptop out the window, just look at the cognitive dissidence of Yvette Cooper, the pernicious deflection of Naz Shah making out that “right wing extremism” is the real problem in the UK:

        These people have no business being in charge of anything, even an ice cream stand would be dubious.


        • lojolondon says:

          Chick with big teeth is lying – no-one was killed at Finsbury Mosque. A man died of a heart attack. Unlike all the attacks in Britain in the last year.


  5. Terminal Moraine says:

    Dover Sentry posted on the weekend thread about “Anti-radicalisation co-ordinator: Wales ‘far right hunting ground.'”

    In typical fashion, the BBC manage to crowbar in their favourites:

    1) “Young, poor, vulnerable people are most susceptible” = Cuts by old Tories to blame
    2) “teachers need to be better at spotting and reacting to racism” = more surveillance state please sir
    3) it’s all the fault of Brexit and Trump

    The bizarre and frankly insulting comment from Mr Hendrickson of the Wales-based Resilience Project that “the Islamist problem has never been that big. If Muslims had really bought into that, there would have been bombs going off every day” should be enough to discount anything else he comes out with. But he adds that there is “a lack of diversity in large parts of Wales” — which is odd because the article then goes on to quote him as stating “we are living in a diverse society”. So which is it?

    Absolutely no journalistic commitment from the BBC to anything resembling accuracy or a coherent analysis. Just pure, disgraceful agenda, 24/7.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Here’s a thought: if and when we leave the EU, our political swamp will be drained and the far-left bbc collective will be emasculated ( or the transgender equivalent) and they know it. And that must be a significant factor in their efforts to keep us in the demonic EU with its anti-Christian propaganda. Those who believe in the far-left bbc collective cult vision of life are going to hell and they want to take as many of us as they can with them. For company.


    • jip says:

      This article states:

      “A lack of diversity in large parts of Wales makes it easier for the far right narrative to take hold “because it is easier to alienate people if you don’t know them”, Mr Hendrickson explained.”

      These people are retarded idiots. I started to ‘dislike’ “diversity” when I was the only British person in a group of 14 Engineers in a group for a company near Coventry.

      The Egyptian “Manager” managed to hire in four of his friends on VISAS over a period of a year and it got to the point where the project was mostly discussed in Arabic.

      The second biggest group were Urdu speakers (with 4)… so they started speaking n Urdu to exclude the Egyptians in retaliation.

      … but hey, i got to hang out with two french guys, a Polish guy, and a Venusian (Spanish citizen) … we were the only Europeans in the group.

      Luckily i was able to come the US, where my team is 80% American 🙂 and everyone speaks English.

      The UK is on course for disaster… egged on the the evil BBC.


    • StewGreen says:

      He might want to check for Islamist rape convictions in Wales
      ..I seem to recall 1 or 2 Islamist refugees have been convicted.


    • popeye says:

      “the Islamist problem has never been that big. If Muslims had really bought into that, there would have been bombs going off every day”. Well, if the Security Services hadn’t been on the ball there would be a lot more bombs going off. I bet Mr. Hendrickson opposes Prevent amongst other measures as well


  6. Rich says:

    I haven’t watched the Sports Personality thing for years and find it of little interest. In fact no-one I know watches it or votes, and so having looked at the bBBC webshite I have to ask, who the hell does vote for these people? Are these awards of any significance at all any more?

    Team of the year, England netball? Young Sports Personality, Kate Adenagan. Sorry, who? And why give a retired lesbian American tennis player turned LGBT activist an award? Now, at this time. Oh, of course. World Sports Star, an Italian golfer? Gareth Southgate? Even the winner. Really?

    Apparently the netball team won the Greatest Sporting Moment award as well. Oh piss off bBBC!


    • RobRoy says:

      Agree. I love many sports but never bother to watch SPOTY. I usually catch the last part as I tune in for the next programme and it always overruns. And of course it’s no surprise the BBC see it as an opportunity to push their predictable agenda.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Rich it seems media people vote


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        Just like in any upcoming ‘people’s vote’ these cnuts will vote 6 times


  7. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Strasbourg Christmas market shooting: Fifth victim dies””

    “”On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered around a makeshift shrine in Strasbourg to honour the victims with readings and songs.””

    “”How was the suspect found?””

    “”At about 21:00, the suspect was killed in an exchange of fire with police on rue du Lazaret, France’s anti-terror prosecutor Rémy Heitz said. He was later identified through his fingerprints.””

    The first thing you see in this news feature is a photo of female snowflakes of a young age lighting candles.

    The next few lines concentrate on the ‘suspect’s’ family being arrested and then ‘freed’.

    How can the BBC justify calling him a ‘suspect’ when he has been formally identified as a Terrorist by the French prosecutor? (Terrorist is my word, not the BBC’s).

    The BBC do anything, anything at all to protect Islam at the expense of the truth.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The “”suspect’s”” six foot underground wooden cell will cost the French people nothing compared to a lengthy trial and 25 years in prison.

      There are those who say that no trial, no jury and immediate execution serve some sort of a purpose. Beats me 😉


    • jip says:

      Same thing in the Islamic child massacre at the Manchester Arianna Grande concert…

      … The BBC didn’t want to show the maimed and lifeless bodies of the victims, the children…

      … but had no problem with showing Alan Kurdi who was being needlessly trafficked out of the safe haven of Turkey…

      It’s almost like the lives of some are worthless in the eyes of the BBC.


  8. Terminal Moraine says:

    And so it begins… “Christmas shoppers could have their faces scanned in central London this week as part of a police trial.”

    —”Elizabeth Denham, who was appointed Information Commissioner in July 2016, said in a blog published earlier this year that the technology could bring ‘significant public safety benefits'”.

    The BBC however quote the Met as saying it’s just a test. Reassured yet?


    • Payne by name says:

      And what about those whose faces you deliberately cannot see because they are covered?


  9. Nibor says:

    Now here’s the letter the BBC and Crapita should send if they were legal , decent , honest and truthful .

    Dear occupier ,

    We have no record of a TV licence being registered at this address .

    You may or may not need a licence . The licence is to receive live broadcasts and is not for the possession of a television , or capability of receiving live broadcasts on any other device .

    We would like to visit your premises by one of our ” enforcement officers ” but don’t worry , they don’t have any special legal powers . They may ask to be let into your premises but you do not have to allow them in . They may ask questions but you do not have to answer them .

    If they find any evidence that you have been receiving live broadcasts you may be prosecuted , but it is extremely unlikely that they could find any such evidence . If you have any fears get a solicitor to witness any visits and charge us for the cost .

    You can if you want just stare at them till they go away , or even bring friends and neighbours round to laugh and taunt the goons . Speaking a different language to them gets the idiots flummoxed and they hate being filmed and put on You Tube ( don’t forget to video their car and number plate ) .

    In all our previous correspondence has been devious rubbish intended to frighten you because we’re not really the worlds most trusted broadcaster but a Gramscian filled trougher organisation that can’t make its own way in the world .



    Chief Investigator who doesn’t exist .


  10. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    I have just read somewhere that a group of five and a half thousand demonstrators anti EU demonstrators clashed with police in Brussels but not before they managed to break many windows in the EU Commission building.
    Why no comments here? Surely the Beeb is broadcasting it?

    Has the revolution started? Without me?!


  11. Guest Who says:

    Soldiers of colorisation.


  12. Deborah says:

    I watched the Strictly final last night. It was obvious from the first dance that Stacey and Kevin were being set up to fail. The judges has given her the least spectacular dance from her previous ones and with a black dress that was to say the least flatering. The. the show dance where Craig in particular but all judges slated the dance. Again obvious that the judges were giving clear indication not to vote for Kevin and Stacey.
    But then the unexpected. Stacey and Kevin won and the brief view of the judges showed them looking very unhappy. Camera quickly moved on but returned a few minutes later to the judges faces fixed into forced smiles.
    Somebody wrote once on this site that nothing happens on the BBC by accident. Had the judges been told to mark down Stacey and Kevin to make the surprise of them winning all the greater? Or to show that viewers’ votes are important because they are raising money for Children in Need and they don’t want people to give up voting? Or were the judges furious that the producers instructions to mark K and S down meant the judges had been used by Auntie?Or were they just furious that the viewing public didn’t vote the way the judges wanted them too? Whatever you just know that the BBC had tried to manipulate the result.


    • Daphne says:

      I watched the Strictly final with interest as I thought there might be the usual complaints and griping about the finalists all being White. I’m not sure if that has happened yet, wait and see. I was talking to a friend who is given to PC and left wing type views ( sorry, I have tried my best!)on Sunday about it , and he said he hadn’t wanted Stacey to win because he intensely dislikes her accent. It occurred to me afterwards that maybe that was part of her appeal, having a distinct recognisable British accent and being very down to earth/working class, and therefore being an antidote to the usual multicultural PC bolleaux that you get with TV talent shows, the BBC being the worst offender of course.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Yes, the judges reaction to the winner was priceless – talk about a mouth full of wasps !!! We’re constantly told that its an ‘independent authority’ who are responsible for the vote counting, so I’m at a loss as to why the viewers are not told the voting numbers – unless of course there IS manipulation. Despite the most awful show-dance (whatever was Kev thinking ???), Stacey was by far the most improved celebrity, and I hope she does get ‘pushed’ by the BBC to be their new golden girl, at least it will give us respite from the rictus grin of Holly Moneybags on the other channel.


  13. Rich says:

    The bBBC are insidious and while their appreciation of all things Irish may seem relatively new to many of you, just look at the unadulterated bollox they accept as gospel from Lyin’ Leo Varadkar, they’ve been at it through BBC NI for years.
    This is common. On the Red Button Northern Ireland Homepage there are ten news items. Half of these news items relate only to the Republic of Ireland.

    Eight security guards get a hiding while watching a repossessed property in Co Roscommon.
    An atm is robbed using a digger in Co Monaghan.
    Prayers are being said all over the RoI for a baby found dead on a Dublin beach. No doubt abortion will feature prominently in upcoming items.
    A South African father of six is deported from Dublin.
    Eires special relationship with the EU. As if we needed to be told.

    Five items aimed at and provided for an audience outside Britain and they don’t even have to pay the licence fee.


  14. Mackers says:

    I think they’ll be a second referendum and remain will win.As i don’t have a brexiteer in my constituency ,i promise you all that i will never vote conservative ever again.I might even consider voting labour out of spite.


    • Scroblene says:

      Don’t worry Mackers, there won’t be another referendum, it’s just the bbbc grabbing soundbites from past political liars and failures, giving the impression that it’s what the country wants!

      Like most opinion polls, nobody gives a straight answer anyway, especially with some third-rate beeboid doing the asking! They just don’t get it do they!

      We’re leaving next year!


    • David R says:

      “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” Joseph Stalin.


      • Beltane says:

        Sums up the utter distain for democracy we currently enjoy.
        If Curtice et al have coats of arms, that should be the motto.


  15. Rich says:

    I’ve just seen Mishap Husains report from Gaza.

    Nope, sorry, no sympathy here bBBC. If anything I feel less.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Kate Hoey


    • Dover Sentry says:

      That £39bn figure could be the end of May and her farce.


      • Scroblene says:

        Kate Hoey is the best person we’ve had in politics since Margaret Thatcher stuffed the socialists all those years ago! (Can I say Lady, bbc, oh go on, just this once)?

        I wish she’d become a contender for a real party to lead UK away from the bloodsucking non-elected swamp of the eu.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Re the #YellowVestUK bridge protest
    I see Remain tweeters highlighting Dr Philip Lee’s tweet “This was a ECMO ambulance”
    BUT I see the same doctor Lee was in the papers earlier this year SUPPORTING the doctors strike
    \\ Dr Lee, who works at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, said the consultant workforce is “100% behind” junior colleagues who are striking//
    … So strange he is drama queening now about that 20 second delay


  18. taffman says:

    Al Beeb bosses get pay hike while pensioners over 75 will have to pay the telly tax. Scrap the telly tax. Scrap the EU.


  19. Scroblene says:

    According to Lord Patten I’m not just an extremist but also a rodent and a Maoist or is it a Maori?

    Any way – the non elected Patten in elder statesman mode did a proper sneer job like hezza , Blair and other non elected has beens – mandelson and a. Campbell and Adonis – all given generous amounts of time by the BBC.

    Vote 17 likes”

    Sorry to copy this from the previous post, Fed, but the crestfallen face of Patten when he lost his seat in the 1992 election now seems like the funniest picture of a rejected trougher you could ever get!

    Perhaps he wants a re-run again, and again, and again…


    • Rich says:

      Keep him well away from us. He really ballsed up the RUC with his Patten Commission, nothing to do with his Irish Catholic background of course. Like most police “services” they are now a joke.


      • Fedup2 says:


        Twitter continues to discuss the Patten Rant on the BBC reminding people –

        1 he is in receipt of a Reich EU commissioners pension

        2,he has not been elected to anything for 27 years

        3 -.from me – he is an out of touch pompous swamp dweller like so many more .

        Do you notice how the Soros crew role out their mouthpieces – Blair – Major – Adonis – now Patten at a regular basis to a grateful and uncritical BBC. ?

        There was some lefty on the Marr nonsense yesterday who sounded like he was on the Peruvian marching powder on a Sunday morning .


        • Scroblene says:

          Fed, never worry, normal people don’t take any notice of any of those sad old failures!

          And it’s always normal people who vote for the good of their fellows, not the ‘elite’, which is a sort of old fashioned sporty car for the bell-bottom era hunks! (or hulks)!


  20. LynetteO says:

    To change the subject completely. On “Thought for the day” Radio 4 very early this morning the woman speaker used Mary the mother of Jesus as an example of a woman of courage.Why? because she had a baby when she wasn’t married ! What a crazy and irresponsible message for women for the BBC to broadcast from a Christian speaker – that women should go against laws that protect their rights.


    • NameNotNumber says:

      LynetteO, I didn’t hear the item and it’s not available for listening online at the time I’m writing but I completely agree with you that it’s an irresponsible message. By the way, I’d love to hear a discussion on the subject between your BBC talking head (Degree in Media Studies anyone?) and Dr. Mark Wilson, Director of the Asia Minor Research Center in Antalya, Turkey, Doctorate in Biblical Studies, University of South Africa (Pretoria), Research Fellow in Biblical Archaeology, member of numerous academic societies including the Society for New Testament Studies, Society of Biblical Literature, and American Schools of Oriental Research. He takes readers through some informed views on the subject and comes to the following conclusion:

      ‘Returning to Joseph, he would have paid the bride price to Mary’s father at their engagement (Matthew 1:20; Luke 1:27). Despite his misgivings, Joseph then obeyed the angel’s command to marry Mary (Matthew 1:20). The time of formal engagement, whether a full year or not, had passed between them. So Joseph and Mary had begun to live together except for sexual relations (Matthew 1:25). Luke’s understanding of mnēsteuō must be expanded to include both the betrothal/engagement as well as marital cohabitation. Therefore a better translation of Luke 2:5 would be: “Mary his wife who was expecting a child.” (The NKJV attempts a hybrid with “betrothed wife.”) English translations that suggest the couple was still only in the engagement stage of fiancé/fiancée must be discarded. Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem as a full husband and wife under ancient Jewish law.’

      I look forward to listening to a BBC ‘Thought for the Day’ ‘informing’ us that Tutankhamun was an LGBTQ activist. Can’t be far away.


  21. Celtic_Mist says:

    BiasedBBC are now giving a lot of air time to this-

    I watched the world Service slot before 6am and can’t remember hearing the name of the personality the public had a say in –

    This award honours someone who has made a major impact on the world of sport during their lifetime. It is decided by senior management in BBC Sport.//


  22. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Climate change: The massive CO2 emitter you may not know about””

    “”Cement is the source of about 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to think tank Chatham House.””

    “”So, how did our love of concrete end up endangering the planet? And what can we do about it?””

    “”One of those trying to drum up greater support for alternative cements is Ginger Krieg Dosier, co-founder and CEO of BioMason – a start-up in North Carolina that uses trillions of bacteria to grow bio-concrete bricks.””

    Can I assume that the next Climate Change conference will be in a tent?

    It should be noted that the authors of this report also created the following:
    “”Chatham House published the research paper Livestock – Climate Change’s Forgotten Sector: Global Public Opinion on Meat and Dairy Consumption in December 2014. It argued that there was a major lack of public awareness of the link between climate change and human consumption of meat and dairy products””.


    • Scroblene says:

      I once saw a lovely cartoon of a lady standing outside the loo door, saying ‘Are you going to be much longer in the think tank’?

      Perhaps ‘going for a Chatham’ might be next year’s new saying!

      Of course, it doesn’t have the same ‘ring’ as ‘going for a Medway’, and you can’t say ‘going for a Rochester’, as he was a servant of colour in Jack Benny’s fabulous progs all those years ago!

      ‘Going for a Gillingham’ might be an interesting take on the subject, but as it’s so close to ‘Gilligan’, the BBBC’s smell-checker wouldn’t allow that at all!

      So we’re stuck with ‘a Chatham’, which is also a place where their house rules prohibit further discussion outside the ‘chamber’, which under the circumstances, is probably a good thing…


    • Swelter says:

      Dover … As I can see every human activity has now been proscribed by the eco-loons.


  23. Celtic_Mist says:

    Lynette, I didn’t catch ‘Thought for the Day’ but a modern day Mary might have had it aborted with blessings from the BBC. (Right or wrong the law on abortion in NI is different from that of the rest of the British Isles).


  24. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Standard BBC technique – in order criticism President Trump – get a former Obama mouthpiece to talk about an issue – today Korea – without an alternative view or asking the person ‘and what did you achieve ?’

    Bias and a disservice to those paying the licence tax .


  25. Cassandra says:



  26. Payne by name says:

    I see that Sky are asking how popular a second referendum will be.

    Through a carefully co-ordinated campaign of never ending negative coverage and a dithering useless PM who seems more aggreived by a nebulous remark than the wholesale capitulation of her country, the media and establishment have crafted a climate of ‘there’s no other choice than to have another referendum’.

    And so just like with Ireland, the media and establishment will bring about another vote because the first one didn’t go their way.

    A big round of applause to our ruling elite. Not only are they arrogant and out of touch they are also managing to dismantle the very core of democracy in this country. Vote our way or we’ll make you vote again.


    • gb123 says:

      Next they will be introducing a version of the old 2/3 rule from the US where a slave was represented and 2/3 of a human for population counts. This wall allow leave votes to represent 2/3 of a real (elite) remain vote and ensure stability for ever.


  27. Jeff says:

    I tuned into the BBC Parliamentary Channel last night; it was a revelation. They were showing an old edition of Question Time featuring Ted Heath, Tony Benn, Freddie Forsyth and of course a much younger Dimbleby.
    Benn and Heath were crossing swords over the EU.
    Ted was trying to convince us that Europe was democratic and benevolent. Benn guffawed and responded that we were heading towards a federalist Europe run by “bankers and bureaucrats.” I don’t think many of us would argue with him these days.
    What was so refreshing was the audience. People sat there and listened respectfully. There was none of the pantomime juvenile hissing, booing or excessive applause that has become part and parcel of the programme now. There were no irritating “comedians” on the panel, making puerile points and gurning to the audience. No sign of Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd, or Dick Emery. This was for grown ups, though it would have amused me to see Bernard Manning on the panel.
    This little snippet of QT shows just how far the BBC has declined. They used to produce interesting, informed and balanced programmes. Not any more. Now their panels are skewed and their audiences are choked with noisy, left wing progressives. It’s bent.
    Dimbles is clearly touchy about the subject and always quick to point out that “our audiences are self selected.”
    Well, yes, just like if I travel to Old Trafford to watch a game of football, the crowd are “self selected” but I’m still going to find myself massively outnumbered and surrounded by reds. The BBC has become the political equivalent.
    It’s home turf for reds.


  28. john in cheshire says:

    What did the Chinese call Mr Patten when he was governor of Hong Kong? Fat Pang,wasn’t it? Doesn’t it mean fat man or something? Or lardarse?


    • gb123 says:

      That reminds me of when I worked in China. We had an arrogant SOB know nothing as part of the management team. He got his Chinese name. It translated as “empty walnut”. Seems like an apt description of many of the talking heads we have as spokesmen these days.


  29. vesnadog says:

    Lord Patten,

    Wasn’t this the guy who was given sole charge to give Hong Kong away to China. And wasn’t he the one employed to give away more british laws to the rogues in the European parliament. Oh, and wasn’t he employed to end british rule in N. Ireland.

    And wasn’t he the guy who had been given charge over the BBC to end …..what?


  30. StewGreen says:

    9am R4 continiung to be like a LONDON leftwing student club
    – prog guests will be talking about darkside of Sweden
    – First guest Neil MacGregor “all across the world what struck me is that people said that London is the place they CAN come too” “beautiful multiculturism”
    “London is the ONLY world city where everyone feels ‘at home’, feels free to ‘be themselves’.”
    “They all want to come to London” “everyone asks , how they can come, can they get visas”
    – Then he linked to Brexit “They were all perplexed about the divorce”
    – “Someone said ‘ah you from Scotland so you voted Remain’ I was surprised he knew so much”
    FFS that means you’ve all swallowed the same propaganda , cos of course MANY people in Scotland did vote for Brexit
    – Kirsty Wark “The MO Sallah story is fantastic”

    Swedish Guest : The mass sexual assalut that happens at a music festival in 2015, the strange thing is that it could not be talked about for 5 months
    The majority of the perps were deemed to be “refugee minors from Syria and Afghanistan”
    FFS look at the progs photo : black man in Union Jack


    • StewGreen says:

      The BBC libs seem quite upset that Swedish people” are looking to the past, not embracing the new”
      She just mentioned “socialist daycare centres are set up so children can be away from the evil influence of the parents”
      They kept moving the Swede on instead of discussing her points
      eg the point about the refugee attacks just went by ..whoosh
      \\interesting how Swede describes the state imposing conformity in Sweden.
      Bizarrely this imposed conformity is now occurring in the UK but in pursuit of #diversity e.g. diversity audits//


      • G says:

        I always enjoy watching YouTube – ‘Sanity4Sweden’ –
        A lot of common sense in his short videos.


        • StewGreen says:

          She was on an Radio3 show in November


          • StewGreen says:

            It’s all about the Swedish music festival attacks
            why was it not reported for 5 months ?”
            jump to minute 31 until 44
            “My book is NOT about immigration, but rather Swedish censorship in action”
            “Now it’s changed and it’s a different story, but there was a time when unwelcome facts were not allowed a platform in the media”
            The presenter provokes her to quote on what “un-liberal voices say”
            .. “yes people are forced to the fringes”
            “More than half Swedish population believe Swedish media tell the truth on immigration”
            “No MSM outlet would listen to Chang Frick’s claims, but rather reporters moved to discredit him as a person”
            As ever whiteys blame themselves rather than rapists ? #guilt and Virtue Signalling

            Sweet asks her about the surge in crime, and asks if hand grenade attacks is a valid measurement.


    • StewGreen says:

      Opinion on R4 today 9am
      \\ @LocutusBrussels
      The absolute state of @bbc @BBCRadio4 this morning.
      Relentless anti-#Brexit broadcast propaganda,
      cherrypicked anecdotes from across the world about how we’ll “be alone” (ie, the EXACT same status as their countries, exc Sweden).
      No counterpoint, no balance. Shameful. //


  31. G says:

    Petitiion? – 174,123 a few moments ago. Still rising at a significant rate – 782 in just over 20 minutes!
    Toady earlier, ‘our’ Nick interviews some Constitutional academic and (I think) a politician from Ireland. Discussion? Our Nick, representing our far left Marxist State Broadcaster seeks views on another Referendum and, carefully manipulating the questions, avoids the issue of what another Referendum would do to our now fragile sense of Democracy. He and we learn from the Constitutional academic exactly what another Ref. would entail: likely insurmountable difficulties even in the process of creating the parameters much less the questions posed. Notwithstanding, it appears the BBC’s position is now that a 2nd Ref. is preferable despite the academic stating that the questions would have to offer specifically achievable options. And there’s no hope on the basis of the current position of being offered anything achievable in a potential Ref. Oh, and by the way, academic tells us that Parliament can override Treason May’s position of ‘no’ 2nd Ref. For the BBC, all part-and-parcel of a successful return to another chance of remaining and/or delaying leaving, preferably indefinitely.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Compare this petition, with no mention of it on the MSM, to the sky petition about tv debates where they push it out every 15 minutes asking viewers to sign it.
      If a mainstream tv channel we’re to give this petition the same amount of exposure as they have done for the Sky pet project we probably would have passed the million by now.
      It’s impressive that it’s being signed by so many via word of mouth and despite the media blackout.

      I often wonder why we leavers don’t seem to be as mobilised as the remoaners, protesting all the time.
      My thought is that as we’ve won, we are trusting the government to deliver the referendum result and we believe in some sort of fair play so we are giving them the chance to do as voted for.
      If they fail us, I think all hell will break loose.
      At the moment it’s a pressure cooker situation, controlled while we wait, hoping the 29th comes and we’re out, but if not………

      Beginnings, Rudyard Kipling.


      • JimS says:

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” J.F. Kennedy


  32. G says:

    One of the BBC’s resident Pakistani reporters – our Mishal – is in Gaza interviewing, ‘ordinary’ Palestinians. I was hoping that our Mishal would attend a rocket battery firing into Israeli territory and ask the rocket firers how they felt about the Israeli air strikes that inevitably follow which, equally inevitably, kill or maim their fellow Gaza citizens. But no, no hope of our far left Marxist State Broadcaster bringing any balance to the matter. So, the elephant in the room escapes from any scrutiny yet again. Bravo! BBC.


  33. Cassandra says:

    BBC movies with a transgender twist this Christmas!



    • Fedup2 says:

      Cass – you’re banned ! Ha ha – looks like the blade runner replicant plan got mixed up a bit


  34. StewGreen says:

    Gina Miller thinks she has a gotcha against JRM Youtube
    I suspect that JRM was talking years ago about the planning for the 2016 referendum is interesting she doesn’t put a date on it . #Alinsky #Taqiya
    Ah yes
    This is from a 2011 debate on an EU referendum. The clip is in context.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Radio5 Live just annoyed all it’s listeners by having another phone-in on the Second Referendum
    Femi was one of course..Gusela Stuart ..did a god job against him
    ..but maybe Gameshow Campbell is mellowing , cos thos time he actually did some proper challenging of the libmob guests

    Anna Foster has opened her show “Are you bored with Brexit ? Let me know tweet…”


    • JimS says:

      “.but maybe Gameshow Campbell is mellowing”

      I think Jeremy Vine is starting to sound more critical of the ‘remainers’ on his show too. Have they seen the light or is it just typical BBC throwing bricks at what they see as convention?


  36. StewGreen says:

    True ??


  37. StewGreen says:

    Russians accuse BBC over Gilet Jaunes reporting
    \\ a correspondence obtained by Sputnik showed that a BBC stringer has admitted that the broadcaster is in the search of any proof of Russia’s alleged role in the “Yellow Vests” protests in Paris, demanding that its journalists seek any leads that would point to Moscow.//


  38. Tabs says:

    I’m very surprised the BBC are not reporting this news. Seems right up their street.

    Boys can now have periods


    • theisland says:


      • Mr Natural says:

        It’s time to get out of this f***ing mad house.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        What about all the ‘girls’ getting testicular cancer.
        It’s their right and anyone disagreeing is an ‘ist, ‘phobe or ‘ism of some kind.


      • BRISSLES says:

        With all this nonsense going on, have these idiots come up with the term used for knowing the ‘sex’ of your baby in the womb when seeing a scan? or when the midwife / doctor exclaims at the point of birth “its a ……. what ?” The world is getting sicker, and its apocalyptic where it will end.


    • Anne says:

      Does this gender BS also apply to animals and plants? If not, why not? Expect GCSE passes in Biology, Zoology and Botany to plummet over the next few years.

      Not that schools have been teaching science subjects very successfully in the past, according to PISA. Parents are partly to blame. They should be storming the schools and demanding sensible education for their children. Teachers have been demonstrating for years that they do not know what is best. This modish lunacy has to stop but, as usual, why is a “Conservative” government not conserving high standards? Children from countries which, in the past, have been considered underdeveloped and which provide a more basic level of education according to some criteria, will be walking all over many of our own.


  39. StewGreen says:

    23 Nov 2018 : BBC past history of FakeNews
    .. I am not bothered what the BBC did 40 or 50 years, that was a different era.
    But what is interesting is that it is a piece on from a US based Iranian academic Hamid Dabashi
    cos normally MSM stick together


  40. StewGreen says:



  41. tarien says:

    Article 50 was laid as a trap inserted into the European treaties at Lisbon and means as we now know that the UK will be trapped for 2 yrs in the EU, paying possibly higher contributions and possible new rules which inflict more problems upon us all.
    Of course it should be pointed out that the Tories, with unlimited government resources available, managed to dramatically miscalculate the Brexit result, then followed up that calamity with a totally unnecessary election bid that blew up in their faces. Why would anyone give them the job of managing exactly what they just screwed up in the first place? The fifth largest economy in the world now has probably the most complicated post war transformation project being managed and it’s been placed into the hands of people who failed to outsource a logging system for the police at £15 million. This as we have seen won’t end well in their hands.
    Just as the predator in waiting is pushed to the front preparing for the kill, wolves are lurking in the shadows. Britain is more vulnerable now than ever and all politicians on both sides of the house can do is fight for personal glory.
    Just one other factor we should be reminded of is the deal, which ministers have tried to avoid having a vote on, means that Britain will still be subject to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) after Brexit and means we are still tied in with single market rules despite promises by Theresa May that we will completely leave.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think the real problem is the Civil Service -deeply politicised by Blair and as introspective as the politicians who depend on it . Corruption is endemic with gongs and private job promises when they leave .
      And every one just nods . The media is complicit leaving joe public as an inconvenience which can be taxed again whenever there is a screw up -which ever brand of politician is in charge .

      I ve had personal experience of senior civil servants and was shocked that many are not the sharpest knives in the box . Same with politicians – many of whose main skill is positioning for the next job .

      Brexit will be the case study in this .


    • Beltane says:

      I don’t think that election blew up in their faces tarien. They got exactly the outcome they wanted, resulting in a weakened, uncertain government, unable to make decisive moves – just what the EU asked them to do. The manifesto was designed to alienate and antagonise, coupled with a boringly repetitive mantra of ‘strong and stable’. Clever spin. Campbell was probably involved, on the understanding he’d get plenty of air-time.
      Seems to have worked.


  42. StewGreen says:

    Pseudo-Greens call for more propaganda on the BBC


    • StewGreen says:

      There is some context : 3 times this weekend Radio4 had its programme about the founder of new DIRECT action , law breaking enviro activist group @ExtinctionR


    • StewGreen says:

      BBC has a key role in tackling the climate emergency
      Clare Farrell of Extinction Rebellion issues an urgent eight-point call to action for the public broadcaster
      This Friday, Extinction Rebellion will hold a peaceful demonstration to call upon the BBC…

      1. The director general, Tony Hall, agree to a meeting with a delegation from Extinction Rebellion to discuss how the BBC can tell the full truth on the climate and ecological emergency.
      2. The BBC declares a climate and ecological emergency.
      3. The BBC places the climate emergency as its top editorial and corporate priority by adoption of a climate emergency strategic plan, at the level of urgency placed on informing the public about the second world war.
      4. The BBC to divest all pension funds, investments and bank accounts from fossil fuel corporations and their bankers.
      5. The BBC, its subsidiaries and its supply chain to agree to be zero-carbon by 2025.
      6. The BBC to publish an annual eco-audit of all BBC operations, including summary of key ecological and carbon data.
      7. The BBC to take a lead on encouraging other national and global media corporations to join the global efforts to save humanity/nature from existential crises.
      8. The BBC to only allow thinktank spokespersons on air to discuss the climate emergency whose funding is fully transparent.
      Clare Farrell, Extinction Rebellion

      It’s the Guardian so comments aren’t open ..See Twitter
      It’s rubbish of course cos lots of Green orgs have untransparent funding etc.


      • popeye says:

        9. All journalists, commentators, camerapersons, technicians, administrators and management to only travel on foot or by bicycle anywhere in the world to minimise carbon footprint.

        See, anyone can be stupid


    • StewGreen says:

      I’ll have to switch off Vine on R2
      “amazing speech from 15 yr old girl from Sweden”
      … It’s on now
      #EmotionalBlackmail .. who wrote it for her ?
      Vine has even tweeted a promo

      .. Now Shuckmann is on doing his COP24 sum up
      … Now Prof Martin Siegert from the GRANTHAM Institute is on (Greenhedgefund funded)
      unchallenged brainwashing and #EmotionalBlackmail
      You shouldn’t spend money SUBSIDISING rich peoples pet projects without properly challenging the arguments


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        Has it taken a 15 year old Swedish girl to shame the world into realising something now must be done about …………………What?
        Climate change?

        Excuse me but isn’t there a more pressing issue regarding Swedish teenagers? A more severely desperate need to draw attention to?
        Allow me to fix that.

        Has it taken a 15 year old Swedish girl to shame the world into realising something now must be done about Muslim rape gangs?

        The BBC should be silenced until they agree to serve the public once again.


        • StewGreen says:

          @Lucy Great point
          2016 Sexual assaults at Swedish pop festival covered up by police
          2017 more Sexual assaults at Swedish pop festival meant 2018 festival cancelled
          the Swedish police admitted to playing down, cos the perps were so often refugee migrants


      • StewGreen says:

        Note the BBC page use the “Think of the Children ” photo
        “12 years left”
        .. you could put it next to all the other graphics that say “X years left”
        See also WUWT on Gore’s new “12 years to”


      • JimS says:

        More ‘we’ need to do something, meaning ‘you’ need to do something.

        I imagine this young lady walked to the conference and doesn’t have a mobile phone. Not very responsible for her to think in terms of having children or grandchildren either! Sweden isn’t a good place to put people and should de-populate, (too much fuel needed to keep warm, make insulation etc.). Instead they import the third-world and help them consume more!

        I love the way Vine’s first idea for cutting consumption was to build more cycle paths! We could cut his salary to a generous £70k and cut his consumption!


  43. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If it comes to another general election, how will we ever be able to vote either Tory or labour when it’s so obvious they will not do whatever their manifesto will say.
    May says her deal ‘respects what the British people voted for’ yet it obviously doesn’t. If she thinks her deal is leaving and leaving is in the Tory manifesto, it’s a lie.
    Labour say ‘they respect the vote but…’ and then have six conditions for Brexit which actually mean staying in the eu.
    Both parties say they will leave the eu.
    Both parties will stay in the eu.

    Only UKIP will deliver what was voted for in the biggest vote in the history of these Isles ever.
    But the msm, fptp and our current toilet bowl full of politicians will make sure ukip will get nowhere.

    I can only see civil war coming unless we somehow get out as we voted, wto and freedom.

    Actually, the answer to all the traitors and quislings squabbling about what version of leave to choose is, choose the version we voted for, the version we actually want, the majority want, you know….democracy (if it still exists in the U.K.)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Too much apathy for serious disorder .
      As it is – labour will win the next election because Tory voters won’t vote at all and labour has been working hard in target constituencies . Labours biggest barrier is Corbyn / McDonnell but people will hold their noses to make their mark after more promises from the money tree – many will choose to not hear about those 2 monsters comments in recents troubled Times .

      I’ll even put a pound on it because under Labour betting will be banned or taxed out of existences.


  44. Heyho says:

    IF (and it’s a big IF at the moment but becoming smaller by the days thanks to MSM and particularly the far left Marxist BBC) there is a second referendum there HAS to be a campaign to boycott it by anyone who values democracy. Charles Moore in the Telegraph is advocating this today


    • john in cheshire says:

      If we end up having another referendum, I’d suggest that we should spoil our ballot papers rather than just not turning out to vote. Otherwise they will just dismiss us as being apathetic or not really interested in whether we Remain or Leave. But millions of spoiled ballot papers cannot so easily be ignored.


  45. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    When the remoaners keep on telling us that the old leave voters are all dying and we’re getting new young remain voters to replace them, do they not get that everyone else is getting older and we have new ‘old’ voters replacing the ones remoaners are glad to see die off.


  46. Rich says:

    I see Loose Women is on bBBC2 today as well as ITV.

    Daily Politics, all female panel. It’ll never be enough.


  47. LastChanceSaloon says:

    “there HAS to be a campaign to boycott it by anyone who values democracy.
    Charles Moore in the Telegraph is advocating this today”

    Heyho? Heyho!
    This is the first time I have encountered Heyho on BBBC.
    This is exactly the content I would expect from a Communist plant.
    Especially when there no mention of the article by Boris Johnson in the same publication.


    • Heyho says:

      Last Chance,

      I have posted many times on this BB . Why would I state that the BBC is a Marxist broadcaster if I was a “Communist plant”? Why don’t you start accusing the DT of having Communist planted columnists? Sorry but you’re well wide of the mark


      • Fedup2 says:

        Heyho – strange because I often refer to the ‘Far Left BBC ‘ because as I am from the “right” I’d be classed by them and any other snowflake as “ Far Right” . Every one can play the labels game.

        No doubt there is some propaganda placed on discussion blogs – of that is what this is -but does anyone really think that opinions are changed that easily ?

        I do think one of the key problems of our times is the inability to develop and argument and people listen and understand it –

        Examples at either end of the spectrum Prof Petersen explaining himself to a shallow C4 snowflake versus the who Question Time weekly shambols where – with a few exceptions – Dimbleby just presided over ranting without meaning explanation or discussion .

        As an aside – personally I would like to see a full spectrum of views here -particularly someone providing evidence that the BBC is not biased …. haven’t seen it yet ..


  48. Dover Sentry says:

    I never in 2016 after Brexit won, expected to see this front page headline in ‘The Times’ today:-

    “”May Urged To Let MPs to take Control Of Brexit””

    I suppose that the BBC did some of the urging.


  49. StewGreen says:

    Anyone listen to Mike Read’s online station United DJ’s with all the old fossils ?


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      Wot, no Smashey & Nicey lol. I will give it a go though, I presume these are all the old pale (except Eddy Grant), male & stale geezers jettisoned by the Beeb and other trendy stations.

      As naff as some of them were, at least they weren’t incoherent young idiots burbling all sorts of yoof propaganda.

      I’ve been hoping for a serious right-of-centre talk radio station – but that wouldn’t be allowed in the UK. There is the odd presenter here and there who isn’t leftist- Julia Hartley Brewer etc, but I find you have to stick to podcasts for serious debate of political issues.

      I really hate the bloody public phone-in nonsense. And the adverts, and that awful ‘Glowball’ news – might as well be Beeb/Guardian news..


  50. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC News today happily accepts islamic law

    In their report on the case of the man in Birmingham who murdered a mother and daughter our BBC explains he married the younger woman “under islamic law”. The report goes on to refer to his wife, his mother-in-law etc. The BBC does this despite the same report admitting he already had a wife and children in Afghanistan and that this fact was a matter of contention between himself and the mudered woman. I’ll bet it was.

    Call me old fashioned but I’m afraid I’m uncomfortable with polygamy and moreover the concept of islamic law being recognised by UK authorities and institutions. My instinct that this clash of cultures here in Britain won’t end well seems to be realised in this horrible case.

    And of course under BBC reasoning the fault here lies with the police for not properly protecting the two women….


    • Square-Eyed says:

      Is the BBC the Third Division of the Arab League?


    • jip says:

      “And of course under BBC reasoning the fault here lies with the police for not properly protecting the two women….”

      That’s progress!!! Normally the BBC tells us that the fault lies with English people for not being tolerant enough, or for Slavery… because the British empire was the first empire in history to end slavery, so are therefore somehow responsible for something which was ubiquitous since before biblical times.