600 Responses to Midweek Open Thread 12 December 2018

  1. Dave S says:

    I am sure my MP has just put his letter in . His latest email suggests that suddenly they have decided enough is enough . Mind you his constituents have been on his case .


  2. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Second !


  3. TheRebelUK says:

    If Treason May and the remainer cronies in parliament try to overturn democracy and the referendum result we should all pick up our own yellow jackets!
    Oh and the bbbc still haven’t reported on the religion of the terrorist in France. He was born in strasbourg is all they saying. If it had been a white extreme right wing they would be headlining it everywhere, typical biased as usual


  4. StewGreen says:

    BBC gives its own opinion by using a quote in a headline again


    • StewGreen says:

      The page title is
      : UKIP AM Neil Hamilton’s appearance with Tommy Robinson ‘shameful’
      but you can see from that Tweet that the page had an old title
      Strangely Google cache gives me an error instead of showing me the old version


    • djaym says:

      personally I find the existence of Hamilton within the body politic to be shameful in itself


  5. StewGreen says:

    Then in other titles it misses out definitive info, that you’d automatically include
    It’s just a “man” again

    Other media
    – Shooter fled (possibly now located, exchanging fire)
    – Shooter has criminal record, r
    – Possibly identified as a “radicalised” individual named Cherif Chekatt or Sharif Chakat, 29,
    – French anti-terror police handing


    • tipple says:

      Looks like he has a zebibah on his forehead, the sign of a very devout Muslim.


      • G.W.F. says:

        BBC acknowledg that the terrorist was on a suspect list but add

        ‘The motive for the shooting remains unclear.’

        When they finally acknowledge that he was one of Allah’s boys they will then divert attention to the backlash. BBC reporters will rush to France to interview victims of a far far far right backlash who have had their hijabs tweaked.


    • Framer says:

      French state media and BBC not putting out a photograph of the man or person let alone his/her name. Obviously this might cause people to identify the shooter and help in his capture. The downside is an increase in unjustified prejudice by deplorables.


  6. taffman says:

    if Mrs Chamberlain is to resign? Who will be Mr Churchill?
    Over to Al Beeb………


  7. StewGreen says:

    New side thread is up
    Biased BBC personality of 2018 awards- result


  8. pugnazious says:

    Days of vilification and accusations from the BBC for the white man who shouted abuse at Raheem Sterling but when that man is named and he states what he actually said the BBC is not interested…they report it in short and pass on rapidly, the mention buried half way down the report headlined with this sensationalist claim….

    Pep Guardiola: Man City boss says ‘racism is everywhere’

    Might have thought an interview with Britain’s most hated racist would make frontpage news for a BBC so wrapped up and engaged in this story as they are…and usually the BBC is very keen to give the villains their chance to explain things be they Muslim terrorists or eco-warriors or the IRA…but no….white boy gets no chance to explain what really happened.

    Kind of think the BBC in more interested in spreading fear and loathing of white people amongst minorities than in reporting the truth.

    We are told no-one has ever suffered the abuse that Sterling or other black players have..really? Wayne Rooney has been a constant target of the Press as has Beckham…..the fans turned savagely against him after the world cup and in the Euros….has Sterling ever been hung or burnt in effigy?…


    Beckham was booed by the fans and hit in the headlines…

    Rage saw Becks hanged in effigy

    ‘Following the high of his exquisite free-kick against Colombia, Beckham reacted angrily to a challenge from Argentina captain Diego Simeone and was dismissed by referee Kim Milton Nielsen.

    He was vilified and opposing fans often booed and jeered his every touch during the 1998-99 Premiership season. It was a harsh lesson for Beckham to learn just as his career was blossoming.

    “It was humiliating”, he later admitted, having endured headlines such as ‘10 Heroic Lions, One Stupid Boy’ and ‘You’re Just A Joke Becks’.’

    At the Euro’s as the BBC reported….

    ‘The Football Association is to raise concerns about player security at Euro 2000 following the incident in which David Beckham was abused by spectators.

    Beckham was pictured giving a one-finger salute to England fans who hurled obscene taunts at him as he walked off the pitch after the 3-2 defeat by Portugal. ‘

    or burnt as Rooney was?….


    ‘The once beloved Englishman also has received an incredible media backlash due to his alleged role in an extramarital affair with an internet prostitute while his wife was pregnant.

    So Rooney has been forced to move in exile to Portland, Oregon as he heals from injury and trains in a state-of-the-art facility designed by Nike. Rooney’s likeness is being crucified by Englishmen all over the country due to his negative role in a Manchester United record contract extension that originally left fans thinking the forward was definitely leaving. Just ask the town of Edenbridge which recently hosted a bonfire ceremony in which the crowd burned an effigy of the unpopular Red Devil.’

    So Sterling gets off lightly in comparison…..his ‘abuse’ at the Euro’s in 2016 was not racism but the opposite…he was you might say the ‘Great Black Hope’ but one who disappointed the fans desperately…he had been the second highest transfer fee and was supposedly promising much for England…as the BBC declared….

    ‘Euro 2016: England’s Raheem Sterling one of world’s best – Daniel Sturridge’

    But he didn’t perform.

    Read this from The Independent…the headline suggests it is a defence of him but in fact lists exactly why the fans were giving him the hate….far from gratuitous….

    Euro 2016: Why are we destroying England’s Raheem Sterling with this gratuitous abuse?

    ‘Sterling is the epitome of all the characteristics which have made England so unattractive and hard to love: the headphones, the salary, the swagger, the substantial transfer fee (£44m; £49m if you compute the add-ons), the undignified and very public agitation to leave Liverpool. Ingredients for the kind of demonisation that propel the cogs of the Twittersphere.’

    A curious mix of yes he’s crap at times but you’re only abusing him because he’s black.

    Sterling was taken off and not picked for some games…was Hodgson racist in his team pick? Or was Sterling underperforming?

    And now we have Gary Neville jumping on the bandwagon and the BBC hanging off every word as if gospel….but misleading its audience into thinking the abuse came from the Press when it came mostly from the fans….

    ‘Raheem Sterling told Gary Neville about abuse concerns in 2016
    Former England coach Gary Neville says Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling came to him for help after what he felt were “vicious” attacks during Euro 2016.

    Sterling, 24, posted on Instagram on Sunday saying newspapers are helping to “fuel racism” by the ways in which they portray young black footballers.

    Sterling was allegedly racially abused during City’s 2-0 defeat at Chelsea.

    “The abuse he received, particularly in the media beyond that tournament, I’ve not seen it before,” said Neville.

    Neville must have a very short memory…his own brother was once not very popular….

    Euro Moments: Phil Neville becomes latest England hate figure

    ‘Two years on from David Beckham’s kick on Diego Simeone, the resultant red card and England’s exit from the 1998 World Cup in France, the English public were handed a brand new villain to take the blame for the national side’s woes.

    The burning effigies of Beckham in an England shirt had turned, by the summer of 2000, to those of Phil Neville.

    As the United full-back put it himself some years later: “My wife came home one day from work and the gates were on fire with an England flag on top of it.

    “And then when you take your wife out for a romantic meal, go to the toilet and someone threatens to punch your lights out, you have to go straight home.”’

    The BBC really needs to stop spreading alarmist talk about black people under attack, the constant victims of white violence and hate.

    This whole narrative that the BBC has spun over the last few days of a ‘racist Britain’ is almost entirely fictitious and based upon fake news that savagely vilified a man as a racist, not just across Britain but around the world, purely on the basis that the BBC needed something that they could opportunistically exploit and weaponise in order to create a sham furore and panic about the rise of racism in Britain today. Far from maintaining civil society, citizenship and cohesion the BBC seems intent on stirring up race conflict with its deliberate distortions, misinformation and outright lies…..the intent to silence certain people and close the debate on immigration and of course target papers like The Sun and The Mail.


    • Rich says:

      Excellent piece Pug, well put.


    • Scroblene says:

      Good post Pug.

      The bbbc are so bad at reporting sport these days. If you ever have the problem of listening to R5Dead at night, about every half hour, they have some imbecilic ad for their football ‘coverage’, with some moron who shrieks and yells at the top of his unpleasant over-excitable voice, proclaiming that the ‘station’ is the best!

      Why he has to make so much blasted noise at 3:00am is beyond me!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Great post, pug.


    • clonesydney says:

      Excellent piece of writing which is totally in line with my reaction to the disgraceful coverage of this story.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Judging by photos of football players wives and girlfriends-
      usually ‘white’ often blond, regardless of the players own colour,
      I’d say they are the most racist bunch going.
      Be interesting to see how diverse the managers and FA bosses wives are.


  9. Nibor says:

    I think I’ll go on holiday tomorrow .

    1 ; you all can pay for it if you’ve ever had a holiday yourself .

    2; you can’t criticise where and when I’m going .

    This holiday will be a bargain . How can you complain that I’m getting it at flirty pence a day .!

    I’m also going to spread influence wherever I go . You can be happy that ” your” voice will be heard at the top table . You will be a rule maker , not a rule taker when I order the meal at a restaurant . Send your requests , filtered out by the civil service , about the wine .
    Later you can see the great holiday in photos thanks to its unique payment method . Because most of you are old I will be telling the hosts how stupid you are to vote in any particular way but the hope is you will die soon , after you’ve paid for my holiday .
    Cheers for being loyal and still paying when the young folk use Netflix etc
    Snatintruff .


  10. Scroblene says:

    As Christmas approaches, and for some reason, we’re all expected to stuff ourselves stupid, can anyone tell me why the bbc website, dire as it usually is, continues to exhibit a ‘food page’, with awful coloured photos of road-kill and vomit?

    It’s no wonder that disfunctional families all prefer to eat junk food in their cars, or watch awful programmes and never sit at a table with family. Our national broadcaster could do a bit more to help these sad people, maybe by closing down for part of the day – say 23 hours…


  11. kaffir Latte says:

    Yes, at 6.45 the next day the magnificent envy of the world BBC is STILL unclear about the motive even though the perp’s name has been reported for hours on worldwide media, he’s on a watchlist for extremism and is of North African extraction. But it’s still a mystery to the BBC what the connection can possibly be between a) a Christmas market b) a probably Algerian gunman and c) someone on an extremist watch list.
    Never mind, if the BBC keep their heads firmly up their own fundaments maybe it’ll all go away or they can blame Brexit.


  12. Anne says:

    This might be of interest, but it’s paywalled:

    Rod Liddle: Why does Le Carré get a prime BBC slot? Because he loathes the West


    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady watch

      Good old Nick Robinson . Owen Paterson – who is a real conservative – comes onto the BBC to open his heart about the outgoing PM and brexit .

      Robinson , whose Tourette’s I have described here before , keeps quiet for a bit but can’t stop himself from opening his mouth and interupting – thus spoiling the interview and obstructing Mr Paterson .

      I know it’s nothing new but it’s such a shame the BBC can’t employ decent journos instead of useful idiots like Robinson.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Big misunderstanding in Strasberg last night . 3 people accidentally shot and killed with 11 injured by a French national celebrating the season of good Will to men . It’s a cultural thing for lone Norwegians .

        I didn’t mention Muslim jihadists and think I got away with it .

        PS – 48 letters trigger a ‘ no confidence ‘ to be held today . Bye bye Mrs May .


        • Roland Deschain says:

          Bye bye Mrs May, perhaps, but the damage has been done. And no one who might replace inspires confidence.


          • G.W.F. says:

            Bye bye May. Hello new remainer, who will tell us that it will take ages to renegotiate us out of May’s mess and suggest delaying Brexit for a year or two.
            Is that right Boris?


          • The General says:

            No unfortunately she is going to win so it is more a case of Bye Bye Conservative Party, Bye Bye a true Brexit.
            They are complaining about the ‘shambles’ surrounding the Brexit deal, but just wait until her deal is kicked out by the House of Commons and Corbyn and Co subsequently vote down a ‘No Deal’. THEN we will have the mother of all shambles and a triumphant EEC.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Does he? Really?


    • G.W.F. says:


      I am not a le Carre fan, but would like to know why he loathes the west. The article is paywalled and I cannot even get a month’s free subscription Is there an easy answer to why he loathes the west?


      • Jeff says:

        I think this article is probably available on The Spectator site. I know that I’ve read it and that’s one of my regular spots.
        At Speccie you’re allowed to read two free pieces a week.
        Rod’s always worth a gander.


  13. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Strasbourg shooting: Gunman at large after three killed and 12 injured””


    “”France’s counter terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation””

    “”..suspect … was already known to the security services as a possible terrorist threat.””

    “”Grenades were found during the search”” (of his flat).


    Note to BBC. The motive is VERY clear!


    • Halifax says:

      No where on the BBC does it mention “terrorist ” he was a Gunman (should really be a Gunperson) an Extremist and an Attacker…..despise the BBC more each day they make it so easy for us to loathe them with the constant manipulation of news to fit there political ideology.


      • G says:

        I note our far left Marxists State Broadcaster (aka, “The Worlds Most Trusted) tells us the gunman was a, “local”. By this code, I have to assume he is an immigrant that has gained French citizenship.
        I also note, as predicted the foreigner caught in the Palace of Westminster grounds having scaled a railing fence has, ‘mental health problems’
        Suggestion: Another queue on migrant arrival points for those from Middle East/Africa,signposted: ‘Arrivals with mental health issues’. All in the thousand and one languages of course.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      He’s probably a radicalised Brexiteer.


  14. Up2snuff says:

    The Tory Remainers are in a tricky position. They HAVE to support the PM but the PM is pledged to deliver Brexit.

    Oh dear!


  15. AsISeeIt says:

    President Macron teetering on the verge of falling from power, desperately giving concession after concession due to street protests, a muderous islamic gunmen on the loose in Strasbourg….

    And yet – according to the BBC – it’s Britain that is in political chaos & crisis – seems to me as though our normal democratic processes are at work here.

    And as if to confirm my rather more balanced view BBC TV excitedly bring us a pictures of 10 Downing Street – where nothing unusual is happening !

    As for the 1,000s of armed French police and soldiers combing the streets – not so much.

    Now BBC Business reporters desperately hoping for markets and the pound to plummet.


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI: “And yet – according to the BBC – it’s Britain that is in political chaos & crisis ” indeed, quite right.

      They have referered several times this morning on R4 to the Thatcher Confidence Vote. They have completely forgotten the huge Community Charge (Poll Tax) controversy, the demonstrations across the UK and the riot in London and they have not acknowledged that Margaret Thatcher still divides the nation (and possibly the Tory Party) TO THIS DAY.

      I am forced to conclude that too many substances have been consumed at the BBC by BBC people over four or five decades and they have had terrible effects on BBC memory.


  16. john in cheshire says:

    Here’s a suggested headline for the far-left bbc collective:
    FTSE surges on expectations that the Conservative party will finally replace Mrs May with a true Brexiteer.

    As an aside has anyone else noticed how the crypto currencies have plunged; Bitcoin, once touted as reaching $18,000 is languishing below $3,500. Ethereum and Litecoin are equally low in value. Is there a link to Brexit, football fans or Christmas markets, I wonder?


  17. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Theresa May to face vote of no confidence from Tory MPs””

    “”How is a new Conservative leader elected?””


    The BBC’s handy flow-chart shows 4 anonymous female candidates and 4 anonymous male candidates.

    I’m amazed that they are not all black and disabled.

    That’s the BBC’s reality.


  18. StewGreen says:

    Solidarity with Labour MP
    who wouldn’t drive a speeding car and then lie about it.


    • StewGreen says:

      JHB says


    • R P McMurphy says:

      One driving offence with added perjury another denies knowledge of her sons offences untill after he is found guilty yet she wrote to the judge well before the trial . This is what happens when you lower the bar so low that lets any PC box ticker idiot in.
      What has happened to the working class hero’s of our parents and grandparents labour party.


      • JamesArthur says:

        Funny isn’t it..when Tory Mps are accused of anything they are guilty by the BBC trial ssytem and reported on

        but Labour Keith let me doing yor washing Vaz and this Labour MP who actually are guilty and have by default failed all of their public sector ‘vows’ and should be delisted are not really reported on at all…is it because they are oppressed minorities? This is why the country is going to the dogs…


      • Tabs says:

        Reading those tweets in support of her are scary to be honest. Words like “you are amazing”, “inspirational”, “you shouldn’t have to put up with that considering what you did”, “solidarity Comrade”.

        Are Labour supporters so delusional?!?


  19. Up2snuff says:

    One big question, much bigger than the Conservative Party leadership, still not being (never, ever?) considered by the BBC: when will Jeremy Corbyn tell the nation, clearly and unequivocally, whether he favours leaving the EU or remaining in the EU?

    I think we should be informed.


  20. fakenewswatcher says:

    Currently speaking on the PM podium is a ‘liberal’ Remainer, pretending to be a Conservative Brexit-deliverer.
    It should work: Merkel has spent 15 years odd successfully doing the same, always hanging some threat over her party, to ensure she stays. Slight difference: she is a socialist, pretending to be a conservative.
    Beeb has given us D Gauke, who had me in tears, so much in love with Ms May did he put me. Gauke had the outrageous strategy of saying Article 50 would have to be postponed if May went.
    Currently Beeb has followed May’s speech with another enthusiastic May supporter being interviewed, Matt Hancock. Seems there is no one around the beeb could find, who opposes her.
    Thathcher had a majority and stood down, we are told.
    But she had integrity.
    May is of the Merkel mindset. She will simply stay. ‘Ich bin hier, ich bleibe hier. Schluss.’ Ignore the outside world.
    One thought: beware of Amber Rudd


  21. Up2snuff says:

    Interesting BBC R4 contribution from Ed Vaizey MP (Con)

    BBC: “How will you vote?”

    MP: “I will support the PM.” Scant regard – no regard, apparently – for his constituents.

    Too many MPs do not seem to realise or acknowledge where they derive their mandate from.


    • G says:

      David Gourke interviewed earlier on Toady, extolling the virtues of this warm and wonderful PM.
      Suggestion: Form another queue when they come to vote later, signposted: ‘MP’s from the Parallel Universe’


  22. Up2snuff says:

    My thoughts on PM’s statement. Lots of hollow words, Theresa May. Won’t wash with the country. Will it work with the Party’s MPs? (I have previously communicated with PM on her ‘Fairness Pledge’ – remember that? – how much of it has been delivered?)

    She’s playing for time, running down the clock.

    Out of the EU, No Deal, 29 March 2019.

    (The nation will cheer you to the rafters, PM. Hard-EU Remainers will grind their teeth.)


  23. Rich says:

    BBC NI Spotlight last night was another hit-piece on the pro-Brexit-so-therefore-facist DUP, one of those programmes the bBBC are prone to making where you know that they have to rush something out to justify the time and money spent without actually having anything of any substance. With the main aim being disruption and opportunistic malevolence, the Spotlight last night was yet again on Jan Paisley Jr.
    Now Baby Doc isn’t the most likeable of politicians but the bBBC dislike of him does seem a bit personal. He was suspended from the Commons for 30 days this year for failing to declare two family holidays to Sri Lanka in 2013 that were gifted to him by the Sri Lankan government which was both stupid and I think dishonest of him, but it’s been dealt with.

    Well it seems that Paisley took his family on holiday again in 2016, this time to the Maldives. The bBBC don’t know who paid for it but took great pains to impress upon us that the luxury Coco Resort had beaches, complimentary bathrobes, a restaurant and spectacular views of private plunge pools that “probably cost thousands” and so made a programme about it. By finding the exact spot, that really wasn’t, where Mrs Paisley Jr took a photo she has put on social media the bBBC were able to prove that Wee Ian was right to admit going on a family holiday to somewhere with a beach.

    Two trips to and stays in a luxury Maldives resort for the bBBC journalist and crew uncovered nothing that I could see, nothing but unidentified “sources”, unsubstantiated “evidence” and suggested wrongdoing without any real proof of point. Rolling out the greasy Matrix Chambers Gavin Millar QC to sit face to face in an empty hotel room with our, because the DUP are misogynists , female journalist Lyndsey Telford to say could of and should have and maybe doesn’t prove any wrongdoing.

    Paisley Jr is a fool but this programme attempted to show that he dishonestly accepted a family holiday to the Maldives that he shouldn’t have and proved nothing. Money was spent and wasted on trips to the Maldives and expensive opinion from an impartial legal expert to further an agenda. Paisley Jr may be in the wrong but no proof was provided, nothing but innuendo and a suggestive tone, and the bBBC were simply attempting to undermine the DUP, and therefore the government and Brexit, because they can. A waste of time and money this programme was a clearly biased “nothing burger”, poor journalism pretending to be hard-hitting and relevant but like the bBBC, not.


  24. English Lass says:

    Extraordinary, TM not understanding at all the huge reaction to her deal. If Theresa May had said I know my deal is hard, or misunderstood, or I need to tweak it to help those who are struggling with it. No, she was right, and not moving and came across as threatening. She is unfortunately ‘not for turning’ and is going to have to be turned. Goodness I hope they do the right thing.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Here is one of the BBC market rate talents acting, well, deranged in defence of her precious…

    Not too effectively.


  26. G says:

    Where will the new blasphemy laws take us now?
    Watch this space. Over to you Muslim Council of Great Britain…………..


  27. Up2snuff says:

    Hezza (Michael Heseltine – well-known past chaos causer in the Tory Party and Remain dissembler) is on extended R4 TOADY.

    BBC: “What is your reaction?”

    MH: “Chaos.”

    Snuffy: Off-switch.

    Snuffy household: Order restored.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wish to announce my candidature for next PM .
      I have the required qualities – I can lie, break promises , kick cans down the road, lose stone bonker elections parroting ‘ strong and stable, ‘ ,
      Undermine ministers I appoint and sell out my country .


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Can you say “lessons will be learned”


        • Fedup2 says:

          Ha EG yes – I can even say “ my thoughts and prayers “ or
          ‘We stand united “

          Seriously though – I see 16 kind people have ‘liked ‘ me . I will reward each of you by being my ‘brexit minister ‘ which means never having to go to work….


    • StewGreen says:

      Yep Hezza just been on LBC also
      Which has a multitude of voices telling us what a fantastic leader May is, and there is no other option
      .As they rabble on they usually let on, that they are Pro-Peoples Vote, which means of course that they are Remainers.

      … Ah finally Bill Cash comes on and gives a Brexiteer view.


  28. john in cheshire says:

    As usual, Vlad Tepes provides real news. This report on his website is quite revealing, especially that a French policeman has said the muslim killer was already known to the authorities as an islamic terrorist:



  29. StewGreen says:

    159 need to vote against her
    … so it is not in the bag yet.

    Coral the bookies have 3/1 she will survive


  30. fakenewswatcher says:

    Salaam, Stew. I notice the Daily Mail has Raab as the favourite to succeed May if she loses.
    And guess who’s lying in second place?
    Why, bless my soul, it’s Sajid Javid!


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      You can rely on this, another sleeper.
      Not British.
      Supporting another totalitarian ideology.
      Amazing”journalism” from the Mail.
      Volte face is an understatement.

      Sorry SG the betting is 1/3.


    • Despairada says:

      There is no point in ousting Theresa May only to replace her with another remainer or only-pretend leaver.

      It would have to be a brexit believer, and I don’t think the Conservative party would vote for that given that a majority seem to be remainers.

      I will never vote for a party that has a muslim (even one pretending not to be such) as leader.


  31. JamesArthur says:


    I have feeling she might 🙁 simply because there are too any who don’t want a brexiteer in charge and they know May is a remainer at heart and will either run with another referendum or hand it to parlaiment to say we remain…
    Our only hope is that enough Tory MPs actually have balls…but I wouldn’t neccessarily bet against her -much as I despise her


  32. LastChanceSaloon says:

    “I stand ready to finish the job” May today.
    Except Churchill was appealing to FDR who was only concerned with saving the USSR.
    May is only concerned with saving the EUSSR.

    Dear Donald
    Please tell the universe you believe May is a traitor.
    Please do it LOUDLY. Please do it TODAY.
    The UK needs this as never before.
    Thank you.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Catching up
    FFS last weeks Mail on Sunday
    MoS has always bee anti-Brexit
    but they have a double page “How you can stop this No Deal Chaos”
    ..and then a template letter so you can write to your MP

    + A hysteric anti Tommy page
    + Peter Hitchins takes a dig a Enoch, but it’s over mental hospitals


    • Mr Natural says:

      Peter Hitchens has now, in the words of my dear, late grandfather, “sh*t his potful” as far as I am concerned.

      Enoch Powell was horrified to find all sorts of people incarcerated together in huge mental institutions: those with Down Syndrome, the hyperactive, the schizophrenic, the violent, the criminally insane, even women who as young girls had given birth to children outside marriage. Many were kept subdued by the indiscriminate use of the recently developed drug, Largactil.

      My wife’s brother was severely mentally handicapped, and her parents kept him at home until they became too old to cope. They were thankful for “Care in the Community”, knowing that, after they had gone, their son would be able to lead a happy, fulfilled life, with similar people, in a specially-adapted bungalow with a full time carer.

      It is a truism that when a columnist holds forth on matters you know a lot about, and you see that it is bullsh*t, you begin to question the validity of everything he writes.


  34. Jeff says:

    It’s amazing how precise the media can be when they try. At other times…
    I was in the car yesterday, the radio bringing me various snippets of news. They were a bit vague on certain things, like the motive of the bloke who got into the grounds of Parliament and got himself tasered. Was he an irate rate payer? Was he a malingerer from the Brexit vote on Sunday? Did he want Theresa May’s autograph? They’re not saying.
    And as for the gunman murdering innocent shoppers at the Christmas market, he might have been pissed off about the prices for all I’ve been told. These Yuletide slaughterings are becoming a regular feature of the festive season. Pretty soon European carol singers will be issued with bullet proof vests. However the media seem absolutely stumped when it comes to suggesting a motive for the murderous miscreant. It’s baffling…

    However, when it comes to some overpaid footballer, on £300,000 plus a week! who has been abused by loutish Chelsea fans, then there is no doubt. It’s RACISM! Opposition footballers, whatever their race, are regularly and vociferously abused by Chelsea oiks every week, it’s nothing unusual. What’s so special about Sterling?
    And they also reported a bloke on a train, racially abusing fellow travelers, who, before departing, conveniently told them that he was “a supporter of Tommy Robinson.” Good of him!
    No obfuscation. No muddying the waters. No attempting to camouflage the motives.
    Wish they were always like that…


    • gaxvil says:

      Quite – most recently on the bbc WS the leave vote had slipped from 52% to 51.9% – such precision !
      And yet the bbc desperately NOT fact checking the US assertion that of 8,000 odd caravan members, 600 had criminal records – a very conservative estimate I’d say.
      One fact is clear – the bbc is terrified to the core of Trump. Really it doesn’t matter a darn what the UK thinks or says about him and yet our bbc scrapes the barrel to put up people who are equally Trump terror fixated.


  35. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If May wins the vote tonight, can we have another one in case the MPs didn’t know (or understand) what they were voting for.
    And another,
    And another…..
    until we get the result we want.
    or is that only for the eu and remainers.


    • Fedup2 says:

      At least we were spared the british PM licking the boots of an ‘irish’ReichEU politician and being told to take a running jump . ( was going to use a short word but I banned myself )


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently the Islamic terrorist – lone wolf – Norwegian – mental issues – has ‘fled the country’. Ah ‘free movement ‘ such consideration for such vermin …

    … good news for macron – he can go all presidential again ..

    20000 on the ‘french’ watch list .


  37. StewGreen says:

    Band Aid playing
    It’s Christmas time and there is no need for Mrs May

    There’re REMAINIACS outside your window
    Preaching dread and fear
    And the Christmas bells they ring are their clanging chimes of doom

    Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you


  38. Fedup2 says:

    Meanwhile – one 18 year old dead – one serious in Eltham last night – black stabbings continue …..


    • Anne says:

      Will it receive the same attention as a previous Eltham stabbing?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I doubt if the dead kids’ mum will get a seat in the House of Lords to add a bit of colour to the place but who knows or cares about these institutions any more ?


  39. vlad says:

    Al beebistan manages to report on the terror attack in Strasbourg without once mentioning the words Islam or Muslim.
    The closest they get is that Cherif Chekat (good French name) may have been ‘radicalized’ in prison.
    Radicalized by whom, into what? Mormonism?

    Or perhaps he’s one of those far-right Brexiteers we keep hearing about, brainwashed by UKIP?

    “His motives remain unknown” – Not to me they don’t. Try reading the koran for motives, dummies.


  40. StewGreen says:

    As ever there is a void between the narrative the Times journo gives and the response in the comments.
    Journo : “whoaa terrible the gov gives contracts to charities and a few have gagging clauses”
    Commenters : “doh, that’s cos so many charities are Labour Party fronts”


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      I remember someone promising a bonfire of the QANGOs.
      Whatever happened to the ****?


      • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

        Ah yes, bonfire of the quangos..never happened. Cut down on immigration to tens of thousands..never happened, in fact got quite a lot worse if that were possible. Cut down on benefit fraud..er nope. Cut crime – forget it, all we get are massaged figures from the police.

        I could understand this under a Labour government, but we’ve simply been lied to for god knows how long by both main parties in election manifestos.

        Both Labour and Tory promises amount to : ‘We will spend money like a drunken sailor, make sure our friends are well looked after, will never do the honourable thing and despise the people who actually work and pay the taxes that keep us in comfortable lifestyles.’


  41. smoogie7 says:

    48 letters received!

    What is the odds that the BBC will ramp up their bias to the extreme knowing that a possible new Tory PM could be a ‘strong Brexiter’ who would lead in the polls, win a GE and if they have any sense would also clamp down on the BBC’s bias?

    Interesting times lay ahead!


    • gaxvil says:

      I reckon Hitler must be looking down thinking – ‘I thought I had it bad mit das bias but that poor Trump and the Brexiteers!’


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I seriously doubt he’d be looking down. Up, perhaps.


        • TrueToo says:

          Roland Deschain,

          I had the same thought just before I read your comment.

          Hitler looking down? He could definitely only be looking up from his chains in hellfire.


    • Kaiser says:

      oddly the last few days brexit HYS on the so called bbc seemed strongly pro-brexit and anti-may

      somehow today as the end of Treasoner Mayhem beckons the HYS suddenly seems pro-remain and pro-may

      quite how they manage to to do that im sure only computer programmers and russian trolls know


    • Doublethinker says:

      The BBC will certainly ramp up to max bias 24/7 to ensure that we stay in the EU or only leave symbolically. They need to do this because Remain Central want at least the appearance of it being a democratic decision and need the BBC to help persuade us that it is. Unfortunately I expect that of the 52% several % will be taken in by this and throw in the towel and very few Remainers will believe that preserving our democracy is more important then staying in the EU.
      But what are those who still believe in democracy to do? Practical options are few. Any hint of violence will only push more ‘ floaters ‘ into the Remain camp. We can’t withhold our taxes if we are on PAYE. The next election would be an opportunity to show dissent but even if a UKIP style party wins millions of votes our FPTP system means that will not translate into lots of seats.
      It is possible that we get a fundamental realignment of British politics and that both Tories and Labour split. That will present an opportunity But beware most Leave politicians favour increased immigration from the third world as the price of increased trade. Something I certainly do not want.
      One positive thing that we can do is to have a BBC telly tax strike. Let us channel our resentment and anger at the elite by bringing down their propaganda fog horn. Anyone have any idea how to generate nationwide support?


  42. Dystopian says:

    I wonder if we “Brexiteers” could take the same stance as the vegans and have Brexitism categorised as a religion. Maybe we could join forces and ban offensive words such as gammon.
    Let’s have an official definition of Brexitophobia and hate crimes such as implying that we Brexiteers are ignorant and didn’t know what we were voting for. I’d also like to ban horrid words such as “remain”.


    • gaxvil says:

      Talking of banning stuff – a friend of mine was recently admonished for sending a memo to a ward for their tardiness written in capitals! Too aggressive!


      • Fedup2 says:

        I knew someone who was told he had ‘ minor peccadillos ‘ . He replied that he didn’t even smoke cigars


    • JamesArthur says:

      I love it. but unfortunately the rules are rigged against us as they include
      1. Being worthy of respect in a democratic society (apparently not according to parliament), 2. not being incompatible with human dignity (apparently not according to Remainers) and 3. not conflicting with fundamental rights of others (apparently not according to the ECHR)
      So we are stuffed again…now you can become a Vegan..


      • john in cheshire says:

        Just a thought, is it possible to be a vegan but claim it’s your human right to eat meat? If the other vegans get nasty about one’s meat eating, surely they could then be charged with a hate crime.


  43. LastChanceSaloon says:

    If the PM wins the vote tonight one thing is certain.
    She will be more smug, vindictive and anti-white than she already is.
    She will offer the EUSSR their original £100,000,000.
    She will offer to take ten million refugees from anywhere in an attempt to ruin our prospering economy.

    The time for non-violence will have passed.

    From Fedup2 – Last chance saloon – I’ve edited out the term you used as well as other posters who used it when complaining. I know full well how highly feelings are running .


    • Eddy Booth says:

      unfortunately there’s another 3 noughts..
      we already pledged


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I dislike her as much as anyone, but that isn’t necessary and reflects badly on this site.


      • smoogie7 says:

        I agree. I post in politically mixed groups and have been attacked by some of the more extreme left wingers and they will always resort to personal insults, a clear sign that they have lost the debate.

        I believe in attack he policy, not the person


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        RD – “The xxxxxx? I dislike her as much as anyone, but that isn’t necessary and reflects badly on this site.”

        “I dislike her as much as anyone”
        Does this mean :-
        a) I dislike her with as much intensity as I dislike anyone?
        b) I dislike her as much as any other person who dislikes her?
        While we are waiting for you to solve your ambiguity problem. . .

        What I will do in future is to email you a provisional response.
        You can improve on my inadequate efforts and pass your, improved, polished, censored version to BBBC.

        I am a psychic so I can guess your email address. Email coming your way in 5 minutes to
        [email protected]_Prime_Minister_is_trying_to_destroy_the_UK_but_let_us_worry_ourselves_to_death_about_an_insult.EU_Forever


        • Mrs Kitty says:

          I don’t like to defend May but xxxxxx is too far, being on the barren scale myself I can relate to her past pain which she has spoken about and it’s irrelevant to drag a physical impairment into an argument. I’m not even going to attempt a comparison with male virility/fertility as I feel that’s losing the thread.


  44. StewGreen says:

    H/T The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) https://www.thegwpf.com/peter-ridd-crying-wolf-over-the-great-barrier-reef
    Dr. Ridd points out that coral bleaching damage ‘looks terrible at first, but it quietly and rapidly grows back ready for the scientists to peddle their story all over again.’ Bad news is headlined, good news ignored.

    The scare stories about the Great Barrier Reef started in the 1960’s when scientists first started work on the reef. They have been crying wolf ever since.

    Scientists from James Cook University have just published a paper on the bleaching and death of corals on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and were surprised that the death rate was less than they expected because of the adaptability of corals to changing temperatures.

    But still we don’t have any of that nasty coal power in the uK , we have lovely solar and wind
    \\ Last week, coal power peaked at 5.7 GW, and it has already gone higher this week, reaching 6.4 GW yesterday. It has certainly not been particularly cold today, or windless //
    … Paul Homewood telling us that coal is supplying about 15% of the UK’s 45GW demand


  45. Dover Sentry says:

    Sky Online News:

    “”Strasbourg Christmas market gunman shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ “”


    The BBC have missed this nugget of Muslim terrorism.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      Now they are reporting it on the website, even in the headline!

      Strasbourg shooting: Gunman shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he attacked

      Though listening in the to the radio in the morning the World Service news report described the attacker as “a local man” – of course Jean-Paul has got upset put on his yellow vest and gone on a shooting spree.


    • Jeff says:

      If he’d been shouting about “Tommy Robinson” or “Brexit” they’d have been all over it!


    • Dover Sentry says:

      I suspect that the BBC saw my post and decided to ‘update’ their news report.


  46. JamesArthur says:

    R4 now letting pro Remainers push their support for May and tarnish any challenge by a Brexiteer…and then throw in – take it back to the people…..BBC not at all biased


    • gaxvil says:

      You would need to be dead and then some not see bbc bias but one has to admire their shiny brass bollox as they spew lies and create diversions so like those of the worst, most corrupt, authoritarian regimes which they cover with lashings of consternation, feigned concern and high moral ground.


  47. Roland Deschain says:

    Is anyone else getting an annoying little “privacy” box that sits at the bottom of the screen and won’t go away?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Roland – yes I have it too – suppose it’s the blog software bods complying with some ReichEU regulation on Data Protection / spying on us .


    • Up2snuff says:

      No, only really noticed it this morning, Roland. How long has it been there?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Since this morning. And it’s really irritating on my mobile phone! Tap on it and a long list of Google privacy policies appears that they know damned well is too long for anyone to bother reading.

        Clearly my privacy doesn’t extend to being able to remove it if I don’t want it.


        • The General says:

          Does it mean we are soon to be banned from this site if any post upsets some faceless self appointed Censor ?


    • TrueToo says:

      Roland Deschain,

      Yes, I have just noticed that privacy box when accessing the site by phone. I suppose it’s the same on my laptop.


  48. Up2snuff says:

    The BBC being TOADILLY toady on TWatO.

    I wonder how many hard-Remainer Conservative MPs put in Letters of No Confidence to Sir Graham Brady? I cannot remember whether the names are revealed after the vote.

    On the other hand, I cannot help but wonder whether the PM’s problem is that she is unwilling to listen fully to the concerns of the ‘hard’ Brexiteers and the DUP and their advisors and respond appropriately. What is clear, never thought I would agree with Matthew Parris ever again, the PM should NOT have postponed the vote yesterday.


    • Kaiser says:

      the PM’s problem is SHE wont listen to ‘hard’ Brexiteers the DUP conservative members and 17.4million voters or the the country at large

      SHE is tone deaf and wilfully blind

      SHE has lied, lied, lied and lied again and now has no credibility

      SHE put HERself front and centre of a disastrous general election and got slapped down

      SHE put HERself front and centre of brexit side-lining all her ministers and now dares not take a parliamentary vote

      all polls says everyone is strongly against “HER” deal , both sides have trashed HER deal and the DUP will sink HER deal and yet SHE thinks that SHE can get HER way!

      it would appear SHE is suffering from some kind of mental illness as SHE is the only one who can not see HER own failings,

      SHE is completely delusional and probably much worse


      • Up2snuff says:

        K, she is – in my view – probably on the autistic spectrum and can only handle one task at a time, hence her neglect of everything while tackling the negotiations with the EU. Her inability to respond immediately & personally to the Grenfell fire would be, I suggest, evidence of that.

        You have to remember, however, that what she ‘says’ (the lies you call them) are words not necessarily from her but from a speech-writer or a SPAD via a speech-writer. They are broadly in line with expressed Party policy. You would object if she said the opposite, would you not?

        Also, in a complicated AND VERY DELICATE situation, with a political and media class dominated by Pro-Remain/Hard-Remain factions, it may be necessary for a wise political performer to say one thing but head in a very different direction; the political ‘body-swerve’. An example of this from the other side, from the European Court of Justice, was their ‘intervention’ at the start of the EU Deal debate and again on the day before the Vote was scheduled to take place. A complete contradiction of the previously expressed view of the Commission.

        The PM, in what she says and does, has to also deal with things like that.


  49. vlad says:

    Hotpoint / Whirlpool now suggesting Grenfell may have been started by a cigarette. (Not reported by the beeb, natch.)
    But has there been any serious investigation of the much more likely theory that it was caused by a spot of late-night Ramadan snacking?


    • Kaiser says:

      Hotpoint / Whirlpool

      “Separately, we would like to reassure owners of these products that they are safe and they can continue to use them as normal.

      “Two separate investigations have been carried out into this model of fridge freezer –one by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and another by Whirlpool.

      “Both investigations independently found no evidence of any fault with this model and confirmed that it fully complied with all safety requirements.

      “These conclusions have also been verified by the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser.”


      • RJ says:

        “These conclusions have also been verified by the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser.”

        Kaiser, their statement was going so well until that last sentence.


  50. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC don’t mention this for some reason, but 70% of the Tory party are Remainers.

    Ousting May may not be so easy.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      DS – “but 70% of the Tory party are Remainers”

      Did you mean 70% of Conservative MPs?
      Recent polls show that 70% of Conservative Party members are against all the May “deals”.


      • Dover Sentry says:

        Correct Last!

        I should have said Conservative MPs are 70% in favour of Remain.

        It’s been a long day 😉