Biased BBC personality of 2018 awards- result

Outstanding contribution to BBC bias winner ; Jon Sopel

from his early days being president of the labour and students union at Southampton university to the dizzying heights of Washington correspondent for the BBC Jon as been forthright in his views . His consistent bias towards the President of the United States has drawn admiration from his many fans . No journo has displayed such obsessed bias and for that he is a worthy winner .

overseas bias winner ; Jon Sopel

most biased interrupter ; nic Robinson

most overt bias ;today programme

lifetime bias achievement award – David Dimbleby

The soon to be Lord dimbly has made his question time show the leading example of biased bbc broadcasting . Never failing to interrupt anyone he doesn’t like – he has provided a service reinforcing the belief that the state broadcaster is an ugly bloated socialist cancer .

most obvious bias award – dead heat Emily maitliss and jo coburn

contributors to our blog have consistently evidenced the advanced level of pro labour – pro EU broadcasts by these two worthy winners . Despite allegations of tax avoidance by ms maitliss production company she has been consistent in her champagne socialist beliefs .

most biased subject – brexit ( obviously ) runner up President Donald Trump

cathy newman memorial award ; cathy newman

2018 BBC bias by omission award – Islamic racist paedophile rape gangs


most favoured biased mouthpieces – alibi brown , Owen Jones ,


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35 Responses to Biased BBC personality of 2018 awards- result

  1. Guest Who says:

    I wonder who will be first this time?


  2. petebogtrott says:

    The radio award goes to LBC James O’Brian


    • tarien says:

      Let’s not forget Laura Kussyberg-she deserves to be given an award of some sort of BIAS and continued pontification and how clever she is to not report without self praise and knowing nothing about anything and everything about nothing.


  3. jip says:

    Since the BBC is obsessed with GDP dropping due to Brext, i wonder how it has escaped their notice that it takes four Muslims to produce the same economic output as the average Brit?.

    This is according to the Islamic site “MEND”, who try to impress us because they say Muslims contribute 31bn to the UK economy, so the average Muslim is contributing 7700 pounds per year.

    The GDP per capita in the UK (the average contribution per person) is about 30,000 pounds.

    So on Average it takes four Muslims to be as productive as an average Brit.

    You’d think the GDP vigilant BBC would be right on this… i wonder why they have missed this little fact?


    • NCBBC says:

      This is according to the Islamic site “MEND”, who try to impress us because they say Muslims contribute 31bn to the UK economy, so the average Muslim is contributing 7700 pounds per year.

      Would that include Halal shops and that sort of thing, and dont pay tax anyway.

      Muslims are a net drag on the economy. But worse, they are the main contributors to strife within England. Soon though, what happened in Lebanon will happen hear too. Muslim and African populations expand rapidly, and thats that. Lebanon or Bosnia type civil war, and a partition of the UK along Muslim/non-Muslim lines.


    • Jagman84 says:

      One works and the other 3 are on benefits. The working one is on benefits as well, to support his 17 kids, all called M******d.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Any responses are gratefully received and won’t be subject to comment from me. It was a good idea at the time .

    If Sopel is confirmed as most biased I really wish he could be told of it – the beauty .


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      I think we should look at a way where can all chip in and come up with a few grotesque statuettes or similar and post them to the plonkers.
      All those you have chosen are truly deserving of something slightly unpleasant.


  5. jip says:

    I vote David Dimbleby for the “Goebbels Propagannda award”, because even since 1976 when he covered the Lebonon war, and he saw first hand how Muslim immigrants overthrew and subjugate their Christian hosts… he has faithfully towed the towed the line for Islam.

    Just get a load of this propaganda from 1976 if you want to choke on your cornflakes:


    • tarien says:

      It could be that he is hoping to grab some of those virgins Islam talks about when he goes to heaven.


    • TrueToo says:

      jip, Thanks for that video. There is an (unintentionally) hilarious comment from Dimbleby (Jonathan or David?) At 13:50 in he asks a commander how long the cease fire is likely to last while they can hear firing going on in the vicinity.

      The commander smiles and chuckles, saying, “There’s your answer; they’re answering your question,” while no doubt thinking to himself, what an idiot this guy is.


    • Up2snuff says:

      jip, I think that was Jonathan Dimbleby in the film, not David. Has not David worked only for the BBC?

      Brought back memories though.


      • jip says:

        Well, if i am responsible for the Slave trade, then David Dimbleby is responsible for Jonathon Dimbleby,


  6. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Surely we’ve got to question where this implausibly exact figure of £31 billion (annually?) actually comes from? How can anyone accurately quantify such a thing? There are too many variables, and any figure you come up with is going to be based on so many:estimates and averages, that the margin of error must be huge and any figure you give is almost certainly wildly inaccurate.

    That’s without even considering how much (if any) of that is nett, rather than merely gross. It’s all very well if a group of people are contributing £31 billion annually in taxes, if they’re also claiming £32 billion annually back from the state, in countless different ways (how do you quantify some of those?), then they’re actually costing the state, not benefiting it (especially when you consider the cost of overheads, salaries etc… to administer it all).

    The more you think about it, the more it sounds like yet more ‘feel good’ fake news for the mentally vacuous.


    • jip says:

      BigBrotherCorporation: My point is that this number is propaganda from an Islamic organization… YET STILL, the number per Muslim is really low… its a quarter that of the average person.


    • johnnythefish says:

      It’s all very well if a group of people are contributing £31 billion annually in taxes, if they’re also claiming £32 billion annually back from the state…

      More likely the case.

      Apparently a couple with 2 children need to earn somewhere between 34k and £38k a year to be net contributors to the economy. You look at the most densely-populated Muslim areas – Blackburn, Oldham, Bradford, Luton etc the vast majority invariably inhabit the poorer parts of those towns.

      And when you consider a far lower proportion of their women are actually in work then the suggestion they are net contributors gets even more fanciful.


  7. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    “Another Beauty”


  8. SpinningReith says:

    Isn’t that Jonathan Dingleberry?
    Not that it matters; the other cheek of the same arse as far as I’m concerned.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Oops, sorry SR, unusually for me I’m working chronological thru’ this thread. You are right & have just posted such above.


  9. Nibor says:

    I now want a second referendum …. Sorry people’s vote on the awards as nobody knew , well anything about anything and it was all lies on the side of a bus and now we know what the awards will mean and it’s more complicated than we were told and I’m not going to be a rule taker on this without being a rule faker and the pound is worth less than the yen due to biasexit and the CBI say that everyone is unsure of the awards and business is nervous and not spending a penny and the ECJ has ruled you can withdraw even if you’re not Catholic these awards and only old people who are going to die took part and there is no mandate from you to make me poorer .


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      I don’t mind having a 2nd Ref…as long as we can have a 3rd……4th….5th…how about it remain people?


  10. Roland Deschain says:

    Difficult to argue with these, though Katty Kay will be disappointed to leave empty-handed. I’m sure she will redouble her efforts in 2019.


  11. TrueToo says:


    Sorry I didn’t get to see the draft, but this is great work and those categories are really funny.

    It’s a seriously difficult task to select winners from the huge throng of BBC employees as they jostle for position to see who can be the most virtuous devotee of their far-left ideology and who can moan and groan the loudest against their perceived foes.


  12. TrueToo says:

    Another category:

    More anti-Israel than the Palestinians themselves

    Whenever there is a skirmish or war between Hamas and Israel, impartial BBC hacks rush as one to present their credentials to Hamas and broadcast as the propaganda arm of the terrorist organization.

    Here it is impossible to find a winner and so the award has to go to the motley crew as a whole. It includes:

    Jeremy Bowen

    Orla Guerin

    Paul Adams

    Kevin Connolly

    Lyse Doucet

    and many others.

    Apologies to those who remain unnamed.


    • Up2snuff says:

      And there was I thinking Mishal aka Michelle Husain was a shoe-in as sole (but soul-less) winner of that award.


  13. s.trubble says:

    Great work Fedup2……a funny but oh so true categorization….

    bBC Bias by named individual could grow arms and legs…………and maybe a wealthy sponsor might just drop by this site one day and say………..this needs elevated….to an extent that a close down operation of bBC News and Political affairs mis- reporting can be brought to an end……………or at least paid for by voluntary subscription”


  14. johnnythefish says:

    A stellar awards line-up in the broadcast of filthy, stinking, arrogant political bias, Fedup2.

    And all the more powerful for keeping it simple.

    ‘Never in the field of political conflict has such humungous hard-left bias been attributable to so few’.

    If I can add one more:

    Most self-aggrandising political bias from a non-political broadcasting role (with a mention in dispatches for virtue-signalling) – Gary Lineker (I really do wish he’d sod off).


  15. David R says:

    As I said on the original thread:

    “A special global award to all employees, as all contribute to the bias.”


  16. Foscari says:

    A special mention should be given to RIZ LATEEF the
    main presenter of the Londonistan Programme. The sneering way she
    says “The TOREEEEEEEEEES” or, the BOSSES referring to the
    administrators of the National Health or Transport for London.
    Her disdain for the Metropolitan Police.
    Perhaps I am not being fair. You could say that all she is
    doing is parroting the scripts written for her by her Trotskyist,
    Socialist Worker editors. But her loquacious parroting is of
    such a high quality that she , for sure deserves an award.
    Jeremy Corbyn should present it to her!


  17. Fedup2 says:

    I had to leave local awards out of the ‘personalities ‘ list but Riz and Assad – the character who got off the alleged sexual harassment allegations do keep the London news consistently pro labour .

    In a reasonable political climate the Emir of Londonistan would be on the end of some serious public disapproval for not ensureing cross rail was on budget and on time as well as presiding over a homicide rate in Londonistan Far in excess of the ‘average ‘ .

    It’s dreadful that he cannot say’ get some serious stop and search done ‘ to the police because he built his career on the non sense human rights stuff which is now costing lives .


  18. EnglandExpects says:

    Pity that Mark Easton the Home Editor can’t sneak in somewhere. His snappy suits and rp accent can’t hide the constant left wing bias. Austerity stories are his forte.
    Oh and today the BBC has kicked off its annual ‘NHS in winter crisis’ Theme.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sorry I forgot him – maybe it was because of his ‘ non entity ‘ character but he should have got into the list just because he is consistently biased .


  19. Panda says:

    Also worth nominating the same non job BBC drone only with different faces who turn up on Newswatch everyweek to tell us that no way is the beeb biased and that they get it ‘about right’.