Start the Week Open Thread 10 December 2018

109 days to Brexit ? 10 ish days of renegotiating , resignations or lies from the government and Far Left BBC . Meanwhile a UN treaty benefitting illegal immigrants is due to be signed on the 11th with a full fanfare from the Biased BBC .

Dont forget to buy your popcorn for the Tuesday vote . They’ll be tears and tantrums

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395 Responses to Start the Week Open Thread 10 December 2018

  1. Dover Sentry says:


    Will the EU still exist this time next year?

    Will May still exist this time next week?

    Place your bets and buy your pop-corn ‘ere.


  2. jip says:

    EU tanks deployed in France against Yellow vest protesters… yet silence from the BBC, i guess their official position is still that there will be no EU Army???

    Maybe the BBC are right to hide this, and insist that we remain under the EU jackboot???


    • Fedup2 says:

      ‘This tank is bought to you courtesy of the ReichEU’


    • Oaknash says:

      Hairsplitting – I know but they are “armoured cars” not tanks.
      But the EU logo on the side of this vehicle chilled my spine.
      If the mad woman who is our current PM has her way this vehicle could be coming to a street to you soon.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Not totally au fait with the latest bbc impartiality Guidelines, but noted BBC staff member John Sweeney does have an interesting way in presenting options he likes.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Serkis is just another remain lefty luvvie – good for the career ..never seen any of the Tolkien movie films but read all the books long ago . Best left in the imagination as opposed to the GCE GTI CiG computer thingy eh ?


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        Fed Up,
        In real life Prof Tolkien was a patriot who survived the Battle of The Somme. The Lord of The Rings was his love letter to Britain and more widely to Northern European culture.

        “I bid you stand! Men of the West!”


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Don’t think there is any question Tolkien would have been a Brexiteer. Had to do some research on the man for an A-level dissertation many years ago (pre-Peter Jackson movies), and I recall he was pretty outspokenly right wing, and something of a British snob (and a racist, if we’re being honest), but then a lot of his character was shaped by participation in the Great War (from which he acquired a hatred of the Germans).

          I don’t think there’s any question, he would have loathed Jackson’s films, for a number of reasons, but mostly because they changed many key elements of the plots of his books (about which he was very ‘precious’), and because they lost their Britishness.. oh, and he didn’t like Americans much either. On the otherhand he sold the movie rights for the Lord of the Rings to raise money to send his grandchildren to public school, and because he thought they ‘could never be turned into films’!


          • Up2snuff says:

            BBC, that’s interesting: “and something of a British snob” and “(from which he acquired a hatred of the Germans) ”

            JRRT could be said to be a double-hater, of both his ancestry and the lands of his birth.


    • jip says:

      Someone needs to dub in a leave version of this, where Gollum is obsessed with the EU (ring) and is obsessed with being controlled by the EU (ring)… and the imagined power that it brings, where in fact the EU (ring) is the one in control and will destroy western civilization by letting in the Muslim hordes.


      • Oaknash says:

        I wonder whether Theresa is obsessed with Junkers “ring”
        She certainly seems to like kissing it!


    • TrueToo says:

      Guest who,

      Couldn’t watch that overacted idiocy from Sweeney. Stopped after a few seconds. But the tweets in reply were interesting. And one of them linked to this excellent anti-Remain piece by Graham Gudgin.

      He has an incisive understanding of Remoaner inadequacy.


    • thehoiman says:

      Very telling that Remoaners must delve into a world of fantasy in order to justify a second referendum to themselves.


  4. jip says:

    The ECHR recently redefined pedophilia by upholding a conviction on an Austrian lady who called Muhammad a pedophile for marrying a six year old.

    The “reasoning” of the courts was that Muhammad wasn’t a pedophile because there was no evidence that the attraction was due to age, rather than the child’s hair or other attribute… and it was incumbent on the accuser to prove the nature of the attraction, evidence of the age was not sufficient.

    This redefinition of pedophilia can now be used as a defense for this kind of behavior… welcome to Sharia creep (or rather Sharia stampede).

    Maybe the BBC are right to ignore this, and maybe we should stay in the EU after all, nothing like a bit of Sharia
    targeted at you kids after all????

    ECHR judgement, E. S. V. AUSTRIA (N° 38450/12):


    • Fedup2 says:

      Jip – from memory the main reasoning for Blighty withdrawing from the ECHR was that countries send judges to it who are so bad that they are an embarrassment in their own nations .

      The main defence for UK staying in that judicial gravy train was that UK wrote the rules after WW2 . Maybe if we are finally cut lose from the ReuchEU we can get out of the ECHR as well – and make the HRA a bit more sane …


  5. Halifax says:

    Just a big thank you to the BBC for helping to make our country multi cultural at the time of the Christian celebration of Christmas. How reassuring to see concrete bollards surrounding the town hall and the countless number of armed BMW X5 circling the town hall Christmas market. Obviously as it’s a German market the government provides our police with German Heckler and Koch machine guns for our police to walk around the city openly displaying. So thank you for not reporting the 99% non BME having a great time celebrating Christmas safe in the knowledge that German engineering and blue circle are protecting us at this festive time.

    Get it through your thick heads BBC that we will prevale however you try to play your distorted agenda.


    • jip says:

      The bollards in my town are an attractive grey colour, the same colour as the nuclear fallout shown in the 1980’s duck and hide cartoons we saw in school.


      • Halifax says:

        Those grey bolliards in the 60’s and 70’s where to protect us from communism. The bollards we see today are to protect us from islamification……


        • tarien says:

          Agree with your points Halifax. Never once as far as I can ascertain have the BBC, our supposed main media output, ever shown the slightest iota of patriotism in supporting this nations peoples in their majority vote to Leave the EU, or for that matter in any other affair the United Kingdom may be involved in-the BBC have continually shown their dismisive attitude toward any line that does not run with their socialistc policy. This once great nation, and we certainly were, as we gave so much to the peoples of this world that they now enjoy, nevertheless it appears and encouraged by the BBC we have been stealthly shown how awful the UK was and still is, how miserable in almost every sense this nation has allowed itself to become. Sorry chaps I could go on and on, I’m so bloody cross with the utter duplicity of those running against our democracy and those allowing themselves to be the mouth piece of such traiterousness.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    Week in Westminster

    Evidence of clear bias – report that ‘brexit speech included term ‘traitors’’ but full report of remain rally in east London with a one minute speech extract of Lord heseltine calling for remain .

    Unbalanced and unfair reporting .


    • cromwell says:

      Just watching sky press review and Kate Andrews said she was digusted that the pro brexit march had violence and neo nazi sa lutes. I couldn’t believe it I watched it on rt for 3 hours and all l saw was ordinary mainly middle aged people peacefully walking .
      bagpipes playing and even the police looked relieved they were on that march and not the other march. It’s so bad when downright lies are told on TV and there’s nothing we can do about it. Very frustrating. It’s so bad when we have to get information from a Russian channel.


      • Oaknash says:

        I was there too Cromwell and it was the most relaxed demo I have ever been on . People of all ages, colours and sexes and classes. Just a pity more had not turned up.
        I suppose without free Soros funded buses it is an expensive day out if you dont live in LondonIstan.

        I reckon yesterday with fuel, parking and train fare from Cornwall it cost me over £120 quid. What struggling working family can afford that for one person?


        • tarien says:

          Very well done Oaknash, obviously one the few real patriotic people in this country that has been so controlled and supressed for so long via the Socialistic/Communist regime in Brussels. Now we have an opportunity to break away from the suffocating EU but absolutely no patriotic support from the BBC, should we be surprised?


          • Oaknash says:

            I think I have as much contempt for the BBC than I have for Theresa.

            I think IT is the sheer predictability of their identity politics, outright hypocrisy and in particular their race baiting I find so wearisome.

            I like to think that if we do get our country back to any degree people like Lord Hall would be facing very long jail terms indeed.

            In fact if I had any say in the matter he would be sharing a single cell with “Randy Ron” to help him get first hand experience of LGBTXYZ issues.

            But seriously these people must surely be held to account?


      • Banania says:

        Kate Andrews? Was she actually there? I saw nothing like that. The “antifascists”, however…..


  7. Lucy Pevensey says:



    • Fedup2 says:

      Perhaps – if she is English speaking – she is looking for a hatey ‘ crime ‘ to get some phone footage to sell to the lefty daily mail .


  8. Roland Deschain says:

    On 1st November the BBC published the following story:
    Trump: Third of Americans see media as ‘enemy of the people’

    Many here will recall that was fake news, because what Trump had said was that fake news was the enemy of the people. How ironic. I duly complained on that basis, suggesting that the article could only be justified if the media and fake news were one and the same.

    You’d think that was a fairly easy one to answer. Yet here we are on 9th December and no reply has yet been forthcoming, other than two apologies for not answering within the two week period.

    It’s gratifying to know they’re struggling to come up with a way of explaining how they got that one about right, but you’d think that on occasion they would just admit it’s a fair cop.


  9. Terminal Moraine says:

    More on that all-party parliamentary group report on islamophobia which says “the purpose of a definition is not just to inform the application of the criminal code, IT IS ALSO REQUIRED IN ORDER TO BRING ABOUT A TRANSFORMATION IN SOCIAL ETIQUETTE.” (emphasis mine)

    In ‘Appendix 1 — Written evidence’, the report lists Asim Qureshi, Research Director of CAGE as being one of the “individuals and organisations [who] sent written evidence to the inquiry.”

    Here is Asim Qureshi in 2006 supporting jihad:

    Click to access Islamophobia+Defined.pdf


    • StewGreen says:

      Actually there was another ISIS sympathiser in Leeds court in his ongoing trial
      He’s also called Asim …. Asim Majid
      BBC story is buried away onongoing Local news
      I quote all they wrote :

      16:21 4 Dec CCTV worker shared ‘gruesome’ Islamic State videos
      A CCTV worker from Bradford shared graphic Islamic State videos which featured suicide bombings and how to kill with a knife, Leeds Crown Court has heard.
      Asim Majid, 30, owned 772 videos on his phone, with a small number of these being disseminated, the court was told.
      The court heard how the videos, described as “graphic and gruesome”, gave guidance on how to stab and kill and how to make and detonate a bomb.
      Among the videos found, there were images of dead soldiers and scenes depicting men carrying out suicide bomb attacks.
      Mr Majid, of Cranbourne Road, Bradford, denies sending the videos to his contacts between January and February.
      He also denies transferring £280 between 30 January 30 and 9 February to another person knowing it may be used for terrorism, as well as two counts of having a publication likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.
      He has also pleaded not guilty to eight counts of disseminating terrorist publications between July 2017 and March 2018.
      The trial continues.


  10. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker won’t return for a new series until 2020″”

    “”The team had been “blown away by the response from audiences” to the new Doctor. The first episode of the series, the first to feature a female Doctor, drew a record audience.””

    “”The series has been considered a ratings success, with viewing figures above those of the last two series when Peter Capaldi starred in the title role.””

    Exactly what planet are the BBC on??


  11. Nibor says:

    I’ll get back home tomorrow and expect a threatening communication .

    Could it be ;

    1) if I’m an illegal immigrant , would I mind leaving the country .

    2) some busybody wants to look at a home appliance I’ve got , then accuse me of not paying money owed and criminal activity .?

    It seems ,according to the most trusted broadcaster , that the former message on a side of a van * is an affront to mankind , but the latter message sent by Royal Mail is what every decent citizen should expect .

    * there seems to be a lot of upset about messages on the sides of vans and a bus lately .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Nibor, brilliant point.

      Should be on the side of buses passing a certain building in W1.


  12. taffman says:

    Did you believe him ?
    I did …………………………

    A video not often repeated on Al Beeb ?
    Note the nod of approval from May at the end ?


    • TrueToo says:

      Lucy Pevensey,

      Google is such major disappointment, as the shmucks who run it bow to Islam, in common with so many on the far left.

      I understand they now control YouTube, which recently messed with the account of Diamond and Silk because as conservatives and Trump supporters they were making too much noise and attracting hundreds of thousands of supporters.

      Whenever and wherever it gains power and control over others the far left stifles freedom of speech.


  13. StewGreen says:

    Re BBC coverage of the Brexit Betrayal march
    We made some comments about the weekend thread here
    I’ll recap
    #1 You’d think the BBC would be able to report the story straight
    something like “20 thousand attend Brexit Betrayal March”
    ..but no !
    First the story is given a weird title and secondly hidden away on the website
    #2 Then my analysis unearthed a tangled web, cos it became obvious that the BBC had been using its STEALTH EDIT trick to build all kinds of narrative.
    – cos they had started out with the headline
    : “Police restrictions for UKIP march in London”
    ..accompanied by a picture not of the actual march , nor even an old UKIP pro-Brexit march,
    … but rather a photo centred on a TOP REMAINER activist the anti-Brexit Steve Bray wearing his top ha and “Save the NHS” banner.
    .. showing him facing off with a few jolly pro-Brexit protesters , yet complicated by the left of the photo has a large EU flag and the top centre has a Pro-May-agreemnet banner which is held by an invisible person or has been photoshopped in (Real banners are rarely square and level)

    #3 The weird thing is that on Twitter I spot the usual angry shouty Remainiacs complaining about this photo
    : ‘How dare the BBC represent a bunch of fascists like UKIP and Tommy, by using a photo which doesn’t look very fascist and indeed has a photo of a Top Remainer , BBC is Fake News’
    .. I paraphrase their Twitter thread full of hateyspeak
    FFS the irony
    #1 Those Remainers are happy for the BBC to help portray the strong lie that Tommy and UKIP are fascists
    but #2 They are outraged that the photo doesn’t look fascist enough
    FFS it is wrong to shout “fascist”, cos it is wrong to bear false witness against people.


    • StewGreen says:

      Here is the Getty original of that photo.
      You can see that it is basically TOP REMAINER activist the anti-Brexit Steve Bray’s protest site
      and that he owns 3 of the largest signs in the photo the EU flag, Support NHS, and the “We Already have the best Deal” (by which he means NOW in the EU, not Mrs May’s deal as I thought)
      I should add that Remainiac tweeters and BBC try to maliciously claim that Tommy/UKIP supporters are characterised by violence, this is of course untrue, livestream prove vast majority are peaceful and quick to quash violence, whereas the antifa protesters have a large faction looking to start it.


  14. StewGreen says:

    For those interested in the technical aspects of the BBC narrative building tricks, take a look at the many different edit versions (NS list 5 , but they missed some more) actually shows 7 versions so far
    From : “Police restrictions for UKIP march in London”
    To : Rival marches ahead of Brexit vote

    The latest version adds something interesting

    the UKIP leader Gerrard Batten said
    : “Wow it was great to have the FAR-RIGHT activist Tommy Robinson involved here”

    No of course he didn’t, my quotation marks above are false
    … but that was the lie created by BBC’s malicious paraphrasing, which I quote directly :

    “the UKIP leader Gerrard Batten said
    it had been an achievement to get the *far-right activist* Tommy Robinson involved in the demonstration.”


  15. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    BBC webshite agenda driven?

    I don’t find the main headlines quite so biased as the subjects selected for the sidebars, but then that must be because they have less choice over the topics covered in the main headlines (even if they choose to omit a few… ahem), and can choose exactly what they want to include in the various sidebars.

    As an example, this is the current UK watch/listen sidebar of BBC selected topics I’m seeing:

    1. The app for making new friends as a bald girl (female baldness seems to be a BBC ‘hot topic’… do transgender ‘women’ suffer from hair loss, I wonder?)
    2. Get the pigs out before no deal Brexit (Anglo-German couple want to take their pot bellied pigs to Germany with them when they emigrate – news?)
    3. Food bank inundated with Traveller donations (not inundated with Traveller thieves?)
    4. Young, gay, and Christian (why not ‘Young, gay and Muslim?’)
    5. What happens to animal welfare after Brexit (animal cruelty will rocket after Brexit, says Project Fear Mk5…)

    Bias? No, of course not.


  16. Payne by name says:

    Watched an interesting speech on WW2 by Victor Davis Hanson.

    It was very entertaining and educational and boiled down to him saying that it evolved into a global conflict because of Russian collaboration, US isolation and British appeasement.

    He was very complimentary of the role us Brits took in the actual war and how important it was that we had Churchill giving us a spine as without him we would probably have capitulated.

    I find it amazing that May could watch something like this that highlights the danger of endless appeasement and not standing your ground and not feel shame and disgust at how she has treated this once great country.

    To turn us into this snivelling lap dog happy for any scraps from our EU masters is an utter disgrace and she and her cohorts in the Govt and party should be punished and reminded of their betrayal for a life time.

    The rage and anger that this woman and her complicit spineless wets in the cabinet evokes is truly next level. It’s one thing administering tough love like Thatcher did, it’s even one thing inviting in hordes of migrants like Blair did to skew the demographics but all of those pale into nothing compared to the betrayal and cowardice carried out by this incompetent, deceitful and utterly uselss leader.

    When you look at our national identity, how we stood firm against the Germans and saved the world (not an exagggeration if you imagine what would have happened had we fallen) and then how we said enough is enough to the EU, what is happening with this ‘deal’ is an abomination and truly the nail in the coffin of our proud identity.

    The globalist dream of destroying national character and pride will have claimed a hefty victim and we can blame that squarely at the feet of Theresa May, her cabinet, the Conservatives and the BBC.

    What a bunch of treacherous, selfish, arrogant ****’s.


    • tarien says:

      100% agree Payne by name, could not have put it betterl-45 yrs of continued supressive, controlling enslavement by those that control the workings of the EU but who are also devoted in their aim to carrying out the wishes of those that began the idea of a socialistic European State. Sadly there is not one real statesman amongst those we have in our cabinet, possibly there might be one or two at present not in the cabinet that could shoulder such a cape of tough patriotism for this now weak bellied nation controlled and by an emphatic group of traiterous individuals. They need to stand up and be counted never mind the traiterous media BBC.


      • Payne by name says:

        Thanks. I can’t understand why those 1 or 2 members aren’t screaming bloody murder. What exactly are they waiting for? If they had any form of ‘going nuclear’ plan, now is the time.

        It’s like everyone is just sitting on their hands saying this isn’t great in nice friendly language when if they were true patriots they would be going mental about disgraceful it is.

        Someone is raping the country and everyone is like “I say old chap, would you mind awfully refraining from that, it really is quite unfair”.

        Grow a spine, grab a handful of sack and defend your country before it’s too late. We did our part and had our say, but that was ignored and so for the love of god before we pass into the night do something!!!


        • tarien says:

          And a double Here, here from me. Raping the country and filling it with Rapists that come here uninvited, via the command of the EU-to lean and take from the very generous hand outs offered by our government. Really how can we begin to equate such issues with a free Britain? We can’t unless once out of the EU’s grasp, throw out of our present Christian society those we don’t want, execute those that commit pre-meditated murder and somehow instill some patriotism into the younger generation. OK I know this is probably impossible-glad I’m in my winter years.


  17. Guest Who says:

    Bbc morning email top story…

    Called the wrong name at work? Awkward…

    When a colleague told me my name autocorrected to Dorito and they were seconds away from calling me a tortilla chip in an email, I honestly didn’t know what to say. Our names are a key part of our identity so it can be incredibly frustrating when someone gets it wrong at work.

    At least this occasion was better than when people have mispronounced my name as “Dirty” or misspelt it as “Druhti”, but not knowing what to reply bothered me for days. That’s because getting a name wrong makes for somewhat awkward conversation for all involved. Do you tell them or do you let it slide?

    Dhruti Shah

    No doubt Jeremy Hunt can empathise.


  18. gb123 says:

    My View of the march
    I decided to check out the march and speeches by going there yesterday. I went early so I could see the start of the March and the “counter demo”. I did not go on the march but attended the speeches. The start of the march was delayed, noisy and largely peaceful. A lot of Tommy chants to begin with. The police seemed quite relaxed even helped the marchers in wheel chairs.

    Left the march and went to where they were heading just outside Westminster Tube. The stage was up and a few people were waiting. No trouble.

    Walked via Whitehall to where the “counter demo” was taking place. Along the way there were countless guided tours blocking the path. They seemed to be manly Spanish speaking and were very interested in the buildings. At the archway heading to Trafalgar square a lot of signs saying footpath closed, follow the pedestrian signs. No one doing this. Tourists just headed through the arch with police ignoring them. I went via the signs and had an almost deserted walk to Trafalgar Square.
    At the square the counter demo was noisy and enthusiastic with all the preprinted signs (probably from Soros inc.) Shouts of the usual whose streets and Nazi scum get off our streets. This was strange since there were no pro Brexit marchers or supporters anywhere near them. I can only infer they were referring to themselves. I am no good at estimating crowd size but at that time the square was not full and there were a lot of curious tourists looking on.

    Walked back to Westminster to await the arrival of Farage’s tattooed thugs and knuckle draggers. They never turned up. Meanwhile to the sounds of a lone piper and helicopters the march arrived head by 2-3 people in wheelchairs, both mechanical and electric. One smoke bomb (not sure who let it off) on the lawn outside the abbey went off. The police helped the wheelchairs to get through the crowd. Speeches went ahead with the pantomime boos for Treezer every time she was mentioned.
    There were some incidents I saw. A couple of men got on top of a bus stop and tried to burn a Euro flag. Four people were drinking a can of beer each and two others used the wall as a lavatory. By the way, the tube loos only take 50p and 1 Euro coins and no change which is probably the daftest thing I saw apart from scores of tourists walking at the side trying to go through to Downing Street and being turned back.

    My overall impression was the demo was largely normal people, less incidents than an average football match and limited interaction with the rival demos. The reporters seemed very subdued as there were no buses being burned and a distinct lack of Molotov cocktails


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks for the report . The far left bbc must be disappointed by the lack of rioting or racism – hence not reporting it .

      Toady watch

      Bias by omission
      -a yank called Chris whittle has written a book about the White House chief of staff . Toady gave him a platform to sell his book because it criticised president Trump . Now mr whittle was put up without the mention that he is. Democrat and worked for both NYtimes and Washington post . P

      Standard BBC bias

      Fresh News

      The Reich EU court upheld the view that UK can cancel A50 without reference to the ReichEU or other states . Now there is a surprise . So evidences the political nature of the ReichEU court .

      Another reason for leaving


      • Fedup2 says:

        Toady 2

        Gove sent onto Toady to sell the unsellable sell out . He must be desperate for Boris not to get the top job . He certainly doesn’t care about the sovereignty of the UK or the promise made by Cameron about ‘ no ifs no buts ‘.

        Earlier they gave air time to Alan Duncan – a pink Tory piece of slime who regards voters as the unwashed vermin getting in the way of his wretched career . – a hard remainer of course .


    • Guest Who says:

      There is always the BBC’s new roving reporter in the Nick Clegg tradition, Femi.

      He went in a pink hat and got the goods.

      Could have been worse.


    • Oaknash says:

      There was a very noisy “liberty bell” on the march, perhaps our progressive MSM felt “threatened” by it. Maybe next time we should use “jazz hands” to make our point. I am sure – Queen Jeremy Vine would approve.


    • callinson says:

      I second your remarks about the civility of the Brexit crowd but I had some thoughts on the anti-Brexit crowd which I had to walk through (I had lazily cut out the march and made straight for the rally point to hear the speeches). Noticed the pre-printed banners and professional signs. One of which read Love Corbyn Hate Brexit. Intrigued I spoke to a number of those carrying this sign – asking were they aware of Corbyn’s long history of Euroscepticism and the rumour that he had voted for Brexit. The reaction was astonishing – no of course not – was I mad? Indeed one woman put her fingers in her ears the better to drown out such a thought.


      • Oaknash says:

        Oh dear Callinson – you should not go around spoiling the childrens beliefs – Its people like you that spoil my belief in Santa!


  19. Guest Who says:

    There are stories the bbc feels they don’t have time for and…



    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady sports watch

      Remember all the huffing and puffing about the primative Saudis topping a journo in their embassy ?
      Well it can’t have been too bad because the BBC is broadcasting some racing car ( yawn ) event from …. Saudi Arabia this week . No comment about the regime …


    • G says:

      Surprise, surprise!


    • JimS says:

      What happens if the newer EU mumbers put in their Article 50 letters knowing that they can now unilaterally withdraw them?

      That would be fun if the EU has to run five lots of negotiations at the same time but having to exclude different members for each negotiation!


  20. Guest Who says:

    HRC there too.

    I wonder if Justin will be doing his dance?

    The ‘right kind of cultural appropriation on the line’ debate is hotting up nicely.


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    Bucket loads of bias

    More gurning stupidity from BBC political correspondent the clownish Chris Mason this morning as he wants to convince us there is “bucket loads of chaos” over Brexit.

    At one point in his childish report from Westminster he brandishes a raw carrot to explain we may have a new PM by the time santa visits. Oddly reminiscent of the banana waving antics of one David Miliband.

    Is there really so much chaos over Brexit? Strange. There was a close run but clear vote in 2016 with all sides agreeing prior to the decision that an out vote would mean out and in would mean in.

    Of course not everyone buys into the pro-EU biased BBC narrative of panic and chaos. The pro-Brexit MP Theresa Villiers points out 80% of people voted in a sebsequent general election for parties in favour of carrying out the mandate of the British people.

    It is the majority of MPs for whom the Leave vote still sticks in the craw who wish to propagate this air of chaos – and so the buckets of chaos BBC narrative enables their case. Bias.


    • G says:

      Margaret Beckett on Toady earlier, lengthy claim about the benefits of a second Referendum and condemning predicted violence on the streets. Her final statement regarding violence?: “That wouldn’t be democracy”. Say’s it all. Don’t these sickening people ever play back a recording of their responses to see just how contradictory and stupid it sounds?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I heard becket – another life long swamp dweller fully in bred into the cut off culture of the so called ‘commons’ – or is she an ‘uncommon’ peer now .

        They still have no idea how people being treated as thick or ‘uninformed ‘ and dismissing 17 million people at the drop of an expense claim . If I remember she ran up a big taxpayers bill for her tropical plants …. says it all.


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, mirrored a discussion (did it involve Rob ‘Sport’?) about racial abuse in football with Garth Crookes.

        They are totally out of touch and think being paid £250K per week is normal. I really do not understand why the paying punters go every other week to hand over their taxed, hard-earned money to make under-performing footballers and managers very rich people.



      • tarien says:

        For goodness sake what on earth was this out of date political person allowede any say on national media-her voice supports Socialism which is at the heart of the European Union’s ideology and has been since its inception.


    • Foscari says:

      AsISeeIt- I agree with you 100%. I don’t think I have ever seen such bias on the BBC, and that’s saying something.


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, in his pro-EU bias, Chris Mason cannot even get the Santa thing right! He should have been brandishing an orange, not a carrot.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        ‘… an orange, not a carrot’

        In a festive spirit of complete fairness to all men… and also the BBC… I think Mason’s carrot was intended for Santa’s reindeer. However, I know where I’d like to stick it. Not personally, of course. On second thoughts, I’d buy a ringside ticket to watch it stuck in the place I have in mind – that’s somewhere between W1A and Brussels.

        Which prompts the thought – on the day Chris Mason turns up on our screens brandishing a brussels sprout with which to demonstrate the Theresa May Brexit Deal, then I’ll know we at last have some BBC balance.


  22. G says:

    The UN Migration Compact:
    ” It states that the goal of the Global Compact is “to create conducive conditions that enable all [!] migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities……”
    Sure, but aren’t we “enriched” enough already?
    Imagine double or more, the bombing’s, knifings etc. but in every town and City around the country. To those who advocate this, go and get your mental health treated somewhere but paid for by your masters, the Global elite.
    Our and EU political leaders: reaching new levels of treason and deceit every day.


  23. theisland says:

    Members of Parliament would be well advised not to accept any assertions about the legalities of the deal which emerge directly or indirectly from the government machine, without first obtaining independent legal advice.

    In short – reject the ‘deal’.


  24. Dover Sentry says:

    Did the Remainers know what they were voting for?

    Don’t expect this to be asked by the BBC.


  25. Guest Who says:

    For hours of endless entertainment, follow John Sweeney on twitter. In addition to him inevitably ‘RTing’ or ‘liking’ the loopier colleagues, and Paul Mason, he gets into great shouting matches still.

    However, he is not always entirely impartial, or careful on substantiation.


  26. LastChanceSaloon says:

    I do not use the BBC much, not being a licence payer. But this is new to me. So apologies in advance if this has been discussed before.

    “Love has no labels” Advertisement on the BBC, everywhere on the BBC.
    I thought that advertisements were banned from the BBC, impartiality, integrity Etc.
    With a photograph of two white girls!

    Very suspicious, very very suspicious, because the BBC policy is only to show white men.
    In situations where the BBC can demonise and belittle them and demonstrate expertise in its, oft practised, fake news.

    Extra suspicious, and dangerous. Because someone might point out that nearly one million white girls have been gang raped by some of the 3.5 million enemies imported by the Blair object.

    Suspicions confirmed, the advert emanates from a “charity” based in the USA. Soros to a T, multiculti diverseomania. Nauseating.

    “Love has no labels” Mass rape has labels, treason has labels, betrayal has labels, deceit has labels, arrogance has labels, conceit has labels.
    The BBC, and the mass murder supporting Left in general, wear nothing but these labels.


    • Guest Who says:

      Oh, the bbc can sneak… cram them in. Overtly and otherwise.

      I recall a hack (possibly Soapy, ironically) bigging up a Middle Eastern potentate’s missus’ sideline in flogging gold flaked soaps in return for a jolly nice tour. Then the full embedded team to share the wisdom of weepy Lily whilst she displayed her front parts elsewhere to try and flog her latest book/single/unmadebed. Or indeed any tat in name of ‘art’ if it gets Botney and Will a nice invite to the latest cause du jour luvvies get-together.

      Laura K is currently advertising O2 but, to be fair, not in a good way.

      But I bet Paul Mason still has his iEverything to rally the troops.


  27. ObiWan says:

    And now we have to take a slight detour to South Africa. You won’t read about this anywhere on the BBC News website. This is what a real racist looks and sounds like:

    ‘Andile Mngxitama made some serious threats against white people during his speech on the 8th of December at the BLF (Black First Land First) rally in Potchefstroom. During his speech, he declared that for every black person killed they will kill five white people, whether they are woman, children or animals. You can see the proof of this in the video below.’

    He hasn’t been called out for these clearly dangerous and inflammatory calls to action. Nobody in SA’s heavily leftist media has even batted an eyelid, including the BBC’s own indifferent correspondents.

    Between the Marxist-Stalinist-Maoist EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and the Marxist-Stalinist-Maoist BLF, pity poor South Africa as it heads into the catastrophe of next year’s general election…


    • john in cheshire says:

      And this is what these people will do to us if they ever come to power. South Africa is the testbed, they’ll use the same methods on us given half a chance. We should never have abandoned Rhodesia and South Africa.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      ” woman, children or animals”
      The ineluctable logical conclusion is that white men are animals.

      BBC “indifferent”? They throw a party every time a White person is murdered, or a white girl is raped. Especially by a non-white.

      That is how sick they are.


    • TrueToo says:


      Back in the late eighties, when Apartheid was beginning to collapse under relentless worldwide pressure (not least from the BBC and its ilk) it would have been seriously politically incorrect to criticize the emerging new order.

      Any white who warned of impending catastrophe in the New Rainbow Nation would have been derided and ostracised as a foul racist.

      And look at the country now – with murderous black racists allowed to rant and rave against whites and black gangs free to rape and slaughter their way across white farmlands without any repercussions from the alleged government.


  28. StewGreen says:

    The Corbynite terriers have a bone on Twitter
    \\ Secret Scottish-based office led smears & #infowars (style) attack on #Labour and Jeremy Corbyn//

    Secret even though they have a website and a twitter account
    .. it was just a handful of advised retweets

    ..“The real scandal about this Integrity Initiative story is if FCO spent £2m to discredit Corbyn and all they got (per Daily Record) were 3 tweets to other people’s articles about Corbyn’s Putin problem
    and 2 retweets of others saying Milne is a Putin apologist/war crime denier…”

    FFS If the tweets were amazing the newspaper would show the originals , but they don’t
    ..I tracked them down someone lists the original tweets/retweets


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      SG – “a McCarthy style charity”

      No doubt Labour are furious, exposure of communist traitors in government ss most unwelcome.
      Ditto the Tories where some deep penetration Communist sleepers were recently activated. Including their “leader”.


  29. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Telegraph 9 DECEMBER 2018 • 9:30PM
    Boris :-
    “We must take on Brussels with steel and unity when the PM’s deal is voted down”
    I am with him on the steel.

    It must be stressed that the EU is our target. Hundreds of millions of REAL Europeans wish us success and hope to follow us out of the corrupt, lying, stinking, failing EU.
    God bless Europe.


  30. TrueToo says:

    Went back to the Weekend Open Thread and a post by StewGreen with a link to Sunday’s Brexit means exit speeches.

    Either the recording was seriously bad to begin with or somebody subsequently messed with the audio and video.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Amazing isn’t it ? The emir of Londonistan is going to bring in an ULEZ over the next couple of years for vehicles using petrol and diesel within the north/ south circular road – £12.50 a day .

      I live in Londonistan but my car is diesel because the government said it was better for the environment .
      Whilst everyone is going on about brexit stuff like this is happening . Coming to a town and city near you .

      As we all know ULEZ means Ultra Low Emission Zone .


      • Dystopian says:

        Go and buy your yellow vests people!


        • king crimson says:

          Dys – The problem with yellow vests in the UK is that the people who wear them are the people who least need them!! (See plod, etc.)


    • StewGreen says:

      Some feeds were distorted at the time
      Ruptly did have good audio of the stage BUT, you have to perservere cos their images were different cos they weren’t pointing the camera at the stage
      .. I expect good audio will appear on TR’s FB page
      Meanwhile … from Ezra


      • TrueToo says:


        Thanks for that info.

        I have watched a few recordings or live streams of Tommy Robinson events with the camera on the crowd rather than the speakers.

        Be good if they could get more pro at it since the message is so important.


  31. Right Angle says:

    Andrew Marr to Boris Johnson: “Can you give me an absolute categorical promise here and now that you will not stand against Theresa May?”

    Pshaw! The sheer arrogance of these people! Who does Marr think he is? Is he the PM? Does Boris Johnson report to him? Is he the Conservative Party Whip? Is he even a member of the Conservative Party? Really!!

    To conclude, until 29 March 2019 (and beyond, if necessary), Brexiteers should sing the following daily:

    “O Lord our God arise,
    Scatter her enemies
    And make them fall;
    Confound their politics,
    Frustrate their knavish tricks,
    On Thee our hopes we fix,
    God save us all!”

    (Your average BBC journalist would no doubt have to furtively google to find out where this verse comes from).


    • Fedup2 says:

      Right Angle – the bbc seems to have a fixation about ‘ next PM ‘ gove got the same treatment this morning .
      A disservice to listeners whether biased or not . The most important hyperbole decision. Since the last one and they are more concerned about whose face will be in a frame on the number 10 staircase


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC pins a lot on ‘the public has a right to know’.

      Ironic, given their Complaints and DPA depts. will answer nothing.

      Marr was on a no lose. He gets a sound bite for now… or later, or rivals Paxo’s claim to fame.


  32. The General says:

    That stupid woman has gone off at last minute to get EU to revise backstop. They are not interested as, due to the British Media reporting, they think they have ‘got’ us and that tomorrow’s vote will go against May, the Government will collapse and Brexit will be scrapped and then we really will become their vassal state.
    We can only hope to prove them wrong, but how can we move forward with May in charge and who will come forward to take control of leaving. Boris is a blustering idiot and I don’t think we could trust him. Is Rabb the leader we are looking for ? At any rate May needs to go, a new pro Brexit Leader needs to be appointed ( that could even be on a temporary basis) and he/she immediately forms a new Cabinet of pro Bexiteers to properly negotiate or prepare for no deal.


    • Kaiser says:

      vote cancelled

      but hasnt the stupid old bint already said this is the “only deal available”


    • The General says:

      Sorry meant to add :-



    • tarien says:

      Of course she has to go and with that other shower that make up the so called cabinet-come on David Davies, Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan-smith, Rees-mog, et al of that group-but how can we or the system change the Cabinet-remember we have a devoted Islamic Muslim as Home Secretary waiting to pounce to grab the top post. That must be fought off again, but is there the guts to do it? It is so frustrating I shall just have to have another coffee.


  33. Guest Who says:

    OT, but given the BBC excluded itself from journalism and still sees Leveson as the second coming I think pertinent.

    Love that it is based on that font of impartial wisdom Cathcart, who is yet another ‘Professor’ who brings the honorific into disrepute.


  34. StewGreen says:

    R4Today booked a female historian, but then when she was on her way, they cancelled and got a highly qualified MALE instead
    ..her Twitter mob are screaming “SEXISM”
    …but the rule is “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence”

    Dr Estelle Paranque
    In an hour I’ll be on @BBCr4today to talk about Mary Stuart’s representations over the centuries.
    Mermaid, siren, lost queen, victim, conspirator
    Are we fascinated because of who she was or because of her unique relationship with her cousin Elizabeth I of England?

    @BBCr4today just cancelled my part.
    They will be having John Guy instead.
    .. I’ve discussed things with them and they say they will stay pay me.
    I hope they do
    ..But to be fair, I’m just still irritated that my time was not valuable as I rescheduled everything for them
    Twitter thread


    • Fedup2 says:

      Breitbart reports that the government of Belgium as split because the same part won’t sign the UN illegal migrant immigrant treaty this week .

      However the leader of the now minority government is still going to sign it . European democracy in action again .

      Can’t see that being covered by Al bbc


    • StewGreen says:

      Seems that Historian John Guy has been on R4 In Our Time in 2015 and 2017 and people liked him.
      He has a book out and a new film based on it , so he has something to plug.


  35. Guest Who says:

    In other news…

    “either the ideas are proving elusive, or somebody’s got budget trouble.”

    It can’t be the latter, as they just need to go back into time and rewrite Botney’s contract. So if it is a paucity of ideas, can it be even the BBC is running out of isms to shoehorn in?

    The man who is ‘news’ (so much so that he feels the need to add this for the avoidance of doubt on his twitter feed).

    ‘BBC middle management and sexual asphyxiation”

    Or, just another day in the floors just below the top?

    And finally, James ‘Does my brain look fuzzy still in this Purnell’.

    Because he is worth it. Apparently.


  36. Dystopian says:

    Talk Radio announcing the vote has been pulled.


  37. StewGreen says:

    R4 now on the bald topic
    “wigs are particularly popular with young black women”
    ..then they go to recording of black women having a discussion
    .. Yes I have seen black women utterly transformed by wigs or hair extensions.


    • Fedup2 says:

      On Monday afternoon at 1530 London time the Prime Minister of Britain and Northern Ireland will tell parliament she has found a bit or new road to kick the can down the road .

      Really could not make it up .


  38. StewGreen says:

    4:30pm R4 prog on blasphemy
    \\ The story of Asia Bibi – the Christian woman who spent eight years on death row in Pakistan after allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammed before being recently acquitted – has thrown the issue of blasphemy into public debate //


  39. StewGreen says:

    11pm Radio4 ..which top musician would the BBC choose to do Master Tapes ?
    Hint it’s not Gary Lineker and she’s female


  40. Celtic_Mist says:

    Now that the ECJ has ruled (surprise surprise) and the vote has been delayed, BiasedBBC thinks it sees a window of opportunity to reverse Brexit and is piling on the propaganda…


  41. gb123 says:

    Treezer has added a new low to her CV. When will the Tories wake up and get rid of Treezer the deceiver?

    Still, it gives ample opportunity for the wise nodding heads of the media to stand outside the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street and show of the latest fashions in head gear and scarves. I see no other reason for them to be there.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Trouble is, gb123, that might open the door to the Tories electing a determined Remainer. See Celtic’s post above. The Conservatives are not totally unlike Labour when it comes to the ‘all-out-for-power’ and ‘cling-on-to-power’ stakes.


  42. The General says:

    I have noticed that every day there are anti brexit supporters demonstrating outside the Houses of Parliament.
    Are these therefore the voices of the unemployed ?


    • Pat..original says:

      And the BBC cameras always managed to get them in shot. The protesters know this so continue to protest.

      Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times is at his best this week concerning our national broadcaster. It is a pity it is behind a paywall. Some quotes…
      ‘The liberal bias within the BBC increases, almost exponentially, with each week that passes. It managed to behave itself, just about, during the Brexit referendum but now the gloves are off. Every piece of good economic news is prefaced with ‘in spite of Brexit’.

      His article started with an attack on the new Doctor Who which his daughter has given up on.
      ‘It’s in the rest of the stuff that the BBC propaganda really goes to town, as we saw with Doctor Who. The comedy panel shows where every single joke is from the left; discussion forums on Radio 4 and BBC2, where only liberals are allowed to take part; dramas constructed to simply promulgate a liberal point of view; the cringeing tokenism of panel programmes where there must be a black or ethnic minority person no matter how thick or unfunny they are and despite the fact that we are still an 87% white country; even its food programmes, which are relentlessly anti big business; its soaps; its light entertainment.’


  43. G says:

    Even if you were the best ‘wheeler-dealer’, at times you would recognise that ‘wheelin-and-dealin’ has to be suspended abruptly on occasions for the common good much less, common sense. Not this lot. Problem is, they are at a disadvantage not being in the ‘best’ category anyway.


  44. Lucy Pevensey says:

    So called “16-year-old boy”

    Teenage boy denies Alesha rape and murder

    Stolen from her bed! In Scotland. I think the public have a right to know if this child murderer is a recent migrant-invader. I don’t reckon we’ll be told if he is though.


    • StewGreen says:

      activists say KTHopkins was wrong to assert it was a foreigner
      \\boy arrested over murder of six-year-old Alesha MacPhail ‘knew family’ //
      I dunno


  45. Lucy Pevensey says:


  46. Doobster78 says:

    Not posted for a few weeks but boy am i seething at recent events. Talk about being sold down the river.

    Serious question … when do the riots start ??? There is no way on gods earth 17.4 million voters are going to just accept this crock of sh*t !!! A bunch of self obsessed career politicians and the london left media bubble elite overides 17.4 million voters. disgusting . Utterly disgusting.


  47. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    It’s not the bbc, but linked in an odd way.
    The itv prog about ‘slebs int’ jungle’ provided the great unwashed the opportunity to vote into ‘kingship’ one of their crew containing a proportion of young diverse right on and ethnic kids.
    The great unwashed shoved two firm fingers up to the progressives in luvvieland and chose a male stale non-pc old bloke who is white…didnt i larfffffff.


  48. Guest Who says:

    Maybe it is different over the pond, but given the hierarchy adventures of W1A or our political parties here, this tweet by Katty Kay is a special kind of dumb, even for a TDS-bunny like her.


  49. LastChanceSaloon says:

    May off to Munich again, I expect.
    She will return with another piece of paper. Promising milk and honey if we only stay in the EUSSR.
    She will state that she is as trustworthy as the BBC.
    Is Graham Brady sitting on an Everest of paper?
    Has Brady burnt the letters? Can Brady only count to 47?
    Does Brady have an ill trained dog that chewed up all the letters while he was on the phone to William Hill backing “No Brexit”?