Long Weekend Thread 23 November 2018

Who knows what’s to happen – but be sure the Far Left BBC will lie about it .


just a suggestion – the BBC is doing a’consultation ‘ on the future of the over 75s licence . There is a bit at the end where you can comment generally on the BBC …

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  1. Roland Deschain says:



  2. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC have made a pro-Brexit programme!

    No, not really….

    They never have and never will.


  3. StewGreen says:

    Backlinks to previous thread
    Page 5 was Friday afternoon
    Page 4 started 4pm Wednesday


  4. StewGreen says:

    If parliament passes Theresa’s May ridiculous Brexit surrender bill
    that day won’t be known as
    but rather
    ….. * EU Dependence Day *


  5. keith jeremy says:

    Are the BBC completely tone deaf? That, of course , is a rhetorical question. The BBC News site announces today that the BBC (I love the way they talk about themselves in the third person) is in talks with Fiona Bruce to take on Question Time. Comment seen elsewhere would suggest that the public would favour anyone other than Bruce. She has neither gravitas nor, I suspect, the intellect to chair QT. Just another choice driven by form over substance.


    • Up2snuff says:

      kj, bit of a looker though. Nice eyebrows.


    • MartinW says:

      If Fiona Bruce took Question Time instead of Antiques Roadshow, I would welcome that with open arms (I don’t watch QT – ever). I’m sure she is a nice person, but I’m sorry to say that on AR, I always get the impression she thinks the programme is all about her, which is sometimes difficult to stomach.


      • Excartographer says:

        I recently had someone say to me “If she was chocolate she’d eat herself” when talking about Ms Bruce – nail, head!


    • tarien says:

      Not having met Fiona Bruce an only comment as I find, but would have hoped that she might go home and look after her children, who I’m sure might be wondering who their mother is-it appears that the promotion of women, no matter their abilities, to ensure that at every level of the media a woman spokes person is put forward-what are the male contributors doing one might ask ? Washing the clothes ironing, hoovering et al, nothing wrong with that I do the same, marriage is about sharing don’t you know !


  6. fakenewswatcher says:

    That lady is talking, yet again.

    Wasn’t there some Shakespeare play where someone said (approx) : ‘I come to bury Brexit, not to praise it…’

    That would have been honesty, I think?

    What is really offensive, is to be taken for an utter fool, or else, language seems to have lost all its meaning. Most of us on this site instinctively feel that, I suspect…

    But then again, Remainers always say that those who voted leave didn’t know what they were voting for..yup, thick. An awful lot of thick people…

    International Politics deals with complex agreements every day, in every field -from police co-operation to Antarctic krill quotas. Mostly, they end up with ‘a language’ everyone can agree with, and go home to claim victory. Trusting few outside the bubble will carefully wade through/examine all the technical details.

    Today was not a case about krill. Today was about signing over the sovereignty of the nation to someone else, until such time as they agree to let you have it back. And to give their courts final legal say.
    And to make it sound as if you’ve done exactly the opposite.

    It’s this last thing that really, really rubs salt into the wound…


  7. Nibor says:

    Late again and apologies if already mentioned .

    Radio 4 TWATO .
    Why did the Brexiteer being interviewed ( forget his name ) in the studio have all his breathing and snorts broadcast when he wasn’t talking ?
    Now the sound technicians must be competent and have wired up thousands of interviewees , a large amount of them with colds , nose problems and breathing difficulties . Unless the noise of the lungs intake is germane to the issue , the Mike is set not to pick up that sound or is dubbed out . What happened ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Mark Francois
      @Nibor It’s 2018 there is no point in listening or watch something , without following the comments on Twitter
      cos you miss out on so much info
      You do that by doing a Twitter search on the official name of the prog or hashtag
      @BBCWorldatOne or #wato or #bbcWATO etc
      That way you immediately see the names in front of you
      If you wait 24 hours then it is more difficult cos you can only search Twitter in 24 hour blocks

      – The other way is to get names is to pull up BBCSounds livestream of the channel and move the slider back a few minutes.

      Anyway since tweets mentioning : Brexiteer #wato come up from 1:20pm I can see,that is when he was on .



      • StewGreen says:

        If you are lucky then someone will have posted the audio of the interview or a similar one
        Mark Francois on Sky quotes Tony Blair praising Olly Robbins on the his anti-Brexit trickery


      • Nibor says:

        Stew ,

        It’s because

        I may listen in the morning or afternoon but not get to a computer until many hours later

        I’m not on Twitter and

        I’m crap with this .

        But yes it would be better if I was to give more information .


  8. Justin Casey says:

    So Question Time tonight is fro0m Cannock …. In the Referendum they had a turnout of 71% and the result was 68.5% in favour of leaving….. So how come the audience is applauding a labour front bencher who actually voted against triggering Article 50???
    I see Julia Hartley Brewer is on her own…


  9. Justin Casey says:

    how is it possible to have a 585 page document and then be able to glean from it `main points` ??? It was deliberately long and contained so many examples of double-speak or `litigation` and was handed over for scrutiny twenty four hours prior to being subjected to parliamentary debate in a ham fisted attempt to railroad us the electorate… To be honest it should have been handed over and then time should have allowed for each MP to return to thier constituents so that they could DO THEIR ACTUAL DUTY NOT ACT OUT OF SELF INTEREST WHICH IS TO REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE LEGALLY OBLIGED TO Obey!! Then after that and only after that period should the document and its` proposals be aired in the commons by meaningful debate followed by a full Commons vote… We are being lied to and I hope that all MPs involved in this treachery will be handed thier ar$£$ when the next General Election comes around Vote Ukip!! Even if only a few UKIP MPs get in at least someone will be there to offer genuine opposition to the main party consensus currently in Westminster…


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I find that scientific papers that contain 585 pages usually turn out to be bullshit, but do impress many scientists with average intelligence in the consensus. I find that the science that provides the answers always turns out to contain short and simple answers on one page. For instance the mass energy equivalence formula “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared” or the real proven Greenhouse effect for all planetary atmospheres “average surface temperature divided by the grey body temperature gives you the magnitude of the Thermal inertia which resembles the response of the temperature/potential temperature ratio to the altitudinal changes of pressure described by the Poisson formula”

      See below for an example of comparing 585 pages of bullshit to a one page simple answer to Brexit.5c720b839fd005b98132a672f66000de638f5282ef6e892c24792f6d7b06f6b3.jpg?w=480&h=413


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Richard- this is now the only option. We need to share it with our MPs, as well.
        Government will have £39 billion, in the first instance, to help businesses that may be affected. After that, if needed, they can get some of the money saved annually.


      • Beeb Brother says:

        We do not want open borders; we will take any risk or loss to achieve this. Yet they bang on about ‘backstop’, campaign lies etc – all minor non issues compared to this one gargantuan issue which they ignored before and continue to ignore.


      • StewGreen says:

        probable source of that graphic On Twitter


    • Roderic says:

      Today’s criticism of UKIP by the BBC is mainly driven because one of their Manifesto pledges is to get rid of the BBC licence fee. Gerard Batten was invited onto the BBC programme “Politics Live” a few weeks ago – however when he came on Jo Coburn made it difficult to for him to speak – all she wanted to know was what he thought of Tommy Robinson – he was going to explain but she wouldn’t let him get a word in edgeways – he said he had been invited on to talk about Brexit (He should have spotted the deviousness of the BBC) when she kept wanting to talk about Tommy Robinson (she also kept emphasising his real name). Gerard Batten mentioned Jimmy Savile – the fact that the BBC had known about him for years (he could have also mentioned Cliff Richard – bu I note he appeared on the Now Show last night).


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Roderic- TR is going to mentioned frequently, and for one reason only (two perhaps, with licence fee). They think his connection to UKIP will discredit the party. For the bbc, UKIP is ‘the far right’ enemy, they so hate so much. They know that Nigel drove the ‘Leave’ vote to success. Deep down, they know the referendum was the real ‘People’s Vote’. They hate that victory by the deplorables, who -of course- ‘didn’t know what they were voting for’. So they fear them as well. They view UKIP with the same hatred they reserve for Trump.
        Expect no quarter given. Gloves are off.


        • Dystopian says:

          We all need to get behind UKIP now and let the establishment see exactly how much support Tommy has. They need to realise that his supporters are not racists but mainstream everyday people who care what happens to their country and the future for their children.


        • Roderic says:

          I just googled this – I assume the BBC have forgotten that he was invited to dinner with a Muslim family – so not anti all Muslims – like me I judge people when I meet and discuss things with them “I don’t generalise” I guess the BBC don’t like people thinking for themselves – when and why did the BBC change – years ago they were not as bad as this!!:
          “In April 2012, Robinson took part in a programme in the BBC’s television series The Big Questions in which far-right extremism was debated. Mo Ansar, a British Muslim political and social commentator took part in the same programme, and invited Robinson to join him and his family for dinner.”


    • The General says:

      It seems Jeremy Corbyn did not read the document, however he has the salient points fully explained to him…………..by Diane Abbott.


  10. taffman says:

    Just like our previous Mr Car Moron salesman, Mrs Chamberlain went to Brussels to get a ‘Big Deal’ from Europe but she came back with a packet of crisps and a can of Fanta.
    How will history judge her?


    • Jagman84 says:

      I do not think that her health is all that good at present, so it could be posthumously and soon. It would explain her indecent haste to get us handcuffed to the EU, in perpetuity.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    If you accept my premise that many / most politicians are not particularly clever and depend on advisors then we might understand the collective delusion of the pink tories who assume their voters will always come back to the Fold to stop a Corbyn/ mcdonnell Government .

    The reality is a huge abstention next time – this gifting the communists a fair working majority coupled with a pledge to renegotiation of a full brentry to the ReichEU .

    I claim copyright on the term ‘brentry’


    • taffman says:

      “If you accept my premise that many / most politicians are not particularly clever “
      My premise for what its worth ………………..
      Most MPs are career politicians. They have never done a real job in their life. They are a bunch of actors playing on a stage.
      My repeated message to them and Al Beeb is “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. ”


      • Rich says:


        And they all think they’re in “The West Wing”, worthy and needlessly complicated, where ten words are used when one would do.

        Obsessed with politicking, it would be easier and more productive for them to do things simply and honestly rather than with all the subterfuge and conspiring they pretend makes their roles so complicated and difficult.


  12. StewGreen says:

    Isn’t any media org that uses quotes in a headline a disinformer ??
    All they are doing is building agenda narrative.
    So shouldn’t the practice be ended ??

    #1 If the evidence shows the quote to be reality then there is no need to use quotation marks
    but #2 If the quote is speculative then the headline should make that clear

    So a headline like : ‘Universal Credit is a failure’
    should be rendered as : Labour minister alleges Universal Credit is a failure


    • Rich says:


      On one of their bulletins today the autocutie said that the Manchester terror attack, as I think they called the murder of 22 innocents victims by a Muslim extremist, “could have been possibly prevented”.I

      She could and should have structured her sentence better because that’s her job, but the text on the screen beside her, that remained visible throughout the report, stated that the attack “could have been prevented”. Not “possibly could”, but more definitely “could”, a deliberate omission which is immediately perceived by the public as “should” have been prevented but someone is guilty of failing these victims. The implication was therefore allowed that these deaths were the fault of the British Intelligence Service and their incompetence was to blame, absolving the evil influence of Islam even more.


      • Rich says:

        Of course by their, I mean the bBBC. I could probably have put my point across a bit better but it’s 1 o’clock and this isn’t my job, but having just looked at the Mail Online, a lack of journalistic skill doesn’t seem to prohibit a career in the meeja.


      • Beeb Brother says:

        They blame MI5 but no mention is ever made of his coreligionists. None of them knew anything? He was just ‘radicalised on the Internet?’ What utter garbage. Where did he worship? What were they teaching? Has anything been done to put it right?


    • smoogie7 says:

      Well the leadership challenge has calmed down for now but what I find interesting is that the Tories are still ahead in a recent poll.

      Two polls had shown a drop in support for the Tories with a slight gain for UKIP but allowing Labour to get ahead and ‘leapfrog’ the Tories as The Guardian called it. Then a Yougov poll showed the Tories and UKIP actually keep their scores while Labour take a hit. It goes to show how bad our opposition is if they cannot get ahead at this point even after a lot of ‘chaos’

      The BBCs reporting of the recent PMQs was as biased as ever. Focusing on Corbyn’s rants but leaving out the part where Corbyn got slammed for not actually reading the published article. It is one thing to oppose as that is what Corbyn is supposed to do but he does himself no favours which explains why Labour are doing so badly in opinion polls. Why are the BBC not picking up on that?

      The left wing bias at the BBC will continue yet as it seems less and less people take any notice of them.


  13. Lucy Pevensey says:

    What planet is Hillary Clinton from?

    The Guardian online headline:
    Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists

    SAY WHAT???


  14. Demon says:

    Hooray, 17th.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Demon – and what about me ? – I put the thread up and I land up 13th ? How is that fair?


  15. Nibor says:

    Just looked it up , Ceausecu’ s dog , the pet of the communist dictator was called Corbu but I’ll bet our Corbyn would have loved a pat on the head from from a Marxist tyrant just as much .


  16. taffman says:

    “Brexit deal within our grasp ” says Mrs Chamberlain who is Midas in reverse. The nation voted out.
    Both sides of Parliament agreed to respect the decision are now going back on their promise.
    They are a bunch of over paid twisters that need purging.
    Vote and support UKIP


  17. Dover Sentry says:

    ‘The Sun’ headline today:

    “”Black Frimay””

    “”They take £39bn From Us And We Get Diddly-Squat””

    In one line, the Sun has summed up the 595 page farce document.

    The BBC hasn’t managed to do this for us. Do we pay them…?? Is it optional?


    • Dover Sentry says:

      ‘The Sun’ has the highest circulation of all British newspapers and is ignored by the BBC in their reviews.

      ‘The Guardian’ has the lowest circulation figure of all by far. It is always quoted by the BBC in their reviews.

      I seem to remember that the BBC placed their recruitment ads in the Guardian rather than any other newspaper. Twinned Left Wing Bias?



      • smoogie7 says:

        The Garbage is the BBCs newsletter. If one says something, the other said it first.

        Now in politically mixed Facebook groups that I post in (a few remainers are convinced that Corbyn represents them) I get into trouble if I dare share something from The Sun.

        ‘Oh no it is the scum I won’t read that!’ They hiss

        The only scum in that paper are the pesos, murderers and filth that the Sun expose that other people’s shy away from but because the Sun exposed Corbyn’s shady past they are public enemy no 1 according to the left. As a result the BBC won’t touch if.

        As for the Garbage, they exposed themselves after 9/11 after claiming that American deserved the attacks. What kind of attitude is that?

        What kind of attitude do the BBC have to actually support such a rag?


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        Sadly I used not to care too much about newspapers, in fact quite supportive of The Sun when I looked at the Labour types etc who hated it.
        Then we had a family tragedy 5 years ago. The Sun decided to put this on their front page and their reporters personally harass us at our homes. At the funeral they showed up, and at the inquest they showed up. This incident indelibly scarred my family, but The Sun made it 1000 times worse than it had to be. This ‘newspaper’ has no concept of human decency.


      • StewGreen says:

        I note from that graphic the Sun is back to 15-20% ahead of the #DailyBetrayal


    • StewGreen says:


  18. popeye says:

    As we are getting near the end-game it is obvious that all the stops are being pulled out; to their shame The Mail and Express are actively supporting a deal and of course Sky and the extremely biased BBC have never made an attempt to hide their wishes. As far as I can see there is only the Telegraph (particularly Charles Moore and Alison Pearson) who hold the faith. As it is unlikely that the vast majority of the voting public will read this paper the impression is overwhelming that the whole country is having second thoughts. The media needs to be reminded that their existence depends on their readers/viewers/listeners. The printed press is particularly vulnerable. I suggest that they are reminded of their vulnerability by a one-day boycott of their products. Their readership is already in decline due to the Web and perhaps, just perhaps, they’ll realise that they cannot afford to lose 51% of their customer base.
    The trouble is that to make it effective there must be considerable support which will need planning and promotion for it to happen on a day, say, in Christmas Week (loss of advertising revenue as well). Not on Twitter myself but perhaps #boycottbiasedantibrexiteers?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Purely anecdotal, but my parents, who have bought the Mail for the last 40 years, have cancelled it.


      • The Sage says:

        It’s important we all boycott the Daily Mail (under a new Remain-biased, knighthood-seeking, editor) and also refuse to visit the newspaper’s website. I was only doing so to uptick pro-Brexit comments, but apparently these are deliberately being deleted by DM staff in order to give the impression that readers are supporting May’s surrender agenda.


        • Rich says:


          Late last night, early hours of this morning, the story in the Mail Online about Tommy Robinson being given a role in UKIP, featuring him and Gerard Batten, had 3 comments. This morning at about 7.30 it still had only 3 comments, all negative, all overwhelmingly disagreed with and red-arrowed.

          An hour later the article seems to have disappeared and has been replaced with one coming at this from a different angle, concentrating not on Batten and Robinson but instead focusing on Farage’s opinion of Robinsons appointment obviously because he doesn’t seem to like it. No comments at all yet as far as I can see.

          That’s me finished with the Mail now too, my parents have already switched to the Telegraph.


      • gb123 says:

        Should be called the Daily Mayl . My mother still gets it and only does the crossword. The quality has gone down in all aspects. Even the quality of the paper used to print it seems worse than years ago.


  19. Roland Deschain says:

    Listening to all the politicians lining up on the BBC and elsewhere to savage the “Brexit” deal, it seems clear it cannot get through Parliament. Which begs the question as to why Mrs May is ploughing ahead regardless. And why no one seems to be asking this question.

    The answer to me seems obvious. It is designed not to get through Parliament. The EU does not want Brexit. Mrs May does not want Brexit. She has, in the last week, been softening us up for no Brexit.

    Parliament will vote it down but say they don’t want no deal. Mrs May will return to Brussels to renegotiate. She will come back with an agreement that has already been stitched up behind the scenes to withdraw Article 50 and our MPs will obligingly agree.

    Looked at like that, everything falls into place. Agreement has already been reached. Just not the one we’re all being led to believe.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Roland, either “The answer to me seems obvious. It is designed not to get through Parliament. The EU does not want Brexit. Mrs May does not want Brexit. She has, in the last week, been softening us up for no Brexit.” that


      she is merely running out the clock until 29 March 2019 when Brexit means Brexit, we have left without a deal.

      No deal is better than a bad deal, eh? 😉


      • JamesArthur says:

        On the one hand we are told she is an honorable, dedicated public servant and Brexit means Brexit but on the other she seems incapable of listening to anyone and has shown herself to be inept in the past (her last election).

        She is either a cunning person or a complete self centered idiot – and at the moment I really can’t decide but my feeling is she has sold us down the EU river and when we remove British from the BBC we will also need to remove Great from Great Britain

        I am hoping I am wrong and she will pull a rabbit out of a hat…


        • Up2snuff says:

          Rabbits and hats are in the crowd, Ja.

          The PM is QB’ing on the pitch. Aiming to go from her end zone in 10 yard plays as slowly as possible with a Time Out (or two) remaining to help her.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Our Justin and the truly awful nick-stop me talking – Robinson on duty today making their programme sound like a sixth form ranting shop.

    They interviewed Some knighted ex civil servant who is obviously no longer British but has been replaced by a ReichEU droid. No challenge – just an acceptance that after next March every thing is going to be great because business will be happy .and that was about it

    Then Robinson went on to ‘interview ‘ mr raab . This was just a series of interruptions be Robinson to prevent mr raab from explaining the fatal faults in what the PM is signing upto and then wrongly explaining it to parliament and the people . The inner me knows it’s bad when I start shouting at the radio .

    I should be used to this technique by now but Robinson takes it to a new height in interruption . Mr Raab is a lawyer and uses words carefully . Robinson seems to have mental health issues which prevent him from listening to someone with whom he disagrees and has to speak over them .

    This does a huge disservice to the listener and makes him sound like the self absorbed idiot that he is.


  21. Up2snuff says:

    Long weekend Thread?

    A Long Document. It is full of abjectives.

    Abject wheedling and tweedling but not enough to satisfy EU Remaniancs MPs. Abject surrender as far as the Three Brexiteers in Parliament are concerned. Abject surrender AND betrayal as far as 17.4m who voted Leave and those who did not vote, most of whom must be assumed to be in favour of the democratic result of the Referendum on Leaving the EU.

    Then there is the puzzle of another Document that Diane has not read. But she has seen parts of it. Not read but seen. Not reading but seeing. Not waving but drowning. Hokusai, Old Man, I love your work.

    Drowning in words at the BBC. So we are going to empty our Museums and Galleries of any exhibit that relates to another country that has not been specifically gifted in the modern era.

    Er, ummmmhhhh. Two more words, I’m afraid. I apologise.



    Isn’t this latest suggestion about the UK’s Museums and Art Galleries everything about becoming Isolationist and Nationalistic. Is that what we want visitors to those institutions to be subliminally informed of and educated in? Really? Really?

    That is what it amounts to.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    I don’t think labour front bench people read things . But there again the health secretary is proud to be dislexic . Must help in drafting legislation .
    I was surprised that ms abbot didn’t applaud the wonderful news that the British government is to allocate £50 000 000 fifty million pounds of taxpayers borrowed cash to various third world places in bongo bongo land to stop girls have their private parts cut to presumably stop them from pleasuring themselves .

    As I listened to this excellent news I wondered what the outcome would be if there was a referendum on this issue.
    Would people not know what they were voting for ? Too stupid ? Misinformed ?

    Anyway – where is the democratic authority for the government to do this . ? I can’t remember it being discussed in the run up to the general election . But let’s face it – we don’t live in a democracy – we just have to pretend .


  23. Panda says:

    Every Labour politician always says ‘ our position is perfectly clear, whilst we respect the result of the referendum we would negotiate staying in the single market and customs union’ and are never challenged by the beeb or Sly news how in what universe this can be possibly viewed as leaving the EU.
    Julia Hartley Brewer stood out as the only voice on Question time who speaks for the people like me who voted out.


    • smoogie7 says:

      Labour’s stance changes on whoever they are talking to.

      To remainers:

      ‘Don’t worry guys, we will stop Brexit and we will pretend that the whole thing never happened.

      To Brexiters:

      ‘We are going for a big time hard Brexit as our Corbyn knows how to negotiate a good deal!’

      No wonder they cannot lead in the polls, eh?


      • Up2snuff says:

        smoogie, they haven’t read the small print as per Fed’s post above.. 😉

        They work for us.


  24. Beeb Brother says:

    Their news app is drooling over a plot of ‘Far Right radicalisation’ in Holly Oaks. I hate how they pass off press releases for shows and products as news – it is just ‘churnalism.’

    They cite bullsh*t statistics about Far Right referrals to Prevent. Prevent is obviously under huge pressure to ramp up these statistics. I imagine being right handed is enough to get a referral, whereas our ROPer friends can probably openly support appalling causes and have petrified teachers etc ‘celebrate the diversity.’ How can you Police ROP extremism if it is illegal to even say it is a problem?

    Do they really expect us to swallow this ‘Far Right’ garbage? They have no text to guide them and it is illegal to even form a group/party to further their cause. ROPers have 1400 years of precedent, a global support network, the complete submission of our media, politicians etc and Christ only knows how much government funding sucked from the ‘equalities’ racket. I wonder how that £20million Cameron gave to give English classes to ROPer women will actually be spent?

    The only statistic that matters regarding terrorism is the body count: over 460 in Europe over the past three years for the ROP, compared to what for the ‘Far Right’? One or two? But according to the BBC it is an equally large problem. #Fakenews.


  25. RobRoy says:

    I think we’re seeing the next phase in the Cultural Marxists plan for world domination gaining traction – ‘poverty-shaming.’ And of course the BBC are only too happy to push it.

    This week we’ve had the story of schools banning pupils wearing expensive clothes. And this morning on BBC Breakfast, they spend 5 minutes about a group that want to ban pupils buying their teachers presents at Christmas. I note, both are aimed at school pupils – catch ’em young, eh! So why bother to work and become successful folks if we’re all supposed to have the same things and not enjoy the fruits of our labour.

    Let’s watch this one spread until we’re shamed into not spending our hard-earned cash on things that might ‘shame’ the poor. Now just for the record, I’m in no way well off, but me and the misses work hard and do okay. But I’m damned if I’m going to let some lefty tell me what I can and can’t spend my money on in case I might offend someone who can’t be asked to get off their backside and work!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Rob – I like those Eddie izzard adverts where he is standing in front of the camera wearing make up and asking for three quid to get some African kid an iPod or something .

      I wonder who came up with the idea of putting an ugly under talented man in make up to bet for cash to be sent to foreigners ? Genius .


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        Saw a brilliant post somewhere that
        ” £1 a week can keep an African village supplied with clean water? Why the f*ck are Thames Water charging me £126 a month for a toilet and 2 sinks? “


      • Dover Sentry says:

        Izzard doesn’t wear his make-up when in an Arab land. Something to do with Muslims killing gays or those they perceive to be gay?

        It SHOULD make the BBC very angry, but for some reason it doesn’t.


    • smoogie7 says:

      The BBC have been doing this for a long time now. Not a day passes without some ‘investigation’ into how hard the single parents have it, how some school that spent all of its money on ‘gender natural’ toilets cannot afford to buy pens or how addicts on the streets are all of a sudden seen as a new thing.

      Of course austerity is the blame for this but it never seems to show how more and more people are in work and how the supposed benefits reforms has actually lifted people out of poverty.

      The BBC where called out on their bias by even the PM after there pathetic reaction to the budget where they went running to a Milliband organisation that only highlight the budget as ‘benefiting the rich’

      The left wing bias at the BBC will never stop so it is about time that someone stopped them


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      Yes…..Its right across the whole of the BBC output currently…..
      as you say its the poor ‘oppressed’ people who need representation.

      I play a quiz everyday to see how quickly I can spot the ‘agenda’ in the news story…..

      currently I’m listening to Adrian Childish taking the mickey out of Jacob Rees Mogg’s accent AGAIN…he has been doing it for weeks….he was doing it on QT Extra Time last night and again this morning…..
      Its the old ‘class war’ agenda…..pathetic…….


  26. Fedup2 says:

    And what is to happen with QT ? The current greasy slug who seems to want to improve a rambling impersonation of Charles, Prince of Wales , is to be replaced by a New Age beeboid battle hardened by ‘antiques road show’ and the stress of reading from an auto cue. I’m surprised they haven’t gone for someone a bit more vibrant with a regional accent – scouse would be good on QT me thinks – or maybe a broody Scot who needs subtitles


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The candidate Fiona Bruce is an ardent feminist and spent time voluntarily with the wimmin of Greenham Common.

      No possible Left Wing bias there, then… 😉


    • JimS says:

      I would have thought that Liza or Kate Dimbleby should have got the job, it’s only right…


  27. Up2snuff says:

    From the 100% accurate BBC, who do not broadcast or put up on the Internet any FakeNews or FalseFacts.


    G**gle maps (other maps and atlases are available) would disagree.

    Paris is not as green as London but it is still well endowed with public parks and gardens. Go outside the city centre, beyond Boulevard Peripherique, and there is lots of green to be seen including some forests and a national park! It might be more accurate to state that Paris, especially in the tight city centre does not have the private gardens behind houses that Clerkenwell, Whitechapel, Waterloo or Fitzrovia might have. But Paris has, I recall, balcony and rooftop gardens to compensate.

    BBC = FalseFacts and FakeNews.


  28. Beeb Brother says:

    I have been avoiding Radio 4 as it has started to offend me too much. Note how I just choose to not listen rather than demand it be shut down. I think their profile praising a violent gangster was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I caught news briefing this morning.

    “Fiona Bruce could be the first woman to present Question Time.”

    It was like I had never left! The Groundhog Broadcasting Corporation.


  29. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    I see Farridge has called for a vote of no confidence in Gerrard Batten, over him appointing TR as an advisor.
    Well, I’m sure Farridge had a hand in convincing the NEC to delay deciding on admitting TR until after the Brexit cutoff date.
    How convenient, that would give Farrudge the chance to bid for the leadership in March.
    I fear Farridge is going to find out just how much support Batten and TR actually have.


    • Up2snuff says:

      D_C, it is a strange strategic move, though, is it not? At present, UKIP are some way from needing to inform a couple of MPs in Parliament on wider social issues. So why appoint now?

      It seems a peculiarly self-destructive move on both the part of Leader and Party just at the critical point where a swing back to UKIP might just concentrate Westminster & Whitehall minds on delivering UK freedom from the tentacles of the EU.


      • Anne says:

        I think Farage is being what he sees as pragmatic. He knows that the country is full of people who bury their heads in the sand over immigration when they are not directly affected by it, and he knows that UKIP needs their votes. He is accepting that criticism of Islam can be politically toxic, and toxic socially in many circles, wrong though that is. Middle class hypocrisy, or mostly middle class hypocrisy, is the problem and has been for some time.

        It’s not an easy strategy to admire though.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        There’s a tactical battle being waged. It’s clear that Batten’s views on islam dovetail in perfectly with TRs.
        Farridge has always taken the pragmatic view outlined by Anne ( above or below).
        Many believe had he not taken such a soft line on the inbuilt evils of islam, he’d never have made UKIP acceptable to our modern media. As such he focussed on his primary aim of Brexit, and can now see it being wrenched out of our hands.
        He wants back to the battle he left of his own accord, and cant possibly wind in his neck and work alongside TR.
        He probably had some influence in the NEC decision to defer the TR admission vote, until such time as he (farridge) could get himself back as leader.
        Well, as many have already said, we and events, have moved on.
        If he wants to contribute to UKIP he will have to rethink his ideas about islam. He has only ever spoken of extreme islam, not the filthy basic ideolgy that is islam itself.


        • Banania says:

          “…he’d never have made UKIP acceptable to our modern media.” Was making UKIP acceptable to our modern media ever worth the effort? Has UKIP anything to lose by not caring what the BBC thinks about them?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I think it’s a serious mistake by Batten. Most of us here, I think, know that Tommy Robinson is not all he’s painted to be by the media. But that’s because we’re sufficiently interested to look beyond the mainstream media.

        The general public do not look beyond the mainstream media and believe him to be toxic. That may not be fair, but it’s where we are. Appointing Robinson will put off a lot of people who might otherwise be prepared to vote UKIP to make a protest. And gives said media the perfect excuse to fling mud.


        • G.W.F. says:

          Farrage ought to realize that the media have made him just as toxic as TR, as we have seen in attempts to break up his meetings and even assault his family.


        • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

          Nigel is now using the term ‘we’ when it comes to ukip. Actually a lot of members have been unsure if he was even still in the party. He’s also been talking about a new party recently. Now here he comes to back to save ‘his’ party from the dreaded Tommy Robinson.
          He should get good media coverage from it. The msm may even portray him in a better light now that he’s coming to the aid of Islam.
          It won’t last though Nigel. It will return to accusing you of being far right even if you do get rid of Batten. The msm hate Ukip and Farage and always will play dirty against them. Farage never learns.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Well RD,
          It’s always a mistake to appease the media. The issue of islam is going to be THE defining issue of politics before very much longer.


          • Roland Deschain says:

            You have to pick your battles. If Brexit is going to be saved it needs people to vote UKIP. Like it or not, and I don’t, many people who might now consider voting UKIP as a protest at May’s capitulation will, in my opinion, be put off from doing so as they don’t want to be associated with Tommy Robinson.

            Perhaps I’m wrong, and all these potential voters see through the media’s lies. Enough did in America. But I don’t think they do here, and it’s the wrong battle to pick right now.


            • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

              Thank you RD, But with not a single MP, the role for UKIP in the current issues around Brexit is not really relevant. It has no role.
              It’s not muchnof a guide to look at opinion polls about UKIP support, but given a General Election right now UKIP would get no results. The system is stacked heavily against them, and in the case of a big hitter like Farridge standing, the other parties would all withdraw and field an ‘anyone but nigel’ candidate in order to keep him out. Mind you, it would be karma if thats what happened because that basically what they did by smearing Anne Marie Waters for the leaders job, aided and abetted by that idiot Bolton, when all the other candidates withdrew to concentrate the anti-AMW vote.
              No, I reckon any UKIP role to be well in the future as regards brexit, when the Tories and Liebor sell us out.


        • Dystopian says:

          Gerard Batten is doing a great job of defending TR against the clearly ignorant lefty Mathew Wright on Talk Radio now


        • Up2snuff says:

          TWatO was interesting. Several clips of the PM on a phone-in for R5L. Blocking for all she was worth, as a wannabe Geoffrey Boycott. She also nearly let slip that she has become a Brexiteer.

          Interview with Gerard Batten. Either he has zero political nous and/or a poor understanding of where Brexit is
          – or –
          someone has got to him and is using Batten to destroy UKIP at a very critical moment
          – or –
          he has fallen for believing his own publicity and is following in Gordon Brown’s hubristic shoes on the road to failure.


  30. Cassandra says:

    Free television licences for over seventy-fives to be scrapped by the BBC it seems.
    Here is an example of how the BBC spends OUR licence money…

    This report from January had me in stitches…


    BTW it took me ages to convince a friend that this website is not a spoof.


  31. Up2snuff says:

    The BBC are becoming a bit of a disaster.


    If you look carefully, it is not just the extra eight in the centre but two on each side.



  32. Fedup2 says:

    Wot the —— ?! If you look carefully you can see diamonds …

    Any way – I’ve added a bit to the top of the weekend thread suggesting people engage with the bbc consultation on the over 75 licence . The consultation – apparently runs to 12 February .

    Strangely – the news bit of the bbc website which trumpets the consultation allowed comments for a while . I didn’t read all 489 of them but the first 20 or so we’re happily full of the vitriol regularly posted here .

    No doubt only the foot soldiers and NCOs in the BBC will see them whereas the generals – back in the chatteu HQ – will happily ignore any criticism and continue their dumb war of attrition


    • Up2snuff says:

      Trace around the diamonds, Fed, with an imaginary or real finger. Get it now?

      Can’t remember the name of the BBC person running the consultation, something like Quincey or Quentin Horsley-Brinton or Quisling Strangles-Bratton or something. He made an appearance on TWatO on Wednesday if you have the time and/or strength to listen again. Toward the end of the programme, IIRC.

      Get your letters in to him.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Up2. Yes of course – it’s just so obvious how is that even a story . Even for the kids on communistBBC I understand it is called …


  33. smoogie7 says:

    ‘Hollyoaks character to be groomed in far-right plot

    Hollyoaks will air a storyline about far-right radicalisation to try to raise awareness of the issue in the UK.

    The Channel 4 soap has worked with experts and charities to help tell the story, where Ste, played by Kieron Richardson, becomes radicalised by newcomer Jonny, played by Ray Quinn.

    The number of people referred to the government’s anti-extremism programme because of right-wing extremism went up by 28% to 968 in 2016-17.

    The storyline will begin in January.’


    Now Hollyoaks is from another left wing news source, C4 but the BBC seem to be jumping for joy here!

    Now how long before their own soap, Eastenders or ‘the only place left in London where some people speak Cockney and can still afford a three up/ three down’ cashes in on the storyline with Corrie and Emmerdale doing the same thing.

    No chance of any young soap character being groomed by a far left organisation or dare I say it, an actual grooming gang?


    • Fedup2 says:


      Yeah yeah but omg is the character fit. Like hot lol omg . And did he’she really Dump he/she ? omg …girlfriend ..


      • smoogie7 says:

        This could backfire on C4. The ‘Far right extremist’ could look so cool on screen you would soon get guys only going for guys who support far right movements and guys signing up to far right movements for the girls and because it is the thing.

        The BBC would end up cancelling their storyline where Phil Mitchel organises a new far right party to take over the Square…


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      Channel 4 is subsidised within the TV Licence arrangement as far as I’m aware?…I could be wrong.
      All the freeview channels are under the same ‘umbrella’.Hence they all have the same ‘stars’ going from channel to channel.Sky are dictated to as well with their coverage…it comes from Ofcom.
      Listen to LBC news…its the same news as all the other MSM news…….even their ‘sister’ Channel Classic FM.
      Essentially we dont have a ‘free’ media.Its the same in Canada and Australia…….
      Sweden are imposing a compulsory TAX for their national broadcaster……..
      Apologies if you already are aware of this……


      • smoogie7 says:

        To be honest I see them as all falling from the same tree. Watching a BBC, ITV or C4 news report and I cannot even tell them apart. All left wing but the BBC is the worst of the lot


      • Banania says:

        A compulsory tax is probably what we shall have if the licence fee is ever abolished, then there will be no escape.


        • Lucy Pevensey says:

          I don’t see why any TV should be taxed at all. It’n not a necessary thing. Just let them use advertising and get on with it. If we want to buy it, we will. We need freedom not state controlled media productions.


    • Justin Casey says:

      Hollyoaks is a product of Phil Redmond writer / producer of Grange Hill a Childrens Soap series and also Brookside a failed attempt by him and channel four to create a soap aimed at the adult age group focusing on an imaginary Liverpool Privately owned Cul De Sac where nobody was unemployed or short of money and the only Jobless people were quite affluent pensioners during a time where Merseyside was an area undergoing a massive decline… Both of these programmes ran quite prolonged storylines about a character or characters being lured into the extremist culture Brookside chose a lunatic religious fundamentalist (of course he was white and christian and also violent and after an armed siege and hostage scenario developed he blew himself up and a Petrol station in a final act of terrorism…. Earlier the same kind of plot was used a few times in Grange Hill …. in fact the comic strip credits at the begiining made sure the dangers of extremist behaviour were shown *the sausage typically aimed at the lad from ethnic minority` again and again week after week making it quite clear that over the table racism at the dinner dinner table was a real problem amongst the younger schoolchildren as well as thier older white parents who bought Robertsons Jam and marmalade not becouse they liked thier product tastier, no it usually in fact almost always down to the Gollywog on the labels!! Robertsons removed the Gollywog of the labels and instantly saw a drop in sales to white households which was then followed by improved sales to households from ethnic communities who up unitil that time had been boycotting thier branding becouse in the aisles of all major retailers pots of racist jam were placed in a manner which was really really racist and also lets not overstate it but also RACIST .. REALLY REALLY … RACIST!!!it was such a massive problem back then especially w2ithin the BBC due to the high concentration of peodophile radio DJs Childrens TV presenters in just about every Department of the BBC as `It was the culture of the time, i`m sure many of us can fondly remember the early seventies when it was a cultural norm… Just ask Tony Hall or BBC staff who were employed and on maqny occasions kept look out whilst waiting their turn and the others bot directly involved or looked the other way as that was the culture of the time apparently l!!!! Modern day sexual trafficking of underaged girls is actually based on the BBC Radio ! Roadshow where Jimmy Saville and Jonathan King and most of the top names in radio were well known to many listeners and victims alike…. and also the guy with the black marker prn who redacted the data in the BBC report into it also the procurement and enabling of child rapesat that period… However tthat was then prior to the digital media age it`s not an issue that needs to be dealt with we no longer recieve analogue output nowand that`s wgy it`s only in the last few years the inherrent racially opressive white British society being pointed out to us day in day out everywhere by mostly well ethnic MPs and of course drug curriers riding BMX bikes with rucksacks full to the brim along with hoodies and face scarfs who were found to be the most likely people to be identified by the racist police and hardly any white people appear to have been subjected to the same level of scrutiny which proves the policy of stop and search was racist, very racist and also really racist… It has nothing to0 do with so called white flight either!!! Just ask any Labour Party member but FFS don`t mention the Holocaust or pop to a Momentum rally wearing a keppeh and also don`t forget to salute both the picture of Lenin and also Comrade Corbyn as you enter the Duma of dumbasses or you may end up in the f&&ing Gulag if they ever get any kind of power…. and definitely don`t attempt this if you`re a Jew orif you are an owner any Sodastream drinks merchandise either !! Viva Da Revolution Viva El Presidente!! And Chairman Mao…. blah blah!! etc… Whew!! a massively oerlong boring and purile posting by me becouseI`m just so f**king pi$$ed off with hundreds of political deadbeats, deadweights, amnd foriegn EU Gobshites making statements regarding why i myself wasn`t able to understand the question in two thousand and f**king sixteen followed by `let`s have a peoples vote` F*CK OFF!! AND WHEN YOU GET THERE bbc TWAT / CHILD RAPIST OR ANTI-SEMITIC MIDDLE EAST CORRESPONDENT……….. WHATEVER WHEN YOU GET THERE KINDLY F**K OFF SOME MORE!!


  34. StewGreen says:

    Daily Mail = Daily Betrayal = Daily M(Betr)ail



    • smoogie7 says:

      Looks worse for Labour. May is still scoring higher than wobbly old Corbyn!

      Goes to show how bad things would be if Corbyn ever became PM


    • lojolondon says:

      Vote with your feet – like the rest of us. I would no longer look at DM pages any more than I would Guardian or Independent. Because they count the hits and sell them to their advertisers. Our job now is to make sure they don’t have any hits to sell and no advertisers, then no Geordie and no paper. Simples.


  35. JamesArthur says:

    Just my musings this morning…saw a piece on Breakfast when they said and now we will go to Brussels to discuss how the European Court of Justice will still impact on us after Brexit..cut to Brussels and what does Naga ask..
    Will there be any pomp around the signing – a pathetic discussion ensues on pomp and that is it – not a F…ing mention of the ECJ.


  36. BRISSLES says:

    Doesn’t it take the biscuit. First we have the lady in Pakistan who’s been imprisoned for being a Christian and now in hiding – so Britain HAS to give her asylum. Now on the news is a couple living in Dubai and who have had a ‘domestic’ – (wife is pregnant), and now she has ‘fled’ to Britain and given birth !!
    No wonder ‘alternative’ political parties are on the rise.


    • smoogie7 says:

      My question is who would ever go to Dubai in the UAE in the first place? One false move and you are locked up. It is not ‘western’


      • Up2snuff says:

        The F1 circus is there right now.

        If ever there was a good time for a drivers strike, then this is it. Maybe Mick Cash should be flown out there in time for Sunday?


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC
    But if you are looking for a bit of cheer go to the London Evening Standard website where you’ll fine some dash cam footage of moped criminals coming to a sticky end …


  38. JamesArthur says:

    Does anyone here find R4 plays interesting ? Does anyone find their comedy shows funny?
    Both seem to be vehicles for left wing shi..e
    I drive a lot and flick onto them to see if I can listen – but it normally lasts a few minutes..
    what are the listening figures?
    Currently a piece of crap based on some Swedish theme on. Just turned it off – it took all of a few minutes before one of the characters said derogatory statements about Boris J and them JRM..not needed and added nothing but the normal agenda


    • RobRoy says:

      James, I spend a lot of my time driving and used to love the R4 plays (I knew a guy who wrote a few for a hobby back in the 90s). It was a great way to pass 45 mins as many were engaging, well-written and well-acted.

      But these days they only get aired if they spout the usual SJW crap. I often wonder if I’ve gone back in time and am listening to some 1950s soviet broadcaster’s propaganda. Maybe if they were good quality I could just about stomach them, but they’re usually so desperate to get across their agenda they don’t even make an effort to entertain.


      • Invicta 1066 says:

        R4 afternoons? How long before evils of the British Empire come up, slavery, racism. immigration and multiculturalism all good, nasty extreme right wing ordinary British folk. Plays about immigration, foreigners with lots of foreign accents.

        Sometimes, it is just seconds!


  39. JamesArthur says:

    FFS..I switched R4 back on thinking it was news time something called middle England on
    Below is what is written about it on the site.. And guess who are made out to be the bigoted idiots..pure agenda tripe…

    “A novel for Brexit Britain.
    Beginning eight years ago on the outskirts of Birmingham, where car factories have been replaced by pound shops, and London, where riots give way to Olympic fever, Jonathan Coe’s new novel follows a Britain through a time of mind-boggling change. It paints a portrait of modern England up to Brexit: a country of nostalgia and delusion; of bewilderment and barely-suppressed rage.”


  40. StewGreen says:

    What happened to Muslim academic accused of sex crimes under #MeToo ?
    Ah they kept him on remand for a very long time : 280 days
    Then he admitted a string of affairs
    ..now he’s been released on bail, pending trial


    • G says:

      “Tariq Ramadan is a Swiss Muslim academic, philosopher, and writer. He is the Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at St Antony’s College, Oxford and teaches at the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford.More at Wikipedia”
      Bail? Who will be held responsible when he flees to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? Ah, yes, the State can get him back by using the European Arrest Warrant……………
      Sorry, Pakistan and KSA are not involved………….


  41. Beltane says:

    Lots of coincidences in EU politics of course, but a glance at the following statistics might ring a bell or two.
    Denmark 1992. Referendum on Maastricht Treaty. Rejected. Re-run. Accepted.
    Ireland 2001. Referendum on Nice Treaty. Rejected. Re-run. Accepted.
    France and Holland 2005. Referenda on EU Constitution. Rejected. Re-run as Lisbon Treaty. Accepted.
    Remainers in general and the Guardian/BBC alliance in particular seem to share Henry Ford’s view that history is bunk – and if that’s what suits the agenda, they appear to be right.
    So now we have been deliberately confused and misinformed for the past 53 months as a result of established EU policy until an air of resigned boredom has been encouraged, cultivated and established. All fed by a constant stream of negativity from the BBC, which is another coincidence, of course.


  42. Fedup2 says:

    Being a Remainer PM and surrounded by remainers she let the ReichEU set the negotiating agenda from the start and covered her deceit by appointing men who should have known better as

    “Brexit Secretary “

    And so as her favoured civil servant sits in the Cabinet Office engineering the sell out she lies for 2 years . I thought had told a resigning Type lie to the house of expenses but no shout of ‘ resign’

    Apparently she is on the radio Friday lunch time but why bother listening to more deceit.


  43. G.W.F. says:

    Not yet on BBC but Brexit is going to mean no more fish n chips, says Telegraph.
    My word, the media re uniting with project fear.



  44. yohodi says:

    Treason May is a mouthpiece for the machine- and the machine rules all, it’s out there now and we can all see it..She is a fine example of the Peter/Petra principle, no one with a shred of integrity could publicly tell such blatant untruths, without first being secure of their position. I wonder how much influence her Banker/Hedge fund manger husband Phil has at the breakfast table?
    I also question how/why May is in this lofty position?, and why does Corbyn sit opposite her as a foil? an even better example of how the Gods work … The machine is banking/betting on the sheeple being more afraid of a Corbyn than a May..


  45. NCBBC says:

    Yesterday, BBC Breakfast worried that Muslim women face difficulties in England. So they sent out three women to investigate.

    Frankly, there is no country where Muslim women are more privile ged then the UK.

    When will the BBC investigate the sheer horror that Christian girls face in any Muslim country. Pakistan, Palestine ?


  46. G says:

    In my humble view, the Developed World is heading for a massive catastrophe. Pretty damn quickly. Events harmful to the Nation States and what’s left of Democracy are occurring so regularly now that it should be obvious to any mature objective thinking individual that there is a sole central influence in the instigation off these events. So-called, “Western Leaders” are totally at odds with their duty to their voters, dutifully following the Grand Plan concocted and imposed by hostile aliens. ‘Hostile aliens’? No, I’ve not flipped and neither am I senile – yet! I see Hostile aliens as the Globalist/NWO/UN represented by the evil Soros.
    Take Macron. His meteoric rise to fame is soon to be destroyed. The popularity polls say he’s down to 7%, the last I heard. Yet, in that knowledge he passes new laws in France to outlaw ‘Hate Speech’ and it will be the French Courts who will decide what is Hate Speech. As Merkel, he plows on irrespective of public opinion clearly on the instructions of his masters in the Globalist cabal and the UN. And so, to Treason May and her Brexit debacle. Same here, In the face of overwhelming opposition she plows straight on despite. Again, I sense the hand of the Globalists who appear to seek civil wars in Europe, USA and the UK.
    I have variously reported here before on the UN Migration Compact which is the next bomb to explode on the West. It can only be the desire to create civil unrest through the realisation that States Leaders are not doing what the voters want and the latter acting accordingly that the Globalists want to achieve.
    There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that we are at War and have been for some decades. The simmering will have to come to a head – soon. Be prepared.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      G – For the first time since WW2, the ‘Western Leaders’ are not supporting their citizens in this war! Exceptions are people like Trump, Orban, Kurz, and a few others.
      The Migrant Compact seeks to find homes for 285 million ‘migrants’ currently en-route to somewhere. Families etc to follow. The Refugee Compact i.a. seeks to help with ‘resettlement’ of ‘asylum seekers’, so they don’t have to register in their countries of 1st arrival, but be ‘redistributed’.
      The whole thing is fairly hush-hush, so that when the average person wakes up, it’s too late. Things are signed and sealed.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      G, agreed. Anyone who still believes the ‘plowing on regardless’ approach is still within the realms of normal behaviour should listen to May on R5 this lunchtime.

      Her machine-like autoresponse and the coming tour to ‘sell the deal’ brought to mind invasion of the bodysnatchers.


    • Fedup2 says:

      As we saw in the riots from a few years back it doesn’t take law and order to break down in the big cities . Shortages of petrol or empty supermarkets are , in my opinion , the most likely cause of civil disorder .
      Many people are happy to sit in front of a screen or write in blogs as opposed to risking their safety on the street. Even something as important as brexit is likely to end up with a collective shoulder shrug ( in my opinion ) and a view that ‘we tried’.
      There is , of course , the ‘black swan’ type event which by its nature is generally unforeseeable and big – 9/11 being the leading example – which could trigger the ‘catastrophe ‘ you predict G .

      During those inner city riots I mentioned was the first time I have ever thought that the British State could fail and the individual had to defend themself . I learnt from that .


  47. Beltane says:

    Great line on 1 o’clock news. EU council annoyed with Spanish for ‘Making an issue of Gibraltar’ and confusing potential agreement on Brexit.
    Would these be the same EU-clones who have deliberately made an issue of the ‘Irish border’ for the past year and more, with the obvious intention of prevarication and confusion?


  48. fakenewswatcher says:

    John Pienaar spoke on beeb lunchtime news about May’s phone-in. He says she is now appealing to voters directly, because most of them just want her to ‘get on with it’.
    The beeb needs to be disillusioned about this. It is a lie.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Who ever is advising May on the brexit process has done the same bad job as the ‘strong and stable ‘ nonsense of the general election campaign .

      I’ve spent two years wondering why she hasn’t been addressing the british people directly about what has been going on . By going on the radio shows her disconnection to how people feel . It’s too late for that.

      With a bit of luck her lack of contact with voters will help to kill off her sell out . I ask my fellow writers here not to refer to it as a ‘deal’ because it is not – what does the ReichEU sacrifice ?


  49. Dystopian says:

    Gerard Batten on Talk Radio right now.


  50. Dystopian says:

    Presenter on Talk Radio with that old chestnut re violence in the Old Testament. Gerard Batten “I don’t know many people who live their lives by the word of tho Old Testament but I know plenty who live it by the word of the Quran”


    • john in cheshire says:

      They need to say that the Old Testament Covenant is for Jews.
      Jesus gave us a new Covenant and that’s what Christians try to live by.
      The Old Testament Covenant is impossible to live by, which is why Jesus sacrificed Himself for us as payment for our sins. We are saved by faith in Him alone. Most early Christians were Jews and were saved. The rest, not so much unless they can, by superhuman endeavour, abide completely by the Old Testament Covenant; which they cannot because just like the rest of us, they are all sinners.

      Jesus said quite clearly ” I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Me”. It’s harsh but unless all non-Christians accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, they’re all going to hell. We can’t say we haven’t been warned.

      So comparing Christianity to islam by quoting from the Old Testament, the Torah, is disingenuous.


      • Fedup2 says:

        We were warned that there would be false prophets such as Mohammed . Just a shame his false religion wasn’t extinguished at the start – but the Devil is always there .


        • Fedup2 says:

          This week end could be the most important since – whenever – and I normally turn my nose up as hyperbole as an American disease .

          Anyway the outgoing PM is getting a full broadside on Twitter tonight with a lot of people complaining that she forgot to sell out the Falklands to the Argies after NI and Gib and just about anything else she could surrender .

          She is starting to make Gordon Brown and his gold and immigration policies , British jobs for foreign workers – look almost ….. average .