Start the Week Open Thread 5 November 2018

The Far Left BBC staff are in full anti Trump cry as the American Midterms arrive . They never seem to have been so important and never has so much bias been directed at a President – non politician – by so many. The main stream media will be desperate to write the epitaph for what they call ‘populism ‘ but others would call democracy . I really hope they are unable to do that but let’s see….

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  1. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC used to be funny.

    Have I Got News For You. 1992.

    What went wrong?


    • taffman says:

      “What went wrong?”
      Because Al Beeb generated and promoted Political Correctness it ‘painted itself into a corner’.

      Al Beeb don’t do comedy.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        I’d forgotten the BBC used to have some genuinely witty banter like that… hell, I’d forgotten those guys ever had hair!

        Taffman is right, the BBC have put themselves in a box, and are now in the process of taping down the lid and posting themselves off to Outer Mongolia.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Peter Cook rampant Leftie Douglas Adams rampant Leftie a couple of seconds in and they are taking a swipe at Margaret Thatcher and then Republican Vice President Dan Quayle suggesting his brain is worse than a Pumpkin.

      The left might have been a little funnier back then but nothing has changed in the BBCs bias, what went wrong is the Lefts move towards Fascism which does not brook humour.


  2. TheRebelUK says:

    Watched a bit of News night with Emily M, presented from Washington DC. Was the BBC impartial? Was it bollocks. She had nearly all left leaning liberals given air time and saying how trump lost the house. Emily or her guests hardly mentioned that the senate stayed with republicans and they couldn’t understand why anybody voted for republicans

    I had to turn off! I had enough of the bbc news website earlier when they were showing the few Dems that got seats. Highlighting the Muslims and the trans that got elected.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if in the UK we had a right leaning news channel like fox but all we get is left wing shite from BBC sky itv. Thank God we got internet and can read the other side of the need without being brainwashed by the msn. If only we had a trump of our own in the uk


  3. taffman says:

    According to Al Beeb “House prices ‘to fall’ next year if no Brexit deal”
    Will this mean kids will be able to get on the housing ladder ?
    Their HYS is not going their way!


  4. vlad says:

    The MSM and the beebistan are orgasming over muslimas in Congress.
    This is good news because?


  5. taffman says:

    Catching up on today’s US news – it appears that President Trump is winding up the liberal news reporters. He continues to drain the swamp and the swamp can’t take it.
    He controls the swamp and they can’t understand it. All the MSM and Al Beeb news reporters are throwing a hissy fit.
    It’s fun to hear their whining and whinging.


    • Guest Who says:

      As hissy fits go…. QED. What a beauty:

      Love the image. Poor Jim under vicious attack by an intern, directed by bad man, bad.

      Jim Acosta is simply a vocal activist ideologue prone to making accusations and speeches instead of asking questions.

      Which is indeed, what the bbc sees as their job. It really isn’t, especially over in another country whose leader they are obsessed about beyond reason.

      If Jim does not take one for the team and stroll out on the White House lawn with a Jerry can of 4* I would not be surprised.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘You want mental? You have yet to see mental….’


        • Guest Who says:

          Katty is so on it…


          • JamesArthur says:

            I think Crowther and people like Twaty Kay are idiots if they thought there wouldn’t be a video.
            Why put up a single picture suits your narative.
            When I look at the BBC clip Guest put up you can clearly see Acosta deliberately didn’t give the microphone and when the Intern went to take it he blocked her arm quick vigorously – what I would call an aggressive movement.
            Now can you imagine if that had been POTUS making the same action.. TRUMP attacks intern..put him in jail!!


            • Roland Deschain says:

              I have to be honest here. I wouldn’t call that block aggressive. That the White House has gone so big on it tells me there’s a game plan here, possibly to distract the media’s attention.


              • Guest Who says:

                Agree. But there is a disconnect between context, action and language.

                He was acting as no more than a heckler, and tried to stay in the the showboat spotlight. Remember Mr. Wolfgang? The bbc deep sixed that little local exercise in state q&a.

                It was only recently that I learned assault was the non contact aspect of assault and battery.

                CNN prodded the bear, got the dance. But the bear did too.

                The people, as ever, are the losers.


                • Up2snuff says:

                  Perhaps it was sleep still in my ears and brain or poor Announcer/Presenter diction but I was puzzled why the TOADY coverage of this spat refered to Jim Acosta as Jerry Acosta.

                  If so, the BBC still appears to be suffering from nameism.

                  Or maybe the summer work experience interns are now on-staff at Minimum Wage and have been put on typing-up duties for the computers? Struck by the curse of predictive text.



              • JamesArthur says:

                On this one I have to disagree – having been on the end of people like him in similar situations it is an aggressive act – I am quite a big bloke and generally they stop once they have started…
                but isn’t this the nature of debate – fortunately on this site we can have amicable disagreements. But I am offended 🙂


                • G.W.F. says:

                  The BBC are discussing Trump and Acosta. Now why are the BBC using photos from other sources? Where were the BBC reporters at this meeting? Why did they not ask any questions, or rather where were they? And why did the BBC send these nobodies to the US merely to copy pictures from other news sources?
                  And why are British people obliged to pay for reports and pictures anyone can source from the internet?


        • Roland Deschain says:

          I suspect Trump and Acosta both got what they wanted out of that. Trump, however, is better at that game. As the media never tires of not learning.


          • Guest Who says:

            Emily clearly a fan of yours.

            She is not wrong.

            Nick playing catch up.

            And Treezer must be thrilled the national disgrace is obsessing over there rather than paying any attention here.


      • Payne by name says:

        Nice one Nick though it’s a little difficult to ask all those tough questions when an arrogant douche bag is hogging the microphone and preventing others from doing that!


    • G says:

      I’d concur entirely Taffman. He’s setting them all up for a big fall next election cycle. The Potus will keep the public totally on side and happy and along the way, explain in detail why the lefty/Marxists are preventing him from doing more. He’ll slowly convert many of the Dems to increase his voter base by acting on some of their more obvious preferences. Excellent tactics in my view.
      The enemy doesn’t appear capable of realising this.


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, I would not be surprised if President Trump started to act to restrict gun types available to the US public. It is the sort of radical thing he would do. Thinks: ‘This is hurting my bottom line. Now I’m gonna act on it!’

        Press ahead in one direction then when his political opponents and their media are howling at and about him, do a political body swerve and then a quick almost-but-not-quite U-turn to put them off-balance.

        Do that enough times in the next year or so and the Democrats may be put in a state of constant nervous and mental breakdown.


  6. taffman says:

    Yet another stabbing in London. Nothing on Al Beeb ? Have they given up or are they censoring it ?
    Do they have reporters on night shift ? Perhaps they need a wake up shake?


  7. Peter Grimes says:

    Revenge is a dish served cold.


  8. Guest Who says:

    In the morning bbc ‘news’ email, giggly Vicky says….

    “We’ve got so much good stuff to help you make sense of the mid-terms. To start, check out the results in maps and charts, and the five key things we learned. Here, too, are the women who made history in the vote – and some advice from the UK for them.”

    And here… is the ‘good stuff’, apparently….

    “The BBC’s Anthony Zurcher in Washington says the duty of overseeing the Russia probe has now shifted to a man who has been a critic of it. It’s possible this is just the opening move of a White House effort to shut it down, he adds.”

    It’s ‘just possible’ that whatever Anthony adds just possibly is Anthony’s version of ‘good stuff’ to tickle Vicky’s fancy. News, it is not.


  9. Guest Who says:

    The bbc leads with a fashion statement.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC wimmin do ask questions. Just not ones that don’t suit.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Some women are not mentioned by the BBC, especially if they are Republican . Well done Kim, first Korean for 20 years.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        The Guardian similarly gush over “The trailblazing candidates who have broken barriers in the midterms” in a short vid featuring:

        – Ayanna Pressley, Black, Democrat
        – Jared Polis, Gay, Democrat
        – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hispanic, Democrat
        – Rashida Tlaib, Muslim, Democrat
        – Ilhan Omar, Muslim, Democrat
        – Deb Haaland, Native American, Democrat
        – Sharice Davids, Native American, Democrat

        Nothing on Kim though. Inclusivity for the win.


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    Define hate crime
    That seems to be the remit for BBC Breakfast this morning. So we have a guest from the Gloucestershire Steering Committee on Hate Crime, no less, to give us all the heads up. Before we get to the tricky definitions our Naga Munchetty jumps in and tells us in no uncertain terms that increased reporting is a “good thing”. Thank you for your opinion Naga. Then we’re told a hate crime is an attack on someone’s identity. So we’re clearly talking identity politics here. But where do you draw the line between banter and “crime”. You’ll note we carefully avoid talk of prosecution which generally follows the acusation of crime. So it all sounds fine and dandy theoretical stuff and we don’t have to imagine this hokey new law means anyone getting banged up in chokey for basically saying bad things someone somewhere doesn’t like. Anyway that awkward grey area is up to the individual victim to judge, apparently. But only for a moment does that definition remain. In the next breath our steering committee guest steers a u-turn and tells us “or someone witnessing a hate crime”. So the agency of the victim goes out of the window and suddenly the passer-by gets to decide. Or maybe they decide as well as? The whole thing is an absurd mess and the BBC is fully signed up for this tosh. Or terrified to say boo to the goose. Is that a hate crime against geese? You out there having witnessed me saying it may decide, apparently.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      AISI, I’ve posted this before but to add to the absurd mess: this piece of research funded by Nottinghamshire Police and the Crime Commissioner was picked up by the beeb earlier this year and states hate crime “is understood as incidents against women that are motivated by the attitude of men towards women and includes behaviour targeted at women by men simply because they are women”.

      The current Home Office definition stipulates that the act must be “motivated by hostility or prejudice.” Notice the change? Now simply an ‘attitude’ is enough.

      Who gets to rule on attitudes, we’ll all be finding out in due course.


    • Luckyharry69 says:


      There’s no HATE SPEECH written into the US constitution as far as I know….they have total freedom of speech (but other laws apply obviously like incitement and harassment)

      This ‘Hate speech’ nonsense has come from EUROPE…they have written our laws for 40 years…cant wait to leave


  11. Peter Grimes says:

    Toady programme, 8.35ish and ‘our’ Mishal is interviewing a former Barry Obarmer adviser. She addresses him, a Democrat, as ‘Secretary Johnson’ presumably in deference to his previous status. This is the public service broadcaster which routinely refers to the President of the UnitedStates as plain ‘Trump’.



    • EnglandExpects says:

      Also predictable! Hussein’s toadying interview with Guardianista Dawn Foster, who wants to ban anyone from public life if she doesn’t agree with their views, was equally nauseating.


  12. vlad says:

    CNN’s Acosta is banned from the WH. Is it too much to hope our very own Sopel might be next?


  13. vlad says:

    Al beeb not giving a very high profile to the latest mass shooting in the US.
    I wonder why?
    According to Sky, “the suspect has been described as a Middle Eastern man in his early 20s wearing all black clothing and with a beard”.


  14. clonesydney says:

    Anyone see the feminist criminologist Dr Hannah Mason Bish of Sussex University on BBC breakfast linking vandalism to a disabled school in Newcastle to (you guessed it) the EU referendum, because it had made it much easier for people to express their prejudices.( including her own it would seem.)

    You couldn’t get clearer evidence of BBC editorial bias than this.


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      Isnt that Brighton Polytechnic she went to?

      When Universities were proper Universities and Polys were proper Polys……
      she probably did Lesbian Studies………


      • clonesydney says:

        University of Essex it would appear ,but clearly inappropriate to ask the opinion of a so called criminologist with such a blatant political agenda. Farcical!


  15. Up2snuff says:

    One of my predictions for Brexit is certainly turning out wrong.

    I thought the Remoaners (incl. the BBC) and Remainers that don’t like democracy and Brexit would be smart and change tactic in late-October and early-November.

    But no.

    Turn on the radio this morning and they are still at it for all they are worth on TOADY. Preaching the anti-Brexit message and even dragging a WW2 female veteran who served at Bletchley Park into their cause.

    Shameless propaganda.


    • Demon says:

      “even dragging a WW2 female veteran who served at Bletchley Park into their cause.”

      And there was me thinking that they hate old people and want them all to die off quickly.


  16. thirdoption says:

    The Guardian continually claim to be the most honest and trustworthy news organisation.

    In this piece the headline reads “Trump threatens ‘warlike’ response if Democratic House investigates him” but when you read the article the POTUS says nothing of the sort, he actually says that the Democrats are adopting warlike posture.

    The article goes on to say “Tuesday’s election outcome fell short of the repudiation of the president that millions in America, and around the world, had yearned for after two years of tumult, offensiveness and shattering of democratic norms.”

    “Shattering of democratic norms?” – what are you talking about? The American people went to the polls and broadly showed their support for Donald Trump.

    No amount of fake news headlines can change the fact that he’s more popular than Obama ever was.


  17. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Leadership all over what’s left of the free world need to treat the press as they deserve. As do the rest of us. President Trump is stellar. Please disregard the adverts and watch this piece. I wish someone had the courage to speak to BBC reporters this way. They hate us, we should make them shut up.

    (03:14 minutes)

    “I think you should let me run the country. You run CNN. If you did it better your ratings would be much better.
    That’s enough”


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Lucy, “Stellar” . I totally agree. I am amazed at how cool and restrained Trump is.
      I am also horrified at the moronic level of most the reporters.
      As for the CNN chap I think he’s… I’ll stop here. I can’t be as polite towards him as was the POTUS.


  18. JamesArthur says:

    I have been working at home and for whatever reason letting R4 drone on. and all I have heard is:
    Women – women – women on the one hand we are told they are great, strong and powerful yet in the next breath they are undervalued, downtrodden have poorer health care (WTF) etc. These lefties really do want it both ways for the ladies..and apparently us men can’t handle a strong woman….now can you imagine if a man had said a woman can’t handle a strong man….

    Then it’s Trump – apparently he did badly and was nasty to the poor honest Journalist Jim Acosta…

    Then LGBT and so on…

    Who exactly listens to R4 and takes it seriously?

    R4 off now


    • Fred Stubber says:

      I was listening at the same time and I thought exactly the same as you. Today, Marie Antionette, Marie Colvin, then Woman’s Hour. Cor Blimey!


    • Fred Stubber says:

      I was listening at the same time and I thought exactly the same as you. Today, Marie Antionette, Marie Colvin, then Woman’s Hour. Cor Blimey!


  19. G.W.F. says:

    That smug piece of crap that runs Question Time prepares his audience of Guardianistas and Momentummies by describing guest, Jordan Peterson, as a ‘Professor of piffle’. Look at the smirk on his face when he says this.


  20. BRISSLES says:

    Before Feddy decides to load a new thread I want to get my piece in.

    Leaving the why’s and wherefores’ out, I had to applaud Trump in castigating a news reporter – calling him rude and bad mannered.

    For many years now the behaviour of our news journalists is nothing short of behaving like fish wives (no disrespect). Door stepping politicians and shoving microphones inches away from their faces for me makes uncomfortable watching. The constant yelling across streets like kids in a playground, shouting questions, is not the behaviour of adults. Yes, politicians should be accountable, but in a measured debate or one to one, and certainly not overspeaking when an answer is given.


    • English Lass says:

      BrisslesI could agree with you more. Robust questioning should be accompanied with robust listening.
      However the modern ‘reporter’ appears to think that aggression and interruption are the order of the day. Especially when the interviewee’s opinions don’t agree with the interviewer. There is no balance anymore. And, if the wrong answer appears move on quickly and don’t linger. It is no longer about debate but baiting!


    • JimS says:

      I think you are right.

      ‘The media’ has destroyed politics by setting the agenda, often around trivia, and always trying to get them to ‘mis-speak’, to get the prize-winning ‘gotcha’ moment. As a result the careful politician keeps to the script, written by party PR staff, and never gets to explain a policy or for that matter receive reasonable feedback.

      There is now no nuance in debate – immigration, say, must be either none or ‘open doors’. This isn’t good for anyone – except for the media’s headline writers.


    • Guest Who says:

      ITTB has several good posts, and points to make, in complement. Here’s one:

      FWIW, I think the WH (channeling the boss, or not, who knows?) made two related poor calls.

      They failed to stick with the simple fact that the guy is there to make a fuss, and about him and create as much heat as possible to obscure light. He plainly has and here abused his position. Then the WH tried to piggyback the #MeToo thing instead and, either by accident in trying to show the contact or design to make it look worse by monkeying with the edit. Backfire gift to those always baying for blood no matter what.


      I hark back to my youth when, at Uni, I was asked if, given a degree of respect and support (even pre-Falklands) for Mrs. T, I liked her. I replied that I didn’t expect, or need to like a national leader to find them suitable; just trust them to do a good job for the country. Would I seek out her company for a chat at a party? Likely not.

      And the best part was/is that she would have agreed with that 100%.

      Same with Trump. Personality-wise he comes across as an egomaniac boor, but by heavens he is canny and, by all accounts, effective on behalf of the interests of the majority of the US of A.

      Unlike Maggie, it’s a new era and the media, never that trustworthy themselves, are certainly no longer even remotely impartial, or afraid to try and undo each other in showing it. This does make governance even harder. Control the edit, etc…

      Would I trust DT as much as I did MT? No, and I didn’t trust her very much either; she was a politician. But at least I have more confidence they would stab you in the front. Personally.

      Obama… Cameron… Treezer… all in the back, and by a nod and wink, more often than not via their media buddies, especially the BBC.

      The posturing of all their big beasts is as pathetic as it is tribal, united as much by the mutual idealogical affections as their shared loathing of one man beyond the point of reason.

      Jim Acosta planned the whole thing, to poke the bear. And, predictably, the bear poked back.

      Acosta got what he wanted and needed, and is now milking it for all he is worth like a bully calling #TellMama to whinge that the nasty synagogue wouldn’t let him get near enough to firebomb. A few… very few, are acknowledging this.

      Katty is doubtless offering to marry Jimbo since her husband foolishly proposed to Harriet the other day due to using the BBC for information and not knowing the full story.

      But DT also may have scored in the trolling game again as the big election is over, done, and the next is a long way away. Whatever confected outrage the media will try to whip up, it is not going to assist with their impeachment dreams any more than before, and the public has moved on.


  21. Flashman says:

    On R4 Today at around 08:55 this morning, Mishal Husain conducted an item about an academic study that showed a relatively high proportion of homosexuals are depressed. Pop singer Will Young, himself a homosexual was in the studio to discuss with MH. WY admitted to having suffered depression in the past and one reason he gave for homosexuals being prone to depression was the misappropriation of the term ‘gay’, from meaning “happy” to being used as a pejorative to the detriment of homosexuals. Homosexuals being one of bBBC’s favoured groups, MH seemed to tacitly accept this assertion. My own recollection of events during my lifetime is that homosexuals hijacked the word.


  22. Guest Who says:

    Newsnight has an alumni club of late that is interesting if consistent.

    Mason, Esler, O’Brien…


  23. tarien says:

    How sensible is that chap David Davies, heard him on R4 talking with Humphries-how we need this man back in the cabinet or better still as our Prime Minister.


  24. Up2snuff says:

    Oh dear!

    ” A black and white licence has one distinct advantage over its colour equivalent: it is a third of the price at £50.50 a year compared with £150.50.

    Neither does TV Licensing carry out checks of households claiming to watch a black and white set. “It’s entirely done on trust,” a spokesperson said. ”

    Double oh dear!


    • JimS says:

      7,000 still watch in black and white!

      Seems a bit unlikely as you would need a ‘Freeview’ box to convert the digital signal to analogue. In my experience these boxes aren’t very reliable and have to be replaced far more often than TVs.

      The other difficulty is that the first boxes effectively ‘broadcast’ a UHF signal that the TV could be tuned to as well as having a SCART socket, but that feature seems to have disappeared over the years, (and the SCART too!). In the days when I had to buy these boxes I found it quite hard to find out which ones contained the necessary modulator as the retailer often didn’t know either.


      • Dystopian says:

        I note that the areas referred to as claiming to watch black and white TVs are London, West Midlands, Manchester. Assuming Greater Manchester which includes Rochdale, Oldham etc. What do all these places have in common (apart from child rapes)?
        Could it be the same “communities” who ‘claim’ everything else…like benefits-or claiming to have lived in certain tower blocks…..? I wonder.


    • Dystopian says:

      Are we still allowed to call them black and white or should we refer to them as televisions of colour … which case would you therefore need a colour tv licence? I’m confuddled now!


  25. Dystopian says:

    Apparently Sajid Javid is asking for more money for policing in order to address the massive increase in knife crime in Londonistan.
    Something you probably won’t hear on the bbbc is that a FOI request has confirmed the cost of policing the Notting Hill carnival was no less than £6,786,646 yes that 6.7 million pounds of taxpayers money!


  26. JamesArthur says:

    Oh dear I made the mistake of switching on hear the dulcet tones of another lady..first thing I heard was the Trump sacking of Rex Tillerson, who Trump “humiliated on numerous occasions”…then stated through gritted teeth – “the new guy is an ultra Trump supporter (and the equivalent of a Mob lawyer)”.. the whole monologue was Impeach Trump,,,Trump was atrocious not an ounce of balance..
    Then a bit with a good ex army MP…first tried to push him on the Police chief who sat in his car at Westminster (got politely told to bog off from MP – it was nothing to do with interview) then managed to get Trump in as a person who is making bad behaviours normal….what a witch. Is this supposed to be news or

    Then a section on the Pakistani Christian – all they talked about was why we should give asylum to her whole family…not a single word of the real issue – the Hatred Muslims in Pakistan have for anyone that isn’t a one of them – Religion of Peace, my ars*- We are constantly told we are the hateful Brits with Islamophoibia..not a word of ‘Christianokillers’.. It’s a big elephant that the BBC and Left are too scared to address
    Rant over R4 off again


  27. Despairada says:

    Just listening to R4 1pm news. Asia Bibi release – “enraged hardline islamist groups”. Is this true or are the BBC trying to imply that the said groups are only a small and unrepresentative problem in a Pakistani sea of tolerance towards Christians?

    Also general point: I got back on Tuesday night from a few days away from news media and was surprised at the blanket coverage on Radio 4 of the USA mid terms. I don’t remember ever before being so aware that the mid terms were going on at all. I wonder why.


  28. G.W.F. says:

    Diane will overwhelm us all with her command of statistics.


    • Dystopian says:

      I’m off out to get some popcorn!


      • Luckyharry69 says:

        Me too…and lots of beer
        God I hope he crushes Abbot and Aaronitiovichchivich…I cant stand him he makes me PUKE big time
        And the Irish woman who thinks she actually rules over us!!!!

        I dont think it will be his ‘vehicle’as a programme though…he wont have long enough answering……


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m really surprised prof Peterson is going on that dire programme . I suspect he won’t get the time to explain himself with Diane jabbering away about da yoot.

        By the way – have you noticed that despite achieving diversity target crime is still happening and black boys are killing other black boys as a hobby after school ?

        Might just watch it in a land where there is no TV tax where I am Brooding because of the awful web output . Might admit defeat and just ‘girl up’ – or is it self identification . ?


    • gb123 says:

      I hope they bring some RSJs to shore up the platform!


  29. Dystopian says:

    Not the beeb but I’m sure they’ll be on it soon
    Just listened to a Major Naveed Mohammed, of the Armed Forces Muslim Association, on Talk Radio whose “mission” is to raise awareness about the 800,000 plus Muslim soldiers who fought our cause in WW1.
    Why? Why are we not highlighting how many Christians, Buddhists, Jews etc ?
    His secondary mission is to “balance the needs of Muslims with their operational duties” so no doubt making sure that Muslims get special treatment such as time to pray. Also making sure their dietary requirements are met-so basically pushing halal food etc onto everyone taking away their choice not to eat it.


    • G.W.F. says:


      Do I see here the emergence of the Eurabian Army, a force where Islam increases its authority?
      I have just been looking at hundreds of new Britons in a French port near Caen awaiting transport to the UK, all military age likely find life among their own kind in the army quite attractive.

      Perhaps it is Merkel, May and Macron’s objective.


      • Dystopian says:

        Yes GWF I suspect that this is why there was such ‘outrage’ over our servicemen being photographed with TR it’s an association they don’t want as it could put off prospective jihadis from applying.


  30. Rob in Cheshire says:

    Attention comrades:

    I am pleased to report that Comrade Commissar Sarah Sands of the Today programme is continuing to fulfil her quota of daily agitprop as per Party requirements.

    This morning at 8.35am, she had on Mr Jeh Johnson, who was formerly Comrade President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, and now is a director of the peace loving arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

    As per Party instructions, Comrade Johnson was listened to in respectful silence as he explained the reasons for the hated fascist Trump’s loss of the House. For ideological reasons, the fake news that the Trumpite Republicans gained Senate seats was not deemed suitable for broadcast.

    Comrade Commissar Sands is to be congratulated that once again she has maintained ideological purity, and only broadcast the views of the Democrats, whilst ignoring the fascist running dogs of the Trumpite Republicans.

    In so doing, Comrade Commissar Sands has upheld the proud traditions of the BBC for fairness and impartiality in its reporting. Surely the award of the Red Star of Obama cannot be long delayed for such a loyal comrade?


  31. StewGreen says:

    So WhichUK why did you CHERRYPICK over-65s and a longer time period to get the headline
    “Our research has found that 61% of over 65’s are now worried about Brexit” ?

    Your survey actually shows that since the last survey, worry has FALLEN across ALL age groups.
    #ProjectFear PR


  32. pugnazious says:

    The BBC’s coverage of the Acosta spat shows how corrupt and untrustworthy it really it as it dresses this up as a threat to democracy as the word warriors, the sacred journalistic seekers of truth are supposedly under attack by Trump…rather than legitimate criticism of them. Surely someone from on high should have sent out a memo saying handle this sort of thing with care…journalists reporting on journalists should be careful not to become part of the story and the defence. The BBC has failed miserably here….no surprise there.

    It is quite clear from the video that Acosta shoved the White House staffer’s arm out of the way as he hung on to the microphone but the BBC isn’t keen to admit that he did as you can see from their vague, ambiguous language….‘Acosta ‘resisted’ handing it over’… smacking down on her arm.

    ‘Jim Acosta was asking a question at a news conference on Wednesday when a White House worker tried to grab the microphone from his hands.

    Press secretary Sarah Huckerbee Sanders said access was removed because he had put “his hands on a young woman”.

    A female staff member attempted to take the microphone from the journalist, and Mr Acosta resisted handing it over telling her at one point “pardon me ma’am”.’

    The BBC even tries to claim the video has been altered by some right-wing conspiracy theorist….it hasn’t been altered at all….

    ‘The press secretary later shared a zoomed in clip of the incident, which observers say is a doctored video originally posted by right-wing conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson.’

    The BBC put the defence….still photos that ‘prove’ Acosta didn’t do it…except they actually show his arm in position pushing down on the staffer’s arm in the second photo….

    This journalist claimed he was sitting behind Acosta and didn’t see what was claimed…the reason he didn’t it was because he wasn’t looking as you can see from the photos he provides…he is the shaven headed, bald man to the rear left of Acosta…he is clearly looking away and not at the action.

    The BBC’s Sopel has to get in on the action….not on Trump’s side of course….

    Not there to ask easy questions, no, but Trump was in a 90 minute press conference answering all sorts of questions and not running away from them as Sopel suggests he was. Also when you’ve asked your allotted questions time’s up…hand over the mic and don’t push a girl out of the way.

    And as for this from Sopel….‘can’t help feeling this is a shiny object thrown for the media to chase when far more important things are happening.’

    Yes…how about Tucker Carlson, a Fox News journalist being attacked in hs own home by a left wing mob who also tried to smash their way into his home when his wife was there alone. He and his family have received threats of violence with baying mobs outside his home.

    Is the BBC interested in this attempt to terrify and threaten a journalist? Doesn’t seem so, more interested in a minor spat with one of their ‘own’ being spun into a major story, a left-wing journalist who has made it his life’s work to attack Trump.

    Haven’t heard a thing about what has happened to Carlson whilst the BBC does fill the airwaves with the Acosta spat.

    Protesters Send Message to Tucker Carlson outside His Home: ‘We Know Where You Sleep at Night’

    ‘Smash Racism D.C., a self-described “anti-fascist” group, posted a video of their members screaming obscenities at Carlson’s house and blaming his “policies” for the deaths of thousands of people.

    “Tucker Carlson, we will fight!” the protesters chanted. “We know where you sleep at night!”

    Carlson said the protesters had blocked off both ends of his street and carried signs that listed his home address. The group called Carlson a “racist scumbag” and demanded that he “leave town,” according to posts on Twitter. A woman was also overheard in one of the deleted videos saying she wanted to “bring a pipe bomb” to his house, he said.

    Every night you spread fear into our homes—fear of the other, fear of us, and fear of them. Each night you tell us we are not safe. Tonight you’re reminded that we have a voice. Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either.#KnockKnockTucker

    — Smash Racism DC (@SmashRacismDC) November 7, 2018


    • StewGreen says:

      “Trump banned reporter” should not be UK news
      but I noticed that our local radio presenter this morning had the CNN story like a dog with a bone…selected it for operation banging on.
      ‘Oh, I’ve seen video, and Acosta didn’t mistouch the reporter… hey , hey’
      …FFS step out your mediaworld bubble Mr LOCAL Presenter, cos today 3 leading LOCAL police officers were arrested, and YOU haven’t given us an inkling why.

      …BTW video’s tend to have different angles and different edits.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if the real issue here is that despite constant rabid anti President Trump noise from MSM it turns out they are not as persuasive or important as they think.

      It’s a lot of white noise for people living their own lives as opposed to the bubble and it’s dwellers.

      Why have press conferences when you can go straight to your voters through the twitter?

      Bit of luck the msm will be solid and burn their press passes in front of the White House.


    • Dystopian says:

      Such outrage over this “attack on the freedom of the press” and the fact that they have taken away this journalist’s access to the White House.
      I wonder if there will be similar outrage over the the removal of journalist, Tommy Robinson’s access to his Paypal account?
      Thought not.


  33. StewGreen says:

    So what powers Harrogates much heralded ELECTIC bus fleet ?
    “The Harrogate Bus Company unveiled their fleet of eight electric buses in July, announcing a five year vision of making Harrogate a low emission bus town.
    Funding for the fleet came in the form of a £2.25 million grant from the Government’s Low Emission Bus Scheme, with the company chipping in £1.7 million itself.
    However, more than three months later, the fleet is being charged by a low-emission diesel generator at their Station Parade base”

    Mr Roebuck said the generator was a “short term interim measure” while the company worked through a “red-tape infrastructure issue”.

    …It was Cardiff last time
    …… bbc


  34. pugnazious says:

    The BBC spin machine in full motion…..

    And another of the BBC’s finest, the ‘Liberator of Kabul’…

    This is the WH video….

    This is the one the Guardian used….the same speed as far as I can tell…

    For fun….


  35. Guest Who says:

    FirstContactgate is shaping up a treat.

    Seeing as the BBC is up in arms about this, maybe all those blocked by BBC staff on twitter, or banned by BBC complaints, could write to President Trump and say ‘Been there’.

    So long as you are polite he seems OK with it. The BBC however, does not tolerate showing them up. Which, given they are paid by the UK public, seems more than hypocritical.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yep….Sopel has blocked me three times for pointing out where he is misleading people…such when he claimed China never expressed a wish to interfere in the US mid-terms after Trump said they had…despite this being reported by others and an official Chinese govt. video actually stated that that was their intention, using tariffs on US goods from Trump supporting states to sway the voters in those states.

      Sopel says ‘that’s our job. We’re not sent to ask easy questions.’ He just doesn’t like being asked hard questions about his own work and being held to account in public.

      BBC show more interest in lefty Acosta than in their own reporter imprisoned in Iran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, for her work for the BBC….training journalists to oppose the Iranian regime.


  36. Dystopian says:

    Oh my word. Thought I’d have a listen to bbbc Radio 4 “Inside Science”
    Started off interesting, talking about ancient hand art but then quickly became about human impact on the surface of the Earth
    Then moved onto the chief cashier of the Bank of England talking about nominations for the new face of the £50 note.
    Apparently her shortlist is full of “climate scientists” preferably a woman, Dorothy Hodgkins who supposedly identified CO2 as a greenhouse gas…..agenda agenda blah blah blah….


    • StewGreen says:

      Mrs Carney : \\ Diana Fox Carney is a British development economist who sits on the board of the Shell Foundation, and has held a range of leadership roles in a number of policy think tanks, focusing particularly on climate and energy issues. She currently also sits on the board of Ashden, a London-based sustainable energy charity.

      After the 2015 Paris climate conference, Fox Carney co-authored a report for a progressive policy think tank warning about potential climate change-related losses to Britain’s economy. /


    • StewGreen says:

      @Dystopian FYI


  37. StewGreen says:

    The Times : Far-right beliefs on the rise in Germany
    In Germany the % of people expressing far right views has greatly increased
    but the number expressing anti semitism has decreased .. a paradox !

    Nope it cos of you Medialand and your smear-definition of “far-right”


    • ID says:


      The media are surprised about what they perceive as a “rise in far-right views” because they are not actually interested in what ordinary people think and cannot conceive that anyone could have views radically different from their own. When Thilo Sarrazin published his book “Deutschland schafft sich ab” (Germany abolishes ltself) in 2010 which pointed out the ongoing social difficulties caused by immigration from muslim countries using the governments own statistics the German media were gripped with moral panic and outrage. It sold 1.1 million copies wtithin weeks making it the most popular political book ever.

      “Political correctness is silencing an important debate” said Matthias Matussek (de) of Der Spiegel magazine. “Sarrazin’s findings on the failed integration of Turkish and Arab immigrants are beyond any doubt. He has been forced out of the Bundesbank. The SPD wanted to expel him from the party, too. Invitations previously extended to Sarrazin are being withdrawn. The culture page editors at the German weekly Die Zeit are crying foul and the editors at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung are damning Sarrazin for passages he didn’t even write. But what all these technicians of exclusion fail to see is that you cannot cast away the very thing that Sarrazin embodies: the anger of people who are sick and tired—after putting a long and arduous process of Enlightenment behind them—of being confronted with pre-Enlightenment elements that are returning to the center of our society. They are sick of being cursed or laughed at when they offer assistance with integration. And they are tired of reading about Islamist associations that have one degree of separation from terrorism, of honor killings, of death threats against cartoonists and filmmakers.”

      These ideas were around at least a decade before the AfD success. The German media was simply too self-absorbed and arrogant to see the signs. The development of social media which gave the general populace the ability to shout what they thought into the ears of purposely deaf politicians and Merkel’s Folly have brought things to a head in Germany. No wonder the social media are under attack – you can’t have the plebs getting above themselves and expressing what they think. This is why the BBC prattles oncontinually about “tone”, “vulgar language”, “coarsening of the political debate” Not only have the lower orders been “emboldened” to question the sophisticated ideas of their betters but even choose to do so in language the BBC crowd find crude and offensive”. No wonder they hate Tommy Robinson so much.


  38. pugnazious says:

    Trump supporting caller on Campbell’s show this morning…was asked to justify her support for a man who had, in Campbell’s own words and not ‘some might say’, ‘grotesque and ghastly views on climate change, immigration, Muslims and the disabled’.

    Just a slight amount of prejudice, ignorance and faux moral posturing from The Campbell.

    Perfectly sensible to be sceptical of all the claims around climate change, right to want to control immigration [and Trump wants it…just legal immigration…so not ‘anti-immigrant’ at all], right to control the freedom of movement from ‘countries of concern’, as defined by Obama, which happen to be Muslim,[whilst majority of Muslim countries still have freedom of movement to US…so where’s the Islamophobia?]..and as for the disabled thing…presumably Campbell refers to the video of Trump waving his arms about as he criticises someone who happens to be disabled….but Trump makes the same arm movements at many of his rallies as he lays into his opponents and critics….and they aren’t disabled. Cheap, lazy, fake ‘journalism’ from our national broadcaster spreading misinformation, prejudice and hate.


  39. Guest Who says:

    I wonder how… if the BBC will report the Dyson EU victory?


  40. Guest Who says:

    Newsbeat in its happy place. But rivalling MtW for unintentional comedy.


    52% of LGBT people in the UK have experienced depression over the past year, says Stonewall.
    What can we do to help young people struggling with their sexuality?

    About this website
    ‘Being the butt of gay jokes made me ill’
    A new report from Stonewall claims 52% of LGBT people in the UK have suffered with depression.


    • Sluff says:

      Guest Who
      Worth mentioning at this point that an American statistical survey into transgender demonstrated that suicide rates are very high for all transgender but is highest for the group post gender reassignment survey.
      In other words, ecouraging people to go ‘down the transgender route results in more and more suicides the further you go……
      Have a safe evening.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Guest Who, Sluff – I’ve read somewhere that nearly every single transgender person later regrets having surgery and suffers depression as a result of it, a lot actually commit suicide. Even those who ‘get over it’ are going to have physical, mental and social problems for the rest of their lives. Overall, I’d say it’s something the medical profession really ought to be discouraging, and the BBC’s banging of the gong for it, is NOT helpful, especially for the poor fools who sign up to have it done.

        My take on it all, personally, is that there are a few (very few) real cases of people who think they’re in the wrong body (which is an unfortunate form of insanity… and ought to be dealt with as such), but the vast majority of ‘transgender’ types are merely desperate, and crazy, attention seekers.

        I’m not sure they’re that different to the freaks covered in tattoos and body piercings the BBC likes to tell us have a raw deal ‘because people judge them on their appearance…’… not as if it was self inflicted, or anything…


  41. Thoughtful says:

    Wind up the Lefties this Xmas by wearing this Xmas jumper !

    Alas I can’t seem to get the url to post the image

    Just £14.99 Code TRUMP gives free delivery

    Make Christmas Great Again !


  42. Sluff says:

    Evening all.
    BBC 1 6 pm news. Main story is the genuine issue of the high and increasing rates of Diabetes. This is ‘costing the NHS’…..errr….I think they mean ‘the taxpayer’, over a billion pounds a year in prescriptions alone.
    A white man who has lost a leg is featured. Then much is made of obesity, diet, and exercise.
    Yet strangely there was no mention at all of the effects of ethnicity. Which is rather odd in one way, as Pakistani and Bangla Deshi descendents are SIX times more likely to get .type 2 diabetes as white citizens. The factor for other South Asian and Africans is about three.
    Who says so ? UKIP? Tommy Robinson? The EDL?? Surely it must come from some extreme, ‘Far Right’ racist group?
    Errr, nope. Try Diabetes UK !!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot imagine why the BBC would make this omission.
    I am sure this was merely an accidental oversight by the editorial team of our ‘most trusted news source’.
    And no doubt all those economic ‘benefits of multiculturalism and open door immigration’ calculations by the BBC, luvvies, and Guardianistas also accidentally omitted the impact.


    • JimS says:

      Radio 5’s women’s hour, (morning finance gossip), told us last week that life expectancy was stagnating, (I wonder why? Vitamin D deficiency, sickle-cell anemia , typhoid, ineffective antibiotics?), but that was a ‘good thing’ as maybe women’s pension age might not be increased in future.


  43. Roland Deschain says:

    There’s another account I’ll be closing.


    • vlad says:

      But no doubt they will continue handling the accounts of all sorts of loony left groups and individuals.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Paypal & Tommy Robinson,

      They fail to understand how personally many of us take this treatment of TR. What they do to him they do to every one of us who agrees with him. Every one of us who lives and breaths outside the bubble.

      Paypal, I can live with out them.
      But how true is this report?


    • StewGreen says:

      R4 11pm News had time to “Far-right activist TR has been banned from PayPal”
      WTF this news slot is 90 seconds long yet the chose to use time to report that !
      I told you how on Saturday night local Hatey No Hoper PR had been put into the radio news
      .. How can they have such a big input into the BBC radio news agenda ?
      Is there a HateyNoHopers commissar sitting in the corner of the studio Soviet-style ?
      That would add to
      : the Greenpeace commissar
      + The EU anti-Brexit commissar
      + The Democrat anti-Trump commissar
      ..all sitting in the corner of the studio making sure the correct protocols are used

      It’s only a few days ago since Ian Katz said the BBC didn’t need TR, cos he is not newsworthy .. #BigContradiction


    • StewGreen says:

      So now the libmob say it is OK for a biz to REFUSE to serve a customer, cos of their political beliefs .

      Surely everyone will compare that with the Northern Island gay cake case.
      Where libmom not only insisted that serving every man is a required universal, but that you had to help them promote a political message completely at odds with your own religion.

      IMHO businesses have to have the principal of universal service for all, otherwise they enter a minefield of who to ban and who not to ban.
      e.g. TSB could say we are not allowing bank accounts for transgender people, or Muslims, or Marxists etc.
      …would that be OK

      We already know that Paypal will already be serving a who lot of dodgy Muslim orgs and anti-Israel groups.


      • Dystopian says:

        It’s ironic that there is so much outrage when the White House don’t allow a journalist to “challenge authority” and take away his access. Isn’t that EXACTLY what Paypal have just done?


    • StewGreen says:

      TR says “Over night they have closed us down
      .. my ability travel to work gone”

      he found out from BBCNews ..not from PayPal
      \\ … so ask yourself why
      PP have frozen “the money for 180 days” ..doesn’t that look like a conspiracy ?
      How can I pay my staff ?
      ..they want to have a monopoly on how I am reported
      ..Instead of you hearing direct from me
      OK I have set up alternative //
      ah PayPal banned Alex Jones a few weeks ago
      \\ 22 Sep 2018 – PayPal has canceled the accounts of conspiracy theorist Alex
      … “We undertook an extensive review of the Infowars sites, and found instances that promoted hate or discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions //


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        Paypal “discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions”

        We all know that means ONE particular “community” and religion.


      • StewGreen says:

        Precedent : Paypal cut off Wikileaks some years ago


      • Dystopian says:

        This is an utter disgrace. I am today going to close my Paypal account because I don’t agree with THEIR political views!
        I note that it was again reported as “EDL founder Tommy Robinson….”
        Are they going to close down Gerry Adams the “former founder of the IRA or Jeremy Corbyn the former sympathiser of the IRA” (allegedly) ??
        Absolute disgrace. We need a mass closure of PayPal accounts and close them @ssholes down!


      • Dystopian says:

        This is, as Tommy says, very sinister. We trust these companies to handle our money yet they can just decide to ‘freeze’ your account rendering your money inaccessible for 180 days without explanation until the 180 days expire? How can that even be legal? Denying access to your own money!


  44. StewGreen says:

    The. occasions Obama had reporters removed
    see this Twitter thread


  45. Despairada says:

    Radio 4 6pm news. Item on Asia Bibi (potentially negative for islam) immediately followed by item on the Chinese oppression of the Uighers (poor oppressed islam), about how Han chinese are sent to live in Uighers homes to see whether anyone is showing signs of extremism and if so they are candidates for being sent to the retraining camps.

    This seems to be an example of the media tricks where anything that reflects badly on islam must, for fairness of course, be followed by an example of islam being cuddly and nice. You see this in the letters in newspapers, as if the editor can’t let bad islam item sand alone.

    Perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

    Anyway, normally I would be opposed to the heavy hand of the state intefering in people’s private lives but I’m more inclined to cheer the Chinese for trying to do something about their muslim problem to forestall the inevitable call for a separate islamic state on their western border and the seepage into main China by enthusiatic reproduction.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Is it me or does Al Beeb sound pleased that Asia Bibi hasn’t been lifted out of Pakistan?
      Pakistan blasphemy case: Asia Bibi freed from jail

      Or that the government are being pressured into retrial under Sharia Law?
      Where is the outrage? Amnesty? Feminazis? All over a cup of water.
      Trump of course was right. Shithole.


  46. Lucy Pevensey says:


  47. MarkyMark says:

    Welby VERSES all Islamists …

    UK 2018
    Home Office, UK Security … Islamist …. Sajid Javid.
    London Mayor, UK Prosperity … Islamist … Sadiq Khan.
    CEO of Bernados, UK Children … Islamist .. Javed Khan.
    Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief … Islamist … Lord Ahmed.
    BBC religion and ethics commissioning … Islamist … Fatima Salaria



  48. Lucy Pevensey says:

    These must be the (black) “far right neo Nazis” that the BBC and other far-left media warn us about.


  49. MarkyMark says:

    BBC News … UN (USA and UK funded) give Yemen (Sunni/Saudi and Shiite/Iran) aid … this is a fight by the Religion of Peace.



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