Start the Week Open Thread 5 November 2018

The Far Left BBC staff are in full anti Trump cry as the American Midterms arrive . They never seem to have been so important and never has so much bias been directed at a President – non politician – by so many. The main stream media will be desperate to write the epitaph for what they call ‘populism ‘ but others would call democracy . I really hope they are unable to do that but let’s see….

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  1. smoogie7 says:

    I see that the BBC have still not responded to the accusations against them about a let wing bias?

    Better brush that one under the carpet!


  2. theisland says:


    • Old Goat says:

      Rubber lips is a’comin’…


    • smoogie7 says:

      More left wing bias to follow…


      • G says:

        As long as he does’nt get our economic news mixed up with that from Bengal…………


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Analysis’ of reality like this…. he’ll fit right in.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Probably didn’t have a wide enough camera lens to get him and Adam Boulton at Sky in the same camera shot. Heaven forbid that I should say they are both on the porky side – (well not in Islam’s case anyway).


      • Sluff says:

        Stop press.
        The person specification for the BBC Economics Editor post has been accidentally left on a train.
        I have a copy. Here is the transcript.

        Black. Asian. Muslim.
        Left wing.

        Knowledge of Western market economics.


      • Payne by name says:

        “I’ve done Global Financial Crisis, Eurozone crisis, now 5 year rolling political crisis. They do appear to stalk me”

        I’d say that’s less of a comment on them stalking you and more a comment on your self important desire to make every economic story a ‘crisis’.


    • vlad says:

      We are delighted to announce that the total islamization and subjugation of the UK is one step closer.
      C.v: The Observer; Channel 4; Sky…
      Oh f*ck.


  3. s.trubble says:

    He already was working for the bBC under cover at SKY.
    That smirk…………..something about that smirk?

    ps these latest complaints about bias will be headed with all the rest….to Landfill. Most likely unopened and certainly unread.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Wakefield : It’s certainly possible to be honourable
    l and to be a Labour MP, but I had cause to check Mary Creagh today cos the Yorkshire Post have once again handed her their frontpage
    : Laws to Protect wildlife ‘face risk in Brexit’
    says head of Environmental Audit Committee

    I checked her tweets
    Yep, enviro and remainiac Labour MP
    tweets all the PC stuff, anti-Brexit
    ..but despite being Wakefield MP never responds to people on grooming gang issues
    What NPC programming is that ? Programmed to serve 3 agendas : Pseudo-green, Anti-Brexit and PC Virtue Signalling.

    Not once tweeted about grooming gangs etc.


  5. StewGreen says:

    3pm news re bonfire “police are searching an address”
    …. fishing expedition to get evidence for a proper prosecution, I guess.
    I wonder what’s the ground for the warrant ?


    • Beltane says:

      Breach of multi-occupant planning permission, creation of bio-hazard, improper dress – no Hi-Viz – while attending unofficial and unauthorised conflagration.
      Should do for starters.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Remember when Sadiq was going for election
    …did he say “I can’t criticise Boris on crime cos it will take 10 years to sort out ” ?


  7. Rob in Cheshire says:

    Attention comrades:

    Following my denunciation of Comrade Commissar Sarah Sands of the Today programme, I am pleased to report that reason and justice has prevailed.

    Thus, this morning, the prime 8.10am slot was given over to a Democrat senator called Tim Kaine for the ten minute hate of the fascist Donald Trump. In the interests of public safety, none of the hated running dogs of the Republican party were invited to provide the illusion of “balance”, which is oldthink.

    After Senator Kane, I am pleased to report that the next guest was a writer called Jonathan Coe, to tell us about his new book about the disaster called Brexit, and the deplorable people who voted for it.

    I congratulate Comrade Commissar Sands. The prime spot of the programme was cleverly given over to hatred of the capitalist running dog Trump, followed by exposure of the unthinking lumpenproles who voted for Brexit, against the advice of their better educated Commissars.

    The Today programme has been saved!


  8. StewGreen says:

    Lenny calls for diversity behind the cameras
    Some big celebs are due in Downing street soon to hand in a petition – Lenny Henry, Emma Thompson and more.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Yet when BAME are given jobs
    eg the actress who played the female Muslim terrorist , in the BBC Bodyguard, Warsi calls that stereotyping


    • Lurkio says:

      Weird. I didn’t realise that the stereotype for a female terrorist was a Muslim.


  10. StewGreen says:

    The bonfire distraction means less reporting
    : Black MP’s brother ADMITS perverting course of Justice


  11. Non Snowflake says:

    I had a moment of weakness and listened to Jeremy Vine for about 3 minutes today. He was taking calls from Americans and asking them who they’re voting for.

    The first man (that I heard) stated that he was voting for Donald Trump, and explained that this was because of the excellent economy and such like. True enough. But Vine glossed over this straight away by saying (more or less) “So you haven’t been put off voting for the Republicans then?”; the obvious inference that the Republicans are all horrible and not worth voting for.

    Next caller was a woman, who stated that she would be voting for the Democrats. Vine asked her why, and she stated (again more or less) that some of the Republicans’ actions have been “embarassing”. So did Vine ask for examples? No, he just accepted this as fact and carried on talking.

    In other words someone voting for Trump is then asked a put-down of a question; someone voting Democrats is allowed to say anything without question or without being asked to name examples.

    Like I say, I managed about 3 minutes. Off.


  12. StewGreen says:

    On BBC ? Tusk pyramid


  13. StewGreen says:

    Ryan air racist passenger
    guess which law firm is leading the suing ?
    L….. D..


  14. David R says:

    BBC2 get it wrong!

    I am an eldelrly train enthusiast – so I watched Snow expaining to me that all the train crashes that have ever happened are due to capitalists putting money before people’s lives.

    Then on BBC2 Portillo was informative and fair-minded about the railways’ contribution, on both sides, to the war effort in WW1. YES on BBC2. Who allowed this utter betrayal of everything the BBC stands for? WW1, as every BBC-minded person knows, was caused by Brexit, Trump and Climate Change. Assistant Deputy Heads must roll for allowing a Tory ex_minister even to appear and worse, tell the truth! Whatever next?


    • Sluff says:

      Whisper this very quiettly but I believe it is the case that the only year of the 20th century in which there were no non-suicide UK rail fatalities was in 1998.
      That is what you get with a nice statist nationalised railway. A focus on safety. Hurrah for Jezza and the BBC.
      Oh, wait. The track was run at the time by Railtrack, a private company !!!!!!!
      Shurely shome mistake ???
      Actually, no.
      Not a fact you will get repeated often on the bBBC.


  15. Englands Dreaming says:

    I see the BBC desperate to lose yet more viewers has “poached” the unwatchable anti-Brexit Faisal Islam from Sky as economics editor.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Could be that the girls have got their names above their shows – Sophie Ridge/Kay Burley, and plumptious Islam is always relegated to standing on Parliament Green ! Thought he had been off air for a while – clearly attending interviews elsewhere.


    • Sluff says:

      Another tick in the box for the BBC and their Ofcom remit.


    • Jagman84 says:

      It’ll be Faisal Islam Ltd quite soon, if the example of the other “BBC talent” is followed….


  16. StewGreen says:

    bagging men, somehow promotes women ?
    National Trust nutters
    hijacked by #entryism


  17. Guest Who says:

    It’s going to be a long evening.


  18. Nibor says:

    Capitalists built the railways here . Governments pulled up the tracks .


  19. pugnazious says:

    Odd and disturbing…my hearing must be failing me badly. All day I’ve listened to the BBC news bulletins telling me Aaron Banks is being fined because his insurance company used its customer data to contact potential Leave voters….the impression given was that this was in order to influence the referendum vote.

    Curious to read on the BBC website then this…

    ‘The report says more than a million emails sent to Leave.EU subscribers contained marketing for the Eldon Insurance firm’s GoSkippy services.’

    So it was in fact the other way…using the voter data to flog insurance….disaster insurance presumably ‘in event of Brexit’ as sensationalised by the BBC.

    And according to Guido this actually happened after the vote….

    ‘Arron Banks’ looming fines are almost entirely for using his Leave.EU mailing list to flog insurance after the referendum, not for activities during the campaign.’

    The BBC’s quote is misleading suggesting this happened before the vote and that Banks was advertising his services for post-Brexit vote. You have to keep on reading for things to get a little clearer…

    ‘The ICO said over a million emails between February and July 2017 had been sent to Leave.EU subscribers, including marketing information about GoSkippy, without their consent.’

    The vote of course being in 2016.

    Didn’t hear that rather crucial piece of information mentioned once today on the news.

    There was one email sent out by Leave.EU using Eldon’s data during the campaign but the ICO has not yet come to a decision as it tells us…

    ‘ On 5 November 2018, the Commissioner issued a notice of intent to fine Leave.EU for breaching Regulation 22 of PECR 2003 by sending this email newsletter….. we have taken no final view on the case at this time. We will consider carefully any representations Leave.EU may wish to make before finalising our views.’

    The BBC gave the impression on the news [to me at least] that this was what Leave.EU was being fined £60,000 for but that was in fact for the 2017 data breach.

    The BBC also muddies the waters in regard to Cambridge Analytica…which you may know had nothing to do with the referendum if you’ve read the DCMS’s and the Electoral Commission’s reports….which incidentally both of which organisations chose to carefully ignore their own findings preferring the sort of conspiratorial musings of the Guardianistas to actual facts.

    Here the BBC mentions CA had no actual connection with the vote but tries hard to give an impression of guilt anyway….

    ‘[The ICO] said it had uncovered a “disturbing disregard for voters’ personal privacy”.

    The investigation was initially prompted by reports in The Observer about the activities of data firm Cambridge Analytica, which was accused of improperly harvesting millions of Facebook accounts.

    The ICO said it had identified “serious breaches of data protection principles” and would have issued a “substantial fine” if the company had not already been in administration.’

    ‘Reports in the Observer’ eh? You mean those totally false, fake news, reports by Codswallop that covered acres of newspaper with lies and smears? Did the BBC challenge the Guardian narrative about Cambridge Analystica? No of course not…the BBC heavily promoted the idea that CA was at the centre of come vast criminal enterprise to undermine democracy and to steal the Brexit vote.

    Funny how the BBC doesn’t want to ‘Reality Check’ the Guardian’s finest.

    Another omission by the BBC in its bulletins….Remain data sins….only mentioned briefly way down the page in the web report…

    ‘It also investigated a claim that the Liberal Democrats had sold the personal data of its party members to the official Remain campaign – Britain Stronger in Europe – for about £100,000.’

    Wonder if it will get the same prominence as Banks if the LibDems are found guilty?

    Always interesting to see what the BBC reports, what it doesn’t and the tone and interpretation it adopts. In this case a false and highly misleading narrative about whose data was misused and when and for what purpose…..incompetence or malicious misreporting? Maybe the ICO should be investigating the BBC’s contribution to the referendum and the post-vote debate as it seeks to overturn the result filling the airwaves as it does with vast amounts of anti-Brexit scare stories and promotes the idea of a second vote.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      Pug you are exactly right, the key being that it was the other way round – after the Referendum the Vote Leave data was used by the insurance company to try to sell policies. And I bet 90%+ of viewers and readers will not realise this, because the MSM is deliberately obscuring the truth to push a stop Brexit agenda. Until I read the Guido article I thought the same!


  20. StewGreen says:

    Bristol : Man who built bombs at Bristol home after spewing anti-Muslim hate escapes terror charge
    CPS threshold not met cos has to be
    ‘a threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause’. Terrorist n.


    • JamesArthur says:

      BBC – so much on a bloody bonfire party…..the bleeding heart liberals are out in force…good job they haven’t brought hanging back

      And the US Elections – oh how they are relishing a success for the Democrats

      Is it me or is the BBC getting worse?

      How many people have died in London this year? Do we have an expose of the reign of Shah? Not a chance..


  21. pugnazious says:

    Just to summarise my last comment and to emphasise just how much the BBC is misleading us about the Brexit campaign.

    After listening all day to BBC news bulletins I was under the impression that Leave.EU and Eldon insurance had been fined £135,000 for data breaches during the referendum campaign and that this fact was being used to justify claims that Brexit had been ‘stolen’ and that this gives grounds for another vote. Only on getting access to the internet was I able to get the real story and the facts….if not the BBC would have been able to completely deceive me as the BBC narrative on the radio was pretty well totally false.

    Leave.EU and Eldon were fined £60,000 each for breaches in 2017 after the vote had happened but the ICO had only given a notice of intention to fine Leave.EU £15,000 for a single breach during the campaign which Leave.EU admits but says was a mistake about which it had notified the ICO at the time. The ICO has not made a final decision in that case.

    That’s a total of £135,000 but not for what the BBC were suggesting…ie …data breaches during the campaign and thus a manipulation of the referendum by Leave.EU…thus justifying Remain demands for another vote.

    The BBC seriously misleading its audience as to what is happening, the BBC in effect lying in order to force another vote and to influence how that vote would turn out.

    Again you have to ask why the BBC itself isn’t being investigated for corrupting the democratic process.


  22. Dystopian says:

    BBBC Radio 4, PM is it Evan Davies presenting?
    Anyway he describes the Grenfell “effigy” and mentions that there were little faces “some of them brown”

    Funny how they never mention the brown faces when the victims are white isn’t it.
    The woman he is interviewing then remarks that the comments made on the video were “Islamophobic” and then repeats the allegation for effect.

    They are now asking the question as to whether or not it should be illegal to be offensive in ones own garden.

    Also noted on bBBC “news” prior to that- reports to social services of vulnerable children at risk of abuse have increased by 159%. They ask what could be behind this then go to report from Liverpool about a baby being taken from an alcoholic mother..
    Surely there are better examples of children at risk? Possibly Rochdale, Oldham, Rotherham for starters?
    But of course-it’s all down to lack of funding…


  23. Cassandra says:

    The BBC has learned that a family of Nigerians has come forward claiming they were inside the burning effigy of Grenfell Tower and are demanding compensation.


  24. pugnazious says:

    Some idiots put the Grenfell Tower on a bonfire and there’s justified huge outrage.

    But what about this video still on Youtube….

    or this….

    or this…

    or this celebration of Thatcher’s death…

    Or the BBC itself for playing ‘The Witch is dead’, even though an abridged version, on its charts show ‘celebrating’ Thatcher’s death….curiously the BBC said it wouldn’t play the tune in full but its report says it was played in full…surreptitiously….

    ‘The Notsensibles track was played in full on the programme, although Jamil did not introduce the song.’

    And how about this still on Youtube?…..

    And this comment on the video…just one of many…

    ‘1000Gryzor 3 years ago
    Thatcher should have died when the IRA bombed the hotel in Brighton. I’m in no way a supporter of the IRA but on that occasion they were in the right. ‘

    Where’s the Lefty outrage for all these highly offensive videos and songs?


  25. Kaiser says:

    I see we are getting the full SP on bruce mclain alleged pedo including film of him at court , how odd


  26. Guest Who says:

    At least one is wearing his poppy, the wearing of which, or not, here can decide elections.


    • StewGreen says:

      I saw a tweet earlier on saying poppy man’s gun sight is the wrong way around .. I dunno
      scope, they call it


  27. fakenewswatcher says:

    Pug- I can remember that criticism of Maggie came with no holds barred. I was always impressed with the way she let it bounce off her, but a lesser person would have crumbled.
    ‘Lefties’ considered her ‘fair game’, but that was a measure of how much she got to them.
    All that sanctimonious ‘hope not hate’ stuff cuts no ice with me, since I know that they can hate with the best of them…


  28. Third Duke says:

    Pug, your last couple of posts ring absolutely true. Our Beeb fuelled inclusives are as ever, agenda driven, virtue signallers with absolutely no empathy for any viewpoint outside their own blinkered ‘passions’.
    I had the misfortune to engage with one such creature this afternoon. Big views on Brexit, Corbyn, the NHS, the EU and, ‘Don’t get me started on Trump . . .’
    Fortunately, his pallid complexion, uncontrollable hair, numerous, multi-coloured earrings, Vegan girlfriend and inability to pay for a pint, had me forewarned.
    I ventured his opinions might carry more weight if backed up either by facts, reality, personal experience, age or even an ability to tidy his room each morning.
    Once he let slip he was studying in Wales, to be able to swerve his tuition fees, I realised his halo signalling had well and truly slipped; suggested he buy a round and never saw him again!
    Curious, that . . .


  29. Dover Sentry says:

    Would the BBC still be chewing on the Brexit-Bone if Remain had won?


    • Oldspeaker says:

      If remain had won I suspect most leave voters wouldn’t still be crying about the result so probably not much left to chew on. I actually think a high proportion of remain voters would have just got on with the actual result without the well funded bbc agitators, among others, stirring the pot. Always assuming our ‘leaders’ were committed to serve and carry out the democratic will of the people.


  30. Guest Who says:

    #Igottears serious.


  31. StewGreen says:

    16th Grenfell fraud conviction
    Sharife Elouahab has pleaded guilty.. and I guess is waiting sentencing


  32. theisland says:

    DV just mentioned this on his Periscope.


    • theisland says:

      “A government spokesman said: “The misspelling and childish language in this document should be enough to make clear it doesn’t represent the government’s thinking. You would expect the government to have plans for all situations — to be clear, this isn’t one of them.”


  33. StewGreen says:

    Macron calls for EU army


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Little man, with Cuban heeled boots, slutty older wife, and a very large ego… all he needs now is the bicorne hat.

      He’s not of Corsican descent is he, by any chance?


  34. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    This is a riveting article from Ali Coleman (of BBC Monitoring apparently):
    ‘Fake Soros scares bid to draw US voters ahead of mid-terms’
    – tho’ it was called something else earlier and in another location on the BBC webshite… as if that inspires confidence?

    Anyway, summing up for those that can’t be arsed to read it: Republican Supporters in the US are all brain dead Idiots who believe all kinds of crazy ‘FAR Right’ lies and propaganda, unlike all those REALLY clever, Democrats, who get all their news from such trusted and impartial (sic) sources as the BBC.

    Much of the alleged ‘FAR’ Right wing propaganda highlighted in the article is clearly false, that’s true, but you have to wonder how serious it really was meant in the first place, and some of it (even a tiny little bit) might actually be true, and even if that tiny little bit IS true, that’s cause enough for concern, is it not?

    Do you wonder if the BBC ever regret peddling such blatant propaganda, and being so openly biased, themselves? I mean, any credibility they once had has now well and truly been thrown out the window, and even if they’re correct about ‘FAR Right’ propaganda no sane person believes a word they say any more.

    It’s the old, old story of the ‘Boy who Cried Wolf’ isn’t it?


    • StewGreen says:

      @BigBrotherCorporation I dug a little my first feeling is that Coleman is an autistic guy and his handlers direct him in one direction and off he goes. He does spot that some pr-Republican news is FakeNews, but he doesn’t pick up on the Democrat side.

      He has a a book out “Angry people in local newspapers”

      He doesn’t blog very often, but does anti-Trump stuff

      Despite being an expert on FakeNews
      He falsely tweeted that TR pleaded guilty


  35. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”US mid-term elections 2018: Trump’s invincible, but for how much longer?””
    Jon Sopel
    North America editor

    “”The Washington Post is trying to keep a record of what it considers to be presidential untruths – and the machine counting those fibs/falsehoods/lies is overheating at having to work so hard.””


  36. Guest Who says:

    They are funny.


  37. vlad says:

    So the police can find the time and resources to arrest the Grenfell hoaxers, but aren’t too bothered about Trump and Boris effigies being burned apparently.
    And of course the beeb are delighted to make this non-newsworthy item one of their top stories.


  38. Guest Who says:

    Rather clearly, Faisal had quite the mentor.

    Who seems to have learned how to share ‘news’ from Katty.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Sounds like bbc HR.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I prefer to vote for candidates based on what they have between their ears, not between their legs.


  40. Gammon says:

    Meanwhile in anti trump Beeb reporting

    Posted at 23:1523:15
    New Jersey and Florida turnout high
    The BBC’s Nada Tawfik reports that voter turnout has been high in New Jersey, despite fears that weather would impact voters.

    And in sunny Florida, the BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan says it looks like Republicans certainly have come out to the polls.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Oh that’s a bit weird That weird news report I heard on Saturday night 3 arrested at Liverpool far-right march” got deleted from BBC Sounds-player both R2 and R4 10pm news.
    I didn’t imagine it cos I rewound the live play to write it down on Saturday thread
    Saturday night’s R2 10pm news is not on BBC-sounds cos they cut it off the beginning of the 10pm prog, neither can I find it in the R4 10pm news , but I’m not going crazy cos I found it on the R5 11pm news
    ..they’d reduced the arrests total to 2, but played the same clip from PJ the UAF spokesman .. a 25 second report in total
    The point is the 10pm R2 News made it look like there had been a troublesome “Far right” march in Liverpool with 3 arrests
    ..Yet when I checked the social media I found that not to be the case
    .. Rather a “Patriots” group had organised a pro-Brexit march in Liverpool, but a large UAF crowd had gathered to intimidate them , with the result that the pro-Brexit march could hardly get out of the station and had fizzled out ..Meanwhile 3 of them had been spotted whilst in the midst of the Antifa crowd and had been set upon , in that Antifa had grabbed their flag and cops surrounded them.. Mistaking one for an antifa they threw him back in and carted the others off in a police van (He was live streaming all the time) only to release them a couple of hours later with no charge.
    … Bottomline why was a Liverpool UAF Antifa given that slot on NATIONAL news to talk ?
    .. cos in the scheme of things it was all a trivial story
    .. Although the Liverpool antifa seemed to be heavily NUJ connected cos the Liverpool paper did do 3 stories along the line ‘How Liverpool kept the fascists out’
    This all looks like false-narrative construction and not the real-world.
    What’s it doing on BBC NATIONAL radio news ?


  42. StewGreen says:

    This Grenfell, 2 minute cardboard box burning , how nutty is that that trivial attempt at dark humour makes it to big national news ?
    Yet huge grooming trials are kept off the news, then the verdict announced as LOCAL news and the stories mentioned once and buried ?

    Whatever comes out of BBCNews is not like a proper news.
    It’s like they are all geriatrics in an old folks home, or a bunk of drunks who have no real idea of real-world gravitas, but rather have their own pet issues “get on the outrage bus about”.

    When there is real world racism whether the victims are white/black/Jewish etc that is a cause for concern..say if a synagogue gets firebombed etc.

    but with the burning cardboard boxes, the “where are the VICTIMS ?” rule, applies
    There were no real direct victims at the site, in the garden , it was more of a private backlash joke against all the over-attention Grenfell gets.
    It was not shoved in the faces of the families of the dead.

    But with a grooming gang trial there are DIRECT real victims AND their families ongoing for years , a decade plus even.
    Victims of terrible things, like 100 rapes each etc.
    .. yet this is marked as “local news”
    .. BBC/MSM news is off in Alice In Wonderland world


    • KafirHarbi says:

      It wasn’t shoved in the faces of the victims SG – but once the MSM got hold of it it was. They could have avoided all offence. Instead they made every opportunity to maximise the offence.


      • Guest Who says:


        Secret Barrister made this point, and garnered a lot of support from many who agreed with him/her/them.

        Like Shinheed O’Barmy, they need to look in the mirror more often.


        • Banania says:

          Snobby Barrister went a bit quiet when things did not turn out as he expected. Has he said any more lately?


  43. Rich says:


    Funny you should mention Liverpool. I caught part of the BBC News at Ten, there was a break in “Combat Dealers” on Quest, and today’s crusade/ attack on Govt concerned child welfare.

    An increase in referrals to Social Services in the last 10 years, more than 75,000 children in social care in England, increasing pressure on funding and enforce spending cuts, increased pressure on services, and Conservative austerity of course, are causes for concern and bad. Parental mental health issues, addiction, poverty and debt were cited as reasons for the increase in numbers although the lack of personal responsibility and the lack of parenting skills were not. The bBBC went back -of -patrol-car with Social Services in Liverpool.

    They spoke to only parent affected, a single mother from Liverpool called Maria. Her children, plural, had been taken into care because of her drug addiction. Her face was blacked out but her voice was heard and not altered. Maria might live in Liverpool but her accent wasn’t Scouse. The bBBC didn’t seem to notice but Maria was Eastern European.

    And there bBBC, in one report and in one poor parent, were so many reasons for so many problems in this country at the minute, the answers to so many questions that the bBBC just won’t ask, and the reasons why so many no longer trust bBBC news.


  44. Rich says:

    The bBBC produced a much heralded, by them, piece of speculation that was supposedly cutting-edge journalism a while ago in the shape of a BBC NI Spotlight special.

    This programme asserted that £435,000 donated to the DUP and used by them to back the Leave campaign was in their words “Dark Money” from a disreputable and illegal source and blatantly queried the integrity of Leave campaigners and supporters. At the same time this left the DUP as a party and as individuals open to claims of criminality, financial sleight of hand and of using “Dirty Money”. From, of all people, the bBBC and subsequently Sinn Fein?

    Travel to Europe, lots of shots of piles of paper in dark and empty offices, empty assumptions, blatant innuendo and nothing more than hyperbole produced a programme that seemed only to be an attempt to undermine the validity of Brexit and to discredit the DUP. The programme itself left me asking both “is that it?” and ” so what? ” but the matter was referred to the Electoral Commission and was investigated.

    Today they decided that the DUP has no case to answer and the donation was permissible under UK law.

    As they say here, “Hell slap it up ye bBBC!”.


  45. Loobyloo says:

    Emmanuel Macron: Six held in ‘attack’ plot against French president

    Maybe I misheard, but a when I first heard this story reported on R2 news I’m sure they referred to it as a ‘far right’ group. No mention of it now.


  46. taffman says:

    Two more stabbings in London, perhaps Al Beeb will run a program on the cost to the NHS ?


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      No they will lead with an article about some people burning a cardboard box instead.


  47. taffman says:

    Al Beeb ecstatic over Democratics win of the House of Representatives . Trump retains Senate.


    • vlad says:

      The Deep Swamp fights back, and sadly the Trump revolution may be coming to an end in America.
      Maybe the Don can now come over and Make Britain Great Again?


    • Halifax says:

      Here we go again, endless months of narrative from the BBC CNN etc that Russian money is behind this result………Oh hang on it’s the result they wanted so perhaps……..


  48. Doobster78 says:

    Shame about the US result but not quite the “blue wave” a few libtards were predicting. Still enough for the likes of Zurcher and Sopel etc to start having a group tug !!!!

    The real worrying aspect coming out of these results tho is the amount of women coming thru. Muslim women as well. Now I ain’t no racist or sexist but that worries me. Likely shite at the job but hey, it’s a women, let vote for them. Girl power etc etc. We have seen with judge Kavanaugh just how nasty these liberal women can be, they are a big big threat for the next few years. Scary. Real scary this play dirty female movement.