Midweek Open / Brexit Thread 10 October 2018

We could be coming up to crunch time in the Brexit negotiations and the future of our country .

The far left BBC will do it’s best to undermine the brexit position and we will witness it .


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365 Responses to Midweek Open / Brexit Thread 10 October 2018

  1. MarkyMark says:

    BBC report on Windrush man who failed to get back into the UK and is now back in the Uk .. When the BBC show pictures of him travelling down a street he looked out of his taxi window and saw … (remember there will be minutes of footage to use, plenty of different scenes to choose from) …. in London in 2018 …. he looks out of his taxi window and the BBC show ….



  2. MarkyMark says:

    There is no pay gap … idiots …

    While our analysis shows that we pay our BAME and non-BAME employees equally for doing equivalent jobs, it does reveal that we have an imbalance at the senior levels of our business.



  3. MarkyMark says:

    “Yes Minister — Why Britain Joined the European Union”


  4. JakeTheMuss says:

    BBC Radio 1 has just informed me that it is National or international “coming out day”today (Whatever)! Well done BBC keep up the good work and keep spending my licence fee to peddle a barrow I give absolutely no f###s about!

    They then go on to to talk with a gay someone from a minority background (Bangladeshi). Who is here on a student visa. Saying how they would be killed if they came out back home. Full points if you can work out the angle and agenda they are pushing on this bit of the story. Yep you guessed right, I was left with the impression that we should be letting him stay on once he has completed his studies. Drip, drip, drip.


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC missed International Blasphemy Day!


    • Navets says:


      Isn’t life so unfair. If he goes back home he will get killed. If he stays here and renounces his religion he gets killed for it or doesn’t renounce his religion but gets found out and gets killed for being gay. Unless, of course, he is one of the 10% of Bangladeshi non-ROP adherents.


  5. MarkyMark says:

    “Why did the French go into it (European Union) then?”

    “To protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition.”

    “That certainly doesn’t apply to the Germans?”

    “No,no,no. They went in it (EU) to cleanse themselves of genocide and reapply themselves for admission to the human race.”

    Yes Minister explains the EEC (EU)


  6. Nibor says:

    I’ve just had a thought .

    Instead of Remoaners waiting for all us Brexiteers to die of old age ( which I think will take a long time ) they can use their Big Brains and huge intellects and …. leave the country .

    They will always get a job somewhere else in the EU because they are so intelligent , and know the full facts about a referendum before the natives they go and annoy… sorry live amongst . And they will be welcomed with open arms because they are European and the other EUropeans will see them the same as themselves coming from a country that went racist .
    And living is any other EUropean country is the same in EUtopia ( EU.S.A or is the EUSSR ? ) whether it be Sweden , Slovenia or Greece as it is in Britain .
    Yes the answer is to leave this rain soaked island and live in the sunny paradise of the EU .
    Unless there’s a bit more to it .


    • MarkyMark says:

      Those that voted remain realise that they cannot live with the 52% so move to Greece and create a new Utopia with zero youth unemployment! En Marche! Forward!


    • Kaiser says:

      poland probably has plenty openings for builders and plumbers, not that I can think of a single remainer that would actually do dirty/manual work


    • Richard Pinder says:

      As a Mensa member with a head that almost killed my mother, I would say that Remoaners must have small heads. I remember reading a comment about the size of Lord Hall’s remarkably small head, as seen from behind him on a Government Committee.

      Remainers would be amongst the five in six Oxford University students who failed their Mensa test. I also found them to be posh pompous snobs who did not like being beaten in a game of Chess. They would then turn out to be unemployable, so ended up in University administration or in the civil service or at the BBC.

      Also, during the run up to the referendum, I noticed a solution to the young Remainer problem. A local school and a top London School both held mock referendums in which the Brexit supporters got a surprise victory. Both the local paper and the BBC,s Jeremy Paxman reported that the Brexit team won because they focused on the undemocratic governance of the European Union.

      So the lesson for Brexitteers is that a simple half hour lesson in a school classroom could remove the ignorance produced by the pro-establishment brainwashing of young people. It also implies that the reason why middle-class Labour voters are more likely to support the European Union, is that working-class Labour voters are more likely to be educated about EU governance by the Daily Express, than middle-class Labour voters by the Guardian, and the BBC.

      Therefore worries about BBC Censorship, could also lead to Mensa members producing a pamphlet on European Union governance. Causing young people to return to revolutionary anti-establishment politics, by marching in the streets for freedom from the EU, the abolition of the House of Lords and replacing the old fashioned undemocratic order of the past, with direct democracy.


  7. JimS says:

    Today Jeremy Vine was speaking to two women who, (trigger warning), suggested that natural breast milk might be, let’s say, of benefit compared to ‘formula’.

    Look away now if this is a sensitive issue.

    In the past some people have said ‘Breast Is Best’, but we can’t say that anymore because it might be hurtful to some women.

    It seems that there is no area of life where it is possible to advise anyone of the best option because someone, somewhere, may not fit the ‘normal’ scenario. As a result we become ‘inclusive’ by excluding the majority, we become ‘tolerant’ by shouting down anyone expressing a majority opinion and ‘diverse’ by all being the same, as long as that ‘same’ isn’t from the majority population.


  8. MarkyMark says:

    A list of the 238 most respected journalists, as nominated by journalists in the 2018 Journalists at Work survey

    Fran Abrams BBC Radio 4 & The Guardian
    Kate Adie BBC
    Katya Adler BBC Europe
    Jonathan Ali BBC
    Emma Barnett BBC Radio 5 Live
    Jeremy Bowen BBC
    Fiona Bruce BBC
    Michael Buchanan BBC
    Reeta Chakrabarti BBC
    Richard Conway BBC
    Tina Daheley BBC
    Victoria Derbyshire BBC
    Stacey Dooley BBC
    Lyse Doucet BBC
    Frank Gardner BBC
    Carrie Gracie BBC
    John Humphrys BBC
    Mishal Husain BBC
    Nick Jones Formerly BBC
    Fergal Keane BBC
    Laura Kuenssberg BBC
    James Landale BBC
    David Lee BBC
    Allan Little Formerly BBC
    Gabby Logan Presenter, BBC Sport and ITV
    Sally Magnusson BBC
    Andrew Marr BBC
    Emily Maitlis BBC
    Mandy McAuley BBC
    Phil McCann BBC
    Steph McGovern BBC
    Megha Mohan BBC
    Sarah Montague BBC
    Andrew Neil BBC
    Robert Nisbet Former BBC and Sky correspondent
    John Pienaar BBC
    Amol Rajan BBC
    Anita Rani BBC
    Dan Roan BBC
    Nick Robinson BBC
    Steve Rosenberg BBC
    James Sammie BBC
    Peter Sherlock BBC
    David Sillito BBC
    John Simpson BBC
    John Sweeney BBC
    Peter Taylor BBC
    Dan Walker BBC
    Kirsty Wark BBC


    • Nibor says:

      Well that’s 238 journalists but there is a more exclusive award .
      It’s the Nibor award for the best journalist in 2018 and twenty or thirty years prior to that .

      The award for this goes to …
      Nibor .

      Who accepts graciously for his long running campaign for full democracy and hanging senior civil servants grade 5 or above .

      The award is so exclusive that only Nibor can attend in his truck at a date so unspecified that TV Licensing ( Crapita) take lessons in ambiguity .


    • davylars says:

      Wot no Sopel? That’s a beauty………..


    • Lefty Wright says:

      SACK ‘EM.


    • scribblingscribe says:

      Lots of Guardian journalists mentioned too.

      Which is odd as the Guardian is only bought by around 130,000 people a day. The smallest circulation of any national newspaper. Yet it has the best journalists?


      • Nibor says:

        I suppose it could be classed as news as in

        Lots of journalists in the Swamp award themselves something if they are of a hive mind and not really a threat to the Gramscians that infest the body politic .

        Which is of no interest to the ordinary Joe . So of less interest than Railway Modeler and Poultry Monthly unless there is a journalist who can prove Trump fears poultry who would be elevated to the 238 journalists who are getting an award this year . Not 238 journalists getting an award only bestowed once in a decade , no it’s every year . By journalists .


    • Sluff says:

      Not a surprise, Marky.
      The licence fee subsidised BBC news organisation can afford to employ more journalists than the rest of Fleet Street put together. And guess what? They vote for each other !!!!
      Meanwhile, the unsubsidised regional news sector has to fight tooth and nail to stay afloat……….while the BBC uses the regional pages of its website, also licence fee subsidised, to put those local papers that remain out of business.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      A list of the fifteen most competent journalists, as nominated by Richard Pinder.

      Robin Aitken
      Christopher Booker
      James Delingpole
      Martin Durkin
      Frederick Forsyth
      Jonah Goldberg
      Donna Laframboise
      Dominic Lawson
      Rod Liddle
      Richard Littlejohn
      Leo McKinstry
      Christopher Monckton
      Andrew Montford
      Richard North
      Melanie Phillips


      • Payne by name says:

        I used to rate Melanie Philips but her lack of knowledge and desire to trot out the establishment line on Tommy Robinson (when she bemoans everyone doing the same thing to Israel) is a little frustrating.

        Can I add the following to your list though I appreciate I am moving more into commentators/contributors

        Mark Steyn
        Tucker Carlson
        Laura Ingraham
        Tammy Bruce
        Dan Bongino
        Greg Gutfeld
        Victor David Hanson
        Larry Elder


      • Anne says:

        Douglas Murray?


        • Alicia Sinclair says:

          Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish.
          Jeanine Pirro
          Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch. But there is only one winner this year in 2018.
          Mr TOMMY ROBINSON!
          With special commendations to Lauren Southern and Katie Hopkins.


    • Navets says:


      Pass me the bucket!


    • G.W.F. says:

      More beauties


    • Fedup2 says:

      Wonder what the definition of ‘respected’ means in this context – do they buy their round ? Is that it ? – not meeshhall of course – who is in that list HOW?


  9. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    The BBC do, like, science stuff…

    Same-sex mice have babies

    Except they don’t really, freaky Chinese scientists (of the Dr Frankenstein school) do some really weird (and ethically questionable) genetic manipulation on sperm, eggs and stem cells (wasn’t stem cell research banned in most countries?), to prove it is possible to (more or less) create live mammal offspring using genetic material from two female mice.

    Or, as the BBC put it, ‘two mammas’ (yes, they do).

    Other than the outright freakishness of the research itself, which is gut churning enough, you really need to read the article for the outstanding quality of the language used by the UK’s top journalists (sic).

    Anyway, the last paragraph is… enlightening:

    ‘So can I have a baby with my same-sex partner?

    Unless you’re a mouse reading this, and a female one at that, then the answer is not any time soon.

    Dr Teresa Holm, from the University of Auckland, thinks there is a chance in the long run.

    “[The research] may even lead to the development of ways for same-sex couples to reproduce healthy children of their own,” she says.

    But she points out there are “significant ethical and safety concerns that would need to be overcome”.

    It would not be allowed to happen until scientists could be sure any resultant children would grow up mentally and physically normal.

    Some people have doubts that the mice were completely OK.’

    Some people may also have doubts that anyone wanting to conceive a child in this way was ‘completely OK’ too.


  10. Sluff says:

    More thoughts on the new Equalities Industry Job Creation Scheme aka the ‘ethnicity pay gap’.
    1. How often did we here that all those economic migrants, sorry I mean asylum seekers, coming over from Africa were all skilled doctors and engineers. Given we allegedly have a shortage of those skills, and they are relatively highly paid jobs, presumably the said immigrants would be earning more than the average, not less !!!!!!! I am truly shocked, shocked I say, that the data does not appear to bear this out.
    2. But on the other hand, many cannot even speak English, which would limit them to the menial jobs in any given industry, so their pay would be below average, in fact at minimum wage levels.
    In other words, as we all know, there are lots of totally legitimate reasons why the pay of a given group is different from another group.
    In the twilight parallel universe of the BBC however, only racism is accepted as a legitimate reason.
    What fun it would be if a non-English speaking Somali cleaner of the BBC offices replaced Fiona Bruce to read the news for £400 k per annum.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      So according to the BBC, the mass immigration of cheap labour into Britain, started by Tony Blair, was racist, because employers have exploited the immigrants brought into Britain by the Labour Party to rub the rights nose in diverty, but instead, destroyed left Labour voting white working class communities, who then took revenge on the Blairites, by voting for Brexit.

      Solutions could be to deport the cheap labour and to introduce a points based immigration policy, or for the Government to make it illegal by Act of Parliament, for anyone at the BBC, to be paid more than Lenny Henry or the minimum wage, whichever is the lowest.


  11. pugnazious says:

    Dissident Saudi journo, Jamal Khashoggi, is apparently almost literally ‘rendered’ because of his uncomfortable views and opposition to the politics of Saudi Arabia and we hear on the BBC that this is an appalling situation and that we should treat Saudi Arabia just as we have treated Russia after the attack on the Skripals.

    No such concern for Tommy Robinson after he was rapidly and unceremoniously, and illegally, thrown into Prison and moved to another prison where there would have been a high likelihood of him being attacked by the majority Muslim population, a tactic used previously by the government to try and silence Robinson, maybe permanently.

    A government sponsored attempt to have him killed using some Muslim ‘useful idiots’ as the fallguys? Quite possibly, the circumstances point that way.

    But no concern whatsoever from the likes of the BBC, quite the opposite in fact as they seemed to express quiet, gloating, satisfaction and pushed a narrative that Robinson deserved to be punished….and they never forget to list his supposed past-crimes…many of which were no such thing and have been deliberately misreported in order to smear Robinson.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      This Saudi goon blamed the Americans for 9/11.
      So who gives a damn, let Ergogan and Prince Salman smile snakes and scorpions at each other.
      Bernard Bresslaw and Kenneth Williams were well ahead of the game.


  12. Celtic_Mist says:

    It looks like the law will be used to tax us to death following the IPCC report. If BBC brainwashing succeeds this is the road the public are being herded down.



  13. Richard Pinder says:

    On Wednesday, there was a BBC 4 documentary about Maths. BBC documentaries in the 1980’s usually contained 100 percent content with only a narrator. Over the years the documentaries took on one or more presenters, with contributors originally having something original to contribute to the documentary. Then the content of the documentaries got less and less, as the presenters got more and more of an acting role in the documentaries, and now the contributors have nothing to contribute other than information that exists in school books. On Wednesday the BBC went lower than ever by using licence fee money to buy presents for its politically correct contributors. The BBC bought a tetrahedron for the worlds top black mathematician, a dodecahedron for the worlds top Asian female mathematician, a octahedron for the worlds top American (probably because he was gay) mathematician, and a icosahedron for Britain’s top female mathematician. But the cube was not given to any heterosexual white British male mathematicians, due presumably to most having complained about the BBC’s science and maths censorship policy.


  14. Doobster78 says:

    If you fancy seeing a proper liberal left twitter meltdown, head on over to the newsnight twitter feed and the article about Tommy Robinson. Its so lovely to see them not getting everything their own way anymore. They just cannot cope / comprehend people not voting their way


    • Guest Who says:

      This one could be going better too.

      Not sure wheeling out a Graun ‘journalist’ in the Polly or Owen mold, if of vibrant hue, has gone as well as they may have hoped.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        —“A couple of years ago this man was completely washed up […] he had a sort of makeshift crew of cameras and microphones….”

        Hmm one might almost think from Ms Malik’s words that what matters here is less about the pursuit of truth, and more to do with forging a successful corporate career with decent tech.

        I bet Newsnight have some really nice microphones in their studio.


      • Anne says:

        “Tommy Robinson is an opportunist, he did not have a lot of interest in the grooming gang story before it became mainstream,”

        Nick Griffin did, but it didn’t make any difference, nobody wanted to hear it.


      • ID says:

        Guest Who
        The Font of Fake News seems to have gone into overdrive about Tommy Robinson. A ridiculously unsubtle hacbet job on Newsshite last night followed up on the Joke O’Burn show today.
        They must be really worried.
        The Newsshite piece was essentially ad hominems from Guardian types. A victim of a muslim grooming gang calling TR an opportunist who had done nothing to help victims was a bit of a coup. This is a tried and tested BBC ruse. The BBC likes to find relatives of victims of muslim butchery who will proclaim on air that the perpetrators are followers of a “perversion of islam” and that “islam is really a religion of peace”. In the case of victims of muslim rape gangs it would be interesting to know what the other 5000 plus victims think. The BBC seemed to be very proud of the line that there were more white paedophiles in UK than muslim ones. This, of course, simply ignores the overepresentation of muslims as rapists of kuffar children and the strange phenomenon father, son and uncle gangs of muslim child rapists. The Daily Politics was simply a continuation of the smear campaign on the pretext of the “army cadet furore”. Some dim c*** on the panel even claimed that the cadets “did not know who he was”. No doubt thinking that only the thick, white underclass would be stupid enough to risk dying for their country. After the establishment’s persecution of soldiers who dispatch Big Beard terrorists while under extreme stress after combat and the unrelenting attempts to prosecute soldiers who served in NI to pander to Sinn Fein/IRA, it is no wonder that TR is popular in the army.
        Joke O’ Burn seems to think that because Islam is a religion, it cannot be an ideology. Is she a secret muslima and so feels herself bound by some bizarre blasphemy law? Or is she getting mountains of cash from Saudi or Iran or both!?. If anyone declares themselves to be Tory, i.e .having certain ideological beliefs, the usual leftard dross is convinced they are “evil” – unusually religious terminology for people who would insist that Ian Brady or Myra Hyndley could not be “evil” as the concept was meaningless in a secular world. Coincidentally, Fake News at Ten was doing face to face interviews with Isis and Taliban Big Beards in Afghanistan. The Beheader-in-Chief explained to the BBC interviewer that killing the infidel was a religious duty. Still the BBC interviewer did not seem to grasp what he was being told. You pray 5 times a day, fervently believe the Koran is the revealed will of god, and complete every statement with a inshallahbimshallahbum and still the BBC thinks you are not serois about your credo and what it requires of you in the name of piety. To be a nazi, for the BBC is to be a mass murderer in spe as nazism is a supremist, totalist and in government totalitarian ideology. The same applies to islam, but the BBC refuse to understand.


        • Banania says:

          Is the contempt shown for TR mainly a kind of snobbery? The conformity of the MSM to Guardian opinions about him is extraordinary, extending to the more Conservative papers. On line, even Spiked seems not to be able to look at him clearly. The people we heard on Newsnight last night and Politics Live today surely cannot have bothered to gone to the sources – watched TR’s videos and interviews and read everything they could find.


  15. Guest Who says:

    The problem is clearly, old, white… naked men.

    Though bbc auditions do look as expected.

    Harvey Weinstein will be jelly.


  16. Dave666 says:

    Here’s the reply “Thank you for contacting us about BBC One’s ‘Breakfast’ broadcast on 8 October.

    I understand you feel the discussion about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was not balanced and lacked input from those who believe climate change is a lie.

    In this item we heard from environmental scientist Angela Terry, Phil Korbel from the Carbon Literacy Project, and environmental campaigner Chloe Andrews. Whilst I appreciate you feel Phil Korbel inaccurately stated that “all” the world’s scientific community were behind the report, it is worth noting that he said that “world’s scientists have come together” for the IPCC, which is a reference to the 195 countries who are members of the IPCC.

    The BBC is absolutely committed to impartial and balanced coverage on this complex issue. Our position remains exactly as it was – we accept that there is broad scientific agreement on climate change and we reflect this accordingly. We do however on occasion offer space to dissenting voices where appropriate as part of the BBC’s overall commitment to impartiality.

    That said, I appreciate you feel that this discussion should have featured an opposing view, and I’m sorry to hear that you feel your views have been underrepresented on the BBC’s output.

    Please rest assured your concerns have been raised with the ‘Breakfast’ team and senior management on our audience feedback report. These reports are among the most widely read sources of feedback within the BBC and help inform both current and future programming.

    Once again, many thanks for taking the time to get in touch.

    Kind regards” Make of that what you will.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Phrase that stick out is “occasion offer space to dissenting voices where appropriate ” dissenting.. so anyone who has another view is dissenting not a valid reasoned argument in a discussion but dissents against BBC views..
      Overall the BBC think they got it about right….


    • StewGreen says:

      Cheers @Dave666 I’ll copy that one over to BH Log of BBC Climate bias ..last page

      See this https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/10/11/bbc-the-worlds-top-climate-scientists-who-are-they-answer-activists
      Has the BBC ever chased up why green mouths use so much CO2 ?
      Rebel Media FOI’d Catherine McKenna’s (Canada’s Enviro minster) spending on carbon offsets
      60,000 miles in only 8 months? That’s 8,000 miles a month! (2015-2016)

      That cost taxpayer Can$ 480, which looks a low price of guilt to me.
      Fly 1,000 miles and pay $8 in offset costs.
      (I guess of that $8, after agents fees $2 ends up paying for tree planting)


      • StewGreen says:

        *world’s scientists* = people who signed this new IPCC document
        .. which as WUWT points out is :
        – SOME cherry picked climate scientists,
        – SOME cherry picked other scientists
        – and a bunch of other signers who have Law Degrees etc.
        … ie a bunch of cherry picked ACTIVISTS

        BTW @Dave666 did YOU in your complaint use the word “lie”
        Or are they putting words in your mouth ?
        “lacked input from those who believe climate change is a lie.”


    • Moodswing6 says:

      It seems that reports are constantly created and read and IGNORED.


  17. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Guardian Opinion
    Wed 10 Oct 2018 18.21 BST Last modified on Wed 10 Oct 2018 20.38 BST
    “The Guardian view on Brexit in parliament: respect the majority Editorial”

    Waffle here, which you may read if you wish.

    The important word is “majority”. Because, the majority which is the subject of this article is the majority of MPs. Not the majority of voters who voted to leave the toxic EU.

    Comments are allowed. Mostly from Soros & Co.

    The primary purpose of a sovereign nation is to remain sovereign. That is to recognise no authority above itself.
    It cannot, ever, be in the interest of any sovereign nation, to enter a union whose purpose is to destroy it.
    The Remainers are simply traitors who wish the UK, and its indigines, to disappear into a brown sludge.


  18. AsISeeIt says:

    The BBC goes Stormzy…

    No, I’m not referring to the Florida storm which BBC tv have elevated to their top news headline and are determinedly attempting to make this far away story our own here in the UK.

    Nor am I referring to BBC London’s third top headline this morning about a young chap who started cutting hair in his bedroom and is now barber to rap music stars – and BBC London ‘news’ are bigging him up, just because…

    I shouldn’t knock it. At least this young black man is making something of himself and the BBC are praising that.

    Now we come to BBC London weather and Named Storm Callum will miss the region but it’s still front and centre of our bulletin – winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour can bring down tree branches, dontcha know.

    But inevitably we metropolitan dwellers won’t be much impressed by ‘blustery’ today so our weather girl, the winsome Elizabeth Rizzini, saves here scripted adjective flourish for the temperature:

    “It will be ridiculously mild for this time of year!”

    It’s bad enough that our BBC weather forecast show presenters so often reach for the moral imperative (‘warmer than it SHOULD be at this time of year’) but now we get a veritable sense of humour attributed to our weather.

    What next…?
    These showers are mocking us…
    The wind is having a laugh…
    Tomorrow expect a GSOH factor 4…
    The Met Office are putting out a blue weather warning…
    An English high pressure area and a Scottish cold front blew into an isobar the other day…


  19. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Thu 11 Oct 2018 18.32 BST Guardian Opinion
    “The Guardian view on immigration detention: don’t look away Editorial”


    With the “K” word in Red.
    On three bits of cardboard in a photograph of three protestors (one maleish).

    Ignorance is strength, war is peace, freedom is slavery.

    You just cannot cure stupidity.

    Fortress Europe NOW please.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      The wife has occasionally -under strong protest from me- been being buying ‘The Guardian’ because it has a ‘good’ literature review section, and she’s into books. (So am I, but I’d rather cut off my right hand than buy that mind-polluting garbage. They might mistake it as support for their political views…)
      From now on I think that’s ‘over my dead body’. So if I don’t do any more posts, you’ll know what’s happened.
      (Having to listen to Afua Hirsh talking crap on R4 last night, trying to push her white guilt narrative, has put me into a combative mood.)


  20. Jeff says:

    You know I often wonder what a time traveler from the 1970’s would make of Blighty today.
    Would he they amazed or amused…or just downright horrified? I think number three might top the list..
    The insidious poison of political correctness now means that a bloke imprisoned for rape can “self identify” as female and have himself transferred to a women’s prison. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Well, plenty as it turned out.
    Not at all surprisingly the serial sex offender, locked away from women because he raped them! has molested and attacked at least two women since his incarceration in the ladies nick. Who’d have thought that would happen?
    I’m guessing pretty much all of us. But more to the point, who in their right mind could ever have thought that this was a sane course of action? Surely they must be stark, staring, raving mad!
    And do you know what really puts the pc cap on it? On the ultra politically correct BBC news feed, they’re still referring to this rapist geezer as “she”.
    Where’s my Tardis?


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Sorry to break it to you Jeff, that Tardis ain’t gonna help you these days…


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      The BBC could do a remake of PORRIDGE?…..with ALL NEW PC characters?.(there was the ‘camp’ Christopher Biggins character in the original to be fair and the token black scots guy?)…I wonder what Ray Galton OBE (RIP one of this country’s greatest comedy writers) would think?…..perhaps they could get the writers of the hilarious Mrs.Browns Boys to write it?…..


  21. JamesArthur says:

    Driving late last night
    R4. front row…Jesus..woman in film, women directors, then plays about refugees and some up his own bum director telling us how Brexit people are all xenophobes…and how wonderful it was that the audience at his play in Leeds all stood up for 3 hours to experience what the refugees do…what a load of tosh…

    R4 has become one long feminist, anti UK/empire, pro Islam, anti Christian, anti Brexit, pro luvvies, anti science, anti men agenda
    Why do I listen? Well as I say to my students, you have to listen to different views, even if it is to see how odd they are, but without knowledge you cannot have a reasoned discussion – clearly BBC don’t bother


  22. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On politics live they were discussing the housing shortage.
    Many reasons were given out such as land banking or renting being expensive or a host of other things. Not enough being built for example.
    Not one of the highly paid and almost certainly university educated panellists mentioned one reason for the housing shortage that no doubt everybody reading this has already guessed would be avoided. (Or should that be 300,000 reasons)

    Does anyone have an opinion why May is so stubborn and hard line in keeping her chequers plan and punishes any of the Tory mp’s who are against it (walk home from chequers if you don’t vote for my chequers plan) and yet she is bowing and scraping to anyone with any eu connections. She can’t give them enough, concessions, money, anything at all and she will give it to them with nothing in return.
    She had given in on everything and gained nothing. Absolutely hopeless.
    We will be paying £39 billion for a worse deal than we have now.
    It’s like going to buy a car and saying “can I give you £10,000 so that I can buy the car from you” and then paying full price on top of that.
    The trade part of leave was only a small (but important) part of Brexit but the politicians has made it appear that this is the only part that matters. No mention of sovereignty for example.
    Brexit means Brexit in name only should be the conservative slogan.
    Also, did I hear her correctly on pmq’s saying we will take control of our fishing waters and then say we should get a good deal on what we can catch? Is that taking control back?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Time for Treezer to quit. High time. She shouldn’t ever have got there in the first place. Talk about ‘overpromoted’. While others resign on a point of ‘honour’, I can’t see her doing that: she has none. I think she was dishonest with us (and with herself) from day one because, like Merkel, she is desperate for the power and will do ANYTHING to hang on in there.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        May should be tied to the muzzle of a cannon.
        Blair should be loaded into the breech of the same cannon.


      • G says:

        Lies and deceit got us formally into the, ‘Common Market’. With more Lies and deceit we will remain in. May? every utterance is a lie.


      • Luckyharry69 says:

        Personally I think Johnson is the only way forward.His speech last week was far more ‘conservative’ in flavour than anything May says..Im afraid she is a coward and spineless…….I know that wont go down well with certain people BUT he is the only person I can see actually getting the Brexit I voted for…..I voted YES to LEAVE the EU…I didnt vote for ‘some negotiations’…or ‘to have time to transition’ etc.If the vote had gone the other way I would have accepted it 100%…thats democracy.May and Hammond are desperately hanging on for some sort of ‘DEAL’…I didnt vote for a ‘DEAL’……..(apologies I forgot this is an anti-BBC website!!).


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      EG you are right to point out that Sovereignty is almost never mentioned now. Remainers always keep the argument limited to economics because they cant argue the case for anything else and even this is transient.

      And yes the proposed surrender document, you can hardly call it a deal, seems to be lets pay £39bn for a relationship that is worse than staying in. And you can guarantee the UK will also end up paying for continued access to the SM and CU that we apparently have left!

      Democracy is hanging by a thread and it seems our only hope is the DUP


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        When May signs off on her Brexit in name only will it happen in a railway carriage in Compiegne.


      • theisland says:

        The trouble with cowardly Leave/Brexiteer MPs, who haven’t the guts to oust TM for fear of a General Election, is that they refuse to acknowledge that the vocal Remainer MPs are traitors (no other word for it) and do a bit of work to expose them as such. How many of them really think that their remoaning colleagues are acting ‘in good faith’ instead of duplicitous personal agenda or sheer stupidity?


    • G says:

      “Does anyone have an opinion why May is so stubborn and hard line in keeping her chequers plan…… ” – Simply following Soros’ orders.


  23. JamesArthur says:

    Radio going off
    Womans Hour.. female director, throwing in skin colour, me too..FFS is there nothing else for these people to talk about…all they talk about is self promoting, woe is me, whinging …


  24. fakenewswatcher says:

    Complete radio silence from the beeb, meanwhile, on the great UN bash on ‘Migration’ in Morocco in December. I understand that the US, Hungary and Poland are NOT signing the ‘compact’ and that Austria is considering not signing.
    What about the UK? Write to your MP and ask. Write to FCO and Hunt and request UK non-signature. This is going to be another thing designed to bite whitey in the backside, big-time.
    And with us currently going into phase two of the great Windrush guilt project, I do wonder where the UK stands? Actually, it occurs to me that the trotting out of Afua Hirsh on R4 could be a clue. The timing is interesting.


  25. MarkyMark says:

    “Thank you for contacting us about Jon Sopel’s Twitter account. We were sorry to learn of your concerns about the references he makes to his book. This is in fact a BBC book, published under a deal we have with Penguin.

    Jon Sopel sought and was given permission to refer to the book in his Twitter feed, in line with BBC editorial guidelines.

    His book was submitted for editorial approval by a senior member of staff, again in line with the practice set out by our editorial guidelines. We (BBC) are satisfied that it is (Jon Sopel’s book) an impartial account of his experiences in America.

    As Jon Sopel is the BBC’s North America editor, it’s likely that his book might be of interest to those who’ve chosen to follow him on Twitter. But the appropriate level of promotion on social media is an art rather than a science – and we’re sorry you felt this went too far.

    Jon’s Twitter feed does of course still include plenty of news material.”

    Thanks again for getting in touch.

    Kind regards

    David Currie

    BBC Complaints Team




  26. NISA says:

    An immigration enforcement hotline was called 68 times by MPs or their staff last year, it has been revealed.

    Charities have now written to Commons Speaker John Bercow asking MPs to pledge not to inform on constituents, arguing people should not have to fear being reported on by their MPs.


    Are illegal aliens really “constituents”? A term used throughout this report by no border folk without the BBC finding the need for comment.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Don’t MPs have a legal duty/obligation to report illegal immigrants, whether they want to, or not?

      Don’t all of us? I mean, tell me if I’m wrong, but surely illegal immigrants are breaking the law, the clue is in them being called ‘illegal’… isn’t it?


    • Guest Who says:

      So Diane Abbott is just like a qualified brief then?

      “Well, there I was in my camper in the BBC carpark…”


  27. Cassandra says:

    Do you remember in the past when a comedian like Les Dawson would start a joke along the lines of”… a black disabled lesbian walked into a bar…”? Well…

    With all the rubbish the BBC have been forcing down our throats about gender politics and fluidity over the last few months, don’t be surprised when this thing pops up on our screens or on the radio.

    Anyway, I’ve run this tweet past all my black and ethnic-minority friends, and she said it was fine.

    I’ll get my coat.


  28. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    ‘Climate change: Is your Netflix habit bad for the environment?’

    Classic BBC.


  29. Panda says:

    Whilst watching the royal wedding i’m failing to see any members of the religion of peace in the ranks of the Mets armed police. Surely the beeb should look into this blatant lack of diversity.


  30. Guest Who says:

    Wonder where the Kattster gets her dry cleaning done?


  31. Payne by name says:

    It’s galling to see how whiney and weak we are becoming.

    The beeb decided to run this ridiculous puff piece about guys complaining that there is nowhere for them to change their babies and something needs to be done.


    Jesus, get over yourself. So you have to adapt, so you have to improvise, so what?

    Should now every toilet in every location that you could possibly ever visit be completely remodelled just so that you aren’t inconvenienced when you child has filled their nappy (a device constructed to hold crap for a temporary period of time) and you have to change it immediately whereever you are?

    The whiny self importance of these victims is so depressing.


  32. StewGreen says:

    #1 He said: “What on earth is the government doing, saying that even where a community wants to have an onshore wind farm, it can’t have it. This is sheer dogma.”
    ..Dramagreens like him get caught in their own propaganda
    ‘On shore wind is BANNED, by those evil Tories’
    .. Nope, they are not banned, merely the SUBSIDIES were restricted.
    *Initially, the editors of the Today programme rejected the complaint.*
    An appeal to the Executive Complaints Unit was successful and upheld the first part of his complaint, relating to a supposed government ban on onshore wind.

    The GWPF now plans to refer the second part of the complaint, relating to the cost of generating electricity, to media watchdog Ofcom.
    #2 Lord Deben also claimed that onshore wind power was the “cheapest form of producing electricity today”.
    … This is false; the substantial network costs necessary to connect wind power to the national grid and manage its intermittency, make wind energy more expensive than gas even when the cost of carbon taxes are included.


    • StewGreen says:

      The big concerning thing is that BBC first rejected the complaint.
      ..and then on appeal say ‘oh yeh that claim was totally false’

      They so want to believe the second claim.
      Basically every time a new wind turbine is connected the grid the electricity costs have to go UP and increase the cost of everything granny pays for
      cos wind makes extra costs like FIT (guaranteed subsidy price) +NetworkPriority + Extra-infrastructure costs.

      However there is a trick
      I can build a phase1 with substations and transmission wires all costed.. I get a big subsidy to cover this.
      Then I build a smaller phase2 and make a big show of this is UNSUBSIDISED.. and hope people don’t notice that I’m piggy backing on the costs already covered in phase 1, so got not got new costs for substations and transmission wires.

      Then the normal thing is flog it all off, before anyone can mention decommissioning costs etc.


      • Guest Who says:

        “The big concerning thing is that BBC first rejected the complaint”

        Precisely. So what does this say about their disposal systems at munchkin level? Deliberately put in place to defend through attrition.

        Of course, the ECU is also not immune.


        “The director of the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit later said that “he did not accept that those who only read the headline would have been left with a materially misleading impression”

        So, a director… whose ‘acceptance’ can be utterly wrong.

        Those of course were the days of the ‘Trust’.

        Has anything changed since?

        Has it h***.


      • Banania says:

        Has Gummer got some financial interest in wind turbines, like Cameron’s father?


  33. Anne says:

    Not strictly BBC, but I had to laugh at this:

    The cautionary tale of Karen White, the transgender rapist

    It’s not a “tale” in that there is nothing worth telling that wasn’t bloody obvious!

    This, BTW, is the rapist, Karen White:


    A trifle butch, don’t you think?


  34. Luckyharry69 says:

    Im sure a lot of you are listening to Jeremy Vine and the cringeworthy story of a ‘self-identifying woman’ who is actually a man (and in my opinion he is a man) who raped women in a prison.Without being crude wouldnt you need male genitalia to rape a woman, which would mean he is a MALE(?) or is it a woman/woman rape?……
    As usual Vine only selects those people from texts and callers who are ‘sympathetic’ with the ‘transgender community’ (which again in my opinion doesnt exist) and has guests on from bizarre organisations that justify this un-scientific cultural Marxist nonsense.

    Apparently they are discussing a bill in parliament regarding ‘self-identification’ currently….I fear for my sanity and my country……
    Where on earth are we going with this Brave New World stuff……?


  35. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Does anyone else think the current climate of ‘entitlement’, for everyone with anything which could vaguely be considered a ‘disadvantage’, is a really, really bad idea?

    Just got back from spending my lunch half hour stood in the bank, not going to moan about the lack of working cash machines and queue of little old ladies waiting to see the one cashier, as I know a lot of rural towns don’t even have a bank these days. However, I am going to moan vociferously about that fungoid Beeboid Chris Packham whose face was plastered all over the walls advertising the ‘Autism Society’.

    Many of you probably don’t remember the Packham on BBC kids TV in the 80s, sadly I do. He was an annoying a-hole then too, an annoying a-hole with stupid hair, a gurning face, and a totally indecipherable speech impediment. Mostly, you sat there wondering if he’d just said what you thought he had, and if he had, why it was being shown on TV, and he behaved like a totally arrogant little sh*t and said and did things that would have got me and most of my mates a clip ’round the ear.

    The BEEB clearly loved him though, and these days you can’t get away from the annoying tw*t, he’s everywhere. Which brings me back to not being able to escape the creepy bastard in the bank even.

    In case you’re not aware (fat chance), Mr Packham is autistic… ‘so what?’ you say ‘so is everyone else and their dog these days’, quite true, quite true, am sure I’m on that autistic spectrum somewhere, and (working in Engineering) most of my colleagues too, but we don’t claim it’s an excuse to be a complete a-hole, or to have special treatment.

    Why not? Well, for a start, every time someone has to have special treatment, other people lose out, it’s a fact of life, someone gets shunted up to the front of the queue on account of being elderly, or in a wheelchair, or stinking of BO, and the rest of the queue have to shuffle back to make room. Fair enough, most of us have enough empathy to make small sacrifices for the sake of others in their hour of need, but it gets to the point where you can’t simply keep shuffling backwards, or you’re simply being shoved out the door. What happens when the ‘entitled’ outnumber the giver uppers? What happens when two ‘entitled’ parties come face to face, which one gives way to which?

    The Packham’s latest demand? An hour a week in every supermarket throughout the land dedicated solely to autistic people, so they can shop without the ‘intimidation’ of other (normal) shoppers. Now, if we also have an hour a week for: disabled, women, gay, trans, black, muslim, elderly, young, snowflakes, SJW…. when do us ‘norms’ get to shop?!


  36. StewGreen says:

    Fracking : Marie Antoinette loses case as judge says there is no grounds to stop fracking
    Anti-frackers are frothing in the BBC comments


    • StewGreen says:

      Dismissing the application, the judge said:
      “The claimant first has to establish that there is a serious issue to be tried.
      I am satisfied that the claimant falls at the first hurdle.”

      \\ My sister lives two miles from the Cuadrilla site and she says nearly all her neighbours support this development.
      She will be glad when the protesters have returned to their homes in London and all points south of Preston. ~Let them find another “cause” as an excuse to block roads, stop transport links, disrupt vital services like ambulances, refuse collection, etc, etc.//


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m against fracking …. for the time being … we should try and conserve our hydrocarbons for a time when we really need them – and increase storage capacity for the next Russian energy war….


  37. Dystopian says:

    I cannot believe this. I thought it was a hoax but clearly not.
    I’m not sure how to embed the image but the website link is below
    Poppy hijab!

    Aperi Oculos truth seeker
    4 hours ago
    Yep, here it is in all its hypocritical, multicultural glory 😕



    Arnie Aperi Oculos
    25 minutes ago
    To: [email protected]


    I was just looking through your site and I came across this: https://www.poppyshop.org.u

    Don’t you think that it’s just a little insensitive to the boys and girls coming back from Afghan, Iraq and so on? Especially those who have been seriously injured or died?

    I must admit that I am aghast that it is for sale. It would appear that others on the internet consider this hijab to be a symbol of opression against women. I am no authority so I may be wrong but the islamic women have to wear these garments to protect themselves against their menfolk who otherwise might have a ‘sexual emergency’. Is this the image that the Legion want to be associated with?

    I think it goes without saying that, after decades of supporting the British Legion, I won’t be shopping on this site again, or supporting the Legion until respect is reasserted for those injured and fallen in conflict.




  38. StewGreen says:

    The BBC is turning into a self-parody:

    Video duration 1:00
    My life as… a halal dating guru”


    Can they possibly become more detached from the reality of the normal person?


    • NISA says:

      One of the panel on Politics Live opposing Batten claimed that the EDL had “ramaged” through the muslim area (a ghetto for well integrated immigrants?)of Nottingham. Batten was having to fend off all comers but I wish he could have called the man out as a liar. I live in a town with, I assume, a smaller ghetto. It would take a very large force of EDLers to dare “rampage” into that part of town.


    • StewGreen says:

      – BBC tried an AMBUSH interview stitch up
      – GB stood-up to it
      – JoCo lost it
      – She got a right Battening

      …. JoCo paraphrased ‘Here’s an old TR quote about the 7/7 attack let me misrepresent it as , TR supports attacks on Muslims’

      \\ JoCo said
      “But you’d be happy to advocate for violence”.
      This is a vile and absolutely baseless accusation and she’s lying when she says she it’s just a question and she isn’t accusing him.//

      The who BBC culture is a JoCo


    • Fedup2 says:

      The island
      Thank you for the blood pressure warning . I made it to 3 minutes 20 seconds but the bp alarm went off. I ll try again later or maybe as an early morning alarm.

      I don’t watch al beeb politics shows unless Brillo is on … I don’t understand why people turn up to be bullied by snowflakes like that creature ..

      I thought the Labour dragon sitting next to mr batten was going to hit him …


  39. Up2snuff says:

    What’s with this current BBC Radio 4 desire to mangle the surname of Jamal Khashoggi?


  40. Old Goat says:

    Can you believe THIS?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      OG- Oh yes, I believe it. Not only in England that the establishment embarks on harassment to suppress the expression of opinions it doesn’t like, by ANY means, fair or foul: in Bavaria, a day before the state elections, the police (I am reminded of a famous WW11 force, beginning with a G) force their way in to search the house of an AfD (Youth) candidate, Rafael Hauptmann, on the flimsy pretext of property damage…
      I should not be in the least surprised if the AfD is subjected to formal investigation by the security services on the orders of the ‘Grand Coalition’, which is fearful of losing its power. (The socialist SPD now lies behind the AfD in the polls, while its partner, the socialist-minded CDU/CSU tries desperately to hang onto about a third of the vote.)
      In Bavaria, the CSU faces losing its overall majority, (which is the price you pay when you help keep Merkel in charge and kowtow to her every wish). Still, she will hang on to power until the bitter end. If she could, I think she would ditch the SPD in favour of the virulently anti-German, pro EU (German)Green Party.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Old goat
      It’s no surprise – so easy to suppress online comment by the lefty west coast kidults – crying because President Trump got elected .


  41. kingkp says:

    I suggest everyone get over to his website and set up a donation.


  42. StewGreen says:

    … BTW my sister’s Times trial account has expired so I’ll have to find someone else’s to use.


  43. StewGreen says:


    • Guest Who says:

      So, a Left Charlie? Good grasp of market forces, Ms. Moore.

      Meanwhile, our Scotty…

      TV Editor / Bake Off Correspondent @BuzzFeed. Dyslexic, so there’s errors sometimes in my tweets.

      Hope Nadiya invites him over soon to ‘see what’s cooking on four’ (see what I might have done there?). After some paint balling.


    • Guest Who says:


      Being the first woman to preside over the demise of the BBC might not inspire the sisterhood overmuch.


      • Moodswing6 says:

        It seems that the BBC have been a major backer in a multimedia film having a world premier at The London Film festival, with a television debut in November this year on BBC 4. It’s certainly a creative piece of work called Make Me Up and is exactly what I consider to be so BBC. As director of content I’m uncertain if Ms Moore had any say in nodding yes towards financing this. (Note other financiers were also involved)
        For those interested please take a look at the synopsis.


  44. BRISSLES says:

    More Americanisms heard today on the BBC.

    1) A ‘bunch’ of – whatever happened to a ‘lot’ of ?
    2) ‘Reaching’ out – what’s wrong with ‘getting in touch’ ?

    Britishness no longer exists.


  45. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Politics live today.
    I watched it waiting for Gerrard Batten to come on and answer some questions on Brexit as he has been putting on Facebook that he will be appearing on the show today.
    What I saw was a ridiculous bitter far left virtue signalling motormouth biased bbc ‘host’ who made about 5 or 6 statements slagging off a true English hero ending with some kind of irrelevant question and as soon as GB started to answer she would interrupt him and talk over him, drowning out his reply.
    Hats off to GB for staying cool and putting the biased Coburn back in her little box.

    They think they are being clever shouting him down but I would bet that the net result of that farce of an ‘interview’ will be many more supporters for UKIP

    He shut her up when he called her out for the offensive rubbish she was barking at him. Her face was priceless, like she had a mouth full of wasps.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Emmanuel Goldstein
      Her face was priceless, like she had a mouth full of wasps.

      I watch this dreadful JoCo woman often and I assure you this is her normal face, which goes with her virtue signalling backed by ignorance of any subject she addresses. Batten was too kind.


      • Fedup2 says:

        They do interviews like that and then bitch about why politics is becoming most polarised and nasty … ain’t going to more civilised any time soon eh?


    • Guest Who says:

      There have been many on the bbc, with even more to come, but that was what the hashtag #thatwentwellthen was made for.

      Talk about blowing it.

      They clearly felt this was another easy ambush score for the Friday high fives at the Ivy, but it was like the Hindenburg landing on the Titanic as Jimmy Savile’s camper arrived to help the children and children first.

      Just inviting GB on was going to send all the BBC politics junkie nut jobs ballistic anyway; but getting her arse handed her by him will have driven them beyond therapy.

      UKIP loyalists will see it as a good win.

      Impartial observers will simply wonder what it is that sends the bbc mental, why they continue to get away with it and who is uniquely funding such blatant partisanship.


      • Guest Who says:

        At least there will always be a Burley.


        • Guest Who says:

          He is quite skilled at selecting those he replies to.

          However, in this case, he might have actually answered the question in the middle, as the bbc and actual incitement to violence they one day will be unable to claim exemption from justifying.


  46. Doobster78 says:

    My local news just now, North West Tonight, ran a report on the fracking go ahead at little plumpton. The BBC don’t like fracking. They interviewed a local resident. She told the reporter that it had been awful in summer with drilling 24/7. That’s 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week. . Now I ain’t no environmental health officer or legal eagle but I reckon that they would NOT in any way on this earth be allowed to drill 24 hrs per day in that sensitive location. However. Her claim went completely unchecked by the reporter. Just let her say it. That’s the BBC way when it’s suits their narrative but if it doesn’t, it’s constant interruptions and questioning everything. Disgusting bias.


  47. Annunaki says:

    Construction code of practise, no noisy work after 1 pm Saturday. all day Sunday or after 6 pm any day or on bank holidays


  48. Halifax says:

    Just watching Mastermind. Why can’t they just leave it alone ….why do they have to pick transvestites? especially ones that are not very good at general knowledge .


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      Do you mean “Tara” was a tranny? I thought “she” was your average six foot woman with a face like a navvy.

      I’m shocked I tell you. I wonder why the BBC picked “her”?


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