The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald mirror the BBC

I hope my esteemed colleagues will indulge me if I present a case against the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, rather than against the BBC. The latter is only guilty by association here since it practices the precise blinkered left-wing ideology demonstrated by these afore-mentioned publications.

Nick Miller, an alleged journalist ‘reporting’ for these papers, wrote an article purporting to enlighten his readers about anti-Semitism in Europe. Instead, it appears he set out to deliberately mislead them by pretending that the threat to Jews is overwhelmingly from the right.

So I emailed him:

To Nick Miller,

I refer to your article in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on anti-Semitism in Europe published on September 7th.

I note that you have concentrated almost exclusively on anti-Semitism from the right in countries such as Greece and Poland. While there certainly is a disturbing increase in anti-Semitism coming from the right in a few European countries, it is eclipsed by the anti-Semitism coming from Muslims in Europe – most prevalent in France, Sweden and even the UK, where the unholy alliance of Jeremy Corbyn with radical Islam and his unwillingness to expel anti-Semites from the Labour Party has caused a number of Jews to doubt their future in a country where Corbyn is likely to become Prime Minister.

Yet one has to scroll practically to the end of your article to find one paragraph on the very real threat posed to the Jews of Europe by Muslims:

“Both Williams and Schnurbein point to anti-Jewish sentiment imported to Europe in recent years through the influx of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and North Africa where a bias against Jews “has been culturally produced over the last 70 years”, Williams says.”

And that statement is then immediately minimised here:

“But the effect should not be over-emphasised. Europe was not a clean slate – indeed, a survey in 2014 found that anti-Semitic sentiment was more prevalent in Greece than in Iran.”

And it is virtually discounted here:

“Williams says Muslim communities should not be made a convenient scapegoat for Europe’s rise in anti-Semitism. “It’s not something that is coming from without, it’s something that needs to be dealt with within,” he says.”

I battle to understand that statement. This is not a matter of looking for scapegoats, but dealing with very real Muslim anti-Semitism, both from without and within Europe.

Regarding the 2014 survey, Greek Jews pointed out that there has been no violence against Jews in Greece, as opposed to France.

In recent years there have been frequent violent attacks and horrific murders of Jews by Muslims in France, and French Jews are emigrating in increasing numbers:

And the situation in Sweden is also dire:

“Historically, anti-Semitism in Sweden could mainly be attributed to right-wing extremists. While this problem persists, a study from 2013 showed that 51 percent of anti-Semitic incidents in Sweden were attributed to Muslim extremists. Only 5 percent were carried out by right-wing extremists; 25 percent were perpetrated by left-wing extremists:”

Frankly, Mr. Miller, you do the Jews of Europe a disservice by obfuscating and minimising Muslim anti-Semitism to the point of non-existence. You also do a disservice to the truth.

Regards, etc.

And he failed to respond. Since my email did not bounce back, I assume either he read it or someone in his office, or whatever, did.

So today I gave the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age some info on their ‘Feedback’ page, pasting my email to Miller in and politely telling them that Miller’s article does no credit to their publications and that as long as the mainstream, left-wing media, so prevalent across the globe, insists on obfuscating and filtering news through its rigid ideology, social media will continue to be a viable alternative.

I didn’t mention fine sites such as this one, but Google might help them find such genuine information, in the unlikely event they’ll be seeking it out.

I look forward to the mainstream media becoming more and more irrelevant, something they richly deserve.

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27 Responses to The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald mirror the BBC

  1. Demon says:



  2. Fedup2 says:

    What about me ? I dream of being first. There’s always tomorrow…


  3. Demon says:

    Cannot edit previous post for some reason. Typical of the psycho-left that will not blame the biggest and most dangerous anti semites and will cover for them always. Same as the fact that they try to pretend that all the violent political rhetoric and actions come from the right whereas 90% comes from the left.


    • TrueToo says:

      True, Demon,

      There is certainly going to be a turning point here, when even the left starts to realize how wrong they’ve been about the Islamic agenda.

      It’s a long time coming, though.

      Gotta run. No work, no food.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    It almost seems like an insane competition for Anglo type nations to out snowflake one another – I think Blighty leads when it can come up with banning clapping .

    It’s a given that anti semitism is driven by Islamic peasants in first world countries …. but as I mentioned here the other day President Trump was accused of antisemitism because he mentioned the evil Soros in a tweet…


    • TrueToo says:


      Yes, I saw that comment of yours. The left has gone crazy, grasping at straws to try to justify their insane positions.


  5. Annunaki says:

    Can anyone explain why racism, the darling phrase of the left, and their inevitable fall back position in the face of muslim / Somali / gypsy traveller et al criminality, is never used when racially abusing Jews ?

    They may say, why bring race into the equation, the BBC often takes this position, I say, we have enough crime in this country without immigrants and their second generation joining this country as guests, bowing and scraping to the immigration authorities to obtain a british passport and then becoming stabbing, mugging, drug dealing rapists and murderers


    • Annunaki says:

      I would say that The indigenous British people have a right to know about crimes comitted by immigrants and their spawn, it may bring enough pressure upon the “authorities” to rethink their policies on allowing carte blanche to those who present themselves as refugees who are in fact just criminals on the run, and to investigate much more closely thse who seek to live here who generally detest this country and its culture and show this by ghettoising themselvesand their spawn setting up their own schools to perpetrate their hatred (check out Bury Park, Luton ) but immediately insert themselves into the benefit system


      • tarien says:

        Something I read a while ago sums it up well, Annunaki- The traitor political puppets have imported dark, malevolent legions from every corner of the earth and set them loose upon native Britons in an orgy of violence, theft, fraud, rape, murder corruption, and every other wickedness known to mankind.
        These puppets have deliberately facilitated the systematic colonisation, dispossession and genocide of our people, the native British. At the same time our people have been brainwashed and threatened into accepting mass abortion, sterilisation, paedophilia, family breakdown, degeneracy, dehumanisation, false guilt, social and cultural disintegration, industrial sabotage, perpetual usury and mental and physical slavery. Their agenda is the subjugation and extinction of the white race. But the, most wicked crime of all is to be aware of it. Let us not confuse Racism with Religion or with Religious ideology.


    • TrueToo says:


      Can anyone explain why racism, the darling phrase of the left, and their inevitable fall back position in the face of muslim / Somali / gypsy traveller et al criminality, is never used when racially abusing Jews ?

      No simple explanation for that. Though the battle against racism has largely been won in the West, many social-justice warriors (or should that be ‘worriers’) still see themselves as fighting the good fight against racism such as that manifested by the Klan and Apartheid South Africa. And since such manifestations have become rare, they will pounce in a frenzy on anything or anyone displaying even a hint of it. By so pouncing they feel justified and relevant, and are untroubled by any doubts that, for example, when they rant at Boris for comparing Muslims to “letter-box ladies,” the comment was indeed racist.

      Why do many of them not see anti-Semitism as racism against Jews? As long as ‘Apartheid Israel’ has its boot on the Palestinian neck, so the narrative goes, then the last stronghold of brutal colonial oppression of a gentle, submissive indigenous people will stand as a symbol that the struggle has not yet been won and will not be won until Palestine is free.

      And so practically any amount of anger against Israel (and any Western Jew who supports Israel) is justified, and I imagine that would include anti-Semitism – which must then be brushed aside and ignored.

      But what of the anti-Semitism against Jews who have nothing to do with Israel or are even hostile to the country of their fellow Jews? Why is that not called racism? Well, the mealy-mouthed Jeremy Corbyn has insisted that Labour will not tolerate anti-Semitism or any other form of racism in the Party’s ranks – while continuing to tolerate it, so he’s not a good example.

      And of course he has tried very hard to separate Israelis from other Jews, so that he can trash the Jews of the Jewish state while pretending not to be anti-Semitic.

      Then of course there is the long and bloody history of European anti-Semitism, which has left its mark right up until the present day.

      Complex subject, and one that really needs much research and a thesis or three to do it justice.


      • tarien says:

        Racism is not really the problem however the BBC et al will use it to any advantage they can. The problem if you like is the culture, the Ideology of a certain race of people. Those that follow the teachings of Islam are from many differing races of people-they follow nevertheless the Islamic polictical ideology the aim of which is to subjugate the Non-Muslim into accepting their law/Sharia, which does not sit well in any manner with the United Kingdom. But Islam will use its continuing historical battle with the Jewish community since the 7th Century to inflict upon the indigenous peoples of Europe a distaste for the Jew. Let us not forget however that the World’s banking is controlled by Jews, therefore their control is still absolute against any adversary.


        • TrueToo says:


          I doubt world banking is controlled by Jews. I can tell you that there is an Israeli lawyer suing Palestinian terrorists on behalf of the families of Jewish victims and she has made great progress in US courts in forcing banks to hand terrorist assets over to the families.


  6. Roland Deschain says:

    I hope my esteemed colleagues will indulge me if I present a case against the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, rather than against the BBC.

    I’ve been commenting on this site for many years. In that time, what was once largely confined to the BBC has become prevalent across most of the media and so criticisms of that media can in many cases be applied equally to the BBC.

    It’s ironic that during that time, the BBC’s bias has become far more widely acknowledged at the same time as its bias has spread.


    • TrueToo says:

      Roland Deschain,

      It’s ironic that during that time, the BBC’s bias has become far more widely acknowledged at the same time as its bias has spread.

      Interesting observation. It’s like a virus with no known cure: more and more people come to know about it as it spreads.

      What’s amazing is the speed at which the left has come to control the majority of the media in the Western world and imposed its uniform ideology over it.

      I recall watching Sky News somewhere around 2002, at the height of the so-called Second Intifada, during which Palestinian terrorists slaughtered over a thousand Israelis, most of them civilians. Unfortunately I can’t recall the name of the anchor or the context in which, bemused, she said, “What do you expect Israel to do?” She was evidently appalled by the mindless brutality of Palestinian terrorism and expressing sympathy for Israel’s dilemma.

      These days, Sky is virtually indistinguishable from the BBC.


  7. johnnythefish says:

    Well done, True Too.

    This Orwellian twisting of reality by the Left needs fighting all the way.

    I have yet to hear anybody ask Corbyn the question: ‘As a Hamas sympathiser, do you also subscribe to their objective of wiping Israel off the face of the map?’ He shouldn’t be let off the hook until he either publicly disowns Hamas or admits to his support for the genocidal aims still enshrined in their constitution.


    • TrueToo says:

      Thanks, johnnythefish,

      Actually, the mealy-mouthed Corbyn did disown Hamas and Hezbollah, well, sort of, kind of, under relentless pressure from Cameron.

      Then he probably went back to his friends and apologized for the necessity of having to publicly denounce them.

      No doubt Hamas and Hezbollah understood and sympathized. After all, they understand the necessity of taqiya.


  8. Campaign To Abolish The BBC says:



    The link:

    Please also share the petition link with others elsewhere on social media and among family, friends, etc.

    Thank you!


  9. Luckyharry69 says:

    I see the BBC on their main webpage today claiming that Sturgeon and the SNP MPs are wanting a new referendum vote……what a surprise…..this is main headlines ……..disgusting


    • Kaiser says:

      and an indyref2 from yesterdays march

      now question

      UK leaves EU
      Scotland leaves UK
      Scotland joins EU

      does the EU force Scotland to have a hard border with england or some kind of backstop arrangement or a border down the sea with NI? come on Crankie tell us how this will work


    • Fedup2 says:

      The far left SNP independence argument only arises as the oil price goes up to meet their insane budget proposals – otherwise they live off English taxpayers generosity and watch “braveheart” for the umpteenth time .al beeb of course would love 4 BBC managements.


    • Annunaki says:

      After Brexit we will have Joxit, fine by me, a tarrif on black pudding, bad weather and fried mars bars….. that’ll hurt then


  10. Annunaki says:

    The co-creator of Father Ted has been given a verbal warning by police for alleged harassment following a row on Twitter with a transgender woman.

    Graham Linehan was told by West Yorkshire Police not to contact Stephanie Hayden.

    She reported him for referring to her as a “he”, and for tweeting the names she used before transitioning. Miss Hayden, 45, is now suing the writer.

    FFS if this was written as a parody a few years ago no one would believe it


    • Scroblene says:

      Don’t forget that the appalling Graham Norton became ‘famous’, because he had a minor part in Father Ted.

      Luckily, we never watch his antics, so cannot comment – he’s irritating enough just being somewhere around my country…


      • Annunaki says:

        Funnily enough, his entire raison d’etre in Father Ted was being irritating


  11. Rick Bradford says:

    The Sydney Moonbat Herald has long been known as a rest home for chronic SJW types; their stance on climate change runs hand in hand with the BBC’s.

    The Age is from Melbourne, always the most socialist of Australian states, but also a centre for diehard sport, so they have been unable to rename the Sports pages as Games & Growth, much as they would like to.


    • TrueToo says:

      Rick Bradford,

      Strangely enough, it was in Melbourne last month that I picked up a dead tree copy of The Age containing the Nick Miller article. Both The Age and the SMH have a history of tolerating anti-Semitism among their staff.

      A friend and I were quizzed at length by a security guy outside a
      Sydney synagogue before being allowed in.

      Another friend was threatened with dire physical harm for objecting to a Neanderthal giving the Hitler salute.

      I don’t know what proportion of anti-Semitism comes from the left, right or Muslims in Australia, but the latter now outnumber Jews five to one. If the left gets in next election, as seems likely, they will no doubt increase the number of ‘refugees’ allowed in. Hopefully sense will prevail and they will not go crazy like Merkel.