Start the Week Open Thread 8 October 2018

The BBC and mainstream media will spend a bit of time working out how President Trump’s nominee was appointed to the US Supreme Court despite the MSM onslaught against him . Then it’s back to fighting the November elections on behalf the Democrat Party .

Meanwhile at home we will witness the BBC undermining Brexit negotiations by blaming any piece of bad news on the People’s vote of 2 years ago .


Just a small plea again – language moderation is requested Please …

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  1. Richard Pinder says:

    As that famous BBC Climate Change seminar proved. Central to the BBC,s Fake News misinformation, is the big lie that its what “Scientists say”. When in fact the BBC bans causational climate scientists from having any say, and instead, invites environmental activists on, to say what they want scientists to say. The scientists then complain, and then the BBC says that the environmental activists, say that they are not part of the consensus, so are banned from the BBC, on the say of those said, environmental activists.

    A mad loony left-wing merry-go-round that keeps causational climate scientists off the BBC.



  2. tarien says:

    Greenpeace founder Dr Patrick Moore, stated publicly on many occasions, that there is no definitive scientific proof, through real-world observation, that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of the global climate that has occurred during the past 300 years, since the peak of the Little Ice Age. If there were such a proof through testing and replication it would have been written down for all to see. The contention that human emissions are now the dominant influence on climate is simply a hypothesis, rather than a universally accepted scientific theory. It is therefore correct, indeed verging on compulsory in the scientific tradition, to be sceptical of those who express certainty that “the science is settled” and “the debate is over”.certainty beyond any doubt that CO2 is the building block for all life on Earth and that without its presence in the global atmosphere at a sufficient concentration this would be a dead planet. Yet today our children and our publics are taught that CO2 is a toxic pollutant that will destroy life and bring civilization to its knees. Inthe absence of our emitting some of the carbon back into the atmosphere from whence it came in the first place, most or perhaps all life on Earth would begin to die in less than two million years from today. The land is disturbed for a blink of an eye in geological time and is then returned to a sustainable boreal forest ecosystem with cleaner sand. And as a bonus we get the fuel to power our weed-eaters, scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, trains, and aircraft.
    To conclude, carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is the stuff of life, the staff of life, the currency of life, indeed the backbone of life on Earth.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I remember testing using glass jars and atmospheric chambers cannot separate any effect from thermodynamics. Then a scientist had the idea of pumping Co2 at different speeds through a one mile long dead straight old gas pipeline. This would separate the expected thermodynamic effects from the Arrhenius method by producing an unexpected curve on a graph, which could then be used to calibrate the carbon dioxide warming effect. The scientist concerned could not get funding and was pushed out to pastures new by the authorities.

      Anyway, Astronomers always knew that a formula that works for both Venus and Mars would answer the question of whether Co2 warming was a hoax or not. So, Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller have proven that it’s a hoax.


  3. Sluff says:

    A big win for this site.

    From none other than…….Robert Peston!!!!!!! At the bBBC for 9 years to 2015.

    ‘When we have all that migration…….people like me focussed too much on the economic benefits in terms of the rates we were growing, and not enough on the experience of communities who were changing rapidly as a result.
    …….in a way we were slightly patronising……..It is not in my view racist to be concerned if the composition of your community changes by something like 10 or 15% over a very small number of years’

    As quoted from his appearance at the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

    Result !!!!!!!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Well if my mp IDS doesn’t stop it he ll be gone at the next election allowing in one of comrade Corbyn s dusky chicks …


    • Fedup2 says:

      Son or a Labour Peer wakes up to reality – bit too late – he will still turn up on programmes delivering an unquestionable truth like the rest of the beeboids .

      Maybe he’s after the QT job and a gong …or maybe we can get him to use his journalistic talents to edit this site … if he knew it exists of course …


  4. theisland says:

    Well there’s a surprise (not).
    What are the leave MPs going to do about it? Apart from nothing.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Al beeb really has a stiffy for the co2 nonsense today . Breath less – don’t fart – you’ll save the planet . Seriously – I really couldn’t give a damn .

    How can al beeb celebrate the reduction in poverty across the planet – raising expectations of increased living standards yet encourage views to change their way of life to cut co2 output.

    Maybe al beeb will stop sending their beeboids around the world on aircraft in anything more than economy …. or buy newspapers which cost energy to produce – or run so many channels …. no mention of those ideas in their propaganda report ….


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well I for one don’t feel in the least bit guilty about ‘climate change’, why should I ? Its not the fault of you or I that the ice cap is melting. Its big business wanting profit, manufacturing companies belching out carbons into the atmosphere, and inventors who create the things that manufacturers make, for big businesses to make a profit from.

      So, I suppose if we all went back to living a simple life, like food shopping everyday – which will do away with fridges and freezers, and walked or biked everywhere, and we stopped all air travel, then perhaps the planet stands a chance of surviving – but that ain’t never gonna happen. So I’m not going to worry about it either !


      • Scroblene says:

        Same here, Fed and Brissles.

        An eminent blooger, who has more than enough experience in managing large building projects throughout the UK – especially London, once pointed out that the environmental costs of putting up ultra-expensive and posh buildings, meant that the pay-back would take hundreds of years to recoup, as many materials are made by factories all over the world, belching fumes, co2 and worse everywhere.

        The sort of glass edifices continually ‘designed’ by pompous, self congratulating archiects are the worst culprits. The clients are usually worse.

        So what is the national broadcaster – in name only, doing in W1A? And why is Salford Quays so expensive?


        • Up2snuff says:

          Scrobie, it is building with glass and concrete and the renewed migration of people from countryside to city that is a significant change, especially since WW2 and – more so – again in the millennial period 1982-2018. That together with certain products for lazy humanity. (And I am not refering to cars there.)

          There are economists on the IPCC but they appear to have switched their brains off to go along with the ‘consensus’ theory based on ice-core sampling by the scientists on the Panel. The economists, of all professional groupings on the IPCC, should be asking what has significantly changed to create warming in the second half of the 20th century and into the twenty-first century?

          The CO2 output of humankind and nature can be assumed to be a ‘steady state’ with the biosphere adapting along the way. Any warming can then only come from distinct changes to the population, natural & human, the built environment and products. That is what the IPCC should be focusing attention on, not CO2 output.

          They and everyone else could probably then adapt a bit here & there and relax.

          Oh, and cut all the taxes they have loaded on a lot of people.


  6. Loobyloo says:

    And in other news….
    The teenagers navigating the UK’s asylum system

    Illegal immigration – good, Brits concerned about it – bad.
    So in response to Al Beebs video, I say show this to young people in their countries of origin like Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan etc. it is not the golden land here. This guy sneaked into the country illegally, we are full up and do not have enough funds for an endless supply of African asylum seekers. Don’t come!


  7. Fedup2 says:

    In a brief moment of of sobriety the ReichEU negotiator did a little jig mocking the PM before a speech . So much for respecting elected heads of government ….its as much as she deserves … I couldn’t imagine what the first female PM would have thought of it….


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Katie Hopkins at Exeter Crown Court covering the alleged rape and attempted murder of a 10 year old girl by a 16 year old boy… obviously there is no other details in accordance with ‘reporting restrictions’

    but the fact that the excellent Ms Hopkins is there provides a signpost to the nature of alleged offences – if you get my tortuous drift …. being careful not to breach the TR rules of summary arrest conviction and 13 month prison sentence…or execution at the hands of the HMP Islamic State prison.


  9. Annunaki says:

    Astronaut Scott Kelly attacked for quoting Winston Churchill
    when his use of Winston Churchill quotes landed him in hot water with people who oppose the wartime British prime minister’s views on empire and race.

    But when Kelly tried to apologise for the tweet and offered to educate himself, Churchill fans attacked him for discrediting the politician’s record.

    Kelly, whose sister-in-law is former Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, used a famous remark by Churchill to comment on deep divisions in American politics.
    Skip Twitter post by @StationCDRKelly

    One of the greatest leaders of modern times, Sir Winston Churchill said, “in victory, magnanimity.” I guess those days are over.
    — Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) October 7, 2018


  10. Annunaki says:
    A publisher has said it will stop selling a GCSE textbook after it was found to contain stereotypes about Caribbean families.
    AQA GCSE (9-1) Sociology says Caribbean men are “largely absent” from family situations.
    The comments have been called “really dangerous” as there’s no social or historical context.

    One reason for young blacks joining gangs ? lack of male role model but cannot tell the truth now….


  11. Sluff says:

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings comes forth truth.

    BBC1 London at 1855, a programme trailer for Inside Out.

    ‘we ask the questions that matter to us’.

    That is ‘we’. We the BBC guardianista intelligentsia.
    Not ‘you’ the plebs out there who watch.


    • StewGreen says:

      7:30pm BBC1 Any SJW agendas on Inside Out ?
      – The recent suicides of four young asylum seekers has raised questions about Britain’s treatment of child refugees.
      – Artist Lula Mebrahtu hears the harrowing stories of lone children who have fled their war-torn countries
      – and asks if the government’s immigration policies are pushing them to the brink.

      – Why don’t more Muslims become jockeys?
      We meet one teenager determined to pursue his passion for horseriding,

      – Retired officers from Sussex police say funding cuts are having a devastating effect on the force.
      – And how the equalisation of state pension ages has left one woman from Broadstairs sleeping in her car.

      Other areas have items about various locals with terminal illnesses etc.


      • StewGreen says:

        That London edition ‘we ask the questions that matter to us’.
        was only about refugees

        Those that allegedly killed themselves were 4 young Eritreans
        “Alex wasn’t believed about his age , so he committed suicide”

        Next week on the 14th The Plymouth edition does “As the South West debates how best to aid Syrian migrants, Ben Woolvin investigates the cost of helping the region’s existing asylum seekers and refugees.”


  12. Guest Who says:

    The bbc about the bbc. News.


  13. TrickCyclist says:

    My compliments to all the contributors who continue to make this site a must-read for me.
    As a long-time lurker here, I’m seldom motivated to post – not so this evening, though!
    A quick look at BBC News, here’s that four-eyed gonk Liso Mzimba doing a report about the need for ballet to attract students from more diverse backgrounds, complete with young mixed-race dancers as role models and little kids prancing about.
    Talking of prancing, it’s back to the studio with camp weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker on the return of warmer temperatures. . .
    . . .Switch over to ITV – the last item on London news is about a stage play, some piece of feminist Victoriana about wimmin boxers – yes, we’re all wrong in our view of history again. Then ITV national news, and it’s Mary Nightingale banging on about the big Climate Change story of the day. . .
    I’ve had enough, I follow the cat outside. . . He takes me for a walk along the top of the garden fence. . .


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Sometimes it seems as if we all fell down that bloody rabbit hole with Alice. Still,as the song goes- All Things Must Pass .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sometimes people say ‘ why bother ‘ or ‘ it’s an echo chamber ‘ . But I take the view that what the State broadcaster does using compulsory taxpayers money deserves to be recorded somewhere .

      In the scheme of things it might not amount to much but one day there may be a call for evidence of bias. Here it is .


      • taffman says:

        “why bother”? Why Bother!

        Presently this first class site is one of the last bastions of Free Speech. It allows those with freedom of mind to point out the propaganda broadcast by Al Beeb and its corrupt middle class, libtard latte sipping, champagne socialist friends to hoodwink the ordinary hard-working British people into surrendering their hard-won Freedom and Democracy.

        I have no doubt that MPs look at this site and get ideas from it. I have no doubt that Al Beeb’s researchers and managers get their ‘heads up’ from breaking news posts from this site. Often we read news reports posted here before Al Beeb censors allow their reports to get published by Al Beeb. I have no doubt that ‘Lord Hall Hall’ peruses this site.

        Al Beeb tries to alter the political mindset of its followers on the adage that it is ‘impartial’.
        Impartial? Witness its ‘impartial’ broadcasts re Question Time or Brexit. Impartial my @rse!

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

        Do it now because I don’t think it will be allowed to continue as the hate police also will be watching.
        Well done posters, and I include maxincony in that.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Rob unleashed.



    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Poor old George.
      Fake News even on his downtime.
      “The BBC- “most respected news organs” etc.
      Poor George, doubtless thinks that the Guardian still gets read by non-students, paying normal folk.
      If the BBC weren`t given it, if it wasn`t free or for 20p in universities then Soros would have to take up being a paperboy.


    • Guest Who says:

      Popcorn time.


  15. Gammon says:

    Today’s news far down the list under Tay-Tay political interjection… so far down, not actually there unless you search.

    PolicePerson stabbed in Manchester by 35 year old “Man” – continuously until the knife snapped. PolicePerson had body armour so minor injuries.

    Follows from yesterdays buried news that two PolicePeople were stabbed in Lewisham by two “men”

    What times we live in that three police stabbings in two days is trumped by a pop singer having a whiny opinion on politics.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Add some icing to that -the BBC newspaper reports a huge increase in the use of violence / force by the Met Police accompanied by the standard tribal response by Lammy calling for inquiries and investigations and whatever.

      Some might have thought he’d leave dumb comments about crime to the shadow Home Secretary and stick to using the Windrush nonsense to further his career -of the towerblock fire to push for the ascendency of his people in a foreign land …


  16. Gammon says:

    Can you believe this?

    What a weak, spineless Lilly livered astronaut to quote Churchill and then so quickly retract it because of lefty social media whimpering. His guy is in a right S41tstorm now. Imbecile.

    Scott Kelly
    Did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill. My apologies. I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views which I do not support. My point was we need to come together as one nation. We are all Americans. That should transcend partisan politics.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      From John Glenn to this pusspot in two generations.
      What a wuss, suppose he`ll sleep in his capsule with the lights on.
      Sappy cupcake.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Quite right – Churchill was a right winger close to Hitler and if he had his way Blighty would have been part of the Reich . There’d be no need for the Treaty of Rome because of the Peace Treaty between Germany and Blighty concluded after the fall of France … run that alt history scenario as long as needed eh ?

      On a more serious note – to place Winston Churchill in modern times will only cause a head ache ,eg . When he was in power in the 1950s the FCO sent him a memo saying that 6 European countries were putting together an iron and steel treaty – would Blighty have a view ?

      The reply was “ I hope they’ll be very happy together “ .. he had no conception that Blighty was part of Europe because he was trying to hold the latter version of the Empire together because he knew that it was a force for good – especially after what happened between India and the Pakis ….

      — yeah I know it’s not directly al beeb …


      • Dystopian says:

        I heard some lefty libtard on talk radio earlier having a go about Churchill and claiming that he was responsible for a famine in India circa 1942/3 because he didn’t send enough grain! This was in the middle of a world war FFS. She said something about giving lectures at university so no surprise that the so called snowflake generation are apparently so ashamed of being British. The presenter deserves some credit for challenging her and reminding her that Churchill had called emergency meetings because he wanted to send as much aid as possible.

        A caller suggested that instead of questioning Churchill’s record the left ought to look to their beloved leader Corbyn and the dodgy associations he has had with terrorist organisations etc.

        The question on talk radio was something on the lines of “should we judge people from history by today’s standards?”

        Well if that can be applied to Winston Churchill, never mind Corbyn how about Mohammed?

        The left are such hypocrites.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Dellers says Project Climate Fear is based on a dodgy dossier

    Myron Ebell is coming up on Newsnight so Moonbat and his minions are throwing their collective rattles out of their prams and shouting he must be banned.


    • StewGreen says:

      Good job I bought shares in those companies than control the image rights dark for images of power station chimneys and polar bears on ice blocks.
      … They must have make a huge amount of money today.

      ClimatePanic is about PR rather than real world robust science.
      The dead give away that Global Warming Project .Fear is dominated by PR interests is that way they scream about reducing CO2, but are dead against proven methods of reducing CO2
      … like expanding nuclear and fracking
      Preferring instead to promote wacko energy sources like solar/wind which preload their CO2 output into the construction phase and thus increase CO2.


    • StewGreen says:

      “You are trying to show more about the science than the scientists” says Evan Davis multiple times as he tries to put words in Ebell’s mouth
      ED says “you are supposed to say that there is a grand conspiracy”
      ..That’s it was a very short item
      We are now back in the studo with the two activists Bryony Worthington and Simon Beard
      By 10:45pm they’d moved onto tracking down the Russians “tourists” of Salisbury fame.

      At the start EB did get the chance to say ‘California is all about making energy MORE EXPENSIVE and the Trump heartlands are not,
      we do not think that California’s idea is the best for the environment .’


  18. Ed Hitter says:

    A Melanie Phillips article well worth reading about BBC climate change censorship.
    She details how the BBC is working against rules of fairness and fundamental journalistic objectivity………


    • john in cheshire says:

      The far-left bbc need to be reminded about ’28gate’.
      And of course, the totally ignored Climategate and the university of East Anglia and their laughing titled Climate Research Unit.
      These people are never going to stop until they are stopped.


  19. StewGreen says:

    BBC4 now : an Afro American film saying that the American prison is a way of deliberately extending slavery
    ..prisoners work for a few dollars, are charged high prices for phone calls

    ..but hang on a few moments ago he was explaining how the US spends $260bn on the jail system
    ..So that is not a profitable slavery system if it costs so much to the taxpayer.

    The white expert is saying yes the US has very high incarceration, but that’s cos it has a very high crime rate.
    The next expert makes a wacky claim tat it is purely a way to stop poor people cause revolution.


  20. JimS says:

    Today on Jeremy Vine we had that batty woman, (again), who is building up a database of all abuse against women anywhere, ever, real or imagined. That is off the back of the non-story that schoolgirls in uniform, when asked, say that they have received sexual comments, (well they would, wouldn’t they?).

    This caused me to wonder what the Toynbee-left really want. My nephews, who have been educated to be Marxists apparently, think that my generation is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic and, of course, Islamophobic, and that they are working towards a better society. What will that society be like, especially as they also ‘believe’ in multiculturism, (as long as it doesn’t include the culture that they were brought up in)?

    Surely a boy that is brought up by a loving mother and father, parents that have shown their love and respect for each other by getting married is more likely not to grow up to abuse girls and women? Yet the bleating Toynbee-left were all for ‘free-love’ and sexual liberation. Sex with anyone and anything, anytime. Marriage was a patriarchal trap to be avoided. ‘Empowered’ women could have sex and children as they liked, aborting relationships (and children), as they chose. Marriage was to be destroyed or made meaningless. Well now they are living with the consequences.

    Similarly with all this ‘open borders’ nonsense and multiculturism. How long would it take a Toynbee to settle in to a Zulu village, would she integrate? Why should a Somalia immigrant offloaded in Surrey suddenly become European in outlook, especially if the Toynbees are telling him that his culture is equally (more) valued, vibrant and ‘diverse’? Why would he buy into loving foreigners when he hates the tribe next door? Why would he buy into loving homosexuals when his tradition is to hang them? Why would he ‘tolerate’ other religions when his is supreme and spreads by the sword? And why on earth would he buy in to the rest of the Marxist clap-trap?

    So what is this utopia that we are all supposed to buy in to?

    (Don’t worry about it. That over-paid panda, Winkleman, tried to crack a joke on Strictly and it will probably be repeated on Breakfast, Six O’Clock News and Newsnight so all is alright with the world)


    • Beeb Brother says:

      The Frankfurt school just wanted to destroy the current system, even if it meant replacing it with chaos. At least the original Marxism had a substantive end goal, albeit an impracticable one. Putting less successful cultures up on a pedestal and spurning those which lead to good outcomes could only ever create chaos which is what they wanted.


    • Annunaki says:

      Better society ? they should be forcd to live here as part of their education:


  21. TrickCyclist says:

    Just been watching the BBC News at Ten.
    They claimed figures for CO2 production for per person journeys of 1km. For a car it’s 129g of CO2, by bus 101g of CO2, while a bike journey produces 0g of CO2.
    Hang on, when I’m riding my bike I breathe more heavily and so, presumably, produce extra CO2.
    Or am I being thick?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Try this – being a Londonistan resident I sometimes travel by bus . I’m one of the few that pay . Last Saturday I sat in a bus for 47 minutes before it moved – engine running – road works – east Londonistan – no one noticed . I had a chat with the driver – the engine was over heating – he was exceeding his hours.

      In the end I walked – a couple of miles – still the bus didn’t pass .

      So the story is …. al beeb calls on people to change their habits to cut co2 output but casual abuse by local councils neutralises and good will


    • davylars says:

      Apparently the CO2 that humans exhale by breathing out, is simply returning to the air the same CO2 that was there to begin with. So in theory, we are carbon neutral.
      The funny thing is this same rule doesn’t apply to cows as they are a main contributor of greenhouse gasses according to the climate experts and the BBC.


      • Fedup2 says:

        No cows – no grass – more car parks – excellent news – apart from Prius drivers – who are more of a threat to Western Civilisation than any Luton raghead whose seen more youtube suicide vids than monkey spankers on Youredporn …


    • StewGreen says:

      @TrickCyclist so how does open border fit with the UK CO2 targets ?
      ..They invited a load of people into the country, who as part of their culture have masses of babies
      Surely a strict border scenrio would have kept UK’s CO2 down ?


      • ID says:

        It’s not just the baby boom but the increased consumption of world resources that occurs when third worlders are transferred by their millions to the first world. If climate change were such a threat, then green types would at least be recommending people emigrate en masse to the thirdworld where they could considerrably reduce their carbon footprint. However, none of the climate change enangelists seem keen to lead by example and indeed use much more resources than the average person by jet setting around the world going to climate warming conferences.
        If they were really, really serious about climate change and saving the planet they could simply top themselves and spare the rest of us from their tedious sermonizing.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Trick, they were probably measuring the same journey as a comparison but chose a 1km downhill one for the sake of the bike?

      You are quite correct of course and the environmental cost of cycling does not end there. Two showers or baths a day? Extra food for energy?

      Again, if the comparison is over the same journey, the bus will do it constantly, perhaps for as much as sixteen hours in a day. Both the car and the bicycle are more likely to make the journey and stop. Then re-start later for the return leg and stop.

      Then there is the congestion caused by each vehicle. The bus causes much more than car or bicycle and does it continuously throughout its service period. And speaking of service – the other sort – because of the mileage covered and safety aspects the bus requires much more regular attention from more people than the car or the bike. Those people have to get to and from the bus garage on a daily basis, often at times when public transport is not running, hence the need for a private vehicle for their needs.

      Public or mass transport is not as ‘green’ as many people consider it to be.

      Unless all these factors and more besides are taken into account then you may safely file that BBC News at Ten report in the WPB marked FakeNews/FalseNews.


      • TrickCyclist says:

        Thanks for that – a very good and thoughtful analysis.

        Public or mass transport is not as ‘green’ as many people consider it to be.

        Too true. My daily commute is bike/train/bike – the trains I travel on are 10% full at best. Of course the people going in the other direction – into London – suffer a crushing overload.
        Another adverse side-effect of public transport, especially at this time of year, is ill health – it’s a great spreader of germs!


  22. taffman says:

    ‘Heads up’ to Al Beeb researchers
    Trump is now ‘Swearing In’ his new Justice.
    Over to you Al Beeb, because President Trump is draining the Swamp.
    Nowt on your website yet? Time check 00.07 AM UK time
    Someting there now by my clock . Time check 00.19


  23. smoogie7 says:

    The pro Corbyn bias gets ramped up even further! No one will be interrupted if they excuse Corbyn’s past associations ‘because he is a nice guy really’

    ‘Will ex-M16 chief’s criticism of Jeremy Corbyn make any difference?’

    Just disgusting that our national broadcaster behaves in this way! 🙁


  24. taffman says:

    Al Beeb asks “Was Junker mocking May’s moves?”
    Yes ! – simples.


  25. StewGreen says:

    The BBC religion prog
    \\ BBC 5 Live and Asian Network presenter Nihal Arthanayake was born into a Sri Lankan Buddhist family.
    He’d always associated the faith with non-violence – until he started hearing about Myanmar, a majority Buddhist country with a marginalised Rohingya Muslim community.//
    FFS is Nihal so naive ? All places which have ‘follow the big man, don’t question him’ religion tend to have religious based violence. It is nor just an Islam thing.
    Nihal should be aware of the atrocities the Buddhist Japanese did in the war, never mind the sexual mistreatment of women than can occur in extreme patriarchal groups in Tibet and Thailand.
    Nihal ends by saying he’s been to Sri Lanka and its a happy country where all ethnicities smile and want peace.
    FFS he might want to read up about Buddhist violence/genocide in the Tamil independence war.
    In 1993 I stood in a Tamil town in north which seemed to have been systematically destroyed , cos the only building left standing was a Catholic church.
    Across the country Ethnic-Buddhists routinely double charged me, I took it as a sign that the war had worn people down.


  26. Richard Pinder says:

    Apparently the BBC is interviewing a Climate sceptic called Myron Ebell. Someone I have never heard of as he is not a causational climate scientist.
    The BBC is playing safe by avoiding causational climate scientists, and only talking to those political activists on the side of science, such as Lord Lawson and Benny Peiser. Even Farage seems affected by the BBC brainwashing. He did not mention the pause in Global warming since 1996, and took the 97% scientific consensus as a fact. The 97% poll must be over ten years old by now. At the time I remember that it was not respected by Astronomers because it was clear that more than 97% of the scientists in the poll where not causational climate scientists. For example, the two most prominent scientists in Britain, in guiding the BBC’s Climate Change policy were Geneticists. Farage did mention the brainwashing of children in British schools on Climate Change, and with the addition of the BBC, and even with most Tory MP’s, this gives foreign scientists the impression that even the Tories in Britain are on the side of this loony left-wing hoax. Also both of the Patrick Moore’s where mentioned on the Farage Show. Sir Patrick was a UKIP supporter who told Farage about the Sun Spot theory. Also mentioned was the Canadian scientist, Patrick Moore, who founded Greenpeace, who also thinks carbon dioxide warming is a hoax.

    Again, I include the pamphlet on the latest causational climate science, emailed to me by a Mensa member. It includes all the important scientists and science censored by the BBC.

    Since 2009, many scientists have proven that Carbon Dioxide induced Climate Change is as President Trump has said “A Hoax”. In 2009 the scientist Gerhard Gerlich proved directly the “Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics“. Further confirmation of the CO2 warming hoax was obtained through thermodynamics and successfully finding a formula that works for both of the carbon dioxide atmospheres of Venus and Mars, as well as all the other planetary atmospheres. In 2011, Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller introduced the “Unified Theory of Climate” which proved that the temperature relationship with the altitudinal changes of pressure, prove that the physical nature of the so-called Greenhouse Effect is in fact a Pressure-induced Thermal Inertia which is independent of the atmospheric chemical composition. Ned Nikolov spoke at the London Climate Change Conference on Thursday, 8th September 2016 about this. By early 2018, the scientist who had just proven that Climate Change is caused by Galactic Cosmic Rays regulating the Earth’s Cloud Albedo, Professor Henrik Svensmark, was invited to speak in the Committee rooms of the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. In fact, for two hundred years, Astronomers from William Herschel onwards had known about correlations between Climate Change and Sun Spot numbers, this was followed by more accurate correlations with Solar Cycle Length and then finally, the Hale Magnetic Solar Cycle. By 2018 it had been established that these correlations are caused by the speed of the centre of the Sun relative to the centre of mass or barycentre of the Solar System, which determines the length of the solar cycles, or more importantly the 22 year, Hale Magnetic Solar Cycle. This in turn is caused by the orbits and masses of the Planets, short Hale Magnetic Solar Cycles have higher Solar Magnetic activity due to the increase in the speed of plasma within the Sun. Between 1913 and 1996, only one of eight Solar Cycles was longer than the mean Solar Cycle length of 11.04 years, the last of these was the shortest Solar Cycle for more than 200 years, the strength of the Suns magnetic field more than doubled, the cosmic ray flux fell by 11 percent and there was a 8.6 percent reduction in clouds. This caused alarmism about Global Warming which lead the United Nations to set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), but this organisation was corrupted by environmentalism, politics, conflicts of interest and the corruption of the scientific method, as well as the fact that amongst the 40,000 delegates at the 2015 Paris Summit of the UN Convention on Climate Change, Climate Scientists did not dominate the debates that produced the agreement. This lead many Climate scientists to call for the IPCC to be disbanded as well as to set up the 2016 London Climate Change Conference, which was dominated by Causational Climate scientists such as Atmospheric Physicists, Solar Astronomers and Meteorologists. This also resulted in US President, Donald Trump, to end US funding for the IPCC in 2017, and to say that man-made Climate Change is a “Hoax”.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thank you for the detail – my science was limited to ‘A’ level . I cannot see that there would be sufficient reliable data to base a theory on which has become the CO2 religion .
      I know there is the argument about “ we can’t wait we must do something “ but the effect on the finances of ordinary people because of this theory surely cannot be justified .

      Don’t get me wrong – I agree with reducing fossil fuel use – but only to undermine the likes of Russia and the damned Arabs .


  27. Loobyloo says:

    Not bBBC but Raheem Kassam on Laura Ingraham tonight (last night for you) re Amazon allowing Islamic extremist charity donations.


  28. Loobyloo says:

    Young people anxious from terror coverage

    You don’t say!

    As I often say, Al Beeb and their sources are either taking the piss or they really are thick. Or is the unspoken suggestion here that the media shouldn’t cover terrorism as much? A la Germans.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Loobyloo, I think it’s the latter.

      The beeb quotes the report as saying “when children hear about acts of violence, but cannot them put into perspective, their fears can become ‘exaggerated or skewed'”. If only we had some trusted and impartial source to put these things in perspective and reassure the kids, eh?

      Meanwhile, according to MI5, the current threat from international terrorism in the UK is still SEVERE.

      NB: I note that the beeb’s go-to academic here is University of Birmingham sociologist Reza Gholami, author of such papers as “Beyond Myths of Muslim Education: A Case Study of Two Iranian ‘Supplementary’ Schools in London, and “‘Is This Islamic Enough?’ Intra-Diasporic Secularism and Religious Experience in the Shi’a Iranian Diaspora in London.”


  29. Loobyloo says:

    FBI informant listed as owner of limousine in deadly New York crash

    Things that make you go hmmmm..
    Over to you Al Beeb


  30. Beeb Brother says:

    “Can coding give Kenya’s women prisoners another chance?”

    Absolutely. Any day now we will hear of the next Facebook being started by a women’s prison in Kenya. Anyone who doubts this based on the identities of all previous trail blazers for technological advancement is literally Hitler.

    If only we could stop this obsession with equal outcomes and everyone being the same then so much ‘discrimination’ would vanish and the BBC could stop hectoring us. Alas there is a billion pound equalities industry based on this unjust and impossible goal. My friend had just married a lovely Irish girl who has always wanted to stay at home and raise a family. The BBC will tell us she suffers because she is not a CEO at an engineering firm working 80 hour weeks, when in reality that would be hell for her.

    How did ‘diversity’ come to be defined as sameness? You do not get harmony if everyone plays the same note; hence the discordant noise coming from the SJWs.


    • Kaiser says:

      sorry girls but most (not all) of you just are not very good at “coding” dont ask me why just seems to be a guy thing


      • Beeb Brother says:

        Exaclty. When Newman whined at Peterson about unequal outcomes he should have asked her how many young women long for a career fixing computers; I can’t imagine many tears would be shed knowing they will never get to work fixing an oil rig like men do.


  31. Guest Who says:

    The bbc ‘news’ email is always a hoot.

    The one about clothes being evil was funny. Look forward to Tubbo Mardell and Evan the Albert presenting in the buff. Actually, no, I really don’t.

    Then there’s what is simply, or is it strictly…. vital…

    Strictly: Seann Walsh’s girlfriend ‘not a victim’

    Strictly Come Dancing contestant Seann Walsh and professional dance partner Katya Jones have apologised after being photographed kissing on a night out, despite both being in relationships. But Walsh’s girlfriend has gone on Twitter to tell people she is “not a victim” and that she is “now free”. She added that she thought “something inappropriate” had been going on over the last three weeks, but Walsh had “aggressively, and repeatedly, called me a psycho/nuts/mental”.

    Walsh and Jones, who is married to fellow Strictly professional Neil Jones, have declined to comment, as has the BBC. But has the “Strictly curse” struck again?


    For not commenting, commenting on a bbc email seems… quite typically bbc.

    But fear not, in W1A, there is a new hope…


    US mid-terms: Can we tell if Democrats will win?

    Donald Trump’s approval ratings have been remarkably stable, given the tumult of his first year-and-a-half in office. He didn’t have much of a “honeymoon” period following his election, so there haven’t been many sharp changes.

    At the end of August, the president stood at 40% approval. After dipping mid-month, at the end of September the number was up to 42%. The trend is heading the right way for Republicans, but it would have to climb into previously uncharted territory to get out of the mid-term danger zone.


    Luckily for the bbc, they don’t need to worry about approval, or ratings. They are unique. Apparently.


  32. Guest Who says:

    Nothing sinister about this. Not at all.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Looks like the bbc sofa guest list is sorted.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Didn’t the BBC aready bring us World Afro Hair Day a few weeks back?

      But wait, this sounds as though they’re looking at having a World BAME LGBTQ+ Hair Day

      Tell them I won’t be joining in with the festivities. I’ve got to stay home and wash my hair.


      • Guest Who says:

        Bit insensitive to Evan and Nick Robinson to keep banging on like this. Is there a new ism that can be outraged over this?

        Chromedomeism: the new scourge. Calls to #TellOldWhiteMen already at fever pitch.


        • BRISSLES says:

          ….natural hair journey and investigates the salons and hairstylists making safe spaces for queer, nonbinary and/or trans folks:http://www.d………

          SAFE SPACES ????? wtf ARE THEY ? I’ve heard this cliché dozens of times in the press. As opposed to what ? dangerous spaces ?
          How many queer, nonbinary, and/or trans folk would you find in the middle of a war zone ? OR actually sign up to fight in a war ?

          Give me strength.


  34. Sluff says:

    This morning, Toady seems to be transgendering into Wimmin’s Hour.
    With Mischal ‘useless’ Hussein presenting, perhaps it is naive to be surprised.
    First we get an interview with a Labour MP female doctor about the anniversary of the Rohinja ethnic cleansing and exodus from Burma. Now I have every sympathy for the women brutalised, raped, and maimed in this process. But there was no mention at all of men. Were only women targetted and made to flee?
    Then we have a mourning piece about Brett Kavanaugh. Cue an interview with what appeared to be a female Dalek, and lots of sympathy for the alleged victim of something or other 35 years ago, and sorrow about the ‘deep divisions’ in the US (aka the liberal elite no longer getting their own way) . The interview ran as if two wimmin agreeing with eachnother over a coffee. At the end the interviewee is revealed as an ex head honcho of the New York Times, that famous Trump hating paper. How very unbiased. Not.


    • Guest Who says:

      Did Mark Thompson send her over in his private jet?


    • Guest Who says:

      This useless?

      Goop indeed.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sluff – yes I heard the dalek from the NewYork Times – and yes it did sound like two ladies bitching . Pretty sad these days is Toady

      I couldn’t understand John pay cut Humphreys talking about Korean pop music with some scatty tart who had bought a Kia car or something . A chat lasting 7 minutes – when they usually use the

      “ haven’t got must time “ tedious nonsense . Rant over


  35. AsISeeIt says:

    It’s Tuesday, so it must be the turn of the BBC’s pals in the film industry to fret about Brexit. BBC London bring us a bait-and-switch report telling us how great the movie industry is and how much money it earns (for itself and European workers apparently ‘cos they have tax advantages) but that this is under threat – due to Brexit.

    Can’t help but notice these BBC reports never contain an appeal to Brussels to be more free trade minded and less vindictive. The pressure is always put our British side to basically go cap in hand and to plead for the status quo.


  36. Guest Who says:

    Arron replies to Rob, who might feel it is better he takes a twitter holiday.


  37. thirdoption says:

    Looks like the MSM are beginning to panic and so have decided to double-down on project fear.

    Sky have the headline this morning “IMF sees danger In Brexit and Trump trade war”

    Apparently, global growth is threatened because we were so stupid that we voted for Brexit and Trump.


    • Guest Who says:

      Quite how the MSM are balancing advocacy of ‘global growth’ with the IPCC #prasnews sound bites is impressive.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Isn’t the IMF the one run by a corrupt French politician – and always gets its forecasts wrong as in the doom it threw up pre referendum ?


  38. AsISeeIt says:

    As sure as people with the most exotic of allergies are drawn inexorably toward the most exotic sounding sandwichs so BBC weather promises a ‘heatwave’ just as the big Global Warming push comes this week.

    And as sure as every rain shower now comes with a threat of ‘localised flooding’ it will be chilly again by the weekend – because it’s Autumn.


    • Guest Who says:

      The bbc house journal says that once we are taxed into oblivion there will be no more flooding. Apparently.


      • Kaiser says:

        “And we must reverse the degradation of our land, soils and forests so that they are more productive and absorb more carbon dioxide.”

        which i doubt is possible by building houses all over the green belt for millions of immigrants


    • Fedup2 says:


      Al beeb if obsessed with Pret a Blamonge . I suppose they all go there . I went into a central London one once and saw the prices and walked out .
      When I wanted a sandwich I made it me self . But I suppose it’s because I’ve never had money to waste.


      • Luckyharry69 says:

        I must say I cant understand this Pret A Manger story.Im trying to work out why its news as such.Yes its sad….BUT 100s of people in the US and Europe die every year from allergy related restaurant visits?.Every day I look at the BBC headlines and I think…’Why the hell is that news’?….do they have so much time and money to spend?.Its like reading some alternative Smash Hits/Womens Weekly/Gay Times magazine in the dentist’s waiting room.The BBC are OBSESSED with SEXUALITY and GENDER?……WHY?


  39. Cassandra says:

    Early this morning on Radio 4’s Toady, commenting on a Guardian newspaper article that stated that black people are more likely to be restrained by the police during arrests (6.41am).
    At the end of reading the chosen newspaper articles, I’m certain I heard John Humphries say, “blacks, always on the receiving end.” but when I listened again on the BBC iPlayer, the comment had ‘disappeared’. I must have been mistaken.

    Meanwhile in Birmingham…

    “A man is fighting for his life after being stabbed as he fled from robbers in an attempted dawn car-jacking in Selly Oak.
    Police received a 999 call just before 6.30am on Sunday from a man who had found his friend collapsed in an alleyway off Heeley Road, with multiple stab wounds.
    The two men, in their 20’s, had been approached by two black men shortly after parking their car.
    The robbers demanded the car keys and chased them into an alleyway where the victim, a 22-year-old man, was stabbed in the stomach and chest.”

    The victim was fleeing before he was caught and stabbed and is now fighting for his life in hospital.


    • Kaiser says:

      resisting arrest gets you restrained , but of course nobody is asking how many resist arrest, last one I saw was screaming “is it cos eyes black” and “i dindu nothin” whilst struggling with 3 cops instead of just submitting to a search


      • Richard Pinder says:

        That’s another example of how the BBC constructs Fake News by the use of censorship. Constructing Fake news by censoring the fact that Black people are more likely to resist arrest, and therefore more likely to be restrained.


  40. Kaiser says:

    ha ha ha ha ha

    if we have brexit cig packets will have to change their horrible pictures cos there EU copyright

    jeez if I had know that I would have voted remain , I love those pictures


  41. G says:

    This is the nonsense that is the UN. The POTUS could do well to consider withdrawing the US. And that would bring the house of cards down.


  42. scribblingscribe says:

    The BBC appear to think the IPCC’s view on Global Warming, (cough) sorry, Climate Change, is reliable.

    Clearly, this isn’t the same IPCC who:

    Assured us that all ice in the Himalayas would be gone by 2035.
    The Hockey Stick Graph was 100% correct. It was nonsense.

    Who tried to stop scientists from removing their names from the reports because they felt they had been hijacked by environmentalists?

    Was set up by James Hansen who guaranteed that by the 21st century you wouldn’t be able to use underground car parks on the east coast of the US because of sea level rises.

    Hidden away in its 2016 report finally admitted that there had been no warming between 1996 and 2016. The original Global warming theory of Forcing insists that the world must warm every year. In its 2016 report, the IPCC offered brand new theories why their old theories on warming were wrong.

    Isn’t it odd that the senior climate scientists disagree with the IPCC and don’t get a look in on the BBC? (Professors Curry, Singer, Lindzen, etc)

    Isn’t it also odd that the senior theoretical physicists don’t agree with IPCC but don’t get interviewed? The brilliant Prof Dyson, one of the greatest ever theoretical scientists, has actually written a paper where he says that even if the environmentalists are right about carbon affecting the world’s climate, all we need to do is plant a trillion trees to remedy their fears. BTW Prof Dyson passionately doesn’t agree with the IPCC, the BBC or left-wing arts and humanities environmentalists.


    • Up2snuff says:

      scribbling, to be fair The Humph did point out this a.m. that previous IPCC predictions had not come to pass.

      Mind you, I was a bit surprised at that. He will probably be in trouble with someone at W1A now.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      There is a war between scientists and environmentalists. Some environmentalists, like the two scientists Patrick Moore and David Bellamy, are on our side. The BBC and most journalists are on the side of the environmentalists. One exception is Donna Laframboise, who exposed the fact that the IPCC is on the side of the environmentalists.

      On the other hand. Scientists set up their own Climate Change Conference, which was thrown off university property by the environmentalists, and censored by the journalists. But in America, Donald Trump is helping the scientists by fighting back against the environmentalists. In Britain, that evil woman, Theresa May, is on the side of the environmentalists, and two brothers are fighting against each other, one a scientist who is fighting on the side of science, and one a Labour Party leader who is fighting on the side of the environmentalists.

      Will science win or will environmentalism win? Who knows?


      • Up2snuff says:

        Don’t forget James Lovelock, Richard. And Prof Mick Hulme is also rolling back a bit on the full-on greenie stuff.


    • Payne by name says:

      I came across this video earlier today which offered a great summation of how we get this every 10 years.

      The guys voice is a little monotone but there is no denying the evidence that he offers on how the media loves to whip this nonsense up.

      I distinctly remember being taught in school in the mid 80s about the possibility of another ice age so when the media try to flannel everyone with talk that no one was talking about global cooling 35 years ago they clearly were if it managed to make it all the way into my Geography GCSE lessons.


  43. Synchronised says:

    I spotted the Beeb had Nicola on the news last night for a party political broadcast on behalf on the SNP. Hands up, couldn’t stomach it all but it got me thinking. Compare the coverage of Kavanaghs alleged misdemeanors to the amount of time given to Alex Salmond and the allegations made against him. Couldn’t have the beeb dragging Nicola into it now could we.


    • scribblingscribe says:

      or the alleged rapes and cover up in the Labour party. Oddly, this was of no interest to the BBC.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Caught a bit of that Nick Bryant who is just anoth al beeb American correspondent – he always looks constipated – anyway – soberly reporting that President Trump turned a normally a political
    Swearing in ceremony into an “ extra ordinary “ even which which changing the basics of American politics – or similar words – Our Nick disapproved – but I’d call it – draining the swamp …. just awful bias


    • Fedup2 says:

      There was a fun piece on Toady about why journalists are getting killed more often these days .

      The poor sods talking just couldn’t get that they are not seen as neutrals any more and therefore become part of the enemy .

      Once that institutional bias badge is attached – as with the Beauty BBC or CNN they become the enemy . They did it to themselves .,


      • Fedup2 says:

        Now that Comrade Peston has had a damascene realisation that the BBC was institutionally biased with regard to Brexit I wonder how long it will be for President Trump gets any fair treatment with regards to carrying out election promises .

        I might need patience ….


      • R P McMurphy says:

        I suppose if they include the terrorists in Gaza who always wear a “PRESS” tabard then the numbers will show an increase.


  45. smoogie7 says:

    I see that Mr ‘I hate the Tories and want Labour elected’ AKA Sean Coughlan is back with yet another scare:

    ‘School funding ‘exaggerated’ by ministers, says watchdog’

    How about ‘BBC news stories exaggerated by lefties’ which makes more sense?

    I mean how pathetic is our national broadcaster? Trying to nit pick at the tiniest of things that our government seem to do while still failing to dig deep into Corbyn’s past which it is becoming clear would be terrible for this country. Are the BBC sure that they really want a terror sympathiser to run this country so try and dig as much dirt on our current government just to help Labour out?

    They really are sinking low


  46. Up2snuff says:

    In the month past, I have not read through all the posts on here so in posting some ‘September Snippets’ I may be duplicating stuff of that past. It is what I have noted during the time away from B-BBC although, DG please note, the switch on the Snuffy household radios have also been going increasingly to the OFF position.

    ‘September Snippet’ #1.

    I note from TOADY this morning that at last the BBC is waking up to the fact that the Skripal poisoning is a comedic farce.

    The BBC have not yet acknowledged their part in the farce, in producing misinformation, no information, wrong information and failing – as the Bellingcat Group have highlighted – in their duty as investigative journalists and news reporters.

    The fact that an organisation with 10 or 11 full-time, part-time and unpaid staff can do better than MI5 and MI6 and the police (all 250 of them!) and the BBC should cause some questions to be asked in the DGs office, at GCHQ, Porton Down and the Home Office and matched by some tough questioning in the House of Commons.

    During September I was amazed that Ben Wallace was so complacent about our Intelligence Services and Border Security on the TODAY Programme when interviewed some weeks back by, I think, The Humph. Apparently since then he has blasted the Border Security people but he really should be looking at his own department and with the Home Secretary, the Police, after they have been shown up by – in the finest tradition of the word – amateurs.


  47. Gammon says:

    Not that condone it but saw this comment on Beeb today attached to Branson’s space flight goals…. hopefully Beeb will take it down immediately!!!!

    Comment number 19. Posted by GALAXY on
    3 minutes ago
    BBC News “A senior NASA engineer has said the first person to set foot on Mars should be a woman.”

    Too right – We don’t want it dusty when the men arrive!


  48. smoogie7 says:

    One more and then I am going out for the day. The BBC have really wounds me up!

    Watch the nasty lefties gang up on the Tory who explains the benefits of being in employment while the left just try to interrupt him.

    ‘Politics Live panel on employment rates, in-work poverty and benefit cuts’

    Are people not better off in work than on the dole like how Labour last left us?

    Classic bias from the BBC trying to spread their doom and gloom again! 🙁


    • Kaiser says:

      my neighbour does 40 hrs a week minimum wage and is £40 better off than on benefits

      if he could wangle some disability there is no way you could get him into work

      frankly thats just not good enough and needs fixing


      • smoogie7 says:

        But if people are not disabled should they not be working?


        • Kaiser says:

          im not disagreeing with you , im just wondering where the incentive is.

          would you change from a nice relaxed job you like with decent holidays to one you hate with shit holidays for £40 a week


          • smoogie7 says:

            No you are right, there is more that should be done to benefit those who are in work more than if they where not working


  49. s.trubble says:

    It was recently revealed that there are 150,000 personnel in Scotland who have never worked………not a single day!
    Think about that.
    The bBC certainly didnt barely mentioned ,if at all.

    No coincidence either that SNP/Sinn Fein hardly mentioned it.

    But what they did “Hail” was the coming transfer of a number of welfare related matters being transferred from Westminster to Scottish control.

    Can you imagine this 150,000 gearing up …salivating about how to tackle this new benefits menu……a la carte Bingo style.


    The bBC certainly cant. They wont report on this manifestation of “Un- Scottish behavior of no work ethic! Or how these new benefits will be politically manipulated by the ever more sinister SNP Govt.


  50. JimS says:

    Half the story on Jeremy Vine as usual! Dr. Mike Smith says that there is a GP crisis as many GPs want to work part-time and retire early.

    He tells us that we need to do something new as doing the same thing just produces the same result. Well we have done something new, we have made being a GP a majority female occupation, no more seventy-plus ‘Dr Camerons’ working seven days a week until they die in service, now it is part-time women retiring at 35 to breed dogs and run smallholdings.

    Yet another elephant that has an invisible presence in the BBC’s room.


    • thirdoption says:

      Quite right Jim,

      And here’s an incredible statistic that you won’t hear mentioned by the BBC – the average female Doctor/Dentist only works the equivalent of eight years full-time due to other distractions.