Start the Week Thread 1 October 2018

The  Far Left BBC will throw its full bias at the red Tory Conference this week- desperate to get a non PC sound bite or snoozing grandee . We ll have plenty to report . If the BBC s false coverage of the UK isn’t enough we will witness the anti Trump bias in full flow as the Supreme Court nomination circus continues…

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  1. StewGreen says:

    \\ A “traumatised and indoctrinated” British man who was rescued from a 6ft green wooden shed in Cumbria is believed have been kept as a slave for up to 40 years.
    A 79-year-old British man arrested for modern slavery offences.//
    FFS no media mention in the headline that again the slavemasters were a “bad gypsy” clan.
    Such timidity/bias within libmob culture is the reason why such issues haven’t been addressed earlier.

    The police seem to be routinely afraid of “bad gypsies” , asking them to bring their license to the police station and never doing anything when they don’t turn up.


    • Annunaki says:

      They will often not even dare to go onto the sites when a crime is reported, I know this for a fact, one even commented “2% of the population, 20% of the crime”


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Whatever the outcome of the us Supreme Court nonsense one can but conclude that any one looking for a job in the future will be judged on their past behaviour – however long ago it was. This poses a real danger to those who are dumb enough to put their lives on face book – particularly the antics of teenagers – a record sitting in the cloud for ever .
    I write with limited knowledge of social media because apart from this site I don’t engage and have no exposure to Facebook .
    But good and bad people seem destined to suffer injustice in the jobs market in decades to come as a result . That doesn’t seem right .


    • Guest Who says:

      Given events elsewhere, nationally and further afield, comments could…

      Oh, and in the spirit of testimony, I wonder if Katty watches Tucker but decided to stick with bbc belief and edited this one out of her shares?


    • Payne by name says:

      A fair point or you could do what Dr Ford did who spent 5-6 days before going public frantically deleting all social media traces.

      Makes you wonder why she would do that, worried that we might discover blatant partisan bias in her attitudes to the world…


  3. StewGreen says:

    Times on St Brian
    \\ The head of Amnesty International UK ordered staff to work with the disgraced charity chief Brendan Cox despite being aware of concerns about his behaviour towards women.

    There have been calls for Kate Allen to face a disciplinary inquiry for committing Amnesty UK to support Mr Cox’s Great Get Together project a year after his resignation from Save the Children in September 2015 amid sex harassment allegations.

    A confidential investigation report seen by The Times concluded that Ms Allen, Amnesty UK’s director since 2000, and senior managers failed to carry out due diligence or risk assessments, while no one acted on staff concerns about working alongside Mr Cox. …//


  4. Annunaki says:

    Schoolgirl, 15, died from a severe allergic reaction ‘after eating food from a dirty takeaway infested with mouse droppings

    “Mohammed Abdul Kuddus, 40, (right image, left) and Harun Rashid, 38, (right image, right) will go on trial accused of manslaughter. The pair deny the manslaughter charges. ”

    drug dealer, 21, who used three children to sell crack cocaine and heroin while forcing them to live in a squalid flat”

    Zakaria Mohammed, 21, (pictured) from Aston, Birmingham, recruited the vulnerable youngsters to extend his drugs network to Lincoln,”

    So much for their religion and bloody prophet


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    In 2017 the U.K. exported 800,000 cars to the eu.
    In 2017 the U.K. imported 2,300,000 cars from the eu.

    If tariffs are introduced who do you think will lose out.
    We could lose 800,000 export sales and we could gain 2,300,000 home sales.
    Nissan etc should know this and they will in all likelihood double or treble their sales if we are lucky enough to get a no deal (wto) Brexit.

    So why do the bbc (and the rest of the far left MSM) never mention this.
    Anyone would think they had an agenda.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      I posted similar to this elsewhere a couple of weeks ago. Moreover, we sell them LHD cars and they sell us mainly RHD cars. Al Beeb don’t mention it because they don’t know how tariffs work and who collects them, and it would be our government getting 10% on our imports. With a WTO Brexit they could use that tariff to pay a subsidy for RHD British built cars – no unfair competition there.


  6. Zelazek says:

    There was something on the Today programme while I was half asleep this morning about improving access to university for students from deprived backgrounds who have not got the relevant grades but who show potential in some other way – keenness, personality, determination, something. Aberdeen University apparently is relaxing some entry requirements for this reason. There was an interview with a student with one of those heavy, proletarian, “pure dead brilliant” kind of accents who had benefited from this madness and was going to be a doctor. She didn’t inspire confidence.

    The BBC should be severely questioning this policy. But they are not. They approve of it. I have read some research from America that suggests that students who get into university in this manner do not do well. Which is not surprising. If you can’t get the grades to enter the university, why do you expect to get the grades to graduate?

    I was thinking later that my local football team is way ahead of the universities on this and has already implemented the policy. It’s full of players from deprived backgrounds who have failed to master basic skills.


    • Kaiser says:

      because they are also saying effniks should get inflated degrees as well, might as well just give them a phd at 16 and have done with it


      • Annunaki says:

        Many have skills that would put a high street pharmacist to shame in diluting compounds, in weights and measures, and of course the distribution and delivery of said compounds, and a much more liberal, customer focussed out of hours service


      • David R says:

        Zelazek and Kaiser:

        When one of her patients dies unnecessarily who gets the blame – probably not Aberdeen U’s mad policy?


    • Peter Grimes says:

      So the entrance qualifications for uni entry are being dumbed down and with ever- increasing top grade degrees being awarded they are being dumbed down as well.

      Are you surprised that our millennials act stupid? They are stupid!


  7. Terminal Moraine says:

    Keeping an eye on the Arsenal Europa game live feed… and there’s a golden opportunity for the beeb to insert one of their “get inspired” videos:

    “Barry and Jerry are determined to build a legacy and create good citizens through their volunteer football programme in Bradford.”

    ***SPOILER ALERT*** Football isn’t actually the main inspiration; and despite what you might think, Barry and Jerry oddly are not your typical Yorkshire indigenous blokes


    • Annunaki says:

      Not burka football again, please, “on me ‘ead, inshalla”


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      —”When you think of Bradford, it’s a really deprived city… so getting the community together… it’s ok, because everyone’s coming together…”

      Umm… everyone’s coming together, or one particular monoculture is coming together? (And Bradford’s not so deprived that the academy can’t afford personalised Nike sportswear for their Muslim girl coaches.)



      • oldcrone says:

        Bradford’s not deprived .. unless you’re white working class. Everything there (and in all the other northern mill towns} is slanted towards “the community”.


      • Annunaki says:

        Yeah one particular kommunihi it seems, wonder how much public money was chucked their way


        • Terminal Moraine says:

          Funny I always thought it was spelt kommuni-ee, but I’m so tolerant and inclusive I’ll accept your chosen preference.

          I feel enriched already


  8. Guest Who says:

    Bbc on the campaign trail again.

    Odd how they like blue in the USA, and red over here.


  9. taffman says:

    I notice that there has been a lot chatter in the MSM today about a ‘Canada Plus Deal’ being on the table.
    Is there any report of this on Al Beeb?


  10. StewGreen says:

    BBC staff holidays
    ..Yesterday on Hull Look North the reporter had flown to Cordoba for a short item on dams.
    ..Today on Hull Look North the reporter had flown to Monaco for a short item on Red Arrows promoting a British yacht company.
    ..The tenuous local news link is that the Red Arrows are based within our TV area.

    “With the country facing *economically uncertain future after Brexit *, some companies say there will be more need for the red arrows to build new trade relationships abroad”
    Why not say this instead ?
    ..’With the country facing *great opportunities due to Brexit *, some companies say there will be more need for the red arrows to build new trade relationships abroad”


    • Guest Who says:

      Hull seems home for the taxpayer funded jollier.

      Think ‘climate rapporteur’ Prescott touring the Caribbean.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Certainly it seems an ace way to get on the telly.


  12. vlad says:

    Remember the charmer in Paris who slapped a young woman who didn’t appreciate his lewd advances? He’s been named as Firaz by the court, who allegedly can’t reveal his surname.

    That’ll be Firaz Dupont no doubt.

    That Gallic charm, eh?


  13. Annunaki says:

    A teenage girl quit an art and employability course after being told her views were ‘too right wing’.

    17-year-old Alissa Cook-Gray claims she was given a final warning by the course tutor of the training course after she had expressed her support for far-right activist, Tommy Robinson.

    The final warning was allegedly given to Alissa after she told fellow students she liked Robinson, who was released from prison in August, after three leading judges quashed a contempt of court finding made at Leeds Crown Court.
    Alissa Cook-Gray (pictured) was given a final warning and kicked out of class for expressing her political views

    Alissa Cook-Gray (pictured) was given a final warning and kicked out of class for expressing her political views

    After expressing her views, Alissa was then told to ‘get out’ of the class.


    • Fedup2 says:

      When comrade Corbyn gets power she ll be sent for 6 months re education …


      • Annunaki says:

        An intensive course of BBC articles no doubt


        • Annunaki says:

          And we do have some old salt mines here, for the time when any alternative opinion on the insidiousness of diversity is finally shut down, when muslim homophobia and attacks upon women and Jews are competely ignored and Somali immigrants running wild with knives and guns, whilst white men are vilified for months on end in the media for similar crimes etc etc


          • ID says:

            There was plenty of “vilification”, gushing from Thursday’s Today programme. Some director or other has made, or is about to make, a film about the Brevik massacre and this gave the BBC the pretext to throw “Brevik mud” at its ideological enemies. A BBC weasel feigns concern that “populist and rightwing parties are using the words and thoughts of Brevik, though,of course, not the violence”. Not yet, of course, but the implication is that Brexiteers and populists are all simply Breviks in spe and that anything could tip them over the edge and cause them to unleash an orgy of violence. However, when a muslim terrorist butchers scores of people, BBC weasels seem unaware of the connection between the thoughts, words and deeds in the koran and the actions of “islamists”. It’s Nothing to do with Islam. You can’t tar all muslims with the same brush. The BBC, however, has no compunction in tarring anyone to the right of Ken (Fartso) Clark as apostles of Brevik. “Kill the unbeliever” seem to be the central message of the Koran and Brevik’s outpourings. The BBC will never admit the similarity.


    • StewGreen says:

      Breitbart quoted the course agency
      \\ Total People have responded to the allegations with the following generic statement, reported by the Daily Mirror:

      “We are an inclusive organisation, we are values-led and we ask that all learners are collaborative; *respect each other’s views* and work towards common goals.
      (respecting someone’s views = banning them !)

      “We have successfully worked with learners over a 20+ year period from many different backgrounds, religions and diverse cultures.
      (but diverse opinions not welcome ?)


    • Dystopian says:

      Anyone notice the lie that whilst in prison Tommy briefly went on hunger strike? This was it the case according to Tommy, he just didn’t want to eat food prepared and served by Muslims in the prison for fear of being poisoned so had no choice but to eat a tin of tuna a day.
      This clearly demonstrates the lies of the MSM.


  14. davylars says:

    BBC quote of the day from news at ten.
    Global warming report from Vietnam.
    “The land is sinking so the sea is rising.”


  15. vlad says:

    The beeb informs me that a muslim has been jailed for trafficking children.
    I find that impossible to believe.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Al beeb tends to drop the name to half way down the report – the ‘mo’ tends to be a bit of a giveaway and you can almost see the beeboid wince when they say it – which a lot – like poisoning teenage girls with paki third world take aways – allegedly .


  16. Luckyharry69 says:

    I hope everybody is watching the totally UNBIASED Question Time tonight !!?….I’m sure it will be a balanced debate and not at all against our current Conservative government or Brexit.I particularly love the Adrian Chiles show afterwards when he ‘gets down’ with the young political activist kids in the studio….terrific entertainment……he is so cool and groovy that Adrian……


    • StewGreen says:

      it’s a circus
      ringmaster Dimbleby directs Isabel Oakshott to speak
      ..and then directs someone to speak over the top of her.
      …However much of the audience support her.
      …I guess a couple of the BBC/Labour buses broke down, cos they didn’t dominate tonight.


  17. Annunaki says:

    Why bother, better to vent your anger here where there are those who agree


    • Beltane says:

      Your fears were realised Lucky! Isabel Oakeshot’s contributions were kept to a bare minimum, culminating by being interrupted and over-ruled by Dimly, who then immediately allowed George, a cocky, glib and offensively racist person of colour to continue with yet another specious harangue.
      The audience seemed at times surprisingly balanced, though both politicians, Gauke and Thornberry, were by comparison stultifying.


      • Rich says:

        Just to add to that Bel, it was noticeable how often Thornberry was allowed to interject and ask questions herself, Dimbleby seemingly happy to joint-chair/ co-host.

        As for George the Poet. I used to have my schoolbag checked for incendiary devices or weapons entering shops while wearing my school uniform, and was routinely frisked during these stops, as an adult I have always had to have photographic id for proof of identity and to vote, I have often been seemingly without reason stopped and searched by armed police, I’ve been stopped in random roadblocks and vehicle checks while on family drives, and I’ve been herded into secure waiting areas away from other groups of passengers while using airports and ports for domestic travel.

        I’m white. I’m also Northern Irish. Some people from Northern Ireland, who looked and talked like me, were killing people at this time. If I had to be put out occasionally to make things safer for me and other people in a our communities, regardless of race or religion, and to maybe lessen the chances of some innocents being indiscriminately blown to pieces, then so be it.

        Unlike George I’m not black and so obviously, in his opinion, can never have experienced the profiling or stereotyping that he has, or unwarranted, unnecessary, racist, and xenophobic harassment as he prefers to perceive it. Also, unlike George, I’m not a racial bigot, a victim of society with a chip on my shoulder who can’t see that profiling, stop and search, and occasionally being asked some awkward questions by people trying to keep our shared society safe, isn’t just about you, it’s not personal, no matter what colour you are.


      • ID says:

        I tuned into QT for the first time in months and months wondering what turd in human form had replaced Dimblebore. I was shocked to find him still ensconsed. Was it all a cruel hoax? It would have been a more fitting end if Dimblebore had croaked on air crestfallen as he announced the Brexit victory in 2016. Great TV.


  18. taffman says:

    Just looking at Al Beeb’s front page this evening, hardly a peep about Brexit, zilch? The first time for months .
    What are they afraid of? Someone pointing out that the NI border problem is just a red herring? Come on Mrs Chamberlain, get on with it.
    Canada Deal ++++ anyone?


  19. taffman says:

    “Russia tried to hack the Foreign Office”.
    Are the Russians hacking Al Beeb? Have they been doing it for years using ‘sleepers’?
    Hence Al Beeb’s anti-British stance ?


    • Scroblene says:

      They don’t need to, Taff.

      All they have to do is listen to prats like the autocue readers and bile-spouters.


  20. taffman says:

    “Brett Kavanaugh: Senators spar over FBI report on top court pick”
    President Trump 1 -v- Liberal media 0 .
    Come on Al Beeb, tell it as it is………………
    President Trump continues to drain the swamp.


  21. pugnazious says:

    Astoundingly racist, unpleasant and highly political attack on Tory London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey by the BBC and friends….Bailey who is black and has dragged himself out of a deprived start in ife and built a new one with intelligence, hard work and determination….BBC dismisses him as house boy.

    Bailey wrote a pamphlet 13 years ago for the Centre for Policy Studies that addressed the issue of young people in minority communities committing crime and not progressing in life. The comments in the pamphlet have been taken, twisted, misquoted and distorted in order to portray Bailey as some kind of racist and islamophobe. Needless to say his meaning and intent, obvious to any reader, is not to say any such things.

    Here’s a taste of Sky’s approach [similar to their fabrications and misrepresentations about Tommy Robinson]…

    ‘ In a pamphlet written in 2005, Shaun Bailey wrote that celebrating Muslim and Hindu festivals “robs Britain of its community”.
    Mr Bailey appears to suggest that celebrating Muslim and Hindu festivals “robs Britain of its community” and risks turning the country into a “crime riddled cesspool”.’

    Complete lie, Bailey did not say ‘celebrating Muslim and Hindu festivals ‘robs Britain of its community’ and note that ‘appears to suggest’….Sky knows Bailey is not saying this and so covers themselves with a get-out nevermind he in now way ‘appears’ to suggest what they say he does.

    Here’s the Guardian’s smear in a similar vein….

    ‘Accommodating Muslims and Hindus “robs Britain of its community” and risks turning the country into a “crime-riddled cesspool” as a result, the Conservative candidate for London mayor declared in a thinktank pamphlet he wrote a decade ago.’

    Again, Bailey did not say accommodating Muslims and Hindus robs Britain of its community. A total lie.

    And of course the BBC which echoes the attacks with the same line…

    ‘In a 2005 pamphlet, Shaun Bailey wrote accommodating Muslim and Hindu cultures “robs Britain of its community”. ‘

    I first heard the story on WATO and I was astonished at the sheer unpleasantness of a quite blatant attack on Bailey by the BBC which quoted a Labour MP calling Bailey the ‘token black ghetto boy’. Why would the BBC use that quote? It wasn’t needed, it’s irrelevant to the story…except for the BBC it isn’t because that is their whole narrative…Bailey is only a candidate because he is black, nothing to do with talent and ability. What an insult, a racist insult. This from the BBC that tell us how hideously white Britain is and how we must give preferential treatment to Bame people suddenly decides quotas are a bad thing…but of course Bailey isn’t there as part of a tick-box exercise….he’s there on merit and has been an assembly member since 2016.

    The WATO presenter demanded, absolutely demanded, to know if Bailey ‘should be allowed to stay’ as candidate because of his ‘controversial’ comments whch apparently ‘blamed Muslims and Hindus for creating crime’…his words ‘will alienate people in the very diverse city of London’.

    Bailey did not blame Muslims and Hindus and his words will not alienate the people of London because he didn’t say what the BBC says he said. It is of course just the opening shots in what will be a nasty campaign for Mayor as the BBC et al try to shoot down the Tory candidate using whatever slurs and malicious narratives they can as with Zac Goldsmith who never said anything about ‘Muslims’ but merely raised the question as to why Khan always appeared on stage with Muslim extremists which might indicate, as with Corbyn, a degree of affinity with their thinking and causes….Goldsmith was rapidly attacked as an ‘islamophobe’.

    So what did Bailey say? In fact he praised Muslims several times and his comment about black, Christian youths being sent to celebrate Muslims and Hindu festivals whilst not being taught about their own religion and culture was not a reflection on Islam or Hinduism but on the lack of awareness of their own culture leaving them without an identity of their own and a culture to embrace and gain support and structure from as you can see from this quote in which he praises Muslim unity and strength of community…..

    ‘Arguably our laws are Christian-based – well, they need to be maintained. Losing them has meant that people have come here and had very little respect for us. That lack of integration and that lack of saying to people: if you are going to come to England, this is what we expect. That is why the Muslim religion is so powerful among the Muslim people. I spoke to a Muslim I met abroad, and he said to me, “Oh yeah you come from that England where they have no God at all.” It’s like we are ashamed of where we have come from.

    Here he praises Muslim family values….

    ‘The promotion of single parenthood None of this is helped by the lack of married families – except among the Muslim community and some of the older whites. Marriage does not exist amongst the black community. It is why we have so many problems with the men. ‘

    Here is the quote that the BBC et al are interpreting as anti-Islam and anti-Hinduism…

    ‘Multiculturalism Among the working class, unless you are one of those ‘Queen and Country who support the football team’ sort of British people, you are lost. You don’t know what to do. You bring your children to school and they learn far more about Diwali than Christmas. I speak to the people who are from Brent and they’ve been having Muslim and Hindi days off. What it does is rob Britain of its community. Without our community we slip into a crime riddled cess pool. ‘

    As you can see he does not say Islam and Hinduism ‘robs Britain of its community’, what he is saying is not teaching those black youths their own Christian, western culture robs them of a sense of community, identity and unity which is needed for any successful society. He is not in any way blaming Muslims and Hindus for this, he is not criticising teaching ethnic cultures but criticising the lack of teaching of the British culture….as if we are ashamed of it….as the BBC is of course. Hence people don’t want to identify as ‘British’, or maybe cannot as they have no idea what being ‘British’ means….always told it is a bad thing to be British.

    Here’s a black success story, someone who has built a new life and is still striving to achieve more and the BBC has launched an all out assault on him because he’s a Tory. This is blatantly about keeping Khan and Labour in power in London and they see a Black Tory candidate as a threat in that so diverse London. Operation Smear is in place and on-going…watch this space.


    • Scroblene says:

      Superb summary and comment, Pugn. This should be copied and sent around level-headed voters in London.

      The downright lying leftie ‘press’ should hang their bigoted heads in shame at such an atrocious tactic to undermine a man who is trying to get things together in London, not encourage knife crime and hatred like the current waste of space Londoners are lumbered with.

      The leftie mob here are turning more into US democraps by the day, spewing bile, lies and disgust wherever they get a platfom. Luckily nobody in their right mind ever believes what the bbbc says these days, and all the leftie rags are getting the same response from normal peoeple – ‘yawn – now fuck off’.


  22. Loobyloo says:

    Fast fashion is harming the planet, MPs say

    Ban clothes!????

    Brett Kavanaugh accusations: Are young men in America scared?

    More like 1984 every day..a selection of US young men lining up for groupthink reprogramming


  23. Doobster78 says:

    Forget the IRA , forget ISIS, the most dangerous group of the last 30 years are the 2018 Feminazis and in particular those involved in the #metoo campaign. Just seen a BBC report of the baying mob marching in Washington, placards aplenty telling us they BELIEVE ALL SURVIVORS. What a disgusting, dangerous bunch they are. Forget due process or investigation, they believe them so that’s it, GUILTY. Utterly thrilled to see lots of them arrested overnight ….quite right, inciting hatred should be the charge. One old washed up acctress screeched a vote for Kavanaugh is saying women don’t matter. What goes on in their heads ????? I wait with excitement for the day when one of these high profile me tooers husband has allegations made against him. Wonder if they would still BELIEVE ALL SURVIVORS then ????


    • Scroblene says:

      I’m sure you’ve seen this site, Doobster, but for anyone who hasn’t, it’s always worth a few minutes reading a real-time US minded reminder of how badly the dems are doing.

      The elephant and the donkey..;0)

      (Hope you don’t mind the – er – other links Ladies…)


  24. Scroblene says:

    Sleepless in Kent last night, I had to turn on the R5 news as a last resort.

    Lisa McCormick’s just about alright on poular magazine stuff about slebs etc, but when an ‘interview’ with some bloke from Inews came on, the final parting shot was to assume that the world treats President Trump with distaste, and that still hung over with the Aussie bloke, but he was more rational, especially when he was analysing the South China Sea situation.

    Listen here bbbc, (can you make some effort please), there are many people who agree with President Trump’s way of getting rid of people like you. Just give the facts, and less innuendo on your own opinions – they matter little, but perhaps that’s all snowflakes and sjws want.

    What a farce the tax-funded ‘broadcaster’ is these days.


  25. Beeb Brother says:

    I tried Toady for the first time in months today and it actually has not made my blood boil! Just convey what is going on in the country free from sneeeing and patronising, with not guff about ‘diversity.’ It is not that hard is it?

    They must have received so many complaints about their alt-Left garbage. Perhaps someone high up has had a word and told them to rein it in.


  26. Deborah says:

    Seven Thirty and I have switched off Toady already. On and on about the Irish border which apparently the British government is working on plans for. I thought Mrs M had told the EU to bring us theirs. But the Irish woman was not held to account by Justin, just a friendly chat as it appears the whole U.K. was stay in a customs union without cost? Total capitulation by the U.K.? No wonder Justin sounded chirpy.

    Then on to Yvette with her faux anger about stored body parts. Can’t they just be sent to the local crem? Off switch.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Nothing quite like a poet and a finger wagging harpie to bring harmony to the country. Nice one, bbc.


    • Kaiser says:

      time for these people to make use of free movement whilst they still can


      • Scroblene says:

        They spout enough ‘free movement’ already – the sort one gets after a severe Ruby Murray….


    • countryblues says:

      Help me out here…millions of people keep piling into this nasty, racist country knowing full well it’s full of xenophobes, bigots, Nazis, Islamophobes and racists. Why? 🙁


  28. Guest Who says:

    A full sentence? Wtf.


  29. Guest Who says:

    Good to see BBC alumni working their inspirational magic over the pond.

    #honestmistake as they say here. An awful lot.


  30. Guest Who says:

    Bbc morning emoan:


    Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegation: Nike ‘deeply concerned’

    The sportswear giant Nike, which has a contract reported to be worth $1bn (£768m) with Cristiano Ronaldo, says it is “deeply concerned” by rape allegations against the footballer. It adds that it will “closely monitor” the situation. Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus and Portugal, denies assaulting former teacher Kathryn Mayorga at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009.

    Ms Mayorga has said she was inspired to speak out by the #MeToo movement. Meanwhile, another Ronaldo sponsor, the games company EA Sports, called the report detailing allegations against him “concerning”.

    It’s been announced that Ronaldo, formerly of Manchester United and Real Madrid, will not be in the Portugal squad to play Poland and Scotland later this month.”

    Be funny when someone off message alleges Colin took a knee to her.

    “Brett Kavanaugh: Protests against confirmation

    Donald Trump’s nominee for the US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, looks to be nearing confirmation, after Republicans declared that an FBI report had exonerated him of sexual assault allegations dating back to the 1980s. But protesters have gathered in Washington, chanting: “Kavanaugh has got to go.” Hundreds were arrested, including comedian Amy Schumer.

    Democrats have complained that the five-day FBI inquiry was “incomplete” and limited by the White House. The Senate will hold a procedural vote on the confirmation of Mr Kavanaugh – who denies the allegations against him – later on Friday.

    Mr Trump has claimed life for young men in the US is “scary” after the claims, but are they feeling worried?”

    The BBC doing what it does best: pushing what serves the narrative; editting out what does not.


  31. Guest Who says:

    The bbc is so on it.


    • David R says:

      Ooh “pork pie”? mentioned on the bBBC. Someone’s deputy’s head must roll!


  32. fakenewswatcher says:

    The biggest attempt to smear UKIP, I’ve yet heard, came on R4 last night, when Andrew Hoskins went to town about its ‘links’ to Football supporters/hooligans’ (he used these terms interchangeably) and the former EDL, on the news at ten.
    The terms ‘islamophobia’ and ‘far right’ were fully revived and attempts made to link them to G.Batten somehow. Latter gave a good account of himself and told Hoskins where to get off.
    But the real venom was reserved for the Football boys and Hoskins cleverly posed the implicit question as to whether they were absorbing UKIP or the other way round. His target was really the latter, since -who knows- this could ultimately be linked to a previous report on the ‘Blue Wave’ of UKIP supporters joining the Conservatives (and ‘infecting’ them?).
    Hoskins’ point was that, now that Treezer had achieved ‘leaving’ the EU (Ha Ha), UKIP had no purpose, so it attached itself to ‘islamophobia”. Personally, I think that’s rubbish. We have yet to see what Ms May does in the EU negotiations, and what her real agenda is, and thus UKIP is very much needed. It has no need to find other causes. And -as usual- the beeb venom was for football and UKIP, not for any perpetrators of foul crimes. When will these low life get their priorities right?
    I think this news bulletin was presented by J Kumrasami; he often comes to my attention. His next item was on Kavanaugh, and he trotted out -who else but- Senator Diane Feinstein, that ole pal of the beeb on matters Kavanaugh.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch
    Trying not to listen but …. Nigerian convicted of VAT fraud bad enough to do time is being deported because he is not a British National .

    Guess the al beeb stance ?

    Off switch time .


    • Scroblene says:

      I wonder if he didn’t pay the VAT on the $25,000,000 dollars I received from him!

      Silly man, I told him my bank wouldn’t mind, but he still persisted.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Sometimes BBC photo editors tell an accurate story. Perhaps unintentionally.


    • JimS says:

      Judging by the empty seats it must be the Women’s World Cup Final.


      • Scroblene says:

        Jim fixed it for the kid! How bloody boring.

        Still making an appearance from the grave though!

        (By the way, have any heads have rolled at the lavish W1A peoples palace about all that yet? You’d have thought that a few dozen bbbc acolytes would have been sacked by now, wouldn’t you?)


  35. JamesArthur says:

    I’ve not listened to or watched Beeb all week..until this morning R4
    When you have a break and come back you soon realise why you have a break…R4 likes to ignore or misrepresent what it doesn’t like and to up-play what it does
    …in bit about the Rohingya sitatin in Bangladesh they interview a Bangladeshi in local town who said “he wants the refugees to go because we are a minority in our own town, they work for less money and under cut locals’… Now if a white man in UK said that what would the BBC paint him as? Racist, xenophobe, Brexiteer, far right ?
    What did they say about this comment – nothing and I bet you never hear it broadcast again..
    Then Kavanaugh ..oh it’s so feminist – how many women can they get on to slag him off despite there being no evidence..why are they not asking where her evidence is…and questioning her credibility as an accuser
    Brexit…WTF…that’s all I can say about that..time to switch off


    • Fedup2 says:

      I agree – I’m out of Blighty and caught the 6 pm tv news which seemed like a long charity appeal for with Muslims or the NHS or the poisonous “ underprivileged “ word . The newsreader was white for a change but a girly obviously . Off switch


  36. AsISeeIt says:

    Love it, hate it, suddenly it’s nothing to do with Brexit

    BBC News Channel headlines tell me this morning that Marmite producer Unilever has scrapped plans to move their HQ from Britain to Holland. Do you remember this story? It was another BBC tale of Brexit fear. Now we’re told the move was suggested because the company wanted to simplify its operations and the decision to remain (if you’ll excuse the word) is because some shareholders would have had to disinvest.

    And so another anti-Brexit fake news gobbet bites the dust. Of course these stories go out with a whimper not with a bang which was the way they came in.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Their ceo was on the wireless using the bullshit term “ going forward “ which American think sounds better that “ in the future”

      It was simple . If Unilever was a take over target it would be better out of uk Ftse 100 and cheaper to get in Holland —all the chiefs would get remuneration -er -sorry – a bribe and the company could be broken up and sold off .

      Sack the board without ‘ remuneration ‘ packages.

      Disclosure – I have no financial interest in Unilever .


  37. Guest Who says:

    Jezza is back, with his holiday snaps.

    Hope Greg Dyke isn’t up yet.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Wow they’ve got ice lollies, I don’t recall photos of kids in London playing over the rubble from German bombs having ice lollies but then I’m a far right knuckle dragger so what do I know.


  38. AsISeeIt says:

    If you wanted an honest non-partisan update on the Kavanaugh story it’s fair to say you would hardly go to the Victoria Derbyshire show.

    Do you see the problem? We now accept that the BBC will happily broadcast a biased unballanced view of the news on important cultural/political events of our time. We can no longer trust the BBC. How times have changed.

    Anyway, the bias this morning began like this: BBC headline ‘hundreds of protesters arrested at anti-Kavanaugh protests’ – the clear implication being that Trump was in some way rounding up the opposition. The BBC give no clue as to what law these protesters might have been breaking.

    I won’t bother to unpack BBC bias further on this issue – it’s not worth it. The bias is blatant. The excuse is support of wimmin but the real reason is naked politics.

    Here are the Al Gore Sex Assault allegations the Media have covered up:

    Al Gore allegedly sexually assaulting woman in a Portland Hotel.

    In 2010, the Portland Police announced they were opening up an investigation into Molly Haggerty’s charges about the alleged 2006 incident. Even though an official transcript of her interview the previous year with Portland Police Detective Molly Baul was quickly posted by, the New York Times only reported in vague terms that Gore was being accused of unwanted sexual advances. WaPo investigative reporter Carol Leonnig reported that the woman told police that she “was repeatedly subjected to unwanted sexual touching.”

    That made it sound like Gore just tried to cop a feel once or twice on the way out of his doors. Actually, the details, if true, are harrowing and actually go beyond even what women are alleging about Trump.

    Haggerty said her phone started ringing when she got to Gore’s two-room hotel suite on October 23, 2006, and he asked for the massage in the bedroom, not the main room on the massage table she apparently brought.

    When Gore, in town for a climate change speech, finally agreed to go on the table he started “demanding sexual favors.”

    Read more here:

    Or here:


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      The point is the BBC are doing what the Marxists do…they are pitching MEN against MEN…they love it.Claiming to protect the OPPRESSED/VICTIMS against the nasty Oppressor .Men are coming off as LOSERS all the time.Its the Post Modern Marxist philosophy that anything goes.There are NO GENDERS…..only what you FEEL about gender and history.Its all a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT and not real.So MAN/WOMAN?WIFE/WIFE/FAMILY are being eradicated from society……………Its a direct attack on MALE WHITE(Christian) PATRIACHY…hence the young white men having to defend themselves on Question Time and similar programmes against racism and homophobia etc………If British people could see what is happening in California schools they would be very scared…this is what the BBC is encouraging. Children are being INDOCTRINATED.Boys are being taught how NOT to be boys.There are no standard family units…its all a social construct to be discussed etc.I turned on ‘how to eat well for less’ last night and what a surprise…it was a LESBIAN couple with children.What impression of life are those children going to get of men?Women/Man relationships and reproduction.This is SCARY SHIT being peddled by our NATIONAL BROADCASTER…be scared people…………


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Obviously, Al Gore is a good person of the Left. He believes in man made global warming so much he has made millions of dollars out of it. Clearly, therefore, he can no more be a sex pest than Bill Clinton can be a rapist.

      If you are a conservative, on the other hand, the gloves are off.

      This morning, the fast sinking Today programme had someone on to comment on the Bret Kavanaugh business. It was a person called Gloria Allred. The first line of her Wikipedia entry reads “American women’s rights attorney notable for taking high-profile and often controversial cases.” You don’t say.

      Obviously, Ms Allred explained how the Republicans were the party of old white men, who were going to be wiped out in the November elections.

      Clearly, Today subjected her to a probing interview to challenge her views. Oh sorry, they lapped it up. Instead, they had on a conservative commentator to rebut her left wing bias. Sorry again, it was just Gloria Allred.

      Because who wouldn’t have a problem with a high profile left wing lawyer and radical feminist commenting on Bret Kavanaugh without any challenge?

      It probably never occurred to anyone in W1A that there could even be any other point of view. In the W1A hive, there are no other views.


  39. StewGreen says:

    This is Good Nick Ferrari talking about the “People’s Vote”


  40. StewGreen says:

    Then we just had “Bad Nick Ferrari”, when the issue of ’17 year old girl kicked out of classroom cos she said she loved Tommy Robinson’ came up.
    NIck said “Well , the former leader of the EDL , often has violence at his rallies”..
    Doh it’s rather a case of there almost outbursts of violence when Brendan Coxes Hatey no Hopers turn up at Tommy rallies to cause trouble, and some are arrested yet the press make it sound like all the arrests are TR supporters .
    NF did give some push back when one caller said TR is just the same as Muslim hatespeakers, Ferrai did point out that there is a difference when a speaker supports terrorism
    And then NF did mention many callers who were saying schools have been taken over by socialist brainwashers.

    NF was also badly report, after he’d started the seg he first said their is no comment from the school, and then said ah there is ..and started to read it, “We are an inclusive organisation, we are values-led and we ask that all learners are collaborative; *respect each other’s views* and work towards common goals.
    … oh hang on this is rubbish this statement doesn’t address the issue of the excluded girl at all”

    Then James O’Brian the ultra left shock jock, opened his prog by saying “These days we can’t tell the difference between PARODY and REALITY”, says the man who seems like a wacky character created by a comedy actor


  41. Campaign To Abolish The BBC says:


    Just another polite reminder:

    Please support the anti-BBC petition here:

    Please sign and share the petition with everybody you know.

    Our campaign website:



  42. Foscari says:

    I was wondering should the BBC just be a media netwook just
    for women?OK one can add in ethnic representation as well
    if likes , women and men. BUT certaintly not the choice for
    indigenous UK men.
    With more than 75% of the news presenters and reporters now
    women .And the pre-eminence the BBC is giving to womens football, cricket, rugby etc ,maybe we should only see a white
    male invited into the studios as a guest just occasionaly.
    So instead of having women’s hours for just several hours a day.
    The BBC could me an media outlook similar to the magazines
    “Women” and Womens Own.


    • G says:

      From what you describe, our Far Left Marxist State Broadcaster’s days are numbered. Good.
      For me, just over a year without a tv licence and I do not miss viewing the nonsense. In fact, I must say, I should have done it long before the output became unpalatable.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      You mean like ‘Women’s Hour’ on Radio4?


  43. StewGreen says:

    Switch on bingo wins : Just switched on 5 Live and a calling for a People’s Vote (Deborah Frances White @GuiltFemPod an immigrant from Australia who hosts on Radio4 and the Guilty Feminists podcasts)

    So switched to radio4 ..the prog is yet another edition of Maya Angelou’s autobiography

    Switch back to 5Live and the other guest is an American Trump supporting satirist Will Franken @WillFranken is on against Deborah Frances White.

    Chiles “Here on the prog we have Will Franken and Deborah Frances White , Deborah you are so funny , clever and wise”
    ..Do you notice a difference in treatment there ?


    • StewGreen says:

      @WillFranken’s podcast show


    • Fedup2 says:

      On the upside at least Angeloo ain’t writing any more tedious tomes …


    • StewGreen says:

      There was quite a spat before the 10:30am news DFW got screechy and sneery “Comedians were only white guys remember that ?”
      AF came in yes I remember your joke when you said “I’ll be glad when white guys are exterminated ”
      DFW “No, no, I never said that, that is libelous”
      Chiles handled it quite well “Lets Park that” then indeed at the end of the item he said his staff had been unable to find that quote”

      Dunno but she does spout hate


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Listening to the NI politicians who are meeting barnier today ( drink anybody ?) I can but hope that NI will derail any brexit deal and as a result we ll get the brexit . Perhaps the EU airline regulator might be willing to talk to our CAA then as they have been unwilling to engage since April 2018!

    Obviously on NI al beeb has to be v careful to hide its support for republics and their terrorism and hatred for anything with ‘ Unionist ‘ although curiously is likes Reich European Unionists


  45. Fedup2 says:

    Quality journalism from George Osborne s Londonistan Evening Standard

    “Donald Trump faces ridicule after boarding Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe”

    Imagine having to pay for that ‘ news paper’ ?


    • Old Goat says:

      Donald Trump isn’t embarrassed by anything – he’ll just laugh it off, as he usually does. Meanwhile, The BBC, Sky, CNN, et al will keep it running for days, ad nauseam.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Who faces ridicule for that? It’s like saying George Osborne faces ridicule for having his opinions…..oh sorry that’s true


  46. Rich says:

    What about Steven Seagull walking out on Kirsty Squawk on last night’s Newshite?

    I happened to see a bit of both Question Time and this last night, both programmes that I stopped watching at least a year ago, and saw this part of the interview.

    Seagal was brought on to talk about his role as a Russian Special Envoy and seemed reasonably straightforward and surprisingly eloquent right up to the point where Kirsty asked him, obviously without prior agreement, about historic sexual assault allegations that have been made again at him. He just stood up, calmly, and walked off.

    Old Kirsty hides her confusion well but what does she expect. More interviewees should do this, the silent ‘fuck-off’, to the bBbc, before saving themselves the bother and abuse by simply refusing to be interviewed by the bBbc at all.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I cannot understand what people gain from dealing with beeboids unless they are part of the snowflake ethnic industry or similar .

      Any consenting non snowflake adult must know they will be attacked for being even slightly to the right .

      If having to do such interviews it would be good to have some dirt about the interviewer such as their tax avoidance mechanisms to give the viewer a fairer view .


  47. JimS says:

    Radio 3 this morning had another of its series of ‘luvvy’ spots with ‘world traveller’ John Simpson.

    He must have thought (rightly) that he was among friends when he said that travelling wasn’t that risky as more and more countries were democracies and the number of wars was reducing ‘drastically’.

    And yet the number of ‘refugees’ keeps increasing? One story for his mates and another for the plebs.

    [Yet another advert for Doctor Who. Wouldn’t have thought that was a part of the average Radio 3 listeners’ viewing. Couldn’t possibly be about a woman getting a man’s job?]


  48. Annunaki says:

    This section details armed conflict-related fatalities by country.
    Conflict-related fatalities in the world’s 15 deadliest countries in 2014, 2015 and 2016
    2014[71][331] 2015[n 32] 2016[n 33] 2017[n 34]
    Rank Country Deaths Country Deaths Country Deaths Country Deaths
    1 Syria Negative increase76,021 Syria Positive decrease55,219 Syria Positive decrease49,742 Syria Positive decrease39,000
    2 South Sudan Negative increase50,000[332] Afghanistan Negative increase36,345 Iraq Positive decrease23,898 Afghanistan Positive decrease23,065
    3 Iraq Negative increase24,000[10][333] Iraq Negative increase24,113 Afghanistan Positive decrease23,539 Mexico Negative increase31,174
    4 Afghanistan Negative increase14,638 Nigeria Positive decrease8,122 Mexico Negative increase23,953 [334] Iraq Positive decrease13,187
    5 Nigeria Negative increase11,360 Mexico Negative increase20,525[335] Somalia Negative increase5,575 Myanmar Negative increase6,700+
    6 Mexico Positive decrease27,662 [336] Yemen Negative increase6,425 Nigeria Positive decrease4,684 Somalia Positive decrease4,969
    7 Pakistan Positive decrease5,496 Pakistan Positive decrease4,612[337] Sudan Negative increase3,891 South Sudan Positive decrease3,528
    8 Ukraine Negative increase4,771 Ukraine Positive decrease4,344 South Sudan Negative increase3,544 Nigeria Positive decrease3,432
    9 Somalia Negative increase4,447 Somalia Positive decrease4,087 Libya Negative increase2,865 Sudan Positive decrease2,450
    10 Sudan Positive decrease3,892 South Sudan Positive decrease3,258 Turkey Negative increase2,013 Democratic Republic of the Congo Negative increase1,857
    11 Central African Republic Negative increase3,347 Sudan Positive decrease3,216 Pakistan Positive decrease1,803 Central African Republic Negative increase1,757
    12 Libya Negative increase2,825 Egypt Negative increase2,836 Egypt Positive decrease1,707 Libya Positive decrease1,564
    13 Israel/ Palestine Negative increase2,365 Libya Positive decrease2,706 Democratic Republic of the Congo Positive decrease1,565 Egypt Positive decrease1,506
    14 Yemen Negative increase1,500 Democratic Republic of the Congo Negative increase1,699 Yemen Positive decrease1,375 Ethiopia Negative increase1,445
    15 Cameroon Negative increase1,366 Cameroon Negative increase1,429 Ethiopia Negative increase1,114 Philippines Negative increase1,429
    16 Democratic Republic of the Congo Positive decrease1,235 Niger Negative increase986 Ukraine Positive decrease902 Yemen Positive decrease1,319
    17 Egypt Negative increase1,176 Myanmar Negative increase881 India Negative increase893[338]–898[339] Pakistan Positive decrease1,260[340]
    See also


    • Fedup2 says:

      The Nobel peace/ prize has gone to a couple of ethnics about gender something or other in war. The Nobel committee must be scared **itless of supporting a whitee and not learned from hivingba gong to an American President just for being black and a muzzie.


    • Lobster says:

      It’s amazing how many of those countries are ruled by the “Religion of Peace”.


  49. Annunaki says:

    The 10 most conflicted countries in the world

    1/10 South Sudan. The world’s newest country is also the least peaceful nation in the world, according to the 2014 Global Peace Index.
    2/10 Iraq. …
    3/10 Somalia. …
    4/10 Sudan. …
    5/10 Central African Republic. …
    6/10 Democratic Republic of the Congo. …
    7/10 Pakistan. …
    8/10 North Korea


  50. Annunaki says:

    Notice the common factor ? religion of peace my a”se an absolute scourge upon the world and human civilisation