Start the Week Open Thread 10 September 2018

its 200 days to our WTO Brexit. So the Far Left BBC will go all out to subvert the democratic vote . Meanwhile the Swedes have shown that they do not approve of their politicians destroying their own country – a liberal poison which spread across the West unchecked up until our Brexit vote .

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  1. thirdoption says:

    This mornings comedy award goes to the Guardian who have a headline “World is sleepwalking towards another financial crisis” written by no other than Gordon Brown, the man who walked us, with his eye wide open, into the last financial crisis.

    No doubt tomorrow they’ll be giving a column to Bill Clinton to talk about the dreadful way Harvey Weinstein abused his position in exchange for sex.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Don’t worry, aside from planting the PFI time bomb, flogging our gold reserves at bargain basement prices, wrecking our pensions and abusing as a bigot one pensioner in particular who was concerned that her grandchildren would have to compete for jobs and services with half a billion EU immigrants, our Gordon, when the moment came, turned his talents to ‘saving the world’.


      • Fedup2 says:

        You are reading my mind! I don’t know which was the greatest achievement – PFI or selling the gold – I guess PFI has helped across the years to help destroy public services .

        That will be his anti English epitaph .


  2. Guest Who says:

    Jeremy leaving his politics, integrity, impartiality, objectivity at the door…



  3. Fedup2 says:

    The breitbart google revelation of a ‘ confidential ‘ in house video showing how senior google staff cried when President won the election .

    The far left BBC rattles on and on about influence on the election – but clearly Google is a snowflake democrat immoral organisation avoiding tax and starting to control information ..


    • Beeb Brother says:

      They made up all this nonsense about ‘Russia’ and how a few Facebook ads or whatever was the most vile affront to sacred democracy; it was an abject hoax from the start – a scarcely believable lie which would barely have mattered even if it had been true. God how much fake news about ‘Russian meddling’ have we had to endure?

      Then google gets caught red handed being all in for the Democrats. This is possibly the most powerful company in history which nearly everyone relies on for information; furthermore its algorithms are so complex and opaque that they are effectively unaccountable; plus their unfathomable wealth. This makes ‘Russian meddling’ look like a slap on the wrist compared to the Hiroshima of Google meddling.

      But of course it goes straight down the memory hole. They have no ultimate sense of right and wrong; they only care about expediency, their glorious socialist utopia (which would actually be hell) being a goal that justifies any means. Meddling, fake news, political violence etc are absolutely fine when it benefits liberals but evil when the other side does it.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sorry – the software excluded the word ‘Trump’…


    • Beeb Brother says:

      I hope Trump Tweets some trolling gem about it all later.


      • thirdoption says:

        Maybe Donald could ask the senior executives at Google, how being multi-millionaires running a multi-billion dollar company exactly fits in with their socialist values?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        When he does, expect it to contain a deliberate exaggeration which the media can’t resist taking him to task on. Thus inadvertently talking about the very subject they wanted to avoid. They keep falling for that one.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Martha the bee 🐝 interviewing Dom Raaaaab on Brexit negotiations – she seemed shocked that we won’t give the EUReich 49 billion to leave if there is no deal .
    Amazing – she sounded as though she wants to give them a load of taxpayer money and that the EUReich deserves it . I think the word for her is ‘scatty ‘

    On a more positive note the Thought for the day’ has Anne Atkins decrying the bloody dangerous bill by a socialist repressing free speech on the internet – a bill sponsored by both JRM and mad soubry . It would end sites like this one . Mad times .


    • Kaiser says:

      why JRM put his name to that warps my mind, most of the rest of the list came as no surprise at all all the usual suspects


  5. AsISeeIt says:

    As foreshadowed yesterday the BBC News Channel is rather keen on marking the anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis. This should be no surprise. It was a major and sudden business cycle reverse which Leftists presumed was their long-awaited “Crisis of Capitalism”. And so it is that BBC Breakfast has the opportunity to bring to air voices calling for an end to supposed “austerity” with a huge centralised government spending spree. A siren call closely echoing John McDonnell’s Labour economic manifesto. The credibility lent by a national broadcaster representing a handy and indeed a timely fillip to a Labour Party presently ruled by a smallish hard core of fanatics but struggling to achieve credibility with a wider public.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Yesterday also marks the 335th Anniversary of the Battle of the Siege of Vienna, when Islam was stopped from taking over Europe.
      Following on from 9/11 the day before?
      These days need noting- a few Poles, Austrians and Hungarians could turn back the Islamic hordes with a bit of faith, courage and awareness of what losing will end up as.
      The Siege of Vienna thwarted 12/9/1683.
      Remind the leftiscum what we owe New Europe from back then.
      John Sobieski…if only we had such men today in public life.


      • RJ says:

        This is probably too far up the thread to be seen by many of you, but it’s still worth posting.

        The BBC might have forgotten the Siege of Vienna, but it’s remembered in Europe – even in pop culture.


  6. G.W.F. says:

    I see even the BBC has reported on the leftie mob that insulted Rees Mogg. This character is seen in the video wearing what appeared to be a Rees Mogg mask. He’s been on the BBC. Andrew Neil gave him a very easy ride – unlike Tommy Robinson – when he appeared in some kind of trannie outfit. I will try to locate the link, otherwise believe me. This bunch are liked by our state broadcaster.



  7. Gammon says:

    I wish BBc would stop pedalling this opinion piece from July at the top of their feeds as if it is true. They say there are 4 options including 2 to stay in. Not true – there are two exit options – deal or no deal….that’s it!!

    The Beeb’s “reality check” really seems to be opinion and self appointed “referee” status with a left slant…


    • Guest Who says:

      They do seem keen.

      Comments so far… mixed.


      • Guest Who says:

        Here’s another ex-impartial media pro…


        • AsISeeIt says:

          That nice man Gavin on the BBC. He’s really shouting out about his true colours now.


        • thirdoption says:

          I just need to correct that typo of yours Gavin:

          “There is no such thing as an “Irish problem.” There is however a BBC problem. They are malcontents, fantasists, selfish speculators, and weirdos who after more than two years have nothing positive to offer either the U.K. or Ireland.”

          There, sorted.


    • G says:

      Yet, earlier on Toady, our favourite Far Left Marxist State Broadcaster was part of a conversation with the Editor of the ‘Tablet’ with regard to Catholic Priests and their favourite pastime of abusing children when it was said the Pope needed to stop reasearch by Priests investigating Priests……….


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    Coup, hark at her…
    BBC Business poppet Sally Bundock tries to get her head around the present economic crisis in Turkey.
    “Well I was in Istanbul, oh, four… or was it five years ago… and the city was buzzing. It was THE place to invest”
    There’s a fair amount of information to unpack here. First of all, note her slight confusion as to when exactly it was that she was last in Turkey. The girl is signalling that she is quite the globetrotter. Of course her jet-setting only touches the most westernised city in this large and complex nation. The Islamist-leaning dictator Erdoğan (whose name the BBC now tend to style Er-doo-waan – sounding like some cuddly Star Wars toy character) draws his constituency and power base not from that slightly more Europe facing minority on the western coastal fringe but from the more numerous and fast growing interior population of traditional rural Turks who are coming under the sway of anti-western radical Islamic revivalism. Our Sally on her city-hopping cafe society travels will certainly not have spoken to or listened to their attitudes and ambitions.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      AISI, maybe she knows that place in Tehran you could get the best organic spelt bread. Haven’t been there for a year or two though.

      Oh wait, it was 1978


  9. pugnazious says:

    Listening to Martha Kearney interview Dominic Raab and it’s amazing how negative she is in regard to all things Brexit. Previous to the interview we had John Lewis telling us that its fall in profits was due to intense competition…

    ‘ “The biggest single reason for the decline in profits is all about margin”.

    The department store pledges to be “never knowingly undersold” – cutting prices to match those of competitors, which have also been discounting.

    “This year there has been twice as many extravaganza days as there were a year ago and actually the discounts have been even deeper,” he said.

    “We’re never knowingly undersold at John Lewis, so of course we are matching that, and that affects margins.”‘

    However Kearney started her interview with Raab emphasising that John Lewis was saying that uncertainty over Brexit had caused, in part, the fall, by the end of the interview it was almost 100% Brexit and the fall in the pound that was the culprit.

    The BBC’s Norman Smith has decided to blame Brexit as well…why go for a minor cause when John Lewis says the major cause is the competition [and of course the internet]?


  10. Guest Who says:

    He is still good value.


  11. MarkyMark says:




    • pugnazious says:

      Listening to Siddiqui on Thought for the Day and you can be in no doubt this Muslim is not ‘independent’…she is pushing the Muslim point of view and we know where that ends up…everybody else must ‘respect’ Islam and in essence become Muslim not doing anything to ‘offend’ Muslim sensibilities.

      Astounding, or not, that government prostrates itself before these religious pressure groups….previously appointing Warsi, ever more the obvious Islamist, as Tory chair and then as head of religious policy, who brought in the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Tariq Ramadan to advise government on religion…you couldn’t make it up…fox in charge of chicken coop…or is that coup?

      Amazing what a few bombs and mass murders will do to advance your religious interests…of course not your bombs, you abhor violence and these aren’t Muslims anyway, but why not ride the wave as you step over the bodies to get to where you want to be…Islam will dominate the world I think is the plan…as Muhammed said…’Fight the unbeliever until Islam rules supreme’. Naturally fight peacefully.


      • JimS says:

        I have heard it said that Muhammed invaded other territories ‘with compassion’, so that’s alright then.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Mixed messages, or did someone miss the Monday morning catch up?

      “Remain alert but not alarmed”

      “The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE.”


  12. MarkyMark says:



  13. pugnazious says:

    Astonishing how narrow the BBC’s view of Brexit is….

    Where is the BBC commentary on Corbyn’s intention to vote down anything on Brexit in order to force a general election? McDonnell actually openly stated that was his intention the other day to absolutely no response at all from the BBC.

    Here’s a party that will vote, not in the national interest, but purely to advance the ambitions of its leader. Corbyn doesn’t care in the slightest about the country he just wants to get into No10 and curiously the BBC seems totally uninterested in the fact that Corbyn is prepared to do enormous damage to the national interest causing massive uncertainty, instability and chaos by voting out a deal with the EU regardless of what that deal says, good or bad and thereby actually forcing a no-deal….and he hopes an election.


  14. Guest Who says:

    IIRC the BBC can get quite feisty if terminology is misused. Well, by others.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think the Far Left BBC likes the term ‘ bedblockers’ because it softens up the public mind for the time when the state can formally kill the elderly it considers unworthy of life as opposed to the covert culling the NHS does now –

      Beside elderly people don’t matter because they don’t pay the TV Tax ….


  15. pugnazious says:

    Here’s a funny thing, you know that the BBC kept linking the Sweden Democrats to ‘it’s neo-Nazi past’ how could they have forgotten this as they trawled the archives for past sins?……The Social Democrats were actual Nazis……‘Per head of population, however, only Nazi Germany sterilised more people than Sweden.’

    ‘As in Britain, where some of eugenics’ most enthusiastic supporters were on the political left, liberals and Social Democrats backed the Swedish programme and sustained it for decades.
    Up to 63,000 people, mostly women, were sterilised under a racial purity programme approved by the state until 1976. After years of evasion, Stockholm is finally offering the victims compensation,’

    Things haven’t changed much…but the new Social Democratic ‘Nazism’ is of a type the BBC very much approves of……

    ‘Today the Social Democrat-led coalition has a new crusade: to re-engineer relations between the sexes and, in particular, to rid boys of their masculinity. So, during the election campaign, Gustav Fridolin, co-leader of the Green Party in coalition Social Democrats, promised that, if re-elected, he would ‘reform’ the preschool curriculum to promote gender neutrality. In particular, Fridolin pledged to stop boys behaving like boys.’


  16. Guest Who says:

    Orders popcorn.


    • pugnazious says:

      Wonder if R4 will be tweeting this……

      ‘Australia: Muslim preacher says its a “major sin” for wife to refuse husband’s demands for sex’

      ‘Feminists and the NSW Attorney General have expressed concern after a Sydney Muslim preacher declared it was a ‘major sin’ for a wife to refuse sex with her husband.

      Nassim Abdi, a fundamentalist Sunni, told an Auburn mosque in the city’s west a woman would be ‘cursed’ by angels for withholding marital intimacy.

      ‘If the husband calls the wife to be intimate and there’s no legitimate reason for the woman to say no, then she must answer the call of her husband,’ he said on Friday night.

      ‘She must answer the call of her husband and if not she has committed a major sin. ‘


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      What is it about the BBC and sex ?


  17. MarkyMark says:

    2015 …. Merkel … We’ll open our borders.
    2016 … Juncker … Borders are the worst invention.
    2018 … Juncker … We need 10K new troops to defend our borders.

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  18. Guest Who says:

    OT, but earlier the factually challenged SKY Brexit Editor was shown to be somewhat in error by the CAA.

    Seems he’s phoning them in now…


    • Roland Deschain says:

      As one who ventures abroad infrequently, I’ve never really understood why I should subsidise those who wish to travel abroad to use their phone.


  19. MarkyMark says:

    The madness is easy to see … if only our £3.5bn BBC News service could be bothered …




  20. MarkyMark says:

    And the EU send this place billions … FFS..

    “Its sudden appeal has alarmed Turkey’s Jewish community and is causing concern in the EU. A German diplomat said its success “might not give the right signals” to Europeans in advance of Turkey’s opening accession talks in October.” (mar2005)



  21. MarkyMark says:

    “We respect the UK’s EU Referendum to Leave BUT ….” … Everything before the word but is horse shit (Game of Thrones)


  22. scribblingscribe says:

    50% of the population is hideously male, around 90% appallingly white, and most people are reasonably intelligent.

    If labour is only going to choose people who are none of the above, does it explain labour’s perilous situation in the polls?

    Diversity could turn out to be as big a problem as Marxism, Political correctness, command economies and identity politics.

    – sorry just cannot get the picture to link



    • Terminal Moraine says:



      • Annunaki says:

        bloody hell the blatent sexism and racism on display here, you are telling me these are the most experienced and / or talented ? or is possession of a vagina, pair of tits or black face enough qualification ?


        • popeye says:

          I’m surprised that traditional labour voters can’t see where they stand in the new scheme of things. Methinks UKIP would get a boost if this was more widely known but, alas, the cap-wearing, whippet racing, brown and mild drinkers don’t frequent sites like this or watch BBC political programmes


      • Doublethinker says:

        Total combined IQ of group struggling to reach 100.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Looks like an old pervert surrounded by his harim. With a eunuch on the right.


  23. Celtic_Mist says:

    I wonder what the BBC will do when it finds itself on the wrong side of history?


    • gb123 says:

      When the BBC finds itself on the wrong side of history they will do what they always do. Ignore the fact they got it wrong hoping no one will remember or have recording capabilities. If they have to make a statement they will claim to have got it “about right”


      • scribblingscribe says:

        you mean the way they no longer mention Multiculturalism? or tell us how the socialist state of Venezuela is showing an alternative way to the market economies? Or that we should all drive environmentally diesel cars. Or that only little Englanders don’t want to join the Euro?

        Can’t wait for them to get over Diversity, it could be the most absurd notion of all.


  24. Annunaki says:

    funny thing is the very persons they appeal to are probably least likely to be able to afford the license fee


  25. StewGreen says:

    Science Festival here in Hull is full on metroLiberal bubble World mode
    The psychologist is talking about lying to yourself.
    Slide #1 cartoon mockery of Trump
    Slide #2 similar sneering image of Boris and Trump with their hair at the most explosive.

    Previous talk was : Modern Slavery
    The lecturer explaining about all the rules/monitoring that has to go on.
    I realised that what it boils down to is

    : “by the book world”
    Vs : “cheating world”
    And that cheating is almost impossible to iradicate, cos there are so many simple tricks
    So by having open borders instead of work visa system, you open the doors to “cheating world”

    I did manage to get that into a question :and it was not popular with her nor the audience.

    I’m really sad that I didn’t get to to see yesterday’s headline Lecture by Lord JOHN PRESCOTT where he opined on his still working with Al Gore to get the “magic” Paris Climate Deal” implented.

    At the science comedy night the one act I saw began with a set of slides praising 2 people for giving $5 to Women In Science projects.
    .. I moved on


    • RobRoy says:

      Is that what passes for a science festival these days, Stew? I guess Jordan B. Peterson hasn’t been invited to speak.

      We’re doomed I tell ya, we’re all doomed.


  26. Annunaki says:

    Doesn’t sound particularly scientific to me but these people are generally poorly educated


  27. AsISeeIt says:

    We do enjoy the old school authoritative tones and sheer gravitas of the well-upholstered Simon McCoy as BBC anchor on the News Channel in the afternoons. It’s rare now that we don’t get a female from the sistas union, a limp-wristed would-be matinee idol, or a person with approved ethnicity.

    They do whisper that our Simon is a little more conservative than most of the pack but he has still to read his autocue writen by colleagues. And this one messed up amusingly. Going Brexit Project Fear at full-throttle!

    “…after Brexit UK drivers may not be able to drive on British roads… er… that should be EU drivers”

    You have to feel sorry for our Simon being put out there by the BBC with such lame back up. Methinks the boys and girls in the back office just got a little over excited at their latest episode in Project Fear.


  28. Annunaki says:

    So, no more pissed up polish lorry drivers on the M25 ? mm that will be a loss then, massive impact on our off licenses but a few less flattened hatchbacks


    • AsISeeIt says:

      I assume the mangled headline should have been “…after Brexit UK drivers may not be able to drive on EU roads” but the autocue cockup sent the message skidding off into the central reservation. Of course the notion that dodgy EU truck jockeys might be reduced was not at all what the BBC wanted to put out there. Oh no. The BBC demographic needs to get panicky about the summer road trip to the riviera being blighted by the EU gendarmerie flagging one down and demanding to inspect your papers. For you Tommy your holidays are over.


  29. Roland Deschain says:

    Katty just retweeted this:

    Shame it’s a parody account. You’d think a good journalist would check.

    Insert your own punchline here.


    • Guest Who says:

      You might appreciate this in complement:


      • Roland Deschain says:

        That’s how they self-identified that day. It’s highly insensitive of Katty to question it.


      • pugnazious says:

        How awful….almost as bad as the BBC sacking white men to make way for BME’s and women.


        • The Sage says:

          As in the clear case of Spring Watch and Autumn Watch.


          • Annunaki says:

            Yea they just love nature don’t they, always find them living in the countryside in the peace and quiet like Notting Hill, I always see them on my country walks ………….Suffolk, Norfolk, full of muslims, BMEs well qualified to be on a nature programme or Countrylife


  30. Guest Who says:

    Seems perfect for Jezza Vine and all other BBC Angel Dancing Pinheads arguing about skin colours recently:

    And I bet few could name the winner still.


  31. Gammon says:

    They are having a field day today. Firstly the project fear about mobile charges – then Government clarifies that phone operators have agreed to maintain free roaming and or government will mandate it – that story overtakes the negative one so BBc mastery of rewriting history – rewrite their article to say protection for roaming “won’t be guaranteed” and heavily promote that article in lieu of the positive reassuring article.

    Oh – and we won’t be able to drive their any more either – let’s just not go….


    • JimS says:

      If it costs a telephone company more to provide an EU-wide ‘roaming’ service than it does to provide a purely ‘local’ service yet it charges the same then customers that never roam are subsidising those that do.

      To put it another way, far from the EU ‘giving’ us free roaming it is putting up the cost of the service to those happy to stay at home.


  32. Englands Dreaming says:

    Front page of BBC website
    Reality Check: Are migrants driving crime in Germany?

    Well I just read the article and the answer seems an emphatic yes!


  33. Annunaki says:

    All that burka shit, and yet:
    Diane Abbott walked away when a Tube passenger grilled the Labour MP over her comment that Orthodox Jews were targets of hate crime because of the ‘costumes’ they wear.

    The Shadow Home Secretary appeared on BBC Question Time earlier this year and commented that her constituency has a community of charedi Jews that are ‘actually subject to hate crime more than other Jews, because they wear that costume’.

    Ms Abbott was grilled last week over her remark by 18-year-old London Tube passenger Alex Rose, but the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP ignored the question and walked away.


  34. pugnazious says:

    Sometimes you’ve just got to face the music…and dance…..


  35. StewGreen says:

    Just spoken to the BBC sound development officer
    Of course I told him to take the music off documentaries
    “We are aware of this problem and the new object orientated audio system this lecture was about should fix this”
    OK he means that instead of a vanilla audio feed, each audio component comes tagged so the player device can play each type differently according to its tag.
    eg if you are German you can watch a German character speaking German instead of him being dubbed.
    There wasn’t time to ask why the BBC dropped the simple idea of dual versions of documentaries :with/without background music.
    So I passed that on to the assistant.


  36. Guest Who says:

    Seems the BBC is expanding further yet. More staff!:

    Can’t wait.
    I wonder if this is a way to broadcast social media they like without all those silly interactive corrections and feedback that spoil the narrative?


  37. Annunaki says:

    Sound development officer, hmm interesting I would have thought they had three monkeys performing that function see no black stabbings , hear no muslims attacking Jews and speak no muslim organised racist rape.


  38. LastChanceSaloon says:

    BBC Business 2018-09-13
    “John Lewis profits slump 99% in ‘challenging times'”
    We stopped buying your products, you far left racists.
    All your advertising was showing black models.
    When you go bang we will throw a party.
    Then move on to the next anti-white “business” and cut them off at the knees.
    If you have shares in Marks and Spencer, sell them, before they become worthless.


    • Annunaki says:

      I will never forget the wheelchair malteser advert that had not one white male in the workplace, my Chinese wife sat there and said “why ?” and I had no answer for her


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      M&S tanked as soon as they chose Tracey Emin to advertise their dodgy undies.
      Now John Lewis tank, less due to Brexit-and more due to paying Lily Allen to ruin a shit song by Keane for a Christmas ad.

      Will the Guardian munching CEOs get the message?-you take the piss out of us oldies with Emin and Allen? We walk. And not in your shoes either.
      Will they? Course not!


  39. LastChanceSaloon says:

    2018-09-13 BBC China
    “Restaurant loses $190m in value after dead rat found in soup”

    Let’s have a little Basil hunt shall we? And then we’ll deal with the sackings later on.


  40. pugnazious says:


    Reading Liddle in the Spectator on the subject of the serene Serena and he’s not impressed with the hyperventilation of the Black Wives Matter of whom works for the Guardian, natch….

    ‘And then the SJW crowd got itself involved, with one halfwit called Carys Afoko in the Guardian (natch, again) suggesting that this was what all black people had to put up with all the time, everywhere, because this is whitey’s world. ‘Black women aren’t allowed a bad day at the office. Or to be precise, if we have a bad day we can’t usually risk expressing anger or sadness about it,’ the idiot wrote. Hell, I didn’t know the Guardian staff were so racist to their black writers. In future, Carys, if you have a bad day at the Guardian, just confide in Owen Jones and he’ll assure you it’s all the fault of the Zionists.’

    Odd the Guardianistas are so het up when they’ve published these cartoons by African artists…black ones….traitors and racists to the man…or woman…..



    Plenty of other Black cartoonists who seem to have the mistaken impression that drawing Black people with large lips is somehow acceptable in this day and age.




  41. Annunaki says:

    Bad day at the office ? that would be bullying if conducted by a white male and the BBC et al have a lot to say about that, but I have said before and will say again, in 30 + years of working the only bullying I have seen in the workpace, over and over, has been from women, gang culture, picking on individuals whilst sucking uo to the boss, they seem to have a natural intsinct for a victim


  42. Fedup2 says:

    Not al beeb but RT
    You have to hand it to the two Russian tourists who visited Salisbury – they left straight faces during their interviews but I suppose if they’d sniggered they and their family lies would get a bullet in the head .

    Based on their explanation – I guess the German army in the Second World War were just visiting Russia as tourists ….


  43. Annunaki says:

    Have just checked booking dot com for German reviews of Leningrad seems the food and accomodation was not as advertised and parking facilities for tracked vehicles could have been better,


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Ok let’s jump the shark a bit … when the hurricane has finished with America will President Trump get blamed for visiting too early or too late ?

    And of course it’s coming our way afterward – a whole global warming Albeeb fest .


  45. Loobyloo says:
    ‘Family racks up £21k medical bill on ‘holiday from hell”

    Complete non-story – the whole point of which is shown in the final sentence ‘…shows how lucky we are to have the NHS’.
    There bills were paid by the insurance co, they were staying in a 5* resort, so not a cheap holiday, parents flew out to help, so not short of dosh. Can’t have been that bad cos grandad was snorkelling, not sitting by his son’s bedside.


  46. Sluff says:

    BBC London on remoaner max.
    A cuddly ‘interview’ with a dead person dishing out doom and gloom unchallenged.m
    No wait. An eyebrow moved. It’s Sir Vince Cable.
    Pass the razor blades.


  47. Annunaki says:

    Lets see how they treat the latest storm….Trump to blame whatever happens despite Katrina victims still suffering 10 years afterwards..


  48. Guest Who says:

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Eddie… start your engines…