Start the Week Open Thread 3 September 2018

Tough times for the Far Left BBC. Its favourite political party is busy getting a civil war going and the party it hates is busily trying to stop conservatives joining the Tory Party. So as Parliament returns we can expect the BBC  to be in full bias mode – 12 days later the MPs go on their holidays again for the last Conference Season before we leave their EU.

On September 9 Sweden has a general election where the single anti immigration party is predicted to get 20% of the vote . Apparently the swedes have got fed up with vibrant handgenade attacks which are fashionable there at the moment and no doubt will feature in Britain sometime soon . The far left BBC will be on hand to tell us how thick and ‘Far Right’   20% of the population is…..

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  1. Annunaki says:

    I would also like to mention the following:
    I like walking around the English countryside, we have some lovely villages around our area with some circular walks. Last week went for a walk and arrived back through our rural countryside to a village, which will remain nameless, they had a cricket match running on the village green with a few watching, not many but as we walked past the boundary an individual pushed past the spectators took his shoes off and put a bloody prayer mat down and did the usual in the midst of everyone, we carried on but I really wish someone had kicked him in the bollocks very hard.

    IWhat the F’cking hell have we got in our midst ? he did not look at the cricket match he had only one motive for this obnoxious display
    Imagine an open air Christain festival and prayer meet in the middle of some of their hell hole countries ? dead on the spot probably, hmm


    • Annunaki says:

      BTW I have witnessed the disgusting behaviour of this minorty in Luton, in their own Bury Park Road ghetto which used to be part of the UK but no longer and every shop with a collection box for the “fight in Syria” quickly removed when they see me but a little too late LOL, and recently the above, media shit is one thing, seeing those they seek to justify and defend in action is a real wake up call, this is what motivates TR and I fully understand, having seen this, even visiting a primary school in Luton (95% non white) organising a team game they all wanted to call their team al qauida. where the f’ck does that come from ? so called moderate muslims.
      It is so obvious, if ISIS were like Germany, in 1940 at our door, would they fight for us ? defend us ? no bloody way


    • Kaiser says:

      we used to have two women at work in full garb who got out their mats in a wide public corridor, despite there being a multifaith prayer room 20yards away

      all they managed to show me, is their kind have no place in this country.


    • Despairada says:

      Annunaki & Kaiser

      These accounts of real life experience are the only thing worth reading regarding the debate about ‘British islam’ as the MSM like to call it.

      Otherwise it’s just a contest of opinions:

      Islam has contributed greatly to the UK

      No it hasn’t

      Yes it has

      No it hasn’t



  2. Roland Deschain says:

    Rather a lot of Nazi salutes here. Will the BBC report it?



    • Annunaki says:

      German punk band LOL you have ze Sex Pistols ve have ze Golden Shower Pistols


    • BRISSLES says:

      Let see how this lot in the audience reacts in 10 years time, when they’re in middle age (or older), and there are minarets in most German cities, their villages and towns are awash with Ali Snackbars, and their children/grandchildren are actually marrying Muslims. I’ll wager they won’t be so ‘sympathetically’ minded then !


    • Dave S says:

      I assume they were not from Chemnitz.


  3. Annunaki says:

    Miltary conscription for every asylum seeker and non european immigrant


    • RJ says:

      I’m not sure it’s a good idea to give them a familiarisation course on our weapon systems. Let them stick to the AK47s they were taught to field strip at their madrassas.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Being outside blight so getting the international website the lead Is “ ‘mob rule ‘ rocks senate hearing for judge’” not mentioning of course that the mob is far left democrats ( spell check turned that into demonic rats – honest ) .

    Ok -So President Trump knows how to press their buttons by selecting a proper Supreme Court Judge with hopefully another one on the way wiping out Obama’s plan – but it was the other way al beeb would be jumping over itself to accuse ‘Far Right protesters ‘ …… clear bias here .

    By the way – as part of the brainwashing process I am using ‘ far left ‘ in the way anything the left and al beeb/Sky/MSM doesn’t like gets ‘far’ stuck on it .

    It’s tedious I know – as as bad as ‘al beeb ‘ which someone writing here said was a tired joke . It was never meant to be a joke . It rightly describes a Far Left broadcasting organisation which might as be based in Riyadh for its Britishness now ….


    • Annunaki says:

      I would propose far liberal, a term that does not overtly include socialsim but encompasses the perverse hatred of middle class English from those middle class English with a with a severely limited education (social studies, media studies, psychology and all the other wank degrees that lead to no career but convince them they are educated) who have never interacted with real working class English and their communities. These deluded students who’s minds have been formed by twat socialist university lecturers (who “work” 5 hours a day for six months a year and “fight” for workers like miners LOL ) experts in these false “disciplines”, taught to hate their own culture, parents and heritage until they find gainful employment and stop hating their parents after puberty, but in the meantime manage to get a job with the BBC


    • Dover Sentry says:

      ‘Demonic Rats’ for Democrats …I like it!

      If something similar could have been conjured up for the Republicans, it would have gone MSM viral!


  5. Terminal Moraine says:

    Guilt in Space —

    (Probably posted already?) The new Neil Armstrong biopic ‘First Man’ omits the iconic planting of the US flag, apparently because the moon landing “transcended countries and borders”.

    Anyway the trailer shows a scene where an angry, empowered Mrs Armstrong (Claire Foy) attacks the clueless bods at NASA shouting “You’re a bunch of boys — you don’t have anything under control.”

    I guess these guys must all have come in to work for diversity training or something on the day.



    • Dover Sentry says:

      No planting of the US Flag on the moon shown in the film? Disgraceful.

      If it had been a Muslim country that was the first on the moon…?

      Or an African country?

      Or Communist Russia?

      Would their flag had been shown in the film?

      (There are possibly fragments of many IS ‘fighters’ on the moon thanks to the multitudes of expertly directed US high-explosives).


    • RJ says:

      I think I’ll watch my DVD of “Space Cowboys”.

      An old joke about Star Trek:

      Why are there no muslims in Star Trek?

      Because it’s set in the future.


  6. Annunaki says:

    OK I’m back on Dragons Den, burka spacesuit,
    still working on a design for halal slaughterhouse in the touch down module, mosque in low orbit with zero gravity prayer mats
    First contact could be a problem though if the rest of the galaxy is not Islam so we should obviously be sending out meaasages for them to accept these intolerances in advance


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Good work. I’ve long been campaigning for wider acceptance of trans-orbital shuttles to end the oppression caused by heteronormative, shaft-like rockets.

      It’s something of a calling


  7. G says:

    Always thoughtful quality videos. Well worth a watch.


    • Annunaki says:

      Who the [email protected] is this twat ? hmm he wants Saddam back its the only kind of government that can control their rapists and peadophiles


      • Kaiser says:

        he’s got some good points there G, although I would rather term it that currently we have a democratic facade a sham democracy, where thechoice is between 2 wings of the same uniparty and the entire apparatus of the state is used to demonise and suppress any voices outside the uniparty.

        We have seen how lib-lab-con-green and the MSM all went after and continue to go after UKIP, they are all terrified of UKIP or any other patriotic nationalist party gaining traction with the voters, because if it does it will be the end of all of them.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Annu – but what about the beards in the space suit ? Have got round that yet ? Difficult for the hairy girls but worse the the ‘mo’ types .

    As an aside – they found a hole in the international space thingy and think maybe someone on board did it . Now there’s a great idea for a board game . Maybe they’ve got an illegal third or off worlder on board . ….


    • Annunaki says:

      Well I did have a little session with the dremel 3000 trying to sort the suit to accept facial hair but it didnt work out too well,especially the female suit around the chin area, inshalla, they will inevitably have some leaks but they can blame the galaxy for racism.
      Maybe the galaxy has a council that will stick up for the greys abducting and conducting genetic experiments iss their kulture innit they are poor immigrants, freedom of movement is all


  9. pugnazious says:

    Quite incredible as the BBC hides news, major stories, that it doesn’t want you to see.

    Barnier throws May’s Chequers plan on the bonfire of the inanities and is reported to be making positive statements about a Canada plus deal….the BBC haven’t mentioned it on their website.

    The EU’s rapid promotion of the fanatical EU fanboy Selmayr has been pronounced by the EU ombudsman in a ‘damning verdict’ [not so damning it hits the frontpage] as improper and which damages trust in the EU institutions. But you have to go to the world page and then the Europe page under that to find the story. A major story and yet?!

    Then we have the leader of the Labour Party, legitimate accusations of anti-semitism made against him, again and again, and today he says…..

    ‘ Nor should it be regarded as antisemitic to describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist because of their discriminatory impact, or to support another settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict.”’

    Oddly the BBC fails to mention that very anti-semitic statement in its main report…it falls to Kuenssberg to slip it into her own blog report.

    Corbyn makes what is a blatant anti-semitic remark that denies the right of Israel to exist and calls it a racist state and the BBC ignores it in its main report…shouldn’t it in fact be the main report in its own right…‘leader of opposition is anti-semitic….denies right of Israel to exist’?

    ITV’s Peston says it is ‘incendiary’…not wrong is he? BBC seem to want to douse the flames for some reason.


  10. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC reporter Norman Smith on TV this morning suggested that Labour’s antisemitism was a ‘festering sore’.

    His term ‘Festering Sore’ reduces this issue to that of a very minor medical complaint. Antisemitism is not minor but the BBC wishes to limit damage to it’s favourite party.

    Labour love Islam for their votes.

    They may come to regret that stance.


  11. Annunaki says:

    Why doesnt anyone challenge the fact that Corbyn and his racist muslim friends have managed to disguise their racim by calling it another word ?

    Why dont we have antipackisism as a reason to hate those who terrorise India ? anitithievingcorruptnastymurderingrapingblackbasterdism for those who murder white farmers in south Africa ?


  12. Guest Who says:

    When the bbc uses ‘we’ without specifying who, it’s a fair sign they do mean the BBC.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Bias by omission .

    The guardian reports a trial which has ended with 7 convictions for murder of an 18 year old black boy in Manchester . Picture of victim on the G site .
    Nothing on bbc national . BBC local – Manchester – had simple reference to the Manchester evening news site. – link to that and you see a grouping of the vibrant young murdering gang .

    This kind of organised gang slaughter is no longer worthy of coverage by the BBC but it still thinks it is a news organisation . It readily denies reality which means there is little public pressure on politicians or law enforcement to really do something on the preventative front .

    There must be some secret editorial guidelines to avoid showing black boys in a negative light and just show contrived positive stuff about baking or football.

    Compare this with the coverage the Lawrence murder still gets decades after the event . Is the dead 18 year old of less value than Lawrence because he was killed by other black kids? How does Lawrence become more important because he was killed by white yobs who allegedly called him a ‘nigger’ before stabbing him and killing him? Methinks the al beeb does a disservice to the black community .

    As an aside to this the M E N apparently had to fight to get reporting restrictions removed from this prosecution ——another example of ‘ justice ‘ being conducted through censorship .


    • Zelazek says:

      Fedup2 – The BBC are perhaps reluctant to mention it because when they first reported this crime a year ago, Sait Mboob, the murdered boy, was described as intelligent and talented and a “mummy’s boy”. In fact the trial has revealed that he seems to have had previous run-ins with the gang who eventually killed him, which suggests he wasn’t the harmless law-abiding citizen the BBC would like to paint him as.

      This is black on black crime – which the BBC doesn’t like reporting because whitey can’t be blamed. As far as I can discover, no father figure exists in Sait Mboob’s background. Absent fathers are the most important factor in black youths going off the rails. I wish the BBC would start getting angry about this social outrage of family disintegration and maybe actually, you know, HELP the black community that they purport to champion. Stop pretending that the victims of black gang violence are all mummy’s boys and start realising that they are fatherless boys.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        Everywhere in the world unfortunate enough to have a significant black population has the same problem.
        Intellectually inadequate people, with mile high chips on their shoulders, believing they are entitled to the same standard of living as the rest of society, whilst being unable to earn this legally.

        Post colonial Africa is an eighty year experiment in pretending that these people can organise advanced societies, an experiment which has failed. In spades.


  14. Annunaki says:

    Say it like it is : their fathers fuck all the white “meat” they can find then fuck off and leave them, we have three of their brood moved in nearby never worked a day in 7 years, kids taken to school in public taxi with an escort while they all sit at home all day, every day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year and all shopping via a lorry delivery despite a tesco supermarket 5 min down the road.


  15. Roland Deschain says:

    Okay, here’s my forecast on how it’s going to go. The BBC will go into an orgy of reporting how bad this is for Trump and believing every word. Katty Kay will keep retweeting articles saying how bad this is for Trump, with an occasional “OMG!” thrown in.

    After a few days people will start to point out the inconsistencies. The MSM will pretend they don’t exist, but gradually it will dawn on them that they’d better drop the stories, though they won’t correct them. And so the story will go quiet.

    Those who want to think the worst of Trump will continue to do so and those who support him will continue to do so as they don’t believe anything the media publishes any more. And everyone digs in further.


    • RJ says:

      And the BBC’s credibility falls closer to zero as more people see it for the globalist hack that it is.


  16. Fedup2 says:

    The nearer their midterms the more flak – particularly if their polls show that the republics supported by president trump have a lead
    Which Americans are really going to be interested in a book by Bernstein ? Answer – people who are persuaded anyway – in bubble world . Whatever …


  17. Roland Deschain says:

    News at Ten giving a big plug to a film with “mostly Asian American” cast. Because diversity.

    They don’t look like the type of Asians we get here who rape schoolgirls.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Like this
      Asian gang ‘got girl high before biting and raping her’ in Sherwood Forest’
      Sorry, it’s not copying the web page address. On sky.


  18. scribblingscribe says:

    12 mins in

    Douglas Murray tells story of a Labour MP who in a TV debate accused Murray of being racist and Islamophobic because Murray was defending the Islamic headscarf ban in France. After the debate, off camera, the Labour MP slapped him on the back and said Douglas keep it up, we are all behind you. The MP then explained that because of party pressure, and the large number of Muslims in his constituency, he had to make the arguments he did.

    Really mister Labour MP? Really?


  19. smoogie7 says:

    So much support for Labour at the moment!


    Just shocking really!


  20. smoogie7 says:

    From the Telegraph. The BBC seemed to have omitted a few of these points didn’t they?


    Funny that!


  21. Celtic_Mist says:

    At 22.16 on BBC One Nick Bryant said, “Many readers will see in this book an accurate rendering of history”. My Complaint is that he BBC is not in a position to endorse the accuracy of the material in the book and therefore Nick’s statement must be withdrawn.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      I’ve just heard that on the radio. I thought it was appalling. The BBC is getting worse. It is so arrogant now it seems to feel no shame at all in the blatant displays of bias.
      I’m tempted to think that there hay an in-house competition going on to see who can say the most damaging slurs against Trump.
      How long can this go on for?
      No, don’t tell me!


  22. Celtic_Mist says:

    “BBC trolls Trump over crowd size in royal wedding tweet”


  23. Beeb Brother says:

    Someone with an axe to grind has written a book about Trump so the sneering and hatred will be turned up to eleven. I am sick of it, especially as there is so much evidence he is doing a good job. Of course Saint Obama never put a foot wrong in an extremely difficult job; like telling the world the exact day they would leave Iraq! Of course the enemy went away then returned to form Isis!

    One of their lead stories is people needing more exercise. Health has become another Groundhog topic as fhey can report on it without offending anyone. If you do not want to offend anyone you should not be in the news business; how on Earth is people needing to exercise more a news story?


    • Kaiser says:

      yet another book already YAWN

      health today ehhh it was size 36 land whales last week talk about mixed messages


  24. Celtic_Mist says:

    I doubt the BBC will be breaking this news in the next few minutes…

    From Washington Examiner –
    “Mueller and his team are prepared to accept written answers from Trump about his campaign’s actions with Russia, but are aware that executive privilege could present challenges to securing an interview with Trump and as a result are not seeking written answers related to the obstruction of justice – the New York Times reports”.


  25. Beltane says:

    The juxtaposition of retired BoE Governor Mervyn King’s scathing condemnation of our ‘government’ and its Brexit negotiations, and the gracious acceptance by current Governor Mark Carney that he is prepared to continue his role of confusion, disruption and negativity, tells us all we need to know about the true nature of Brexit and its chances of achievement.
    This will end in tears – though it would be nice to think that they were soaked up by the blindfolds as all those concerned face the firing squads.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Correct, another useless fossil, boards the gray train again, to spout yet more Remain nonsense.
      Carney and the rest of the treasonous public sector are responsible for the deliberate lack of preparation. Albeit helped by May.

      Firing squads, you say.
      First they came for the MPs, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the House of Lords, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the First Division, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the QANGO heads, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the “charity” heads, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the Chiefs of Police, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the senior members of the judiciary, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the “celebrities”, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the “journalists” and I cheered.
      Then they came for the BBC, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the sociology professors, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the trade union leaders, and I cheered.
      Then they came for the bankers, and I cheered.
      Then everybody left was cheering together.


      • G says:

        “…..Carney and the rest of the treasonous public sector are responsible.” Not forgetting the other ill-prepared lying Cameron of course.


    • Fedup2 says:

      A Brexit cabinet would have started from the assumption that the Reich EU would play hardball and planned to be totally out by the end of A50 with a fudge over NI.

      Instead they have bowed to the ReichEU timetable and worn down public interest in getting out. May knows she is finished whatever the outcome .

      I say this in the knowledge that there could be a lot of prep going on secretly in the background but with a snowflake remainer civil service it would have been obstructed and leaked.

      The acid test ( soon to be illegal) will come on the day that bloody Reich EU flag comes down. But no doubt there will be all sorts of outpost ReichEU (traitors?) wanting to keep their damn symbol of domination.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Seems that for reasons of diversity, instead of a gay Owen, they went with a gay Penny this time.

    On the whole though, #CCBGB


    • Kaiser says:

      well after she got right royally trashed by david starkey (well worth a watch on youtube) she wouldnt go near bannon and facts, if her life depended on it


      • Beeb Brother says:

        Thanks I enjoyed that. Starkey gets really wound up! Typical liberal hypocrite: has all these trendy altruistic public opinions yet in private acts totally differently. If they shriek loud enough they hope their words will speak louder than their actions but they never will.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      She hurls vicious abuse about men then when they complain claims she is the victim. A nasty piece of work, why not just not be abusive in the first place?

      What I so hate about cultural Marxism is it gives some really nasty people victim status based not on their character or situation but on immutable things like race and gender. Bad character and being above criticism is a toxic mix. Just look at Rotherham: we made ultra mendacious, viciously racist hyper misogynists a protected class. It created a hell infinitely worse than the old school racism and sexism they fought so hard to overturn. This nonsense really is a busted flush and if you are an SJW you are on the wrong side of history.


      • G says:

        “….immutable things like race and gender.” Surely not these days, she simply has to wake up and self declare that she’s a man and, hey! presto – Unless I’ve got the ‘Brave New (Marxist) World’ horribly wrong…………


        • Beltane says:

          On a lighter note, Susannah Reid’s face during this morning’s interview with Geoffrey Boycott was a study in pique, her outraged feminism a joy to behold.


          • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

            When I see her I think of Hannibal Lecter bitch slapping the policeman in the cage in Silence Of The Lambs


        • Beeb Brother says:

          Ha – yeah it can’t be long before the more courageous grifters start gaming the whole trans thing. You would think most people questioned their gender at some point the way the MSM bang on about it yet it must be a minuscule percentage – I am yet to meet a single such individual. It sounds like a biological and psychiatric thing to me rather than a social justice issue, but there is such a supply and demand problem for the SJWs that they have to keep creating new forms of oppression.


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          You know of course that you can change race as well.
          Become a muslamickle and if anyone says anything at all you can call them racist.
          That’s if you’re a lefty.

          We normal people know better.


  27. MarkyMark says:

    When Radio 2’s Chris ‘£2.3m salary paid under threat of prosecuting women’ Evans leaves the BBC … will all the funds he made from CarFest be given back to the BBC who promoted his venture for free using sick children to extract money from people?


  28. MarkyMark says:

    Even those with nothing to do have a title … “Minister without Portfolio”


    The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP : Minister without Portfolio

    Minister without Portfolio – a job with no job.


  29. AsISeeIt says:

    Loath as I am to stick my neck out, I would however tentatively venture that the BBC has run just a little ahead of the interests of its audience in their jubilant national tv headlines announcement this morning that Scotland have defeated Albania to qualify for the Women’s Football World Cup – for the first time ever, no less!

    Amid the massive celebrations (to quote Nicola Sturgeon – as, reflexively, the BBC do) I couldn’t help but note a response made on BBC comments: “The 100 or so fans there must have been ecstatic”

    But let’s not take anything away from the plucky girls – who look as though they spend 12 hours a day welding and panel beating at the state subsidised cooperative tractor factory, hardly seeing an hour of daylight – and of course the Albanians.


  30. MarkyMark says:

    “Today my thoughts are with those in Manchester who were lost on that terrible night and their loved ones who have so bravely battled to rebuild their lives. All of you – and many more in this great city – are the very best of what this country stands for. ” – Theresa May

    Lost? Lost? Keep citizens safe? Country Secure? 1400 raped children over 16 years?

    “The first duty of the (UK) government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure.”



    • Thoughtful says:

      Mays thoughts are in keeping a lid on a potentially explosive situation, and in protecting Islam for her Saudi masters.

      Perhaps one of the most offensive things to ever come out of the Manchester bombing is the cover up by the lying media of Labours return to Fascism.

      It used the phrase ‘stronger together’ which was taken from the Clinton campaign, either they knew where this phrase originated ( and they certainly should have done) or they were massively credulous.

      The origin of the phrase concerns a stick which can easily be broken, but if the sticks are tightly tied in a bundle they cannot be broken as they are “stronger together”. The latin name for this bundle of sticks is a ‘Fasci’.
      This is the basis of the word Fascist, and the phrase is a Fascist slogan.

      Clinton was quickly called out on this, and this is when she gained the name ‘Hitlery’ The left in Manchester surely knew this when they coined it, and all criticism of their return to Fascist values has been supressed.


  31. Thoughtful says:

    “Is Society a myth”

    Take time to listen to this, it starts with a US professor who holds broadly similar views to Jordan Peterson and who condemns the hard leftists which have set up areas of intolerance at universities.

    It doesn’t take long though before the BBC returns to its favourite identity politics visiting kids who have clearly been brainwashed into far leftist thinking.


    • Kaiser says:

      It has a good section on how group think leads to witch hunts

      I do like though how all these people still try to edge their bets and pander to leftists and try and promote themselves as “the centrist” with the phrase

      “on the left and sometimes on the right”

      whilst being unable to show examples from “the right” or common sense as we used to call it


  32. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Another of the Beeb’s seemingly endless list of agendas on the webshite this morning:

    ‘Meat testing: A fifth of samples reveal unspecified animals’ DNA’

    After that headline I was expecting to read about ‘unspecified animal’ DNA in meat, I don’t know something interesting like Wombat in my ‘Pork’ sausages, but no, actually it turns out all I’m really eating in my ‘Pork’ bangers is a little ‘Lamb’ (love the silhouette of a new born lamb there), or beef even… I’m horrified I tell you, horrified!

    Guess, it could be significant if you’re on the halal diet, and those sneaky butchers are trying to pollute your soul with a little pig snout in your kebab hey? Anyway, could the ‘contamination’ be due to the use of the same processing equipment for different meats? That truly would be shocking, wouldn’t it? Almost as bad as if there was some human DNA in there, I guess, although I’ve read it only tastes like pork anyway – Soylent Green, yum.

    The circle wouldn’t be squared (to coin a BBC appropriate metaphor), without the accompanying article:

    ‘Will going vegan make you healthier?’

    Interesting, this one, after briefly skimming over the rather obvious disadvantages (minor things like the: lack of vitamin D, lack of iodine, lack of vitamin B12, and the need for heavy supplements to compensate), the article assures us that ‘yes’, being vegan WILL make you healthier, (possibly) reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer (based on very shaky research that one!), even though not reducing the ‘overall risk of mortality’, or increasing your expected lifespan in any way.

    So, in other words, will turning vegan make you healthier… no.


  33. taffman says:

    Al Beeb at work ……………Lord Mervyn King attacks ‘incompetent’ Brexit approach.
    Incompetent or deliberate? Why has Carney been been retained?
    Why did they not headline the article with ……….
    \\Lord King says Brexit brings ‘real opportunities’// which appears in the same article?
    Can you see any propaganda at work?


    • Thoughtful says:

      It’s difficult not to agree with King as Toxic Tess and her remainer friends have made an appalling mess. She is incapable of making a decision, always attempts to tread the centre ground, and tries to please everyone. She also avoids conflict like the plague.

      As a result we have this muddled decisionless directionless mess, because of her incompetence.


      • G says:

        She ‘dances’ (forgive me!) to the tune of the Globalist/NWO/Soros. She has no connection with the British voting public whatever. I’d call that Treason for Treezer along with all the rest in Europe. My mental list of who I would want to see in their last throes dangling from a lamppost is now long. I hope I live long enough to see the penalty carried out. Trouble is the practicalities: there probably is not enough lampposts…………..


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Having a remainer in charge of Brexit is a bit like having a vegan in charge of a slaughterhouse.
        Huge conflicts of interest there.


  34. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Radio 2 Christopher “IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY” EVANS
    Total number of appointments 14 (Companies House)

    * Best paid MALE (£2.3m) in BBC Gender Gap – not mentioned in BBC news

    500 WORDS (CHILDREN) LIMITED (11110600)





    Chris Evans says move from Radio 2 to Virgin is not about money


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I thought I understood Mr Evans to say ” I have seen the future and there is no sign of a company called The BBC and that is why I chose to do a runner.”
      However, my hearing is not that good and I may be mistaken.


  35. StewGreen says:

    9am R4 now, Wow agree with every word the first guest Jonathan Haidt, is saying
    : There is a problem now that only lefty speech is considered moral
    they convince themselves that anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi
    and they are ready to punch a Nazi
    ..The result is that all non-lefties are pushed into a kind of GHETTO, not allowed to express themselves on certain platforms like university campuses.
    Haven’t we non-lefties been forced into a kind of GHETTO by the BBC.
    “You guys are not going to be allowed to walk on the BBC street”

    Yes it’s strange Jonathan Haidt is very much a non-lefty voice, so I’ve only heard him on Youtube not the BBC before.

    Haight argues that the human brain is wired for tribalism, we should be moving from that
    but the world is gripped in tribal behaviour by the left.

    “We used to believe in Free country, ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, but words’…”
    Kids today say INCLUSION : diversity and inclusion should always win
    problem is we have concept creep, with anyone who disgrees with prevailing orthodoxy being called a Nazi”
    A safe space is unsafe for people who disagree with a consensus.

    The difference in this R4 prog is that Rabbi is trying to understand his righty guests and feeds them
    ..rather than fight them like normal BBC presenters do.


    • StewGreen says:

      Haidt says ‘Instead of just leaning to the left many university depts are so dominated by the left that is the new we have purity laws (like in religion)
      ..if you question things you are breaking a taboo and if anyone supports you they are breaking that taboo’
      ‘It’s the dynamics of a witchhunt’

      ‘If you have true diversity of thought all the magnets don’t align and pull in one direction’

      Next the prog spoke to students


      • StewGreen says:

        He gave an example of Dean of Students at Claremont McKenna College resigning in 2015 cos 2 students went on hunger strike after she triggered them with one word in an email.

        Recounted here AS The Brazen Confront the Gutless


        • JamesArthur says:

          Jesus the world has gone mad – you have to agree with the student letter criticising the administration for standing down and not standing up to left wing bullies…these are supposed to be the people who lead by example…


      • Woolwich says:

        It’s bad but not all bad. Human nature means that the small but shouty groups of green haired, pierced SJWs are the ones we notice on the streets, on the news, on the vox pops. They’re agitators, it’s what they do. The reporters WERE them a few years earlier, it’s obvious who they’re going to gravitate towards.
        Most university students amble around towns and onto campus in their jeans and sweatshirts with their rucksacks filled with books and simply crack on studying for their degree. My son with zero input from me sees through the lies of the left, laughed at the picture of nearly a dozen “students” at the top of a University web page and commented on the lone white “student” pictured, has no interest in joining the Students Union, and is in fact due to start his third year without the “benefit” of NUS membership. And the many roommates and friends I’ve met over the last two years of his study while all being different people also adhere to that more sensible stereotype of students studying for the future while living in the real world. The fact that most of them have had part time jobs on evenings and weekends to help support themselves as opposed to getting involved in the more worthy pursuits of looking like lesbians and shouting sound bites at people speaks volumes.
        ‘‘Twas ever this, the minority makes the most noise while the majority get on with proper business. Hopefully anyway. Let’s remember the silent majority who are too frightened, or actually simply so aware, to speak out. They voted for Brexit, they voted for Trump, people are so firmly entrenched in their ideas that they don’t change unless an amazingly pertinent argument is put their way. That’s something that hasn’t happened yet and probably never will.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      This Haidt guy is right Stew, but I’m not sure I entirely agree with the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ in this case. What I mean is, I’m probably more ‘left of centre’ than ‘right of centre’ in my views, but because of the way our political system works I’d rather vote for May than Corbyn (and did at the last GE).

      He’s right about the ‘tribalism’ and lumping people who don’t agree with the ‘mainstream’ views together as ‘the enemy’ though, and the fact that I’d probably support some more radically right wing leader in preference to the current ‘lefty’ (PC) nut jobs, because I think that some form of sanity needs to be restored, and a ‘righty’ is more likely to do so, just goes to prove it, I guess.


      • StewGreen says:

        It is not an abuse of terms to say that Antifa behave like True-Nazis.
        True-Nazi “you are not PURE, you are not in my Aryan tribe, therefore I can punch you”
        Typical-Antifa “If you are not lefty/lib you are not PURE, you are not in my tribe, therefore I can punch you”


    • StewGreen says:

      The longer download interviews are not up yet
      but I just downloaded jus one segment from Monday on low quality
      ..and it’s 155Mb
      That’s huge, cos a proper engineer would reduce that to 40Mb, maybe even 15Mb
      .. The BBC must have problems cos the other day I saw that clicking on a BBC download link took to me a service run by Stitcher corp


    • StewGreen says:

      What do reckon Daniel Hannan ?
      OK Try the 5 minute youtube intro to Haidt’s new book

      And you “Triggered Girl” ?
      (imagine read out in PJW voice)

      WHY is @BBCRadio4 obsessed with ‘safe spaces’ and ‘no platforming’ in British universities, when it is vanishingly rare?
      Why also do they think it’s ok to compare ‘majority left wing’ student bodies to those who made Jewish ghettoes?
      Disingenuous, misleading and dangerous.

      Dozens of lefties are spitting on Twitter at Sacks
      .. trying to not use the “Nazi” word against him ..they say “patronising racist apartheid liar,” etc.


  36. MarkyMark says:

    Dear YouTube … I would like to report this Islamophobic content on your network. It was produced in 1985 and makes a mockery of the Burka just as Boris Johnson did in 2018. It should be removed and replaced with a video showing the power of the Hijab, Burka and Niqab. If we laugh at the Burka we are laughing at a religion whose founder owned slaves and married kids which is wrong.


    Spitting Image || Miss Iran Competition 1985


    • StewGreen says:

      Ha one of the burqa clad contestants is Miss Belgravia
      … “from the Mecca Ballroom in Mecca ” ha ha


  37. Payne by name says:

    I try to distance myself from a big chunk of the guff that is spouted on British media. I don’t have a TV licence anymore, as I don’t have the equipment to receive a signal, and am happy with Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

    My internet at work defaults to the BBC website, so I occasionally read the biased headlines just to see how the UK is being endlessly corrupted. So to put it mildly my cynicism is pretty high.

    I usually cycle into work but after coming down with a nasty cough have been driving in. I usually listen to a CD as the Beeb does my head in but today I dared to turn on LBC – oh god what a mistake.

    Sometimes you think to yourself ‘maybe I’m being too conspiratorial, too alarmist’ and then you turn on the radio and listen to this morning’s dose of blatant bias.

    So the LBC news reports about Mervyn King’s statement and then Nick Ferrari plays about 30-40 seconds of the interview that he gave to the Beeb. Nick then follows this by telling the listeners that we need to bear in mind that Mervyn was a Brexiteer.

    He then has a contribution from a Financial Times journalist, who strangely Nick doesn’t tell the listeners that the FT is vehemently pro EU. The journo then prattles on with an endless diatribe of doom and gloom – a highlight being talks of 50, 60, 70 mile tailbacks – and none of this is challenged.

    Nick then has a contribution from some professor, which you assume in the tradition of offering balance would be a Brexiteer but no, he’s another leaver and spouts another 5 mins of unchallenged trash, with Nick continually referring to him as professor to of course remind us all that a clever person is talking.

    So 10 minutes of unfiltered Pro EU, anti Brexit bullshit and then Nick takes a call from a member of the public. Will this at last be the challenge to the establishment narrative that is being rammed down our throats? No, of course not.

    We have Taff, an articulate erudite fellow who is delighted with himself for joking that Brexiteers are turkeys voting for Christmas (yawn). He then follows this with the observation that politics unfortunately isn’t about being right anymore but about being popular and dismissively derides Farage, Mogg and Johnson.

    Yes, you complete and utter moron, democracy is about what is popular. The people vote for something and the thing that wins the majority is deemed the most popular. It really isn’t that hard a concept to grasp but seemingly is for Taff and many for his imbecilic kind.

    A blatant example of gross media bias and another reminder of the insidious and constant drip drip of anti Brexit narrative that the media would claim doesn’t exist.

    It exists, it’s real and it’s right in your face.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Nick Ferrari may be many things, but pro Remain isn’t one of them.


      • Payne by name says:

        I didn’t think he was pro Remain either but this was just 15 minutes of an uncontested pro EU bias from two commentators and a selected caller.


    • taffman says:

      Please note, that “Taff”is not me . He is probably one of the few ‘remainers’ in Wales.


  38. MarkyMark says:

    1985 … Burka Joke and UK laughs.

    2018 … Burka Joke and everyone demands blasphemy laws!




  39. thirdoption says:

    John Pienaar, deputy political editor of BBC news, keeps repeating that a minority of Labour MP’s disagree with Jeremy Corbyn.

    Just to refresh his memory on what a minority means, here is the piece written by labour’s very own in-house magazine stating that only 40 actively support him, 170 don’t support him at all.

    I think John might have accidently said minority when he meant majority and I can’t think of a single reason why the left-wing reporter who’s daughter works for the Labour party could have made the mistake.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Dear old John Pinhead suffers from a rare form of Dianeabbottomitis meaning his brain has difficulty dealing with quantities when they appear at certain points on the political spectrum.

      I first diagnosed John’s problem way back in the year 2012 when he described Socialist President François Hollande’s narrow election win as a ‘landslide’ within days of having described London Mayor Boris Johnson’s win over Ken Livingstone (by the exact same percentage) as ‘pipped at the post’.

      Sadly his managing editors at the Beeb seem unaware of John’s difficulties or what some might term his blind spot with those numbers antithetical to the political Left.


      • JamesArthur says:

        The BBC are great at this flipflop…
        Erdogan won by a massive margin 52% to 48% (having jailed opposition) but only yesterday R4 (female can’t remember which)…Brexit was won by only a small margin…hmmmm same figures different take..
        Only on BBC


  40. Beeb Brother says:

    ‘Five arrested in Far Right terror raids.’

    An actual terror attack by the ROP is a ‘car crash’ whereas as this arrest – which is probably for something like confessing to being right handed on Twitter – is actual terror.

    Stella Creasy wants to make misogyny a crime! Are we really living in some hell where all men hate women or are useless politicians keen to virtue signal and look like they are actually doing something? In my experience 99.9% of men adore women and either devote their lives to serving them or wish that they could.

    Will they be building concentration camps for the millions from a certain group that is utterly misogynist? Of course not – they will get a free pass as always.


    • JamesArthur says:

      How will they define misogyny..and what will be the objective measures? Is upskirting really misogyny…I don’t think so unless you know the intent…the perp may love women…and as said yesterday on this site….to have misogyny you have to have misandry..

      It’s all bol…cks and everyone knows it…the king has no clothes again


    • StewGreen says:

      @BeebBrother it is interesting how news on the attack on an Edinburgh Sikh temple is quiet
      – First there was a big shout
      – then the arrested was described as “Man arrested over reported petrol bomb attack on Sikh temple in Edinburgh”
      – When he was charged there was no naming and no big story
      ..but additional info “Police have now confirmed the same man is accused of a second suspicious fire, at the Methodist Church in Junction Place, which was discovered at 07:00”


  41. MarkyMark says:

    I wonder if the UK Minister for loneliness has found anyone yet?

    Minister for loneliness appointed to continue Jo Cox’s work


  42. Payne by name says:

    Is Stella carrying out this action to use it as a tool against the way women are treated by the Muslim faith or if a woman ‘chooses’ to be on the receiving end of misogyny, is it all deemed okay?


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Today I won’t mention Hitler … oh, fuck … fuck fuck …


    Make your own:


    • gb123 says:

      According to the court that sentenced Count Dankula context is irrelevant. Therefore Livingstone is guilty (without due process, of course) of hate speech and should pay up his £800 fine without delay!


  44. MarkyMark says:

    Surely smoking gives you something to do and takes your mind of being lonely? Also, you can ask someone for a light or a cigarette?

    “A 2017 report said loneliness was as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.” { 17jan2018}

    . . .

    Patrick Snowball seems to like the Minister for Loneliness….



  45. G.W.F. says:

    Having searched the BBC news it seems that the last report of McCain’s funeral was 1st September.

    It’s over Munchkins


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m sure the Far Left bbc will find somewhere to repeat it – particularly his less than dignified daughter going into a political rant before dad in the box was cold or even in the ground.

      Apparently the one eulogy for the black American singer didn’t go down too well as some activist went off on one as well. Perhaps that will be the fashion now – a tape recorded rant by the recently dead dead giving out the venom they never managed whilst alive . Imagine the one for comrade Corbyn


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Londonistan evening standard reports that the punter shot dead in a grave yard in tot nam on Monday was a Jonnie Turk . The is a massive Turkish ‘coomunity’ But as turkey is not a commonwealth job or in the EU how they manage to be in the country .
    The interpreter fees for that murder enquiry will be massive as will that for the – no doubt forthcoming reprisal .
    I still muse sometimes about what Blighty would have been like before it got vibrant . If people had a Democratic vote on whether to let the third world in – pre brainwashing by schools politicians and meedya… might have been a nice country ….


  47. StewGreen says:

    A lefty sees 5 minutes of bias on the BBC today

    Just listened a breathtakingly biased 5 minutes from #r4today and @BBCRadio4
    – Yet again, Kate Andrews on the Today, having the last word and her shady think tank not challenged.
    – Then the news headlines were leading Hodge attacking Corbyn. Brexit an afterthought
    – Then Sacks!


  48. MarkyMark says:

    Remember when the Saudi Prince said change is coming when visiting Theresa May ….

    Saudi Arabia to punish online satire ‘mocking public order’ { 05sep2018}

    Saudi prosecutors say they will punish satire on social media that “mocks, provokes or disrupts public order, religious values and public morals”.



  49. Fedup2 says:

    Today is Stella Creasy day – member of the kayzer family and cousin to a viscount . She leads the attack on mysogeny this after noon and I thing it’s a run up to being a leadership challenge – even though she voted for Corbyn .

    I put a fiver on her to be next leader at 9/1 – mad bet?

    I really hope her amendment gets the nod so that people might wake up to the rapid diminishing freedom of speech .

    It will take attention away from anti semitism amongst the comrades and the left wing BBC will be on far happier ground beating up blokes.


  50. Deborah says:

    Trust the BBC to take to wrong angle over the anti-Semitism row with Jeremy Corbyn.
    Jews will criticise Israel. It isn’t a perfect country and when you are under attack on all sides, sometimes you may get things wrong. The problem is that non-Jews will criticise Israel and will not do the same for other countries. Human rights, anyone? China are you listening? Treatment of women? Treatment of homosexuals? No, Corbyn and his crew want to criticise only Israel and hold it to a higher account than any other country in the world. That is anti-Semitism. But of course the BBC cannot spell that out because they too want to hold Israel to a higher account than anyone else. (Mishal H are you listening?). Nothing the BBC correspondents like more than complaining about Israel. That is anti-Semitism.