The BBC tried to diminish Entebbe

…but only succeeded in further diminishing itself.

I am pleased to report to esteemed colleagues on this fine site that I finally downloaded British government documents on the Entebbe rescue opened to the public in May 2007 and pounced on by alleged journalist Dan Parkinson who was named and shamed by the indefatigable BBC Watch for triumphantly plucking part of a conspiracy theory from the documents in order to demean and discredit the Israelis and diminish one of the most brilliant and daring rescue operations of modern times.

Here’s the conspiracy theory, in full, sent to the FOC from the British Embassy in Paris:

June 30 1976

A contact in the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Association rang me on 29 June to say that according to his information, the hijack was the work of the PFLF, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Beit. The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO’s standing in France and to prevent what they see as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans. Their nightmare is that after the November elections, one will witness the imposition in the Middle East of a Pax Americana, which will be to the advantage of the PLO (will gain international respectability and perhaps the right to establish a state on evacuated territories) and to the disadvantage of the Refusal Front (who will be squeezed right out in any overall peace settlement ….) and Israel (who will be forced to evacuate occupied territory). Hence the unholy alliance of the hijacking. My contact says that the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis.

Amazing how the Israeli Secret Service would conspire to commit an atrocity on fellow Israelis at the hands of German and Arab terrorists. Only an anti-Semite (or a BBC journalist) could believe such trash.

Even worse, Parkinson had this to say about dual UK-Israeli citizen Dora Bloch:

Two Israeli civilian hostages died in the shooting, and a third died later in a Nairobi hospital.

No, Dora Bloch was abducted from the hospital in Kampala (this ‘journalist’ can’t even get his cities/countries right) and murdered by Amin’s thugs. Her body was recovered later that year 32 km from Kampala and her callous murder caused Britain to break off relations with Uganda.

It defies belief that Parkinson did not know about this, since it caused outrage amongst the public at the time – and since the documents he sourced the story from have several letters and other references to the disappearance of Dora Bloch as the British government strove to find out what had happened to her.

It’s high time the BBC understood that it can no longer simply throw things it doesn’t like down the Memory Hole. We’ll just fish them out again and shove them in the BBC’s smug face.

Presidential and general thread 11 July 2018

Welcome President Trump – now that’s a phrase we won’t hear on al beeb . Al beeb is neutral , untainted by bias , a world class broadcaster , so compare that with the last time an American President visited Britain and so many embarrassed themselves in exultation.

It won’t be difficult to evidence the bias but it needs to be done here.

regrets Engerland But the boys dun good .
It will be painful to see the French Africa team take the Croats apart in the final but al beeb will stick a multicultural spin on it

David Davis -a man of conviction and principle.

This is a major issue, one that the BBC are not to my mind not covering very well.

As always the devil is in the detail and the BBC don’t do detail when it conflicts with their agenda, so I though I would open a major talking point into its own space, it is deserving of such. The BBC keep saying that David Davis is a habitual quitter. In fact in 22 years he has only walked away from just two jobs, this being the second.

 So why did David Davies leave the cabinet?

Firstly, the Prime Ministers policy was to go into negotiations having already made a series of concessions to the EU on what is described as the Common Rule Book (all our businesses, manufacturing, agribusiness) all of which will be written by the EU. Our future negotiations mean that the EU influence on the Common Rule Book will be further enhanced.

The typical tactic of the EU is to take what is on offer and ask for more. At some point you have to have an argument over this, and we have already offered way too much before we start negotiating.

Secondly, although the PM has said that Parliament will have the vote on each rule/law that it accepts, in truth if they -the EU, say no to, for example for a regulation on cars, all of the cars start being inspected at the border, so the so called ‘frictionless border’ has immediately been evaporated. In some circumstances it might even trigger the so called Northern Irish fall back option. That means that N.Ireland is effectively in the Single Market.

Thirdly, there is to be a customs arrangement whereby Britain will have to collect the EU taxes,. The EU have insisted that the EU Court of Justice will oversee it. Therefore, the EU still maintain control of our laws.

Treason May has effectively sided with the Anna Soubry (husband a Director of Morrisons) and Dominic Grieve (of French extraction) group of rebels who put multinational business interests ahead of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU.

In effect we have only partially left the EU. We are being betrayed.

Weekend Open Thread 6 July 2018

Friday seems to be the day our exit from the EU is going to be determined so the BBC in onslaught mode .

A week before a Head of State is due to visit and certain types are queuing up to disrupt it .

The Russians being blamed for another chemical incident so no more involvement of Engerland in the World Cup or maybe we ll win it as a protest .

and TR remains banged up with a politically delayed appeal process .

More than enough for us to rage about .Good Luck England

Benjamin Netanyahu tries to educate Evan Davis

Interviewing the Israeli PM back on June 7, Evan Davis starts with a fair question, and it’s fine that it has a challenging tone to it. After all, it’s an interview:

Prime Minister, you’ve said Israel will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons; how do you propose to stop them?

But then comes the inevitable BBC perception that Israel is misguided and practically alone in the world in its approach to everything, including Iran:

Most of the world thinks the deal is the best way of stopping them. You’re not a supporter of the deal. All roads lead to military action, don’t they?

Netanyahu disagrees and mentions paralyzing sanctions as a way to subdue Iran.

Davis says, You’re not going to get the world behind sanctions, demonstrating BBC wishful thinking, along with the bias.

The debate on Iran and sanctions and military action goes on for a while, with Davis losing, till, at 3:40 minutes in, he switches to two major events on May 14, which must have had the BBC gnashing its collective teeth in rage and frustration: the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the shooting of protestors on the Gaza border. He does his best to portray the Israel PM as a monster, glorifying in the Embassy opening while refusing to wear sackcloth and ashes over the tragic deaths on the border – of 50 Hamas terrorists, a couple of Islamic Jihad terrorists and about ten human shields, including children, as the terrorists cut through the fence under cover of a huge cloud of black smoke from burning tyres, striving to get into Israel to murder Jews.

At 7:40 minutes in, Davis says, I think the really important thing is, who is the obstacle to peace. And in terms of how the world sees the division of terrain… [And he carries on with the standard BBC uninformed bias about the conflict. Now of course we’ve graduated from not only the majority being against Israel but the entire bloody planet.]

There’s a funny moment at 11:10 minutes in when Davis says, …we’re out of our allotted time… and the PM responds with a smile and, I’ll give you a little more time. Davis does not appear to grasp the humour.

The PM ends on a positive note, re Israeli Jewish and Arab doctors treating wounded Syrian civilians who cannot believe the kindness and help they find in Israel because they have always been told that the Israelis are the devil.

I haven’t dwelt on the PM’s responses to Davis since I’ve tried to concentrate on Davis’ bias, but the way he dealt with the bias – by calmly explaining the Israeli perspective – is worth a look.

The scruffy Evan Davis, who looks, with his growth of beard and open-necked shirt, like he has just been hauled off the street, freshened up a bit and plonked before the PM, might even have learned something from the encounter.

Start the Week Open Thread 2 July 2018

Hello all – half way through 2018 and our forthcoming brexit is really causing tension eh?

A gentle plea – it’s not easy to limit comment to just the bias of al beeb because the BBC poisons the whole of National life but …. please keep it clean and choose your words so that they are acceptable to all ( yes I include me in this ) .

Anyway -lots to talk about .