Start the Week Open Thread 18 June 2018

The BBC in full anti brexit mode in the run up to more votes in parliament to overturn Lords’ votes .So called conservative backbenchers plot to derail brexit too .

The current government celebrates the 70th anniversary of the inter- National Health Service  by throwing more borrowed money at it .

Crucifixes are torn from peoples’ homes by muslim delivery drivers and they get a ‘ chat’ with the police.

i understand the appeal by TR has been submitted and a letter written by him has been published o

On the upside it’s possible that Mother Merkel will lose her job this week . Let’s hope. Al beeb will be so upset


STOP PRESS dimbly to leave Question Time – replacement suggestions ?

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  1. StewGreen says:

    Knavish tricks are designed to wreck Brexit
    Already thousand comments +


  2. StewGreen says:

    Sir Christopher Chope MP : Times letter (I support the law, but laws should have proper scrutiny)
    \\ To ensure the fastest, fairest and surest passage to the statute book for a bill to outlaw “upskirting”, the government should introduce its own without delay. I shall then give it my wholehearted support. //
    \\ Was I alone in expecting that a government bill would be brought forward in government time to deliver the required change in the law quickly but with the opportunity for it also to be fully scrutinised in parliament? //
    \\ The government should not be further undermining the principle of first come, first served for balloted private member’s bills. //


    • StewGreen says:

      I didn’t know what ‘upskirting’ was.
      ….. I had to look up it.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        Question: why are the LGBTetc community not up in arms about the clearly discriminatory term “upskirting”? Surely it’s predicated on the fact that only those who wear skirts are subject to this misogynistic behaviour?

        It’s not only gender stereotypical; it’s monodirectional.

        Which is why in the coming weeks and months I will be pushing hard for more awareness of the lesser known social phenomenon of “downtrousering”. And, rest assured, I do mean pushing hard


        • Eddy Booth says:

          The Times is a paywall site, so pointless giving links…


          • StewGreen says:

            £3 for 3 months is the offer for Times , and you get to see first paragraph free anyway


        • Holly Selassie says:

          That`ll be Brian Rixing then.
          Debagging as a new hate crime?


          • Terminal Moraine says:

            Debagging definitely, and wedgies to be reclassified as war crimes asap.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Me too Stew, I honestly thought it was something to do with a skirting board !!


  3. Roland Deschain says:

    There’s nothing like an impartial headline from the BBC. And this is nothing….


    Once again, Trump gets the media talking about something they don’t want to talk about.


  4. Sluff says:

    The Labour Live event is a flop. So how can BBC news webshite report it?
    Answer. Don’t have any written articles at all. Just create a ‘trendy’ video reportage style., and bury it. That way, they can claim they have reported it but hardly anyone will actually see any reporting of the absymal failure that it was.
    Trebles all round.


  5. vlad says:

    Remember Three Girls? Trumpeted and lauded as a ‘brave’ dramatization of events in Rochdale? By events I mean of course the rape and abuse by Religionists of Paedophilia. (Incidentally if that was ‘brave’, then Tommy is downright heroic.)

    It now occurs to me it was the exact opposite: an exercise in damage limitation serving two mendacious purposes.

    First it allowed the evil beeb to boast that they don’t shy away from difficult issues – though of course they did exactly that for decades.

    Second it gave the impression that this was an isolated event involving ‘3 girls’ in one town.

    As we know, the truth is that such events took place – and continue – in scores of towns the length and breadth of the country, involving thousands of mostly Pakistani, mostly muslim men, and hundreds or thousands of girls, many underaged.
    To this day many people – otherwise well-informed – have no idea of the scale of what must be the scandal of the century. And why? Because the beebistan make damn sure they don’t join the dots.


  6. Holly Selassie says:

    Why the hell are we listening to lefty liberal shit?
    The man has spoken-there`s enough news here for the month. And , Lordy…his intellect and thoughts have really come on, I understand far more now for his top trolling.


  7. john in cheshire says:

    Mrs May tells us; note that we are being told, not asked; she’s going to give the sodding NHS lots more money and she’s going to take more off us to give to the sodding NHS. She’s not asking us if we want to give more of our money to this relic.

    But what isn’t mentioned is the reason the NHS is in debt, apart from being criminally inefficient is that she has brought millions of third world immigrants into our country who need amongst other things, medical attention.

    For me this illustrates so clearly that immigration is not a benefit to us, the indigenous peoples of our country, it is a drain on our income. If immigrants were paying their way, they would be paying tax, thus the government would be collecting larger amounts of tax from these immigrants which would then be available to fund their medical and other needs. But they are not, so we, who never wanted these gimmegrants here in the first place are once again having to pay for them to be here.

    It’s way past the time when our swamp was drained, Mrs May et al.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Is this Theresa Mays money then?
      Or is it that she`ll be selling off Tory HQs, reducing MPs salaries then?

      Or is she paying for more smoking shelters, sex change gurneys and exotic disease showcase ward to tittivate the staff?
      Let alone bigger car parks, more salaries for those who hound a Julie Bailey, or cover for Harold Shipman?

      This is OUR money-that of our kids to come for the next seven generations, if the poor mugs ever get to pay tax…why would they?


    • john in cheshire says:

      I forgot to add that if we hadn’t been aborting our babies; ie. murdering them; at a rate of over 200,000 each year for decades, we wouldn’t need or have a bogus need for any immigrants. And these babies would have been our own, brought up into our civilisation and way of life, without any need for an EHRC, hate laws and all the other repressive measures that have been constructed by our swamp to control us.


      • JimS says:

        If the aborted babies had replaced the immigrants we would have had four years to provide primary school places, ten years to provide secondary school places and 18 years to provide jobs or university places. The babies would have lived in houses that already exist.

        Immigrants need houses, schools, hospitals and roads now. Perhaps that is why there is so much ‘government’ debt. Previous generations saved and invested in the future; this generation and their ‘multi-cultural’ pals have no capital but want it all now so have to borrow and borrow again to pay the interest. A sink estate economy.


    • Up2snuff says:

      j-i-c, cannot believe I’m posting this but don’t complain too much, especially if you are a Brexiteer.

      Theresa May played a blinder at the weekend. Puts the England footie team in the shade. Her Remainer colleagues in the HoC are now somewhat emasculated (or if female, the equivalent) because if they grumble about the money for the NHS and try to do anything to block it or, more importantly, to block Brexit, it hands the moral high ground to Labour, together with the keys to No.10. The Upper House still presents a problem because of the independents and cross-benchers and any others of an individualistic tendency.

      Labour, and the provisional wing of the Labour Party a.k.a. the BBC, together with the rest of the Alt-Left MSM have been banging on about the NHS and its dire state since 27 December 2017. They may try to weasel and equivocate around the £350m per week or the tax rises that may be necessary for the wider NHS provision of social care & proactive health provision but the public will not see it like that, especially those that voted Remain but were not fixated on that bus banner.

      They, I think, will see it as our money coming back home in triumph from Brussels.

      Hopefully, the Remainer Tory MPs will now be leaning on their equivalents in the other place to fall into line. The alternative will be Corbyn in No.10 and McDonnell in No.11 and even bigger tax rises for high earners and the wealthy among them in both Houses.

      Nothing like a bit of self interest to bring people into line.

      And if they refuse, Theresa May has the nuclear option; call another General Election. A vote in favour for which, Jeremy Corbyn and Labour will be unlikely to not accept with alacrity. At which point it becomes a battle of the manifestos …

      ….. together with their costings.


  8. MarkyMark says:

    Our Leader speakers dealing with 600K immigrants lost by the Home Office? Nope! Reducing the 23K on the terror watch list? Nope? Taking the UK terrorist alert down a notch? Nope! You guessed ….

    “I (Theresa May) said at the weekend that the law should change to criminalise upskirting. I am delighted we are introducing a bill in Government time In the Commons to do just that this Thursday.”


  9. thirdoption says:

    Female staff in the House of Commons have protested against the fact that a male MP blocked the introduction of a law banning upskirting by hanging their knickers outside the door to his office.

    Oh how the BBC laughed and praised those strong, independently minded woman.

    Yet when a strong, independently minded man hung a piece of bacon outside a mosque to protest about the rape and abuse of our children he was arrested and sent to prison.

    Seems a tad unfair to me.


  10. theisland says:

    Meeting who in Brussels? About what?
    What a sickening creature.


    • thirstypak says:

      ……..wearing my Tunisian scarf.


    • Payne by name says:

      But he’s not part of the HM Govt. What the fuck is he having meetings about and with whom. Is treachery still punishable by death…


    • ChrisMorrison says:

      Er, working back Keir – time to get to the station, two hour train journey, time to get home for 7pm kickoff. Sounds like your “packed day in Brussels” finished around lunchtime. Hardly enough time to hatch a plot to keep us in the EU.


  11. Holly Selassie says:

    The BBC tell me that the Lords has overturned what we wanted in Brexit-and they call for a “meaningful” vote.

    That word “meaningful”-any chance of the BBC describing what that means?
    Course not, gives the idea that it is reasonable.
    A”traitorous”,” perverse”, “subverting” vote?
    Nah, too judgey and preachy.
    F*** the BBC and its lying news editors. Meaningful vote hopefully will be a meaningless referendum in June 2016.
    Can`t let that happen can we?


    • taffman says:

      Holly Selassie
      1 Standby for another General Election .
      2 Abolish the un elected House of Lords .
      3 Change the ‘remainer’ Prime Minister .
      4 Get rid of the Telly Tax.


  12. Hexhamgeezer says:

    Just before the start of the England V Tunisia game on the camera pans over the Tunisian fans for a few seconds and by an absolute coincidence the 2 shots give centre stage to 2 Palestinian flags. Relentless.


    • Rich says:

      Is Martin Keown seriously the best co-commentator the bBbc can come up with?

      He always strikes me as someone who sounds intelligent until you actually listen to what he’s saying, as if he’s been given a vocabulary without being told what all the words mean. Everyone is a ‘young man’ or ‘a warrior’ and he talks about emotions and passion and desire, excusing so much because of this.

      I think he’s a bit of a dick who talks complete and utter bullshit to be honest.


    • StewGreen says:


      • Holly Selassie says:

        No fines from FIFA anyway.
        As opposed to trying to wear a poppy.
        Maybe if they knew that heroin comes from them,they`d be happier with it, promoting drugs legalisation?


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      I noticed that. It’s never mentioned in our MSM that there is already a “Palestinian” state. Jordan. Nor is it ever shown how the flags are nearly identical.



      • john in cheshire says:

        Interestingly, even the Jordanians don’t want the arabs living in the land called palestine, to be part of their country. That’s why they are still in temporary camps even after something like 70 years. They cause trouble wherever they go; see how they destroyed Lebanon.


        • davylars says:

          This is what Palestinians do

          The PLO Is Thrown Out of Jordan
          On Sept. 25, 1970, Hussein and the PLO signed a ceasefire mediated by Arab nations. The PLO temporarily maintained control over three towns–Irbid, Ramtha, and Jarash–as well as Dawson Field (or Revolution Field, as the PLO termed it), where the hijacked planes had been blown up.

          But the PLO’s last gasps were short-lived. Arafat and the PLO were expelled from Jordan by early 1971. They went to Lebanon, where they proceeded to create a similar state-within-a-state, weaponizing a dozen Palestinian refugee camps around Beirut and in South Lebanon, and destabilizing the Lebanese government as they had the Jordanian government, as well as playing a leading role in two wars: the 1973 war between the Lebanese army and the PLO, and the 1975-1990 civil war, in which the PLO fought alongside leftist Muslim militias against Christian militias.

          The PLO was expelled from Lebanon following Israel’s 1982 invasion.


  13. Halifax says:

    That Tunisian manager looks like he works in a car wash……that wasn’t on the BBC


    • Halifax says:

      Liniker refers to us as England never “us” or “we” however Keown refers to “us” and “we”….bias bias bias…….we know it’s England Gary the country that pays your wages……try saying we or us. As WE pay your wages and it’s US that keeps you in a job and lifestyle you don’t deserve !!!!


  14. Dystopian says:

    I nearly posted a football comment on the wrong thread then!



    • Fedup2 says:

      I’d ban you if you put a comment here when it’s meant to be on the World Cup Thread – imoji thing for ha ha


  15. pugnazious says:

    Tommy Robinson has released a letter telling us that he thinks his arrrest has back-fired on those who wish to silence him as it has raised his profile even more and has been a catalyst for large protests opposed to his rendition and imprisonment.

    Perhaps he might consider suing the BBC and all those who falsely label him ‘Far-Right’ and a ‘racist’….such an approach worked for Nawaz [though note there is no report of this on the BBC which is quite remarkable…a British Muslim winning $3.4m for hate speech against him….and the Beeb ain’t interested!?]…

    SPLC Apologizes, Pays Settlement to Islamic Reformer It Wrongly Labeled ‘Anti-Muslim Extremist’
    ‘The Southern Poverty Law Center has reached a settlement with liberal Islamic reformer Maajid Nawaz and his organization, the Quilliam Foundation, for wrongly including them on its now-defunct list of “anti-Muslim extremists.”

    The SPLC announced Monday that it has agreed to pay Nawaz and Quilliam $3.375 million “to fund their work to fight anti-Muslim bigotry and extremism.” The settlement was the result of a lawsuit Nawaz filed in April over his inclusion on the SPLC’s “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.”’

    Newsnight’s hatchet job on Tommy would be a good place to start if looking for evidence of the BBC’s malicious intent to defame Tommy…as well as Andrew Neil’s malevolent attack, done at the behest and guided by the Islamist Mehdi Hasan.


  16. pugnazious says:


    Another subject matter that would normally excite the beeboids…trouble is it’s not the ‘right’ story…..hence it’s not a story, for the BBC at least…..

    ‘Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) lose to government in court of appeal, now face “substantial additional legal costs”.

    On June 12th the court of appeal overturned a ruling enabling local councils to discriminate against Israeli companies on so-called “ethical grounds” regarding the investment of pension funds under their control.
    A year ago the Palestine Solidarity Campaign took aim at local councils to prevent them from investing pension funds under their control in certain Israeli companies on the basis that they were “companies that support Israel’s illegal occupation”.
    The British government stepped in and issued guidance to local councils to prevent this kind of discrimination but were taken to court by the PSC and beaten.
    The government then took their case to the court of appeal and won!’


  17. Kaiser says:

    may I just say fuck the lords, the vermin in ermine need to go


    • john in cheshire says:

      Yes, you may. These traitorous swamp dwellers who hold us, their paymasters, in such contempt that they would stop us even having a vote, if they could.

      If they succeed in their underhand plotting to reverse our exit from the EU, then there needs to be retribution on them with extreme prejudice.


  18. StewGreen says:

    The Remainiac MP who reported a Brexiteer constituent to police for writing a letter.
    There are two reasons why a normal person might block a person’s email address
    #1 They have been illegally abusive/threatening to you
    #2 They’ve just written something that you don’t like
    But if you are an MP you don’t have option #2, you have to interact with both supporters and opposers

    But someone in Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach’s office decided to put a category #2 letter in the #1 list, thus a pensioner got a reply saying her letter was abusive and she’d been reported to police


  19. scribblingscribe says:

    Think many people thought that the compulsory BBC licence fee would be brought down by irate Daily mail and telegraph readers.

    But interestingly no youngster I know watches BBC. They all watch US stuff on Netflix or amazon and do all they can, so they legally don’t have to buy a licence.

    Maybe it will be the under 30s who finally pull the plug on the ghastly bbc.


    • StewGreen says:

      What about the BBC’s American operations any viewers ?
      I wanted to check if Zurcher’s ranting are having any effect on BBC’s American ratings
      However I can’t find any ratings for 2018.
      all I can find is mentions that the progs in 2017 were barely pulling a miilion.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    scrub I simply don’t believe that all under. 30s rush home to watch the ‘ now’ or ‘one’ show whatever it’s call ( never seen it ).


  21. Up2snuff says:

    Lord Darzi has today, on BBC R4, clarified his claim about life expectancy. He was not apparently claiming that his proposed NHS reforms would double average UK life expectancy this century from approx 76 years for men and 84 years for women by 2100.

    He was refering to the past century, 1900 to 2000. He is still wrong. UK average life expectancy did not even come close to doubling.

    The BBC could not or would not correct him. Instead they keep on repeating their standard soundbites “We are all living longer” and ” Life expectancy is increasing.” with perhaps “at an ever greater rate.” tacked on to the one before.

    Is it just me or does the BBC provide far less clarity and much more muddle and obfuscation and dissembling than they did 15, 25, 40 years ago? You would think that since Ritula Shah made that 100% accurate claim, the BBC would at least try to make an effort to be not seen as totally FakeNews or FalseNews.


    • vlad says:

      Brigitte is great. Don’t expect to see her on al beebeera anytime soon.
      Scrap the beeb now!!


  22. Dystopian says:

    Hey, guess what! In BBC la la land aka Eastenders, all the dirty paedos raping 8 year olds are white!
    Most of the East end crowd are proper geezers who have cups with the queen on them.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Lord moat ( apparently hailsham) the cunt) no better word ) who got his fucking moat cleared at taxpayers expense ( AND SAW NOTHING WRONG ) now admits he wants to stop brexit. If ever there was an alternative use of street lamps I couldn’t think of one .cut and paste with your judgemental boredom max)


    • Dystopian says:

      Oh they really are a disgrace pushing the storyline about all these poor young girls who need saving from the nasty white paedos.
      So hypocritical from the bBBC who are complicit in trying to cover up the facts about Muslim rape gangs. Let’s make out that all the paedos are light skinned and the sheeple sat watching the telly will believe it just as if it was real life and they’ll say “yeah but what about all those dirty white paedos like I saw on Eastenders…


  23. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Is anyone ever going to connect the dots? Could importing millions of Muslims have anything to do with the current “rise in antisemitism”?


    • Dystopian says:

      Oh we’ll it can’t be Muslims then if it’s hate crime cos hate crime laws don’t apply to non whites.


    • ToobiWan says:

      Check out the tweet from a plank called Graf von Kaldenstein.


    • Sluff says:

      Surely it is down to someone with Mental Health Issues?
      I’m sure they will find money from the latest £20bn of NHS cash to support those with GSS. That’s Gravestone Smashing Syndrome.
      And imagine the ‘Justice 4 GSS sufferers’ campaign (publicly funded of course).
      Followed by the ‘evil Tories underfund GSS research’ headlines a few months later.
      Remember. You read it gere first.


    • vlad says:

      The beeb’s main purpose is to stop you joining the dots.


      • R P McMurphy says:

        1930’S Germany all over again, National Socialists AKA Labour plus our new “friends”.


  24. Celtic_Mist says:

    I have lived through the current period of change and have only recently woken up. C. B. Thorington writes a blog in US and describes how we got to where we are.


  25. pugnazious says:

    Er….the BBC tracks and records anything you say about ‘the BBC’ on the web……so if you have visited the BBC website and been cookied up they can link you to this site and your comments here….or anywhere….

    Information on your activities outside the BBC when you talk about us

    Like if you’ve mentioned us in a Twitter post, we’ll collect your Twitter handle.

    Oh…and they monitor to check you have read an email…and ‘if you find them useful’….just how do they know that?…..

    Why do we use cookies and other tracking?

    To do a few different things:
    To find out if our emails have been read and if you find them useful


    • Fedup2 says:

      Just clear the cookies on a regular basis and the history bit to beat al beeb . Also at the moment use alternative details for the iplayer


  26. Roland Deschain says:

    Blatant propaganda.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Meanwhile, Katty becomes positively verbose as she drives a coach and horses through meaningless BBC impartiality guidelines.


      • BRISSLES says:

        How Trump must have laughed at us, gaily letting in all those migrant ‘children’ with a 5 o’clock shadow ! we need him here.


      • john in cheshire says:

        I don’t suppose the childishly named Miss Kay has bothered to mention that Bathhouse Barry had the same policy, but no one batted an eyelid when he did it?


    • Oaknash says:

      Yeah I heard this on the World “Service” this morning.
      Obviously Al Beeb are hoping for another “Alan” Kurdi moment so just like Pavlovs dog we all melt the yanks open the borders and let in thousands of “children” for asylum – I think thats how it works.

      Toady also starting to get busy on “Islamaphobia” this morning saying that the Iman who saved the bloke who murdered the Muslim outside Finsbury Prk Mosque wants more done about it. I expect as soon as the BEEB have got Brexit done and dusted , that will be their next project so eventually Islam it is only mentioned by sycophantic politicians assuring us it is peaceful and of course the Imans themselves telling us the same thing.
      Just a pity the thousands who have been murdered in the name of Allah are not allowed the same voice by the media



    • Tabs says:

      I’m sure the BBC will follow this up with ‘The sound of white children who were gang raped by Muslims’ – just to prove they are impartial.


  27. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Minutes silence for a road accident outside Finsbury Park mosque – the one used to plot attacks by Muslims on London and inspire gee had

    There’ll be a special programme, stamps , a tee shirt , drama , documentary – hero emergency services , the worlds response – londonistan together – count me out

    Then a truly embarrassing sketch about replacing Dimbleby on his personal income show QT. The off switch has come . Silence is better than that.

    Strange that my bit of londonistan produced both beckham and Kane …… must be the Thames Water

    PS – another fatal stabbing number 76 . And a chemical attack – used ammonia this time to change lives …


    • Kaiser says:

      “used ammonia this time to change lives …”

      fedup your such an old conservative refusing to embrace CHANGE


    • BRISSLES says:

      And not forgetting the proposed suggestion for an annual Islamaphobic Day ! I kid you not. If they carry on with all these outrageous ideas, the backlash will soon begin and then they’ll see what the public really thinks. I for one am sick and bloody tired of having f…….g diversity shoved down my throat on a daily basis – tele advertising being the biggest offender, and now a close second are the weekly anniversary events for some bloody ‘community’ outrage or other.


      • R P McMurphy says:

        It’s what Blair and Mandleson promised us, they would search the world for immigrants to ” rub the right’s face in diversity”.


    • ThomasR says:

      Yes, the supposedly amusing “sketch” on the Dimbleby replacement was, in fact, a vehicle to carry on the character assassination of Isobel Oakeshott and peddle the lie that N.Farage gets a disproportionate exposure on QT.
      With regard to Isobel, apparently she, like all of us here, have no facts to support our arguments. We hear this endlessly from J.O’B. His facts are things like “the IFS say we will be 15billion worse off due to Brexit”
      The only fact is that the IFS have indeed said this. End of.
      With regard to the perceived over exposure of NF, I am convinced that any analysis of minutes spoken by Farage on QT would reveal that each of Soubry(Lib Dem), Ken Clark(Con) and Thornberry(Lab) have had way more exposure individually, let alone collectively


  28. JamesArthur says:

    You know what they can do with their minute’s silence…..answers on a postcard.

    Is it me or is this now just making the meaning of a minute of silence meaningless? At this rate we will be silent most of the year..
    Virtue signalling – should be words of the year….


    • Tabs says:

      We can still count on Lee Rigby’s anniversary to be never silent though.

      Death of lady Diana, Charlie Hebdo and Grenfell have taken virtue signalling to a new level though.


      • john in cheshire says:

        There should be a minute’s silence each hour every day for each individual until all the thousands of our children, who have been raped, trafficked, tortured and murdered by muslims have been remembered.


    • JimS says:

      Give them their one minute of silence per year over this ‘Islamophobic attack’, after all don’t we have 525,599 minutes of silence per year over the attacks of Islam against us?


    • gb123 says:

      The only synonyms of virtue I think appropriate to virtue signallers are advantage and usefulness. It is useful to try and gain advantage over others in public.


    • RJ says:

      “Is it me or is this now just making the meaning of a minute of silence meaningless? ”

      I think that’s the whole point of it. The respectful silence on Armistice Day is an important part of our culture. They can’t abolish it, so the alternative is to make it meaningless.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Al beeb seems to be going big on legalising cannabis because the mums of a couple of kids with medical problems got shouty .

    Yes let’s legalise and tax it . We ll get a populated even more drugged up that before – increase mental health issues – have people driving around even more zonked out and have more fires caused by druggies passing out whilst smoking their drug .

    It is a potentially excellent population control and once legalised al beeb will have something else to beat conservatives over the head with .

    Declaration – not used it but where I live I see the effect every day. An additional benefit would be the reduction in kids on scooters going around delivering drugs but pretending to be doing pizza delivery


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Legalise it. We’ll advertise it.

      As Mrs Merton might enquire…

      So, BBC, what first attracted your reporters to stories about the fringe medication popularly named Canabis Oils?


      • Kaiser says:

        but if we legalise it that means it will get taxed like cigs and beer and the kids will move on to something else, a big part of the attraction is its so damn cheap.


        • john in cheshire says:

          What I can’t understand is what is the difference between the cannabis oil, canned cannabidiol, which is legal and can be bought on, for example Amazon, and the oil this lady was trying to bring into the country. Does the oil she purchased; I think in Canada; still contain THC, which has been removed from cannabidiol?


          • Flak says:

            john in cheshire, the UK legal oil has removed the psychoactive element, whereas the Canadian version has not.
            I know many people who researched the non psychoactive version and went on to use it as an alternative treatment for various cancers, body ticks and convulsions, with positive results. Medical cannabis oil is a natural product containing medicinal properties that synthetic big pharma drugs lack. Probably why the biggest anti cannabidiol lobbyists are big pharma. I only know that it worked for my friends and they were previously of the same mind as some doubters in this comment thread.
            Personally, if I have to endure much more BBC flotsam and jetsam I’ll be chugging on the chillum myself.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      There may or may not be some case for the medical use of cannabis, but this does not imply recreational use (predecent: morphine is routinely prescribed as a pain killer but nobody is proposing you should be able to buy it over the counter for a bit of fun). Nobody seems to want to question William Vague as to why he thinks one implies the other.
      Here’s a possible clue as to why Vague and the BBC give drugs an easy ride. One of the organisations promoting the legislation of drugs is the Drug Policy Alliance. And just look who is on the board:


      • Deborah says:

        I understand that prolonged use of cannabis can cause mental health problems, that 10% of the times it is is used it causes psychotic episodes (although that is old data and the newer stronger stuff may cause more) and it is supposed to be considerably more carcinogenic than ordinary tobacco. Would you want to be in a car driven by somebody who has just smoked the stuff? So why shouldn’t we legalise its use?

        I did notice the film shown on the BBC news of the Northern Irish Mum landing at a British airport with the cannabis oil showed her surrounded by cameramen (camera people?) filming her entry. That was when I realised there was more to this agenda than a Mum wanting medication for her son.


  30. AsISeeIt says:

    Genes are irrelevant

    BBC London News bulletin this morning where our attractive presenter Arthur Patel (I think that’s what she says her name is) quite obviously leads with the ‘Finsbury Park Attack’…. I mean the anniversary of… obviously she does.

    That aside….

    It’s always interesting to note where the BBC boys and girls get their ideas. And tucked away at number three in the headlines today we hear of a report just out asserting that childhood obesity is caused by:

    ‘stress at home’

    Yep, it’s ‘enviromental factors’ that are all important. You know what that means. It is a big green light for State intervention. Sugar Taxes. Fizzy drink advertising bans, you name it, etc etc. Got that? Enviro-mental.

    I could but admire the bold sound bite assertion:

    “Genes are irrelevant”

    One guesses we’ll be hearing the echo of that basic tenet of post-modernism again and again in a thousand on-coming BBC supposedly balanced reports on obesity. It’ll be set in stones, or rather kilograms.

    Mind you, as of now, apparently, in BBC recruiting policy at least certain genes are crucial – as our Arthur Patel and a hundred colleagues could surely attest.


  31. AsISeeIt says:

    It’s why we pay our licence fee

    BBC London cover the story of the three young chaps run down by a train in Brixton found the next morning surrounded by spray cans

    ‘Officers could be seen taking photos of graffiti alongside the track as part of their inquiries’

    Of course our BBC dare not speculate that they were graffiti artists.

    So if you are going to add nothing to the police statements and are too cautious to editorialise why not save us the cost of your journalism degrees and put a copper on tv for the crime news?


  32. MarkyMark says:

    “Finsbury Park attack” – I noticed that the word Mosque has been dropped!



  33. MarkyMark says:

    The “Ladbrokes Finsbury Park’ attack!
    Manchester Arena Cathedral Attack!



  34. Tabs says:

    ‘Ditch predicted grades’ from university admissions

    I didn’t even bother to read the article as the photo shows 4 people doing an exam or taking notes, the 4 persons are:
    1. Asian looking lady (tick)
    2. Black lady (tick)
    3. Black man (tick)
    4. White lady out of focus (tick)

    The BBC never miss an opportunity to promote every other race apart from whites.


  35. Fred Bloggs says:

    Further proof of censorship and bias. On Guido’s site is a clip of the Lords where Moat says he will stop Brexit as the second part of a two part question. On Parliament channel, the same clip is shown, except the part where he admits to Brexit has been cut short and ommitted.


  36. MarkyMark says:



  37. Foscari says:

    Who do you think is best to take over from David Dimbleby
    as presenter of Question Time? Riz Lateef, Mishall Husain,
    Reeta Chakrabarti,Louise Minchen, Naga Munchetty,Jo Coburn.
    Any opinions?


  38. pugnazious says:

    The Today prog on its usual form…Darren Osborne is a ‘terrorist’ who ‘murdered’ ‘Muslims’….’murdered’ is much more emotive than ‘killed’ and does the BBC describe the Muslim terrorists as ‘Muslim’ and as ‘murderers’? Not if they can possibly help it…so why so describe the victims here as Muslim? Let’s have some consistency.

    Immediately after this report we were told about ‘so-called’ Islamic State ‘militants’…so not ‘Islamic’ and not ‘terrrorists’ despite mass murdering, torturing, sex slaving and er terrorism on a grand scale.

    The we hear heroic Syrian school girls have defied these ‘militants’ by using modern technology [phones] to defeat the ‘medieval mindset’ of these ‘Militants’ to get an education.

    Odd how in the Uk that ‘medieval mindset’ is celebrated and championed by the BBC whilst apparently in the Middle East it is medieval, backward and violently oppressive.

    A masterclass from the BBC in how to misuse and manipulate language to create entirely different, or alternate, narratives from the same facts.


    • MarkyMark says:

      It appears to have begun when Osborne became fixated on Three Girls , a three-part BBC drama about the Rochdale abuse scandal in which most of the victims were white and most of the perpetrators were Pakistani-heritage men.” { 01feb2018}


      Finsbury Park: What led Darren Osborne to kill?
      Dominic Casciani Home affairs correspondent
      @BBCDomC on Twitter
      1 February 2018


    • Tabs says:

      Good post.

      Applying the BBC logic they are quick to say Muslim terrorists are not “real Muslims” due to x,y and z so that should also apply to Darren Osborne’s one victim who probably wasn’t a “real Muslim” either – but the BBC have a not so hidden agenda to follow.


  39. pugnazious says:

    Nick Robinson caught out being ridiculous as he tried to ‘gotcha’ an RMT official about driverless trains. Robinson asked him the stupid question ‘Do you travel on driverless trains?’…the implication being that if he did then ergo they must be safe and the RMT has been wrong all this time. So Robinson works for the anti-white, anti-christian, pro EU, pro medieval Islam, pro terrorist BBC….ergo he is on board with all that.

    In fact Robinson not only asked a daft question trying to point score but asked the wrong man…quality journalism from the BBC and Robinson as always….here he is getting a kicking in his comments….


  40. MarkyMark says:

    “Lost” – don’t get angry, just accept they might be found again.
    “Killed” – get angry and demand revenge.




  41. vlad says:

    The beeb are mourning the violent death of a violent rapper.

    Quite right, the loss to Western Civilisation is incalculable.

    I’m like “Bitch, who is your mans?” ayy
    Can’t keep my dick in my pants, ayy
    My bitch don’t love me no mo’, ayy
    She kick me out, I’m like vro, ayy
    That bitch don’t wanna be friends, ayy
    I gave her dick, she amen, ayy
    She put her tongue on my dick, ayy
    Look at my wrist, about ten, ayy
    Just got a pound of the boof, ayy
    Brought that shit straight to the booth, ayy
    Tommy my Hilfiger voots, ayy
    She said, “wan’ fuck?” Bitch, I do, ayy
    You put a gun on my mans, ayy
    I put a hole in your parents, ayy
    I just got lean on my ksubis, ayy
    I got a UZI, no Uzi


    • Tabs says:

      BBCs article on the “star” who was such a nice black person…

      Some choice quotes from the BBC article:
      The life of US rapper XXXTentacion, who was shot dead outside a motorcycle dealership on Monday, was as grim and confusing as his music was compelling.

      But the teenager’s career was already being overshadowed by his legal problems, including charges of aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation and, later, witness tampering.

      He also continued to court controversy, releasing a provocative music video earlier this year in which, to make a point about racism, he put a noose around the neck of a young white child.

      The star’s manager reflected that Onfroy’s volatile life was what made his music so compelling. “He’s just a young kid that was lost and needed a chance in life,”

      His death in an apparent drive-by shooting will undoubtedly reignite interest in the star’s all-too-brief career.

      New listeners will hear his pain and the all-too-familiar price of neglect and deprivation – but they should also take time to question why violence is so frequently used to signify credibility in music.

      Dear BBC, go fcuk yourself.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        They really do love to fetishise the controversial, violent and unstable (except if you’re white — in which case you’re just controversial, violent and unstable).

        “… grim and confusing”.

        Isn’t that the BBC strapline these days? Would look nice on those idents and a letterhead


        • vlad says:

          According to the beeb, ‘The rapper had a difficult upbringing.’

          Me too, but I don’t do drugs, commit crimes or beat up my girlfriend.

          But then, I’m not diverse and cool.



      • vlad says:

        Tabs, how do you do BOLD?


        • Roland Deschain says:

          (b) and (/b) , except replace the round brackets with pointy ones.

          (I think that’s the technical term)


    • Marion says:

      This is more sophisticated, and it’s for children:

      Old Mother Hubbard
      Went to the cupboard,
      To give the poor dog a bone;
      But when she came there
      The cupboard was bare,
      And so the poor dog had none.

      She went to the baker’s
      To buy him some bread;
      When she came back
      The dog was dead!

      She went to the undertaker’s
      To buy him a coffin;
      When she came back
      The dog was laughing.

      She took a clean dish
      to get him some tripe;
      When she came back
      He was smoking his pipe.

      She went to the alehouse
      To get him some beer;
      When she came back
      The dog sat in a chair.

      She went to the tavern
      For white wine and red;
      When she came back
      The dog stood on his head.

      She went to the fruiterer’s
      To buy him some fruit;
      When she came back
      He was playing the flute.

      She went to the tailor’s
      To buy him a coat;
      When she came back
      He was riding a goat.

      She went to the hatter’s
      To buy him a hat;
      When she came back
      He was feeding her cat.

      She went to the barber’s
      To buy him a wig
      When she came back
      He was dancing a jig.

      She went to the cobbler’s
      To buy him some shoes;
      When she came back
      He was reading the news.

      She went to the sempstress
      To buy him some linen;
      When she came back
      The dog was spinning.

      She went to the hosier’s
      To buy him some hose;
      When she came back
      He was dressed in his clothes.

      The Dame made a curtsy,
      The dog made a bow;
      The Dame said, Your servant;
      The dog said, Bow-wow.

      This wonderful dog
      Was Dame Hubbard’s delight,
      He could read, he could dance,
      He could sing, he could write;
      She gave him rich dainties
      Whenever he fed,
      And erected this monument
      When he was dead.


  42. pugnazious says:

    We heard on the Today prog that the heroic and peace loving Imam at Finsbury Park Mosque who stopped Osborne being attacked wants to now see Islamophobia dealt with.

    Presumably he is saying that Osborne’s attack was as a result of Islamophobia. Trouble is that just isn’t true…for a start it wasn’t an entirely irrational hatred of Muslims. The Today prog mentioned that his attack came after the Westminster Bridge attack but forgot to tell us it was the BBC programme ‘Three Girls’ about the abuse by Muslims of 1500 white girls that in fact ‘radicalised’ him.

    So is the BBC islamophobic by screening that programme? In fact it was the refusal to deal with issues that had a basis in race or religion that lead to the Rotherham and Rochdale scandal and subsequently the BBC programme and Osborne’s reaction. So not islamophobia but the opposite that caused his attack.

    By not talking openly about the issues that Islam in a western democracy and mass immigration of entirely different cultures creates we get the suppression of the truth that when it does come out results in a much more powerful reaction when it all inevitably goes wrong.


    • NCBBC says:

      The issue of the rapes of tens of thousands of Infidel girls by Muslim men, and the complicity of governments to have allowed this to happen, is why Tommy Robinson is languishing in jail.

      The government would dearly like everyone to stay “silent” on this issue, till everyone involved is too old to be prosecuted, or dead.


    • john in cheshire says:

      There seems to be quite a list building of people the swamp doesn’t like being locked up with alacrity, without justice being seen to be done. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Crehan, Thomas Mair, Darren Osborne come immediately to mind.

      I wonder how many there actually are on the list and how many more it will take before enough people begin to recognise the pattern and realise what our swamp is doing?


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Words … some are powerful to make you angry … some are to calm you down ….



    • Rich says:

      I seem to remember it being asked before but what do they mean “divide us”? Who are “us”?

      What exactly is there to divide? I find this empty rhetoric from Khan and the bBbc increasingly offensive. I feel no empathy with the Finsbury Park victims at all, and I don’t think that I’m in the minority.


      • Kaiser says:

        personally I think things like this are inevitable, and im only surprised it took so long and was so little


        • BRISSLES says:

          I don’t pay my taxes for the likes of Cressida Dick, Khan and all the other great and good to spend their days attending gatherings of ‘communities’ just to speak a few words, stand in silence and then off for a spot of lunch courtesy of the local ‘community’ authority. I want them at their bloody desks fending off complaints, tearing their hair out at problem solving, and generally doing the sodding job they’re well paid to do. These ‘community’ events are becoming common place now, and we’re getting like the Yanks where one speaker has a dozen back-up bods stood behind them, for what reason no-one knows !!!!


  44. MarkyMark says:

    The power of omission is that you can’t be called a liar or fake news because you never showed it. That is why showing a gender toilet is more powerful news than omission – you can’t really say no and it stops other news being reported.


  45. NCBBC says:

    Its the job of government to defend the borders from illegal invasion – armed or unarmed. Its the job of the government for which it was elected, to defend the nation against hostile invaders – Muslims in the present .

    In both these relatively simple tasks, successive governments have not only failed, but actively colluded with NGOs and others, to destroy the UK, its culture and mores.


  46. pugnazious says:

    Nick Robinson told us that the Remain mutineers had been ‘betrayed’ by May….when does the BBC use that language to describe what Soubry and Co are doing? Betraying the voters, betraying Britain and betraying demcocracy.

    Perhaps we might get a better picture of what the mutineers are up to if the BBC reported accurately their intentions…to sabotage Brexit…and the inevitable consequences of those actions….that we are handed over entirely powerless to an EU regime that looks forward to punishing Britain.

    The BBC tells us that the government’s position on Brexit is all ‘shambles and vacillation’ but it isn’t…it is the inevitable, logical and rational consequence of the actions taken by the Remainers as May tries to maintian a steady ship and fend off complete rebellion and a possiible, disastrous, election and all the while negotiate Brexit.

    What Soubry and Co are doing deliberately is weakening Britian’s negotiating position and encouraging the EU not to come to any deal…Parliament, under Soubry and Co’s little scheme, will then have the say on what the government does next….no guesses there…it will force us back into the EU.

    It is in fact a ‘democratic’ coup placing us back in the hands of the undemocratic EU, using a ploy that Hitler would have admired himself….using democracy to undermiine democracy.

    It is an irony that the BBC et al keep telling us that it is Putin, China and Trump who are a threat to liberal democracy when in fact it is the BBC et al who are doing the most damage.

    Here is Der Spiegel attacking Trump and Putin….but reading it you can ascribe the same dangerous slide into despotism to the EU and the Remainers who seek to overturn democracy in Europe and impose an EU autocracy….‘ controlled by institutions such as central banks, constitutional courts and supranational bureaucracies like the European Commission that can operate independent of direct, democratic debate. ‘’….

    Liberal Democracy Is Under Attack

    ‘Autocratic leaders and wannabes, from Putin to Trump, are making political inroads around the world. In recent years, Western liberal democracy has failed to live up to some of its core promises, helping to fuel the current wave of illiberalism.

    Perhaps the greatest danger, though, is the increasing attraction of autocratic thinking in Europe. Some elements of such systems are sneaking into Western democracies, such as the growing contempt for established political parties, the media and minorities.

    Anxiety is likewise growing in other Western democracies. “Until recently, liberal democracy reigned triumphant. For all its shortcomings, most citizens seemed deeply committed to their form of government. The economy was growing. Radical parties were insignificant,” writes the Harvard-based German-American political scientist Yascha Mounk in his book “The People vs. Democracy.” But then the situation began changing rapid: Brexit, Trump’s election and the success of other right-wing populist movements in Europe. The question, Mounk writes, is “whether this populist moment will turn into a populist age — and cast the very survival of liberal democracy in doubt.”

    The Western political system, Mounk writes, is “decomposing into its component parts, giving rise to illiberal democracy on the one side and undemocratic liberalism on the other.” The one, he argues, is dominated by manipulated majority opinion while the other is controlled by institutions such as central banks, constitutional courts and supranational bureaucracies like the European Commission that can operate independent of direct, democratic debate. ‘


    • smoogie7 says:

      I am a Tory supporter but I think that May should sack Soubry as she is dangling to keys for number ten within Corbyn’s reach. If she is the reason for the government to collapse and Corbyn can be allowed to push his way into power then I will never forgive her!

      Remember it is not May who is ‘weak’ over Brexit but it is Tory traitors like Soubry and the loons from Labour and the SNP who are trying to spoil it. That is a view also shared by remainers who respect the result of the referendum.


      • Kaiser says:

        the spineless jellyfish wont sack her , because soubry is doing the job may wants her to do


        • Stevie m says:

          My theory is the Tories mess up brexit on purpose. The loony Labour party gain power and over the next five years bugger the country up so bad that we are all screaming for the Tories to come back. Who the spend the next five years telling everyone how shit Labour are. Brexit will be so watered down that we all wish we never bothered in the first place


      • Kaiser says:

        just as an aside smoogie and with respect

        could you tell me exactly how the tory are conservatives??

        more taxes
        more immigrants
        more foreign aid
        less defence
        blind eye to real crime
        crackdown on free speech


        • smoogie7 says:

          My only guess is that our hands are still tied thanks to the actions of the Blair years


      • theisland says:

        Latest Moggcast.
        Between 17:50 and 19:05 he says that the remainers in the HoC (as opposed to the Lords) are ‘telling the truth as they see it’ but have not looked through to see the full constitutional consequences of the amendments. He accepts they are acting in good faith and thinks Dominic Grieve is ‘one of the most honest men in the Houses of Parliament’.

        Well I disagree. JRM is being mealy-mouthed again. Grieve is no dummy. From the start the Westminster remoaner ringleaders have always cynically pretended that their intentions or concerns were different from their real purposes. Hence the drip, drip, drip of the stock phrases – ‘in the national interest’, ‘catastrophic’ etc.

        The ringleaders do it for self-serving reasons, the propagandised don’t know why they are doing it. The clinically insane need some sort of treatment.

        Of course I can’t prove this in a court of law.

        I hate liars (surely a crime?).


  47. s.trubble says:

    It would be a fitting and thoroughly deserved end of the bBC if the 17.4 m could co-ordinate a national campaign to cancel their TV Licences.


  48. ChrisMorrison says:

    It was the Sun wot won it!

    New “findings” from a group of researchers from the Met Office, the University of East Anglia, Sweden and Australia have found that the Sun was the main factor contributing to the pause in global temperatures from 1998 to around 2013. This is a ground-breaking admission from organisations fully signed up to Climate Scare Central since it strikes at the heart of the human-made global warming scam. Needless to say the findings have been ignored by the anti-science BBC and the Guardian.

    There have been three major pauses in global temperature rises since 1896. The second from 1941 to 1975 led to the first climate scare hoax when we were all supposedly going to freeze in a new ice age. The music stand was refreshed soon after with new tunes as temperatures gently started to rise – a longer-term cycle that pre-dates the industrial age. With a political agenda in mind the warmists decided that we need to de-industrialise the world by banning the emission of human-made CO2. Put simply, they made a pollutant out of plant food and set about trying to ban any scientific discussion of their loopy theory.

    The lack of evidence linking human-made C02 to global warming becomes more obvious by the day. This latest research suggests that there was a slowdown in energy output from the Sun from 2001. Presumably the apology is in the post for Professor Ian Plimer who has been suggesting this explanation for the last decade and has been roundly abused for his troubles and largely banned from appearing on mainstream media.

    The researchers found that cooling can also be caused by weather systems such as El Nino and La Nina and increased volcanic activity. In other words, climate is largely affected by natural causes. Welcome to the real world at last.

    Why did the researchers admit all this? Perhaps they got fed up with people falling to the ground in hysterical laughter when they first suggested that the “ocean ate my heat”. One suspects they simply couldn’t think up a reasonable excuse for temperatures pausing for so long while humans continued to drive their cars. So they had no choice but to fall back on the underlying science.

    Of course the ground-breaking admissions have been ignored by the BBC and the Guardian. The Harrabins and the Monbiots know the gig is up since if the temperature pauses are caused by natural events, so must the increases since C02 emissions have continued to gently rise from their low base. In fact they might have to start writing stories speculating that if all these natural causes come together at some point in the near future we could be heading for a mini ice age and a world of increased disease, warfare and famine.

    Still at least the loons in 1975 will have been proved right.

    What does this say about the BBC? Biased to its core, it is unable to report climate science and prefers to hide behind selected press releases from political agitators whose views are shared by its correspondents. As the climate debate matures and independent science resumes its rightful place, the BBC will continue to be sidelined if it insists on sticking with its childish delusions.