Weekend open thread 9th June 2018

Just another ordinary weekend of quality bias from the worlds’ favourite broadcaster.

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  1. G.W.F. says:

    What can I say.? Abolish the TV tax


  2. Cassandra says:

    … and abolish the BBC as it exists now.


    • Dave S says:

      The BBC has been moaning on about the House of Fraser. It failed because it’s day is done. Nobody’s fault just changing times.
      The same with our dear BBC. it’s day is coming to an end. Changing times.


  3. Guest Who says:

    So, for balance, let’s start with a clearly impartial BBC story…


  4. Nibor says:

    Emma Thompson has been made a Dame !?

    BBC interview a person over a chairman of a train company .

    But no comments from anyone about Thompson .

    Plus I switched off Any Questions . The audience is getting worse . Where does the Beeb get them from ?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I would say that Dame Emma Thompson is a “Fucking Cunt” and a “Fucking, Fucking, Fuckwit”

      These rude comments are included in a statement by Jonathan Meades. See below.



    • ID says:

      Dame Prof. Mary Beard. AAAAAARGH!
      Some flunky on the honours committee got mixed up and recommended a “political crone” rather than a “political crony” – although Mary seems to be both. Strange that the only person of hue on the BBC’s civilizations team did not get an honour.
      Institutional racism raising its ugly head again?


  5. Holly Selassie says:

    Come in Number Five!
    A pretty good fist for a first attempt.
    As for Mardell-if HE says that`s what happened under Major, i`ll know it`s a lie.
    I`ll ask Bill Cash,or await John Redwood who were there, and i`d trust.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    When I was working the timing of putting up this thread I wondered whether to wait for the gongs list. Then I thought it would be suitably multicultural and lefty so let it speak for itself.

    No chance of an award for. Tommy Robinson . Expertly gagged by the state through a political ‘crime’ set up by a political judiciary.


  7. Eddy Booth says:

    is the free Tommy march this weekend ?


  8. ToobiWan says:

    Paul Weston on Tommy Robinson and the Traitor Class.


    • Foscari says:

      ToobiWan-This video by Paul Weston is perhaps the most
      important indicment against the establishment including
      the BBC I have ever seen. I had a letter published in the
      Jewish Chronicle yesterday which in a way is a minor
      precis of how Paul Weston so loquaciously defends
      Tommy Robinson.
      I expect the BBC will send out reporters today with
      specific instructions to look for Robinson” agitators” in
      the London march in support of Tommy. If they dont find
      any, I expect that they will not even feature the event on the


      • R P McMurphy says:

        From a fellow “idiot” a big mazeltov getting a letter published in the JC especially on the subject of TR. They did recently publish a photo of him sat astride an IDF tank, which proves something positive about him but the write up accompanying was the usual negative crap.


      • wronged says:

        ‘The truth is the greatest enemy of the State.’
        Joseph Goebbels

        This is what the establishment is most frightened of.

        Look no further than Goebbels himself to define how the BBC models itself

        ‘ Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose.’
        Joseph Goebbels

        Putting Tommy Robinson in prison is an attempt to shut him up.
        This is therefore, the time for others to speak up and shout louder, the establishment cannot be exposed if we are silenced for fear of speaking our minds.

        Free Tommy Robinson.


      • Guest Who says:

        They will not need to look.

        These days they seem to arrive in the same van.

        More reliable.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      I was interested in the bit about how Sajid Javid had sweared his oath of allegiance to the Queen on the Koran. I had got the impression that he was a person of non faith, do people of no faith have the option of swearing on a non religious text?


    • Major Gammon says:

      Paul Weston has more patriotism, moral fibre, and speaks more truth and good British common sense than the whole of the 2 Houses of Parliament put together.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Thank You Toobi. And thanks to Rob for the O Hagen article link. This is what the BBC and Guardian lefties could never report. So thanks to this site for all this, never more been needed. And Westons “J`Accuse” against our embedded deep “Traitor Class” is searing and a must-watch. Please watch it.


  9. Dave S says:

    Newsnight seems confused about President Trump’s latest stroke of pure devilment and genius. Is it bad or good? Surely Russia is a very bad place or maybe not.
    Seriously it is all of a piece, The President has no love for European posturing and obviously cannot stand May and Merkel. And little Macron needs to behave . Italy has seen the way things are going .
    What have we all been saying for some time . Europe -the Western moaning bit- is a busted flush. Irrelevant and can be safely ignored.
    May and Merkel welcome to the new world order. You are history .
    The Visegrad group are the new spirit of old Europe and will get the President’s attention and his help.
    Special relationship? In our dreams where it always really was.
    Free nations and peoples do not associate with those who have forgotten their past .


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The Group of Seven or G7 was a group consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

      The United States has withdrawn, so its now G6. Italy could now withdraw, so it could be G5. It also looks like Theresa May will be replaced by a patriotic Brexit supporting Prime Minister, so we could also withdraw. So it could be G4. The Japanese Prime Minister could then feel alienated by being surrounded by three liberal fascist morons Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau, so it could end up as a G3, representing less than 10% of the global economy.

      Britain, America, China, Japan, India, Italy and Brazil could then form an alternative G7 representing 56.6% of the global economy.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Old Rumsfeld was right.
      He referred to Old Europe not being worth bothering with , regarding their lack of support and snootiness over Iraq 2001-3. He cared only about what NEW Europe said, and we are now at he position where the cancer is developing secondaries all over Old Europe-Islam, the Euro, migrants and no economic trade going on. Just electronic blips from the state turning into Zibabawe bog roll in the next few years via the ATMs. Won`t be televised-doesn`t mean WE aren`t aware of what will be required. Poland Hungary and Israel on one side-Sweden and its wannabies on the other, with Italy and Austria choosing to break the Euro, Geert and Tommy leading the old Europeans with Le Pen too.
      Our only hope.


  10. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    BBC Shit Watch: Another day another pile of shit related articles from the BBC:

    BBC Headline: Poo fairy’ story wins 500 Words
    This had been headlined on the BBC’s homepage and elsewhere, although they have since downgraded its priority – but it can be still found on its News Entertainment webpage.

    BBC Headline: The Poo Fairy and other 500 Words winners!
    This is the same story but in a separate article that has been tailored for their Children’s CBBC channel. The BBC really can’t resist the temptation of serving up shit to our Children:

    Ps: If you have reservations of the use of the word “shit”, I would be grateful for any alternative suggestions. But given the subject matter and the BBC attitude in highlighting and prioritising such stories, I am not sure of a more appropriate alternative.


    • thirstypak says:

      It could be in the new beeb Mission Statement: ‘Who knows what shit will be peddled for truth on this network’


    • Helena Hand-Basket says:

      The story is about a fairy who turns dog mess into fairy dust. it was obviously an inspired twist on the BBC’s history. Once upon a time a great broadcaster offered us a glittering, enchanted array of ‘Civilisation’, ‘I Claudius’, ‘Fawlty Towers’, ‘The Pallisers’, ‘Yes, Minister’, ‘Life on earth’, ‘Dad’s Army’ etc. Then the management fairy’s wand transformed it into ‘Citizen Khan’, celebrity chefs and dramas featuring Somalis in medieval England. And there was no pooper-scooper in the world that could cope with the resultant steaming pile.

      And they say there’s no magic any more.


  11. smoogie7 says:

    Well the Tories have taken a 7% lead in the polls. I know that the BBC don’t talk about that much but it should be harder for them to pull their usual ‘but Labour have a chance of winning’ nonsense that they have tried for the past year now.

    Can you believe that this time last year the UK woke up to the results of a shocking GE. Shocking because Corbyn lied his way through the campaign to try to get votes off students claiming that he would ‘cancel their debts’ only to be caught out on it later? That stopped Corbyn from gaining any more straight after but ever since then the BBC have been trying to butter Corbyn up to help their beloved Labour Party win the next GE.

    One year on and once again the left (which of course includes the BBC) have been proven wrong. A lot of glum faces from the BBC at the moment I can imagine!


    • wronged says:

      ‘Well the Tories have taken a 7% lead in the polls’.

      I’m past caring anymore.
      I trust none of them.


    • Kaiser says:

      dont worry smoogie sharia may almost managed to throw a 20point lead away last time so shes had practice,

      next time she will make sure she takes a proper dive with some ridiculous plan sure to alienate any possible voter who hasnt already abandoned the red-tory authoritarian islam appeasing party yet


  12. Fedup2 says:

    Smoogie – the problem is people forget. The existance of a horror like comrade Corbyn evidences this. How can a creature who has undermined Blighty for. decades be. a popular leader of the opposition party?
    Opinion polls mean nothing any more .the Internet has affected voting in a way I don’t think pollsters have got to grip with yet.
    If kidults were dumb enough to believe in the money. tree once it can happen again. Realism not pessimism and the PM s lack of public strength against the ReichEU is making her toxic – without al beebs help.


  13. Scroblene says:

    “A lot of glum faces from the BBC at the moment I can imagine!”

    Trouble is, Smoogs, on radio we have to put up with their bias and not see their gurning, eye-shutting, spit-making, dribble-forming, sighing, hating, wank-gesturing etc, and have to make do with their manager’s ‘reporting’, according to the bbbc edict of misinformation, leftie innuendo and shear blatant lies.

    I flick through all sorts of radio channels if I can’t sleep (with earphones so as not to wake my dearly beloved wife), and there’s so much more to listen to than the awful bbbc.

    I can only imagine the faces you describe though – bulldog/licking/warm wee/nettle comes to mind…


  14. Guest Who says:

    OT, but nicely put.

    What is relevant is how the BBC seems blissfully unaware of this too. Or is, but chooses to ignore it.


  15. fakenewswatcher says:

    Well, there you have it. The BBC’s strategy of disinformation, propaganda and lies laid out neatly before you!
    On Toady, Humphrys interviewed a former American ‘intelligence operative’ this am.
    How do you combat Islamicist terrorism? Well says Ali Sufas, you need to gain the trust of the community. And how do you do that? Well, you need to pick on the ‘extreme right’ and ‘white supremacists’, who are an EQUAL threat.
    Humphrys does not challenge that equation. But it lays bare how Ali and the BBC’s own Frank Gardner operate. Two peas in a pod. Always equate Islamicist terrrorism with that of the ‘extreme right ‘. The more often the lie is told, the better it should stick.
    So stand up please, all rightists who have flown planes into buildings, placed bombs at theatres to kill kids, attacked parliament, etc etc.
    Tough luck BBC. Pity you have no shame.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Caught a bit of that but switched off. I’m sure the new counter terrorism strategy will be aimed at white non Muslims who are desperate to try and recover national identity .
      Since metro councils are full of non Christian foreign types ( one for maxi) any information shared will leak like a sieve . Courageous minister – as some might say.

      I wonder how our leaders will react when the first Islamic terrorist released after sentence goes after young British white girls to rape main or kill. Perhaps my campaign for the death penalty might get ‘lift’ as some might say.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Horrible to think I’m probably on a gchquarters q ( ta Corp Jones) watch list for writing this. But then again in these times any one on a blog like this one is on a list . I don’t think this site is run by the state Stasi though …


      • Major Gammon says:

        Fedup2, our ‘leaders’ will react as per the programme, ie; the poor victim of proven institutional racism, islammyfobia, and cuts to ‘public services’ cannot be blamed for doing what the rulebook of his chosen cult implores him to do.
        He had no choice you see, what with the intolerance of the nasty country he and his roper ancestors built for us, only for the hideous, ungrateful white British to defile and turn it into the hateful, nasty, bigoted, racist country we have become because of Brexit and Trump.
        However, this will not change our way of life, ( cheap candles, flowers and teddy bears are available in the foyer ). We must pretend it was an unadvoidable ‘incident’, and to get angry, or even a bit miffed about what our leaders have foisted upon us, would only mean the terrorists have won, and we don’t want that, do we children?
        So, our passing piano player has arrived, let us all join in the chorus of ‘imagine’, followed by a cleansing rendition of ‘kumbaya’, and if you are lucky, and spout the ‘official’ establishment line, we have a bBC crew to film you for the ‘news’.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Fedup – by switching off (wisely), you missed another classic bit of virtue-signalling from Humphrys, a blurter who just can’t help himself.
        Towards the end of Toady he was discussing with a guest what sort of book can be rejected by a publisher on moral grounds.
        They appeared to agree that ‘criminality’ was one reason. ‘Or some nasty racist’ the blurter added hastily, and we know exactly who he was referring to.
        So there you have it, again. You don’t actually have to commit a criminal act to belong to that category. Mr H. will decide who or what is moral and what is not, and he no doubt thinks himself an excellent arbiter. Might we one day hear Humphrys hastily adding ‘a nasty Antifa type’ (since they freely commit criminal acts all the time) to such a discussion?
        I somehow doubt it. His bias is so deeply-ingrained, it’s easier to imagine him stripping naked during one of his TV quizzes, than providing us with a little balance.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I’m guess then that when I apply for ‘mastermind’ I won’t get far by choosing “history or the kkk “ as my special subject . Darn it.


  16. Framer says:

    Apparently the Today and indeed R4 ratings are plummeting as diversity targets become more important than news.
    The Beeb has decided its previous audience and standards can safely be discarded
    R4 will become like the BBC World Service shortly with patronising lectures from its 3rd World staffers and paid cronies and little else.
    Netflix is getting a greater audience share than the BBC.
    Licence fee justification ebbing away.


    • scribblingscribe says:

      Indeed Framer. The average age of the BBC viewer is now 62, the age group less likely to be up to speed on getting Netflix or Amazon.

      Superb toe curling piece by Rod Liddle on Radio 4 in The Spectator this week. I may just be naughty and copy and paste it on to this site as it is a must read. his views explain exactly why i cannot stomach radio 4 any more.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      News is just gob-sized packets of opinion systematically dropped in the feed lot for the cattle to ruminate over.
      And each story will have a crafted end in mind to confirm their wish to destroy our resistance to them, and this is all day, all year and all outlets with barely any sanctuary. Radio 3, Peter Kay?
      After that, you`re struggling, you`be be very lucky to find an hour in the day free of it-and it`ll be likely to be on at 11.30 pm or 4.45 am.
      Goebbels Broastcasting Cartel GBC.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Would be a bit worrying if the majority of toady listeners are writing on this site!


  17. StewGreen says:

    8am strange thing on Radio 2
    They played the National Anthem and said “today is the official birthday of the Queen and we wish her many happy returns of the day”
    Don’t think this was mentioned on other networks; they just went straight into the birthday honours list, without acknowledging why the list was released today.


  18. wronged says:

    Emma Thompson is awarded a Damehood

    Is this the same leftie luvvie Remainer Emma Thompson who less than two years ago said of Britain.
    ‘cake-filled misery-laden grey old island’

    Little wonder I have little or no respect for anyone with a title after their name.
    I have more respect for those who refuse to have a title after their name.
    Awarding titles to people like Emma Thompson, Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith et al has brought disrepute to the award.
    It won’t be long before Lilly Allen gets a Damehood or (Sir) Russell Brand. However, a Sir Tommy Robinson (for services to Britain and advocating Free Speech) might help to persuade me otherwise, but even then I would consider Tommy would have sold out.

    The title sysyem merely denotes the initiation of being a member of the club which goes under the name ‘The Establishment’.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Farage was on R4Today, cos they thought they’d got a GOTCHA moment.
    They put it in as #3 at the end after talk of #1 Trump and #2 “Brexit short-term economic disruption”
    They must have had minions listening to Farage’s show for 2 years and finally think they’ve got something.
    #3 “Mr Farage what did you mean when you said ‘I never promised that Brexit would be a HUGE success” ?, hey, hey !”
    “Can you remind us when in the referendum did you use those words ?”
    “Come on MT Farage I heard it on your show !”
    Of course Farage can easily stand up to them
    as he explains You can’t say Brexit will not AUTOMATICALLY be a success , cos there is the problem of weak and ineffectual leaders like Mrs May, and that you need good leadership to make it work well.
    End of show

    #2 Before that Robbo had another Gotcha : ” ..you said Brexit will have “short term economic disruption, how BAD might it be ?”
    … Farage ended the section by saying “85% of world trade is outside the EU …… so the disruption will be “very limited indeed”
    Direct link to all


    • StewGreen says:

      Robbo himself now spins on Twitter, accusing Farage of spinning it ..#ironic

      I forgot to say that Twitter was already a wall of hate against Farage after the R4Today piece
      the normal nasty snarling


  20. StewGreen says:

    Clip of Farage on Trump


  21. StewGreen says:

    End of bit with Farage calling for proper leadership on Brexit


  22. Lucy Pevensey says:

    More on the Islamification of Football

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but for those who know much more about footy than I do- who is the governing body for the World Cup football tournament? Is it FIFA?
    I see that the “Palestinians” have been allowed to harass the Argentinian team into cancelling the friendly match with Israel that was scheduled for today.

    Shouldn’t sporting events be apolitical? Shouldn’t someone be telling the So-called “Palestinians” that if they want to continue to compete they must drop the harassment?

    This is on the topic of BBC bias because of the way Beebistan has chosen to report it.



    • TrueToo says:

      Lucy Pevensey,

      Yes, FIFA governs the World cup.

      Again and again the BBC proves that it cannot be trusted to report straight on anything, and certainly not on the Israeli-Arab conflict.
      Unable to defeat Israel in war, the Arabs have been trying for 70 years (along with the broader Muslim world and a motley collection of far-left Western fascists) to undermine the country through terrorism, propaganda and economic and cultural boycotts.

      If the BBC had any actual journalists among its rotten crew, it would use that information as background to this latest spiteful attempt to hit out at the Jewish state. It would include other relevant information – like the fact that Iranian and Arab Muslims regularly refuse to compete against Israeli athletes in sporting events, preferring to concede the match rather than have any contact with infidel Jews. It would report the fact that Israel has been treated shabbily in countries like Qatar during sporting events.

      Shame also on the Argentinians. The government there covered for decades for Iran and Hezbollah – the organisers and perpetrators of the horrific terror attacks in Buenos Aires in the 90s, in which over a hundred Argentinian Jews were slaughtered. And when a prosecutor was about to give evidence in January 2015 against the involvement of then-president Fernandez in the cover up, he was murdered:


      Argentina also has a long and grim history of sheltering Nazi war criminals so it would have been a small gesture of reconciliation with the Jewish state to have resisted pressure to cancel the game.
      And of course it would also have been consistent with the non-political stance of FIFA to ignore Palestinian threats of violence.

      No doubt the BBC is delighted at the outcome.


    • LynetteO says:

      See what another broadcaster surprisingly says about Israel .



  23. ToobiWan says:

    Three London lads who forgot they didn’t live in Grenfell Tower, appear in court.


    • G says:

      Since the Middle East and other muslim countries e.g. Indonesia, are riddled with corruption, I’m surprised that we don’t hear more examples of corruption and fraud. Seems the ruling elite and police, other than electoral fraud, have not yet woken up to this specie of crime not common amongst Brits in general. Anyway, they’ll soon have their hands full when the Croatians move here after the 30th June. They’re solidly into gun running. ‘Bring it on!’ I say, all the more merrier……….


      • ToobiWan says:

        They’re solidly into gun running. ‘Bring it on!’ I say, all the more merrier……….
        They tend to be white(ish) and Christian as well, G.:)


        • G says:

          Yep, Toobi, Catholic predominantly. Surprised the Muslim Council (our Government in waiting) didn’t insist that the free movement of Croatians be extended for at least another couple of years. Don’t want more ‘whitey’s’ who follow a different ‘religion’ do we?


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Toobi, my sage.
      But in a sense they did.
      In fact, we all did.
      Bit like The Yellow Submarine.
      In a very real sense we all survived it.
      I`ve captured it and culturally appropriated it , and hope now not to ever work again, but to dine out on my burnt waffles story and barbecued Branston saga for ever more.
      Like Leveson, Trump or Brexit. Bungee jumping onto the suchi conveyor belt or baggage carousel until I`m noticed, It`s all about me.


  24. StewGreen says:

    Both the Honours system, and the Nobel Peace Prize
    …everyone knows they have been soiled by rampant lefty politicisation.

    Take a moment to think about all those people who have done so many good things and are not honoured
    … or are rather smeared cos they don’t conform to our ruling metroLib colonial masters.


  25. scribblingscribe says:


    The Spectator is pay walled, but for ex lovers of Radio 4, like me, it is a must read.

    There are too many women on Radio 4 and they’re always moaning by Rod Liddle

    We had a long drive back from the north-east last weekend. Six hours or so, including a stop halfway, just past Britain’s most crepuscular town, Grantham. My wife does the driving because she thinks I’ll kill us all. My job is to feed album after album into the car’s admirably old-fashioned CD player. I rarely play more than three or four songs from the same album because my wife gets tetchy and says something like ‘This is too noisy’ or ‘This is boring, change it.’ So I’m kept pretty busy. Every time I remove a CD, the car’s ‘entertainment centre’ reverts to its default position of playing Radio 4.

    And here’s the point. We set out at midday. It was five hours before I heard a male voice on Radio 4, when Saturday PM came on. Five hours. We must have heard snatches (an appropriate term, I think) of Radio 4 40 or 50 times and on each occasion it was a woman moaning about something. Moan, moan, moan, all the livelong day. Women were moaning as we passed Thirsk, Selby, Doncaster. They were still moaning at Retford and Newark and Grantham. Their moaning was often afforded succour by the presenter — always female — who did a spot of empathetic moaning alongside them. Marginal moaning, tendentious moaning, gratuitous moaning. A drama with foreign women moaning. A discussion programme with British women moaning. It was ceaseless.

    Apparently, some Radio 4 news and current affairs programmes, such as Today, are now required to ensure that at least 50 per cent of their contributors are female, in each show, otherwise the producers get hauled over the coals. This is because the job of these programmes is not to tell us what is going on by reporting the world as it actually is, but to indulge in a spot of social engineering and report the world as its idiotic liberal panjandrums wish it were. And to treat its audience with contempt.

    Interviewees are no longer selected on whether they’ve got something interesting to say, or occupy a position of power and should be held to account, but simply because they are in possession of a vagina. Or, maybe, identify as being in possession of a vagina.

    It would seem to me that Today and the World at One and so on should have no women on their programmes whatsoever, so as to provide a balance with the rest of Radio 4’s output. The network would still have a preponderance of female voices overall, but there would be two or three male ghettos (the programmes people actually listen to).

    The BBC will argue that this quota system is simply an attempt to represent an estimated 51 per cent of the British population, i.e. women, and is nothing to do with social engineering or political correctness. Well, if so, fine. Indeed, perhaps the BBC might consider expanding this scheme to ensure that other sectors of the British population which account for more than 50 per cent overall might equally be allowed 50 per cent representation on air. Such as? Here’s a quick list, then:

    People who want the UK to leave the European Union — 52 per cent (Source: that referendum we had in 2016).

    People who think Islam is not compatible with the British way of life — 56 per cent (ComRes poll, 2016).

    People who disagree with the ‘right’ of gay people to adopt children — 52 per cent (British Social Attitudes Survey 2013).

    People who think immigration levels to this country are too high — 63 per cent (YouGov poll, 2018).

    People who think immigration in general has had a negative impact in the UK — 71 per cent (Sky poll for the think tank Demos, 2018).

    Europeans who want to stop all immigration from Muslim majority countries — 55 per cent (Chatham House, 2017).

    People who believe Britain is a Christian country — 55 per cent (YouGov poll, 2014).

    People who think, rightly, that there are just two genders, male and female — 56 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016).

    People who do not identify as ‘feminist’ — 93 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016).

    Now, tell me if you think those views are proportionately represented on the BBC, and especially Radio 4? Do you think they are given equal airtime to the less popular liberal standpoints which nonetheless the BBC supports? If so, you have been listening to a very different Auntie to me over the past ten years. In almost every case quoted above, people who express those sorts of views are considered by the BBC to be antediluvian and quite beyond the pale, and the usual discussion to be had is: what can we do to make these morons change their minds? Those views quoted above are simply wrong, so far as the BBC is concerned, and there’s an end to it, even when those views are in a clear majority.

    We can quantify at least one of those prejudices: we have hard facts, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the former leader of Ukip, who has spent years exhaustively detailing the airtime given by the BBC to people (the majority, remember) who wished for the UK to leave the European Union. So here are the figures. Out of 4,275 guests talking about the EU on the Today programme between 2005 and 2015, only 132, or 3.2 per cent, were supporters of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Now that seems to me an imbalance. It seems to me as though the BBC is not representing its listenership and that maybe quotas should be introduced.

    It wasn’t a bad run home from Middlesbrough, except for a tailback at Huntingdon caused by the complete closure of the A1 for 20 or so miles. It occurred to me, as we sat in the traffic, that maybe they closed it because insufficient women had been seen driving on that stretch of the road. That’s what it does to you, listening to Radio 4 these days.


    • Wild says:

      Solution. Don’t listen to Radio Four. Be against being forced to pay for Radio Four. Seek to uphold and defend at every opportunity the right not to have to pay for BBC Leftist crap. If the Guardian readers want it they should pay for it themselves.


    • Deborah says:

      I think I could substitute for Mrs Liddle, at least with the driving. Long journeys are always my domain. Used to listen to Radio 2 on journeys with Mr D huffing at all the ‘modern’ music switching to Radio 4 for WATO or PM. We now do Classic FM on journeys, switching to Radio 4 but for all of about 3 minutes – usually so biased – that we agree to switch back to Classic FM which has shorter news and has therefore finished before our return.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        My role too.
        Vaughan Williams as we go through the soft south, Moody Blues in the Midlands and 10cc, the Hollies in Manchester.
        I even pretend to be a DJ-much better than Jo Whiley too.
        He can write on a post-it note at service stops too!


  26. wronged says:

    BBC2 tonight tonight

    My goodness they certainly know how to keep me entertained!!

    A programme about big mouthed lefty immigrant Germaine Greer from 9.00pm to 10.00pm
    followed by the very sexist
    10.00pm -10.45pm A Girl’s Guide to TV.

    Both programmes are, however, preceded by Trooping the Colour. BBC2 are certainly trooping their colours tonight.
    We are so royally entertained by this second rate broadcasting channel. I think I’ll read a book tonight.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Trooping their colours alright.
      It`s all they do.
      From Obama honey through to Nina Simone mahogany via Angem and hennaed beards as optional extras. No whites though, especially if heterosexual and dads, or tomorrows tradesmen, doers or decent.
      Only a year since McDonnell and his Grenfell ghoulies seemed intent on dealing with this pageant too.


      • JimS says:

        Huw Edwards tells us it is ‘great’ to see a guardsman wearing a turban and the camera can’t keep off him.

        No doubt that guardsman is as good as any other but what is the point of ‘uniform” if it isn’t uniform? I am sure there was a time when guardsmen didn’t get to take part in these public parades unless they fitted into the line, too tall, too short no parade.

        So, no Hu, it isn’t ‘great’, it is just another step in wearing away tradition.


        • ID says:

          The sight of the single Sikh was getting Huw really excited.
          Obviously just another gentle nudge towards the era of enlightenment when the “defender of faiths” takes over.
          No doubt the Kings Own Muslim Martyr Brigade, resplendent with their Big Beards and all black garb will be given pride of place as they march past the Grand Sultan of the Caliphate of Great Britain.


          • BRISSLES says:

            I had to check the date when I saw the picture in the paper – thought it was April Fools. Why couldn’t he wear the bearskin over his turban – or wear his hair in a topknot so the bearskin would fit ? No that’s too simple, so clearly wants to make a ‘statement’. Wont be too long before ‘diversity’ will mean the once white population being regarded as the outsiders.


            • ID says:

              Yes, it’s all part of the general attack on the indigenous British way of life. The history, traditions, customs and beliefs of a culture determine what the culture is. The media omnipresence of Afua Hirsch, Beard and other history rewriters are just one prong of the attack.
              The BBC “religious” programme on early Sunday morning has been pushing “islamophobia” in the tory party for at least two succesive sundays. The muslim whiner admits himself that he has never experienced “islamophobia”. So what is going on?
              Simply a pretext to attack a tory politician in Lancashire who opposes halal slaughter and various others who are resisting islamification by stealth. The muslim whiner says that he has not experienced “islamophobia because he is clean shaven and has been to Cambridge. Unfortunately many muslims sport the uniform of ISIS -Big Beard and Big Burkha- and have been to Syria and suffer from extreme kuffarophobia. I’m surprised the BBC isn’t broacasting the call to muslim prayer from dawn to dusk.
              According to Migrant Watch more British have been leaving Britain than coming back for at least the last 3 decades – -50,000 in 2017. It is not clear whethet these are ” Anjem Chaudry” British or native British. Maybe it’s just pensioners going to Spain, but them we don’t need vast numbers of immigrants to bottom-wipe the old. Whatever way you look at it “diverse” Britain has so enthused millions of Brits that they have left the country.
              Maybe it’s not diverse enough!!


  27. StewGreen says:

    Feel FEAR ? Feel GUILT ?
    ..then you are probably being CONTROLLED


  28. Lucy Pevensey says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bet he don’t get through immigration


      • Jagman84 says:

        Geert Wilders Tweeted…..
        Some questions by UK immigration officers:

        Q: Why are you here?
        A: To speak at a rally.

        Q: For what exact purpose:
        A: To Free Tommy Robinson!

        Had to wait a few minutes with my security detail.

        And then they let me IN! A bit of a delay but on the way.


  29. Lucy Pevensey says:


  30. ToobiWan says:

    I mentioned that a video, that I linked in a previous thread, had been taken down hours after it had been posted.
    Seems like the video has now reappeared.
    Not all young people think like the BBC tells us they think if this one is anything to go by.
    Not sure what she used to film it with but I’ve seen better.


    • StewGreen says:

      Tommy petition stalled at 602K yet I can see 2 signatures come in every minute that’s 120 per hour
      ie about 2,000/day


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Good kid, decent dad as well I bet.
      If only there were more of her, maybe she could be banned from school and then come out and learn real stuff.
      The futures bright if she`s allowed to stick in there.
      Higher Education is the killer, hard to find any independent thinkers, my boys were led by their hormones and not their brains, so can still be lefty twonks.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    I can’t believe I am writing this – but the has been an al beeb radio 4 programme I’d recommend . It was a week in Westminster . It was reasoned , dealt with subjects such as the next Tory PM, NI abortion law and Grenfell crisis management with the chappy who wrote the brilliant analysis recently .

    I think this one was good because it didn’t have some screechy economist bubble dweller trying to sound clever and looking for a vacuous sound bit . Recommended -shocked . Glad it was free.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      They do occasionally surprise you, Fedup, when the endless narrative momentarily disappears, and it always makes me blink in astonishment.
      There was an anti-ageist bit on the TV news this week. It warned against the stereotype the youth have of the elderly, and actually mentioned the constant harping on about the cost of caring for them, the bed-blocking stories etc.
      I was surprised, to say the least, because our favourite broadcaster has been heading in the direction of the ‘old oppressing the young’ narrative. And the favourite ‘anti’ stories, of course, almost always deal with ‘racism’ and various ‘phobias’ (excluding Russophobia, which the beeb is rather partial to).

      My mind went back to a certain lady who was going to take a firm grip of private property on behalf of the state to ‘solve’ the care cost problem, something which probably cost her her majority in parliament in that foolish ‘look at me’ election.


  32. NISA says:

    BBC News reports are telling us that “Trump isolated at G7”. Isn’t that like the old chestnut “Fog in Channel, Continent cut off”?


  33. G says:

    “Marching for Terrorism in London? No Problem” – https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12483/london-al-quds-terrorism

    I do hope that many of the spectators to the march will film or record the terrorist threats. And following the march as the, “offended”, report it to the police with their evidence. Not that anyone “offended” actually needs evidence of course. It could be a, “Hate Speech” bonanza. A potential to exhaust the police and their 800 extra staff employed purely to seek out Hate Speech.
    I still advocate setting up a detention camp in Powys to keep the guilty ‘Hate Speakers’ incarcerated. Or, maybe a Gulag? All, “…good for the local economy….”.


    • G says:

      Freedom of Information request to the Met, anybody? Just ask how many of their ‘Hate Speech’ monitors/experts attended the march and how many of those uttering Hate Speech were arrested.


      • G says:

        Just submitted:
        “Subject: Al Quds Day rally London, Sunday 10th June 2018. As this rally is very likely to be a Hate Speech fiesta, I would like to carry out a Freedom of Information Search after the event to establish how many of the Met’s specialist Hate Crime officers were present at the rally and how many arrests for Hate Speech were made. Please advise where I submit the FoI request for this information.”
        Can I expect another night call from two officers soon?


  34. StewGreen says:

    “No honours yet for Grenfell heroes”
    runs a headline in the Yorkshire Post
    … Jeez why should there be ?
    It was a single event, with few heroes
    Not a life times achievement.


    • Marion says:

      If the Yorkshire Post is looking for victims rather than heroes. because that’s what we have here, I should have thought it could have looked closer to home.

      Try S Yorkshire for starters.


    • MartinW says:

      And talking of lifetime achievement, I see Henry Blofeld and Geoff Boycott – both worthy of knighthoods for their very long service to cricket – were passed over again.


  35. StewGreen says:

    ‘EU EU has all the trade we need, step outside and they’ll be tariffs for UK.
    … Oh boohoo the USA has put tariffs on EU steel ‘
    …What’s your problem ? 5 mins ago you were telling us the EU was we needed.


    • boohanna says:

      Talking of tariff-tiffs I really want to share this verbatim transcription copied directly from the White House website….Forgive the length (as the vicar said to the maid).

      It’s the very last bit where the money shot is but there is an occasional gem. In watching the actual exchange you can see the disdain for pretty-cucked-boy in the Donald.

      “Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu
      Charlevoix, Canada

      5:03 P.M. EDT
      PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU: What a pleasure it is to welcome President Trump to Charlevoix. An opportunity for us to talk about a broad range of issues. Obviously, trade has been a topic of discussion and will continue to be, but our engagement towards the world, how we’re working together to create good jobs for folks on both sides of the border and around.

      We both got elected on a commitment to grow the middle class and help those working hard to join it. And that’s exactly the kinds of things that we’re going to stay focused on.

      And it’s a pleasure to have you here, Donald.

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, Justin, it’s been really great. And I appreciate — you know, Justin has agreed to cut all tariffs — (laughter) — and all trade barriers between Canada and the United States. So I’m very happy about that.

      PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU: So I’d say NAFTA is in good shape. (Laughter.)

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: But we are actually working on it. We are actually working on it.

      But our relationship is very good. We are actually working on cutting tariffs and making it all very fair for both countries. And we’ve made a lot of progress today. We’ll see how it all works out. But we’ve made a lot of progress.

      It could be that NAFTA will be a different form. It could be with Canada, with Mexico — one-on-one. A much simpler agreement. Much easier to do. I think better for both countries. But we’re talking about that, among other things.

      But the relationship is probably better — as good or better than it’s ever been. And I think we’ll get to something very beneficial to Canada and to the United States.


      Q (Inaudible) Russia?

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: We didn’t discuss it. We didn’t cover it.

      Q Can you come to an agreement on a joint statement?

      PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU: We’ll see you guys — we’ll see you guys tomorrow.
      PRESIDENT TRUMP: I think we’ll have a joint statement.

      Q Prime Minister, are you disappointed the President is leaving early?
      PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, he’s happy.

      5:05 P.M. EDT”

      To repeat:

      “Q Prime Minister, are you disappointed the President is leaving early?
      PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, he’s happy.”

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha….phew….. I’m in love with him and I’m not even that way inclined..



  36. StewGreen says:

    Lefty love-in with Obama
    Barack Obama was talented, decent … and smug.
    His presidency was hobbled by his high-mindedness says @JustinOnWeb.

    So Times what about Bill Clinton’s book ?
    “It’s pure bunkum, but this thriller is still an entertaining romp, says Robbie Millen”
    \\ The plot is absurd; the characters are slaves to the storyline; the dialogue can be Holby City meets wonk-tank speech. But still it works. It is a quick, slick, gripping read. //
    \\ liberal Clintonland. The vice-president, the chief of staff, the heads of the CIA and FBI, the Israeli PM, the world’s best hacker and the assassin are all women
    …. none of them gets bonked by the president, despite those “rugged good looks”.
    Clintonland is not too progressive and feminist, though. //


  37. Eddy Booth says:

    ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ march abandoned

    The media is screaming
    eg the Daily mail, sun, mirror
    diversionary tactic
    turns out its the Newcastle one, not the main London one, which appears to have been totally no platformed, and buried miles deep by Google.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Apparently there is a Wimmins march to celebrate the end of the terrorist attacks used in order to get the vote at the end of the Great War . I’m sure al beeb will have the full set of underpaid girl reporters looking at that reinforced glass ceiling . And it a ‘guess which girly polician ‘ turns up to bitch about how hard done by they are.


  38. Eddy Booth says:

    Live At Free Tommy March


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The speaker said they have 20k present. He suggested that the BBC would call it 2k.

      How true!


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Daily mail say ‘ 1,000 Tommy Robinson supporters in violent clash with police ‘
        They show a policeman with a bleeding face injury.
        They say the petition to free him is over 592.000
        No comments are allowed.


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          Daily Express,
          Police used batons on Tommy Robinson supporters.
          Stand up to racism and uaf held counter protests.
          No comments allowed.


          • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

            BBC on Tommy Robinson protest;
            That’s it.


  39. Eddy Booth says:

    this live stream is way better


    • Fedup2 says:

      Good old guardian -“ soldier wears turban “
      Any mention of TR rally? None . Let’s hope the G goes bust but suppose al beeb subscription keeping it going .

      Wouldn’t it be great is the licence fee went and so did the guardian


      • G.W.F. says:

        Not covered by the BBC. Perhaps they are waiting for an arrest.


      • ToobiWan says:

        I’ve got a mate who buys that shite, FU2, never misses an opportunity to tell me, “I read it in the Guardian”. We went to the same school, taught the same things, History especially but the way he (and wife) now hates the UK and the way it is responsible, in their view for all the trouble in the world is saddening. No guessing where the poison sprang from, although the fact he is ex council and his wife, NHS may have a bearing on it. We’ve had some rows over the years.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I view the Guardian as an extension of al beeb. Both are enemies of our way of life. I pay for neither and never will. The inflexibility of view now is dispiriting – so polarised . I still wait for a debate anywhere when some one says to the other “ yes you are right and I am wrong I accept your argument” one can watch a lifetime of QT or Any Qs and just hear bad tempered exchanges . Very few have courtesy – JRM being the highest case.


          • TrueToo says:


            I did battle for several years with the crew in the ‘Comment is Free’ battleground at the Guardian. For myself and a few like-minded others it was much like fighting with one hand tied behind our backs as we were obliged to be circumspect or else get our comments deleted while the motley lefty crew were mostly able to rant and rave unhindered.

            I suppose the moderators would have been tougher on us but for the fact that they valued our extra clicks for the advertising revenue they brought. Eventually they banned me and I must say that it does my heart good to see, on the rare occasion that I access the disgusting rag, that they are appealing desperately for funds to stay afloat.

            May they and all like them go from weakness to weakness.


            • Jagman84 says:

              “For myself and a few like-minded others it was much like fighting with one hand tied behind our backs as we were obliged to be circumspect or else get our comments deleted while the motley lefty crew were mostly able to rant and rave unhindered”.
              That’s sounds suspiciously like the policy of the EU Parliament!


              • TrueToo says:


                “That’s sounds suspiciously like the policy of the EU Parliament!”

                I’m just hoping and praying it will not resemble the British parliament in 10 or 20 years.


  40. G.W.F. says:

    Dontcha love this BBC header?

    Trump isolated…at G7.

    I think they have replaced it, as it is too silly even for the BBC.
    How can the US President be isolated among such a crowd of failures? As if the poor chap went there looking for friends.



  41. ScottishCalvin says:

    Cartoon to round off the week’s events.


  42. taffman says:

    Al Beeb Traffic – London reporting “severe disruption, between A4 Trafalgar Square and A302 Parliament Square.”
    reason ?
    Anyone .


  43. vlad says:

    Safely tucked away where you won’t see, an image of a ‘child maid’ in Pakistan beaten by her owners – sorry ’employers’. The abusers were a judge and his wife!!
    Perhaps she turned down his romantic overtures…
    Ah, the Religion of Child Abuse, don’t you love it?


  44. Alex says:

    This scumbag knows she will not get independence as things currently stand. So she wants to follow in Liebour’s foul footsteps and open the floodgates to immigrants so she can build her vote base. Left wing politicians really are scum.



    • ToobiWan says:

      We need to keep her in though, Alex her mob are are keeping Labour out of power. Last thing the country needs is the Scots to rediscover their love affair with the “Labour “Party.


  45. ToobiWan says:

    Geert Wilders at free Tommy rally.


  46. TrueToo says:

    Did many of my esteemed colleagues watch the live stream of the Tommy Robinson demonstration?? Or were they perhaps there live??

    I enjoyed hearing Geert Wilders praise the crowd for the liberation of Holland by their fathers and grandfathers during WWII. He said the Dutch called those brave lads “tommies!”

    Frustrating though, because of the camera focusing mostly on one angle of the crowd and hardly ever zooming in on the stage. Might as well have just been audio most of the time.

    Still, it’s wonderful to see this potential awakening of the British lion!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      No, it didn’t happen. There’s nothing about it on the BBC.

      Perhaps they’ll suddenly notice it if some trouble erupts. Though if it does, I will wager it’s due to Antifa or State infiltrators trying to discredit the marchers. The Establishment won’t let this continue, you know.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wondered earlier on whether he would be allowed into the country . It’s shocking really to even go through such a thought process and shows how there is no assumption of free speech – Home Secretarys banning people in the name of ‘public
      Safety ‘ similar to the false language of the French Revolutionaries.


      • TrueToo says:


        Whether Wilders would be allowed in? I wondered the same thing.
        I’m going to put some thoughts on Wilders on the next page.


  47. Doublethinker says:

    If i could i have always watched Trooping the Colour and i went to London to see it a coupleof times , but this year i didnt bother even to watch it.I simply dont feel any allegiance to this strange and unpleasant country that i now live in. My country has changed beyond recognition . Institutions that i trusted and believed in , i now regard with suspicion and with growing contempt, the police, the judiciary , the so called quality newspapers. I despise the BBC and Parliament and i suspect that after the Queen is gone the Royal Family will join this list.
    I believe that we are no longer a democracy and that the law is not applied equally and freedom of speech is long gone. Our ruling elite have given our country away over the past fifty years by allowing unfettered immigration , without any mandate to do so , and this has predictably already wrecked the country and it will get steadily worse until we become an Islamic hell hole later this century and i see no way of avoiding this fate. What a ******** mess!


    • Al Shubtill says:

      Solid post.


      • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

        Seconded. The vague hope I have of the country eventually seeing some sense is getting dimmer by the day. We probably need to plunge into a chaotic nightmare first to realise what we’ve thrown away.

        And never make the same mistakes again.


    • Marion says:

      “Our ruling elite have given our country away over the past fifty years by allowing unfettered immigration”

      True, but the continued belief in socialism that a surprising number of voters still retain in spite of its almost universal failure, and the apathy of many other voters, have been significant factors. I haven’t voted for a mainstream party in a national election for a very long time. I believe if more people had defected, it doesn’t matter where, we might not be in such a mess now. The reliance of the mainstream parties on the misguided loyalty of their core voters has been disastrous.

      The suppression of free speech on its current scale is relatively knew. The views of Enoch Powell and Ray Honeyford have been freely accessible for decades. Hardly state secrets. Details of their treatment by Heath and the Bradford Education Authority respectively have also been freely available, and there are strong similarities with what is happening now.

      The failure of certain immigrants to integrate and the resulting parallel communities have also been plain to see for decades in (mainly) northern towns and cities, but nobody bothered to look. Now the results of immigration are obvious in many parts of London and people are saying “OMG – look what they’ve done to us”.

      And that is in addition to the experience of people in other parts of the world, and the Middle East in particular. Again – plain to see but few seemed to notice. Too busy watching Coronation Street and Eastenders.

      Sorry, but the writing has been on the wall for a long time.


      • Kaiser says:

        if anyone wants a jolly day out take a ride blackburn to accrington over to burnley thru nelson and colne and cut off to yorkshire to bradford

        if you have been any doubt the islamification of northern towns Im sure you will love the enhanced diversity.

        Dont be expecting to see any black people though they all seem to have gone somewhere else for some reason.


        • ToobiWan says:

          Roobi Wan (wife) bought her car from a dealership in Blackburn, Kaiser and subsequently had to take it back there for servicing. Only other option being Preston. Blackburn town center was a foreign country! What was noticeable was the generational differences in the way they dressed, the older ropers in tracksuit bottoms and Mrs roper in just a headscarf but the younger ones, usually pushing a pram or driving a BMW, decked out in full, in your face dress, looking like relatives of Darth Vader. Also , surprisingly, a lot of young, fat, tattooed white girls chasing after or hanging on the arms of some of the roper juniors. Just glad now the car is out of warranty so no longer a need to visit. But if anyone thinks Blackburn is bad, I have tales I could tell about Dewsbury!


          • Marion says:

            “I have tales I could tell about Dewsbury!”

            And people (well some people) wonder how Rotherham could have been allowed to happen. The answer is that the problem is entrenched, and it didn’t happen overnight.

            IMO, this is more serious than a few stabbings in London which, statistically, are not that high anyway in a population of 8m. And they’re mostly confined to certain “communities”. Life goes on in London whereas life in these small towns, which were fragile to begin with as a result of the declining cotton and wool industries, has been genuinely transformed.

            Leeds has fared better.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Marion – I think your point about Londonistan is a fair one . Some might say that foreigners in Londonistan killing each other is not an issue and creates jobs for undertakers .

              Yes. – brutally – the issue of peasant Islamic paedophile rape gangs is more important but far from the south east bubble.


    • Alex says:

      Well said Doublethinker. I too feel I do not belong in this new Britain. It is so depressing seeing your country vanish before your eyes . In the last centuries folk like us would emigrate to America and so on. But running out of places to go.


  48. Richard Pinder says:

    Theresa May wishes to “Remain” “strong and stable“ “rooted to the spot” “immobile and helpless” “doing nothing”. She is following orders to do so from Remain supporting civil servants and Angela Merkel, who has refused her permission to do this and that. Theresa May is only following orders from people of higher authority than the Queen. This is the position that she is determined to keep, until March of next year.BOB080618_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqTCCX6TN09Wsw953wy5SsXpUnjZBdSNj6W2g_yhJRnQ4.jpg?imwidth=450


  49. Scroblene says:

    Absolutely right Richard.

    She will not be around then methinks, and we’ll have someone else running the country, because she certainly isn’t!

    The bbbc will be in a quandary though. They’ll not understand which way to turn, and by then their under-managers and second-rate ‘reporters’ will not know what to do.

    Could be fun, seing all the pundits chasing after non-events!


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