BBC struggles to recognize Jerusalem

Thought I’d check out what the BBC had to say about the historic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem yesterday so I Googled:

bbc US embassy opening ceremony Jerusalem

These first four results came up from the BBC:

Gaza clashes: 52 Palestinians killed in deadliest day since 2014

Gaza protests turn deadly before US opens Jerusalem embassy

Jerusalem embassy: why Trump’s move was not about peace

Repeat of the first result

Apart from the obvious bias, this really had me scratching my head. I thought Google simply picks up key words and then produces links that feature most if not all of those key words.

Those results are followed by a couple of clips from the ceremony uploaded to YouTube by BBC News

Not sure who calls him/herself BBC News and why he/she would want to plonk clips on YouTube.

Perhaps those among my esteemed colleagues knowledgeable about these matters could throw some light on this peculiar happening. How did Google tweak those results to force them away from the US Embassy to Gaza?!

Meanwhile here’s the ceremony for those interested

It starts at 10 minutes in and there’s a fabulous Ethiopian/Israeli singer introduced by the president of Israel at 41 minutes in. She sings again at 1hr 24 min in.

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115 Responses to BBC struggles to recognize Jerusalem

  1. Dover Sentry says:

    I worked in Israel for two weeks in an official capacity.

    17% of the population of Israel is Muslim. They willingly live there and enjoy the freedoms that a democracy brings.

    This is not something that the BBC ever mentions.

    What percentage of Jews live in Arab countries?


    • TrueToo says:

      It’s statistically insignificant. Only Morocco and Tunisia have Jewish populations to speak of. Jews have been ethnically cleansed from other Arab countries. And yes, the BBC has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to take a once-in-a-blue-moon look at that stark fact.

      It’s illegal for a Jew to become a citizen of Jordan, and that’s a country allegedly at peace with Israel.


      • Oaknash says:

        I know this has been posted before – but it is always worth watching again as I think it puts this whole situation in context.
        Where are your Jews?


        • JamesArthur says:

          Thanks Oaknash
          That is without doubt one of the best videos on the subject I have seen. Why isn’t the BBC discussing this sort of thing?

          Why is the BBC so anti Israeli? This morning R4.. reporting from a hospital in Gaza talking about /to the injured..One woman claimed to have been shot trying to help injured people but in the next breath says she rolled a burning tyre at the fence ??
          The BBC seems to be making them victims, oh and it is all Trumps fault..balanced independent unbiased reporting ..:-))))))


          • Oaknash says:

            No problem James – I have never been a friend of Israel but when I first saw this clip it was like being punched in the face. This is what Israel has had to put up with on a daily basis for years – it is called survival.
            If the Israelis had adopted the luxury of naive denial that is currently so fashionable with the BBC and the chattering classes I expect the majority of Jews there would now either have been killed, enslaved or in exile.
            It is easy for our progressives to band together with our Government and BBC to throw stones at a nation struggling for its very existence – but the way things are going here, I think our time will be coming too. Probably sooner than people realise.

            As for why the BBC is not discussing it, It is because it is the truth. And as we all know here Aunty seems to have a problem with this when it clashes with their narrative.


            • tarien says:

              Just be advised that at present the Jews hold the power throughout the world-but coming up fast on the outside for control of as much power is Islam-you may have heard how the London Stock Exchange welcomed the listing of UK Government’s forst Islamic bond or Sukuk. The listing was made in 2014 and was the first for a country outside the Islamic world. The then Culture Media Secretary of State was Sajid Javid a senior Islamic member and now the Home Secretary just amazing how stupid we are. Earlier in 2008 Javid was a significant player in the global financial collapse where as a senior investment banker he was at the heart of the credit trading business responsible for structuring an emergency-market mortgages that incurred millions of dollars worth of losses for investors. Claimed he is a real master of the four pillars of Islamic deception-taqiyya, tamriya, amruna and kitman-quite unlike the wretched semi-literate, affirmative-actioned, linguistically challenged Sadiq Khan who as some have claimed has taken a modern, culturally advanced metropolis and turned it into a third world hell-hole-a danger to the UK and somehow has been made the Mayor of London-just not so many years would have been just incomprehensible but today? well what do we have to expect, when the propaganda of multiculturalism stalks every type of media outlet with its leader the BBC.


            • GRIM REAPER says:

              What ?……Oaknash…why do you say you have never been a friend of Israel…then go on to defend it…is it me?….You are like the idiots that say, ‘ I’m not racist/ homophobic/hate moslems BUT…….irritating beyond belief…


              • Oaknash says:

                GR – Sorry to irritate you but thats your problem not mine. I say what I say because it is a statement of fact. In my lefty days I was very “anti Israeli” and in all truth I still find its very single minded approach to everything very “un english” and goes against how I think people/countries should be.
                Having said that I also now understand why the Israelis act the way they do. Maybe part of me still feels a bit foolish/guilty. I suppose I am also trying to communicate the fact that sometimes despite our earlier beliefs there fundamental/evident truths which overturn our earlier preconceptions of a subject.


                • GRIM REAPER says:

                  Well, i’m glad to say i have never been Left as it were…i could see how ignorant the Left were even at a tender age, they ‘don’t’ do facts or common sense…everything is emotion with them..pathetic…you find the Jews/ Israelis un-english?…how arrogant, another lefty trait you seem to have retained…they are JEWS..clever…resourceful…innovative…and thanks to the Holocaust, determined to take shite from no-one ever again..good on them.


                  • Oaknash says:

                    You seem to assume rather a lot about my views on the Jews and Israel. Maybe you should try and understand the general gist of my post without picking on the couple of lines which so grind your gears. It seems with you I cant win – but do you know what – I dont really care and as I said it is your problem not mine and to be perfectly honest if you want to spend your time splitting hairs well carry on!


                    • Up2snuff says:

                      Grim & Oak, many Jews in Israel are un-English because they have come from another place. And by another place I do not mean Australia or South Africa or the USA although I suggest you will hear those accents somewhere in Israel along with many others, including British. It is from the former USSR and its ’empire’. If I recall correctly, Jews from Russia (over 10%) and its Communist satellite states (half as much? more?) account for a significant proportion of the population of Israel which has near trebled in recent years.

                      Jews are still persecuted in Russia and parts of the former ‘Communist empire’ although fortunately many of those countries, nowfree to self-determine more freely, take a more enlightened approach to the Jews among their population.


          • Up2snuff says:

            JA, “Why is the BBC so anti Israeli?”

            I think I can answer that question but it will take an essay of some size. (Groans from other B-BBCers.)

            I am working on it. (Even more groans, mixed with sighs, from other B-BBCers.)

            Whether David will find some space or think it appropriate for the B-BBC w-s, may be another matter. In the meantime, think about the difference of a linear view of history compared to a cyclical one. Where does Israel, and the Jew, fit?


            • lojolondon says:

              Why is Liebour so anti-semetic? Well, because they do what the BBC tells them to do every day.


            • Oaknash says:

              Snuff – Maybe my choice of words were poor but to be perfectly honest I do prefer dealing with English people rather than Israelis. I expect many Israelis would rather deal with fellow Israelis than Englishmen. But these days you cant say that.
              Does that make me arrogant – maybe
              Does it make me a bit racist maybe
              Does it make me honest – I think so
              Do I think I am allowed to express a preference over whom I deal with – obviously not

              At no time have I said that I do not admire the way the Israelis stand up for themselves (in what I thought was a fairly pro Israeli post) and to be perfectly honest I am getting quite bored on this whole subject. If people want to pick me up on my use of language but ignore the main theme of what I am saying so be it. But this all seems to me to be aping the left where people are being picked up for poor choice of language whilst the main issues are ignored. I think its called being PC.
              Consider this my last comment on this subject.
              Off to watch the wedding highlights now – See what you have made me do – I hope your proud !


          • Jagman84 says:

            “Why is the BBC so anti Israeli?”
            Why does a cab driver take you to your destination? They do it for a fare (or fee). Keep offering the fare and they’ll keep taking you. Keep paying the BBC (or individuals within) and they will keep up the constant propaganda on your behalf. It appears to work fine for the EU.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        Iran has the largest population of Jews, outside Israel, in the Middle East.


        • TrueToo says:

          Al Shubtill, that’s a peculiar article – a bit like the BBC with its bias by omission of facts.

          Iranian Jews are sort of OK as long as they keep their heads down, don’t get too uppity and don’t dare to show the slightest support for Israel. Jews in Iran have been imprisoned, tortured and killed for that ‘crime.’

          A Jew may vote for a Muslim in Iranian elections but a Muslim may not vote for a Jew.

          I should add that Ahmadinejad demonstrated the utter contempt Iranian leaders have for the Jews of Iran and Jews in general by hosting a Holocaust denial conference.

          Iranian leaders are responsible for the barbaric terrorist attacks on Argentinian Jews in the nineties, in which over a hundred were slaughtered.


        • artwest says:

          “Iran has the largest population of Jews, outside Israel, in the Middle East.”

          There are single buildings in the world which house more Jews than some Middle Eastern countries – literally – so it’s an absurdly low bar to crawl over.


          • Al Shubtill says:

            My post was in response to the one further up the thread stating that only Morocco and Tunisia have Jewish populations to speak of.

            Jews make up one tenth of one percent of the world’s population, so their numbers are going to be comparatively low wherever they are, including in Israel.

            If Iran was totally hostile to Jews, there wouldn’t be any there; they would have fled, been driven out or killed. Iran is hostile to Israel, which is a different thing.



            • NCBBC says:

              One characteristic of Islam, and thus Muslims, is that they require a subservient and subject population to show the superiority of Islam and Muslims.

              If there were no Jews in Iran, poor Muslims would not be able to show their superiority.


          • TrueToo says:

            Artwest: “There are single buildings in the world which house more Jews than some Middle Eastern countries – literally – so it’s an absurdly low bar to crawl over.”

            So true.

            I see from Al Shubtill’s reply to you where the confusion between us arose. I was responding above to Dover Sentry’s comment about Jews in Arab countries, which would obviously exclude Iran.


        • Up2snuff says:

          What you may not hear on the BBC (from Lyse Doucet) and is, curiously, not mentioned in that article is the Jewish population in Syria. Not a large community but a community able to live peacefully under President Assad but maybe not under others who might try to assume control of Syria if Assad is ousted.

          Iraq had a Jewish community under Saddam Hussein but I think they may have left. They were reduced to almost a couple of families recently in just one Synagogue and were struggling to keep that open.


    • NCBBC says:

      I think Mo on his deathbed made a request that all Jews be cleared from Arabia in the first instance, and the world, when the opportunity comes.

      The ones who stayed on as a Remnant, were forced to flee after Israel came into existence.

      When Jordan occupied E Jerusalem all Jews in the old city were expelled.

      But one has to be fair here. Muslims were only acting according to their religion, and who are we to point a finger at the cultural norms of others – racists?


  2. Dave S says:

    The BBC accurately reflects the pre occupations of a self identifying educated elite. Brain washed and bodysnatched more like
    Israel is the focus of all their irrational feelings of both guilt at being first world cossetted and a desire to hit out at daddy who has not indulged them in the way the feel entitled to.
    President Trump is calling them out and provoking them beyond their limited ability to endure a smack down.
    His weapon is reality herself. He makes this clear but they are not listening and never will. This makes it essential for them to build a story about Gaza that is in conflict with the reality ,
    Not just Gaza but Korea and Iran as well. That is the thing about reality it is merciless in the end .
    No doubt it is a Western Progressive disease and probably even Kim , the Iranians and Hamas understand that reality cannot be denied forever. Not so our BBC,MSM, Guardian factions.
    I feel rather sorry for them .


    • Oaknash says:

      Dave – dont feel too sorry for these mollycoddled, touchy/feely progressives. Its their self hate and guilt that is fueling the destruction of all that we hold dear. It wont be them that suffer in well heeled Islington, it will be some young girl in Telford or some innocent pedestrian in Tel Aviv that will have to pay the price for their naive and fragile outlook on the world.


      • callinson says:

        Let me tell you about well heeled Islington – some of us are not brain dead. I campaigned for Brexit on Upper St! But we are not immune. I was taking a bus up Holloway Rd the other afternoon and once the doors closed I realised there was a near riot on the top deck which was replete with black schoolboys going home. One man asked the driver at the next stop to throw them off but he was powerless to do so. So a lot of us got off to wait for the next bus. We were a mixed crew of races and ages but it was clear that we were all worried about the state of rampant incivility on our streets and buses and worried what could be done about it. Well heeled Islington is on the front line and knows it.


    • RJ says:

      “I feel rather sorry for them .”

      You don’t feel sorry about killing the poisonous snake until after you’ve killed it.


  3. tipple says:

    Bowen on the Gaza story was beyond belief. He went around asking if Hamas had sent them to the demonstration asking again and again just to drive the point home. Then he pronounced Hamas wholly innocent because nobody grassed them up. He then said that the refugee’s here had been waiting for seventy years to return to their homes as the camera panned accross a group of people all under fifty.
    Ah, then he dug up some old git who WAS old enough to remember and showed him wailing about his lost home. The very same git was also on Sky this evening too.
    The media in this country deserve everything they get when the time comes.


  4. Foscari says:

    The BBC is just an extension of what Jeremy Corbyn thinks
    about Israel and Jews. I think it’s about time for a demonstration
    aimed at the BBC. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The Algeria ,” Where
    are your Jews?” clip on You Tube with Hillel Neuer of UN Watch.
    Tells you everything you need to know .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dear all

      I’m thinking of leaving the “ start the week” thread running until Friday unless either our leader – mr D Vance, Rufus or others think otherwise .

      If the Thread gets too long I might have to dive in as well . I asked for feedback yesterday about running a ‘Royal Wedding Al beebathon special ‘ but was greeted with enthusiastic indifference. ….


      • thirdoption says:


        Apologies for not at least making the effort of replying.

        I personally think it a good idea to leave the “start the week” thread running until Friday. It’s a toss up between a long thread/loss of continuity and lost posts (despite Stew’s valiant efforts) and think a long thread wins.

        As for a royal wedding special I’ve not got skin in the game as I won’t be watching it.

        Thanks for all your work (and Up2), it’s greatly appreciated.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Sorry, Fed. I must have missed that request. Am under a certain amount of pressure of all kinds, including the horticultural.

        It might be fun. A stress reliever for the many, not the few.



      • Jerry Owen says:

        Fedup 2
        Royal wedding beebathon!


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      FOSCARI …….That clip is on a par with the one recently showing the son of a Hamas leader tearing Hamas apart at the UN….the looks on the faces of the Arabs in front was priceless….brave man…again, greeted with silence….Shut the UN down Trump….go on…


  5. MarkyMark says:

    From … 190639a7683c2c436c99ffad6c76f3ee9d2f22996aaacfbdef2a3cc7d1fe14eb.jpg


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think that diagram is in accord with the Fedup2 doctrine that there is an inverse relationship between the number of politicians overseeing the police with their effectiveness at catching bad people who are criminals . ( I cite the half wit senior copper on Toady this morning who obviously had not a clue).


      • Up2snuff says:

        I know some people (another group on-line) who look at and complain about the ineffectiveness of the various UK governments and then want more. More governance. More devolution. More EU. More world governance. More UN everywhere. A world leader.


  6. G.W.F. says:

    Something the BBC has not mentioned is the way those evil Israelis are over feeding the Palestinians causing incredible rates of obesity.

    And I thought the Israelis were starving them to death

    With obesity rates of 23.9% for men and 42.8% for women, Palestine is listed as the 8th most obese country in the world among men and 3rd most obese among women.[1] This is mostly due to decreased physical activity and greater than necessary food consumption, particularly with an increase in energy coming from fat. Two other factors are smoking and urbanization. In addition, “leisure-time physical activity is not a common concept in the Palestinian context, especially for rural women, where lack of sex-segregated facilities and cultural norms are prohibitive factors.” Women in urban areas face similar cultural restrictions.[2]

    Also here and many other links


  7. MarkyMark says:

    What are “Miscellaneous crimes against society” – is this hate crime?


    Criminal charges fall despite rise in recorded crime { 16may2018}


  8. MarkyMark says:

    2018 … food banks on the rise.
    2018 … obesity on the rise.
    2018 … far right on the rise.

    Suggestion … ban food banks to stop obesity and starve the far right!


  9. G.W.F. says:

    Interesting that the BBC have chosen to run a story about Anne Frank’s ‘Dirty jokes’.


  10. davylars says:

    Well worth a read if you want facts and statistics to shut down any discussion with your snowflake friends.

    Obviously never considered by anyone at the BBC or other main stream media.


  11. Jeff says:

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? The BBC and the equally awful Sky, indeed the rest of the useless two faced bloody media, can get journo’s and camera crews out to film and interview “demonstrators” in Palestine, but they can’t get them to Whitehall when native Brits are protesting.
    Had freedom loving British patriots been torching tyres or catapulting rocks at the police I have no doubt some sanctimonious pseud in a suit would have been there quick enough, condemning “far right extremists.”
    However, if you behave like a violent yob against Israel, then you’re the victim.


  12. fakenewswatcher says:

    Given up on Toady? Aw gee, you missed Nick Robinson giving David Lammy a platform (yet again) to spout outrage, demand an inquiry into Windrush, and generally talk garbage and sound sanctimonious. Aren’t you sorry now you missed this highlight of the listening day?
    Beeb, anxious to keep the Windrush pot on the boil.
    Not to mention you’re missing out on the ‘impartial’ Jeremy Bowen.
    Any withdrawal symptoms yet?
    Oh yes, Nick has just said: ‘Spare a thought for those fasting for Ramadan’. He’s talking to the ICELANDIC Ramadan association. Now there’s something new…?


    • Nibor says:

      Well Lammy is right ! There shouldn’t be percentage targets , a hostile environment or vans sent round to intimidate people into doing what they don’t want to do . That’s the refuseniks who don’t pay the licence fee I’m talking about .

      Illegal immigrants should go home .


      • JamesArthur says:

        For once Lammy is right – there shouldn’t be percentage targets…NOW tell that to the BBC where all they bang on about are targets for BAME and everything else non white or identifying as a male!


    • Woolwich says:

      Why does the BBC never give that sort of blanket fasting coverage to Lent?


  13. G.W.F. says:

    Advice the BBC should be given to its Palestinian heroes

    ‘When you pick up a knife or a rock or a gun, you are not facing the politicians or the generals who answer to them. You are facing men who bear you no particular ill will, but do want to get home to their families that night or that month or that week. And if you do anything that risks interfering with that, they will shoot you.

    They are just guarding the front lines. They are not politicians. They just have guns and know how to use them. And if you attack them, you will die. And in that moment you will realize that neither your moving poems or your Koran, will do you the least bit of good. Because while you have the passion, they have the training. And the best to not be shot by men trained in the art of violence, is to put down the knife, the rock or the gun and walk the other way.


    • thirdoption says:

      Excellent G.W.F.


    • Up2snuff says:

      GWF, actually that ‘die’ bit may not be quite there. Pounce will correct me if I’m wrong, but I gather that in many conflict situations, soldiers do not shoot to kill. Why?

      Shoot to kill and you remove one enemy from the conflict. The remaining enemies will fight on, perhaps with greater resolve to kill you.

      Shoot to wound and you remove two, three, perhaps five, enemy combatants from the conflict. In addition, you create disturbance, noise, confusion and distraction and, possibly, the need for extra assistance from outside the combat zone.

      Not in every situation does this apply but I can imagine, faced with 20,000 to 50,000 violent Palestinians, knowing the proclivity of Hamas to also ‘use’ children, over the last few days the Israeli troops deliberately aimed low.

      Not that a leg wound cannot be fatal but the tactical advantage lies with wounding for other reasons.

      With bodies of the dead being buried in one day, there is no chance of an uncontaminated, independent independent or not, autopsy being carried out. With wounded demonstrators, even UN officials and BBC journalists cannot doctor the truth.


      • Deborah says:

        Up2 – read this at Ypres regarding the German army in WWI. Apparently the instructions to the German soldiers was to injure rather than kill for precisely the reasons you suggest.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Deborah, I wrote that half thinking of Pounce but also because, back in the day when BBC actually carried news and information without bias, they had British Army officers explaining what they were facing in Gulf 1 and Afghanistan. An old tactic revived. IEDs tend to have a similar effect, no need to cause fatalities, serious wounds are enough.

          I also had the notion in mind that Pounce (or Col. Richard Kemp) has also written or spoken about; how the Israeli military in these defensive population situations are very, VERY careful to minimise fatalities and even account afterward for (lethal) rounds fired. Someone posted a link here to that letter from an IDF Reservist on the Elder of Ziyon web-site. That could, of course, be disinformation but it is triangulated (is confirmed) by stuff I’ve heard or read elsewhere.

          They might be tired, still shaking or shaken, hungry and thirsty but the Israeli troops have to unload weapons and account for live rounds that they have fired.


          • Guest Who says:

            This from QT:

            As an armchair corporal I have been interested that, of all the rounds expended at range, those resulting in fatalities have almost all been with those seeking martyrdom and/or confirmed terrorists.

            The Israelis appear to have wicked facial recognition skills for those needing taking out vs. those covered with a mortuary sheet who need to scratch their nose.


            • Guest Who says:


            • Up2snuff says:


              Funny thing but I found myself wondering this week whether the IDF were using face recognition technology bolted onto some of the hi-tech sighting bits that I guess the Israelis would be developing themselves, if not available from allies in the West.

              Perhaps Pounce will pop by to let us know for sure, if its not covered by the Official Secrets Act.


    • NCBBC says:

      How come children are being hurt in the organised invasion of Israel?
      Surely Hamas should send in their special forces.


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      Thank you GWF…clear as a bell…even to befuddled Oaknash i you know, i can just hear David Starkey saying this to the lefty panel and audience on QT, almost spitting it out so the poor fools can understand…i would love to see that happen..


  14. StewGreen says:

    Re : Youtube
    Yes that is a strange Google result to have so many links to Youtube videos.
    Why is the BBC choosing to spend resources promoting such videos ?
    1) Does it come from the Foreign Office directed BBC World Service side ?
    2) Is it a public service for foreign nationals , the same way coverage of Malaysia could be construed ? ie gets around censorship)


  15. Lucy Pevensey says:

    What has Britain become? Guatemala has more backbone than we do.

    Guatemala: Israel is a ‘light unto the nations’

    Just two days after the US relocated its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Central American nation of Guatemala is set to unveil its new Jerusalem embassy on Wednesday.


  16. MarkyMark says:

    One House of Lord person OUT …. One Nurse into the NHS IN.

    Start with someone who produced a report to find anti-semitism and failed …

    “The Labour Party is not overrun by antisemitism, Islamophobia or other forms of racism.”


  17. Deborah says:

    Lyse Doucett on the BBC News on Tuesday evening explaining how the Palestinians had been driven out of Israel by the newly arrived Jews. I am sorry Ms Doucett but as many chose to remain and become successful citizens of Israel, I am now sure that your description of how it happened was quite correct.


  18. MarkyMark says:

    Breaking: Evil President Trump drags black women on stage using white police force. He then proceeds to point a finger at her head in a threatening manner. She is un willing to comply so he puts her in an arm lock as people look on in amazement.



    • NCBBC says:

      Too good. But dont send it to the BBC. They might believe it.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Sperm Donor Former President Bill Clinton donates to lady in Oval Office, evil lady rejects the offer but steals Presidents Clinton’s sperm by hiding it on her dress … more news to follow.

        – How BBC £3.5bn would report Clinton’s behaviour.


  19. MarkyMark says:

    Halal … you can only have a Halal job only if you worship a certain God … this is breaking employment discrimination law …

    . . .
    “It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of: …. religion, belief or lack of religion/belief”


    . . .

    Does HFA have Muslim Slaughterman/men performing slaughter?
    Yes, all slaughter is manually carried out by Muslim slaughterman/men whilst Bismillahi-Allahu Akbar is recited.


  20. Up2snuff says:

    The interesting thing for me over the last few days of BBC coverage of Israel, is how – despite the BBC’s desire to take sides – little bits of unfavourable information (to the Palestinian ’cause’) slip out.

    First, there was Jeremy Bowen reporting that Mosques in Gaza had been broadcasting an appeal by Hamas for Palestinians to go to the protest at the fence. Then there was the report by Tom Bateman, where he let slip that many of injured Palestinians in the hospital he visited were wounded with GSWs in the legs. Rupert Colville, while being a total toadie on TWatO, informed us that some of the dead Palestinians had been shot in the back of the head.

    Finally, more than one presenter, journalist or contributor has refered to the Gaza Palestinians use of weapons, including drones and kites to deliver bombs and ‘Molotov cocktails’, guns and knives. That latest little revelation – about guns and knives – came, IIRC, on the TOADY Prog this morning.

    These were definitely not totally unarmed, harmless, shouty Palestinians, waving placards of protest as some appear to want us to believe. Nor was it a spontaneous demonstration of a grievance.

    We are living in a time of Communist Propaganda courtesy of the BBC. Back in 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Soviet Russia, many in the population learned to listen to the State broadcaster and note the little snippets of information that, sometimes, inadvertently slipped through. They learned to read between the lines, to spot the contradictions, the unbelievable presented as true, the believable denounced as lies. They developed an extra sense as well as learning how to cross-check, to triangulate, news sources.

    Eventually, the wall came down.


  21. Eddy Booth says:

    Did Israel use excessive force at Gaza protests?

    As has become a trend –
    pathetically dressing up their biased opinion as a question …



  22. MarkyMark says:

    All members of UK Parliament … stand up if you want to be in the EU.
    Keep standing if you want free movement.
    Keep standing if you want to stay in the Single Market.
    Keep standing if you receive money form the EU or members of your family receive money from the EU.

    You may leave ….


  23. MarkyMark says:

    Tripping over their own silly words … “Theresa May didn’t mean to say ‘customs union’ at #PMQs she meant ‘customs arrangement’ according to the Prime Minister’s official spokesman” {twitter}

    * Freedom of movement or easy movement.
    * Customs Union or Customs arrangement.
    * Leave or Remain.


  24. MarkyMark says:

    The @UN Human Rights Council attracts & welcomes many of the worst human rights violators in the world. #UNGA {twitter 21sep2017}


  25. MarkyMark says:

    Might be the start of the war …


  26. Guest Who says:

    Struggles? Pop ‘BBC Editorial Guidelines’ in Google Translate, and you get ‘Unser Kampf’. Apparently.

    Joseph would be proud.


  27. Fedup2 says:

    Al jaz news . A breath of fresh air compared to al beeb. Did you know that when the Turks threw the Israeli ambo out of the country they set up a media show at the airport and had him searched in front of the cameras. Now theres a great friendship.


  28. MarkyMark says:

    Oh dear ….


  29. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    It’s gone quiet here!


  30. kingkp says:

    The name of Obama’s FBI led counter-intelligence operation is revealed, crossfire hurricane. And the BBC leads on Stormy Daniels.Embarrassing. Shut the BBC down now.


  31. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Not bias but funny.

    On Watchdog they done a piece on Whirlpool tumble dryers that were dangerous to have in your home because they caught fire and after that done a piece on BMW cars losing power and being very dangerous if you were driving one.

    They asked viewers to phone in if they had any of these items and what they were doing about them.
    One chap phoned in to say he had both, a Whirlpool dryer and a BMW and didn’t know whether to stay in or go out.


  32. Guest Who says:

    The comments start encouragingly for the bbc, but I notice those pointing out they are up to their editting tricks again are catching up.

    Trump: Immigrant gangs are 'animals'

    Donald Trump lashes out at immigrant gang members, saying they're "not people" but "animals".More:

    Posted by BBC News on Thursday, May 17, 2018


  33. Guest Who says:

    Was there ever any doubt?


  34. JimS says:

    The wacky President Trump comes up with the idea that Israel’s capital should be Jerusalem…


  35. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC/Left have a problem with Jews as they see them as archetypal Capitalists.

    The BBC/Left hate Capitalists. As did Marx (join up the dots, readers).

    Their transfer of hate therefore extends to Israel.

    Even if Israel was being ‘wiped off the map’ by an Arab invasion, the BBC/Left would not shed any tears other than those of a crocodilian type.

    (My apologies to crocodiles, who by the way were not harmed during this assessment).


    • TrueToo says:

      Dover Sentry,

      No crocs were harmed and nor are they harmless.

      I largely agree with your assessment but I believe there is quite a bit more to the anti-Semitism of the BBC/left than antipathy towards capitalist Jews. When British government officials reneged on their obligations under the Balfour declaration, forced thousands of desperate Jewish refugees back into the Holocaust, disarmed the Jews of Palestine while arming the Arabs and fought on the Jordanian side in 1948, hatred of Jews in general must surely have been a motivating factor for those actions rather than antipathy towards capitalism.

      When the Israelis were beating the Arabs in the 1967 war, a BBC journalist would not/could not believe it was happening, so ingrained was his anti-Israel bias. Israel back then was more of a socialist than a capitalist country.

      I should add that the BBC/left goes dizzy with delight at the sight of a left-wing Jew who turns his/her back on Israel. I guess in their eyes that particular Jew is fine as opposed to Jews who have the cheek to establish a strong, prosperous country that contributes much to the world and unashamedly fights the savages who strive to bring her down.


  36. Shapster says:

    Dear BBC,

    Re: BBC news headline this afternoon:

    “Israel’s Gaza response ‘wholly disproportionate’ – UN rights chief”

    Upon reading the article, one finds the UN Rights Chief to be a chap called Zeid Raad al-Hussein. Interesting name, that…I wonder from where he hails? A quick peek at Wikipedia informs that his other title is Prince Zeid Raad al-Hussein of Jordan.

    Would that be the Jordan populated by 98% Arabs, 95% of whom identify as Muslims? Would Muslims be the only group in the world happy to be known as Jew haters – indeed the only world group who want Jews annihilated?

    So the chances of Prince Raad al-Hussein making any unbiased observations about the situation in Gaza are going to be pretty well zero….or am I being overly cynical and unfair? I think possibly not..

    And then buried within the article we read that 60 Palestinians have been killed in the 7 weeks of border protests, “largely orchestrated by Hamas, which politically controls the Gaza Strip”.
    So Hamas wind up the locals and send em off to certain deaths, knowing what good headline it’ll make. Fine by me.

    Of all the factual, fair, unbiased headlines you could have run, you chose that one.
    But wouldn’t a truer headline have been: “60 dim witted Palestinians asking to be killed, somewhat unsurprisingly, get killed”?

    And you people have the audacity to slide into the bottom of your articles the ridiculous statement “Why you can trust BBC news”.

    I confess, I DO trust you guys to report that Charlie is walking Meghan down the aisle or that 100 have died in a Cuban plane crash, I really do.. But do you really believe the above clap trap sound bite kids me you’re fair and unbiased? And trustworthy? Your naïveté is utterly STAGGERING.

    I’m just a fish worker from a dying northern town and even I can see through you lot. But actually therein lies the paradox: my environment and upbringing make me considerably cleverer than the whole lot of you..

    Harry The Haddock


    • TrueToo says:


      The cunning propagandists of the BBC played their standard trick of displaying a photo of a child in the battle ground, never asking themselves why that child was not safely at home. And this child is quite photogenic. I’ve no doubt the photo was staged.

      And the BBC played another standard trick of putting something favourable to Israel at the very end of the article, knowing that many people do not read to the end:

      A senior member of Hamas, Salah Bardawil, has said 50 of those killed on Monday “were from Hamas”. Israel has said it knew of “at least 24 terrorists” killed that day. It said most were “active operatives” from Hamas, and some from the Islamic Jihad militant group.

      So the vast majority of those killed were not civilians, if we can assume that Hamas is telling the truth – which is one hell of an assumption.

      Why would Hamas promote such a narrative rather than the usual claim that most were civilians deaths so as to encourage anti-Israel outrage?

      a) It’s the truth
      b) It’s a lie but Hamas wants to claim the credit for this ‘heroic’ stand against Israel
      c) Hamas is aware of widespread disgust over its use of civilians, especially children, as human shields and so is downplaying civilian deaths
      d) b and c


      • Up2snuff says:

        TT, if at the end of your questioning post you were hinting that there might be a bit of a power struggle going on within various groups in Gaza and the West Bank as well as between the PA (Palestinian Authority), Hamas, Hezbollah, the remains of FATAH and other wanna-bes then, sadly, you would be right.

        Ordinary people, often unwillingly, get caught in the crossfire just from them.


  37. TrueToo says:


    Several comments upthread I declared that this thread had fizzled out. Well, you were right to advise patience.

    I was thinking only of Hamas in my multiple-choice question. But there certainly is a power struggle between all members of the motley crew as they jockey for position to see who can be top terrorist against Israel. Poor Mahmoud Abbas is in the worst position as he is obliged to cooperate with Israel to some extent and pretend to be interested in peace with the Jewish state.

    If he ever does make peace he will be a dead man walking.


  38. Lucy Pevensey says:

    During a speech at the UN , Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of the British armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, gave a scathing rebuke of the UN Human Rights Council for their anti-Israel bias and blatant lies against the situation on the Israel-Gaza border.

    Kemp, speaking on behalf of UN Watch, said:

    “I commanded British troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland, and served with NATO and the United Nations. I have come straight from the Gaza front line to share my assessment.

    Based on what I observed, I can say that everything we just heard here is a complete distortion of the truth.

    The truth is that Hamas, a terrorist organization that seeks the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews everywhere, deliberately caused over 60 of its own people to get killed.

    They sent thousands of civilians to the front line — as human shields for terrorists trying to break through the border.

    Hamas’s goal, in their own words, was “blood… in the path of Jihad.”

    I ask every country in this Council: You have all been telling us that Israel should have reacted differently. But how would you respond if a Jihadist terror group sent thousands to flood your borders, and gunmen to massacre your communities?

    Your failure to admit that Hamas is responsible for every drop of blood spilt on the Gaza border encourages their violence and use of human shields. It makes you complicit in further bloodshed.

    If Israel had allowed these mobs to break through the fence, the IDF would then have been forced to defend their own civilians from slaughter and many more Palestinians would have been killed.

    Israel’s actions therefore saved lives of Gazans; and if this Council really cared about human rights, it should commend the Israel Defence Force for that, not condemn them on the basis of lies.”


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