Hi everyone! Reports of my demise have been somewhat exaggerated BUT I have been very busy launching Altnewsmedia.net along with a few million other things. I want to get Biased BBC back on track but I have a request. Is there any volunteers who would agree to help us keep the open threads ready as well as perhaps writing on the BBC’s egregious bias? I need your assistance – please message me via the site! And in the meantime, highlight the endless dready offensive bias!!!

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  1. StewGreen says:

    You know who does get a disproportionate amount of air time, @EmilyThornberry
    and she’s on Any Questions tonight
    \\ @dimbleby_jd will be joined by @andrealeadsom @piersmorgan @EmilyThornberry & @Wintersonworld

    So writer Jeannette Winterson is a Brexiteer ? NOT
    She tweeted
    \\ Why do politicians keep telling us we have to honour Brexit when this dishonourable campaign was built on deliberate lies for personal gain? //

    23 May 2017 Someone called her out
    \\ Jeanette Winterson blames the manchester attack on @UKIP & #brexit in the @standardnews @Wintersonworld save your bile for child killers… //

    andrealeadsom is Brexit, what about slimey Morgan ?
    He’s a pragmatist
    \\ March 2017 Brexit’s happening.
    President Trump’s happening.
    Time for all wailing doom-mongers to get a grip & give both a chance to succeed.//

    \\ June 2017 If Britain had to vote again on Brexit today, we’d vote Remain. //


  2. StewGreen says:

    What is the real windrush number ? MoL said less than 57K but unknown
    It’s a dead give way that a vague number is given, which is clearly not right cos although 57K don’t have UK passports many will have other proper documents

    Their expert said
    Census 2011 600K arrived from Commonwealth before 1971,
    90% have a UK passPort already
    that seems 60K who don’t they say 57K
    21K dont have any pp, 34K have commonwealth pp
    Can they prove UK residence ?
    Many yes via passport stamps, naturalisation certificates etc.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, buried deep in my brain is the idea that I have heard a stat from the Passport Agency that 87% of the UK population has a Passport of some sort (not necessarily UK) or, in the case of underage little peeps, they will be on their parents Passport. Not sure if I have remembered this right. If I have, it certainly goes back quite a few years to close to 2005/2006, maybe 2007 so could be out of date information.

      Of the true Windrush Generation immigrants (ie. from the Caribbean) it is highly unlikely, I would have thought, for obvious reasons that they do not have (or had at some time) a UK Passport in the succeeding years since their arrival and will therefore be on Passport Agency records.


      • StewGreen says:

        @Up2snuffIt’s not enough to prove that you came here legally.
        You have to prove that you are a non-returner ie that you didn’t leave the UK for more than 2 years at a time.
        That’s why some got refused at Jamaica airport
        They’d worked in the UK say 20 years, but not bothered to become naturalised , then gone back to live in Jamaica for say 20 years popped back to the UK then gone back to Jamaica, but then the next time they tried to fly UK immigration say “no, you can’t come and live in the UK again cos, by going back to Jamaica for more than 2 years , you lost your status”


        • Up2snuff says:

          Stew, except that to get the passport you have to provide a UK address. You get your old passports back so, unless you have carelessly thrown them away, you have your continuous residence proof. If you have been on holiday for over two years – lucky you – I suspect that would have been a fraction of the fraction of the Windrush immigrants who had not applied for UK citizenship.

          Counted on the fingers of two hands?


    • StewGreen says:

      More or Less shortchanged us their expert was Madeleine Sumption of Migration Obvservatory at Oxford University
      What’s the point of her being brought on ? Cos in the end she admitted she had no idea how many people fell through the gap by not having UK pp OR other proper residence proof.
      I et her office is more focused on helping illegals and thwarting Brexit.

      There must be someone with a better grip of the numbers
      I suspect the Windrush pressured are limited to the Senile and criminal, with maybe just 1 or 2 when the home office lost the paperwork.


  3. Al Shubtill says:

    I wish we had QT panels like these!
    Tony Benn’s verbal flame-throwering of Woy Jenkins is an absolute pearler (5m17s). David Starkey looks like a different person.


  4. jeffD says:

    Just watching the world snooker final on bbc. As Mark Williams last played in a final in 2003 the production staff decided to take us back to that year with a bunch of highlights. Prominent was the huge demonstration by 2,000,000 people objecting to the Iraq war. Immediately following this highlight they showed Ian Duncan Smith resigning as leader of the Conservative party, thus insinuating that the Tories were in power at that time and therefore responsible for our involvement in the war. There was no mention of Tony Blair. Very subtle bias.