Very Late Weekend Open Thread

Well it’s been some time since the last open thread and that one is full-to-bursting, so at last here’s a new one.

Detail the bias here please!

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  1. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    I’d turned it off but back on again there was a really funny scrap between some bloke called Emily and a Labour snowflake woman and something todo with chaps being able to declare themselves wimmin and use their changing rooms .

    It got so heated that at end I think they started really scrapping . Great laugh and just shows how fucked up and soft Blighty has gone . Al Beeb loves it . No wonder the suicide rate is going up.


    • Jeff says:

      I heard that and sat there chuckling, nearly spilling my tea. It carried on after the interview had finished. You could hear “Emily” accuse the other Labourite woman of being “transphobic” and lot of sniping and snarling. I had a mental image of Emily looking like Bernard Breslaw in a dodgy wig and the two of them getting into a scrap.
      This is Her Majesty’s opposition….
      How did our country get into this state?
      It’s a madhouse!


  2. Guest Who says:

    This lot were born triggered. And hence where they ended up.


    • taffman says:

      Well said Neil!
      Wales needs more politicians like you. Keep up the good work and “drain the swamp” .


    • StewGreen says:

      And the 3 little school boys replied with all their finesse

      @GaryLineker Mar 20
      Bless him with his little map in the background.

      @mrjamesob Mar 20
      Come on. Be kind. It was pant-wettingly hilarious. And dumb.

      @JimMFelton Mar 20
      You’re right of course, it was mainly hilarious.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Bias by omission

    Do you remember a nice white unarmed Australian lady being shot dead by a police man in America a little while ago? Well the officer , mr Mohammed noor , has been charged with her murder. All the video cameras on body and car were off at the time… strangely no mention of this on al Beeb or about the shooting by police in hackney a couple of days ago when “ a non police firearm ‘ was recovered…. apparently 6 coppers fired 13 shots and the robber is still alive.


  4. Beeb Brother says:

    Trump bad.

    NHS et alia underfunded.

    Brexit bad.

    ‘Minorities’ good.

    Someone famous has done something or is plugging something.

    Meaningless fluff about unpaid first shifts etc.

    The Groundhog Broadcasting Corporation.


  5. Up2snuff says:

    Here’s a thing: BBC back to trying to undermine Brexit on the TOADY Prog this morning. I listened from about 6.40 to the end. Yeah, stupid. I know.

    Because of switching back to anti-Brexiting or because they have completely lost at the BBC not just their journalistic skills but their common decency as well, there has been again no attempt to enquire after the Skripals’ state of recovery, if any, or whether the policeman, DS Nick Bailey, affected by their poisoning has been able to leave hospital.

    No human concerns at home from the BBC here.

    They are still happy to attack Corbyn over it and ask onto radio some politicians to condemn Putin. These Lefties don’t half like to scrap amongst themselves as Jeff has observed near the top of this page.

    Not much concern for the residents of Salisbury either who run businesses in the town and who, apparently, are finding footfall from visitors drastically reduced.


  6. Thoughtful says:

    BBC Radio 4 have an Effnik on to lecture us about how wonderful a lack of resilience is, and how attempting to give millennials a spine is akin to some kind of totalitarian re-education camp.

    Apparently we are all supposed to collapse into a quivering heap of sobbing jelly at even the slightest setback. We are told that the Bear Grylls survival island is ‘deeply sinister’ and that if the presenter was dropped there she would just curl up and die, which she regards as the correct reaction.

    All in all it was an extraordinary piece totally against what the majority of people would regard as a good character, and pro everything bad the universities have created.


    Keywords for Our Time

    Episode 3 of 5

    Farrah Jarral – broadcaster, author and GP – checks over a buzzword of the medical profession. On the face of it, resilience is to be applauded – but behind the word, is something sinister lurking?


    • chrisH says:

      Have heard the previous two, Thoughtful.
      Gave up when Rosen referred to Jeremiah as an “old bearded Jew”.
      Don`t like labour lefties being anti-Semitic. Rosen is Jewish, I`m sure…but he`s playing for the other side, so he can go to Sheol.

      Just as well this episode could not even have been imagined by Burgess and McLean, Philby etc as some combo of this lefty vermin fiddled programming at the BBC during the Blitz.

      But today it`s “normal”. And when this snow shower get out of Yuni, and into public life, we`ll be working for Islam to deal with them I fear.


  7. thirdoption says:

    The whole faux outrage over Cambridge Analytica/Facebook, led by the left-wing newspapers The Guardian and The New York Times is based on nothing more than anger because Trump won and Hillary lost.

    It has been confirmed that the data gathered was nothing more than personal preferences, likes/dislikes. That data may or may not have been useful in helping candidates to campaign but no-one has any firm evidence.

    What is known, for a fact, is that Hillary and Obama used exactly the same techniques.

    What is known, for a fact, is that not one voter in America was forced into the voting booth against their will and then made to vote for Trump. The very most that could have happened is that they received advertising that suited their preferences.

    Why do the Guardian/New York Times not engage in a real voting scandal, where voters were genuinely forced to enter voting booths and put their cross against a candidate in an attempt to pervert the outcome of an election? – It happened in Bradford, Birmingham, Tower Hamlets and numerous other muslim strongholds.


    • Payne by name says:

      Surely if the dumb masses can be so easily seduced and indoctrinated through Facebook and YouTube we would have voted LOL cats to run the government years ago…


    • ThomasR says:

      Will the GuardianBBCObserver be looking at the use of these social “meeja” algorithms to get out the 18 year old’s vote at last years General Election, don’t think so.


    • Guest Who says:

      On this topic, and the BBC’s woeful hitching to yet another cliff-headed bandwagon, may I commend these posts on ITTB:

      Loondon Calling

      The BBC hold a good deal of information about UK listeners and viewers. If you leave out the licence itself, which contains names addresses etc, you cannot watch i-player without registering with your e-mail address. The BBC offers to -tailor’ a package for you. Should you dare to make a complaint, you will be asked for your postcode (first half), your ethnicity, which age band you are, and your gender.

      Thus, the BBC have detailed profiles on the viewing and listening public/electorate. The possibilities for them to use this information in support of their preferred party – Labour – must be being considered, if it is not already being used.

      i-player registration asks for date of birth, e-mail address and gender. (TV Licence has full postal address and e-mail address).

      Monkey Brains

      I am still an I Player refusenik, despite the inconvenience it causes me. The BBC work with outsiders like the Guardian, YouGov and so on…Do we really know how BBC data is being handled? They say they want to direct programming at us…but this could be used for political manipulation. Their algorithms could easily be directing people to their mind-bending dramas and documentaries designed to solicit support for mass immigration, PC multiculturalism and their brand of soft-and-silly socialism. How is that different from trying to affect an election campaign, since such BBC campaigns will also influence how people vote?

      BTW why does the BBC always say in their first sentence: “…data collected by Cambridge Analytics, which it was alleged was used to help Donald Trump in his campaign…” But never “Facebook, who it is known allowed their data to be used by Obama and Clinton to help their campaigns”?


    • Dave says:

      So it wasn’t Russia then, it woz all t’internet’s fault!

      At what point will the, ahem, ‘liberal’ media take a look at their own reporting for reasons why Trump may have won? Campbell went full on over how horrible the ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign was this morning, with neither a mention of the constant shaming of the ‘poorly educated racist deplorables’ of Trumps ‘White working class’ base, nor mention of the constant “Trump’s a stupid Idiot Nazi” smear campaign still run by the likes of the BBC and the NYT (Mark Thompson…Common Purpose…). In the real world the reasons for Trump winning were fairly simple:

      If you constantly tell a large part of the electorate that you’ve been ignoring for years that they’re stupid, worthless and obsolete (as well as racist) then you shouldn’t be surprised when they vote for the other guy!

      Same goes for Brexit. The BBC and it’s friends at the Grauniad etc should take a long look in the mirror before throwing around accusations about technologies that their almost universally ‘arts graduate’ reporters almost certainly do not understand.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    There appears to be a doozy of a ‘drama ‘ on r4 Thursday afternoon with a queen impersonation and an examination of ‘the post Brexit vote identity and xenophobia ‘. I wonder what the message will be? I won’t know because I’ll be doing something important like cutting my toe nails.


    • chrisH says:

      There`s a queue forming already Fedup2.
      I know Jesus washed feet, but did He cut toenails too?
      ANYBODY here would prefer to cut even Abu Hamzas nicotine stained toenails than listen to a BBC “afternoon drama”.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Haha Chris – although the gospels don’t mention Jesus clipping toe nails it might be inferred from feet washing that the practice wasn’t above the Lord and his disciples . I’m gonna see the Mary magdelaine film next week. There might be reference there…


  9. MarkyMark says:

    Mass immigration … meh.
    Terrorists … meh.
    Brexit … meh.
    Telford .. meh.
    The people … meh.
    Stormyz sings about setting fire to Theresa May’s house … meh.
    Russians … kick them out!
    Hate crime … lock the dog owner up!
    UK Fishing rights … meh.


    • chrisH says:

      Is there a deradicalisation scheme for pets now?
      Surely our Scottish Pug is in need of this?
      And what was Sturgeons SNPs role in all this-were they AWARE of this dogs tendencies?
      How come Scotland Yard in London get all the crap-but the REAL Scotland Yard in their dog pound aren`t getting blamed.
      Maybe the dog trainer…Bob Mc Woodhouse is it?….made a bad life choice at the dog poo bin, for all I know.
      I personally think thet stinky perfume lining of the dog poo bag can cause owners to go all druggy and weird.
      How about a BBC Alba Enquiry on “JockWatch?”…all in Gaelic of course?

      My black cat Cleo(he`s gender fluid, the farmer said he was a girl-we tried Leo for a while, but….) has just returned after three days away.
      We feared for him in the snow…now we think he might be back from Syria. Smells of shed and mint tea…is there a yelpline I can call to see if he`s going to be a Muslim or a Nazi..and , in regard of anti-Semitism- even a Labour Party member of BBC journalist?
      So many questions….but as Johnny Nash sang…


  10. MarkyMark says:

    Man in coma admits he was not in a coma in BBC Story … ‘Mr Cousins, who was in an induced coma for three weeks after the shooting in Birmingham, said: “I didn’t think I was going to make it.”‘ { 21mar2018}

    – if he was in a coma he would not be thinking, so if he did think about getting better then he was pretending to be in a coma?


    • chrisH says:

      Good spot MM.Think we can ALL identify as “comatose” now.
      But do take your quacks advice re the slight risk of bedsores…sleep at the chemists maybe?


  11. Tabs says:

    Birmingham ex-gang man to sue police over shooting

    The BBC supporting a “innocent” black guy who was unarmed and shot by Police.

    The article title suggest he was just a “ex gang member”. About 25% into the article it mentions he was with another man, Jamael Scarlett, (who was also black but not mentioned by the BBC) who was sentenced to 16 years for drugs and firearms offences. The “innocent” black guy was “just going to get cigarettes for his girlfriend” but happened to meet a criminal in that short space of time.

    You have to get about 75% into the article before the BBC mention the 41 year old man in question has spent 15 years in jail 8 of which were for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life for pointing a gun at a police officer.

    The BBC also fail to mention his friend, Jamael Scarlett, who was arrested was part of a gang jailed with 2 others for 40 years in total. One of which has a very Muslim sounding name.

    Why do the BBC always back the losing horse?


  12. MarkyMark says:

    I believe someone … somewhere … spoke about freedom and liberty within the Britain … seems the BBC are still trying to omit news rather than report it … £3.5bn News Service …. paying Chris ‘£2.3m’ Evans a lot of money to talk sweet nothings from the radio …

    BBS Search: Tommy Robinson



  13. Beeb Brother says:

    The details of the identity of the Austin bomber are yet to emerge so one suspects it might be a Snackbar affair. They must have been praying he was white.

    It is so ridiculous that we can’t just expect them to tell us as it is. If the perpetrator is called Mo they will all be spinning away to deflect the facts. Most BBC news staff are probably paid solely to try and hide reality from us.

    This one did show a degree of skill and originality so maybe they will go with that angle.

    “Syrian engineer in Austin blast.”


  14. MarkyMark says:

    This has been happening from the beginning of time, you should have seen what the cavemen were up to … says Ms. Dick.


    He becomes the eighth person to be fatally stabbed or shot in London in the last week. { 21mar2018}

    . . .

    “It is growing (gang r*pe culture), there’s no doubt about that. A large amount of the growth in my view is about raised awareness.” – Cressida Dick @1:40 {youtube}

    “I don’t think this was a phenomena (gang r*pe culture) that was invented in the last few years. It really wasn’t. It’s been part of our society probably for centuries and centuries and centuries. It’s hard to really know exactly what is really going up and what is changing. ” – Cressida Dick @2:38


  15. MarkyMark says:

    Funny that an organisation that wants hope not hate is using hate to campaign it hope?!



    • gb123 says:

      The language and campaign rhetoric from HNH sound awfully familiar. Are we soon to have our very own Department VIII to provide the equivalent book burning function?

      “Any book which acts subversively on our future (will be destroyed……………the soul of the German people can express itself again. These flames not only illuminate the end of an old era, they also light up a new.”
      Josef Goebbels


      • Fedup2 says:

        I wonder how many people are on the “hope not hate’ national socialist execution list now …. frightening … some people never learn from the mistakes of others


    • StewGreen says:

      Are books by sex-pest Brendan Cox on their list of banned books ?
      … No he has done very well from spreading his kind of hate, against people who speak out, against groom/rape gangs etc.


    • JimS says:

      They missed one.



    • Payne by name says:

      It’s laughable that this Bil Irving would only be red pilled about HNH tactics upon directly reading a call to ban books.

      Has he not done any other research, noticed how tight they are with those Antifa thugs or questioned the motives and behaviour of Saint Brendan Cox.


  16. MarkyMark says:

    Police are warning (OR THREATENING) people not to post malicious comments on social media about the death of a two-year-old girl who died after a car went into a river. { 21mar2018}

    Police are warning (OR THREATENING) people not to post malicious comments on social media about the death of a two-year-old girl who died after a car went into a river the r*pe of 1000 girls over 40 years inTelford or to bring up Rotherham where 1400 girls were abused over 16 years – some tortured with petrol thrown over them.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Radio5 just platformed a candidate from a new British based ethnic party

    … The Polish Pride party who will be contesting London election


    • StewGreen says:

      Wonder how well foreign ethnicity-based parties are doing in Poland ?
      ..Muslim, Pride ? Anglo-Pride ?
      Would anyone do a Brit-Pride political party on the Costas ?
      ..almost certainly not.


    • StewGreen says:

      The guy’s extraordinary claim
      “60% of enemy planes shot down in Battle of Britain were by a handful of Polish pilots”
      I’m sure there were Polish heroes
      but the presenter should have asked for evidence of extraordinary claim.


      • rthornton says:

        Hmmm – this again. Nothing against the Poles, they at least appear to have more pride than we have, but I have heard exaggerated claims before. I’m not an historian, but a few thoughts:

        1. I believe the Luftwaffe lost around 1887-1977 planes (figures vary).
        2. 147 Polish pilots claimed 201 shot down – that is 11%, not 60%.
        3. “Polish pilots were among the most experienced in the Battle; most had hundreds of hours of pre-war flying experience and had fought in the 1939 Defensive War and/or the Battle of France.” – Wiki.
        4. They were provided with decent British planes. That might have helped.
        5. Some Poles like to accuse Britain of ignoring the Polish contribution, whilst they themselves ignore the Czech contribution.

        I’m sure there’s more accurate data out there, but 60% ??


        • RJ says:

          I don’t want to post lots of numbers, but some might be of use.

          Only 17 pilots each claimed to have destroyed more than 10 German aircraft during the Battle of Britain. The highest-scoring claimant was a Czech, Sergeant-Pilot Frantisek, DFM, with a score of 17. The highest scoring Pole was Flying Officer Urbanowicz, DFC, with a total of 14.

          Of the 17 top-scoring pilots 10 were British, 2 New Zealanders, 1 Australian, 1 South African, 1 Canadian, 1 Czech and 1 Pole.

          There were 147 Polish pilots involved in the battle, 37 Czechs, 94 Canadians, 22 Australians and 2,543 Britons.

          They were all brave men, who don’t deserve to have their heroism exploited by cheap politicians.


          • RJ says:

            From this YouTube clip of a classic sequence from the film “Battle of Britain” the Poles claim 12% of German aircraft destroyed.


            • Fedup2 says:

              303 squadron out of north Weald if I recall – and with the highest kill ratio – ( I’m not polish )


    • vlad says:

      Poles are great. We could do with more Poles and less of some others.


    • StewGreen says:

      #BannedInBritain would be an appropriate hashatg to use these days
      – Canadian girl, with similar views to the US president, who campaigned about a Med NGO-taxi-boat the Italians just arrested : #BannedInBritain
      – Companies freedom of choice to advertise in the Daily Mail : #BannedInBritain
      – For all ethnicities to be treated equally in news headlines : #BannedInBritain


    • Eddy Booth says:

      ”…anti muslim street gang EDL”
      if anything should be described as a street gang it’s Islam:
      Gang colours- green /black
      Ethics-support other gang members. right or wrong
      Gang clothes- a flowing nightdress
      Special hand gestures -if only when praying.
      oh, and like every other street gang if you try and leave you risk getting killed.


    • Payne by name says:

      What is this continued fascination with telling us Tommy’s real name? Would they do the same to Caitlyn Jenner?


      • G.W.F. says:

        Payne by name

        Interesting. Sometimes it is done to give easier access to enemies so they can find and harass him. Here, a few minutes into the interview Andrew Neil does it, repeatedly bringing up his former name to humiliate TR or put him off his guard. This interview, and the technique used, revealed that Neil is a shit.


        • Payne by name says:

          Yeah, I know why they do it and it’s a pretty shitty move in my book. Funny how the Beeb won’t even tell you the actual name if the perp is a muslim yet they’ll go out of their way to tell you the full name if it is someone criticising Islam.


        • Dystopian says:

          @19:25.. Taquiyya at its best “there is no basis for extremist violence….either in our faith, our scripture or practise or history…”
          Utter bullsh1t!


  18. Eddy Booth says:

    Protesters throw fish into Thames in Brexit deal protest
    ”Protesters have thrown dead fish into the Thames outside Parliament as they oppose the Brexit transition deal.
    The fishing industry and many coastal MPs are unhappy that the UK will not regain control of the country’s fishing waters on Brexit day, 29 March 2019.
    Instead it will be subject to EU rules for 21 months until December 2020.”

    pretty fair reporting from the bbc
    they had to throw in the smug:
    ”Having your fish and eating it too”


  19. ChrisMorrison says:

    The institutional left wing bias at the BBC is doing increasingly strange things to the Corporation. How else to understand its current fixation on people looking at the social media highway and acting on what they see? Even the snowflakes must realize that if they post details on Facebook about their breakfast and whom they bonked last night, it is firmly in the public domain. But the BBC and similar lefties like the Guardian seem to be inventing all manner of data “issues”, none of which make any logical sense.

    Of course to the independent eye it is another severe outbreak of TDA – Trump Derangement Syndrome. When the story first broke, the BBC reported that – shock, horror – the Trump campaign had “mined” the data and used it for nefarious purposes, ie getting Trump elected to the US Presidency. TDA affects the biased brain in many odd ways. Trump won the US election because he had clear simple messages surrounding immigration, blue collar wages and services and political correctness that resonated with a large section of the population. Far from using social media to micro manage every message to increasingly small portions of the electorate, he largely ignored the advice of expensive experts and made a pitch direct to an ever-expanding base.

    By tying this latest confected Facebook nonsense to Trump, the BBC shows how little it still understands, and one suspects want to comprehend, about the methods Trump used to win the election. It was Clinton who raised hundreds of millions of dollars and micro managed her mixed messages up the wazoo, and then rather spoilt it by referring to great swaths of the electorate as a “basket of deplorables”. On the advice of all the useless overpaid experts, huddled over mountains of data and charging like the light brigade, she then decided that she didn’t need to visit the swing state of Wisconsin.

    Such is the BBC derangement that it has failed to remember that the last Obama campaign also mined data from social media profiles but the story at the time was how clever and cutting edge it all was. Under the Great Hope, Facebook was seen as a source of invaluable data on voters “thus allowing the campaign to access their personal data and add it to the central data store – the largest, most detailed and potentially most powerful in the history of political campaigns”. So that’s all right then – it must be since the Guardian wrote that in 2012.

    But the Guardian stands or falls in the marketplace by raising (and begging) money from readers. The BBC simply carries on in the same biased manner secure in the knowledge that it has an annual revenue approaching £4 billion raised by extortion.


  20. Kaiser says:

    what did the others miss on TOADY

    I presume you all turned it off

    lack of houses , due to ever increasing demand due to …. whoa finally drum roll ………….
    Old people failing to die and vacate their properties, rotten old bastards.

    And then as many have predicted after the barrage of russia did it stories, yep security is now the big bad wolf of brexit

    On behalf of some committe yvette cooper wants extended brexit transition until we can extradite people from slovakia and germany , who wont because their constution does not allow extradition of their citizens to non EU nations. Hence permanent transition would be implied.

    and this is all of great benefit because we were able to bring a slovakian rapist back to britain for trial due to the wonders of the EU.

    Not even a flicker of recognition that if we hadn’t have been in the EU the slovakian might not have been on a rapeathon in Leeds in the first place.

    Plus we need to make sure we have intelligence sharing as we are world leaders and we want to stay being world leaders,

    or as they should put it we spend far more on intelligence (like defence and foreign aid) than they do and they are happy to share our results if not the cost.

    and then the piece de la resistance, EU data protection rules are different and if we are out of the EU , GCHQ etc would have to be inspected by germany et al to make sure we are up to the Data Protection requirements WTF.

    offski time but I lasted a bit longer than some of you 😉


  21. StewGreen says:

    8pm Radio4 : Moral Maze does the New Cold War


  22. StewGreen says:

    Tuesday’s US school shooting ..ended by good guy with a gun

    The NRA has long contended that
    “the only the thing that stops a bad guy with a gun
    … is a good guy with a gun.”


  23. MarkyMark says:

    Why isn’t MP David Lammy on the list of misconduct?

    He has not been seen on his £650 all expenses paid bike!

    15. Members are personally responsible and accountable for ensuring that their use of any expenses, allowances, facilities and services provided from the public purse is in accordance with the rules laid down on these matters. Members shall ensure that their use of public resources is always in support of their parliamentary duties. It should not confer any undue personal or financial benefit on themselves or anyone else, or confer undue advantage on a political organisation.


    Allegations under Investigation by the Commissioner {}


  24. MarkyMark says:

    Mass Immigration?
    Freedom of Speech in Speaker’s Corner.
    MPs 18% pay rise during a recession and austerity.
    UK denying the leader of the USA entry, but accepting Saudi Head chopping princes?
    Yemen – a story of two peaceful religions.
    David Lammy’s yet to be seen £650 bike.
    Keith Vaz and his suspended whilst working buy not investigated.
    BBC creating news about themselves whilst hiding news in titles like ‘Nobody asked me any questions’ – which reveals nothing about Telford Abuse.

    . . . .

    “The omission is the most powerful form of lie,
    and it is the duty of the historian to ensure that those lies
    do not creep into the history books.”

    – George Orwell, author of ‘1984’

    As the MPs talk again today … and fail to talk about anything.

    The can have it .. and pay for it … any mention of why MPs had an 18% pay rise and no one else did? Austerity?
    April 2010​ ​£65,738
    April 2018 £77,379


  25. MarkyMark says:

    We wanted leaders and got followers.
    We looked for intelligence and found parrots.
    We asked to be listened to and were arrested for hate.
    We wanted protection but were offered as a sacrifice.
    The country that bought you the Magna Carta looks to China for guidance and how to remove the letter N from the Internet.


  26. StewGreen says:

    Enrichment in Belgium
    \\ Four men “of African descent” have been arrested on suspicion of subjecting two Dutch tourists (21,22)
    to a “horrifying” three-hour gang rape ordeal, local media reports
    .. one of whom — named in local media as Mohamed S.
    The 22-year-old confessed
    “One thing led to another”,
    .. told police that he and all the men ended up raping the women despite them saying “stop”. //
    Maybe date-rape-drug

    Another thing


  27. StewGreen says:

    How come apparently a few guys at an Office in Cambridge can control the vote of 50 million Americans
    yet UK “Police Lose Track of Nearly 500 Sex Offenders Including Paedophiles”
    ..and same for illegal migrants ???

    Should Facebook engineers take over the police and Border Forces job ?


  28. StewGreen says:

    Metropolitan Police go Orwellian
    People can be “charged” with an “offence” if their actions are within the law
    but their “reasons for doing it” are perceived as illegal hate by others,
    Metropolitan Police have said,
    ..who then edited the claim after people laughed


    • Fedup2 says:

      Rapidly returning to the times of the divine right of kings to declare the law and thus a crime . This time it’s another tyrany of the minority where a notional “somebody “ “might “ be “offended” thus inhibiting and repressing the right of another person or do or say or write something – I include pugs in this -which otherwise might be legal


    • oldcrone says:

      Just like to say Stew Green .. thanks for all your time in highlighting all this crap .. you do solid anti crap posts all the time and I really appreciate it !!


    • Old Goat says:

      One wonders why the police bother to get up, and perform their shifts, at all. There seems little they can be motivated to do, especially if it involves getting off their bottoms, and showing a reliable presence on the streets, or pursuing villains and investigating real crime. All they are interested in are the soft options – motorists and “hate” crime, because both miraculously provide results, with the minimum of expenditure of effort.

      Many police stations are now closed, thus leaving the public unprotected, and vulnerable, with little chance of summoning immediate aid.

      Do they expect us to police ourselves? It would be fairly easy to arrange vigilante patrols, but they don’t want that, either, in case we administer much deserved summary justice.

      Maybe we would be better off, with that arrangement, and cease financing the police altogether from the council taxes, whilst dealing with the miscreants in our own way.


      • Payne by name says:

        Yes, I can’t help but think policing in the future will be a bank of cops sitting in front of a wall of monitors watching everyone on CCTV, with the other half trawling through the internet for nasty language.


  29. Mrs Kitty says:

    After the non- news item not reported on the BBC
    Gary ” Walkers Wanker” Lineker showed his true face again

    Remember folks you’re paying for this excuse of a human being.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Just in case Maxi wants to correct me, I’ll do it myself. I’ve found the report under UK politics. Nothing about the repulsive tweet from the thing worth £1.75m a year.


    • popeye says:

      I despair! These elites, all with an enormous sense of entitlement and superiority, actively promote policies the inevitable outcome of which will be majority-muslim areas without being able to point to a SINGLE example where this leads to an environment where freedom, science, innovation, the arts, other religions or democracy flourishes. Probably swayed by the BBC argument that Islam is responsible for all science, art and knowledge and they just need the chance to flourish again after the Gates of Vienna f****d them up last time, so that’s alright then.

      So, what’s going on? Maybe they think they’ll be safe in their walled, protected enclaves. Fools


      • Payne by name says:

        Popeye: Yes, it’s no coincidence that the Islam countries of the world don’t seem to have given or enriched the world much.

        Just look at the patents and inventions that come out of Israel compared to those that have come out of the countries surrounding it.


    • Payne by name says:

      That meme/picture is spot on.


  30. Cooper_Man says:

    Just watched a ‘Newsnight’ clip on youtube from last August – it appeared in the recommended list after I watched a couple of Westmonster vids – featuring the execrable Evan Davis and a panel of four muslims discussing ‘should street grooming be framed as a muslim problem?’ I lasted 13 seconds ( of 13 minutes) before the first whopper of a lie caused me to close. Some bloke from the ‘Muslim Youth’ organization claiming, after being told that the Japanese and other similar cultures aren’t involved in these practices, that Islam is a “religion of all cultures – you find Japanese muslims, you find Indonesian muslims…”

    Hold on a sec – Japanese muslims? At the very, very most there are less than 200,000 out of a population of over 125,000,000 and the overwhelming majority of them are foreign workers – about 0.15% of the population – and they aren’t that keen on adding to it. As I understand it, there are restrictions on muslims owning businesses and/or property, they’re generally not granted citizenship and, as we all know, they’re not interested in taking in muslim refugees, of whatever age!

    I’m sure the remaining 12 minutes and 47 seconds would be equally loaded with taqiyya, but it would take a hardier person than me find out.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      What a stupid question.

      ‘Should the ocean be viewed as a water problem?’


    • vlad says:

      Let the muslims take over: they’ll sort Evan Davis out quicker than you can say Gayyyyy from a tall building.


  31. G.W.F. says:

    How much longer do we have to put up with the maggots in the BBC?


  32. StewGreen says:

    3pm R4 MoneyBox phone-in is about Gender Paygap
    …wow never heard of it

    Old woman just phoned in to say in her lab they got equal pay in 1950


    • StewGreen says:

      Australian Transport ministry MAN passed over for promotion
      has won €300K discrimination case.
      . Ursula Zechner.

      NOT reported prominently


  33. Beeb Brother says:

    A black former gang member is suing the Police for wrongly shooting him, they report prominently.

    They memory hole rape gangs etc but they love to incite racial hatred against the Police. Obviously the Police just shot him because he was black and not due to his gang activities. Maybe they could do another Duggan and incite mass rioting. In the least Police will feel their hands are tied even tighter, perhaps leading to even more gangland deaths (seven this week.) The killed will predominantly be BAME.

    Why not just memory hole it? What could stirring it up possibly achieve rather than burnishing their SJW credentials?

    If they shut the whole BBC ‘news’ down we would not only not notice but probably actually be better off, both financially and socially.


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Londonistan crime update .

    Unlike al beeb – which seems to avoid the level of killings on London street the Evening Standard has helpfully published a nice map of the last 8 killings in the last 7 days . It doesn’t mention the cliched “ life changing injury “ jobs. I don’t know how to post it here so if any one can I’d be greatful asi live under one of those blobs in the forgotten north east .

    On the upside at least the medics are getting practice .

    I suspect the constabulary will hand out vibrant multicultural leaflets saying “ hey dude – don’t stab other dudes as it’s omg not cool daddyo “


  35. StewGreen says:

    Paris man opens “sex doll” brothel
    SJWs say it’s prostitution and are trying to close it down


  36. StewGreen says:

    Salafi Jihadis is now R4 topic on Laurie’s show.
    Chetan Bhatt, Director for the Centre on Human Rights at the LSE, examines the idea of sacrifice as invoked by Salafi-Jihadist suicide bombers.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Here we call it the London School of Extremists.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Only a low grade cossetted(and none-too bright) lefty from York Poly would think that a noble Christian notion like “sacrifice”, a heroic teacher like the Dunblane lady(Mrs Meyer?) could POSSIBLY get an equivalence with Mohammad Atta or the scum who blew the kids up in Manchester, less than a year ago.
      Anybody told Taylor that next Friday will be Good Friday-the day that the Easter Bunny “sacrificed” her supermodel figure so she could give birth to a variety of chocolate eggs and hugs?
      Odious superannuated creep-surely some ex students must have some dirt on his likes? Do we need to offer a reward?


  37. JamesArthur says:

    I have to ration my time listening to BBC like FedUp ..just listening this afternoon about the Facebook saga and if one more of their guests uses derogatory terms about Trump and his election it will be time to turn off…They have no figures for anything except how many people’s names yet somehow it changed an election outcome…What a load of crap.

    And now the poor health workers…oh my heart bleeds, can’t even be happy about a F’ing huge wage rise! and don’t mention the pension they get.. and the GMB still complaining..try working in the private sector..The BBC cramming it in…


  38. Number 88 says:

    ‘Guess Who’ reported, above, the BBC’s alleged indoctrination of nine year old’s with the World at One seeking their views on Brexit.

    Well try this for size, Corbyn now turns up, interviewed on the BBC Childrens’ website, CBBC.

    Nikky Lilly meets Jeremy Corbyn:

    And check out the two comments. In particular this fake one, supposedly from a child (you can’t post if you’re an oldie):

    Posted by cupcake 200
    17 Mar 2018 17:15
    ”I cant believe she actually gets to meet these AMAZING people

    Once again the BBC indulges itself in suggestive broadcasting and phoney comments. This hard on the heels of their Blue Peter presenter’s appearance on QT and his adulation of Corbyn’s stoicism and integrity.


  39. MarkyMark says:

    Don’t worry .. the BBC are reporting on Telford 1000 abused children over 40 years … oh, wait … “Telford pensioner investigated for Nazi war crimes” { 20mar2018}

    The BBC did not find any evidence linking Mr Chrzanowski directly with war crimes.


  40. Pounce says:

    Where the bBC is going with its use of presenters who can’t speak the fucking language in order to look PC:.


  41. MarkyMark says:

    £3.5bn News Service so we forget about our own Nation’s news and concerns… relax .. the BBC have omitted it!

    BBC Sports Relief.
    BBC Children in Need.
    BBC Gary ‘£1.75m’ Lineker’s opinion.
    BBC Gender Pay Gap.
    BBC Jimmy Saviles favorite Safe Spaces.
    BBC International Women’s Channel.


  42. G.W.F. says:

    BBC report that the police are concerned that black victims of knife crime are being ignored.
    But not much I can see as to who are attacking these black victims.

    Probably far far alt right white supremacists, Britain First, EDL, UKIP and Brexiteers.


  43. Fedup2 says:

    I can’t figure out why al Beeb ignores these Boys who are black and dead. ( disclosure – I am a whitee and well right ) Normally al Beeb is on the case with all things ethnic but for some reason – and even my sick twisted thought processes don’t know – they do not want to highlight colour on colour killing.

    The cops must be at full stretch..


  44. Guest Who says:

    The National Broadcaster of Great Britain:

    BBC News

    A lie test says Stormy Daniels was ‘truthful’ in saying she had sex with Donald Trump, which he has denied.

    What the heck is a “lie test” (valid use of ‘quotes’)?



    • Guest Who says:

      On the topic of bbc ‘quotes’, “quotes” or total absence of them:


      BBC News

      Putin is using the World Cup in Russia as a “PR exercise” akin to how Hitler used the 1936 Olympics, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson agrees.


      This is frankly bizarre reporting.


  45. Hawk says:

    Quote : “His predecessor, Barack Obama, struggled to get any new gun control laws onto the statute books, because of Republican opposition.”

    Actually, Obama’s Democrats had a majority in both houses of congress for the first 2 years of his presidency:

    So Republication opposition was irrelevant.
    Obama had two years to do whatever the Dems wanted.

    Fake News (TM) from the BBC…


    • Up2snuff says:

      Good post, Hawk.

      Are there not also such things as Executive Orders available to the American President? I seem to recall the BBC making much fuss over one quite recently.

      I wonder why?


  46. Old Goat says:

    Has anyone else watched the drivel known as “The Repair Shop”? It’s on at the moment (for Mme Goat). What utter pretentious, manufactured crap. Littered with the regulation “WOWs”, “OMIGODs”, “amazings” and “Fantastics, and “really cools”. There is this barn (which we get repeated swooping pan shots of) in which there are various “repairs”, and people (presumably just wandering by with broken things) stumble upon this place for things to be repaired.

    Sorry if appear cynical and picky, but this sort of rubbish just turns me off, and if Mme Goat wasn’t watching, the programme would be turned off, as well.


    • BRISSLES says:

      What gets my goat (sorry), about the programme, yes I like to see professional repairers restore items to their former glory, but what in hells name does Jay Blades do ? He paints chair legs odd colours and says ‘cool’ a lot, yet this qualifies him to be the front man for this programme. He appeared on Money for Nothing as a chair leg painter, then got himself an agent. He then co-hosted M for N and it was rubbish fronting rubbish. Now, clearly in the name of diversity, he’s been given this show. Thankfully his appearances are limited (like his vocabulary), but its Nadia all over again.


  47. StewGreen says:

    #MoreThanEqual : ITV Calendar, Bridlington Town football manager an ex Premier league player *
    complains that “non-white players can’t even get a job at junior football academy”
    . prog said ONLY 8 of 92 of teams have non-white managers
    well 9 out of 92 would be 10%
    and I bet of random group of 50 year old British citizens less than 10% are non-white
    Non-whites I expect are often offered jobs in their father/grandfather countries.
    But Curtis says it’s racism and that he’s not playing the race card.
    *Curtis Woodhouse (born 17 April 1980) is an English former professional footballer turned professional boxer and football manager.

    Some other manager ONCE said to him “you worked them like N-word”
    (most of us have had direct insults from work colleagues .. world is full of strange people, who get woundup)

    From 2007 to 2011 100% of England National women’s team manager’s were non-white (Hope Powell is black)
    I bet there is a sport like basketball or Karate where top coaches are non-white.
    Guardian “52% people over 16 that play basketball every week were BME”


    • StewGreen says:

      My father points out it’s easy to point at non-white owned clubs
      Man C : UEA
      Leicester : Thai
      Hull : Egyptian born


      • BlackCountryWench says:

        Most of the clubs near to me are foreign owned as well

        Birmingham City – Chinese owners
        Aston Villa – Chinese owner
        West Bromwich Albion – Chinese owner (and I wish he’d bugger off and take Alan Pardew with him!)
        Wolverhampton Wanderers – Chinese owners (I think) I do stand to be corrected on that one though.


      • Payne by name says:

        Is this nonsense for real? We’ve had black players playing in the league and our national team for years now. Maybe he should concentrate on his team doing well and then waiting for the phone to ring.


  48. Pounce says:

    Have you noticed how when the bBC does a report on British schools the children are virtually always non white. Here is when they decided to use a white child:

    and her is how the local rag reported the story: